The Last Sharknado: It's About Time (2018) Script

That was one hell of a ride, son.


Gil, where are you?

Hi, Dad. Sorry I couldn't join you.

Traveling through time is complicated.

The energy is so complex and unstable, you can only loop back through time once.

Now it's up to you. I installed a time capacitor in my wings.

It's preprogrammed to take you to the places I...

You must destroy the First Sharknado...

...and every...

You need a velocity of 88 miles per hour... activate the time vortex in the wings to make the next jump.

Good luck, Dad. Semper paratus.

Oh, no, April. Where's the bag?



Oh, boy.

Hey, get away from that! So we're gonna do this the hard way, huh?

Come back here!

Give me that!

Give it back!

Give it back!

What are you looking at?

Oh. Hi.

Ah, maybe not.

Come on. Give it back. Come on. Come on.

Now you're just pissing me off.

This is mine.

Nova. Hi, Fin.

You're dead. No, you're late.

Yabba dabba doo...

Hey, Fin. Bryan?

Welcome to prehistoric times. Long way from the Mets Stadium, my friend.

You're dead, too. Nope.

Look, I know this is extremely confusing, but we're all very much alive.

That's the amazing thing about time travel. Sometimes you're here.

Sometimes you're there. Sometimes you're stuck in 1955...

...and your mom's trying to make out with you at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

Anyway, uh, we've been waiting for Gil to bring back the final member of our gang.

Gang? We're not officially a gang.

It's hard to source matching outfits.

Who else is here?

April on a dinosaur. Huh.

Come on. We gotta go.


Is it really you, April? Yes, it's me.

You're not a robot? No, I'm not a robot.

Why would I be a robot? I mean, my hand, but...

But, baby, you died.

Gil saved me right before the space shuttle hit.

Our son saved my life. He saved all of our lives...

...pulled us from different points in time, and sent us back here.

We've been here for a year waiting for you.

Time travel needs work, but we're here.

An entire year? I thought I'd never see you again.

But I have to tell you something. I did learn how to fly a dinosaur.

Her name is Ptera. Because she's a pterodactyl.

Technically, Pteranodon. She has a tail.

So if you're all here, does that mean Gil's here, too?

No. Turns out you can only go back into time once.

Oh, yeah.

That explains why he disappeared when we landed. But why here?

To do what we do best, save the world.

And to stop the First Sharknado.

Gil said if we stop the First Sharknado, we can stop them all.

It's like a big game of dominos. One sets off another...

...and another and another and another until you just got a big mess.

Dominos sucks.

The world was already destroyed once. I don't see how we can make it much worse.

We could mess with time so we don't exist.

Look at it this way. We're already kinda dead as it is, so...

...this is a bonus round.

And by the way, Fin, I know you've been eaten by a lot of sharks and you've survived...

...but I've actually been eaten and pooped out by a lot of dinosaurs...

...'cause they couldn't digest me. It's... it's been rough.

Hand me the capacitor.

It's in these wings. Gil programmed it for us.

Your kid's awesome.



Look out!


Yeah, like the ones that kill the dinosaurs.

The meteors are gonna kill us if we don't get out of this time period.

Fin, look!

There it is...

...the First Sharknado.

I'm gonna need a bigger chainsaw.

We're running out of time. Fin, I hope you have a backup plan!

We'll figure it out. We always do. This won't be any different.

We'll use the meteorites to kill the Sharknado.

Yeah, that sounds easy. If we do this right...

...they'll act like the bombs we used to blow up the Sharknado in Los Angeles.

We're going for a ride.

First time ever on a pterodactyl?


Scared? Hell, no.

Get down!

Whoa. There it is, dead ahead!

Hit the meteorites into the Sharknado!

Everyone, move to the left!

Ptera, hit the fireball!

There's more!

It's not working! We need bigger ammo!

We need a bigger explosion!

I'll be right back! Fin, no!

What are you doing? He's being Fin!

Fin! Fin!

Fin! Fin!

April, try to stay close to him! Do you want me to steer?


It's feeding time.

Come on! You've got this, Fin! Let's go! Let's go!

Gil! Gil, it's your dad!

Gil! Gil!

You got this! Come on!

Gil's safe! That meg's gonna explode!

Bryan, batter up!


It's working! The Sharknado's disappearing!

It's a Timenado.

Let's do the time warp again.

First Sharknado destroyed. You did it!

But where are we?

Is that a castle?

Holy cosmos.

Do it! Come on! Get in there! Pull!

You bore me! Go...

Next. Seriously? This is the guy? This is the chosen one?

You're doing such a good job, honey.

Look! A dragon!

The dragon is going to eat us all! Run!

Nailed it.

It is time.

Gil's gotta be here somewhere. Ptera's okay.

Ah, I told you I should have steered.

Well, in case you didn't notice, we did bring a pterodactyl back into the 21st century.

Just saying, maybe not our greatest idea.

Why are you looking at me like you've never seen me before? It's me, Bryan.

Not exactly, Bryan. I think some things got mixed up when we jumped.

What? Let's talk about this later.

We got bigger problems right now.

Who's shooting arrows at us? We did what Gil said.

We stopped the First Sharknado. We should be home.

Ah, this isn't home.

Something's not right.

Hey! Hey, you!

Don't hurt me! Frodo!

Take everything! Don't use your evil sorcery on me!

Well, that decides it. We're definitely not home.

Huh. Let's get some of these clothes on so we can blend in.

Someone's coming.

Halt! You are the prisoners of the magnificent Morgana.

Okay, everybody.

I got this.

I'm sure you think what you have to say is very important.

Now kneel before Morgana!

Uh, how 'bout a joke?


Mwah. We're not the enemy.

You speak of an alliance, yet a dragon lay here before you.

Be careful, Fin! Fin!

Stop! Morgana!

Put down your weapons, by order of the King.

Ugh. Those wretched words.

I put a hex on you and you...

...and you and especially you, you cacafuego.

Oh, don't be such a brat.


Everyone, you should come with me. It's far too dangerous here. Come on.

Quickly. You must come and meet my master.

Your arrival has been prophesized.

This looks like Sharknado weather.

No, I thought we got rid of the Sharknados.

Yeah, we also thought we were home.


Welcome to Merlin's castle.


Nova, look.

You bear the mark of the house of Shepard.

I am a Shepard. My lord.

This is Gil's handwriting. I've seen this before.

Sir Gil is quite the artist.

These are the same drawings that are under Stonehenge.

Merlin shall explain all.

Be still!

Merlin, allow me to introduce...

Sir Gil Shepard's parents.

I will go and fetch him and tell him that the family...

...he's been searching for all these years has finally found him instead.

Your son trained with me for the past 10 years.

He's been here for 10 years?

I must confess he's taught me more than I've taught him.

Fin, look! This is the Einstein-Rosen bridge.

And this right here, it's a wormhole.

How do you know that?

Because I'm a physics teacher...

...which is why Gil chose me, because I know things.

Okay. The key is high velocity, which means...

...really fast, high, spinning winds! A tornado.

Yes. That could be the key to Gil unlocking the bridge. A-plus.

And make traveling through time possible.

Gil! Master Gil!

Come back! Your parents have arrived!

Danger! Sharknado forming!

What's in that bag? We'll deal with this later.

You've had an unhealthy obsession with that bag ever since we destroyed the dinosaurs.

Yeah, seriously, what's in this bag? Nova!

Really, Fin? Be more careful.

You're in love with a robot head.


Is this me?

That was all that was left of you after the Earth was destroyed.

You sacrificed yourself trying to save me.

It's not real.

It's a robot. So I was just a head in the future?

I didn't want you to find out this way.

That hurts. Ow!

Maybe she can help us. Her technology might be able to help get us back home.

I hope that hurt! See, now there's gonna be a throw-down...

...because that head is jealous.

I didn't want to scare you. That's why I hid it from you.

It's okay.

I forgive you.

But don't lie to me anymore. I won't.

But I'm holding on to her now.

My lord, we must take shelter.

Where's my son? I saw him sailing out to sea...

...and then suddenly there were sharks falling out of the sky.

I knew this wasn't over that easy.

Gil's heading right into that Sharknado.

Wait. Stop. Nova, get out of the way.

We gotta let him go. If he sees you, he'll keep looking for you.

That's exactly what we want. But if he reunites with you now...

...he'll stop searching for you, and then you probably won't even exist in the future.

We could all cease to exist.

I know you're too emotional right now to see the big picture...

...but take a second to think about it. What's making Gil travel through time?

To be with us. And if he finds us...

...he'll stop looking for us.

Your son is already disrupting space-time.

Who knows what'll happen if anyone else gets caught up in that thing?

And the Sharknados are coming this way. Then we have to do something about it.

Follow me.

I'm back!


Oh, my gosh. Winter, how are you?

You still look so... average.

Let's face it. I'm a 10, and you're like a 1392.

I thought Merlin had sent you to the land of the undead.

They were full. Can I come in? Absolutely not.

Get out of their way! There's a Sharknado coming.

Exactly. Listen...

...your silly belief in science is not strong enough to stop what's coming.

I have magic on my side and a potion...

...that can stop those sharks, so if you let me work with you...

...we can get this done quickly and easily.

All I want in return is for you to use your science... release Excalibur.

Magic has no sway over such a powerful tool.

All right, Morgana. We accept your deal. Great. Let's go kill some sharks.

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Wearing that?

You're going to need to look a little less needy and a little more knighty.

The end is nigh! Run!

If you're gonna do that hocus-pocus stuff, now's the time.

Stand back. This is a she-mergency.

What happened? What did you do? What I always do, win.

Dragon sharks?

Good luck with that. Bye!

Shark kebob.

I have a plan. You, go to Camelot, and you help save the castle.

I will meet you there.

The Devil has come back!

Get out of the way!

Thank goodness you're still here.

I didn't think this was how I'd meet my end.

Load the catapult.

Here! Use this!

Release the catapult!


Fin, we need something more powerful to destroy the Sharknado!

I have an idea.

Why not? Wait!

Only a man who is worthy can pull the sword from the stone.

This is my birthright.

Get down! Oh, no.

Aah! I'm melting!

Oh, thank the Lord! Thank the Lord!

Hey! Window for time jump is closing!

T-minus five minutes, 57 seconds.

She wants us to time jump. We need speed.

Oh, yeah. Oh, no.

Come on. Come on.

Take it easy, Frodo. Sorry about the clothes.


Release it!

Cor, blimey!

We're not going fast enough.

Who needs science when you have a dragon?

You all right, April? Nova? Bryan, you all right?

Yeah, I'm okay. My back's been hurting for years...

...but it feels pretty good now. Bryan, you're back.

What? You're no longer a woman.

Are you telling us you don't remember being a woman?

It's the consequences of time travel.

So let me get this straight. Every time we jump, everything changes?

Time travel's risky.

If we do it right, we can reset everything back to the way it should be.

But what if we do it wrong?

But what if this is wrong, and that was right?

We'll talk about it later.

We gotta find out where we landed, and we gotta find Gil.

The British are coming! The British are coming!

The British are coming!

The British are coming!

My lord, we'll never make it through this storm.

Hmm. Maybe we could use it to our advantage.

The sharks are coming! The sharks are coming!

The sharks are coming! The sharks are coming!

That Sharknado might be miles away, but if it gets any closer, we're all in trouble.

What if Gil unleashed a Sharknado during the Revolutionary War by accident?

Then there'd be no revolution.

Then America wouldn't exist.

Then we wouldn't exist.

Come on!

I tell you, you're making a mistake.

We're on your side. We're Americans.

I wanna speak to who's in charge. It's a matter of life and death.

Crinkum crankum! Settle down! Settle down!

Benjamin Franklin, sir, we found this group outside the docks.

They claim to be allies. Thank you, Private Jebediah Clarke.

Are you the Jebediah Clarke? Yes, I am.

What? I can't say hi to my great-great-great-great-great-grandpa?

Give or take a great or two. No.

Now who are you, and what is this all about?

We need to use your cannons, sir. Our cannons?

This is General George Washington...

...not some delivery service for tea and crumpets.

Come out and play!

The British are throwing flying sharks at us!

And they're gonna succeed next time, too, unless you listen to us.

We can help you beat the British and the sharks, too.

Don't just stand there. Go in. Go in.

Give me that.

This is a weapon from the future. It's got technology you wouldn't understand.

General Washington.

I've been told the British have an army of sharks...

...and you have a plan to stop them.

It's called a Sharknado, and, no, the British don't control it.

If I remember my history correctly... and I'm a history teacher...

...which makes me uniquely qualified... got a bunch of cannons lined up out here from Fort Ticonderoga.

We can use those cannons to destroy the Sharknado and kill the sharks.

The Captain, sir. Come on in.

Washington. Hamilton.



Washington. Hamilton?

You know, I'm still trying to get tickets to your musical. Really hard to get.

Wait. Who the hell is this?

You already have your artillery in place. Let us show you where to position 'em.

I don't want to tell you this, but, uh...

...we're from the future. We really have no time.

Take them away, and politely, but firmly shoot them.

All right, how 'bout this? You, General Washington...

...are on the $1.00 bill. See?

Lucky you. My...

Hamilton, you got one, too?

I doubt it.

Look, the more we stand here and argue about it...

...the more time the Sharknado has to destroy your harbor and conquer your troops...

...and then we all lose the war. General Washington...

...a fact about your past, in 1743, your father died when you were just 11 years old...

...and then a little bit later, you went to Barbados and contracted smallpox.

But, Mr. Hamilton, you were an orphan, but about 240 years from now... become a really great singer. Good job.

How do you know all this?

Because I'm a history teacher, damn it...

...and you are my history. What's it gonna be?

Hamilton, I think we need to give our new allies all the cannons they need.

We have a Sharknado to defeat.

Shoot at the tornado!

Hey! Hey, let me help you! Go away.

I'm not taking no for an answer.

Take this. Okay.



Okay. I know it's gonna probably make me sound crazy and all, but...

No, I know you're crazy, but I still like you.


Yeah, okay.

Here you go, sir!

All right, listen up! We gotta fire the cannons all at once.

We gotta time 'em with a lightning strike. If we do that...

...all the cannonballs will become electrified and will go into the Sharknado...

...and it'll blow up all the sharks.

Look, I've faced down more of these Sharknados than I care to remember.

There's no time to stop and think about the madness of it all.

You just have to do it. We're not fighting for just our country.

We're fighting for all of humanity.

Now who's with me?

Just load the cannons!

Ready the cannons! Aim!


It's a full count, bottom of the ninth.

All right, locked and loaded!

3, 2, 1...!

Retreat! Retreat!

God bless America.

The British are retreating.

Suck it, you redcoat ninnies! Where's Nova?

She was walking into town with Private Clarke.

You two figure out how to get us some speed.

I'll be right back.

Here you go. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Take care of it. That was weird.

Hold up. I'll take this from here.

Great job today.

Let me buy you a drink, Private Shepard.

I have a ride for you. Whoa!

It's not safe for these horses to come through the portal.

But I have something much more powerful in mind.

Any chance this is a letter to your grandfather?

Yeah, as a matter of fact, there is.

Do you want to read it, Fin? Yeah.

You're warning him not to go fishing.

If he doesn't go to the sea, there's no way that shark will kill him. He'll stay alive.

And you stop fighting sharks... don't start the Sharknado Sisterhood, and you don't save me or my family.

You know what, Fin? It's time I save my own family, okay? And, by the way...

...he might not even get this note. He's not gonna be born for two more centuries...

...but I had to try.

No. We can't mess with destiny.

Mess with destiny?

We just fought in the American Revolution. It looks like we're messing with destiny to me.

No, we stopped history from changing by stopping a Sharknado... things could stay the way they are.

Your grandfather didn't die in a Sharknado.

We can't change his fate. Next time we jump, I might not exist.

And what are the odds that I ran into my ancestor? I'll never get this chance again.

My grandfather raised me...

...and I was never the same after he died, so I would give anything... have one more day with him.

I'm sorry, Nova. We can't.

I'm sorry. You know what, Fin?

I'm sorry. You can't control me, and you won't control my destiny.

I just know that the energy bolt is more powerful than anything else we have...

...but I just cannot grab it. I know what the problem is.

What we're missing... the key.

Look what Ben gave us, his carriage.

Listen up, you little wig-biters. Come along. Get you inside.

In you go. In you go. Hello.

It's been an honor to meet you. This day will go down in history.

No doubt.

Bryan, let's go.

I'm sorry, Fin. I can't. What are you talking about?

You see, this is why Gil picked you to lead the team.

You're always ready to run in there and go fight the next Sharknado...

...but me, I run, and I just get tired.

Fin, last time I jumped, I wasn't exactly me.

I can't take that chance anymore. Bryan, you can't stay here.

I taught history for 25 years.

Now I'm ready to live it.

Be safe.

I thought you might need a little extra power to get back to the future!


Well, first we need to get this kite in the air.

Get us out of here! To infinity and beyond!

Awesome, dude!

Do you think history will remember this day?

Do you think they'll remember me for anything other than this stupid kite?

No, it's pretty much just the kite.

Oh. Toodles. Okay, take care, Ben.

Is there any, uh, place to get a...

...taco around here or anything, or...

We don't have to do this, son.

You could still surrender and live.

Billy the Kid does not surrender!

This ain't over yet, my friend!

Friend? Who you calling "friend"?

Get your hands up, partner.

They'll arrest all of us if we get caught, okay? We have to stay quiet.

Get along, losers! We're going shopping! I'll take that.

Turn around.

Don't just stand there like a bunch of Kansas City showgirls!

Go get him!

I don't know how you and Billy the Kid...

...pulled off that carriage falling out of the sky stunt...

...but this sideshow ends today.

Billy the Kid?

I'm not with Billy the Kid. You had his gun.

You helped him get away. I say you're lying.

You're under arrest. You got it all twisted.

Yeah, I think I know who's twisted, mister.

No one messes with Sheriff Ron!

He'll be okay.

Keep walking.

Get up slowly. Skye?


Tried that already. No use.

Are you with Billy the Kid?

He's my ride out of here.

Well, if he comes to break you out, take me with you.

Safer in here.

Weather's changing.

You don't know the half of it.

What are you in for, mister?

Just trying to put my family back together.

Story of my life.

I hope you're ready to rock, boy.

All right, blondie.

Time to go.

Wait. Where's Billy?

Oh, he ran like the coward he is. Come on.

Hey, where are you taking him?

It's judgment day. This boy's gonna meet his maker.

Good luck finding your family! Oh, are those your last words?

No. Semper paratus.

Shut up.

Gil, it's Dad! Gil, it's Dad!

Howdy, Deputy. I do declare I'm new around here...

...but I think I found this man.

He looked real suspicious, and I think he had a gun.

Hey, Fin! Skye.

Need a lift?

Here. Put these on.

Surprised to see me?

Not really, not after what I've been through.

You know I always got your back. Well, you did kinda die in New York.

Well, I was in New York, but I didn't die.

You did kinda die. Uh-uh.

I ran into this guy wearing a freaking shark helmet. Bam!

He put me back here to save your butt. That was my son Gil, and he's here.

There he is. Dead man walking.

Not for long.

I screwed up. How?

Billy the Kid was supposed to rescue Gil, but he can't.

When we landed in town, we changed that, and he left.

Gil's gonna hang.

Let me go, Fin.

I'll rescue him like he rescued me.

No, you can't. If he recognizes us, he won't rescue us.

He knows you. The future Gil knows me.

Trust me.

If you're looking for someone to save you, son, stop.

That's Gil.

Bad weather's coming.

I'd take cover if I were you.

Bag him.

Citizens of Santa Mira Ridge...

...once again, I hand out justice to those who break the law in my town.

We must uphold our laws, instill order, not chaos.

Let this man's punishment be the exception, not the rule.

This is our life.

This is our town.

Looks like we have more problems.

Storm's a-coming!

Hang him. Yippee-ki-yay.

What the hell's going on in my town?

And who cut that boy loose?

Get up. Come on. Get up. I got you. I got you.

Who are you? Did Billy send you?

No. Don't worry about Billy. Worry about that Sharknado.

You know about Sharknados?

I also know everything there is to know about you, Little Gil.

You parents are waiting for you on the other side of that storm.

Now you go save me so I can save you... you can save your parents, and we can save the world, okay?

Who are you? I'm Skye...

...a chocolate blast from the past.

Now go, kid! Go! Go!

Go ahead. Shark my day.

Deputy Richie! Deputy Richie! What happened?

Son of a bitch.

Hey! You're supposed to be in jail!

You're shooting at my son.


I'm not gonna take this anymore.

One shark!

Two shark! Red shark!

Blue shark! Yee-haw!

Gil! Gil!

The train is leaving! Why are there fish falling from the sky?

Don't worry about that. Just get to the train!

Oh, my God.

Where's that sound coming from? What is that? Your bag.

I can help. Point me toward the storm. Activating lasers.

I didn't know I could do that.

I think your head is fueled by a nuclear core.

Where are the girls? They're coming.

The Sharknado's dying. That's a good thing, right?

Great, but we need speed to time jump. What happens if we miss it?

Then we're stuck here forever. What?

Come on. We'll figure it out.

Going somewhere, slick? I don't have time for this.


You know, it's a funny thing you mentioning time, 'cause apparently...

...I have all the time in the world. What are you talking about?

Don't you look at me funny. I ain't stupid.

That cowboy was from the future, and he promised me if I rescue him...

...he was gonna take me with him. You can't go into the future, Billy.

You think you're gonna go to the future instead of me? Me!

Billy the Kid!

I already been there and done it.

What if I take your place?

The future is ripe for robbing.

She did it. Now let's go find Fin and Skye.

Let's go!

The vortex is collapsing.

Get out of the way! Prepare to draw.

Really? We're doing this?



I ain't dead yet!

You're dead now.

Kind of gross. Hey.

All right, that train's our only chance. We gotta get in it. Come on. Let's go.

Come on!


Hurry. This train isn't fast enough. I'm gonna unhook some cars.

You can do that? Yeah. Runs in the family.

You're the conductors now.

You got it. Careful.

He better hurry up. We're getting close.

Whoo! Surf's up!

How do you do, everyone? This is Rand McDonald, reporting live...

...from the beaches of Santa Monica, California...

...where people are literally doing the shark...

...a dance craze that's number one with a bullet...

...a bullet to the head.

Well, that sucked.


We gotta go warn those people. Come on.

Thank you. We're Quint.



Sharknado! Run!

Surf's up.

You okay? Skye, you got him? Get him some help. Come on. Come on.


Oh, my God! Oh, my God! A shark! The shark's coming!

Hey! Hey! You're Rand McDonald from TV!

You're Rand McDonald! I'm on... I'm on TV!

Baba booey!

It's a...



Let's go.

Keep it up, Gilly! You got it, Raye!

You know what that means.

They're my parents.


Get out of our way, big feet, or we'll fry you.

The professor made it.

Why are you trying to destroy that Sharknado?

Sharknado? How do you know that name?

Do you know a guy named Gil? The professor?

Blond hair, blue eyes, shark fin helmet? Wait. Do you know him?

Yeah. He's our son. You mean more like your father, right?

He must have got older. How do you two dweebs know so much?

He's trying to get in the vortex to time travel.

Oh, dear.

Fin, look.

I think this is the prototype of the... The capacitor.

Look at the date. Isn't that the date...

...from when the first Sharknado hit Santa Monica?

Yeah. That's where we're going to next.

Now listen. We gotta stop all this jibber-jabbering and 86 that Sharknado...

...before we all become fish food. Let's get the big gun.

Let's do it. Hope JPL doesn't find out I borrowed this.

I need your help to stabilize it.

All right, everybody hold on.

The professor told us to destroy it after he got through.


It's gone! We did it! We did it!

We did it! It's gone.

I've got it. We can still make the jump.

Jump? What jump? This prototype isn't as advanced...

...but I can program the date, but we can make this work. I can make it work.

I just need... I need speed. What about that sweet ride you just got?

Oh, she's a beaut, huh. A brand-new Cadillac El Dorado.

Great! We'll take it! Yes. I'm taking the capacitor.

I'm gonna make some adjustments. Wait.

You look so familiar.

Did we go to high school together?

I would have remembered that.

I'm Raye Martin.

Fin. Hi, Fin.

And I'm Gilly, Gilly Shepard. Nice to meet you.

Look, I know this is gonna sound crazy...

...but the professor used that capacitor to move into the future...

...but there's not gonna be any future unless we meet him there.

You're from the future?

Okay, future boy, tell us something that hasn't happened yet.


You two fall in love.



Here you go, son. Thanks, Dad.


Oh, wait. Button up. It's getting cold.

Good luck!

If we ever have kids one day, I just... I hope they don't turn out like that.

That would be weird, yeah. Whoo!

You got the capacitor set?

Yep, back to Santa Monica, just like Gil said.

Santa Monica, here we come.

I have an extra ticket to the Spice Girls concert.

Do you want to go, or are you gonna go see "Titanic" for the tenth time?

Nova, what did you do?

Why are we in San Francisco? This doesn't concern you, Fin.

Doesn't concern me? What do you think you're doing?

What I'm doing? We've been interfering with everything.

And who do you think you are, anyway?

You wouldn't let me send a note to my grandfather, yet you didn't think twice...

...about when Bryan stayed behind during the Revolutionary War, did you?

And what about hanging out with your parents? Just leave me alone, okay?

This is my story now. You saved your family...

...and now I'm saving mine. Nova...

There's nothing you can do to stop me, okay?

What's that girl up to? She brought us back to 1997... she could prevent her grandfather from being killed by a shark.

I want to catch a big fish today. And you will.

I brought my lucky lure.

Well, then it's gonna be your lucky day, Nova.

Quit calling me that, Grandpa. My name is Jenny Lynn.

You shine way too bright for that name. Like a star?

Exactly, like a little nova.

Wow. You look cool. Not as cool as you look.

I'm Jenny Lynn. That's a pretty name.

But you can call me Nova. Oh.

Hey, do you have room for one more? That'll be 20 bucks.

Ah, forget about it. I... my charter boat. I'll cover you.

Just catch a big fish. Thank you.

Hope she does the right thing.

Hey, you got room for three more? That'll be 60 bucks. You got any poles?

Got it right here.

Okay, guys, we shove off in five minutes.

Darn. I lost another one, and I didn't even feel the fish bite.

Use this one, Grandpa.


All right, now, when you get a fish on your line and you feel it... gotta keep your line taut, okay? Okay, Grandpa.

Okay, Grandpa.

Have you really thought out what you're about to do?

I have the chance to give that little girl a real future.

Any minute now, this ship will crash...

...leaving my grandfather and everyone else onboard as food...

...for a school of bloodthirsty sharks.

Don't tell me that if this wasn't April, Claudia, Matt, or Gil...

...that you wouldn't insist that I help you save them.

I don't think you realize what we all have at stake here.

I've had to watch my son grow up in time without me.

Do you know what that's like?

Do you know how many times I thought about just... not going forward...

...staying back like Bryan did?

If we're successful...

...everything resets...

...Gil disappears...

...disappears from my heart and from my mind because he's never existed.

Nova, you said it yourself.

It's bigger than us.

That's not fair.

That little girl...

...I need my Grandpa, Fin.

I know.

Okay, everybody. Let's get out there and get some big ones.

I see you're admiring a family heirloom.

That's been handed down generation to generation since the Civil War.

Revolutionary War.

What? Oh, nothing.

You know, it's a bit of a superstition, but I've kept it onboard as a good luck charm.

It's where my granddaughter gets her name.

What are we doing standing around? Come on! We want to fish, right?

Let's get some lines in the water! There's some big ones out there.

Nova, everything you are, everything you fight for is driven by this moment.

And if this moment doesn't happen, if your grandpa doesn't die...

...everything could change.

Okay. Okay.

You know what?

You're right. I get it now. I understand.

Stop this boat! You have to turn this boat around. Please. It's an emergency.

I need you to get out of here. Look, at some point today...

Don't pay any attention to her. I'm so sorry about this.

...sink and then the sharks are... I'm really just a retired doctor.

I really shouldn't be piloting this thing. Can you alert a Coast Guard?

A shark. Shark!

Come on, Nova. Hey, what's that?

What? Where? Sharks in the water!


Abandon ship!

I caused this? I'm the reason my grandfather died?

Come on! I'm not gonna let your grandfather die this time!

Go! Go! Take her in the raft! Hurry up! My friend will save you!

Okay, get her in the raft.

My name is Nova Clarke.

You killed my grandfather. Prepare to die!

Hold on, Nova. You're gonna be all right. Help is on the way.

Keep Nova safe. Hey, you guys coming?

We'll catch up.


Grab my hand! Come on!


Come on, Nova! Help!




Every time I try and fix something, it just makes things worse...

...and people die again.

I can't control the future. You're right.

You can never control the future. All you can do is control your choices.

And now we need to do the right thing and finish what we started.

Where's the capacitor? It's right here.

We have a problem. Is it broken?

It keeps adding too many numbers. I gotta redirect the router.

We don't have time for this. Even if I can set it to the right time...

...we still don't have enough velocity to engage the time jump.

You get that thing fixed. I'll get us the speed we need.

Working on it.

Skye? Almost got it. Almost got it.

Skye, we don't got time for this. Got it!

Got it! Grab on! Grab on!


Come on.


Something's not right.

This is not Santa Monica.

Come on. Let's figure out what we did wrong.

Damn, it's quiet. It's too quiet.

Hey, Skye...

Something's not right. Check the date.

Are we there? Let's just say we overshot it by...

...a few thousand years.


I'll reset it so we can go back. No, we can't do that.

Why not? We're time travelers. We can do whatever we want.

No, that's why Gil's not here with us a second time around.

That thing only offers a one-way ride.

What the hell was that?

Maybe that's how sharks evolved over the last 20,000 years.

I can't wait to see what the humans look like.

Well, I'll be damned.


It's planet of the Aprils.

We love you, Fin.

We love you, Fin.

Cute outfits.

I wonder what Deadpool movie we're on.

Where are you taking us?

Answer me.


So this is what happens when you don't save your wife.

Looks like a shrine to my past. But what's it doing here?

Wait here. The Queen is coming.

Hail to the Queen! Hail to the Queen!

Don't be afraid. What do you want from us?


You're not April, not even human.


Why would I want to be human?

You mean like...



What has she done to you, April?

What are you doing, huh?

Collecting all this junk like some Sharknado hoarder?

When my head fell off the boat and sank to the bottom of the ocean...

...I lay there for years, angry that nobody came back for me, especially you, Fin.

Eventually I was caught by a fisherman's net.

It took 10,000 years for me to forgive you...

...and another 10,000 to create this paradise for us.

She's alive! We needed her DNA to create this army.

You can't clone a robot, silly.

How did you go back in time? Thought this was a one-way trip.

Power. You could do anything with power. I've had centuries to perfect time travel.

You think you came here by accident? I brought you here.

Listen here, you emotionally deranged Easy-Bake Oven.

I don't know what kind of crazy game you got going on here, but let me tell you something.

It is not going to... No! No, no! Hey!

Stop! You're hurting her!

Stop. Please.

Take her to the exhibition!

Why are you doing this? Your DNA.

Every queen needs a king.

It's not gonna happen.


I've missed you so much, Dad. Matt.

Mom could make this a home again. We can be together forever.

Come on, Dad. Claudia.

This is what it's all about. It's about family.

Fin. Nova.

Listen to April. We can make this work.

You're not real. None of you are real!

Exactly. We're better than human.

And you can be, too.


You want to fight me? I don't want to fight you!

You never stopped loving her! And I never will!

If I can't have you, then no April can!

Get away from him, you bitch.


I do believe we have a deal.


Azzinaro! ¿Ultima red, okay?

Sí, Captain Santiago. We're close. The pod of 30,000 sharks is up ahead.

Azzinaro, batten down the hatches. Bring in all the fishing nets.

A storm is coming!

Dios mí­o.

Santiago! What is that?

An omen?

Throw it away! No, don't do that!

Who are you, and what are you doing here?

It's a long story. We don't have time for it.

Are you with Palmer and came to kill me? No, I'm trying to save your life.

That head is nuclear, and she's really pissed off.

If you don't put it down, it's gonna be end of the world as we know it.

You bring a bomb to my boat?

Make it stop! Make it stop!

Make it stop.

You came back for me.

Now take a pick.

Port or starboard?

Fin, listen to me. You must destroy this Sharknado.

If it's not stopped, time will collapse. All that we know will explode into nothing.

I got it.

Where is your friend with the head?

Change of plans, Captain. I'm gonna take the money...

...your cargo, and what's left of the ship.

All this is your fault for bringing el diablo to my boat.

Put down the gun, or I'm gonna blow up the boat!


I need your help to destroy that Sharknado.

April, what's wrong? I need to recharge.

Okay. We got a deal.

Do you know what I learned out here? What's that?

We shouldn't be afraid of the sharks.

They are the ones who should be afraid of us.

You catch fish with these? Sometimes.


Fin, my lasers have recharged. I can finish off the Last Sharknado!

Right! The lasers!


Gil, you're alive! Ah!

Fin, the Sharknado!

The time vortex dropped me off here.

We can finish this off. I need the capacitor.

I can fix this. We can fix this. Yeah. Yeah.

Semper fidelus. A Shepard is always loyal.

You mean, "Semper paratus, always prepared."

Of course. I must have forgotten.

Who are you? Give it to me!


You can't destroy this Sharknado!

This is our future! This is our destiny!

Come back with me! Never!

Fin, grab the capacitor!

Get it!


That's mine! You don't know how to use it!

Give me the capacitor! No! Let go!

Let go! I'm not going anywhere with you!

We can live forever, and no one we love will ever die again!

Not like this! Stop, or you will destroy time!

I'll take that chance!

It's shorting out!

Let go, or I won't be able to stop this!

You are in big trouble in Little China!

Oh! Sharks!

Float like a butterfly, huh? Sting like a bee, huh?


Tonight, we dine in hell! I must protect you!

You're coming home with me so we could live forever!


Bring it on, little sharks! You're gonna get rocked!

Great Scott! Let them eat cake!

Lend me your sharks!

Too late! I control your fate now!

Die, shark!

Fin, it's time to go home!

Oh, crap.

Fin! Move!

April? Fin, look out!

Grab my tail!

Time is collapsing, but there's one thing left we can do.

What's that?

I have a fail-safe button.

If you activate it in the heart of the storm, it will self-destruct everything.

It will either repair time or destroy the universe.

Ready to blow my mind?

It's time for a reboot. See you on the other side.

I love you, Fin Shepard. I love you, April.

This one is on me today, George.

Did a bomb just go off?

You know what? I bet they're testing down at Point Mugu.

I'm gonna call my unit and find out. That's a good idea.

Poor baby. "Poor baby"?

Yeah. I really love sharks.

Hey, Mom. You and Dad ready to go? I have the car packed.

As soon as your dad says all his goodbyes.

Hey, Gemini.

Baby, what are you doing on your feet? You know what the doctor said. Come on.

Should you be giving us free drinks? It's not your bar anymore.

Yeah, and I'm not gonna have anyplace to drink.

Hey, Fin, thanks again for the college loan. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

And you, too, April. Thank you, guys.

Don't forget. I offered to pay you double if you stayed.

Okay, this kid needs a name. I already have a name.

His name is Gil. Baby.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Grandpa wanted me to give you this, in case the baby's born while he's in space.

"For the 'little one.' May he always fly. Dad."

Hey, everybody, listen up!

On Election Day, reach for the sky, and vote for me.

We grew up with her. She's gonna be the next president.

God bless America.

Are you really thinking about this move to Kansas?

Yeah, you're not gonna be, like, a farmer or something, right?

I'll start some kind of business. Like what?

Maybe a tree-trimming business.

I couldn't see you with a chainsaw.

Lay 'em on me, bro.

Thank you. Don't run it into the ground.

Yes, sir.

All right, everybody. Last round's on me.

Six years ago, when I opened up this bar...

...things between me and my family...

...weren't so good. I had a lot of growing up to do.

But this bar brought us back together...

...and made us stronger, brought us closer to our friends.

I'm gonna miss this place...

...gonna miss all your faces, seeing 'em day after day...

...year after year.

I know it hasn't always been easy...

...but through it all, we fought hard for each other...

...and stayed true to who we are.

No matter what we faced...

...we always looked out for one another.

So as I... we...

...start this new chapter in our lives...

...I want to raise a glass to all of you...

...because you're my heroes.

To the end of an era...

...and to new beginnings.

Semper paratus! Semper paratus.

Hey, hey.

Are you okay?

Has your water broken?

Let's go. We're going to the hospital. I think so. It's time. It hurts.

Honey, call the hospital. We gotta go!

I'll get the car. I'll go get the baby bag.

Get the door.

Come on, George.

All right, now it is time for your "Today" weather, and this is one...

...for the history books if not a world record.

There's not a cloud or a storm on the horizon.

So get out, enjoy some time with the family on this beautiful day.

There won't be anything quite like it again.