The Last Song (2010) Script

Interior to command.

We've finished our sweep and we've got one victim outside being treated by EMS.

You got anyone else in there?

What a shame, huh? It was one of the oldest buildings in Georgia.

Ronnie, promise me you'll make an effort, OK?

Does Dad know she was arrested? Jonah!

I didn't do it, OK? Stay out of it.

Just in time.


Dad! Hi, Joe-boy. How are you, man?

I'm great. How are you?

Here we go!

I missed you. Look how big you are. Me too.

You're like six-three now. Whoa!

You live on the beach? You bet.

That is awesome!

Don't go in the water. Be careful in the water.

How are you? I'm good.

Oh! That's right, we have two children.

Hi, Ronnie. How are you, sweetheart?

Wow. You have no idea.

Hi. Can I help you? Strawberry shake.

Here you go.

That's you, Will!

I'm sorry.

You OK? I would rather drink my milkshake than wear it, but I'm fine. I'm sorry.

You look it.

Forget it.

Hey, look. I really am sorry.

Didn't we just do this? I'm Will, by the way.

Let me buy you another shirt. No, thanks. I'm good.

Come on. I'm practicing Southern hospitality.

Is that what they call hitting on strangers now?

You know what? I have no interest in buying you a shirt.

Is that so? I'm just over here so the other team can catch a breath.


Pushy and conceited. Why don't you come watch.

I'll pass.

Thank you.

I'm glad you were able to fix it.

Yeah. Ronnie did a pretty good job with that.

Now I know what a piano looks like when somebody takes a baseball bat to it.

Wow. You rehearsed that piece with her so many times.

Is she still not playing? Not since the day you left.

Brian even bought her an electric piano. She won't go near it.

An electric piano from Brian? Steve.

How is she otherwise? Well, let's see.

Grades were in the toilet.

It's a miracle she graduated from high school.

And she doesn't have one friend without a pierced something.

Mmm. Thanks.


She told you she got into Juilliard, right?

No. Without playing?

They said they've been watching her since she was five.

Not that it matters. She says she's not going.

Well, she'll make the right decision.

I'm glad you're so sure.

Kim... We hurt them, Steve.

Especially Ronnie.

We can try and pretend... I'm not gonna do this. OK?

Things happen. Nobody's perfect.

And Ronnie... Ronnie will be fine.

A unicorn. How mythical.

I'd stick with the stained one if I were you. Those suck.

Pretty much.

OK. Come with me. There are some cooler places.

Let's go!

Call, write, text, but communicate.

OK! OK? I love you.

Got lipstick. Tell your sister I love her.

All right. Bye!


Ready? Come on!

Bye, Mom!

Oh! Thanks.

What is all this stuff?

Well, I am building a stained-glass window for the church up the road.

I saw it. How did it happen? Nobody's certain.

They think it was some sort of accident.

This is so cool. Yeah?

Unfortunately, I'm not really looking for an assistant right now, so...

Why not? No, Dad, I'd do it!

Yeah? Yeah!

You want it? I'd do it for free!

OK. You're hired. Really?

Yeah. That's so cool.

What kind of name is Blaze?

A nickname my boyfriend, Marcus, gave me.

My real name's Galadriel. It'sfrom Lord ofthe Rings.

My mom's weird like that.

Hey, I'm lucky it wasn't Frodo.

How much?

Twenty. Too much.

Oh, wait.

I'm sorry. Today, it's free.

No, no. Stop. It's OK. I do it all the time.

No. I can't. I already got busted once.

Ooh! A woman with a record.

Please. I like that.

Stop it.

Dad's looking for you. Tell him you didn't see me, brat.

Five bucks. And two for "brat. " No way.

He's getting closer. Don't make me raise it to ten.

Shut up.

I promise to make him take me on the Twister three times so you can get away.

Nice doing business with you. Yeah, yeah.

Cool. So you live in New York?

Yeah, I do now. I'm from Atlanta.

I moved up north when I was 11.

My dad moved here just a few years ago.

Without you all? Irreconcilable differences.

Think that's the phrase.

He bailed. Families suck.

I don't even live with mine. I stay at Marcus' usually.

You have to meet Marcus. Let's go.

Hook me up! Yeah!

That's him.

Thank you, everyone. Donations are accepted.

In fact, they're encouraged.

This is good, huh?

Huh? Good to have a little man time.


Ronnie never opens any of your letters.


Mom says it's because she has PMS.

Do you know what that is?

Dad, I'm not a little kid anymore.

Means "pissed at men syndrome. "


Will, you want to get out of here?

My parents are at some lame-o award thing with the governor.

They won't be home for hours.

They must trust you. Mmm. Imagine that.

My man!

Whoo! She tell you the good news?

Yeah. Oh, my God.

Cassie wants us to pick up some beer on the way home, so we got to do that.

You know what, man? I'm gonna skip it.

No, no. Hello, hello. Eyes right here, buddy. No.

No skipping it tonight. Look. Listen to me. OK.

Will yes. Ashley yes.

Ashley yes. Cassie yes.

Cassie yes. Scott yes!

Come on. Take one for team Scott. Where you been, buddy?

You guys don't hang out with us. Get off him!

"Get off him. " I love you, Will. You're so butch.

Always looking out for your friend.



Come on. Dude, come on.

Hey, Ronnie? Get me a drink?

Is there something wrong with your legs?

I'll get it for you.

I'm sorry. Are we boring you?

I just don't drink.

It's like a... "just say no" thing?

Because you could just say yes.

Stop it.

Don't ever touch me, ever again.




I'm going to bed.

Before I get completely grossed out, you should know I'm in here.

Get out of my room! This is our room.

OK? If you want to sleep in Dad's room, that's fine.

Hey, Ron? What?

Don't get mad, OK?

Can you just be a little nicer to Dad?

I just really don't want to lose him again.

Did you see his face when he saw you here?

He was so excited.

Jonah, you never lost Dad, OK?

You never lost him, and you never will. I promise.

Ronnie, can I talk to you? Sure.

Where were you? Out.

Well, it's almost 1:00, so...

You don't have to wait up for me. I'm not 12.

I wasn't worried about you when you were 12.

Aw, and now you are?

If you're gonna be here, you have to...

I don't want to be here, Dad.

That's just it. I don't want to be here.

Is that not obvious? Do you not get that?

Yeah. Let's make the best of it, OK?

Are you gonna play?

Are you going to play? Because if you are, I'm sleeping outside.

Hey, congratulations on Juilliard. Why? I'm not going.

That would be a mistake. Well, you and Mom would know about those. I mean, I've learned from the best.

That's enough! Damn it, that's enough!

It's OK, Jonah. I'm sorry, Jonah. Go back to sleep.

I'll be there in a minute.

If you're pissed at me and you want to hurt me, fine, hurt me.

Be mad, be angry, but don't stop playing.

It's stupid, Ronnie.

It really is, and you're too talented.

Are we done?

Let's go, Ronnie!

Thanks. How about that?

Ronnie, hey.

It's a new day.

Look, let's start over. I got bacon here, got breakfast.

Vegetarian, Dad.

Since when? A year and a half.


Must have found a turtle's nest.

I'm not going near it. Must be sick or something if it's out in the daytime.

Sure is enjoying those eggs.

What? No, no, no, no!


Oh, my God.

She's losing it, Dad.

Big time.


A sea turtle laid eggs.

The raccoons will eat them if I don't keep them away.


When a female lays her eggs, the raccoons smell them and...

They'll eat every one if they can.

This Web site told me to call the aquarium and see if I could get someone to come here and protect them, but my battery's dead. There's a number to the aquarium on the wall by the phone. Honestly, I don't know how they'll improve on...

On that.

Hey! Veronica!

No, Ronnie, it's fantastic. I like it.

You're overreacting!

Hey, Dad, can we fly a kite today? Absolutely not.

We're flying three kites today. All of us.

You're dreaming, Dad.

Yeah. I'd like to report some sea turtle eggs outside of my house.


What? You said "outside my house. "

I like that.

Did you go to, like, a nice guy school or something?

What's with all your smiling lately?

Seriously, it's creepy.

Is my...? Is my smile creepy?

Well, I don't know. Let's see it.

I'm doing it.

Kind of, but I think you need to show teeth.

My grandmother used to drive one of those.

She did? Yeah. Barely.

Is that milkshake girl? You should go spill that soda on her.


Hi. Nice look.

I almost didn't recognize you with your shirt on.

I'm sorry. I was stupid.

Yeah. It must have been the game.

I get a little... jacked up.

You know, I laid awake that night, just remembering it.

Felt like a jerk for hours.

I seriously doubt that happened.

You're wrong.

I'll see you around.

I hope so.

What should I call you when that happens?

Ronnie. Ronnie.

Bye, Ronnie.


You know who her father is, right?

Yeah. So?

Just checking.

Hey, what's up? Did the aquarium call?

I don't know. Oh, crap.

Hey! Hey!



What are you doing here? What are you doing here?

I asked you first. I'm here to mark a turtle nest.

You work for the aquarium? I thought you were a mechanic.

I don't work there. I volunteer there. I called yesterday.


Is everything OK? No, everything's not OK.

There were raccoons here all night. Really?

Where are they now? I scared them away.

Yeah, I'm not surprised. I'm a little scared.

That's really funny.

You know, I'd like to see you sleep out here all night while it's freezing with a baseball bat in your hand and raccoons terrorize you.

You really slept out here all night? No.

My hair looks like this all by itself.

I wasn't gonna mention the hair, but...


This all your creation?

Do you have a problem with it? Not really.

Other than the fact that when the eggs hatch, turtles won't be able to get back to the sea, so... they'll starve and die.



Blaze, what's wrong?

I saw how you looked at him. At Marcus? I saw you.

What are you talking about? I love him, OK?

So stay away. I am not interested...

You're lying! I watched you flirt with him.

The guy's a creep. He was the one coming on to me.

Why would you want to be with someone like that anyways?

Excuse me.

What? I'm sorry. I have to check your purse.


I did not take that. I didn't take...

You're gonna have to come with me.

Mom's gonna flip out. Shut up. OK, Jonah?

Ronnie, don't talk to your brother like that.

Where you going? Home. Where do you think I'm going?

I'm calling Mom.

Let her go! Just let her go!

We had a really nice day, and you had to ruin it!

Let her go! Let her. Make her leave us alone!

How do you want me to respond, Ronnie?

You want me to tell you it's OK...? I want you to believe me.

But, obviously, you can't do that.

I did it in New York.

I stole something.

And I don't need you to tell me that it's wrong, because I know that.

But I didn't do it here.

The store owner is a friend of mine.

I'll talk to him.



Anna Karenina.

"Happy families are all alike.

Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. "

Is quoting Tolstoy supposed to impress me?

I wasn't quoting Tolstoy. I was quoting his translator.

But since you asked...

Are you moving in?

Hey, If I want to get some sleep, I need something to scare off the raccoons.

They don't like bright lights or music.

You're planning to sleep here?

Well, the truth is the town sort of got together and decided we couldn't take another one of your bad hair days.

Oh, really.

So the word is you're from New York.

It's a small town, people talk.

I got accepted to Columbia in the fall. Who knows? We might be neighbors.

So, what are you doing down here?

My mom shipped me and my brother to my dad's for the summer.

Guess so I could baby-sit turtle eggs while a volleyball player/aquarium volunteer hits on me every five seconds.

Now, who's conceited?

Since we're on the subject, I'm not hitting on you.

Seriously, I'm engaged to be married.

What's the matter with you?!

I'm sorry.

This doesn't look good.

You're not OK with this, are you?

Then we'd better maintain visual contact.

Good evening.

Hello, sir.


You mind? No.

Yes, sir. I understand, sir.

Hello. Don't "hello" me.

I need your name, soldier.

Uh... I'm Will.

You are? I'm her roommate.

The commanding officer sent me out with rations.

But unfortunately, it's vegetarian.

So, personally, I'd rather eat sand.

Thanks for the tip, bro.


I'd better get going. I'm supposed to be at the aquarium.

Me too.

Not hard-to-get again.

Seriously, Ronnie. You read Tolstoy.

You take up arms to defend innocent sea turtles.

The ice-cube act's not working.

Let's try it again.

Last night was fun.

Best first date of my life. It was not a date.

We could make it one, if you don't mind coming to work with me.

It's kind of cool, huh? It's incredible.

So big. Try cleaning it.

It must be pretty cool, swimming with all the fish.

You should see it from in here. Maybe I will someday.


Give me a hand up?

I'm gonna kill you!


Where you been? I'm sorry, man. She's such a klutz.

She fell in the tank five times. That is not true!

Ronnie, Scott. Hi.

We got the tournament coming up. Let's go.

Want to grab me a water? Fine. I'll be back in a minute.

Wet hair?

Let me guess. He took you to the aquarium and did his whole underwater fish-man show for you.

Were you impressed?

Do I know you? I'm a friend of Will's.

But, you know, Will has lots of friends.

He makes us all feel special. For a little while.


There you go.

OK. Spread it out a little. Good job! Excellent.

I didn't burn a hole through it. No, you didn't.

Hey, Dad.

Do you and Mom ever talk about getting back together?

Jonah, your mom's about to get married.

So? You have dibs. You married her first.

Yes, I did. And it was a good marriage.

It was. It lasted a long, long time.

We have two great kids out of it.

It's just... You know, love's not always...

That's not always enough. It's probably...

...hard to understand.

What has one eye, speaks French and really loves cookies?

Are you talking... Are you talking about love?

OK, OK. Cookies. Very good.

I changed the subject to cookies. Is that cool?

Yeah. I'll get them.

Is everything OK?

Hey. You never came back for me.


Just go away! OK? What's wrong?

Go away!

Ronnie, what happened? Ronnie!

I'm sorry, sir. Could you tell me what's going on?

That would require my understanding how the female brain works, which I don't, but if you'd like to come in and be clueless together, you're more than welcome.

That's OK. I'll just wait out here. Yeah.

How long you think he'll stay?

Why don't you go ask him? He's not my boyfriend, he's hers.

He's not my boyfriend, either.

Do you think he'll stay out there all night?

That's hard to say.

A dollar says he is. A dollar?

OK, you're on. Let's make it interesting. Two dollars.

Two bucks. He's not staying there.

What if he stays out there forever? What if he never leaves and then dies?

Yeah, and his corpse is eaten by a bunch of raccoons.

And then he still doesn't leave, 'cause that's how powerful his love is.

What is wrong with you two? Turtles. Turtles eat his corpse.

You need to leave. You're freaking out my little brother.

Not until you tell me what happened. Was it Ashley?

I saw you talking to her. What did she say?

Just leave, all right? Tell me what she said to you.

Will, I did not come here for some stupid summer romance with some stupid local boy that has done this with a thousand other girls.

What? Ashley told me about all the girls you've been with.

So I don't want to be just the next girl in your little parade of girls, Will.

Going on the same date, doing the exact same thing.

I think that's why it would just be better if we just end it.

End it?

End what?

Ronnie, yes, OK, I went out with other girls before I met you.

That's the point. It was before I met you! How can you be mad about that?

Don't you dare make this about me. You and I both know this is not my fault...

You're not like the other girls.

Whatjust happened?

Your sisterjust got kissed. Dad!

Well, you did. Look at her. No!

Jonah! Look at that face. Dad!

Your sister... Hey! Let's write a song about being kissed!

I'm going to be sick. ♪ Ronnie got kissed Stop it! OK, OK.

Are you OK? Yes, yes, but...



I'm going to sleep. It's still there.

I hate you. Wow.


Put me down!

I can't believe you're carving our name into the tree.

What's your middle initial? I'm not telling you.

This is really lame.

"L." "L... "

And make it look nice.

I like this song. OK.

Man, wow.

You can really sing.

Is there anything else I don't know about you? Huh?


Just go with it. We got it.


Where are we going? A little shortcut. Trust me.

How's it going out there? Oh, yeah.

You know, it's getting kind of dark.

This is usually the part where the guy with the chainsaw comes out from behind the trees and hacks us to pieces.

Could you just give it some gas, please? Huh?

OK, a little harder.


No, please! No, no. Where are you going? Come here.

I'm gonna get you.

Come back over here!

Where did you go? Stop!

Will, I'm serious.

Will, I am not meeting your family for the first time looking like this.

It's fine. They're not home.

Besides, I'm not taking you to the movies like that.

Got a reputation to maintain. Wow.

Hello? Hey, George.

Hello, Will. What are we doing?

Who's George?

Will, where are we? Graceland?

Wait. Do you work here too?

This is your house? You live here?

You're rich?

Will, you told me that your dad owned a brake shop!

He does. He just happens to own 300 more just like it.

No, no, I am not going in there. Yes, you are.

Not looking like this! What if somebody sees me?

Let go. Nope.

Let go. You let go!

Why didn't you tell me? What difference does it make?


Mom. I thought you and Dad were going out.

We decided to come back early.

This is Ronnie.


Perhaps you should hose off in back.

It's cold.

Here, do my hair.


These are Will's sister's.

They should fit you. Thank you, ma'am.

Here, turn around.


It's a family tradition. Both my parents went to college at Vanderbilt.

Tom and I actually met there. Didn't we, Tom?


And now, our William will go there as well.

Where will you be going, Ronnie? I'm not...

...going anywhere.

I mean, I don't really have anywhere planned for me, or...

I just haven't figured out the whole college thing yet.

Hmm. But...

Will, pass Ronnie some roast beef.

No, thank you. I told you, Ronnie's a vegetarian.

Really? Yeah.

Why? Just reasons.

I mean, it's not that I don't like people that like meat.

I mean, they're fine. Just that...

How you been, Dad? Oh, I been good. Good.

You know, I was going through some of Mikey's stuff the other day.

And if you have time... That's enough, Tom.

She's a lot prettier than you described her, Will.

Oh. Thank you, Dad.

You bringing her to the wedding?

He didn't tell you? His sister's getting married in a couple ofweeks.

No, I don't think you did mention that, Will.


Would you like to come? Will?

Your sister told me that you were bringing Ashley.

I sent out her invitation just yesterday.

Ronnie, this is silly. Drop it, Will.

I can't drop it. You're mad.

I'm not mad. You're mad.

I'm not! You want to go to your sister's wedding with your ex-girlfriend, it's not a big deal. Not as a date.

She's a friend of my sister's. I said it was OK if she came.

Honestly, it's not a big deal because I don't want to go to some wedding where I don't know anybody.

Ronnie... And you just forgot to mention you're going to Vanderbilt. You told me you're going to Columbia.

No, I didn't. I told you I was accepted to Columbia.

Ronnie, it's complicated, OK? My parents are...

Not a good time to disappoint them. What's complicated? It's your life.

Go to the college that you want to. It's not that simple.

Look, we don't have to do this.

What do you mean? Maybe you should find someone that's more suited to your lifestyle. You know, with her own rich parents, her own perfect mansion... Ronnie, there is nothing perfect about that house.

Can you not see that? My parents are holding on by a thread.

Perfect? Nothing's been perfect in my family for a long time.

I had a brother. Mikey.

He died last year.


Car accident.

My mom was driving.

Mikey and I were in the back seat, goofing off, playing Mercy.

We were being idiots.

She turned around to tell us to stop, and she lost control of the car.

He was killed instantly.

It's just so hard to feel happy in that house.

It's the only reason I didn't invite you to the wedding.

I went out with those girls because I was trying to feel something again.

No one has made me feel like you do, Ronnie.

I don't want to lose you.

I love you, Will.

I love you, too.

And, since you asked...

...there is something that you don't know about me.

Come here.

What are we doing here?

Hey. Did you have a good time?


I played today.


That's good. How did it feel?

Like I never stopped.


I'd probably talk about this with a girlfriend if I had one here, but...

...I don't, so...

So you want to talk? You want to talk?

Here we go. Let's talk. Yeah?

All right...

So you... you like this guy?

You like him... You like him a lot?

I like him more than a lot.

Really? Is that crazy?

Well, a little, but... is, Ronnie.

Crazy... a little.

Thank you.

Good night, Dad.


Hey! There she is.

Look, a shoplifter and an arsonist.

I'm sorry. Did you not know about your dad and the church?

Hey! Hi. Hey, Jonah.

This is so cool. It is cool.

Hey, honey. Hey, Dad.


What's up?

Keep your head in the game, brother. Got it?



Good game, man.


Here you go.

Come on. Open it!


Dad, you're right. I got invited to the wedding.

Oh, ho-ho.


That's great, and... Thank you.

Since I know you have nothing to wear to a fancy Blakelee mansion to-do...

I wasn't gonna ask you. Forget it.

Besides, I never got a chance to get you a prom dress.

Not that you went. No.

Why do you come here so much?

I spent half my childhood in this building.

I loved it here. I still do.

Then why do people say you burned it down?

You heard that? Is it true?


I was the last one in here that night.

I'd come in here to play the piano.

The next thing I remember is waking up across the street after the firemen had carried me out.

How did it start? I...

Just stupid. There were some candles burning, I had fallen asleep, and...

Dad. I might have been a little confused.

I was taking medicine that my doctor had given me...

Medicine? What doctor? Ronnie, it's OK.

It's OK now. I'm fine.

This was last year. I'm fine.

You're OK? Yes.


He thinks that he did it.

My dad thinks that he's the one that burned down the church.


I'm sure he didn't do it.

OK? It's just... just people talking.

Can we talk?

What's up?

What's up, Will? You got to come clean about the fire.

You didn'tjust say that.

Her father thinks he did it. People in town think he did it. You know that.

How long you known this girl?

You've known me your entire life.

And, you know that, if you say anything to anybody about that night, my life is over.

They'll say it was arson, Will, and you know that.

I'm going back to work.

Just let it go, all right?

I just want my money, OK?

I don't have it, Marcus, and you know that.

Just get it. Just get it. OK? Please.

Hey! I'll get it.

Excuse me! Excuse me. We're talking over here, OK?

Blaze, are you OK? I said get the hell out of here!

Blaze! Just go away!

Marcus! Stop!

I'm not running a damn homeless shelter!

Don't go! I want my money.

Don't go. Stop! Get off the car!

Off the car! Don't leave me!

I have nowhere else to live! Shut up!

Don't go!

Great! Great! Do you see what you did?

Are you happy now? God!

You don't deserve that, Blaze. You don't know me, OK?

You don't know anything. You just don't get it.

Dad says lunch is ready.

I can't eat. I got to find something to wear to the wedding.

What happened to the money Dad gave you?

If you tell him, I kill you, OK?

I was on my way to buy the dress and... I gave the money away.

What?! Shh!

Don't worry about it.

Wow, you may be older, but I am so much smarter than you.

Where did you get all that? Where to begin...

This is for when I told Dad I didn't see you at the festival.

This is what I won playing liar's poker.

Remember when you snuck in past curfew in New York?

That's for that. This is for the guy with the tattoo...

OK, that's enough. I get it.

I can't take your life savings.

Knowing you, there's a lot more where that came from.

And besides, I like Will.

I don't want him breaking up with you 'cause you look crappy at a wedding.

Thank you.

I don't think he'll like it. I like it.

You can't wear that to a wedding! I like it!

Save me some cake, man. Yeah.


Hey, no funny business.

I don't think you can actually try funny business at a wedding, sir.

You can definitely try funny business at a wedding.

I've done it. I see.

Kind of makes this a mixed message, then.

Hands off, OK? Yes, sir.


Do I look all right? Yeah.

Do you, Philip Louis, take this woman, Megan Blakelee, to be your lawfully wedded wife as long as you both shall live?

I do. You may now kiss the bride.

Hey, Blaze. Hey.

Look, I, um...

I didn't deserve it, what you did the other day, but... thank you.

It's OK. I broke up with him.

Marcus. You're right, he's totally a jerk.

And I moved out. Good for you.

Yeah. Um...

OK, well, I should get back to work.

I'll see you around then, OK? Thank you.

You're a good dancer. And you're a liar.

You're also the prettiest one here. And now I know you're lying.

Get away from me, Marcus! I mean it!

You think you can just leave? Yes! We're done!

Look, I got your note. I didn't like it.

We're done when I say we're done.

Marcus, what are you doing here?

Hey, just stay out of this, rich boy. I want you to leave.

Will? Who are these people? I got it.

I'm not gonna ask you again. You people.

You people just think you're so much better than me.

Blaze, walk away from him. No, no, no. You stay.

This is his sister's wedding, for God's sake.

You're leaving. Get out of here.

Suit yourself then. OK?

Hey! Get in your truck! What?

How about now? All right, man, all right.

Huh? I changed my mind.

I don't want her. I want her.

She seems like she'd be pretty fun to have around for the summer.

Huh, William? Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah?!


Will! Ronnie!

Will! Will!

That's enough! Get up!


Just take the girl home.

Both of them. Just clear out.

Well, that was fun. Yeah.

Think I finally won your mom over!

Hey, guys! Dad thinks the turtles are gonna hatch tonight. Come on!

All right, let's go. We don't want to miss it!

Get out here! We're coming!

Jeez, you guys are a mess! Thanks.

What did he say? Come on!

Oh, my God. Look at them.

Beautiful. So cool.

They're amazing. They're awesome!

Why are you doing that? To help them get to the sea.

I'm gonna get another light. OK.

I want one. I can't believe that we saved them.


Call 911. Daddy!

I'm gonna need a rush on this. I'll do it.


You should go home and change. You'll scare the nurses.

What you said before... are you sure?

We'll make him as comfortable as we can, but the cancer has spread to his lungs.

How long? It's hard to know.

But we're not gonna quit, OK?


I want to tell you something.

When your father realized how serious his condition was, a couple months ago, he asked that we cut back on his medication.

Why? Because he wanted to be here.

Really be here with you and your brother.

That's what he said.

Well, this wasn't on the calendar.


Ronnie... You lied to me, Dad.

I didn't lie. Yes, you did, Dad.

You said you were fine. You're not fine! That was a lie!

I hoped.

I didn't lie. It's not the same thing.

It's all right to be angry. Good.

Is this why you brought me here this summer?

Is it? So you wouldn't have to be alone while...

Why didn't you tell us?

It's not what I wanted this time to be about.

Well, it is now, Daddy! No, it's not.

It's just another...

...part of a terrific summer.

Not one of the better parts, I admit.

Love you. Sweetie, I love you, too.

Come here.

I love you, Daddy.

You want some cookies, bro?

Why won't anyone tell me what's going on?

Jonah, I think Ronnie and your dad will talk to you as soon as they can.

Why don't you tell me now?

Well, it's complicated.

Can I come and see him yet? Yeah. He's waiting for you.

Come on.

He's never gonna get to see him grow up.

Jonah! Ow!

Dang it! What are you doing?

Ow! I can't reach it! Get down from there!

Get away! What happened to you?

Just get away! Get down!

Hey, hey! Get away!

Hey, what's going on? Stay away! I can do it!

Me and Dad have been working on this all summer!

Me and Dad. Not you.

All you cared about was the stupid turtles and your stupid boyfriend! I was with him every day!

And now... Dang it!

Now I can't reach things, and I need to finish this so Dad will get better!

Shh, shh, shh.

We'll help you. You don't know how!

Will you show us?


That's good, right? Yeah.


Ronnie, I need you to take me home.


We just have to stop here for a second.

We finished it.

Of course, I had to train an assistant, but we did it.

You did good, Joe-boy. Really.



We were behind the church, sir.

We were just goofing around and drinking... and stuff.

And then Marcus and his guys showed up.

And that's when Will left.

And... then we started, uh...

We started playing around with, um...

Fire? Yeah.

We should have told you sooner, sir.

That's my fault.

Will wanted to tell the police right away, and I begged him not to.

But we're gonna go right after we're done here.

No, don't do that.

People think it was you, sir.

Yeah... they do.

They will. So what?

It's... It's fine. Really.

I don't want you to do that, OK? This stays between us.

Thank you, sir.

OK? Thank you.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Ronnie! You were there?

I wanted to tell you. You saw what it did to him.

I know! I tried to get Scott to fess up.

Why didn't you say something?

It's not that simple. It wasn't about me! Scott's a good guy.

I don't care, Will! You knew how guilty my dad felt, and you let him feel that way!

Just go off to that college that your parents have picked out for you.

Go find some other girl that makes you feel alive for five minutes!

One that can stand to be near you. Stop.

Don't touch me. Will!

Don't touch me!

You're a coward, Will.

You're a coward, and you're a liar.

And I don't trust you.

I don't want you near me. And I don't want you near my dad.


I love you. I love you, too.

I love you, too.

Are you packed? I'm not going with you, Mom.

I'm gonna stay here with Dad.

He's gonna get worse.

A lot worse. And in a few weeks, he...

I don't care. Honey.

Your dad doesn't want you guys to see him like this.

All I did all summer was fight with him.

I was so mean to him. No, no, baby.

I promise you, it meant the world to him to have you here.

Look, Mom. I'm gonna stay.

Hey, buddy. You OK?

Are you gonna say goodbye? I really don't want to hear it.

Good, 'cause I'm not gonna say it.

I'm not gonna say goodbye, because I'm not going anywhere.

OK? Come here.

Every time a light shines through that window we built...

...or any window at all...

...that's me, OK?

I'm not going away.

Dear Ronnie, I miss the hours we spent together at the piano.

I miss being your teacher.

I know you see me as having left you, but when your mother and I split up, I was in a lot of pain.

I just needed to come home.

I regret moving away from you and Jonah more than anything.

I hope you'll forgive me.

Your mom tells me you completely failed your SATs, but I know how smart you have to be to get every single question wrong.

Congratulations, Ronnie.

I've told you before that none ofwhat happened between your mother and me had anything to do with you or Jonah.

Love is fragile, Ronnie.

And we're not always its best caretakers.

We just muddle through and do the best we can and hope this fragile thing survives, against all odds.


He's probably started college by now.

Do you miss him?

What he did was wrong, Dad.


It was.

I can tell you this:

He misses you. I doubt it.

You don't even know who you are, Ronnie.

Who am I?

You are the kindest, sweetest...

...most beautiful daughter in the whole world.

Thank you, but you're kind of obligated to say that, Dad.

Yeah, it is in the handbook.

I don't have too many lectures left on my timecard, so I really want you to hear this, OK?

Someday, you are gonna open your heart, and you're gonna play again.

And it's not gonna be to make your mother happy.

And it's not gonna be to make me happy.

It'll be for you.

Because... music and...

...they're gonna bring you joy.

Thank you.

How's that song coming, lazy bones?

Well, I'm not sure...

...I can finish it.

My hands. Do they hurt, Dad?

Yeah. They do.

You OK? I can't do it, Mom.

Look, you have a right to shut down.

Just, please, don't push me away.

It's what I do, Mom.

I push people away.

I pushed Will away too.

We're not perfect. Any of us.

We make mistakes, we screw up, but then we forgive and we move forward.

Honey, at least you have the courage to feel.

You feel everything so deeply.

You're your father's daughter.


Thank you all for coming.

A lot of you have known my dad since he was a kid.

I wrote a speech.

A few, actually.

Me and my dad, we had a different language.

A love that we always shared.

And I know that...

That's the one that he'd want me to share with all of you guys today.

Hi, Daddy.

Ronnie, I'm really sorry for your loss.


Look, thank you for everything.

Thank you for coming. Of course.

I really appreciate everything you did, though.

Thank you.


It was beautiful, what you played.

It was Dad's.

I finished it for him. I know he liked it.

Thank you for coming, Will. It meant so much to me.

Ronnie, I have someone I'd like for you to meet.

I want to introduce you to Tommy Hampton.

He taught your father...

Ronnie, I'm so sorry about everything.

I'm sorry, too.

People make mistakes, Will.

Even the people that we love.

I've decided to go to Juilliard.

Yeah, I heard. That's great news.

How's Vanderbilt?

It's a really good school.

Yeah. I'm not sure it's for me, though.

What do you mean? I'm thinking of maybe transferring to Columbia next semester.

So the girl I love can watch me make a few more mistakes.

What do you think about that?