The Legend of Sarila (2013) Script

Thungalukh !

Thungalukh! Inga kudey Inga keema Khalumme

Thungalukh! Thungalukh!


... the Spirit of Darkness!

Show yourself!

Sedna! You! No!

I have protected your clan since time immemorial.

But now, you forsake me and call upon the spirit of evil!

I no longer need your protection.

Thungalukh is all powerful.

With your words you damn yourself and your entire clan.

I'm taking the animals away.

Legend of Sarila

Where are all the animals? It's been three moons!

I hope the others have better luck than us.

The shaman says the spirits are angry with the clan.

The shaman should bring back the animals.

What's he waiting for?

Kai kai .

Miki miki.

Here. You can speaks with lemmings?

I... No!

Only shamans can speak with animals.

Hand it over!

I want to keep him.

Animals are food!

But he's so tiny.

Apik is right.

That little guy isn't even one mouthful.

It could feed a dog.

Poutulik! Make your future wife happy!

Alright. But hide him!

Everyone's hungry.

I'll call you Kimi.

Well! At least we're not coming home empty-handed.

Oh... what hunters we are!

Instead of bringing home game.

We're bringing home an extra mouth to feed.

Black lichen.

I didn't think I would find any more of this.

What are you doing? Making a cure for the Chief's wife.

I'm going to be a healer when I grow up.

In that case, you must learn the secrets of plants.

Sandwort's roots. Their secret is ...

-... you can eat them. I'll keep them for my brother.

Don't be scared, Kajuk! He won't eat you.

Be careful, Mipuluk! The dogs are hungry too.

Once again, Shaman. Our hunt has yielded nothing.

We have neither pelts to trade nor meat to eat.

I sense evil forces around me. Weakening my powers.

No one in our clan wants to harm you.


He's just a poor orphan... ... with strange powers.

He's turning your son against you.

Remember! The spirits speak to me!

Enough! Break it up!


Little sister!

Stop that!

Kajuk, that's enough! Kimi got him excited.


Can I hold him? He's a talking lemming.


A talking lemming? Come on Apik. See you later, Mipuluk.

A talkling lemming? All animals talk.

But we don't listen. Do you listen to the animals?

Did they tell you why they left?

Your ask a lot of questions, little sister.

I don't know why the animals left.

And... I don't know if we're going to eat today.

I know! You found something?

It's a surprise.

Drink. This will do you good.

If she doesn't get meat soon, the baby will die.

The spirits told me the animals will return.

It will be too late.

We must go to Sarila! Sarila?

Oh, shut up you old fox. You're making the spirits angry!

Let her speak, Shaman.

Long ago, my father told me of a land...

... that lies to the north, among the glaciers.

Rich with game ... a land that only the pure of heart can set foot

... and gather its abundance.

Sarila... it's a legend!

If Sarila existed, I would know!

The spirits would have told me.

But what if Sarila does exist?

No. This is no time for fairy tales.Now is not the time to believe the fairy tale!

Shaman! Shaman! Come quick!

Kajuk! Oh, Kajuk!

The dog will die.

You'll save him? This dog is possessed!

It must be sacrificed! No!

The dog is no longer yours. It belongs to the spirits.

Give him to me.

Sacrilege! This dog must die!

No! The dog will live.

Calm down boy.

Markussi! Thank you!

Like magic. How did you know?

He asked.

Right, big brother? He asked?

No! Nothing like that.


They laughed at me! It's Because that boy ....

Thinks he's a shaman...

You just wait till he sees what I've got planned for him.

Press hard!

You're going bear hunting with this?

It's a solid weapon. A flint blade goes right to the bear's heart.

Stay away, Kajuk!

I love it when you laugh.

You used to laugh at lot with our parents. Do you remember?

What's the matter? I was too young when they died.

Promise me you won't die!

I promise.

It's for hunters.

Well Shaman? I have decided.

It's time to go to Sarila.

You believe in it now?


The spirits spoke to me.

Who do you want to send?

Saya said that only the pure of heart can enter The Great Crow Spirit can decide. The hunters will be chosen at sunrise.

I am sure that the Great Crow will make the right choice.

Ah! Sarila!

Guess who we'll send.


The little know-it-all!

He'll never come back alive.

Inga kudey! Inga keema Khalumme! Dounma tahkey Inga kudey! Inga keema! Khalumme! Dounma tahkey Spirit of the great crow!

Hear the voices of your children...

... show us the hunter you have chosen ...

... and guide him to Sarila for the good of our clan.

Apik! The crow chose Apik!

Damn! Stupid crow!

Poutulik too!

No no no!


Ah, look Markussi!

Oh... finally!

Welcome to the team, Markussi.

This is crazy!

I'm going to talk to the Shaman!

Ouch! You're hurting me! I have the right to go.

This is not our way!

Now we should only be tradition tells the old story.

Do only what the grandparents of our grandparents did.

Never change.

It's how we survive. The Great Crow chose me.

What about wild animals? It's been many moons since I've seen an animal.

Besides, I'm not afraid. I know how to talk to bears.

How about some tea?

What's troubling you?

I don't want to go to Sarila.

Why not?

I'm a poor hunter!

Well that's not what they say about you I can't leave Mipoulok. I'll take care of her like my own daughter.

I don't know what's happening to me.

I hear voices. The animals speak to me.

You have powers. You will become a great shaman.

Like Croolik? No! Never!

No! You'll never be like him.

How could you ever have been his wife? ooh. That was a long time ago.

He was different.

He changed a lot when our sons died.

Hunting ... with my father.

It was an accident. But Croolik never forgave your father. Or me.

My father wasn't a good hunter.

You'd have been proud of him, and I want him to be proud of you.

Throw them!

Throw athem gain!

It's the way to Sarila?

Go! The clan needs you!

For the good of the clan.

Thank you Saya.

Big brother? You almost forget your goggles. You can go snowblind without them.

Will you think of me?

Every day, little sister. I promise.

Have faith. And come back quickly!

Are you sure you want to go? I won't be gone long.

She'll have time to get to know her future husband better.

I have taught you how to use this.

Now prove that you are a true hunter.


Tell Mother. I'll bring her a caribou heart.

Son of the Great Chief Please wear this medallion around your neck.

The invincible wolf will watch over you

... and protect you from harm. Thank you, Shaman.

That was nice of Croolik.

I have the best dogs. I'll lead the way.

If you know the way, I'm ready to follow. To the end of the earth To Sarila!

Faster! Faster!

Thungalukh! Thungalukh!

Give this twin medallion the power of fire and of darkness!

May my blood make this medallion my instrument of vengeance.

Try to keep up!

Come on!


Hmmmm. The ice!

No! Don't say it. Don't even think it. You're wrong!

Wooo .. you're a shaman now.

You can read people's minds?

The ice! The ice is too thin!

We must waste time and go all the way around the bay.

Well I wasn't going to say waste time. I actually would not say a waste of time.

Maybe it is best to play it safe.

No, no. The ice is fine. It will hold.

Look at this belly. I haven't eaten in so long ... I'm as light as a little bird.

You're thinking about flying across?

I'm not heavy enough to break through the ice.

Besides, white ice is strong enough to walk on.

Even for a polar bear.




Don't worry! We'll get you. Hold on!

Walk across my back! Hurry!

I've got you!

Oh no! Markussi! No!

Come, Markussi.

How do you know who I am? Don't be afraid.

I am the goddess Sedna. But the others...

I've been waiting for you.

Am I dead? No.

But you may stay with me if you wish.

I must get to Sarila! Why?

The journey's hard! Very few survive.

You can be happy here.

Goddess! You took away all the animals. My clan is starving.

Sarila is our only hope.

You have a shaman's heart. I am not a shaman. I am a hunter.

Help me! No


No, Sedna! Starving...

Must save...

Apik! Poutulik! We're here, Markussi.

Lie still.

We were afraid we'd lost you. Apik!

What... the sled... Poutulik fished you out of the water.

He saved you.

You like the fish you caught? It's a little underweight.

Maybe I should throw it back.

Here you go, Uliak.

This is for you.

Wait your turn! You'll get meat when you've done your work!

Watch it! The Spirit of Darkness will rip out your tongue!

Don't bring the spirits into it. They don't listen to you anyway.

You're washed up, Shaman!

What's keeping you from asking Sedna to release the animals.

Saya has a point.

It's time for the ceremony.

All right. Tomorrow on the pack ice.


Back here you stupid crow!

Go get that thieving bird, Shaman!

Filthy scum!

Wait till I get my hands on you!

I have a mission for you.

Thungamatlukh Inkueilukamatlukh

Sedna! Hear the voice of my clan...

Begging your forgiveness and release the animals!

Prove to us by your blood that you have heard my prayer.

The blood of Sedna! The Goddess has forgiven us.

Croolik still has his powers.

TWell that little show should shut 'em up.


Poutulik! Come on, stop a minute!


It's a little too early to make camp. But this is the perfect spot.

Why'd you stop? Markussi wanted to look around.

Enjoy the view.

Nice day for a run.

But you need to rest! Get on! We'll take turns.

Are you planning to make camp here? Let's go!



That looks like... Kwatak!

Croolik's crow. You're right.

What's he doing so far from camp?

Hard journey was it?

What news do you have you little me?

Speak clearly!

They've already gone that far?

Poor boy.

He has no idea how hard this journey will become.

It's either bear tracks or a giant lemming.

Stop joking! You're scaring Kimi!

A lemming that big could feed the entire village for the whole winter The tracks are still fresh. The bears are not far.

I'll go this way. Good! Stay with Markussi.

Follow that lemming! Quick!

Be careful!

They're so cute!

Look out!


Thungalukh! Thungalukh!

Ahkee armieal Ahkee armieal akrabankhtakar...

I was so foolish!

Shhh! Quiet!

What's going on? I don't know.

Stay close.


I am Ookpik, your guardian spirit.

Guardian spirit? What are you talking about?

I didn't say anything!

You didn't see an owl?

Draw a circle in the snow. To liberate by power.

Don't stop! Run!

Oh no!

You... you make fog disappear.

You scare away bears. You talk to my lemming.

How do you do it?

I have no idea, Apik.

The spirits... talk to me...

Come on. Night's falling. We should take shelter.

Thank you, Great Bear. For sustaining our lives in exchange for yours.


What a great hunter you are.

Oh, my empty belly thanks you.

But it's not enough to feed the whole clan for the winter.

Poor Poutulik. A hunter's life is hard.

Don't worry. There'll be plenty to hunt in Sarila.

The bear looked at me. So I looked into the bear's eyes and said ...

"Nanook, prepare to die for my clan is hungry"

Did Nanook speak to you? No, no.

But I promised I would pour fresh water in his mouth if I won the fight.


It's a way of thanking them.

Then Nanook rose up on his hind legs. He was as big as three inukshuks.

Stop it, Kimi!

He pounced on me and I dropped my gun.

I was sure .. I was going to die!

Huh? Apik, are you listening?

What? Yes, yes. Go on.

But I grabbed my gun and without even aiming, fired.

The bear collapsed like an igloo in springtime.

What a great story. You'll have to tell the others when we get home.

Want to know what happened to us? What?

We saw two bear cubs The mother bear came up behind me.

And Markussi... Leave it, Apik!

There's nothing to tell.

A bear with her cubs? Why didn't you tell me?

No, Poutulik!

They're babies! What will they do without their mother?

They're probably far away by now. Huh!

And you call yourself a hunter.

What do you want, old Witch?

You lied. I saw you.

What are you talking about?

On the pack ice. That wasn't Sedna's blood.

You used an animal's bladder.

I am so worried about you.

You're a shadow of who you used to be.

Because what you did to my son.

They were too young to hunt.

But no, you had to send them off with that miserable ...

Markussi's father had nothing to do with it.

I ruined my legs searching. It reminds me each and every day what happened.

They were hit by lightning! It was an accident!

Show some respect!

Don't use that tone with me. I am a shaman!

You were a shaman.

Now you're twisted by pride and ambition Insolent hag!

I still have powers!

Go. Go. Find your twin brother. Go.

You ready boys? We're going to run today.

Do you see? Sarila's that way.

Come! We're leaving.

Where are you going? Back to camp.

Turn around!

What about Sarila? Go on! Climb up!

Hey! What's the matter with you?

Ouch! You're coming with me!

Calm down, Poutulik!


What have you done? No.

Don't touch me!

Poutulik. Stop! He'll freeze to death!


Do you recognize this one?

Ah... it's a...


Yes! A seal!

What kind of dog is that?

It doesn't look at all like Markussi's dog.

You miss Markussi don't you?

Sure you do.

What's that? You'll see.

It's Markussi! It's Markussi! I see him!

He's gone!

Don't worry. Markussi will return to us soon.


A person can die out here alone! Poutulik!

Let me go!



What news?

Ahhh... alone. Abandoned.

Markussi will freeze to death. Excellent.

But... why I don' I send a little ice storm just to make sure.

Hey! Stop!


What are we...? What are we doing here?

Where's Markussi?

What's wrong with you? You don't remember?

You knocked him out and left him to die.

No! Markussi is my best friend!

You wouldn't let me go back to help him!

I would never ...

Why can't I remember?

I don't know, Poutulik.

But let's go. Quickly. And find Markussi Yes. Yes. Of course!




Got to move!

Come on!

Pull! Pull!

We have to stop! No! Markussi!

I know, but... I'm not stopping! My best friend!

We'll all die if we don't take shelter.

Big brother! I saw you in the shadows.

Mipoulok? The hunter's path is long .

Get up!

Apik... no...


Shut up, you stupid crow. You'll get us caught.

We'll feast tonight, Kwatak.

Celebrate our triumph over Markussi.

Ah... wait... I just thought of something.

I got a little surprise for the old hag too.

When the storm breaks, we'll search for Markussi.

Perhaps ... somehow...

Markussi! Oh my friend!


Apik tells me I knocked you out.

And left you lying there. You don't remember?

None of it.

I know you would never do something like that.

It was evil spirits. Acting through you..

But from where? And why?

We must be on our guard.

Quiet. Good dog.

How did you survive the storm? I...

I had a vision.

I saw Apik crying. I followed her to your safety.

You do have the power of the shaman. I'm not a shaman!

I'll tell Akpik about your powers.

She already knows.

You told her first?

This is thievery of the most base kind.

It's a crime against the entire clan!

The guilty one will be punished!

He's still alive? No!

I want him to die!

To breath his last! To croak! To kick the bucket! Embrace the eternal tumble downhill!

I know. I will turn him into a block of ice!

Yes, you're right. I sort of decided that already, didn't I?

Besides, ice melts in the spring.

I'll turn him to ash!

Enter the final ingredient...

Yes, yes...

Burn! Burn!

Markussi, look!

What's happening? I don't know.

It's the spirits!

They are angry at us. We have to go back to camp.


These are forces of evil trying to scare us away from Sarila!

Poutulik's right!

Don't be afraid! Let's go!

Quick! Quick!

Markussi, come back!


A strange smell.

Evil spirits, evil spirits. Avenge me. Burn the boy who will challenge my power.

Fire spirit, source of heat and death. Fly to the boy and turn him to ash.

Rid me of Markussi.

Cursed sorceror!

Leave Markussi alone. Hands off me!


Do something!

Get us out.

Use your powers, shaman!

I'm... I'm not a Sham...!

Yes... you are a shaman!

Ukpik! Ukpik!

Come! Help us!

Markussi ! Poutulik! Wake up!

We're alive.

Why'd you stop?

We need sleep.

Are you going to wait until morning to put out that lamp?


Tonight you have used your powers for personal gain.

Is that the kind of a shaman you want to be?

What are you talking about?

You are drawn to Apik.

It is up to her to choose her partner.

But you have a choice too.

You can use your powers for yourself...

... or for the good of the clan.

Be careful which you choose!

You've made a serious accusation.

I saw him pull a bladder filled with blood out of the water.

And I heard him call forth the fire spirit against Markussi.

Beware of her.

All she wants is...

What? What is this?

The bones of the hare.

I! She ​​stole the hare!

I've never seen it... She violated the clan's trust.

No! Someone put them there!

No! The bones are in your igloo. Under your caribou hide.

I must...

I have no choice.

I have to call the clan council... to judge you.

Look out!

What do you think? It's a dead end.

Really? I thought we could just fly across.

Oh no! It's a dead end for sure.

As hunters, we know these things.

Can't make out either end. Which way should we go?

Ask the bones.

Huh? Impossible.

Throw them again!

We can'tt go that way.

Here's what I think of this magic.

If the bones say straight ahead, then we go straight ahead.

But, Poutulik, there is no way to across.

There is if we fly.

It's taken us half a winter to get here ... we're not going to waste time going around.

If you want to cross a crevasse ... don't ask a shaman. Ask a hunter.

All's safe. On my way.

Grab my hand!

I... I can't!

You can. You have to!

Got you!

It's been a good hunt, my friend.

It's not over yet.


Sarila better be worth it!

Do you have anything to add, Saya?

I am not guilty!

Who will speak in her favour?

She heals my frostbite. She cares for Mipuluk like a mother.

She does not deserve to be punished!

Saya saved my wife from fever and cured my brother.

She has done much for our clan. She ​​should be pardoned.

Saya knows the secrets of the plants. For the good of the clan, we must set her free.

Let those among you that think she is guilty, raise their hands!

One... two...


Three against three.

According to tradition, it's up to the Chief to break a tie vote.

Justice must be done!

You all know of y affection towards Saya.

She's one of the most respected members of our clan But I have saw proof of this crime...

... with my own eyes.

I am forced to declare ... Saya ... guilty.


It's unfair! She was framed.

In keeping with the ways of our ancestors,...

... you are no longer welcome here Saya.

You must leave this community... to live on your own as punishment for your crime.


Don'tt worry, Mipoulok.

Hauwee will take care of you until Markussi returns.

First a crevasse. And now a wall? And Sarila on the other side.

Then we're going through.

You must have chipped it. Somewhere?

That's strange.

What did you find? Sedna!


Welcome to the Gate to Sarila.

I couldn't have done it without Poutulik and Apik.

Is he really talking to Sedna? About us?

Think back on your journey, Markussi.

You may enter Sarila. You earned it.



Wait! Look! Look! Stop!

Wow! It's wonderful!

It's even better than I imagined! We made it.

It's amazing! So beautiful!


Greens! The clan will have a great feast.


The clan won't believe we brought back berries this time of year.

Use your spear.

Get out of the way, Markussi!

Why didn't you kill it?

I couldn't! She's pregnant.

We came here to hunt!

Come on in, Kimi. The water's fine.

You have passed every test, Markussi.

Will you release the animals, Sedna?

Can my clan hunt once again?

You must do one small thing for me.

Tell me. It will be done.

No! A true Shaman knows what to do.

But... I don't know.

When you return, do what you must.

And the animals will be released.


What does she want?



Apik! Huh?

Poutulik! Be my arms and my strength.

Avenge me!

Stop it silly.

Poutulik! Be careful!

Is he shooting at us?



What did you...? No time! Hurry!

What... what's wrong with Poutulik?

Do you think he's jealous?

I think... Hurry!

Up this way. Come on.

Watch out!

Take my hand!

This way!

Look out!

Now where? Follow me.

Poutulik! What do you want?

I want you ...

... dead!

Listen to me! I know it's hard.

But we were only children when we were promised.

Feelings change.

What are you talking about? It'll be fine when he's dead!

It's the medallion. Croolik is controlling him through the medallion.

You sneaking dog.

You want to steal my power?

I'll show you who's the real Shaman!

Hang on!


Markussi! Quick! Help!

Grab my hand! No!

You have to! No!

You're... It was Croolik's medallion.

Trust him.

Got her! Hang on!

Thank you.

Look out!

So young!

We all face the same fate if the animals don't return.

I brought you something.

A cure made from Black Lichen.

You know Mipoulok.

It is forbidden for anyone to see me.

Even you. I don't want youto die, Sayan.

I dreamt of Markussi. Really?

You and Markussi were on a big sled drawn by many dogs.

The sled rose into the sky. Up to the stars.

Oh! You can dream of Markussi all you like.

It's the only place you'll ever see him.

Your Markussi is buried in the snow.

You are cruel!

How? It's Markussi!

That's impossible. Impossible!


You and Markussi are the best friends I could ever hope to have.

So I can say in all honesty.

I don't think either of us should be bound by some old promise.

Poutulik... No!

Don't say anything.

I understand.

And I agree.

My little Apik ...

You've had a good hunt I see. Yes.

And I have changed too. No more headstrong ways?

I wouldn'tt say that.

Poutulik and I are no longer promised to each other.

But... Traditions are fine mother.


But we must also listen to our hearts

Here, father.

It's yours now, son.

You've proved you are a real hunter.

Thank you.

It will help me on my travels. Travels?

You can't be leaving already?

I have discovered it's my path to knowledge.

I want to learn the ways of others. So I can be better.

And come back as a better chief.


Little sister!

Oh, Markussi!

I missed you! I will never leave you again.

I promise!

Where's Sayan?

Markussi, cursed one! Get out of my sight!

Out of your sight? You are blinded by evil!

Oh, Poutulik! What are you doing with that stinking rat?

Come here, my friend.

Here's your cursed medallion!

It's powerless. Oh...

But I am all powerful. I am the Shaman.

The spirits are on my side.

How many times have you tried to kill me? And how many times have you failed?

For your own good, leave now, false shaman!

Oh no!

We will end this now!

Face to face!

Leave him, Markussi!

Not! Sedna told me a shaman would know what to do.

I didn't understand then, now I do.

Do you think Sedna can protect you?

Thungalukh, Spirit of Darkness, Guide my arm!

Ah, yes!

Aeekhlawae khummalook isidiyou ouramatakaiyae Thungalukh, Spirit of Darkness!

Avenge me! Kill the insolent boy!

The storm will kill him! A true shaman can choke out the storm!

Don't talk!

I took the hare.

Forgive me...

Sweet dreams, Croolik.

Though you never knew joy on earth ...

May the tenderness of fresh water inspire you in the next world.


Accept our gife.

Thank you, Markussi. Your clan is forgiven.

Long life to its new Shaman.

We did it! No, Shaman.

You did it!

Yeahhh... Markussi!...

Tell a story. We were completely buried in the snow.

Starting to suffocate. I was sure we'd all die.

So? How did you get out? You dug yourselves free?

How could we? We didn't know which way was up ... or down.

We were lost in the darkness.

We heard the lemming roaring like a seal.

So we dug in his direction.

Hah! Kwatak the crow is clever. He's found his new master.

I have no need for Kwatak.

I already have Kimi to watch over me.

So... what will we do with Kwatak?

My wife has a good recipe for crow stew.