The Last Summer (2019) Script


It's looming.

Always looming.

The future, I mean.

And then, suddenly...

It's here.

The final free period we've been thinking about since the first day of senior year.

Summer break.

One last chance to not care.


To call it off.

♪ Slip away ♪ To get it on.

♪ I'm here to stay ♪ To make plans.

♪ Call me a dreamer but I'm wide awake ♪ Or make a plan B.

♪ The only way to know where we're headed ♪ One last chance to love yourself.

Or to pretend you're anyone else.


♪ Once when we were young ♪ Seventy-two days.

One last chance to act on all crushes.

Make a few stupid decisions...

Hey, he's here.

...and go all in.

Oh! Hi, sweetheart.

Cause what's there to lose, right?

When I saw you I...

I knew it was the real deal.

No one ever fell in love and said that it was easy.

So you're planning on staying together?

Well, we know it will be a challenge, 'cause our colleges are eight hours apart.

And neither of us have a car.

But we have this rule. We say goodnight every night.

We'll make it work.

For sure, we will. Plus, we have these.

Promise rings.

So it's totally, like, a promise.


Of course.

Check this out, man.

What's this?

A summer wishlist?

Have you even been watching the news?

How dare you?

This is strictly consensual.

You have a point system.

I assume this ranks by personality.

Obviously. I'm not an animal.

That accounts for a bonus point.


Tom Brady might have something to say about it.

She represents cougar.

Doesn't have to be her specifically.

So she's representative?


Maybe you should just narrow this down to who might be willing and see who's left.

All right.

I mean, seriously. Do you know how insulting it is to get waitlisted at your backup school?

It's like the biggest weirdo in school, that guy who wears a cape, saying he's not sure if he wants you to blow him.

And you're like, "Dude, you wear a fucking cape!"

Well, maybe the whole personal assistant thing could be a career path.

But she has a kid.

And I hate kids.

I give up!

I mean... what are you supposed to wear to a breakup?

So, Helen opens Luke's diploma, and it is empty!

No shock there.

Not a lot of discipline in that Ramsey House.

Didn't they have all the parties?

Yeah! A kid got his stomach pumped there last year.

How do you know that?

It was from the ginormous beer bong.

Paige Wilcox posted it. Who is Paige Wilcox?

I told you we shouldn't give her a phone.

I can't find it. Find what?

Big party. Warehouse district.

I can't believe I can't hack the address.

Right. 'Cause they lost the invitations.

Grad week. People really cut loose.

We could have hooked up.

That's a negative.

It's a tale as old as time.

The hot girls will hook up, because they've always been hot and dated the guys who gave them experience--

But not with us? Correct.

And the average girls, the ones we actually have a shot with, well, they won't hook up, because they lack experience.

The ultimate zero-sum algorithm.

Any luck with the fake IDs?

Six hundred dollar PayPal to China. Nothing.

Can you trust no one these days?

When did it happen, Reece?

When exactly were we designated uncool?

Freshman year.

You got caught reading Harry Potter at the homecoming game.

It was Deathly Hollows.

I stand by my choice.

Anyway. I bet that party tonight is totally lame.


What a time to be alive, people!

Yo! Griff, dude!

Welcome back, man!

What up, man?

Looking good!

Yeah, you too!

Little sober, but I can remedy. Yeah, for sure.

Look like you still hurtin' for that one, huh?

No, I-- Yeah!

I hear she's interviewing people for this documentary.

You should definitely volunteer, bro.

I'm okay. No, seriously!

I hear she's going to USC.

Documentary's supposed to be about a...

A real thinker piece.


Real informative.

It's so loud. Back here should be good.

Yeah, good idea.



So I was thinking about what you said and um... about how many try to stay together going to different colleges. It's just--

So high school.

Right. The whole idea of waiting until August...

A slow death march.

S-So, should we talk about how this will work?

I mean...

Do we still talk?

Maybe not. You know, I just mean...

If we're really gonna do this.

Yeah, I agree.

No talking. I guess, um... maybe we could text?

Occasional texts. Okay.

That-That's nice. Yes.


What if one of us starts seeing someone?

I don't have anyone in mind. I--

Alec, I just think we respected each other when we were together, so we should respect each other when we're apart.

I mean, we've been together two years. Mmm.

Well... have a great summer.


You too.


Doing the right thing, guys.

I'm proud of you both.

Thank you, Mason.


For sure.

Hey, Juicebox.

Uh, no. So, I'm Foster.

And I just wanted to say-- No, means no!


All right.

How you doin'?

Paige Wilcox.

She checks all the right boxes.

Is she on your list? Didn't even bother.

I'm not worthy.

Hey, stranger. Hey, how are you?

Good. I heard about you and Erin.

I'm so sorry. I'm Foster.

Mm-hmm. Um...

Do you...

Do you wanna hang out?

I-- Yeah. Sure.

Um... Now?

Can I just pretend I went to college and then backpack around Europe instead?

Do people really fact-check resumes?

I feel like that's very time-intensive.

You don't really want to do that.

I'm not saying I'm gonna put an Ivy League.

Although I could put Harvard and just test the waters.

I feel like it's easy to pretend you went to Harvard.

You just have to bring it up a lot.

Oh! Look out!


Bring it back in there. It's hard. I drink beer, I don't play with it.

That was quick!

Come on.


Wait, you're...


Right. How are you?



Actually, I--

Whoa! Too thirsty, bro.

He's great, Phoebe.

You know, we were actually just catching up.

You know, Griffin here, he definitely wants to be interviewed.

Oh, really?

Yeah! Mm-mm.

No. I don't remember saying that.

No, that would be great.

Have a different perspective. You left for high school, right?

Yes, he did. Yeah, I did.

Cool, we'll reach out. When you're free.

It's Phoebe-- Fisher.

Right. Thanks.

You know her name is Phoebe Fisher. Blow me.

So the woman at the agency said you have a car, which is important because I'll need you to drive Lilah to and from auditions.


Well, Lilah has been modeling and acting for some time now.

You know what they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I was a child actor when I was younger.

Bit of theater, commercial work, and I was in a pretty well-known movie.

Sixteen Candles.

Wow, that's... cool.

Lilah, this is Audrey. She's gonna be helping us out this summer.


I'll let you two get to know each other.


So your mom tells me you're quite the actress.

It's a challenging endeavor.

I'm just trying to hone my craft.


So who's the next lucky lady on the list?

Christine Purdy? Mm-hmm.

You planning to attend Bible study now?

She's probably a virgin.

It would be my honor.




Grad gift! What do you think?

Oh, man, this is... this is amazing.

Right? I mean, it was this or double D's, but I think I made the right choice. My boobs already rock.

Oh! Beach bonfire party. Are you down?

I... sure. Yeah.

Okay. I will text you the info.

And I will see you tonight.

Bye, boys.

Does she have a sister?


I don't know.

I feel that we have such an opportunity in this... really connected world to get to know each other.

Maybe even wipe away some hatred based on stereotypes.

And what do we have to show for it?

Snap streaks.

Makes me wanna throw my phone in Lake Michigan.

Okay. Final question.

Name the one thing you wanna accomplish during your college experience.


To never have my stomach pumped?

Okay. I think we have it.

I feel like that was utterly unremarkable.

You did great.

You should have seen some of the others.

Ah, nice setup.


One of my teachers knows the guy who owns the studio.

And I could do a lot of it on my laptop, but this place has full-on effects, sound mixing...

I don't really know how to do some of the techy stuff.

Especially the audio.

ProTools, huh?

Yeah. Not my friend.


So you have automation here.

Gotta delete that and bring down the track.

How does everyone knows how to do this except for me?

Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I've been recording stuff since I was a kid.

Do you need anything else?

So you're shooting your film for SC, right?


USC? Film school?

Mason said you were-- No. NYU.

In New York?

NYU of New York. Yes.

Um... I'm not doing it for them. It's for a festival this summer.

NYU, huh? Lady Gaga.

Oh, please. Did she even graduate?

I can play that game.

Okay. Actors...

Ethan Hawke, Billy Crudup, Miles Teller.

It's okay. You prefer directors?

I do. Okay.


Spike Lee, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese.


Wait, where are you going?


So, we're both in New York.



James Franco...

Well, not that I'm that crazy about Columbia, but... if I were to attend an alumni mixer, I may run into Alicia Keys, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Yeah, no big deal. And then maybe grab a beer with Teddy Roosevelt, Barack Obama...

I don't know, Gandhi?

Strong finish.


Um, thank you so much for the interview and the... audio expertise.

Yeah, no problem. Anytime.


♪ Fifty states, 50 lines ♪

♪ Fifty crying all the time's ♪

♪ Fifty boys, 50 lies ♪

♪ Fifty I'm gonna change my mind's ♪

♪ I changed my mind ♪ Phoebe!

Hey. Hey!

Hey, look, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to, uh... to hang out.

Not now. Obviously. I mean, it could be now.

Just in general. Flexible.

Griffin, that's so sweet. Um...

I just can't.

I'm spending this summer just focusing on my film.

You know? Yeah.

It's not rally-- I totally understand, I just thought I'd ask.

It's not an excuse. I just-- Yeah.


Doors closing.

♪ Wasted ♪

Okay, people, the word is out that an unnamed organic orange juice account is about to be in play.

And everything will be on the table. Print, TV, and social media.


I expect you to be eating, Excuse me.

...sleeping, and drinking OJ... Sorry to interrupt.

I have a large double latte "NF"?

Non-fat. That's me. Wait!

That could be me. No foam?

You know, we'll come back to that one.

How about a small cappuccino, bone dry? Right here.

Soy, right?

Yes. Soy.

For sure.

Um... Black coffee?

Just plain black coffee?


All right, mine's easy.

Large iced coffee?

Brianna Jenkins?

Come on in. Thank you.

Your mom is running late.


She says to enunciate.


And she also said that you should--

"Don't slouch and smile big."

And to make sure to take out your--

Lilah Norris?



Here's the thing, high school's over.

We can create completely new reputations from here on out.

Hey, yogurt dorks, you're out of rainbow sprinkles.

Woe, how about adding some rainbow sprinkles to your personality?


We had so many classes together, I don't think you ever noticed.

No, I remember, yeah. Sophomore Spanish.

Junior Lit. I'm always lit.

And you can't forget about history class with Mr. Lewis.

He wore the same pants.

Everyday! Everyday!

I was like, are you buying the same pants over and over again? Are you washing them?

See, this is why I've always had a crush on you.

You're so sweet, and you're so funny!

And I never thought that we'd get a chance to date because you and Erin were, like, the perfect freaking couple!

Can we not talk about her?

Yeah. No, I'm sorry.

You and Erin, like, just broke up a week ago, and I shouldn't even be mentioning her, and... I'm doing it again.

Hey, Griffin! Hey!

Back form the gym? You got a pretty good routine going lately, huh?


Just trying to keep up.

Think I'm the last guy in the weight room without tats.

Hey, I just want to make sure you wrote those letters to ask for fraternity recs.

Oh! Uh... Not yet, but I will.

You're asking my friends for favors to help get into a house, they won't appreciate being asked last minute.

If you really think a letter from some old guy is gonna do anything...

Griffin, it was a letter from an old guy that got you into Columbia in the first place.

Right. How could I forget?

You know what? Don't get the recs.


Nice to be home too, Dad.

Let's go, Cubs! Shut 'em down!


So what exactly does a personal assistant do for a woman who has no job?

Cares for her child, alphabetizes her Poe collection, make sure nothing in her life is dull, or hard, or slightly annoying.

But at least she scored us these seats.

I could probably get you an internship at the agency if you want.

I mean, my job is infuriating and makes me want to cry in the bathroom, but it looks great on a resume.

Yeah, as great as that sounds, I can't afford to not get paid.

Hey, Jones, is that a cup you're wearing or are you just happy to see me?

That's disgusting.

I'm so sorry, I don't know her.

Jenkins off of first base, and here's the one-two pitch.

Fastball fouled off on the left side, is it gonna stay in for Santos?

He's ranging toward the crowd and...

Erin, watch out!

Rookie sensation Ricky Santos makes a spectacular catch!

Are you okay? Yeah. I'm fine.

I'm really sorry.

I'd wanna take care of the mustard but I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Yes, go do you.

All right.


I wasn't enjoying that hot dog or anything.

Please no one even worry, I'm--

♪ For it's one, two Threestrikes you're out ♪

♪ At the ol' ball game! ♪

Uh, Miss? This is from Ricky.


Oh, my God, Erin.

If you weren't my best friend, we could never be friends.

You literally have dates falling out of the sky.

Come on. I'm not actually gonna go out with him.

Yeah, no. He's young, he's successful, and he's hot.


Give me that, I'll make sure it's disposed of.

Enjoy it. Thanks, dude.

We're all on this fret right here.

You want your index finger on every single string, holding all of them down.

If you're not pressing down hard enough, it doesn't quite have the same effect.

Dude! This is a snooze-a-palooza.

I wanna shred the solo on Paradise City.

Well, please, by all means, Garrett, go ahead.

You have to teach me first.

Right. Exactly like before.

From your chick?

What? No.

She's sexting?

Lemme peep that.

Damn it!


It was going great.

It was going great, and I started getting cocky.

I got cocky, started cracking jokes that clearly didn't make sense and I made it awkward!

It's her!

It's her!

Probably just poor reception.

Remind me again why I am invited to your sister's rehearsal dinner?

Well, she was your first babysitter.

And she gave you baths.

So she has an intimate knowledge of your penis.

Terrific. Well, I can't wait to bond with her new husband over that.


We're early, and the catering's gonna suck.

Oh! Wanna grab a bite? Sure.

Two buck longnecks, half-priced wells till 6:00, guys. What'll it be?

Uh... Well... Yeah, I guess...

Long neck. Preference?

Surprise me?

Yeah. Good for me.


I almost forgot...

We're doing 10 dollar buckets.

Great deal, Tracy.

Bucket it is. You got it, sweetheart.

She didn't card us!

I've no idea what we just ordered.

It's the suits! The ties!

We look like everyone else in here.

You mean like businessmen!

No! Yeah...

Crazy day at the CBOE, huh, guys?

So crazy. Yeah!

How did you know?

Most of other traders are already drunk.

Well, I guess we got some catching up to do.

To our new friend, Tracy.

You guys are sweet!

Why is it okay that everyone else can have a thing like a capella or tattoo sleeves, but I'm an outcast at school because my thing is Jesus?

I mean-- I feel like I can't even say "Jesus" without making people uncomfortable.


Jesus! Right.

Like when I suggested a Bible study to the guys I bodybuild with, they laughed at me.

You're a Christian bodybuilder?

You never told me that.

I dabble.

Let's all pray.

Dear Lord, we thank you for the opportunity to break bread and share your bounty.

And we welcome my newest friend, Foster, who has been a beacon of hope for me amid the confusion and darkness of adolescence.

We search... Dude, go home.

You got no shot.

I'm here for Jesus.

Seriously. Give up.

What do you know?

Man to man?

Telling ya. She doesn't even kiss.

What the-- - Have they called yet?

What the hell is this?

My dirty undies, dude.

Laundry. The whites.

Walter, I'm sure there's a reason you brought your dirty undies, man.

That's right, dude. The white. The ringer could not look empty.

How have you not seen The Big Lebowski?

The Dude abides.

It's impossible to go wrong with the Coen brothers.


No Country For Old Men? Blood Simple?

You're so full of it right now.

Your IMDB app is literally exploding.

I'm sorry, IMDB?

What is this you speak of?

No, what accent is that?

Like, Dracula?

No. Let me see your phone.

Hey. No, hey! Let me see it.

Hey! No! You're in-- Hey! Stop!

You're invading my personal bubble here, okay?

Do you wanna get some food or something?

I'm sorry, I promised my mom.

She ordered Chinese.

No, it's cool.

I didn't mean to cross over into, you know, official date territory.

Not that it would have been our first, by the way.

Eighth grade. Bladeland.

Yeah. You may recall it was retro night.

That's right. With the four wheel skates.

And the disco ball.

Remember they had that couple skate?

And they played, like, a cheesy slow song and we had to do a lap.

Well, yeah, we did two so I could work up the courage to hold your hand.

Did you?

No. You would have remembered, I'm quite the interlacer.

I probably would have taken us both down.

I would have cushioned your fall.


Then you left for school.

Yeah. Came home for Thanksgiving and it's like the whole world here had changed.

The abyss of high school.

This is me.

I had fun tonight. Thank you.


Night. Night.

So, do you have a boyfriend?

I used to.

This guy named Tyler.

He was kind of a slacker.

Netflix and chill is like his life mantra.

So why did you date him?

I don't know.

My friend Erin wanted me to date him.

And he wasn't, like, the worst option, so I guess he was okay.

Why would you settle for a boy who's just okay?

I don't know.

Nobody has ever asked me that before.

I always get the biscuits and gravy.

Even for dinner time.


So, do you bring all your first dates here?

Oh, only the ones I land on.

No, this place reminds me of home.

But never for a date.

Mmm, where's home?

Falls City, Texas.

Couple thousand people. I actually grew up on a ranch.

Wow. Big change, huh?

Yes, ma'am.

Shouldn't you be, like, out with your teammates getting drunk with groupies?

Shoot, am I late for that already?


No, I've...

I have an opportunity here and I don't wanna blow it.

My parents sacrificed a lot.

And I kind of owe it to them to take this seriously.

You're making it very hard to judge you.

You wanted to judge me?

Not wanted, but expected... yeah.

I mean, come on. It's no secret how ball players are.

Not a newsflash.

Oh, yeah. No, you're right.

Um... Most of my teammates are set, you know?

And I am still playing off of my minor league contract, so it's just... different.

Plus, drunk groupies... not my idea of fun.

Well, what is your idea of fun?

Honey baby, are you almost done? It's like 2,000 degrees out.

Last coat. "Honey baby"?

Shut up.

Summer sucks.

Everyone's working. Do you have any suggestions?

You could get a job.


Foster! Bro! Uh?

The sidewalk!

♪ Come on Oh baby don't you wanna go ♪

♪ Come on Baby don't you wanna go ♪ Yes! Yes!

♪ Back to that same old place Sweet home Chicago ♪

♪ Well, one and one is two Six and two is eight ♪

♪ Come on baby don't ya make me late ♪

♪ Hidehey Baby don't you wanna go ♪

♪ Back to that same old place Sweet home Chicago ♪


This part works great here, and then I feel like they're kind of crossing over, so, as it fades out, it might be interesting to just let this part go like this.

You know, you're really good.

Can't believe you're wasting all of this to study business. Yuck.

I know, right? Over a safe, stable career in the arts.

What am I thinking? I'm serious, though.

Did you ever consider studying music instead?

Yeah, I did. Berklee was my first choice.

Okay, so did you not get in, or...

No. I got in.

I don't know, my dad had some pull at Columbia. So--

Promise rings.

So it's totally, like, a promise.

Wow, really?

I give them two weeks. Three, tops.

Wow, I'm sure New York restaurants will rock, but Chicago owns gyros.

And barbeque.

So true. Lem's can't be touched.


Come on, Smoque is way better. You're kidding, right?

Lem's is authentic, Smoque is-- Consistently voted best barbeque in Chicago. By white people who work at the Reader.


Okay, Mr. Top Chef.

One of these days, go get your best Lem's dinner, ribs, chicken...

Fixin's. Fixin's.

And I'll get a Smoque dinner, and we'll have a 'que-off.

I don't know, Phoebe.

What? Well, that's sweet, truly. But I'm really trying to focus this summer... on teaching guitar to 12-year-old dweebs.

I know college is, like, the thing to do, but the last thing I want is four more years of classes and teachers and bullshit.

Like, I just wanna start doing something now.

Like what?

Like... what I really want is to have my own reality show.

Isn't there a kind of prerequisite of fame to do that?


Like, prerequisite. You know, like, fame before the fame?

A real career path...

Boom, my career's over. Reality show!

I don't know why we're doing this.

We have people who--

You don't get the same satisfaction.

No one's gonna clean your car like this.

Oh, my God.

My friend Jordan just got out of surgery.

Well, is everything okay?

No. No!

Her doctor says she can't unwrap them for three days, and no bikini tops for a while.


Is "ginormous" spelled with a "J" or a "G"?

Uh, a "G".

And we're going to college in different citiesand we were gonna wait until the end of the summer, but...

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

Were you dating someone back home?

Yeah, for three years.

We tried to stay together, but I was playing all over, and winter ball in Mexico...

I mean, it was sad, but, there was just no way it was gonna work.


Sorry about the truck, she needs a little bit of attention. No, it's fine.

I actually like it.


My teammates give me a hard time about it.

But I am saving up for a condo.

And, hey, she still runs.

It's Ricky! Look!

Hey, buddy! Nice hat!

Thank you!

That's so cute! That's cute.

That's gotta make you feel good.

Yeah. Yeah, it's crazy.

Uh... I mean, two months ago I was playing for the Tennessee Smokies.


And then a guy gets traded, and then two guys get hurt, and here I am.

I think it's amazing.

I mean, you're 22, you're paying your own bills, you have your own place.

I feel so far away from that.

Oh, no. I think you're doing all right.

You strike me as the kind of person who's got the whole world at her feet.

♪ Don't wanna get ahead of myself ♪

♪ Feeling things I've never felt ♪

♪ It's kinda hard for me to explain ♪

♪ Her personality and everything ♪

♪ Brings me to my knees, ooh ♪

♪ She shines me up like gold on my arm ♪

♪ I wanna take it slow but it's so hard ♪

♪ I love to see her face in daylight ♪

♪ It's more than just our bodies at night ♪

♪ But she's really tempting me, ooh ♪

♪ Do you think I'm being foolish if I don't rush in? ♪ No!

Hey, hey...

♪ That the love is real, that the shoe might fit ♪

♪ She might just be my everything and beyond ♪

♪ Beyond ♪

♪ Space and time in the afterlife ♪ That's a big clown. Mm-hmm.

You sure you don't want a balloon?

I'm-- No, I'm good. Not from him.

No way. Look, it's still here.

The place of the magical finger interlacing.

Do you wanna do a couple laps?

See if we can stay upright? Uh... Negative.

No, it's not really good timing for an ER visit.

Yeah, fair enough.

We're still on for tomorrow. Right?

Look, if you wanna back out, I get it.

Oh, no. Do not worry, cowboy, I'm down.

Blue chips are ready to run, my friend.

Thinking about lowering my client's exposure to techs, though.

I don't know, Jerry.

Think you might be bailing a little premature on that one.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.


China is a secret? Chinese teens, man, yeah.

The online gaming sites are flooded with them, and let me tell you, those kids, they can play.

You play videogames online with teenagers from China? All the time.

For research.

You know, there are more tech-savvy young people in Asia than all of the world combined.


Thanks, man.

Hey, if you're ever looking, our company cars are Teslas.

Will keep that in mind.

Okay... dude!

We should hit that.

Yeah... right.

Those girls are old. They're probably 23.

What do you say we call it a draw?


Come on.



You that good with condom wrappers?

You okay?

Your mom is at work, right?


It'd be kinda an awkward first meeting. Shh.

♪ Untone between the past that I wanna keep ♪

♪ With the feeling like I lose that part of me ♪

♪ Try to hold myself together I wanna risk it all ♪

♪ And I'm holding on to you We've been fall and fall ♪

♪ I want you by my side Along the way ♪

So, the list reached a new low last night.

You know, I was thinking, I might have been aiming a little high.

So I sent myself back to the minors to lift up my average.

Oh, yeah? Yeah, you... remember Brenda Bonner?

Brenda Boner?

I hope you double bagged the groceries, bro.

Okay, get this.

We're on the sofa. TV's on. Things start heating up.

Before you know it, I'm talking buttons and zippers flying.

The boxers are off, and it's game on, finally.

I think I've heard enough. No, listen up.

So just before the... bell sounds...

I hear a door.

Shit. - Her mom?

Her dad!

He's huge and he's hammered.

No way!

So he comes stumbling in, all right? Totally buzzed, and plops on the couch right beside us.

Did I interrupt a little smooching?

No. - You are kidding me!

And it gets worse.

So we sat there, under a blanket, I'm butt-ass naked, and watched Nottingham Gardens until he finally passed out.

And get this, here's the best part. Brenda Bonner, after all that, she leans over to me, and says, "Do you wanna go upstairs?"

Hell, no!

Hey, maybe it's a sign.

All right? Let's get to work.

It makes me sad.

♪ When, when we came home ♪

♪ Worn to the bones ♪

♪ I told myself, "this could get rough" ♪

♪ And when, when I was off ♪

♪ Which happened a lot ♪

♪ You came to me ♪

♪ and said, "that's enough" ♪

♪ Oh I know that this love is pain ♪

♪ But we can't ♪

♪ cut it from out these veins, no ♪

♪ So I'll hit the lights and you lock the doors ♪

♪ We ain't leaving this room til we bust the mold ♪


Oh, uh... All set for the nine o'clock.

Yeah. The 9:00 a.m. got moved up. It's over.

They've all gone. Gone where?

I think to get coffee.

All right, guys. We're headed out.

It's just a fundraiser, so we won't be late.

Be good.

And Sierra, thanks for watching Griffin.

Ten bucks an hour.

Twelve if I have to play with him.

That's my little attorney.


You okay?

Girl trouble! I'm not having girl troubles.

Honestly, I'd be so mad!

You have to tell her. Are you gonna tell her?

I don't know. I--

Maybe. I--

I don't know. I think. I--

I hate that he put me in this position.

It shouldn't surprise me.

Just when things are going right for the first time I can remember, he comes in and wrecks everything.

It will work out.

I'm sorry to lay this on you.

I know you're under the gun with your film, and--

No, I'm glad you told me.


The film is the film.

Well... It's turning out incredible.


For sure.

Come on. Flattery will not win me prize money.

Okay? I need ideas to make it better.

It's amazing, Phoebe.

You might have to start wearing a beret.

Beret? You think?

Would you even date such a person?

Probably not.

Griffin, I can't afford NYU.


That's why this film festival is so important to me.

Why I didn't want anything to distract me.

I applied for every loan, every grant...

You know how you just need one fucking win in your life so badly you can't even explain it?

So stop being nice and tell me what I can fix.


What are you doing after the summer?


Plans? I'm living 'em now, bro.

Actually thinking about going pro, man. Yeah?

Me too, actually. The Cubs could use an arm.


So, what's the deal with you and Pheebs?

You two seeing each other in New York?

Or is this just a summer fling?

We haven't talked about it yet.

Ah! Keeping the mystery alive.

I dig it, man.

Which reminds me, I'm having a party on the 4th of July, you two should definitely come.

What, your cabin? Yeah.

Yeah, sounds fun.

You know, I think you can help me with something.

I want to engage your mixing expertise on a little somethin'-somethin'.

Yeah? Yeah.

Got this special event on the horizon.

Gonna be dope. Yeah, of course.

Yeah! Nice, Zachary!

Maybe I've got this all wrong.

I should be like you and worry about--

Catching a buzz? A breeze?

Hitting my tricks.

Why hurry to worry, McFlurry?


You need more cheese-head, like Wisconsin.


Wisconsin cheese is the cheesiest.

You're gonna kill it.

You guys, it's on! Come on, it's on!

Oh! Sixteen Candles.

Here it comes.

There's Molly Ringwald... and that's me. The little girl crossing the street.

Wait. You were an extra?


I was Wedding Girl Number Three.

Chad, look. They're back!

Are you serious?

Saw the bloodbath in the market today, guys. These are on me.

Hey, T, what's the scoop on those two over there?

Janet and Claire. Advertising, I think.

Mmm. Oh, God. They saw me.

Probably think I'm a stalker.

It's no big of a deal. You'll be fine, just be cool, hey, breathe.


Breathe with me.

Here you go, buddy. Oh, they're here. Okay.

Mind if we join you guys?

Absolutely. Have a seat!


I'm Reece, this is Chad...


So what brings you lovely ladies-- Reece?


How about we cut the shit and order some shots?

Hi, Griffin!

I'm Phoebe's mom.

It's so nice to finally meet you. Come on in.

Hey, hi, yeah...

Nice to meet you... too.

Can I get you anything?

I'm good. Thanks.

You sure about that? That was a pretty long "um".

We have soda, water...

I'm... really, I'm fine.


So you guys finally met? And I look like this.

I just got back from the gym.

I'm not surprised... with your exciting dating life.

She's never home anymore.

I feel like she's the teenager and I'm the mom.

My exciting dating life. No, I love it!

This guy might actually be a keeper.

Anyway, honey, Griffin doesn't care about any of this.


Okay. Well, that's our cue to hit the road.

Bye, Mom. Bye.

So, is this party at Mason's cabin, like, BYO-Indica?

What's up?


Did my mom say something weird?

I mean, I love her.

She's my best friend, but she's still a mom.

No, she's fine.

She was just sharing all that dating stuff, I guess.

Yeah. She always does that.

I mean, talking too much.

But... whatever.

She's in a good place right now, so...

With this guy?

So he's...

I mean, I guess she really likes him.

I mean, at her age she's lucky to find someone who isn't like a serial killer, married or both, so...

I'm like, you go, girl!

You sure she didn't say anything?


I just wasn't expecting to meet her right then.

You are not good at acting off the cuff, are you?

Oh! Like this.

Last call, kids.

Okay, so our firm is one big popularity contest.

We have the cool kids, you have the nerds, the... the outcast.

It's like high school all over again.

I know exactly what you mean.

This guy I was seeing got a slogan on a bottle of mustard, and thought it entitled him to sleep with everyone.

"Spicy goodness".

Two words and he thinks he is J.K. Rowling.

Sorry. Nerdy reference?

No. Are you a Potterhead?


Okay, I am stopping this topic of conversation.

Oh, yeah? Yeah!

I got a sense of it and I'm drawing my final conclusions and...

Your old boyfriend is an idiot.

He doesn't deserve you. I mean... look at you. You're...

Totally hot.

And smart.

Uh, and stuff.

Take me home.

You don't want to hang out anymore?

You are hysterical!

Here we are!

So, I know it's a shoebox.

But I'm a promotion away from getting something bigger near Wrigley.

No, it's amazing.

Good, high ceilings... Central air.

Big windows.

Hm... Decent view of the city.

Pretty cool--

Do you know what the first thing I noticed about you was?

Your tie.

Yeah, well. I'm still getting used to them.

They always come out crooked--

♪ Whenever it comes I am ready ♪

♪ 'Cause I know you been through the worst ♪

♪ I know it's dark, but don't you worry ♪

♪ If I know love, it shouldn't hurt ♪ Woo! Hoo! Ha!

Yes! Yes! Woo!

We did it! We did it!

What are you doing?

Oh, you know.

Just supervising biological photoshop, normal assistant stuff.

Thank God Lilah is at her grandparents' this weekend.

She doesn't have to absorb any of this.

Hey, Erin. You gotta get a load of these honkers.

No, no. Mm-mm. I'm sorry, but you have to.

No, no, no. Yes, yes, yes.

She's totally out of her mind.

Watch this.

Hey, um, Margot?

We're gonna borrow your car, some Vicodin and your credit card tonight.

You good with that?

Out of her mind.

Are you still gonna have time to meet with that college rep? I mean, it seems kind of a lot.

Yeah, well, it turns out that the admissions guy from Clarke is gonna be in town.

But I don't know if I even want to meet with him.

Audrey, are you kidding?

The only way to get off the waitlist is to go for it. I mean, you should be calling every day.

Getting rec letters... sending flowers to his wife...

Do I really want to spend four years in Dubuque?

Hurts my heart.

I don't know.

Hey, speaking of hearts, are we expecting a good season for the Cubs?

Let's just say, I am very glad to be going to school here in the city.

Ooo! More Vicodin!

Oh my God! What's that?

Oh, my God, I just peed a little.


You're thinking about dumping her?

We never have anything to talk about.

And why are you trying to talk?

The same reason I try to talk to you and instantly regret it.

If Paige Wilcox wants to date you, you date Paige Wilcox until Paige Wilcox is done with you.

Say Paige Wilcox again.

I will if it makes her appear.

So Milo and Lucy totally have this twin thing going on.

Like, Lucy got stung by a bee, and I swear Milo could feel it.

And they talk to each other.

No joke. They have conversations.

Like in the kitchen the other day, oh, my God.

They were just chatting and going on and on, it was the cutest thing ever.

I'm pretty sure they were talking about cheese.

So, how do you keep yourself busy in the summer?

I do driveway sealing.

You know, like blacktop?

It's just a summer gig, but it's my own business.

Ew, does that involve manual labor?

Uh, yeah.

Boring. Moving on. Hot tub, anyone?

Hot tub, everyone.

Woo hoo! Yeah, I'll take 'em.

Okay, this is amazing! We are on the field!

Welcome to my office. Wow!

Where are you taking me?

Just wanna show you something.


Come on.


A little scary, but I gotcha.

There you go. Thank you.

Good job.

This is the scoreboard?

Okay, my dad is going to flip out when I tell him about this.

Pretty cool, huh?

You threw a picnic?

Little bit, yeah.

Hope you're hungry. So cute.

Oh, yeah.

Hi. Hey.

That's where we met right there. Remember?

Ah! Yeah.


Pretty cool, huh?


You've only been here three months and you already own the place.

Uh, yeah, at least until I hit my rookie slump.

Not on my watch, sir.

Well, you know I am batting .344 since I ruined your dress, so I guess you are kind of my good luck charm.


I come in peace. Hey.

Sorry to ambush you. I--

I sent you texts, but I-- I know.

I'm sorry. Things have just been kind of crazy lately.

Sure. Um...

Listen, I've been thinking... and... the summer is just going by way too fast.

And I wanted to see you before we both leave for school.

Should I take that as a no?

Alec, we had an agreement.

Then you went and posted pictures with your new girlfriend 15 minutes after we broke up.

She posted that. I--

You know what? You're right.

I'm sorry. I hated that she did that, and I wanted you to know it's nothing like that.

What is it like with Party Paige?



Wait, is that-- That's--

I gotta go. But, um...

Have a nice 4th, okay?

What is this?

I got signed to Under Armour, so no more squeaky brakes.

Nice. Can I give this to you? Absolutely. I'll take it.

Very nice. I really like it. Kinda cool, huh?

A lot more horsepower than the last car.

Happy Independence Day.

One, two, three!


Yeah! Go get 'em, man!





Here we go!


Hi! Oh, my God!

They are perfection! Can I feel? Sure.

Oh, my God!

That's my kind of ilk.

The dude that I told you about. He's hot for you.


Just look around here.

Three million people all trying to get ahead of each other.

Everyone fighting for the same spot.

I guess I never really thought of it like that.

Yeah, that's because you cutthroat traders are too busy pillaging your way to the top.

You're the first guy I've met here who I don't feel has a secret agenda.

Quick pit stop before we head to the fireworks?

For sure.

I'm sorry. Is this Chicago, or is this Heaven?

No, dude. We gotta tell 'em.

Claire wants me to have lunch with her dad who's a big honcho at Morgan Stanley.

Wear the yellow tie. Says old school.

Dude, I'm not kidding.

Chad, remember... in a few weeks we're leaving for college.

And the girls?

They move on to some workforce douchebags way worse than we are.


Seriously? Woo!

You wanna...


I bet you had to fight off all the girls with a stick this summer.

Actually, you might be surprised.


I was thinking... why we don't go find our own spot and make our own fireworks?

So you can tell me where I rank!

Wait. What?

Let me just publicly declare that I'm not the next fool to fallfor this idiot's hook-up list.

It's gone viral, douchebag!

No one is gonna sleep with you.


Ew! Ah!

Jerk! Ah!

Look at the stars.

Just like you someday.

I don't know.

What? You're so talented.

You'll at least have a lot of choices.


I mean, you will too, Audrey.

Have you heard back from that college?


Still just waiting around for the low-hanging fruit.


College has fruit?

It's an expression.

I've been settling for anything that's left on the tree.

My ex.

My college. This job.


Why would you ever just settle for anything?

And what do you mean, this job?

No offense.

No, I mean, you're really good at it.

And you're like my favorite person that's ever worked for my mom.

And there's been more than I can count.

I am?

Yeah, you are.

Yeah, well, I mean, I am pretty awesome.

Look, they're starting!

They look so close! Whoa!

Wow. Yeah.

It's nice.

I can't imagine what that party is looking like now.


I'd much prefer doing something like this.

I think I've always sort of been an outsider on the inside.

You know?

Sometimes I feel like...

I'm floating over my body, like, watching my interactions.

An observer, for sure.

I feel it too.

Like, my dad's not in the picture, and...

I think I handle it better because I feel it less.

Sometimes I... fear... whether I'm... even capable of love.

Or if I'm just destined to observe it for the rest of my life.

You know what I mean?

I wish I felt less sometimes.

But I don't think you need to worry about it.

No, I just... I worry... if I've never been able to fully let my guard down with someone, maybe I'm not capable.

Look, Phoebe.

I'm gonna be real honest with you.

I would like to be that person.

And I love... that you are a way-too-wise-for-your-years artist.

And that you look like an angel, a sex goddess, and a nerdy librarian, all at the same moment.

Not that you look like a librarian, or a nerd.

I love nerds.

Not in a weird way.


There's something I have to tell you.

I'm listening.

I can't tell you while you're kissing me.

I'm not very good at taking direction.

What do you wanna tell me?

I don't know. I just-- I have to tell you that...

I'm so embarassingly in love with you.

I'm here.

I'm right here.

Yeah, your cake was a hit, huh?

Yeah. Did people like it?

I think they did. It looks like it's all gone.

Oh, good.

We're a really good cooking team.

I think so. Oh yeah.

It's so beautiful here. Yeah.

Yeah, this place is great.

Thanks for helping me find it. You're welcome.

And this barbecue that you did was first class.

The last one that I hosted had plastic chairs and a pig roast.

I know what you mean.

I'm used to parties where people are taking shots and... throwing up everywhere. Ew.


The guys on the team enjoyed seeing you here tonight.


I told them to get used to it.

You're gonna lose. Oh, my... Oh, my God!

Big fail.

You are not gonna believe it!

I submitted your reel, and you have a tryout with America's Got Talent.

But we have a lot of work to do before then, so I want to start full rehearsals this Friday.

This Friday?

But... Audrey and I were going to the beach. We had a whole plan.

You can go to the beach any day.

This is the big time.

This could be national TV.

So Sebastian's coming over to work on your inflection.

I think Baby Love will knock 'em dead.

You want me to sing? You know I hate singing.

Lilah, you have a beautiful voice.

So, unless you have some hidden talent, like juggling blindfolded, you are going to sing.

...and there's a smash from Ricky down the line.

This kid is unbelievably hot.

This sucks.

I'm rooting against my own team because of that guy.

He, y bro, which is worse? My hookup list flameout or you ending things with Paige willingly?

I'm sorry, bro. She has the IQ of a toaster.

I can't do it.

This was gonna be the summer.

I'd been planning it for months. No. Don't sweat it, bro.

Honestly, the hookup gods are just punishing you because you were getting too greedy.

I don't know, man... No, seriously, bro.

From the fat kid in 8th grade to the jacked badass sitting next to me right now, you had a pretty sick run with the ladies in high school.

Yes. You did. You did it.



Wait, wait... what?




How can this even be possible?

I don't know man, I just--

You know, I was so busy with ball, you know, I was traveling every weekend and had camps every summer, I just never really...

But I just figured, you know...

This was the summer I'd make up for lost time.

I don't know, man, I--

I guess that list was pretty lame.

Kinda got what I deserved.

Forget it, man.

All right? Just clean the slate.



Dude, how's my mix coming?

Sounding sick.

Dude, I'm working on it right now.

We're sitting at 100 beats per minute, you're gonna love it.

It's not your usual chillin' out bongapalooza.

Perfect, bro.

I'm stoked. Special occasion.

Special occasion?

Oh, hell, yeah.

Thanks, bro.

Hey, honey! Hey, Mom.

Oh, you have a friend downstairs.



Guess what?

You okay?

No, my mom found out that the piece of shit she's been dating is married.

Can you believe that?


I'm so sorry.

Is this an epidemic?

Like, can anyone be faithful anymore?

You know, my mom feels like she's been sucker-punched, and it makes me feel like you can't trust anyone.

He just seemed like the most normal guy.

Have you met him? Yeah, once. Why?

No. I'm... just processing this.

It makes me want to tell his family.

Did you... talk to her?

No, no. I haven't.

Well, you have to.

Look. We have to talk.

Come on.

Bye, Mom. Wait.

You're taking off?

Yeah. We're just gonna go for a walk.

It was really nice to finally meet you.

You raised a great son. One of the last good ones, maybe.

He always speaks very highly of you.

Thank you.

He's a pretty great one, isn't he?

Okay. Let's not get me too much credit.

Bye, Mom. Have fun.

Sorry. I shouldn't have said you have to tell her.

I know it's up to you in your own time. But I really wanna... call this guy's family and just tear his life apart. Hey, Phoebe.

Look. I know who your mom has been seeing.


The guy from the gym.

I tried to tell you-- What are you talking about?

Is that your dad?

You knew?

My God. Phoebe, I'm sorry.

I'm gonna be sick, or I'm gonna punch something, I don't know which.

So when you saw him with the woman, then you met my mom, you...

So, you've known... How long ago was that, like a week?

Five days.

So the whole of the 4th of July together you were lying.

I wanted to tell you. I tried to tell you.

No, I should thank you, Griffin.

Because I almost started to let my guard down for the first time in my life, but luckily you just ruined the last shred of faith in humanity I had left.

Wait, Phoebe. Stop! Look...

I get you're mad.

But this is his shit. I didn't do this.

You knew that my mom thought this was real and you went along and did nothing.

I didn't know what to do!

I've never been through this before.

That's not an excuse.

I don't wanna talk anymore, okay? Leave me alone.

This is spiraling very quickly. Can you give me one second?

I should have never let you in. You were a complete waste of my time.


Leave me alone.

Oh, now I know why you go to the gym so much.


Okay. I'm sorry.

I don't know what you know, exactly.

But it's over. I put an end to it.

So you wouldn't get caught.

Real honorable of you. And you're not even telling the truth right now.

She found out you were married.

Does Mom know?


Look, this is something you won't be able to appreciate until you're much older.

And as important as this relationship with her daughter may seem--

Don't patronize me.

And quit calling her the daughter. Her name is Phoebe.

And they are real people whose lives you just completely dicked with, same with the people in there.

Quit telling me I don't understand. I understand perfectly.


I made a mistake, Griffin.

It happened and I'm sorry.

But I assure you.

It meant nothing to me.

No shit!


♪ If this was our last summer ♪

♪ Would you call it a fling? ♪

♪ Would you say it was crazy? ♪

♪ If I gave you a ring ♪ Hello, and welcome to another episode of Paige Plugged In.

As you may have guessed, it's Lucy and Milo's birthday today.

We always celebrate seven times a year, and the caterers always whip up something fabulous.

This year, I had them whip up an angel food cake for Mommy's little angels...

♪ I'm still up to mind to tell you Don't you worry about in ♪

♪ Don't worry, baby ♪

♪ I won't let the season hold you and turn me up ♪

♪ And cut this dream, oh no ♪

♪ Oh, no ♪

♪ So, so ♪

♪ Let's go for the fall ♪

♪ Maybe we'll land standing ♪

♪ After it all ♪

♪ Or maybe we'll keep falling ♪

♪ On our first child ♪

♪ To see if our last summer ♪

♪ Means a last godbye ♪

♪ Singing to me, now ♪

♪ 'Cause us still get some love For give you, up still gets some song ♪ Here you go.

I bet it's a nice day at the beach.

"Wedding Girl Three" is stuck in a meeting.

Of course she is.

And she says to enunciate.

You wanna go make a sandcastle?


Phoebe isn't home.

She doesn't wanna see you anyway. I came to see you.

I didn't know what to do.

So I did nothing.

And I'm sorry for that.

Griffin, this is all still really raw.

I know.

And I get why you both wanna lump me in with my dad...

But I am not my father.

Believe me, I know the kind of person he is.

And I understand how awful this must have been for you and how it must have impacted Phoebe.

She means so much to me.

And I know she was hurt by this.

She was.

I guess I just...

I didn't want this to end.

And that was selfish.

I'm just really, really sorry.

Thanks for the beach.

It was the best day in my summer.

It's really fun just to be a kid sometimes.

I'm really proud of you, Lilah.

And you know my mom is gonna fire you?

I guess I shouldn't ask for a letter of recommendation.

No. She's gonna be really mad.

You okay? I can stay and take the heat.

No, I got this. I know how to handle her.

You do. The beach?

Are you kidding me?

I got you an audition!

Good luck with your interview.

Don't forget you're awesome and deserve the best.

Where were you earlier in my life?

I was learning how to talk.

Next time I am not gonna hire...

Go. ...a teenage babysitter.

Young lady.

You are gonna hear it from me.

I'm calling the agency.

Yeah, you're not going anywhere in life.

Biscuits and gravy, right?



Um... Babe, did you order takeout? That's so sweet.

Did he already pay?

You know what? This one's on the house.

Enjoy. Hm. Thank you.

Erin... Erin!

Erin, wait. That's my ex.

The one you broke up with?

Listen, we were together for a long time.

We're still friends. And we still talk.

And... things are... um...


Hm. Right.

Then you should figure it out, then. Take all the time you need.

Phoebe Fisher? Yeah.

It's prepaid. Enjoy.


I, uh... I picked up a new laundry bag for your dorm.

Oh, thanks, Mom. You know, you'd think that... with you having been away at Berkshire...

that all this goodbye stuff would be easier.

But it isn't.


There is something I need to tell you.

So, I know it's short notice, but, uh... my family is renting this place in Michigan for Labor Day weekend...

Claire...'s really gorgeous.

There's no TV. Claire...

So at night we sing songs... Claire!

I'm 18.


I just graduated high school.

I'm not a trader.

I don't even know what CBOE stands for.

I do now, because I googled it, but...

Was wondering how long is was gonna take for you to tell me that.

What? You knew?

Oh, please. You are way too sweet to be a trader.

And that first morning, your wallet was open on the floor.

I saw your license.

Along with your robotics club membership card.

I had no idea you were treasurer.

Should really lead with that more.

What about all that stuff about meeting your dad?

I liked watching you squirm.

And Janet?

She's not pissed we're just a couple of lying dorks?

Does she look pissed? One more. One more.

Whoever said that you weren't cool doesn't really know you.

I do.

And this is who you are.

Can we, like, get married today?

To be honest, Ms. Jarvis, your transcript is very... average.

Yeah. Well, my GPA suffered the past two years because I've been working.

Pretty much all the time.

Oh! In what capacities?

Fast-food joint, coffee shop.

You take what you can get, you know?

Well, obviously, we can't offer admission to everyone.

And believe me, you would be lucky to have our institution in your life.

Nonetheless, we do see some potential... and that is why we are willing to take a risk and offer you admission to Clarke College.

You mean I'm in?

On a probationary basis.

What's that mean? You may enroll, but you will not be eligible for campus housing, the Greek system or student government.

So basically I am shut out of all the fun parts of college.


Mr. Edmunds...

I pass.


You guys were my last choice and...

I don't wanna settle.

You're passing on us?

So, you're left with nothing?


I'm left with me.

Look, I may not know what I'm gonna do, instead of attending my backup school, on a probationary basis.

But whatever it is...

I'm gonna kick the shit out of it.

Thank you, Mr. Edmunds.

Twenty-three driveways and two parking lots. Record summer.

No doubt. I'm beat.

Hey, you think you can handle this invoice for me?

There's something I need to do.

That sounds extremely vague, but... sure. Go ahead, I'll finish up.

Good work this summer. You too.

So we're all finished. Mrs. Davis.

Oh, not Mrs. anymore. Nicole's fine.

Looking really good.

I've been watching you guys all week.



So, I've got your invoice.

Let me go get my checkbook.

Come on in. I'll get you something cold.

Unless you're in the mood for something hot.

And here comes local product, Mason Riley, who has a shot at the podium here in his final run.


He sticks it! He sticks it!

You've just punched your ticket to the fall season tour.

Mason! Mason!

Mmm. Are you okay?

Two breakups in one summer, maybe if I hurry up I can cram in a third.

Okay, but you don't have time for those childish games anymore.

I mean, you're a college woman now.

How was your interview?

So... big news.


I'm not going to college.

But I am enrolled in Teachers Without Borders.

Well, that's amazing, but you're gonna go to college eventually, right?


I love you. Mm-hmm.

But we come from different places.

You just have to understand that you've got different opportunities because of that.

I'm sorry. Are you upset because I got into my first choice?

Because I worked really hard.

I know you did. And I would never take that away from you.

Look, Erin. You're gonna be successful.

I just-- I need you to not judge my version of success.

Which is... not settling for Dubuque.

It's teaching little twerps English in Borneo.


And it turns out...

I like kids.

Mmm. I'm proud of you.

Are you mad at me? Are we gonna fight?

Uh, no. I love you, like, too much.


Hmm... What?

He came!

Hm. Oh, wow.

Okay, you gotta go. This is dramatic enough.

Are you sure? Go! Get the hell out of here.

Okay. I love you. I love you. Good luck.



Your parents sent me an invite.

I wasn't sure if I should come.

I'm glad you did.

So where's the rookie of the year?

Ah. Struck out.

What about Paige?

Turned the page.

There was a better book out there somewhere.

Ah, what was she, a scratch and sniff?

I miss smart people.

I missed you.

I was thinking...

Um... maybe we weren't ready to break up when we did.

Yeah, I think that we thought we'd make this moment less sad if we did it sooner.

Yeah, it's unavoidable.

Next week I'm on a plane to Oregon, and you'll be up in Evanston.

Last time we had this conversation, we agreed to stay friends.

How about this time we agree to be friends?

Friends. Friends.

Okay. Walk away. Erin, walk away.

Just friends. Friends!

For God's sakes... Cake!

Thank you. Yeah. I'm just happy...

Thank you.

How are we really meant to know our future if we don't even know the world's future?

It kinda sounds cheesy, but the only thing that really stays constant is... love.

Thanks so much.


If that doesn't win, I say the whole system's rigged.

I know. We'll see.

I'm still pretty nervous, so...

Thank you for coming, I mean, your work... made a big difference.

Nice crowd.

I don't know half of these people.

I think Mom just invited a bunch of randoms she met on the El.

How is she?

She's good. Thanks.

Yeah, she looks proud. She should be.

I really appreciate you coming to her and what you said. It took a lot.

How is it with... with your parents?


My dad didn't own up to it.

I told her. I told her myself.

My mom's a saint. They're trying to work things out, I guess, but I'm leaving on Friday, so-- On Friday?

I thought Columbia had like two more weeks.

They do, yeah. I'm going to music school.

What? Yeah.

I figured if I'm going scorched earth with my dad, I may as well go all in.

He's not paying. I'm doing financial aid and everything.

I'm so happy for you, Griff. That's, that's... really good news.

Listen, Phoebe. Whether you win this thing or not, doesn't matter.

You've already proven that this is clearly what you were supposed to be doing.

NYU is lucky to have you.


Phoebe! You're too busy for your grandparents?


Come on, now.

Lace up your vintage pair for our last couples skate of the season.

Summer's almost over.

Is that true?

Is summer really over?

How'd you know-- I thought I might find you here.

Thanks, by the way.

It's, um... very thoughtful.

It looks good on you.

So, shouldn't you be out celebrating?

With new admirers and hangers-on?

Who says I'm not?

Wow, look at you! I know!

So... Berklee College of Music.

Let's see...

Uh... John Mayer.

Quincy Jones...

Melissa Etheridge.

Four hour train ride to New York.

Yeah, so now we're going to different colleges in different cities.

I give us two weeks.

Three, tops.

♪ Do what you want ♪

♪ Do what you wanna Oh, my heart can say it ♪

♪ Do what you wanna Oh, my heart can say it ♪

♪ Do what you wanna Oh, my heart can say it ♪

♪ Do what you wanna Oh, my heart can say it ♪ Woe!

Here we go! Bam!


Sorry, I just...


Action. Train.

Don't forget to take out you--

I've never caught it. Ever.

I know...

I just snotted over my menu.


I'm gonna play with balls and cups. Cool.

Sorry, I fu♪♪ up.

Action, train.



That was good, man!

Hold on! Take it up at the hug.

Hit this for--

And cut. It's warm!

Action, train.

One more time.


Here we go.

Yeah. And cut.


Where the train at?

Fu♪♪ you, then!

Action train. Action, train... damn it!

All right. We should call it a day.

So, do you wanna cut?

It's coming!

Cut, cut, cut!

♪ Outcast from our lovers Outcast to each other ♪

♪ Outcast from myself I know ♪

♪ Outcast from our mothers ♪

♪ Outcast to each other ♪

♪ Outcast from the one I love ♪

♪ Ah la la, ah la la la la ♪

♪ Ah la la, ah la la la la ♪

♪ Ah la la, ah la la la la ah ♪

♪ Ah la la la la ♪

♪ Wake up every day just to waste my paycheck ♪

♪ Living the escape in the discoteque ♪

♪ I wrecked your ride on the boulevard 90mph didn't get us very far ♪

♪ Wake up every day just to waste my paycheck ♪

♪ Living the escape in the discoteque ♪

♪ I wrecked your ride on the boulevard 90mph didn't get us very far ♪

♪ Outcast from our lovers Outcast to each other ♪

♪ Outcast from myself I know ♪

♪ Outcast from our mothers ♪

♪ Outcast to each other ♪

♪ Outcast from the one I love ♪

♪ Outcast from our lovers Outcast to each other ♪

♪ Outcast from myself I know ♪

♪ Outcast from our mothers ♪

♪ Outcast to each other ♪

♪ Outcast from the one I love ♪

♪ Good Good, good, good ♪

♪ Good ♪

♪ Look aroud and see where we are ♪

♪ Is this heaven, is this Mars ♪

♪ 'Cause I lose touch when you touch me So touch me, again ♪

♪ We could drive all night or stay in You know we're gonna stay in ♪

♪ Pick out a movie that we don't watch ♪

♪ Cause it's feeling good ♪

♪ Like the California sun counting hundreds one by one ♪

♪ Driving your daddy's Mercedes Like to bandits on the run ♪

♪ Like your first teenage kiss taste the cherry on your lips ♪

♪ Or like summer in Paris You know ♪

♪ It's feeling good, good, good ♪

♪ Good Good, good, good ♪

♪ It's feeling good, good, good ♪

♪ Good Good, good, good ♪

♪ It's feeling good ♪

♪ Oh we like to keep it low key ♪

♪ Windows down feel the breeze ♪

♪ No cares, no worries Just you and me ♪

♪ You and I, we don't have to try We just work, can't deny ♪

♪ I know you stay by my side Ride or die ♪

♪ 'Cause this is feeling good ♪

♪ Like the California sun caunting hundreds one by one ♪

♪ Driving your daddy's Mercedes Like to bandits on the run ♪

♪ Like your first teenage kiss taste the cherry on your lips ♪

♪ Or like summer in Paris You know ♪

♪ It's feeling good ♪

♪ It's feeling good ♪

♪ It's feeling good, good, good ♪

♪ Good Good, good, good ♪

♪ It's feeling good, good, good ♪

♪ Good Good, good, good ♪

♪ It's feeling good ♪

♪ It's feeling good ♪

♪ Like the California sun caunting hundreds one by one ♪

♪ Driving your daddy's Mercedes Like to bandits on the run ♪

♪ Like your first teenage kiss taste the cherry on your lips ♪

♪ Or like summer in Paris You know ♪

♪ It's feeling good ♪

♪ Good ♪