The Legend of Ben Hall (2017) Script

So, where we goin' now?

Back to the locker.

What do you expect to find up there?

I'll tell you what A lot of bloody nothin' and you know it!

Should be goin' down south crossin' into Victoria like Jack did I'm not going south, Jim and that's the end of it!


Jim, get up, it's your watch.

It's your watch

Where are you, you bastards?

Ben Hall!

Come out and surrender yourself!

Remember the Queen!


We know you're out there, we got you bloody surrounded!


After him, boys!

I've shot the bastard! I've shot Ben Hall!

There he is!

Come on!


Will, over here!

Ah, Jesus Christ!

You got a pellet in you? You alright?

The bullet went straight through. Right.

Damn, lookie there! Bad shots, right?

How the hell did those traps get so close without us knowing?

Hands in the air, Mr. Gibson.


It's good to see you again after all these years.

You look well. Hey, I need horses and food. and clean rags, now!

I hope you forgive our intrusion, under normal circumstances, I would leave you, Bill, alone.

This is a matter of life and death.

What are you doing back out this way?

Thought you boys were ranging around Carcoar.

Carcoar was getting too hot for us.

Then, you are back here for good? No.

I'm just lookin' for someone. Who?

Just someone.

I might be able to help.

I'm lookin' for Biddy.

You don't know where she is?


After she left, I never found her again.

What do you want with her now?

You know where she is.

Where is she? Will I regret telling you?

You'll regret it more if you don't.

She's on Marsdon Station out of Micalb.

Your boy's there too.

So, a little word...

She's still with Jim Taylor.

What are you gonna do?

That's not your concern.

Thanks for the horses, Bill.

I'm done, lad, I'm leavin'.

What do you mean, Jim? What I mean is...

I'm headin' to Victoria as fast as I can.

To hell with bushrangin', It doesn't mean a damn!

There's no money in it and I'm gettin' out while I can and live what life I got left in free but not in fuckin' chains.

Alone is when they catch you.

Then why don't you come to Victoria with me? I'm not going to bloody Victoria!

Aah, suit yourself.

Chase that woman? You might put this shite behind you and move on, huh?

We're through, old man.

Oh, yeah?

We are.

See, this is your problem, boyo.

Women, they always get the better of you, especially that screwer you keep pining about.

Fuckin' bastard!

You'll never even make the Murray, you old fool, let alone cross it!


Get inside right now! Go!

You're not welcome here, Benjamin! You hear me?

Get out of here!

Where's Taylor Not here, now go!

I've come to see my son.

He doesn't remember who you are, Benjamin.

Call him out here.

I won't ask you again.

Call him out.


Come out here, please.

It's alright!


Do you remember me?

I'm your father, Henry!

Your Dah, remember?

It's true.

I've been looking for you for a long time.

Because, your mum, she took you away from me.

Henry, I need you to do something... quick as you can, get your clothes and everything that belongs to you. because you're coming with me now. What?

Go on. What are you talking about?


You are not taking him anywhere!

He's my son!

You had no right to take him from me and I will not have Taylor raising him, not for another minute!

No! I won't let you take him, you bastard!

Do you hear me?

No, I won't let you take him! He's coming with me... or I'll wait here for Taylor to get back and when he does, I swear I'll do what I should have done a long time ago.

I was right to leave you!

Look what you've become!

So, what's it gonna be?

Well, what choice do I have? None.

See how you like it.

Where are you taking him?

Jesus, Ben! Can I come in?

Yeah, of course. Quickly!

I won't have that bastard, Taylor, bringing up my son.

He's a drunkard and a scoundrel, you know that.

I know that.

It doesn't seem right, snatching him away like that.

No worse than what she did to me.

Ben, the police will come after us if he stays here.

I'm his father, I decide who he lives with and not the bloody police.

Henry doesn't know his Benjamin He'll want to see his mother. She'll come looking for him, too.


She's no more fit to raise him than Taylor is.

But she's still his mother. She doesn't deserve to be!

Bill, I can't raise him but you can

Please, Bill.

I'll ask nothing else of you, ever again.

I can't stay, Henry. I'm sorry.

but Uncle Bill and Auntie Anne are your family, they're going to take good care of you.

When can I go home?

This is your home now.

I'll come to see you as often as I can.

You expecting anyone? No.

Who's there?

Hello, Mitch.

Ben? Is that you?

Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha!

You're the last person I ever expected to see tonight!

Look who it is, Mary.


So wonderful to see you. My God, it's been so long!

Not intruding, am I? Not at all, you're always welcome!

Looking rather frightful, these days. I am sorry about that.

Let's just get the man something to eat, love,

Is this Catherine? You're all grown up!

Catherine, this is an old friend of your Ma and Da's, Mr. Hall.

Hi, Mr. Hall.



You stay right here.

Good morning, gentlemen! Can I offer your men some water?

No, thank you, Madam, we've just come from the Stricklands, they took care of us.

Well, then, Colonel, I'll leave you to it. If you do see anything, make sure to...

They were just happening by.

They do that from time to time, asking questions.

And what did you tell them, Mick? Same as I always do: that I haven't seen you, not for years.

Do you know who's that Inspector? Ernst Sanderson.

He's not such a bad sort.

I keep things friendly with him. It's easier for us that way.

They know you're in the area, Ben It's not safe for you here.

For any of us.


What the hell are you doing here? Looking for you, of course!

Knew I'd find you here with Goobang Mick.

Does his missus still fancy you? Keep your voice down!

What happened?

Thought you'd be halfway back to Canada by now.

No, forget that... went home to Victoria for a while.

But I'm ready to come out again. Had to...

Blew all my cash on cheap grogan and cheaper tarts It was glorious!

Heard they caught the old man down on the river.

I did warn him.

Ah,the man was a pain in the ass, anyway.

Christ, you look terrible!

You know that.

Compared to you, I always did. This is true!

One cannot buy style, they said.

I'll tell ya, I'm just itching to get back out there.

You know, one paper claimed I was dead and that you were the bloke who shot me.

Now, I want them to know that I'm alive and... back on the job.

I think we should give it up.

Give it up? Come on, Ben!

2 years, we rode together.

2 years and they couldn't touch us.

Place is getting hotter, Jack.

More than ever.

It's alright, Gilbert, Sir Fred's got the Lochland by the .balls and he's sqeezing tight.

Alright, so let's head south, Auburn way. keep clear out of the Lochland We'd need to skip the country, Jack. What?

And go where?


Why the hell do you want to go to America?

It's not part of the Empire.

They're fighting a bloody Civil War over there.

And war is the perfect time to slip in without a fuss!

To get passage, will cost us a small fortune, Ben. You do know that?

So we need to go ahead and get it.

Like I said: we head south.

Hit the mailrooms, we just bale them up!

One after the other, bang, bang, bang!

Right, just the pair of us.

We'll find some more lads.

Cold, sly, kids with some real moxie.

Come on, Ben!

It's no fun playing without you in the game.

We ride again, we do so for one purpose: to get out, to skip the country for good. Are we clear?

Now, I'm up for that.

MM, Goobang, how's the wife?

There's some bread, bacon and potatoes.

You're a sweetheart.

Thanks for everything, Mick. You're always welcome.

Maam, always a pleasure. So long, godday!

Just me, then.

I have company! You remember Mr. Kelly?

Of course, you're lookin' better than ever, young Benjamin.

Mr. Kelly. Miss!

It's John-John, the jockey I was telling you about.

My grandson.

Very pleased to finally meet you, Mr. Hall.

Join us.

Johnny here did a bloody good job telegraphing for me in Omelia, a few years back.

How ols are you? Almost eighteen.

What do you do?

He's the best jockey you'll ever meet, Ben.

As good a horseman as the both of us.

So what can we possibly do for you, Mr. Dunne?

The lad's got himself into some serious trouble with the Trapps, The lad's got himself into some serious trouble, Oops, haven't we all! That true?

Me and my mate, Daniel Ryan, robbed a fella... then got ourselves nabbed.

We were supposed to show for trial but I bolted.

There's a warrant out for his arrest, if caught, they'll throw him in the cells.

You're lookin' to join with us. Is that what you want?

More than anything!

Despite what the papers encourage you to imagine, this life you want is not easy.

In fact, most days, it's nothing short of hell on earth.

One false step, one bad judgement, you could be shot dead or made to dance or nothin'.


Seems you're here now because you made some bad choices.

You sure you're not just making another?

Now, now! No need to insult our friend here!

He needs to know the nature of what he seeks, Jack.

We do this because we have no recoutrse left.

Not for a lark and not because we want our names in the papers.

He's speaking for himself. You ride with us, John... you can never again lead a normal life.

With respect, Mr. Hall... my life has never been normal.

Welcome aboard, Johnny!

Get out!

Hand those over, maam.

I'll take that!

There, Mister! Huh?

Move your hands, I'll blow your bloody brains out.

This is what I like to see.

Listen to this, listen to this!

I regret to state that the reports of Gilbert's resurgence... turns out to be fact.

He returns to his favorite hunting grounds, bringing with him a fresh hand, the young John Dunne There's more!

He is the very beau ideal of a modern bushranger, youthful and daring, with the agility and nature of a tiger cat. a splendid rider and a thorough bushman.

What can I say, I'm famous already!

Never have the public more to dread or the authorities, a more formidable gang to deal with than now.

Wooh! What'd I tell ya, huh?

Was I right about our boy here, Ben?

You were right. And another thing, from here on, we start teaching manners to any wretches that help the police against us.

How do we teach them manners?

Simple! We burn their property to the bloody stumps.

No! We start that kind of work and the country'll get too hot to hold us.


It'll make anyone think twice before crossing us.

What it will do is make every settler turn out and hunt us down.

We wouldn't last a month. Fine, I'll just shoot them, then.

You do so and you'll have me to reckon with.

I won't take the life of another man who hasn't first tried to take mine.

You can do what you like but I mean to shoot any man I find helping the Trapps.

Or any trap I come across. No, you won't.

Hello, lass!

Can you open that for me?

I'd really like to keep this.


Because it's very important to me.

It's very special.

Alright. Thank you.

Hat, please, sir.

That bag's... Whoo! Thank you.

Mr. Fancy Britches!

You travel quite loaded, I'd expect.

Turn out your pockets. I refuse.

Wanna rethink your answer?

No. Go ahead, shoot me, if you're going to.

Not in front of these ladies.

But I will rip you trousers off, tie you to that tree and leave you there with your tallywhacker hanging out, for all to see John Gilbert, is it?

Happy Jack, to you, sir.

Now, turn out your pockets!


I can do yo better than all that.

I will write you out a check for 50 pounds, in exchange for the loan of a revolver and a duel, at 20 paces, this instant.

Bless you, sir. That is the kindest proposition I've had all day but I must regrettably decline. I didn't think you'd be game enough.

What did you say?

I did not think you would be game enough, Happy Jack!

I'm not game enough?

Keep your check! I'll show you how fucking game I am, you Jimmy Grant cock!

You want me to blow your bloody brains out all over the highway?

I'm game for that!

What are you waiting for?

20 paces and turn! Jack!

Cool off!

He's the one talking fight and I'll gladly give him one!

If you want a shooting match with us, bring your own revolver next time.

Get back to work!

You two, open your purses Right now, come on, move!

So, when does the fun start?

Won't be long now.

Major, sir!

Whole gang, right here!

Hey, you, drop it! Drop it or I'll blow your bloody head off!

Get back inside, now!

Jack, we got 2 more! Let's go!


Draw back! Draw back!

Go! You'll draw their fire, Debby! Get away from the coach!


Saved you, Boss!

Bloody traps!

There! Stand fast!

Stand fast, you bastards!

Surrender! Never...

Give in to a bloody bushranger!

Smartest thing you ever did.

Get out!

Eureka! It's all here! Hoards of cash!

Get all of it!

What the hell? Mr. Hall, The bank notes are all cut in half.

Check them all.

Why are they cut in half? I said why are they cut in half!

That's the way the banks are sending them, these days, you've left them little choice.

And where are the other halves? They come at a later time.


Nobody knows, that's the whole point!

Mr. Hall, they're all the same.

Take them with us. But they're worthless!

So are the other halves, if they don't get these back.

You heard me out there. I gave him fair warning.

That's what the bloody fool got for not standing.

Fair warning or not, today, you branded us as killers.

Half the country will be gunning for us now.

This is who we are, Ben!

This is what we do. It's us or it's them.

We're worth more to our friends dead than we are alive.

How long do you think we can last, Jack?

Any more talk of shooting people, I'll bore a hole through you myself!

We're getting out of the district.

...coming straight towards me and I said: "Stand! Stand! Stand! Bang!"

One shot, right here.

One on the ground! Fellow's a pip!

Never seen a dead man before.

So, it's the truth: what happened to Sgt. Perry?

Be careful, Ben, what I mind, a few boys'll hear, but i know a lot of fellas that would turn you in, given half the chance.

Watch you back.

You got enough pistols there, boy?

Beg your pardon?

Have you got enough pistols there, boy?

Missing one? Yeah... a great big long one right between your legs!

Go away., old damn Mordemaker! Oi!

Any last wisecrack before I blow your head inside out?

Hold your horses, son.

He's just havin' a lark. Hubert, let him pay!

No one wants to see a man killed today.

No, of course not, but I reckon I know what everyone would like to see.

Put my manhood to the test, if you dare.

Gentlemen, the next round is on me!

This one's jammed again.

I'm not surprised.

Yours never do.


Trantors are handmade.

Beautiful craftsmanship.

Besy revolvers in the world!

Reckon I'd like to get one for myself.

Mr. Hall, why did you become a bushranger?

Couple of years back... the police took a set against me because I was friendly with Frank Gardner.

Pottinger threw me in the lobs for almost a month.

After that, I helped Gardner with the escort delivery.

That's how it all started, anyway.

Gilbert told me that... you were.. He says you have a wife.

I had a wife... once... that's a long story Well, I got all night.

We were married about 4 years and she was beautiful.

Biddy... had a friend by the name of Jim Taylor.

He didn't live far from us...

flesh-eatin' loudmouth type. He would visit her when I was away.

I got wise to them, though.

Gave him a stern warning to stay away. Gave Biddy the same.

Can't say I was gentle about it, however.

A short time afterwards, I was away mustering wild horses,

and while I was away, she ran off with him.

Worst of all, she took my son with her.

He was about 3, at the time.

What did you do?

Looked all over for them.

For a long time, I did nothing else.

Not a single soul knew where they'd gone.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I swore, the day I found Jim Taylor, I'd put a bullet in his wicked hide.

You'll never know true hatred until someone destroys your family.

Ben, you know it's\ Christmas next week, don't you?

I didn't realize. Well, it is.

And I was thinkin', we oughta enjoy some festivities.. for a change of pace.

What do you say to that, Johnny? Sounds grand to me.

We're not all that far away from Binda, are we?

What do you say, we drop in and... see some old friends. Sounds like an idea.

Yes, it is. Brace yourself, Mr. Dunne!

We are about to have ourselves a very Merry Christmas!

Benjamin, come in. Where have you been?

I was startin' to think you were never coming back.

I said I would, didn't I?

But it's been so long, you had me worried something happened.

or maybe you went and found yourself some other Doxie.

There's no one else.

What are you doin' here, sneakin' up in the middle of the night?

Gilbert and I are camped just outside of town with a new fellow.

I came to see if you'd like to join us tomorrow.

Of course, I'll bring Ellen and Peggy too.

Gilbert would like that very much.

And what about tonight? You goin' back?

Not if I don't have to.

Have you missed me?

What do you think?

You wonder, sometimes...

Seems you'd rather be out there in the cold and rain than here with me.

Can't exactly live a normal life.

I suppose not.

Can't sleep?


Your safe here, Ben.

No one knows you're here.

What is it, what's wrong?

I'm alright. No, you're not.

I've never seen you like this.

Some bad things have happened, that's all.

Like what? You don't want to know.

Yes, I do.

Perhaps, I don't want you to know.



I should go before first light.

So, what's this Peggy girl like?

Jack says she's pretty.

She's pretty enough.

And if she's anything like her sister, you're in for a grand time.

Woop! Careful, don't spill it on me.

Good Lord, would you look at how long your hair is these days!

I'm obliged to wear it long, for I have times I need to dress in womens' clothes. Oh, you do not!

It's true, I stand as a witness.

Do you wear ladies' clothes? Sometimes.


When I need to pass through a town unrecognized, of course.

And more, I fully intend to escape out of the country, dressed in a petticoat.

I bet you'd be the ugliest girl I've ever seen!

Some men showed interest. You know what?

You should all come to the Boxing Day Ball with us next week, at the Flagg Hotel. What do you say, Ben?

Why not! Happy now, huh,huh?

For Christ's sake, Jack, try to have a nice evening!

Alright, alright! We were leaving anyway.

Her sweet honeypot calls to me.

You're such a vulgar man, Johnny Gilbert! Yes!

And you love a vulgar man. And I'm the most vulgar man you've ever met!

Put me down, you brute! Oh, I plan to.

Put me down!

Come to think of it, I think it's time we had some privacy, as well.

Put me down!

Look after your guest, John. I will.

Is it true that bushrangers know how to treat ladies better than regular men?

I don't know.

Oh, well, that's what Ellen claims, anyway.

Says Gilbert knows his way around quite well.

I think bushrangers know how to treat ladies pretty good.

Go on, then. Show me how.

So? Tell us. Did you... tip the velvet, get a bit of under?

Shut up, Jack! You did!

You got her heels up!

Ben, our little Johnny's all grown up now.


Doesn't anybody use cash anymore?

Now it's all worthless checks.

At this rate, we'll never have enough.

you find something?

I don't think you want to hear this, Mr. Hall.

Read it.

Mrs. Hall, wife of Ben Hall, the bushranger, accompanied by the notorious Jim Taylor, took out a summons against Bill Hall for the illegal detention of Ben Hall's child... but the parties concerned made no appearance.

The child, having been surrendered back to Taylor, who now assumes his guardianship.

Jim, not in front of Henry!

Take your drinking outside, right now.

I got things to do, anyway.


Wait, listen to me! Get your horse.

We're going for a ride.

A ride where?

Get your bloody horse tethered or ...I'll be makin' it for you.

Stay right here! Benjamin!

Benjamin, go, get out of here! Go, go!

I said get on your horse, Taylor, right now!

No, don't you shoot my father, Ben Hall!

Don't you shoot him!

Don't you shoot my Dah! Henry, I'm your Dah, I'm your Dah, remember?


You will tell him.

You will tell him who his father really is.

Try it on, might be 7.

You have such beautiful things, Mrs. Morris.

Oh, thank you.

Evening, ladies.

Heading to the Ball, later tonight? Indeed, we are!

Helen, you're not thinking of wearing crenoline, are you?

I am, I'm old enough.

Leave them alone, Edward. Let the ladies have their fun.

So tell me, who are the lucky fellas, taking you?

Big surprise. You'll see.

Well, I can't wait to meet them.

Bail up. Easy, easy!

Stay calm, everyone, calm!

Howdy, there, Miss McKennon, Miss Knox.

Evening, sir. Evening, sir.

I know you!

Gilbert, John Gilbert! I'm flattered you remember.

I suppose you're Ben Hall.

I am that gentleman.

Any firearms on the premises? No!

Cash? Only some silver.

Only silver.

A man in your position, Morris

I've heard you keep your money in strange places.

Helen, you told them. How could you?

I would do nothing of the sort Miss Morris.

You can lock up for tonight.

We'll be escorting you and your wife to the Ball.

What do you want from me?

Far too dangerous, leaving you outside, being a former policeman and all.

Now, go let your wife change her dress.

Ladies and gentlemen, please excuse our raucous entrance but I will have your undivided attention.

My name is John Gilbert and with me are my mates, Ben Hall and John Dunn.

No doubt, you have heard of us.

But don't be alarmed.

We are here for the same reason as you., to have a bit of fun!

No one is to leave without my permission first.

Do that

and there'll be no trouble.

Fiddler, proceed!

Come now, ladies and gentlemen, let us all liquor and dance. first round is on me.

John, you're up!

Ben, how about a drink?

A drink, a Morris?

Boys, are you bloody mad?

You know what their capture is worth?

25 hundred pounds!

Now, I'll make a rush on them.

Anyone game enough to join me?

Sure, I'm in.

For a slice of fed like that? As am I.


Pistols goin' off around women and children, Morris...

They've been drinkin'.

They won't be themselves.

They're not doing any harm.

Oh, right, if we sit here and do nothing, What does it make us, hm? Cowards!

Leave him, leave him, leave him be. we bide our time.

Let them drink a little more.

You fellas take Gilbert and Dunn.

Leave Ben Hall to me.

What's wrong? Wait right here.


Stand, you bloody dog or I'll shoot you!

We hear whispers of dirty talk coming from this room.


For those of who who crave to take our lives for the blood money on our hides, have the courage to step forward and take it now.

What are you waiting for?

Take it now.

Any man, thirsting for the blood money on my head, can earn it.

I'll fight you all on the street, one after the other.

Did we tell you to stop? Keep playing!

As I was crossing over the Abercrombie mountains, I met Sir Fredrick Pottinger and his money he was counting I then produced my pistol to acquaint him of his danger saying stand and deliver for I am a Beauford stranger

Now it's early the next morning about six o'clock or seven There were troopers all around me in numbers odd and even but Jenny had got 3 charges and she dampened them with water Oh, the devil will take her mother or favorite sons or daughters

...on the Abercrombie mountain but they didn't take my piss from me and I knocked down all their... and I made up all my... to Sir Fred and all his gentry

Where's Morris?

Jack, Morris is gone!

Move, move!


Morris! get back here, now!

Morris, you bastard!

This is your last chance!

What happened, where is he?

The bastard was trying to set loose our horses.

He's gone! Christ, he'll have every troop from Golburn down here in no time So much for our fine evening! So, what do we do?

I'm going to burn his store down to bloody stumps, right now! Keep everyone here.

Please, please, I beg you!

Don't burn it down. You'll ruin us.

Your husband is nothing but a dog and if I ever come across him again, that day will be his last.

Please, don't do this to us. Please!

Nobody leaves this building for the next hour.

Do it in, serves the bugger right!

Yeah, serves him right!

Who could that be?

I know who I hope it is.

Who are you? What do you want?

You're all charged with aiding and abetting the Hall gang and the commission of arson. You're under arrest and will be coming with us to Galban. that is all.


I didn't... I wasn't... I wasn't there...

Godd evening, Miss. Good evening, sir.

So, who are you, then? Harry Nelson.

Well Harry Nelson, you'll be minding our horses.

Got that? Alright.

You make a run for it, we'll let them loose.

I'll blow your brains out.

Everybody, outside! This instant!

Faster! Move!

Come on! Move! Move!

Move! Bring it in there.

Alright, everyone. listen up!

Empty out the contents of your jacket place it in your hats. Hold them out for me to see.

I catch anyone holdin' out on me, you'll get a good throttlin'.

Understand? Good! Miss? Step inside, please.

Alright, report! Starting with you.

What's that? What have you got? Let's see it!

Would you be kind enough to open all the others for me?

Of course.

What is it, Samuel Those were gunshots, just now.

I swear, it's a dream. Mr. Nelson!

Mr. Nelson! Mr. Nelson!

There are bushrangers at Kelly's Hotel and them boys had Harry with them!

Christ, what was all that racket about Johnny?

I chased up a fella headed this way.

Oh, you did? good for ya!

The traps'll be here any minute, I'm telling ya!

Not likely, they're all out in the bush, looking for us.

You don't know that! Yes, I do.

Jack, call us all downstairs.

Ben, Johnny wants to see you.

I don't know. Ask him about it.

Please Sam, you don't go out there by yourself.

At least, wait for the others to get back.

It'll be too late by then, they've got our boy, Lizzy.

Plesse, Sam, you don't go up there! now, look, Now, look, I'm just going to do my best.

Wait here.

What's the trouble, John?

We got what bwe came for.

Why the hell are we lagging around?

Jack wants to find himself a pair of boots to his liking.

Mr. Hall, if there are any traps in town, they'll be all over us, any time now.

Then go outside and keep good watch.

Dad, Dad, have you heard?

Hall's gang have bailed up the hotel i'm on my way there now. they've got your brother with them. Can I come with you?

Alright, but keep at a good distance.

Jack, we got company!


Not one step closer!

Wait here.

Get back or I'll shoot you!




That's my Da.

That's my Da!

You shot my Da, you bastard!

God damn you,boy!

Nelson was a husband and a father of 8 children!

John, what's going on?

Shot one of the bloody traps. The other one bolted.

Da's dead!

Ah, just what I wanted, ah!

What are you doing? What does it look like?

Now, I can't use it anymore.

What the bloody hell was that?

I didn't know what to do, I'm sorry!

It just happened! You're wanted for murder, John.

That means when they catch you, they'll hang you.

What were you thinking?

You left me alone out there! What was I supposed to do?

You coulda just shot him in the leg for Christ's sake.

Instead, you blew the poor bastard to kingdom come!

I said I was sorry, alright?

No need to be sorry, Johnny.

You did what was needed, that's all.

You want the whole country against us, Jack.

Is that what you want?

It already is!

And if they're coming for us, I'm taking as many traps with me as I can.

God damn you, the pair of you!

You're as mad as you are stupid!

You think you're innocent in all this?

That you ain't got no blood on your hands?

I may not be innocent but I've never killed a man.

So what?

You've taken shots at hundreds of them, Could've killed any one of them at any time.

But you always were a lousy shot.

I never miss anything I fix to hit.

I see. So, you're just a coward, then.

Say it again.

Say it again, Jack.

I said say it again!

Where are you going?

John, Come in quickly!


What's happened?

What have you done?

I shot a man.

A trap?

I'm sorry.

Think I will stay here..

No, you've gotta run.

John, get away from the country as fast as you can.

Come with me, please.

We'll go north, we'll start a new life together.

I'll look after you, Pegs. I swear it.

What about my sister? She can come too.

John, haven't you heard?

3 weeks ago, we were all arrested for what happened in Binda.

Then let me go free but Ellen and Chrissy... they've been sent to Sydney to stand trial.

We didn't know we'd get them hurt.

Come with me, please.

I can't, I'm sorry.

You say you want to escape the country, Ben... do you mean that?

Or is that just cock and bull talk?

No, it's true. Good!

Christine is in jail, Ellen too.

I thought you ought to know that.

Three long steps I step it up to her Though knowing her as she must be mine i would make you as happy as any lady If you would grant me one small rally She said: "Stand off, you are deceiptful, you are deceiptful and a false young man It is you that's caused my poor heart for to wonder.

Mr. Hall, there's more troopers headed this way, not 2 miles off.

God damn it, we just got here!

You can stay at my place tonught. Come, on.

May the Good Lord Bless you.

Once they've passed through the area, give us the all clear.

Good lad.

Well, we can say the gang was here not more than 2 hours ago.

And they were tipped off.

Any idea where they went, sir?

Couldn't tell you, sir. Who tipped them off?

Couldn't tell you that, either.

Arrest him. I want everyone here questioned.

Their telegraph is still here, I'll wager that.

Him! That one, right there!

You, there!

What's your name, lad?

Suttle. Suttle.

You got 2 choices, Mr. Suttle... you can tell us where they went and we let you walk free no charges.

You're facing 7 years in jail for aiding and abetting bushrangers.

So, what's it gonna be? Where'd they go, Mr. Suttle?


Don't you shoot my Da!

Benjamin! Benjamin!

Look out!

Johnny, get your head down!

Get into the fight, Johnny!

Come on!


They're all over us!

We have to get out of here, right now!

Give yourselves up! We've got you surrounded!

They're surrounding us!

Both of you,get out!

No, it's murder out there.

We have to or they'll trap us like bloody rats.

Come on!

Go! Now!

Follow me!

They're getting out!

Go on, Jim. Go on!

Jesus, Ben's been hit!

Where in the hell did they come from?

Burns must have sold us out! Bloody bastard!

We need to get back to the horses. No chance, just run!


Keep running, Johnny, go!

Come on, you bastards!

I'm over here.

You want a bloody fight? Come on!

Just run, Jack. Go!

Christ's sake, don't lose that!

Where are we going?

Hearse Hill isn't far from here. We can get horses there.

Come on!

Wait! Stop!

Benny, I can feel the ball, It's hit the bone... Shit.

Devil of a thing to get hold of...

Do what you have to.

Just get the bastard thing out.

Bite on this.



Oh, yes, my little darlin'. Hold your hand out.

Send that back to the traps, huh? Alright?

Detective James Pye... he's the fella that had a go at you.

Oh, he's also the one who arrested Gardner.

At Akers Creek, last year.

Something else here, you should know...

Parliament has moved to pass the Felons Apprehension Act, which would summon and command John Gilbert, Benjamin Hall and John Dunn to serve... surrender... to surrender themselves to abide their trial respectively for the felony and murder so charged upon them.

If by the set date, they have not surrendered, they will be declared outlaws, after which, any citizen may apprehend or take said outlaws, dead or alive, without being accountable for using any deadly weapon.

What the hell does that mean? It means that anyone can kill you.

Anyone, no charges will be laid.

What the hell gives them the right to do that?

They can't do that to us! You hear? Thay can't!

They bloody well can!

And they will. this passed. You got 30 days to turn yourselves in.

We are not turning ourselves in top, none of us are!

Certainly not while we have these.

We need to get out of the country well before this Act is passed.

I agree but with what? We lost everything at Byrnes' and we need a whole lot more. What are you thinking, Ben?

That we try something we should've done a long time ago...

sticking up a gold escort. Which one?

An escort leaves the Araloo in Deaton's every week, bound for Sydney.

Goes over the Blue Mountains, through Majaor's Creek, that's where we hit it. Perfect!

You're not bloody serious! You got a better idea?

We've done this before, Johnny. Don't worry.

I would gather in\ half a dozen others... there's only 3 of us.

Then, we'll get more fellas. One more, to do it.

Someone we can trust.

Well, what about Daniel Ryan?

He's be game for it, I know he would.

Know where he is?

I think so, up in Berra last I heard.

Then go and get him.

Ben, this is my mate, Dan Ryan. It's nice to meet you, Mr. Hall.

Dunn tells me you're up for a bit of cross work Aye, the more, the merrier.

Know what you're getting yourself into, lad?

I'm game.

Welcome to the gang.

You ok, mate? Yeah, right as rain, mate.

Let's do this fast and do it right.


Look out! Look out!

Get down!


Come on, move up! Move up, come on, boys!

Lead on, Kay!

Keep your heads on Kelly!

Fuckin' hell!

Mr. Hall!

There's 2 more!

Jesus! Ben, they're getting closer!

It's no bloody good, get back to the horses.

Come on, Ryan.

Watch! We've got them on the run!

Move up! Move!

Mr. Hall...

so where we headed to next?

We are heading north. Yeah, that's right, You are going back to Marinbara. Excuse me?

You're going back home, first thing tomorrow.

Yeah, like hell I am!

Look, I don't care what happened with the escort, alright?

I said I'd ride with you and I'm a man of my word.

Johhnyy Dunn is my good mate, same as you and Gilbert.

I don't walk away from mates. Dan, you don't want to become what we have No, I do, that's why I'm here. That's why I've come here.

Then, you'll do it your own way.

I'm not taking any more mates to hell with me

We'll cross over the Harvey Ranges here, girding around Wellington on the McCrory River.

From there, we head east to the Mirror Valley, then north, Straight for Queensland. That's one hell of a ride.

If we push hard enough, we can be across the border in a fortnight.

From there, we buy our passage out. With what?

If we bailed up everyone between here and Queensland, we still won't have enough.

No damn way, we're getting out of the country.

I have some stowed away.

How much?

Probably not enough to get us out.

I don't know, maybe.

Where is it? Buried at Mick Coneley's You trust Goobang Mick with that lot?

He's like family to me and he's never once taken a penny of it.

We could have been halfway across the sea by now!

We nearly got our heads blown off going after that escort!

You never wanted to leave anyway.

It's you that doesn't want to leave because you can't let Biddy go,

can you?

Now, I say it's high time we got the fuck out of New South Wales.

Let's go, Johnny.

You're to be outlawed, Ben, all three of you.

First outlaws in the colony.

This country certainly doesn't want us anymore, does it.

Can you blame them? You raised some hell out there.

I can't be helpin' you anymore, Ben.

Every time you show up, you put my family at risk.

I just need your help one last time, Mick.

After that, the 3 of us will be gone forever.

I swear it. What do you need?

Leaving the Colony for good, Mick tells me. Very soon.

I'm sorry, you'll be missed.

By as many as I think? I'll miss you, for one.

It's kind of you to say so.

Do you remember, years ago, my uncle set your broken leg.

I remember you lying up there on our kitchen table, your poor leg all wrapped up tight. How old were you?

Thirteen? Fourteen.

No, not reaaly.

I fancied you something terrible in those days.

Can't imagine how I cried when I heard you married Biddy Walsh.

I was convinced you'd notice me, one day, when I'd grown up...

Wasn't meant to be, I suppose.

I've always has some other plans,

Always for the best.

I wouldn't have broken your heart the way she did.

Everything alright? Yes!

Just getting a blessed speck out from his eye.

Go on...

Thanks for seeing to that. Quite alright.

The rest will be waiting or you when you get back.

Thank you, Mick. We won't be too long.

A week.

Two, at most.

I need to ride to Forbes tomorrow.

What for?

The boys need me to pick up some more supplies I'll come with you. No, much faster if I ride alone.

Let me know if you need anything.

Sure you don't want us with you?

Take care of that bastard, Taylor, once and for all?

I'll be fine.

You heading into Forbes? You bet.

I'm not leaving without a goodbye present from a certain young lady Or two. Stay out of sight.

Don't draw any attention.

Be careful, Ben. We'll be waiting for you at Mick's.

You're certain, this man can be trusted, James?

Well, not 100%, Sir... but yes.

Sir, I dealt with these informer types before.

Most often, they're planted by the gang themselves.

Tryin' to throw us off the scent. I believe this man is telling the truth.

I've known him some time, Sir. Well, who is he?

He has asked to remain completely anonymous, Sir.

I see.

Sergeant, would you excuse us, please?


I'm sorry, Sir, the fewer people that know, the better.

Word spreads fast.

I want you to take out a patrol, see where this leads...

If this fellow of yours is lying to us, we'll soon know and have lost nothing.

But if he is telling the truth, this may be our last chance, eh?

I'll assemble a party immediately.

I want Sgt. Condell on this one, as well.


You may find you need a man like him on this, James, alright?

Very well.


I'll keep him here. Go! Go!

Henry, stay close to the house.

Come to see my boy.

Hello, Henry.

Hello. Do you remember me?

You're Ben Hall, my Dah.

That's right, I have something here that I wanted to give you.

It's you, not as hairy.

Thast's right...

I'm not as hairy.

I want you to have that, so you always remember who your Daddy is.

Where's Taylor? I have something I have to discuss with him...

Both of you.


Leave your guns here and I'll take you to him.


Biddy, wait! What are you...

He just wants to talk to you and that's all.

This is all for Henry,

300 pounds.

I'm entrusting it to his mother... to be kept safe for my son's future.

And nothing else.

Now, you'll swear an oath, never to touch a single penny of it, ever.

I won't touch it, Ben. I swear!

Because if you ever steal from my son, I will hear of it...

You hold him to that oath, Biddy.

Where's Ben?

Went to say farewell to his boy, out of Lake Hull Won't be seeing him for a few days yet.

He'll miss you, camped up that way, off Mordicent, wouldn't want anyone to see you here Understood.

Thanks for the grub, Mr. Coneley. You're welcome.

Everything alright?

While we're here, keep your eyes wide open.

I have to go away...

I won't be able to see you again.

Not for a very long time. Promise me... when you're grown up, you'll come and find me.

I promise.

I'll be watching out for you.

You get as far away as you can, Ben, as fast as you can.

You don't look back, you get away safe, you hear?


I'm not proud of what I've become. You have to believe that.

I just want Henry to know who his father was before all this.

Only you can teach him that. I will.

Thank you, Biddy.

I love you, little man.

Ben! Ben!

I'm so sorry for what I did.

Sergeant! Inspector coming.

What's the situation? They've arrived.

But Gilbert and Dunn only.

So, let's go take the little bastards. No.

We'll wait for Ben Hall. I mean to take all three.

If those 2 little bastards are there now, I say we go get them now.

Hall will not be far behind. Sir!

Do you hear me? We wait!

Cover the fire, quickly!

There! Just who the hell are they?

I knew it! Conely sold us out, the fuckin' fistgate!

What about Ben? He's on his way here.

We'll find him first, come on.




Sergeant, is it true you know Ben Hall? Hey, I escorted him to his trial in Orange in '62.

Twasn't long after... him and Gardiner and his mates, they put a little hole in my ribs... at Ugaya Rocks. Damned near killed me that day.

That Ben Hall fella nearly killed me too.

One day at Leselly Creekside there, him and other 3 fellas they been chase me, they been shooting at me Me have to jump off my horse up and run but that Ben Hall fella been chase after me I had no bullet left; I grab my gun and I threw it at him... and him drop straight on the ground on him head

Looks as though we're all acqainted with the enemy, except myself.

You will be, sir, soon enough.

Ben, you're back. Aye.

Any trouble about the place? Not that I've seen.

All quiet.

Where are the others? I've not seen 'em yet.

Strange, they should have arrived days ago.

Hope they're alright, Why don't you come inside?

I'll get Mary to cook up a nice supper.

I think it's best I make camp. Alright.

Gilbert and Dunn are gone. Gone?

What do you mean? Gone where?

Some Strickland stockmen passed by yesterday, they must have mistaken them as policemen and bolted.

Dammit, we should have taken them when we had the chance.

But Ben Hall's here. What?

Just arrived, not an hour ago. Camped half a mile from my place.

We take Hall immediately, while we still can.

Davidson, if you ambush Hall right there, in his camp, you shoot him right there and then, I'm tellin' you.

If he gets but a yard on you, you'll lose him.

You can bet your life on it.

And then he'll know it was me. He'll know!

Shoot him.

Still no sign of the boys?

Take a look around first thing tomorrow.

Can't be far off.

See you in the morning, alright?


Thank you.

There! Hall's in that bush somewhere.

Let's go get him now.

Not in daylight. He'll see us coming a mile off.

Billy! Go ahead.

Find out exactly where Hall's? Report straight back.

Quiet now! No noise, hm? Good luck.

Now listen here, Billy. You get close enough and you shoot that bastard.

You got that, Boyle?

You do as your ordered.

I do what he say.

What do you think you've been given this for?

We're here to kill this man. If you get the chance, then you shoot him.

Don't bloody miss.

Did you find him? Yes, boss.

Ben Hall came over in that trees there. Big bush.

Hard to be quiet.

We won't get within 40 yards\ without him hearing us.

I'm not underestimating this man, Sergeant, not here!

This is his world. He knows the bush like the blacks know the bush.

Quiet, lads, here's our play.

Keep this:

You take Buckley, Coburn, Bourne and Charlie... you circle right round behind him take a position on the lee side, now you spread right out across that flank in case he makes a break for that corner.

Now, you keep a good distance, wait there til first light Nobody makes a move on him, fires a single shot,unless I do.

If we can take him alive, we will. Let's move!

I'm up.

Wait! Boot off, all of you.

Sir? He'll hear us coming a mile off.

Boots off!

Ben Hall!

On my mark.


Stand fast!


Shoot him!

Shoot him now!

Stand fast!

Come on!


Cease fire!


No, no, I'm wounded.

I'm wounded.

Hold fire!

Hold fire! No!

Hold fire! Cease Fire!

My God! What happened? You couldn't take him alive?

No, Sir.

Never gave us the chance.

Well, he must have put up one hell of a last fight.

He didn't fire a shot. What?

He didn't fire a single shot, Sir. He was on the run, though, Sir And armed... had no choice I want a full report from both of you, immediately!