The Last Seduction (1994) Script

I expect to see that on your income tax Marty. I can't hear you people!

You maggots sound like suburbanites.

Fifty bucks for a lousy coin set, you sell one at a time?

And a hundred bucks for the next sucker who makes a triple sale.

A minute 50 seconds Bernie. D'you expect these leads to grow on fucking trees?

Want me over your shoulder all day Bernie, huh?

Ask for the sale four times every time, got it?

You got twenty seconds to close it, Bernie.

Fifteen... I'm on your tail, Bernie.

Five... Four... ... at a price that would be stupid to pass up.

You'd have to be brain dead. Yeah. How many sets do you want?

You got the shit, man? Yep.

Hey, well give it up, bro.

As ordered. Pharmaceutical cocaine.

Come on you eunuchs! Zeke's closing his suckers six, seven times, and he's got twice as many sales as the rest of you bastards.

You'll spend your Sunday here too if you don't take these bills from me.

Oh, shit.

Of course, of course.

What a stupid mistake. Go ahead!

Ah, we have a winner. Jerry... Who'd have thought? What'll it be, Jer?

Hundred bucks, or a thousand dollars worth of rare commemorative coins? Hmm?

You think I'm from Jersey?

Wise man.

Ah, christ; a charmed life.

Go on! Go on!


Bridget, it's me. They moved it back. I'll be home when I can.

People saw flames shooting from the building, called the fire department. By the time the engine got here it was too late, and there were five dead young people.

How'd it go?

Did you get the money?

Did you?

You walk the streets like that?

You're an idiot.

Bridget, I didn't mean that.

Hey, I'm still hung up honey. These are very scary people.

Forgive me. Hmm?

I'll make it up to you.

You can hit me. Anywhere. Hard.

Oh, baby, baby, baby - let's not fight, right?

This is our penthouse. This is the key to the real city.

This is what you wanted. This is what we've been working for.

Seven hundred thousand.

This was a mistake.

This is just to take care of us during our residency until the Doctor bucks start rolling in, right?

They're soft. I thought they'd be stiff.

These are laundered! Untraceable. Perfectly safe, right?

We have to put them somewhere.

You are a criminal mastermind!

It's just a hobby.

I wanna pay off that loan shark first thing tomorrow morning.

Oh, maybe he'll forget.

A hundred grand plus interest? I doubt it.


You gotta give a little love.

Somethin' wrong?


I'm gonna take a long hot one and then you and I are gonna celebrate.

Worth the risk, huh?

What do you wanna do tonight?

Go to the opera, or some kinda big Broadway show?

Fine dining experience?

Whatever you want.

Hey Bridge, do we have any shampoo?

How are we supposed to celebrate?

Hey, Bridge?


You better run!

Where the fuck am I?


How far is Chicago?

Oh, ten, twelve hours. Depends on how fast you drive.

What's that bar like?

Hey, thanks a lot Mike.

What, did Clarence make you beg? I made him beg.

So why all the attitude?

I guess Mike didn't want his job back.

I just didn't want to come back to this dead end town, that's all.

So you, you wanna talk about it or...?

There's nothing to talk about. I went to Buffalo, it didn't work out. I'm back.

We already know all that.

I guess he didn't want to talk about it. I guess not.

Hi guys.

Hi, Mike.

Hi Stacy. How are you?

Good, you? Good.

Hi Stacy. How are you?

Grow up!

What? Did you leave your dick in Buffalo?

Chris, these women are anchors.

They're what?

They're planted here. You get too close to one, Beston's got you for life.

Yeah, yeah. Here he goes again.

How many guys in this bar have felt her up?

All of 'em.

And how many have gone home with her - how many have slept with her?

None, including yourself.

Right. I rest my case.

Don't rest it too long 'cos I promise you it'll fall off.

How do I look, do I look alright? Do you like this?

You look great.

Hey, Stacy.

Hey, Chris. How you doin'?

So, er, tell me about the wife. What?

The wife, man. Copper wedding band.

Was it a kind of spur-of-the-moment decision or what? I can't get this off.

Use a little octane man, take care of it.

I just never took you as the impulsive type. Neither did I.

Did you divorce her?

I'll get around to it.

I cannot spend the rest of my life here.

I know what's gonna happen each and every day.

So when do you leave?

How long does it take to grow a new set of balls?

Gimme a Manhattan.

I know you hear me, pal.

Anybody need anything down here? Everybody good?

Jesus Christ. Who's a girl gotta suck around here to get a drink?

City trash, right? You don't take that?

What do you see in her?

Maybe a new set of balls.

Gimme a Manhattan! Ray, a Manhattan for the lady please.

Sure, Mike.

What - that's the game? I gotta say please?

Er, yes, it helps. You're not from around here?

Fuck off.

Two dollars, please. I got it Ray.

Thanks, Mike.

I er, I took care of that for you.

"Thank you" can also be very effective.

Could you leave?


Well I haven't finished charming you yet.

You haven't started. Give me a chance.

Go find yourself a nice little cow-girl, make nice little cow-babies and leave me alone.

I'm er, I'm hung like a horse. Think about it.

Let's see.

Excuse me? Mister Ed, let's see.

Look, I tried to be nice. I can see that something in...

Now I'm trying.

I can be very nice when I try.

Sit down.

Maybe we just got off to a bad start. I know Ray's put plenty of people in...

What are you... What are you doing?

I believe what we're looking for has a certain horse-like quality.

Are you serious? Never buy anything sight-unseen.

Uh-huh. That's a good policy.

How many lovers?

What? Do I get extra credit points for experience? How many lovers?

Thirteen... Tw-twelve.

Any prostitutes? No.

Any men? No. No men.

Am I approved? Medically.

You have your own place? Yes.

Is it a sty? No, it's clean.

Do you have indoor plumbing?

Yes, I have indoor plumbing, I have electricity and I have a name.

No names. Meet me outside.

Frank Griffith please.


It's a local call.

It's personal.


Always a pleasure. You still a lawyer Frank?

Yeah, you still a self-serving bitch?

A friend needs advice. I'll set it up for you:

A husband and wife do a one-time drug deal - the goal's a wholesome one.

College fund for the kids?

No. The wife wants new digs. Comes off without a hitch, only the wife decides that the new house would be happier without the husband.

Sharing was never her speciality.

She's anxious to start spending.

Well, it's just an opinion since you're not paying for it, but the husband is entitled to half of whatever you buy with that cash, in fact as soon as you turn it into a legal asset like a condo or a house or a bank account he can make a claim on it.

What are you saying?

My lips moving too fast for you?

Not fast enough, as I recall.

Now, now! Keep it in cash.

He's not gonna ask a judge for half of that unless he wants to spend 20 years in Attica with somebody's dick up his ass.

So, what - hold onto it for how long?

Well, as long as it takes to er, finalise the divorce.

How long does that take?

He'll fight it - maybe 2 years. Less if you're lucky.

Jesus, Frank.

Well I'm sorry the law doesn't make it more convenient for you to steal and deal drugs, Bridget!

OK, start the divorce.

Well that's gonna cost you - it's a lot of paperwork.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fill in the blanks for me - I'm out of town.

Where are you?


I'm going to Chicago to see an old friend.

Well that is the first place Clay'd expect you to go. Stay put.

You can't be serious?

Look, maybe he won't stall. Can he afford a good lawyer?

Not any more.

How silly of me to ask! Bye.

Hey, wait up!

Hey, where you going?



Morning! Beautiful day, isn't it?

Now boys, slow down! Wait for me.

I can't believe our good fortune.

The fella we were about to go with wasn't half as qualified.

Oh, you also have to sign here.

Nice trick.

I erm, I still have one concern.

I'll handle your records personally.

No-one else in the company will know you as Bridget Gregory.

So there's no way your husband can find you.

I appreciate it, Bob.

He actually beat you?


That's horrible.

Well. Have you decided what we'll be calling you?

Erm... Kroy. Wen-dy.

Wendy Kroy. Good.

With a K.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! What are you doing here? What are you doing here?

I work here! What are you doing here? You don't know me.

I've been thinking about you all day. I can't believe you're here. What are you doing?

What are you doing here?


If I knew I was gonna be staying in this town I would have had nothing to do with you.

Well I'm very flattered! Thank you.

As far as I'm concerned any sex we had was just a product of your imagination. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Well I happen to have evidence to the contrary.

What kind of evidence?

The unrolled latex kind of evidence.

That's disgusting.

I work here now. Don't fuck with my image!

Frank. It's me. I took your advice. What advice?

I live here. I work here. I signed a six-month contract.

You're gonna be there longer than that.

I'm an optimist. Let me give you the address.

No! I don't wanna know where you are. I'll tell you who does, though...

He's called three times since he got the paperwork. Something about a loan shark and his thumb.

Anybody check you for a heartbeat lately?

So... What am I supposed to do?

Send him some cash.

Failing that?

Tell him to quit calling me. I don't need this.

Alright, I'll call him.

Be careful - he might trace it.

He's not that clever.

Whatever you say. Bye.

This is the operator. I have a person-to-person call Bridget to Clay. Will you accept the charge?

Is this Bridget in Chicago or Bridget in Dallas?

Operator, disconnect this call.

Son of a bitch.

Manhattan... Please... Thank you.

Well, hello again!

Aren't there any other bars in this town?

Well it's very nice to see you too.

I've been looking all over for you.

Oh good.

It's strange though. None of the other secretaries seem to know who you are.

I'm not a secretary you rural neanderthal. I'm...

Director of Lead Generation. I'm just trying to get your attention.

That's good.

Don't move.

You're living here now or what?

For the time being. Yeah? Where do I fit in?

Ah, you're my designated fuck.

Designated fuck?

Do they make cards for that? What if I wanna be more than your designated fuck?

I'll designate someone else.

Hey, How about us going out on an actual date some time, you know?


Where you from?

A galaxy far, far away!

I'm just trying to decide whether you're a total bitch or not.

I'm a total fucking bitch!

I'm having more and more trouble with this, Wendy.

Don't worry - you'll get the hang of it.

I mean you're keeping me at arm's length all the time, I'm starting to feel like some kind of a...

Sex object? Yes, exactly - a sex object.

Live it up.

Why don't you just stay over?

Gotta get back.

Well then I could come over. That's fine.

My place, my space Mike. Don't get sticky.

What are you so scared of, huh? What are you so scared of?

I don't know. I...

I guess it's because I've been hurt before.

I just... I don't wanna get close to anyone right now.

You're different than the others Mike. I feel like maybe I could love you.

I just... I don't want that to happen. Really.

Will that do?

Fucking doesn't have to be anything more than fucking.

I'm... I'm not asking for love, alright?

Wise man.

We could talk. You could talk to me. I'd like to talk!

So talk!

Who's listening!

There are things I'd like to know about you Wendy. I like you.

I would like to know things about you.

Alright, look - you know my name.


I come from... New York City.

How do you know that? My phone bill.


Look, I like my privacy, OK?

Let me in. No.


Then screw you!

Right. Tomorrow night. 8 O'clock.

I gotta get outta here.

It's me.

Bridget, so glad you called.

You know the phone booth down the block?

Get the number. I'll call you back.

But before you do that I think may...

I won't let you trace this Clay. Run!

Lay it on man, lay it on me! Come on!

You're beautiful.

Let it ring.

OK, here we go.

What's the number?


I'll call you right back. It'll be ringing.

You're on, Doc.

Bridge. Where are you?

You need to get back to New York. It sounds quiet.

Yes. Why don't you come back?

All is forgiven Clay? I don't buy it.

Give me the money back. It's mine. You hit me.

I slapped you. It's mine.

Listen, forget about this 'possession is 90% of the law' crap.

The hundred grand that we borrowed is a hundred and fifty now and the private detective from upstairs has a 50% contingency on the rest, and he wants it very, very bad.

Alright, look. I'll pay off the shark, throw 10 more to your private detective.

Give me a divorce, we'll be even.

You qualify, you're a bitch!

Think Clay - it's the best you can hope for.

I thought you were...

Did you get anything? Anything at all?

Area code.

What city?


She's in cow country.

Frank Griffith's office. Is he there? It's Bridget.

He's on another line. I don't care if he's on the other line. This is urgent.

I have other clients, Bridget.

I think he traced my call. I'm outta here.

Ah, just relax. How long were you on the phone?

45 seconds, maybe less. Yeah, well that's not enough time.

It's enough time to pinpoint the region. Area code maybe.

Yeah, well time for a new area code. Well, most fugitives are caught on the run Bridge.

Frank, don't do this to me.

There are 10 million phone numbers per area code. You got an alias?

Well then just relax.

Are you sure?

Yeah, and look, if you're nervous about staying alone - don't.

I hope you're right. Bye.

Wendy, I'm sorry I walked in on you in the bathroom, I really am. What you walking so fast for?

A woman loses 50% of her authority when people find out who she's sleeping with.

That's a crock. It's a university study.

Great. Listen. This place is not like that OK. Around here we're not like that.

Time to shut up!

Get your hands off me! What's your problem, Mister?

What is this - the corporate dark ages? Did you see that?

What are you saying?

I'm saying I don't have anything more to go on.


Hey. That's my retail business. Like I got a choice.

I don't like being around this.

Who is it? I'm here to see the Doctor.

Nice place.

What can I do for you?

I need to lose some weight. I mean, gotta go on a diet.

Well, ThinFast.


What about it? You tried it, you asshole!

Oh, right. Didn't work.

I think you'll like this.

Charming business.

Hey, it's just trying to keep up with the interest. Now, you were saying?

I got no more to go on.

What - you aren't quittin' on me are you?

Well you're not payin' my expenses. I can't afford to go around half the state carrying her picture, man.

The name Bridget Gregory is ringin' no bells up there.

Maybe she changed her name. Maybe definitely.

Unless you figure out what she changed it to we got nothin'.

She wants back here. She wants it bad.

She probably is back here. Now why don't you tell your friends to watch out for her?

If you find her, I'd be glad to separate her from the cash.

Hey man, you've been big.

You really want to stop it with that.


Wendy Kroy.

It's her name It's the one she's using now.

You're flailing, man.

No, no, no. I know her.

She's got this crazy talent where she can write backwards.

New York. Backwards.

The city.

It's all she's thinking about.

Wendy Kroy, Wendy Kroy.

You are beautiful.

I got your note. 5 days ago.

Apology appreciated. Apology expired.

A woman has to protect her standing at the office. You know that.

Look, I was wrong to touch you but you were wrong to send me to the gas chamber.

So, maybe I over-reacted a little bit.

You... wanna see my new place?

On your back.

I thought we were going to be more than sex partners. I thought we were going to be friends.

And this entails?

Talking, sharing, clueing me in to whatever it is that makes you run so hot and cold.

Can I trust you? You know you can trust me.

OK. Here it goes. Someone steals a million bucks but, there's a dilemma - she spends it.

Ah, you see this is exactly what I'm talking about.

You're scared to talk about real things. You're scared to reveal yourself.

Tell me something I wanna know. Tell me what brought you to Beston.

I don't know Mike. What brought me to Beston? You're so god-damned intuitive, you tell me.

I tell you what Wendy. Why don't we talk about me, huh?


I'm er, I'm a claims adjuster. I talk to all different types of people in my job.

Some are happy to be hearing from me, some are scared to death.

A car's been stolen, a child's operation's been botched. They tell me things that they don't tell anyone else.

It's very intimate.

It's boring.

No Wendy, it's intimate.

I talked to a woman the other day whose husband just died in a car accident.

It was just a fifty grand payout, but she said if she knew it was that much she'd have killed the guy herself years ago.

Said it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

You see what I'm saying? I talk to this lady for 20 minutes, and I know more about her than I know about you.

Her husband sounds like a real gem.

Actually he was a son of a bitch. I could tell from his credit report.

You can't tell that from a credit report.

Sure you can. You can tell lots of things from a credit report.

Yeah? Like what?

He had three credit cards, authorised to three different women, none of which were his wife.

What else?

They lived in the suburbs but there was an apartment, in his name only, in the city.

She wanted him dead. She was happy when he ended up that way.

Uh-huh. He was cheating on her and you could tell from the credit report.

Pretty much so.

We can make a list.

A list?

It's like when I got here they were gonna use the phone book to prospect some customers. It was a total waste of time.

Why's that?

The phone book's random. You gotta make a list tailored to the people who are more likely to buy your product.

Mm-hmm. And what type of list are we trying to make?

A cheating husband list.

What do you wanna pitch to cheating husbands?

Nothing. I wanna pitch to their wives.



Murder? Oh, that's very nice...

Your customer said she wanted her husband dead, right?

So, there must be others.

And you're just gonna sell it to 'em? I'm going to try.

There. Men carrying credit unavailable to their spouses but available to women other than their daughters.

Owning a home, and renting an apartment in the same Metropolitan area.

It's a big list. It sure is.

Cross-reference it with inter-state policy owners of quarter-of-a-million or more.

Why? Profit incentive.

How much? Quarter of a million?


244 names.

Dial the first one.

Excuse me? Dial it.

I just wanna see if I can do it.

He's home. Next.

Hello, may I speak to a Mr Vincent?

Shit. I think I woke her up.

Oh, it's late. Cross me for Pacific time.

I'll do it.

Yes, may I speak to a Mr Samuel Renford please?

Oh he's not?

Oh, I assume I'm speaking with Miss Sally Lindo, authorised user of his First Bank credit card?

Oh, I'm sorry Mrs Renford.

Please stop crying ma'am.

I'm sure there's a good explanation.

Oh, I see. He's done it before?

Well, you know, you shouldn't let him get away with this.

Well, I know what a friend of mine did. Yeah, she had her husband killed.

Yes, there are people who actually specialise in such cases.

Of course there are risks involved but there are benefits.

Well, does he carry life insurance?

Yes, I could put you in touch with the right people but I would have to know you were serious about this.

A definitie commitment.

Mrs Renford you do know I'm kidding, don't you?

You channel that anger and give him a nice kick in the balls when he gets home.

Good night.

It's do-able. Your turn.

No thankyou! This is your game.

Our game. You said you wanted to be more than just sex partners.

I do.

Commonality Mike. We don't like to have the same kind of fun.

This is fun?

Yeah, it's bending the rules, playing with people's brains.

Yeah, well whatever er...

We can go to my place afterwards.

Your place?

I thought it was your place, your space? I have more space now.

You're sick.

You're really sick.

Tell me about your wife.

How'd you know?

I didn't.

That's a good trick.

Tell me.

Not much to tell. It happened when I lived in Buffalo.

One of those sudden horny things?

You could say that.

Her idea?

Between fucking?

What's her name?


Short for...


Is she pretty?

Are you still in love with her?

I thought you were the one that wanted to talk.

You want me to tell you about Trish?

Trish was a mistake.

Boy from Beston moves to Buffalo. Gets lonely.

Meets girl. Screws up bigtime.

Nothin' to be ashamed of.

I just wanted some more excitement, you know? I wanted more adventure.

Until recently, all I wanted to do was get the hell outta this small town.

Until recently?

That's what I said.

Until recently.

What happened recently?

What happened recently?

What happened, Mike?

Can I have a little privacy please?

Tell me what happened.

You happened, alright?

What's so special about me?

You've been out there. You came here and you chose me.


So I was right. I'm bigger than this town.

So what's wrong?

You can't stop reminding me that you're bigger than me.

Good Morning, Alison.

There was a black man here to see you.

What did he want?

He wouldn't say. He was black though.

Did you tell her about the black man?

Frank Griffith please.

He's not in. Can I take a message?

No message.

What do you mean you're on the run from someone?

Did you lock the door?

Go check it again. It's locked.

What about the top lock?

Wendy, it's all locked! Just check it Mike.

Wendy, it's all locked, OK? Locked!

Why in the world would someone be after you?

Do you love me Mike?


I made another sale today. A sale?

You know, like that night we worked late in your office?

Wendy, if you wanna sell murder to people, if that's how you have your fun, that's fine by me.

It's nothing that I'm interested in.

Yeah but I can't deliver it without you.

We may have a sale Mike but we didn't deliver.

Deliver murder?

I'm gonna do it.

Lance Collier. Financial consultant, retired, lives outside Miami.

Charms young waitresses with luxury apartments and credit cards while his wife Mary Beth sits at home playing Solitaire.

He's faithful to Mary Beth in one way: She's the only woman he beats.

She doesn't need the money but she would like to see him die with a considerable amount of pain.

You're crazy.

I did a little creative key-punching and cross-referenced our list parameters with policy holders at Third Mutual.

You accessed another company's database?

And the good news is:

Our victim does no business with Interstate.

He has no connection to us Mike.

Wendy, you need help.

Look, I'm gonna go out for a while. You wanna spend the night here, that's fine.

Talk to me. You're deranged.

Mike, the guy deserves it. Think about his poor wife!

Do you know why I left New York?

To mess with my mind.

Fifteen thousand dollars a year is nothing.

An apartment you're not afraid to walk out of rents for half that much and you have to read the god-damned obituaries to find it.

I'm going back, but I won't live like an animal.

I want you to go back with me.

Really, you do? And all I have to do is kill someone while you go apartment hunting?

We can do it together.

Wendy, maybe it's my quaint small-town morals but I don't do murder.

Yeah, well you would if you loved me.

Get some sleep.

Where are you going?

I'm going to play hockey.

Hockey... I'll come with you.

You're gonna leave me here by myself?

Mike, wait.

I'm scared.

Let's go for a little drive.

So how is Clay?

Pissed. We want our money.

What? Are you two an item? Funny woman.

You're on a contingency?

Fifty percent of funds recovered.

So why even give Clay his half? Professionalism.

Wouldn't it be more pleasant to share it with me?

Lady, you had your fun. Whatever you spent, you spent.

As long as it's within reason. But it's over.

You'd get rough? I will if I have to.

I can't get it for you tonight.

Where is it? In a bank.

Show me a statement? I don't have a statement.

But they have this 800 line, you can punch in the account number, get a balance - it's a real kick.

I imagine. Pull over at the next phone.

I assume that was to get me out of the car, hoping I'd leave these?


So the money's at your place? 'Tis.

How much is left?

All but a couple of thou'.

Frugal woman. Let's go.

Well, what if I hadn't saved it all? I mean, come on, you can give me a break.

How much?

Hundred grand. I could easily have spent that much.

How the fuck do you stay up here?

I mean these people... I go in the store this morning for cigarettes, they got ducks under the counter.

What? Do they plant these people or do they just grow outta the ground?

And they look at me like... hell, I don't know.

Well, you know; they're not used to seeing guys like you around here if you... know what I mean.

Is it true what they say?


You know... size.

Is it true what they say about white women?

What's that? No ass?

Oh, come on; I was wondering for real. Let me see it.

Fuck you. Drive!

I'm sorry.

About what?

About your shortcoming.

I'm not gonna play this game.

Is that why you carry a big gun?

The Freudian mind-fuck isn't gonna work either.

Touchy. I'm sure your woman is very understanding.

Exactly how is it that we end this phase of our relationship?

By you showing it to me. Come on, let me see it. I've never seen one before.

I'll show you my ass.

What makes you think I wanna see your bony ass?

Show me. Show me!

I'm driving. You go first.

Nah, you go first.

You'll shut the fuck up if I show you?

I'm sure I'll be too stunned to speak.

I don't believe this.

You're crazy.


OK, there, You happy?

What the hell are you doin'?

I'll make sure the press says nothing about your husband.

I really appreciate it.

There's only one more question I need to ask.

I don't mean to pry...

the man with you appeared to be not entirely in his pants at the time of impact.

Can you tell me what happened just before you went off the road?

Well, like I told you before he tried to get me to contact my husband and...

I refused of course.

Well he became... you know, Motherfucker this, motherfucker that...

Like in the movies?


Next thing I knew... I only remember bits and pieces of it but he... the jist of it was that he was going to... impale me with his


There's another man waiting to see you when you're through.

I'm through here anyway.

Thank you ma'am.

You alright?

How was hockey?

I'm very sorry I walked away.

Wendy, you were just, you were scaring the hell outta me. I mean The things you were saying - you weren't serious?

What do you think?

I don't understand you.

Yeah? Where's the effort to try?

I'm very sorry I walked away.

Mike, what I suggested I suggested for us.

The only loser in the whole deal is a rich, cheating, wife-beating old bastard.

You're talking about murder.

Yeah? So? Oh, I'm sorry - it's one of the commandments, right?

Think about what you're saying.

Is it the morality of murder that bothers you or the personal risk?

Murder is wrong.

Yeah, unless the president says to do it.

Let me ask you this: if you found out Lance Collier was dead would you spend your life bringing his killer to justice?

Would you go to his funeral?

Probably not. Would you feel sorry for him?

No, and this is not the point.

I really like you Mike. But I can't live here forever.

What does that mean?

Where're you going?

Gotta bring home the bacon.

Are you checked out? Did the doctors give you permission to leave?

Always looking for the rules, Mike.

You want me to er, come in with you?

Are you sure?

Wendy, are you alright? I'm fine.

OK, I tell you what. I'm gonna go home. If there's anything you need at all you just gimme a call, alright?

Guess who.

Christ, you're dangerous.

The cops called to confirm that he was working for me.

You do know that if you finger me for the deal then I'm taking you down too?

I know.

Look out your window.

That's Harlan's replacement. A local. Name's Bert.

He won't hurt you. I need a New Yorker for that.

He's just there to make sure that I don't lose track of you again.

He's very professional.

Can we get past this?

There is a nice, warm divorce waiting for you here.

I want half the money.

Not a chance, Bitch-et. Don't call me that!

I'll call you whatever I want.

I borrowed a hundred K from a man whose first and last names end in vowels.

Every week I owe him a new ten thousand dollars in interest and when I come up just a little short, he's got this very fun game that he plays with thumbs.

I hired a private detective for 50%, but now that I know where you are I am perfectly willing to spend all of the money in hiring a clinical sociopath to take it from you, and fuck you through the eye sockets JUST FOR FUN!

OK, look - I'll buy a week.

I'll buy a week. I'll send you ten thousand dollars.

No, make it fifteen so you can get back to your life while I wrap things up here.

That sounds interesting.

Then I come back, I'll give you the cash.

Maybe you'll be feeling a little more generous then?

I keep Bert on your ass.

Of course you do. I've given you no reason to trust me.

Only a week. And I'm still interviewing sociopaths.

Oh Bridge! What made you do this?

I don't know. You slapped me.

That's just an excuse.

Probably right but I get to slap you back.

Hey, it's a deal.

Slap you back hard.

Yes, I'm still here. You must have your name on the ticket.

What do you mean my name has to be on it? I'm going to Miami for Christ's sake, not Iraq!

Well it's a regulation.

Oh yeah? What's the pilot's name? Erm, Well I can't tell you that.

Oh, I see. You have to know my name but I can't know who's driving?

Well, let me ask someone. May I put you on hold?

Yes, I'll hold.

Am I interrupting?

Don't ever come in here without knocking.

I'm sorry... I knew you were on the phone. I just didn't wanna...

How long have you been standing there?

Just got here.

You going away?


New York?


For good?

No. Just for the weekend.

With everything that's happened, I er, I just... I need to get away for a little bit.

I thought you might be hungry sitting out here all day so I baked you some cookies.

I'll leave this one to your discretion.

Take me to Buffalo.

The husband's name is Mike Swale. I believe they were married about six months ago.

I appreciate this.

Hope that does it.


Hi, I'm Jean Wilbur with the county health department. We spoke on the phone about your survey.

Come on in.

Let's go.

A beer? Yeah, that'd be great. Please.

How's things? Life is good.

Go up to him and tell him...

Someone's gotta tell him.

Yeah. I'm serious. Go and tell him.

Do it. Alright, man.

Hey Mike, how you doin'?

Hey Chris, alright man, how are you?

Let me get him a drink. Whatever he wants.

Yeah, can I get a shot, man? You bet Chris.

So, you still seein' that lady?

Did I ever tell you once I met her outside of here last week. She said she wanted to ask me somethin'.

The point?

She said she wanted to know your secret.

"What's the last thing Mike'll want me to know?"

What'd you tell her?

I didn't tell her anything man. I mean, you're my friend.

I mean, besides, what do I know about Buffalo? I mean you only told Shep about the wife and everything.

Is that it?

She went for me fly and she said she wanted to suck it outta me.

Tell me why you're lying Chris!

I'm not!

Alright man, I fucking came on to her and she shot me down.

Get off him, Mike!

Get off, man!

Clean your face.

Don't be afraid: it's only a machine.

Hey, it's me - designated fuck boy.

I know you're outta town but I just wanted to hear your voice.

I love you! I admit it. I'm sure you feel the same way - I'm sure you love you too.

You know Wendy, when you first came to town I really thought you were the one. I... really did.

You were on the move. It meant you couldn't stay here.

I just didn't trust myself after what happened in Buffalo see.

I just didn't trust myself to be out on my own, you know and I seem to lose my judgement outside of Beston.

Apparently so.

Well, now it seems to be leavin' me here, you know. I... try, I really try to believe that you love me but you keep treatin' me like some kind of forage experiment.

You talk about us livin' in New York.

I mean really, come on, how long until phhht!

Where'd she go? Where'd she go?

If I only knew you loved me Wendy...

I can't let you hear this! I can't let you hear this!

What is this?

Wendy, you didn't go to New York.

Why'd you go to Miami?


Did you find this er, did you find this Lance Collier?

Wendy did you m- did you murder Lance Collier? Tell me I'm wrong. Did you?

Are you gonna turn me in Mike?

Well if I don't, it makes me an accomplice!

Christ, you are good at rules.

Wendy, you don't even seem bothered by what you've done!

I did it for us Mike.

What bothers me is your attitude. My attitude?

I expect unconditional support from a lover. For better or worse.

Jesus! I killed the bastard. I wouldn't take it back if I could.

You can't!

He deserved it.

Wendy, nobody deserves to... Please!

Spare me your brainless countrified morality.

The world's better off without Lance Collier.

Only ten minutes I knew him he proved it to me twenty times.

Mrs Collier thought so too.

Jesus Christ!

There's your fucking evidence.

And there are my fucking fingerprints!

Hey, maybe you'll get a reward and you can open up a fucking feed store.

Get the fuck outta here.

You know Wendy, I er, I really thought you loved me.

I never said that.

You son of a bitch!

Did you sniff my underwear drawer too Mike?

You think you know everything now, don't you? Well you don't!

We all have our Buffalo girls Mike!

You murdered.

You wanna live bigger but there's nothin' you'd kill for.

There's a place for people like that: It's called Beston.

Get out.

Get out!

Take your fucking shirt too!

Come in.


A couple of questions...

This guy in Florida. He really beat his wife?

Like a punching bag. Country boy.

Wendy, I'm trying to accept this, OK. I really want to be able to take you back.

I'm outta here Mike, I won the lottery. Going to New York.

I could come with you.

You have a way of making a woman feel like a one-way train ticket.

It's not like that.

Get out on your own, Mike.

What do you want? Nothing you're offering.

Try me!

A relationship of equals.

That means commitment. I've done something committed, you haven't.

Oh come on! Murder! Murder is commitment?

Yeah, when I've done it and you haven't it is.

Fine. OK. Who? Who do you want me to erase?

Who do you want me to kill?

This Cahill guy in New York.

He gets a hold of property tax rolls, finds out who's delinquent a few bucks He pays the balance. Then waits.

If the sucker doesn't figure out what happened, Cahill becomes owner of the property.

You know what he did last week? He kicked an 84-year-old woman out on the street with her walker.

That's his credit report.

Are you serious?

Double indemnity. Ten million payoff to the widow if he dies an unnatural death. She's willing to give us a third.

You called her?

She said she's bought things over the phone before.

You try to make this sound reasonable?

It is reasonable.

You. Me. Three million bucks.

New York City, Mike.

It's reasonable.

Where does this end with you?

Right then. Right with Cahill. We'd be even.

I've just realised that I don't want to be with you enought to be like you.

Get off me!

Dear Mike, I got a job at Interstate.

I'll be moving to Beston soon.

Dear Mike, I got a job at Interstate and I'll be moving to Beston soon...

No-one has to know about our little secret. I just wanna be near you. Love, Trish.

I'll do it. I'll kill the bastard. There's just one thing.

I am never coming back to Beston. Not for one second.

We pull up sticks, we settle in right afterwards.

We put all this behind us, alright?

So what made you change your mind?

We're gonna have a life together Wendy. In New York, the two of us, alone.

Beston Police Department, Officer Lewis.

Hi, Police?

This is Mrs Neff, 313 Squire Road.

There's this strange man outside my house. He tried to show his erm...

his diddly to my 4-year-old daughter.

Is he still there?

We'll have a squad car there in three minutes.

I'm working!

What are you doin'?

Hey! She's getting away! It's my job! She's getting away!

Give me your cheat sheet.


You don't want it on you! You memorised it, right?

Let's hear it.

When I get to the Port Authority I go straight outside, find a cab, don't talk to anybody.

I have the cab take me to Broadway and 125th Street, I find Cahill's apartment.

I wait until 11 O'clock, when we're sure the girlfriend's gone. I wait until the lights go out.

And a half hour more to make sure he's asleep.

I put on the gloves. I check and make sure I've got the cuffs - four pairs.

I've got the gun, the knife, the bandana and the flashlight. Keys too.

To the apartment, to the building and to the doorknob.

I walk up the stairs, I open the apartment door.

I enter, I shut the door, I lock the door.

I find him.

I make sure he sees the gun. I tell him not to say a word.

You hit him hard if he does.

I close any open curtains.

I turn on the lights, I tell him I'm just there to rob the place.

I find a sturdy chair. I sit him in it. I toss him the cuffs.

I tell him to cuff himself to the chair. Left hand, right hand, left leg, right leg.

Make sure I hear the click of the cuffs.

Then I er, tell him to open up his mouth. I gag him, tight.

I then use the gun to knock him out with a blow to the head.

And I er, keep stabbing him until he's... dead.

Keep going.

I take one final look around, turn off the lights.

I unlock the door, I exit, I shut the door, I lock it.

I'll get the gloves.

Why do I have to turn off the lights?

Pop psychology.

Lets yourself know you've finished an unpleasant chore.

The unpleasant chore...

You're up for this, right?

I'm here to rob the place.

I thought you were the new decorator.

Just shut your mouth, do what I tell you. Get up, get out of bed. Come on, get up!

Sorry. I don't want to mess with your concentration...

skilled labour and all.

What now?

Go ahead and er, cuff your handcuffs to your legcuffs there.

That'll be comfortable! I told you to shut up!

Now what?

I'm gonna gag you.

How am I gonna tell you where everything is? Am I yelling?

You have a gun. I'm cooperating. Forget the gag.

The gag's important.

Did you read a book on this?

You know, kid, you don't look like a dope-head.


I just write prescriptions, right? I got no stash.

The money goes to a loan shark.

I got some aspirin in the medicine cabinet.

But other than that I got nothing here you want.

I'm not interested in your drugs, alright?

You're just breaking in at random?

Great. The guy next door is outta town for a month.


My wife has jewellery.

I can't do it Wendy, I can't do it!

Hold it right there pal, hold it!

Right there!

Talk fast.

She's my wife.

Her name's Bridget. You know her as Wendy Kroy.

She stole a fortune from me after making me steal it.

But she's not willing to give it up.

But she can't come back to New York without settling with me first.

And that's where you come in. See, she hired you...

Wait a minute... Oh, fuck!

You're into her, huh?

It's logical: I guess there aren't many women fuck like her in cow town.

Keep talking.

You're a schizoid, talk to yourself.

You really her husband?

Who'd she say I was?

Foreclosure lawyer.

And you believe that?

It says so on the mailbox.

You're crazy.

It does. It says Cahill on the mailbox.

Find one other thing in here that...

She's here. She's in New York.

She must have switched the label on the mailbox.

She must have worked up one hell of a morality play for you but you don't like the way it ends.

What are you talking about?

You're supposed to kill Cahill, only it's me.

Then she fingers you for the murder.

I don't think so.

Oh, she wouldn't lie to you?

Denial. OK, I'm still Cahill.

Did she ever happen to mention that she knows Cahill?

So well that he would have a picture of her in his appartment. That's a pretty major omission, isn't it?

Will you shut up? Shut up and let me think. Just shut your mouth!

Take your time. She probably has the cops heading here right now.

She has to know that you've actually offed me first.

You're signalling her.


I'm calling her later.

She's not in Beston, cow-boy.

Hi, Bridge.

So you were gonna have me kill your husband.

I was.

And then tip the Police.

No I wasn't. Bullshit.

She tells the cops she's reconciling with me, that's the suitcase.

Shut up, Clay.

You have a jealous boyfriend.

It was a great idea Bridge, but I guess Mikey wasn't up to it.

What do you say?

Is it game, set, match?

Who has the key?

I do.

Oh, fuck.

Funny thing, Bridge.

I coulda put this money some place where you wouldn't have gotten it.

I might have taken you back.

You're a very funny lady. You know the role-playing thing?

Baby you make one hell of a horny nun.

What do you say Bridge, do you wanna stay married?

What are you doing?

Oh my God!

Now we have a future.

You're not human.

I did it for us, Mike.

But he was insured. Fuck me, Mike.


It's a role-play. You're the intruder, you kill my husband, you rape me.

You're not gonna kill me. You're not gonna kill me Bridget.

You're gonna kill me if I don't do what you say, right Mike?

Get offa me. GET OFFA ME!

You're lucky I don't kill you...

You're lucky!

Rape me, Mike.

You're goin' to jail.

Trish wasn't really coming to Beston, Mike.

What did you say?

You shouldn't've told me you never slept with a man before. It must've been some wild night you getting married so fast.

He couldn't really... how to keep the goods hidden for a whole two days?

What'd he do - tell you the little bobbly thing at the back of your throat was a clitoris?

You married a man, you farm faggot!

Shut your mouth!

I'm Trish. Rape me!

Shut your mouth! Rape me!

You wanna be raped? Is that what you want? You wanna fucking be raped?

You wanna play games? OK!

This is 911.

This is 911.

Is this what you want?

I'm gonna rape you.

I'm gonna fucking rape you, bitch!

Miss, miss. I'm tracing your call right now.

You like it?

Don't you wanna be raped?

You killed my husband! God-damn right!

You're God-damn right!

You killed my husband!

God-damn right I did!

Alright. Miss, miss? I have located you and I have a car on the way.

I'm Trish. Are you Trish? Fuck you!

Fuck, fucking bitch! Fuck you!

Is that what you want?

You like it!

What'd you find out?

Lance Collier exists.

In fact he continues to exist. He's the guy you described but he isn't dead.

Right, so she stole her husband's money just like he told me.

But the husband never filed a complaint. Look at the D.A.'s case Mike:

You go into a man's apartment with a gun and a knife. That's intent to kill even if you hadn't confessed it.

The wife is there, your girlfriend. That's motive.

There's a rape on Police tape, along with a number of murderous threats all of which goes to establish a damn tight case.

She gave me the keys to the apartment. She gave them to me!

They were copies of the originals she possessed. The jury figures you could have had those made up at any time.


There's not a trace of anyone's fingerprints on those keys but yours.

The mace was hers!

I believe you Mike. But a jury's gonna be looking for elecrical outlets.

If we had one piece of hard evidence to support your version of her manoeuvrings that would be enought to raise reasonable doubt.

A note she wrote, the plane ticket to Miami?

Phone calls. She made phone calls from my office.

Your office, and you made all but one of those calls. She probably faked that one.

Believe me, You don't want a jury to hear about that night. THINK!