The Last Ride (2016) Script

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[background music]

Wake me up next time if you need to go.


RYU Deok-hwan

KIM Dong-yeong

AHN Jae-hong Are you done?

What's wrong with you.

Aren't you playing?

Get lost, stupid.

Watch it.

That son of a...

My name is Nam-joon. That loser's name is Gap-duk.

We're elementary, middle, high school friends.

Incessant stupid.


I'm number 2. That loser is 3.

We've been calling ourselves the three musketeers since toddlers.

Where is our number 1?

He's shy, likes basketball...

... and smart.

Anyways, he's the least loser of us. But he's in the hospital now.

For three years.

Did you sleep well?

My boy is shy. Thank you very much.

What was his illness again? Lou Gehrig's..?

Why do you use the bathroom for so long?

Cigarettes again?

They contain naphthylamine, nickel, benzene, vinyl chloride...

Tell that to your dog. Let's go.


Shouldn't we buy something for him?

Go get some drinks then.

It's your turn to get it. I got them last time.

Common, you're rich. Have some pity on the poor.


What did you say?

Say it again.

You shouldn't have. Don't buy anything next time.

No, ma'am.

He is our best friend. We're more than happy to.

Thanks for not forgetting my son.

Of course, ma'am.

We're best buddies since we started masturbating.

Loyalty, you know.

Haha... right...

But, master what?


Can you leave us?

Of course, have fun.

Sit. Sit.

Take it easy.

See you next time.


You crazy idiot! Are you serious?

Punch him in the stomach. Stupid.

Not the head.

He's crazy.

Any drink?

Freaking pig.

I bought this.

Gap-ducky. What's with your hand?


I fell while I was balling.

It was hilarious.


That's not true, you stupid.



Let go.

You first.

I'm telling you nicely.


Two. Three!

Damn it.

We used to ball so often, right?

When are you getting better? Does it hurt?

Nope, not at all.

Then why are you still here?

Well... I can't feel my body recently.

Probably why it doesn't hurt.

I used to be able to flinch. But now I can't move at all.

It starts with the legs, then body, and eventually the heart.

So you'll die?


I don't know.

Stop talking nonsense. Nobody is going to die.

Yeah man. dammit.

You're right.

He's losing control of his muscles. also his bowel movement.

I should have told you this earlier but it's not looking good.

Nobody knows when.

But prepare yourselves.

I'd like to sleep.

Where's mom?

She's not feeling well.

I'm staying tonight.



Is there something you'd like to do?


It can be anything.

Won-bin's hair. Isn't it perfect like me?


What about Won-bin's hair. It has nothing to do with you.

Squid. Squid. Looks like a squid.

Wanna go?

This is a standardized test. So solve with discretion.

Guess with discretion too.


Yes, sir.

Hand it around.

Yo... Help me.

You got it.

Weather's nice.

It's nice to be outside, right?

We should be camping in this kind of weather.

Let's do this!

What the...

They doodled on it too much.

D. Question 12. D.



Is there anything you'd like to do?


No? If there is, you can always tell me.

That's weird.

What is?

Dad asked the exact same question.

He did?

That's so not your dad.

WOO Ji-won the Court Prince

I couldn't do it without my father.

I wouldn't have done it without my son.

My father is the wind for my wings.

Where are you going on Sunday?

To work out.

Why suddenly?

To be the wind to my son's wings.

[background music]

Marathon Tournament

Dad, are you for real?

Let your wings free, son.

Positions please!

Hang in there!

Great weather, right son?

Tell me if you're thirsty!

Son! Can you feel the wind?

How is it? It's great, isn't it?

Let's do this!

No. Not me. My son.

Don't speak. It's dangerous.

No. My son.

There. Over there.

Today at around 6 pm, a disabled child was found on the side of road 32.

The police are searching for the culprits of this ugly act.


Oh, I see. How is your husband?

He's fine.

But why a marathon?

Can I ask you a favor?

Of course, ma'am.

Please come often, before Go-hwan goes.

Tell him about school and other things.

Of course.

But where is he going?

He doesn't have much time.

What's up.

Nothing. We like you.

What the...

Get some rest. We're leaving.

Bye, dude. Don't get up.

You know I can't, stupid.


What now?

Is there anything you'd like to do?


Just asking.

Peace man.


My friend is dying.

What the hell.

I don't know what death is.

Nobody does.


I just want to do something for him.

What can I do for my friend?

What would be our last wish before we die?

Why aren't you eating?

For some people, food.

Father, open your eyes!

For others, family well-being.

It's bloody hot.

For some, thumbs-up.

It's bulletproof glass, bastard!

For some, bulletproof glass.

Go-hwan. What do you want?

Your test results are in.

Two people got zeros from our class.

JI Nam-joon! JANG Gap-duk!

Lie down.


I'd better guess myself.

At least we did it together.

I thought about it and I have an idea.


What to do for Go-hwan.

What is it?

The ocean.

The ocean?

In the movies, all dying people want to see the ocean.

Why? Because something's there.

I bet he's never been to a beach. Let's make it happen.

For friendship and youth.

Nothing there.

But our friendship.

You are so...


What the...?

Hold on tight!

I am!

Where are we going?

To the ocean! For our friendship!

To the ocean... we'll be back soon


Stop it, bastard.

Hurry up! This is embarrassing.

It won't go...

It's the ocean!

It's the ocean, Go-hwan!

Go-hwan! Titanic!

That's a reservoir.

Shut up!

DO NOT ENTER Does he know where we're going?

Who the hell knows.

Is this the right place?

Yes... This is it...

How is this the ocean of friendship!

I was trying to find a beach untouched by humans.

What now?

This mother...

Hey, it's okay. I like it.

Let's just leave soon.

At least no one's here.

Well then. Okay?


One, two...


Shoot! Shoot! It's freezing! Shoot, it's cold!

Let's try it when it's warm in the afternoon.


Let's go. Come on.


Let's get it right this time.

Do we really have to do this?

One, two... three!

I mean...

Go-hwan! Go-hwan!

Are you okay?

Grab him.

Are you okay?

Son of a...

Just stop it, please!

What the...

My nose...

What's that?


Holy! Look at this! This fish has two heads!

Should we wake him?


We came here for the ocean.

He should see it more.

The ocean of friendship.

I'm right, right?

You're right.

Right on the spot.

So wake him up?

Right. In. This. Spot. You crazy bitch!

Call her again!


Jesus? Jesus? Jesus?

Who do you want me to call?

His mother!



Are you alright?

Are you hurt?

I'm okay. Let's go home.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry!

Swing again!

That's enough.

Let's take him home.

This is unacceptable.

And you call yourselves friends?


You're no better.


What is up with you people!

Leave my son alone!

Why! Why?


What's he doing?

It's to help Lou Gehrig's patients. You pour cold water like that.


To experience how it's like to be...

I don't know, they'll upload it on Facebook.

Let's go!

Don't freaking laugh.

What's up with you?

I said don't laugh...

Hey, look.

This is so funny.

Just like a retard.

What's so funny?

Who's freaking retard?

Some son of mine.

At least say hello to your father when he comes home.

JANG Gap-duk!


You ungrateful...


I'm feeling extremely blue.

Go-hwan is... Go-hwan is...


Please leave. I'm no longer a child.

Please don't barge in my room like this.


Then you shouldn't barge in my house either!

Out! Out now! Dad!

Don't call me Dad. Family violence...


You're kicked out?


Nice going.

Get your leg off of me!

Ow. Let go!

I'm going to burst these.

Please let go.

Nam-joon here!

Pass! Pass!

What are you doing?

Amazing defense, huh?

It's not like the old days.

No one plays ball now.

Shall we go see Go-hwan?

His mother will hit us.

You weren't hit.

Shall we?

Let's go man. That's what friends are for.

Don't you worry.


Worry about yourself.

I'm not even going to say hello to her.

Good? All clean.


We're here to see our friend...

You two...

Don't try anything.

Yes, ma'am.

Be well.

How's the cold?


We're sorry.


It's fine, guys.

Thank god.

Am I going to die soon?

You heard me.

Am I dying soon?

What is he saying.

You guys are acting weird.

Dad running a marathon.

You guys sneaking me out to go see the ocean.

Am I dying soon?

No man.

Nobody's going to di...di...die...


I guess it's true.

Right. Hospital...

You should quit.

Might get cancer.

I will...

Live a healthy life guys.

There is something I want.



What was that?

I want to have sex.

What the hell?

Just jack off, man.

I can't.

You wanna do me the favor?

No thanks...

You've got to be kidding. I haven't even done it yet.

Let me do it first and we can think about you later.


I'm dead soon.

Everyone dies...

I'm not afraid of death.

I'm just... embarrassed.


Yeah. I feel like I lived my entire life as a little boy.

I don't care when I die.

I just want to die a man.

What does that have to do with sex?

Shut up.

No seriously...

No shut up.


Can you get it up?

Like a freaking rocket.

Oh... I see.

This rocket is ready to go.

Anytime, anywhere.

Even when I smell a nurse.

I can't even move my finger but somehow I can get a boner.


Do you guys have wet dreams? Huh?

When we were little...

I still do.

Even just yesterday.

And I'm just too embarrassed that I pee to cover it up.

My mom thinks that I've lost control and sadly looks at me.

Do you know how that feels?

It's humiliating, man.

So I need to have sex.

Before I really lose everything.

Before I lose my manhood.

At this moment!

Just once.

Just one time.

It's just freaking unfair.

Am I not allowed to?

Because I'm disabled? Because I can't move?

I'm going to have sex.

And then I'll die.

I'm doing it.

Go-hwan. I'm having sex!

Go-hwan... Sex! I want sex!

Sex! I want it!

Sex! Sex! Seeeex!!

What is going on?

It's kind of hot.

I think he's hot.


Are you okay?


He's really hot.

What did you say?

Se... Se...


What sets?

Work out sets, ma'am.

We got this.

Mom. I'm going to do sets with my friends.



In case he sweats...

God damn, that was close.



Do it.

We'll find a way.


You have a plan?

A plan? There's no need for a plan.

Find a sexy girl, bring her here.

Simple as that.

This is a hospital, you idiot.


Comes with a bed.

Are you serious?

Just you wait.

Let's go Gap-ducks.



Big breasts please.

Got it.

You must be high right now. Too much cigarettes.

Smoked up brain cells. What are we going to do!

Dammit! What do we do?


Should we ask A-ok? She's loose.

Are you crazy?

It's like prostitution.

You want a bracelet for your ankle? Some wifi out of that, huh?

We're friends. And didn't she skip two years?

No. I have nothing to do with this.

What do we do?

Son of a...

Screw it...

A-ok! Meet me upstairs.

We're on the ceiling.


Let's talk.

What is going on here?

He's proposing.



My friend... So he...

Cut to the chase.

My friend...

This is nuts. He's kneeling.

I understand what you're saying.

But you're not my style.


Serves him right! What an idiot!

So I heard that you're good.

Have some pity. And do him.

Share your talent.

Just once? Pretty please?

Think of it as a meeting between his seed and your egg.


What was that?

I didn't say anything.

People told me to punch first.


What happened to...

We need a different approach.

Hello. Hello.


It's a guy.


I'm calling for prostitutes.

I know. Talk.

Thing is...

Does it have to be a motel?

-If it has a ceiling, it's fine. Lower your voice...!

It's a hospital.

So the fantasy package...?

Not available.

No. I mean... the customer is in a hospital.

Are you kidding me? Who are you?

I'm going to find you and...

What happened?


He started cursing.

No luck, again?

I told you this wouldn't work.

What in the world...

Who in the right mind would?

In a hospital?

Would you, if you were a girl?


How about your sis...?


No... no... My bad. My bad.

I deserved that.

Say what now?

I'm really sorry.

My sister what?

Completely my bad.

You bring my family in to this?

Sorry sir.


She's my family.




Are you a virgin?


Nevermind. Dad! Dad!

Wait. Wait!

Stop right there!

I'm homeless.

All thanks to you.

Stop crying man.

It freaking hurts...

It must hurt...

Freaking... hurts...

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

Practicing for my funeral?

So what happened?



We're almost there.

You don't have to... But if you must...

Look at that smirk. You don't mean that.

What smirk.

Do you have any idea what we are going through?


You find it funny? You crazy bitch?

I made mistakes myself yesterday.

I'm not sure about this.

He was kicked out of school. Maybe he can find us a girl.

I'm still not sure...

He knows me.

Let's go.

This is a bad idea.

A bad one... Shut up man.

I can see...

His testicles.


You need a girl?

Yes, sir.

Please find one.

No thanks. No thanks.

You guys have money?

Empty your pockets.

30 cents?



Buzz off.

What about the girl...?

You wanna die?

30 cents? You better run.



Great. I'm literally broke.

I don't have money for the bus.

You had 30 cents anyways.

I can't believe you gave him everything.

What you say? And you didn't?

No. 30 cents. Idiot.

How are we getting home?


Excuse me! Hello?

You left your backpack!

Stop right there!

Why me? Get him!

Get that sack.

This just in: two perverts, both high school students, were arrested.

These perverts were naked and were planning to kidnap a girl.

My parents kicked me out.

Shall we drop out of school?

I lowered my guard.

The last swing hit my temple.

The world is... so red.

What should we do about Go-hwan?

He's not important.

The world is on fire.

So… so… red.

Rock, scissor, paper! Rock, scissor, paper!

Where's his mom?

Is he...?

I think he's asleep.

He's going to be bummed.

We're students. Sex is for adults.

He's going to die a virgin.

Does that sound good?

It's his last wish.

We didn't do anything.


Look at my eyes!

When he wakes up, go ahead.

You're kidding. We were kidding.

What are you talking about? You lost!

Be a man and man up.

Then I'll do it when he's sleeping.

I can't do it when he's awake.

Hurry up.


[background music]

Hello, sir!


My son wants what?

Start talking!

You go.

You started it.


He wanted it... He wanted to...


So... it...

Sex. Sex.

Go-hwan wants sex.

Go-hwan's dying right?

He wanted se...

Wanted to do it.

He said it's his wish.

So we were trying...

He didn't want to die a boy.


You little brats!

Does his mom know?

No! Just between us.

We were just thinking about it.

So what happened in there was like an indirect experience...

Damn it.

Can we leave?



I heard you like basketball. Your mother wrote me.

Thank you for the letters, ma'am...

Go-hwan. Yes?

Don't lose courage. Don't give up.

Would you like to come to the all-star game?

I'd like to invite you.

It's okay. I'll catch it on TV.

I guess that's too much.


Then I promise to you that our team will win.

For you!


You boys!

You aren't going to bury us, right?

Nobody loves Go-hwan more than me.

All we need is a girl, right?

Let's do it.

My son is a man.

You know what he likes.

You boys choose.

Yes, sir.

Come in.

Let me be honest.

The customer's dying from Lou Gehrig's.

Leave if you're not up for it.

One slap...

You've got to be kidding me.

Get the hell out.


We need to go. Now! Why? Who is it?

Our teacher! What?!

I'm here with the all-star MVP.

Do you have anything to say?

Before that...

I have a word for a special boy who is watching right now.

A boy?


We won!

I won for you Go-hwan!


Are you watching?

What happened yesterday?

You're underage!

Start talking.


Okay. I see how it is. You're gonna regret that.

It wasn't because of our promise with Go-hwan's father.

It was because Go-hwan might be embarrassed if I told him.


You're next.

Me again?

Get up.

You talk.

Sir. Please don't kill me.

Hey. Hey! Talk!

Start talking!

These little brats!

You better start talking!

Gap-duk. Are you crazy?

Stop biting your tongue!

I almost talked.

Why didn't you.

What the...

Who are...

Watching you!!

Wow... That is...

I'm sorry.

Things are getting weird.

Thank you for helping.

My pleasure.

Our shop is in business because of Mr. Park.

This is the least I can do for our VIP.

I don't know her.

Are you really up for it?


Sir? We'd like to chip in.

Forget it. You don't even...

We want to help.

Nice club.

300 dollars?

Are you sure about this? Your father will kill...

It's fine.

I've lost all senses anyways.


Thank you.

Here we go. Stay still. Watch it!

Stop talking.

Fashion is key for men.

Fashion? I look like 50.

No you look... Noble.

Like royalty.


What about my hair?

I know. Wait.

You know what.

Full moon makes me hard.

Really? Yeah.

Let's go.

He's here?


She's here!

You like me?

Yes! Yes!


He says you're beautiful.

He has...

A huge dick.

What the...?!

It's true.

Shall we?

You kidding?

Get out.

This is awkward.

My friend is having sex and I'm waiting with his father.

Kill me now.

Stop it!

Stop it, you bastard. Stay still, you bastard.

What are you two doing here?

Where's my husband?



Go-hwan's sleeping?

Why are you here?

What? I'm his mother.


I thought it was his father's turn.

But I can't sleep.

I guess I need my son.


Shall we go for a walk?

A walk?

It's a full moon.


Okay. Sure.

But this first.

I got that. I'll put it in the fridge.

Okay. Thanks.

Yes, ma'am.

Let's go. Wait!

What was that?

You heard something? I didn't hear anything.

What are you two up to now?!

Please ma'am.

No. Don't... Please...


I'm sure that your mom surprised you a lot.

We were too.

We've been through so much.

But this seems the final straw.

So we're planning to run away to China.

I heard it's nice there.

You told us to live long.

You're screwed anyways, right?

This is all because of you.

Goodbye my friend.

Goodbye South Korea.

You hit her!

I was panicking! He hit her!

Let's go to emergency!

Honey, honey! Wake up!

Here! Her tooth! Thanks, son!

Here! You'll need this. Hurry!

Thank you...

Thank you...

I'll never forget you...

Is it over?

What's his name?

Go-hwan. NAM Go-hwan.


Are you three friends?

Yup. Since birth.

This is for my cab.

Go have party.

Thank you...


Excuse me?

This money...

Can I do you with this?

That idiot.

Hey. Don't go in.

I think he was crying.

How was it?

How was it? What did it feel like?

Freaking amazing.

That amazing? You have no idea.

Better than masturbating? Like 35 thousand times more.

35 thousand times!! Tell us more! Tell me more!

So it feels like... Holy vagina!

I've never seen Go-hwan so happy.

We listened to every single detail and jacked off. I'm freaking envious.

Oh my god!!

Our mission was finally over.

Oh! Right!

Why did you do it.

Tell me why you did it.

Did I hurt you in anyway?

I'm going to court if you don't speak up.

Mr. Park. You should just tell her...


This stays between us.

Don't worry about me.


See you again.

Mr. Park was a true man.

Four. Five.

Stop eating.

I bought it.

It's Go-hwan's.


My mom.

Thank you.

Thanks for staying the same, Stupids…

You're staying the night too?


Hey boys.

We're not leaving. We're staying till the end.

Thanks boys.

Stupids. Hope you guys be men someday.

I promise we will.

But it'll be hard for Gap-duk. He's an idiot.

You're the bigger idiot.

Look at this picture.

What? What?

What the hell?

Quit smoking.

Cigarettes contain naphthylamine, benz...

Just quit, okay?

He's so hot.

I went golfing with my Chinese clients.

I can hit very far.

So I reached for my driver to ready myself on the tee.

Then I found this.

We'll begin with this today.

Yes, sir.

Thanks for coming boys. Our pleasure.

Let's do this! Please don't pass out.


[end credits]