The Legend of Hercules (2014) Script

Archers, hold!

King Galenus of Argos! Show yourself!

My sword against yours. Victor takes all!

This city, or mine, this army, riches... subjects, all! Not another soldier will die!

And I could do to replenish my ranks.

What say you, most brave and merciful king of Argos?

Will you spare these men?

King Amphitryon, I accept your challenge.

Prepare to die.

Amphitryon! Amphitryon! Amphitryon!

The campaign ends here, for now.

Chiron told me you took Egypt because they attacked our ships.

That's right.

But Argos, our neighbor, they presented no threat.

I see Chiron has been expanding your Curriculum.

I do not need a tutor to tell me when there's peace.

I took Argos for you.

For me? You took Argos for its gold.

Yes. That, too.

But I'm told they're obsessed with the gods here, just like you.

You know, if they had as many soldiers as they have priests... it would be my body on the pyre tonight.

You summoned me, Majesty? How is Prince Iphicles tonight?

What will you teach him, Chiron?

Will you teach him war? It cannot be ignored, Majesty.

History is but a chronicle of war.

And war is but a chronicle of grief... recounted in the tears of young men's Mothers.

Sometimes, Majesty...

I question who between us is the tutor and who is student.

In my own vanity, I thought I could bring Tenderness... to a man whose craving for power is sated by nothing... and only grows with each victory.

No god's wrath could bring the anguish... that my king has beset upon this land.

And so I prostrate myself before you, Goddess.

Deliver us from this curse.

Help my people.


Hera accepts your gift.

Goddess Hera?

Queen Alcmene... approach.

Majesty, no!

Closer. Let me look upon you.

You will have your deliverer. Another son you shall bear.

No. Please not by this man. Please, Goddess...

Tell me, would you betray your king... as my king betrays me in his lust for you?

Would you have his mortal son to quell your sorrow... and bring peace to this land?

Would you bear the son of Zeus?

For the sake of peace, I would.

Then, for the sake of peace, I shall permit it.

Name him what you wish, but I shall know him as "Hercules".


Where is he?

Who is he?

Who is this man you spurn me for night after night? Who?

Please, Majesty! Where is he?

My king!

Intruder! Search the camp! Find him! Find him!

Speak. It's a boy, Sire.

A fine, large boy.

His name will be Alcides... and he will never be an equal to his older brother.


Your name shall be Hercules.

Be careful, there are snakes in the trees!

I didn't know you fear them! Watch out!

So, what else do you fear?

I fear but one thing. I always have.

Your departure, each and every time.

Is this another private hideaway?

You just wait. I think you'll like it.




Lose something?

You made me nearly faint with fright!

Come. Come here.

I like your necklace.

My mother once gave this as a parting gift to my father.

And though she's with the gods now...

I want you to have it.

It's only stone... but I wish it were gold.

I wish there were a substance finer than that to have you remember me by.

There is.

My mind's eye.

Where your face has been etched since the day I first saw you.

Careful. Your horse could have lost its footing.

You be careful... brother.

Princess, your father is worried.

A search party was dispatched.

It's lucky you knew where to find us.

Yes. Though I'd rather it had been some other man's luck.

Princess, you rode out without saying a word.

And what word would have permitted me to?

And what word would have permitted me to?

There is a feast tonight and she must not be late.

Yes, my Prince. No, brother.

You ride with me.

We'll see each other tonight.

Saw your hoof marks in the forest.

Tell me, what would you have done if she'd been thrown and broken her neck?

I thought you knew her better.

More likely I would break my neck.

I saw more than hoof marks today.

Did you? Watch yourself!

I've known her just as long as you have, and with a more mature eye!

I'm older than you, Alcides, and heir to the throne!

Let's back away slowly. Don't turn your horse.

No, let's escape. Your horse can outrun it.

Yours wouldn't.

What are you doing?

Now, back your horse behind me. Oh, yes, of course.

And what a tale of bravery the next king of Tiryns will have to tell tonight.

Iphicles! The point of this was for one of us to get away.

A Nemean lion. A man eater! They can't be killed!

Our spears are useless!


Iphicles. Where have you been?

What is that thing? Take it off.

Why, it appears to be the skin of the Nemean lion!

The lion, which I killed but two hours ago.

Look, this is where it struck. You see, Father?

But I'm all right. No cut to the eye. Where was your brother in this contest?


He ran away at the first sign of danger.

Have you ever known my brother flee danger?

Have you, Princess?

No. Never.

Well... I thought you knew him better than that.

Tell them. Father.

So it has a chance to sink into some of the thicker heads here.

My friend, King Tallas the Brave, ruler or Crete... we have enjoyed free commerce between our lands... tonight we make a bargain for something far greater.

The peace between our houses will be sealed four moons hence... with the harvest moon, when my heir, Prince Iphicles..

Will take the Princess of Crete to be his wife!


Hebe! Hebe, stop!

Why don't you enlighten me on what just happened.

I believe the announcement took them by surprise, Father.

The only surprise is that you allowed her to behave in such a manner... without even lifting a finger, lion slayer.

What could I have done?

I am Amphitryon the Conqueror... ruler of the realm, vanquisher of Argos.

You are my son, and tonight you stood and watched... as your future wife made a fool of you and me... in front of our most formidable threat: Crete.

Look at them. It makes you look weak.

I'm sorry, Father. I don't want you to be sorry.

I want you to be a man.

You're the future king of Tiryns. Act like it.

Hebe! Hebe, stop!

Stop! Stop!

Come here.

I won't marry him.

I'd rather die.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I need you strong.

Are you strong?

I want to leave with you... tonight.

If we can make it across the river to Tyga... the King's men Won't follow us.

That's them! Go, Hebe, run west!

No, I won't leave you! I'll be right behind you! Go!

After them!

You two, follow her! Now!

You heard the orders! Don't hurt the Prince!


Stop! Stop! Alcides!

Hebe! Help!




Captain Sotiris.

Is the Fourth Battalion ready to sail tomorrow?

160 men, Your Grace, ready and accounted for, as you commanded.

Good. You'll take half. No more.

Half? You are young.

Learn to keep 80 in line and we'll see about expanding your command.

You disapprove?

No, Your Grace.

We'll be victorious and honor your name.

I have him, Father!

I understand you're having some trouble with the arrangements we've made.

Your arrangements you may find spoiled by the next harvest moon.

I think not. You sail to Egypt tomorrow.

There's been a revolt in Heliopolis, north of the Nile River delta.

You will enjoy war, Alcides, and you will forget all this.

I certainly don't fear for your survival.

May your mother's gods be with you, if they be at all.

Ask him about Hebe.

One final thing.

Your brother here seems obsessed with the thought... that you've taken the girl's maidenhood.

Why don't you reassure him that's not the case.

Certainly, I shall.

I assure you, brother... it's none of your business.

I wish you endless victories in the battlefield, brother.

Because if you return here, I will kill you.

Alcides, I beg you to understand... that you have a purpose on this earth beyond this one desire.

I've no purpose other than claiming the love that is mine!

I damn the King for denying it to me, and I damn the gods for taking her from me!

Hercules! Majesty, no.

What did you call me?

You are not the son of Amphitryon.

I swear on my love for you, you are Hercules...

Gift of Hera, son of Zeus.

Chiron. My Prince.

Has my mother spoken of this to anyone?

No. I assure you, no one.

Because the King is a jealous man... and most likely would believe this mad talk.

Open the gates!



Have heart, my love! I will return before you know it!

And you will be marrying me!

Three moons from now!

What troubles you?

The King first ordered my full company... then halved it before we left.

There's no campaign underway. Peace is secured in Crete.

Two divisions lay idle in camp.

Why would that fool deny me even the smallest excess of troops?

We do not know what awaits us in Heliopolis!

Horus Pass. We'll be there by sunset and make camp.

There must be another way than through a pass.

Along with our numbers, our route was changed as well.

Your father wants us in Heliopolis a day sooner.

Scouts forward!

Plenty of water for all!

Cold and clean.

Any word of the scouts? It's been too long since they left.

Make camp here. Feed the horses and the men.

Now, we need 20 volunteers on foot... cause we're gonna secure the passage.

Some say the Golden Eagle's a sign from Zeus.

Yes. And some believe it's just a bird.


Men... fall back to the camp.

I led them to their deaths.

Fall back! Retreat! Back the way we came!

Battle formation!



Archers! Form up!

We're the only two left! Take them alive!

Commander Tarak. Over here.

The Prince's helmet.

Who is the captain?

I am.

Is this the helmet of the Prince named Alcides?

Is it? Yes.

Where does he lie?

Where does he lie?

He lies there.

Where you got him.

Take this to the King.

Captain, you are strong-willed... but this one, even half dead... he's twice as strong as my best fighter.

If I thought you'd live, I'd sell you both for a princely sum.

Sell us. Sell us! Sell us.

We will live.

Who are you, soldier?


I cooled it off for you.

There's far worse pain awaiting where you two are going.

Would the King really do this?

Sacrifice is own men to ensure the death of one?

His own son!

Why did you choose to live?

Do you know of the engagement... between my brother Iphicles and Hebe, Princess of Crete?

Yes. It was announced before our departure.

I must make it back to Tiryns before the wedding.

You stay by my side...

I'll make you a guest of honor... at what shall be my wedding.

I fear you've been within the palace walls too long, my Prince.

I've traveled the world... and I know what's out there. You are wrong.

Surely you have something to return to.

Of course.

A wife and son. Set your mind on them.

And nothing else!

So, tell me... who is this... Hercules?

I don't yet know.


Are you sick, Mother?

Do I seem so? Often. At the sight of me.

This is foolish talk.

You are my son.

The one who is living.

Yet I feel more absent than the one who is not.

Iphicles... we are both grieving.

But in this sea of grief there must be a drop of felicitation.

I am to be wed three moons hence.


You are right.

You have won yourself a fine bride.

A bride, yes. But have I won a wife?

She will serve you well.

Is this my hope?

Mother, how do I win her as my father won you?

Please. I am not Alcides.

I know that. To her or to you.

Your father won me but for a moment... which passed so fast I cannot remember.

This is what you will have with Hebe.

This is what has come of it.

A marriage that she does not want...

and the death of your brother.

I paid good money for both of you.

I expect a return.

Hercules, what is it?

It's the first full moon.

She does not even know I live.

Come on!

You miserable misers!

I was told you Sicilians had money!

Who wants to bet on Sotiris?

Tell me, friend, can you win your way out of here?

Oh, yes.

That way.

You're next, Greek.

You'd better win just as much as your friend there... or perhaps you prefer to breathe mud.

You said... "Stay by my side."

I say we're doomed.

I promise you, I will return you to your family.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

You called for me. I am here.

Thank you for joining me... so that Hera may bless this marriage.

Why do you look at me this way?

Have you found peace, Alcmene?

If you will tell me how my son found his death, I would.

Will you tell me how he found life?


Yes, Amphitryon, at long last I will tell you.

He was not my son, I know it!

Do not dare deny it! I will not.

Who sired him? Tell me! Do you even know?

How many lovers did you take? One!

You lie! I took one for a single night... and for a single purpose: To put an end to your rule!

Tell me! Zeus!

Zeus came to my bed and planted a seed in me... to spawn a son to end your tyranny!

And now, you have murdered the son of the god of gods... and you are doomed. You are doomed.

You're doomed.

No! No!

The Queen... in her grief, has taken her own life.

You made me a fortune today, Hercules.

Your trifles are of no interest to me.

A man of great enterprise. "Great enterprise."

You want real enterprise, you take us to Greece.

Greece? In the kingdoms of Greece... your games would draw thousands.

I draw thousands here.

Thousands of laughs, he means. Laughs? What do you mean?

Let me put it this way, in King Amphitryon's lands... sport is war and war is sport.

And between the two, the King... is Hades' most reliable supplier.

Now, they hold an event once a year... that is the most elaborate, beautiful and rich affair...

You know, actually, it's not for you. No, it's the purest stuff there.

None of this slipping in mud, dancing on beams.

Oh, no. Just men on solid ground... wielding bronze forged into shapes... even the tyrant King himself could not have conceived of.

How is the wagering? How's the wagering?

My friend, I doubt you have the imagination to even dream of it.

For example, in the final contest, and that means... the richest contest, mind you... two men fight against six.

Six that have never been beaten.

Now, if they win, well, the two go free.

But the odds would be against it.

You'd find advantage in that, I'm sure. But if they win...

Tidy sum of gold in it for you.

Why would I fight you two?

We've never lost. Neither have they.

Cut his head off, he would not be any dumber.

One must fight with brawn and brain.

Mind your words, my friend.

I will arrange the grandest arena in Sicily.

You two battling Half-Face and Humbaba.

The victors shall go on a boat... with me to Greece.

And now... for the event you have been waiting for!

Four unbeaten champions of Sicily... battling for a journey to the greatest tourney in Greece!

I give you the ferocious... the terrifying...

Half-Face and Humbaba!

And their challengers...

Hercules and Sotiris of Tiryns!



Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Fight! Fight! Fight!


Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

Are you mad? He was wounded.

You killed the only man who could replace him.

I can still fight, Lucius! Right!

Against the six best fighters in Greece.

You're as good as dead. The agreement is off.

You're back in the pits tomorrow. We won't fight.Unless in Greece.

Then you'll die.

Go ahead, kill us. Who then will fight for your silver?

You dare to threaten me?

Would you really lose your two best fighters?

Would you see your money bag even a single piece of silver lighter... you miserable, gutless old miser?

Look at you! You can hardly walk!

You're useless! What I need to take you for?

Because you're setting him free. No, Hercules.

I will fight them. Alone.

Then you are going to a certain death.

We have another two days at sea!

He's been at the bow ever since we left the port.

My name is Sotiris, Captain of the Fourth Division.

I rode for Heliopolis with your Prince... and we're the only two survivors.

The other is a man of much renown.

His name is Hercules.

A man has come to our shores!

A slave with the name of Hercules!

A "Gift of Hera" we are to believe!

We return him not as a man, but as a pile of bloody guts and bone... on which the canines of Olympus may feast!

I give you...


He is fighting for his freedom... against the six greatest undefeated champions of Greece!

Commander. Captain.

See for yourself. And you tell us this is Prince Alcides?

And if it is, you're with us?

Yes. And not us alone, Sotiris. I promise you.

Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

My Prince.

Chiron, give me news of Hebe!

Please, Chiron, will you bring her to me?

I will find some way.

Thank you, Sotiris. I know you have someone to see, as well.

Soon enough.

Tell him the condition of the army.

There's a great mistrust ever since your company perished.

The King is squeezing anything he can from the people to hire foreign mercenaries.

I will sound out our most trusted officers.

They will rally to us.

And my brother, will he come to our side?

It is his men pillaging the villages.

And any spoils are their wages.

I fear you'll have to defeat... both this king and the next.

Chiron, you must not let on a thing to Hebe.

She could never hide happiness.

Now, "Gift of Hera"... call upon all your strength, because I must tell you something.

I have terrible news about your mother.

She is no longer with us.

She met her death with her own dagger.

I drew it myself from her chest... as the King fled the temple.

Your name was on her dying breath.

The King will pay for this.

Will your men stay behind us?

They are your men now.

They will stand behind you.

As will I.

Out of my way, woman!

Move, woman! Move!

We're taking your property in the name of the King!

No! Please, don't!

Get down on your knees!

Does it really take four men to steal one man's livelihood?

Draw swords!

Stand down.

Is it true? You are Hercules, the god?

No, I'm just a man.

It's time to send the King a message.

Now I understand why your men prefer desertion, Iphicles.

I just received the news. Of what?

These three bumbling half-wits, or the rising rebellion at our doorstep?

Majesty, they say Sotiris, Captain of Fourth Division, is back.

He is leading the desertion.

Father, I'll take responsibility for this.

Let me find Sotiris. I'll make him lead us to Hercules.

When our allies from Egypt, Germania, and the horn of Africa arrive tomorrow...

Sotiris, Hercules, even Zeus himself will be but a memory.

What is this place? Captain Sotiris arranged it.

This house will serve as safe haven, it would appear.

The woman inside says she knows you.

She says she fled Argos with the King's invasion.

You swear to me this is the second son of Alcmene... slain Queen of Tiryns?

Yes. Alcides.

Though he's known now to the people... As Hercules.

Yes, I know. I was present for the naming.

My friend says you were of Argos until my father brought his wrath upon it.

Your father brought wrath upon many... but Argos, that was a mortal's doing.

Where have you brought me? To the truth, Hercules.

To the truth of you.

You may claim your bride and ride a thousand days, it will not matter.

Your destiny lies in something beyond.

Your journey in life will take you farther from love... than you can imagine.

My mother said that very thing... the last day I set eyes on her.

She was wise. But even she did not understand the whole of it.

You must accept who you are.

Only then can you unlock the doors to your own potential.

Embrace your father, and you will discover... powers that you never imagined.

Where was this father when 80 good men perished next to me?

Where was he when my mother was murdered?

Your father has always been there, Hercules.

You were just not ready for him.

Zeus can't change the minds of mortals... but he has given you a gift.

And be warned, abuse it and it will lead to your destruction.

Respect it, and it will save you and those you love.

You will accept me... love me.

We will have children... and you will love every one equally!

Won't you? Equally!


Restore me to my home.

Return me to my father.

The gods do not want this marriage.

I do not want this marriage.

Well, it Will be.

Mark me, two moons hence.

Or you may take your life, as well.



I cannot bear it, Chiron.

I'm sick of living.

The gods save me!

What would have happened had I not just now returned?

You were gone for days, with not a word to me.

I'm sorry, Princess.

There was a reason.

You say this to me... as if I'm blind to the moon's phase.

I know what's in store.

No, you don't.

It's me.

It's me.

How did you keep it... when you lost so much else?

Because losing this, I would've lost it all.

It's mine! You gave it to me, yeah?

Is there still pain? Have no worry.

Where should we go?

No, not where. Doesn't matter where.

Just that we go. And this time, I shall escape him.

We will be together... but not in any foreign land.

Not in Tyga.

But here... in my homeland.

Your Majesty, I understand there's a small problem.

Tell me, Tarak, did I not pay you a sizeable amount of gold... to kill every last man of those 80 men?

Yes, of course.

Then how is it there is a survivor?

And not only Captain Sotiris, but another man.

A savior people call "Hercules".

He is rallying the villagers... and even my own soldiers against my rule.

What are you going to do about it?

Answer me!

If, and I say, if this is true...

I will rectify this error.

Darling flower, I missed you.

And I hate to say it, but... we need to leave now.

What is it? ls the bloom off the rose so soon after my arrival?

Is this him?


How is it you survived? No one survives those places.


I was given hope.


And what is your hope now, Captain Sotiris?

That my son's life be spared.

Then take us to Hercules.


I didn't believe him. And I'm not certain I do now.

You... are Hercules.

Take him away! Take Sotiris and execute the others!

Stand aside for the King!

People of Tiryns, I give you your mighty Hercules.

He bleeds! And why?

Because he is nothing more than an impostor!

A liar! A man of flesh and blood!

And what has this so-called savior wrought?

Your farms lie untilled, your villages lay burned... and your brothers rot dead in the fields!

Is this the message of hope?

So, self-proclaimed son of Zeus... how will you offer these people their salvation... when you cannot even save yourself?

Bring out the other traitors!

Take me, but spare these good men!

He begs for mercy for his traitors!

Iphicles, your future king!

Strike this affliction from our lands forever.

So that tonight we may celebrate... as you wed the Princess of Crete!

Brother! Brother! Brother!

Chiron was there when you were born.

You were sick.

Kill him. My Prince.

This life has not been wasted.

I have had the honor to stand by the greatest hero... the gods have ever given the people.

Brother... please.


I believe in you!

Grant me strength!


Do something! Stop him!

Commissionaires! Kill him!

Get up. Get up. Come on.

We stand with you, my Prince, as do the four divisions under our command.

The people are ready to lay down their lives for you, Hercules.

Lead us to victory!

Brave men of Tiryns!

I can only lead you through those gates!

What our fate is beyond them, I cannot say.

I only know what fate there is in retreat.

Tonight we fight, not for what we have... but for that which has been so savagely ripped from our breast!

Alcides the Prince... betrays his king... but a son of Zeus takes his first breath of life tonight... and fulfills his promise to his father.

Let this night be forever remembered... as the hour upon which... we took back our kingdom!

There is my bride.

I declare to you that I love another.

He's the reason I want to wake up in the morning and embrace the day.

If you so wound him that his face were unrecognizable to me...

I would love him.

If his tongue were cut from his throat and I hadn't his voice to delight me...

I would love him.

And if you make only a memory of him...

I would love him even more eternally.

That is what you have to look forward to.

Halt in the name of the king!

Identify yourselves!

You will be fired upon! Archers ready!


That is Sotiris and the men of the Fourth! We were told they'd deserted!

Captain! Hold your fire!

I have taken arrows before!

If you fight to defend tyranny, let them fly!


We take Tiryns! We take our lands!

Lower your aim!



We are with you, Hercules!


King Amphitryon! Show yourself!

Where are you, you coward!

Hiding with your Prince?

Hercules! I apologize for the Prince... but he's about to consummate his marriage to Queen Hebe... the future wife of the next king of Tiryns!

And as for myself, well, I come to welcome you home.

As a matter of fact, I have a little surprise for you.

Battle formation!

King Amphitryon, my sword against yours!

Victor takes all!

The city, its subjects, army, riches!

Not another soldier shall die!

What say you, most brave and merciful King of Tiryns?

Will you spare these men?

Imitation, the highest form of flattery.

Accept your destiny!

Cause I already rule it all, my son.

I'm not your son, you murdering coward!

And the one who rules it all is my true father!

Lay down your weapons or prepare to die!

Tarak, kill the traitors!


Prepare to...


Have you come to bring the wrath of Zeus upon me, boy!

No! I come to you as a mortal... to bring the wrath of Alcides... upon the tyrant who killed my mother.

Come at me, boy, and learn... why I am the slayer of kings!


Get up!

Brother! Release him!

Release him this moment, or I will kill her.

My son... you may not be a total loss after all.

Alcides, I do not matter.

Do you agree, brother?

Because as long as you can't have her, she does not matter to me.

And she's made it perfectly clear, I do not matter to her.

Brother, no! Release him!

We shall be together, my love.


My love.

Do not fear.

I fear... but one thing, I always have... your departure each and every time.

I'm here now. This time, please stay.