The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice (2008) Script


Sorry. Bubbles... went up my nose.

Actually, that's not technically champagne. That's Cava.

It's a Spanish sparkling wine and uses the champenoise process. It um...


Is it there? One porcelain vase.

Early Ming dynasty, circa 1400 Lot 011.

Lot 0-1-1.

And Mason? He's here and he brought a friend.

A very big friend.

Whatever it takes, do not let him leave with that vase.

Check. Save the world, no matter what.

As long as you don't go over budget.

Next up, ladies and genetlemen, a porcelain vase.

Early Ming dynasty, circa 1400.

May I have a starting bid of 20,000 pounds?

20,000. Do I hear 30,000?

30,000. Thank you sir. 30,000 is the bid.

Do I hear 40? Looking 40... 40,000 to the lady.

30,000 is in the budget.

I'm officially upset now, Flynn.

Oh hey, Katie... everything okay?

We were supposed to meet for lunch an hour ago. Where are you?

I... I'm still at the, uh...


I'm at the librarian convention. The online catalog seminar ran over.

You know how it is. You get a bunch of librarians in a room talking and...

In the last six months we that we've been dating, you've given a hundred excuses.

Oh come on, a hundred?

That will be 100,000 pounds! You're always late.

150? 150,000 pounds! Slow down.

You're running off to some convention or book club retreat.

I went to England.

And since we've gotten off the plane, you left me waiting a dozen times.

I have to take that... Don't you take that call!

Are you trying to bankrupt us?

I can't really talk to you right now, Charlene, I've got Katie on the other line.

Is Katie writing your checks? Give me five minutes, okay?

Don't you hang up! Just give me five minutes!

I have 500,000 pounds!

- Flynn... Flynn? Wait. Wait... wh..

500,000. 550.


Maybe some women are okay with the wild and unpredictable lifestyle...

...of dating a librarian. but I'm not.

600. 650.

750. 850. I have 850.

850,000 is the standing bid.

I want someone I can depend on.

No, no, no...

Flynn, I'm leaving.

Don't leave.

I'll meet you in 15 minutes in the hotel bar. 15 minutes in the hotel bar. Don't leave.

Please don't let me down again, Flynn.

One million pounds!

1.000.000 pound.

Sold! To the impatient American for one million pounds!


And... let's wait about two weeks before cashing that check, shall we?

Yes, such a pleasure to find somebody who understands the unique value...

...and rarity of such a fine artifact.

What are... what are you...

What is that?

That is the Philosopher's Stone.

The most powerful and famous transmutational relic in all of history.

What does that mean?

It means that the stone can turn anything it touches into gold.

Mr. Carsen, we meet again.

Very valuable, as you can imagine, but also quite dangerous if you're not careful.

My Bodyguard, Mr. Percy once had the misfortune of holding the stone...

...without taking the necessary precautions.

Well gentlemen, this is all very fascinating, but my girlfriend is waiting...

I don't mean to be "heavy handed"

Get it? Because his hand is made of gold.


I want that stone!

That's 18th century Korean. Sorry.

British Cavalry sword. Silver filigree.

Bit of a price.

This is rented! Of course it is.

You know you're going to lose, Flynn. Actually, I know two things.

Your sword grip and tactics show me...'re fighting with a German 14th century sword style developed by Johannes Liechtenauer.

Defeated only by the Renaissance technique taught by Hutton in 1892.

What's the other thing you know?

The Renaissance style taught by Hutton in 1892.

Katie, I'm here! I know... Excuse me, sir.

I'm a little late. I'm a lot late.

Hi. I'm looking for my girlfriend.

She has blonde hair, and she's American.

Would she have had a lingering air of disappointment as if she just made a difficult, but necessary, decision?

Yeah? Yeah. That's her.

She left for the airport half an hour ago. This is for you.

For Russia.

For Russia.

No, no, no, no. I understand...

...he wrote you the check, but he was not authorized for that amount.

Perhaps if we return the va...

How many pieces?

We have some very cutting-edge glue here at the library...

I'll call you back. Flynn!

One million pounds?

Please Charlene, not today. I'm not in the mood.

Oh fine. I'll just deduct it from your pay for the next 50 years.

Did the auctioneer happen to mention that I gave him a solid gold throw pillow worth about 2 million pounds?


Well, here. Rub a quarter on the Philosopher's Stone and you get instant gold.

What has gotten into you? We just do not profit from the artifacts.

And this tuxedo, it's a rental. Hi Chris. Not today Charlene.

Where's Judson? Is in the Large Collection Annex.

We have a "Large Collections" area?

Charlene, how big is the library?

As big as we need it to be.

Noah's Ark! Flynn!


Welcome back, Flynn.

Listen, Judson, I need...

Judson? Judson?

Oh, it's the Fountain of Youth. It just arrived from St Augustine, Florida.

I'm just testing it to make sure it's the real deal.

Aah, that's better.

I'd hate to go through puberty again.

So, did you find Philosopher's Stone? Yes.

Ask him how much it cost.

Excellent work. Well I... I knew you'd come through for us.

That's why I know we can count on you for this next job.

Next job? I just got back.

We just received the Voynich manuscript from Yale. It's on loan.

It has to be deciphered by morning.

Well, I need to leave early today. Oh, not today.

Yes, today, because my personal life...

Oh, that's right. I'd forgotten, Monday is your training day with Excalibur.

He missed you.

Well, I've already had my sword practice for the week.

Yeah, you're probably going to have to spend the night, so we have a cot...

All right! Stop it! All of you!

Flynn? Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine. No, I'm good. What could possibly be wrong?

I mean, I work in a basement doing a secret job I can't even tell my mother about.

And... my best friend is a sword! What could possibly be wrong?

I think he's snapped.

Flynn, you're scaring the relics.

This place is sucking the life out of me!

I looked around, I don't even see relics anymore. You know what I see?

I see the parts of my life that I have given up finding them!

Blackbeard's Chest: my mom's 65th birthday.

Da Vinci's Diary: my 10 year college reunion!

Do you even know how often those come along?

Um... 10 years?

Valentine Day with my girl... With my ex-girlfriend.

Oh... The girlfriend. It's always about the girl.

Do you know that since I've been working here, I have not been in a relationship with a woman...

...that has lasted more than six months?

Didn't work out with Emily, didn't work out with Nicole, and now, Katie dumps me.

And I really thought that she was...

I thought that she might be the one.

Flynn I'm sorry, but...

The Librarian, it isn't just a job. It's... it's your life.

Librarians and relationships... Look, maybe this will help.

Just think of yourself as a celibate monk.

We do. Sounds good.

Good pep talk. ARE YOU INSANE?

I am 33 years old!

Celibate a monk? Celibate Monk? Excalibur...

Do it! Do it now! Just get it over with.

Flynn look, you're... uh... you're overworked.

Maybe you should... maybe you should take some, you know, take some time off.

You have some vacation pay coming. But don't get greedy.



Yeah. Okay.


Do you think he'll come back?

He'll come back, the library has plans for him.

Prince Vlad Dracul. This is his insignia.

Bucharest Univercity Order of the dragon.

Vlad was prince of Walachia in the 15th century.

He was noted to his cruelty.

Over 40,000 people were tortured and murdered...

...during his brief six year reign.

His favorite method of execution was impailment on a six-foot stake.

Hence, he earned the nickname Vlad The Impailer.

Was Dracul a vampire, professor?

Vampire? No.

No, I don't think so.

No, no.

No. No, the bloodlust fed the rumors from his enemies, and also his name is Dracula, meaning son of the dragon - son of the devil.

But now, he's a moldering corpse somewhere... those mountains, I'm sure...

...a skeleton, like any other.

Well, that's all the time we have for this evening.

We will see you this time next week. For now, be young.

I enjoyed lecture, professor. Very informative.

2000 years Romanian history, all they want to know about is the vampires.

Dracula always was Best Seller.

Where do I know your face?

My work has attracted a lot of attention lately.

Kubichek. You recently resigned as Security Minister from the Russian government.

Not as much fun as your old days in the KGB, I suppose.

Haven't you heard, there's no more KGB?

No more Russia, really.

That government is a sham.

I'm going to do something about that. We are going to do something about that.

What do you need from me?

He wasn't in synagogue. We found him much further south, in the Carpathians.

You've found the body?

I'd remembered we had two scrolls we had taken from Nazis that were in turn stolen...

...from a monastary in France. I went into old files and found them.

This one is map to Dracul's body.

And this one provides clues to where the French monks hid this.

No. No. This is a hoax. I've searched for this my entire life.

It's real.

And you're going to help us find it.

The Judas Chalice.

Flynn, open up, it's Charlene.

What are you doing here?

Well, my combination speed dating / wine tasting was two streets down.

How did that go? Here.

This is how you spend your free time, couped up in your apartment?

Yeah, just catching up on some reading.

Yeah. You, of all people, don't read enough.

I've also discovered this new online poker game...

...which is really amazing. By using binomial... coefficients and probability theories, I've been able to correctly guess the cards.

73% of the time. I have won...

...over 25,000 virtual dollars.

I'm virtually proud of you.

You have time off. Get out of this apartment.

I just... I don't feel like it right now.

Look, these are travel brochures for vacations I never took.

So, don't do what I did.

Here. You could go to the Grand Canyon.

You know 7 people fall off the Grand Canyon every year?

Wine tasting in Sonoma. Wine goes bad.

Just get out of here. Go to Las Vegas. New Orleans.

And what if New Orleans dumps me?

The city of New Orleans will dump you?

I just... I don't want to get my hopes up on...

...something new and then be disappointed. And then lose. Again.

Look. I'm sorry about Katie.

But you can't get stuck, you gotta move on to new things... a new someone.

And when I lose the next someone?

You're not the only one this job has cost.

You know my marriage broke up right before we met.

No, I'm not saying my time with Gus at all was bad or wasted...

...but sometimes saying goodbye is the right thing to do.

Keep on living. Follow the dream.

See where it leads ya.

This old? Yeah.

Um... you're uh... You're not driving, are you?

No, I got the bike.

Follow the dream.

All aboard. All aboard.

And I got my cab right out front and my cousin Boudreaux, he got a hotel, and I can give you a cut rate if...

A little help here. Hey, welcome to the Big Easy Thank you very much.

Laissez les bon temps roulez. Let the good times roll.

Boy, it is good to have tourists back in the city.

I look like a tourist?

Mon ami, You look like THE tourist. Come on.

We take my cab.

You here on business or pleasure? Pleasure.

Aw then, you in luck because pleasure is my business.

Eh, name's Andre. Number's on the back.

Whatever you need, look no further 'cause I'm your man. Aaw, thank you.

You want some good 'ol creole cooking? My cousin Joe got the best restaurant in the city.

Night life? You can't beat my cousin Dupree's jazz cafe.

Fishing? My cousin Earl got the luckiest boat on the river.

How many cousins do you have? How many you need?

So, what is it? Music? Booze? Food? Women?

Well, I thought I'd check out a few museums.

Oh. The museum. Sure.

You do realize you're in New Orleans, right?

This city is so romantic.

You sure it's in here?

Yes, the scroll specifically says that the monks assigned a hiding place...

...somewhere in the the old Capucci monastery.

They turn church into nightclub?

Americans. Ivan, go.

Mind if I join you?

Hi. I'm Flynn.

That performance was... wow.

Can I buy you a drink?

You already have a drink.

This is gonna sound... it's gonna sound like a bad pickup line... but...

you're the woman I've been dreaming about.

You're right. It does sound like a bad pickup line.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. sorry... sorry... sorry...

Yeah, I just got out of this relationship and I came down here to forget about everything...

I had this really crazy dream... and...

Let's go somewhere a little bit more private. - Uh... yeah, sure.

Are we in a rush?

Come, come.

That is... definitely... a fire hazard.

Hazard? Hazard?

It's an echo chamber.

It's kind of a specialty of Eastern temples.

But a lot of Western monasteries use the same architectural design. you see, stand... in the right spot...

...and a single voice is amplified into an entire chorus.

Wow. A little fast, huh?

Don't you think we should open some music, or put on some wine...

...or take a key from your thigh?

It's okay, Librarian.

You can drop the act. You are very convincing as a hapless loser, by the way.

Librarian? How did you...

What do you mean, "hapless loser "? No, no. Go back to the Librarian part.

You are the Librarian. Yes.

But I'm on vacation. And how do you even...

I called you in your dreams. I knew you called me in my dream.

This marker will tell you where to go next. Now please hurry there is little...

...time left, and the Librarian is the only one who can protect the Chalice.

Chalice? What chalice?

Are you talking about the Holy Grail? We already have it.

About that big? Made out of wood?

Drop it!

Kill them both and bring the marker to me!

First of all, I'm on vacation.

And second of all...

You... and you... and you...

You... and you... a nd you...

High C. Now! This way.

After them.

This way.

Okay, don't be nervous. We're going to have to...


160 Ibs, 45- degree angle, 15 foot linear distance.

Okay. One, two...

Maybe 165 Ibs.

Who are these people?

Where is it?

There were two thieves here when we arrived. They, um...

...escaped with the marker.

You fail me, you fail me, YOU FAIL ME!

Perhaps we don't need the marker.

How did you know? That I can hit a high C? Not everyone can, you know.

When you sang, I heard you use gladle stops indicative of a classical opera training technique.

Plus, you're a natural soprano, so the probability...

Is that what it's like in your head all the time?

Prety much. Except for the screaming, when I'm being shot at.

Or when I'm falling a great distance.

You read that?

You can't? No, I am just its guardian.

You guard something that you don't understand.

So says the Librarian.

Good point. Who helps you? No one.

I've been guarding the secret for most of my life by myself.

That must get lonely.

Again, so says the Librarian.

You ever get sick of it?

It's my destiny, you can not escape your destiny, Flynn.

No, I was trying to take a vacation from it, but didn't seem to work out...

No, if you fight your destiny you will be miserable.

You must embrace it. And revel in every moment.

Such as?

You save the treasure. Whatever that is.

And escape the bad guys. Whoever they are.

And rescue lady fair. I don't know about rescuing lady...

And your heart is beating.

Every nerve in your body is alive.

Who else to live such a life? Don't hide from it, Flynn. Celebrate it.

Any suggestions?

Well, you could start with a drink.

They're still going to be out there. With guns.

Well then maybe we make it two.

I love this city.

I haven't had this much fun in a long time.

You asked for a vacation. I bring you a vacation.

Next time without the gunfire and the running.

Oh, stop complaining.

Can I, uh... may I...

...ask you a personal question?

Why ruin the night with personal questions?

Because I want to know... No.

I need to know.

Is there... Are you with somebody?


There was somebody a long time ago. But not for many years.


Well... um... hey.

I hate to say goodnight, but... Then why say goodnight?

Any sign of them?

No. The professor?

He made good translation from wax.

Went to bed hours ago.

We'll deal with them when we cross paths again.

Giorgi take over for George.

Who's there?



What chalice?

Shave'll take that hangover off. Shows, huh?

New Orleans badge of honor, son.

I got the blues... Looks like you got 'em worse, though.

That's a new one.

Welcome. Welcome. Come, sit down.

Enjoying New Orleans, Flynn?

What you know about this?

I have no idea it's your vacation. HA!

It's early 1800's Markings are a mixture of Latin Vulgate, early Romance with a spiffy transcription cipher.

What does it say?

Even into her night, the Queen of the Loa guards the cup of the dagger man.

A riddle? Exactly.

I haven't cracked the first part, yet What about the second half?

The man's dagger in Latin is "icarius"...

...which is believed to be the etymology of "iscariot"... in Judas Iscariot.

The cup of the dagger man is... This is about the Judas Chalice.

You know of it?

The chalice made of the 30 pieces of silver...

...given to Judas Iscariot to betray Christ.

What about the rest of the legend?

Power of the Chalice to resurrect?

A vamp... Don't say it. It's ridiculous.

You've seen a lot of strange things, Flynn.

Vampires, Judson?

What would the chalice even have to do with vampires?

Judas Iscariot hanged himself from a tree after the betrayal.

Cursed by God to wanter the land forever. The first vampire.

You buy that?

Well, that would explain the vampire's aversion to silver.

Due to the original 30 coins. Their hatred of the cross. Holy water.

And the wooden stake?

Not just any wood, a stake of Aspen, the tree from which Judas hanged himself.

It's the only way to kill a true vampire.

So the power of the Chalice to resurrect dead vampires and to...

...bestow upon a living vampire ultimate strength and speed - that's real?

That's a very good question.

Another good question is...

...why would someone dig up the grave of Vlad Dracul?


Yes, they raided his tomb and his coffin was stolen.

Okay, so somebody's looking for a chalice that resurrects dead vampires... the same time that Dracula's body's gone missing?

That's not good.

Hey, Judson!

The Chalice was hidden by French monks in the 15th century.

Then later they moved it as far away from Romania as they could.

Across the ocean? Oh of course! 'Cause New Orleans was a French territory.

So the Chalice is... The Chalice is here!

All right. I gotta ask you. Last night, I met a girl.

And somehow she knew that I was the Librarian...

...and I just have to ask you straight out: did you send her?



Well, we got to get in and out before sunset.

They lock this thing up tight at night.

You sure this is the right cemetary? Lot of conflicting opinions. Maybe she was buried in...

Mr. professor museum man. You want to see Marie Laveau's tomb, I take you.

I just didn't think you was the mumbo-jumbo kind, though.

You don't believe in Voodoo?

Why? I'm a black man living in New Orleans.

Why I got to believe in Vodoo? I mean, this is the 21st century.


Why do you wanna see Marie Laveau's tomb, anyway, huh?

Even into her night, the Queen of the Loa... Loa are, um, Voodoo spirits.

Agassou, Limba, Simbi.

Oh yeah, that's a lotta loa, huh?

Most influential Voodoo queen was Marie Laveau. I um...

I have a phD in comparitive religions. Two, actually.

Well, "into the night" could mean...

Into HER night. It's a metaphor for death.

See, I think that the monks...

...who made this hid something in her tomb. A clue.

To what? To the Judas Chalice.

Guards the cup of the dagger man.

Dagger man.

Hello Judas. A slot.

US mint was founded in 1792. Spanish coins, still in circulation...

...3/4 inch in diameter. Current coin radius comparable size would be.

You don't have a silver dollar on you, do you? - Let me see.

Aah. My cousin collects them. Sure.

Here's you piece of silver, Judas.

You all right? Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.

What's it say? I don't know yet.

Hey, Mr. professor man.

Mr. professor man.

No, you can't.

...where old man said it... Oh, hello.

The clue, and more. Good work.

Flynn Carsen, according to badge you are...

...Librarian of Metropolitan Library of New York.

That's right.

So you are down here collecting all the Jew books?

Who do you really work for? FBI, CIA?

Why you want the Judas Chalice?

I already have the Judas Plate.

And the Judas Knife and Fork. So if I want the complete set...

You don't know who I am?

Sergei Kubichek, former KGB.

Security Minister of the new Russian Government until six months ago...

...when you resigned under the charges that you were... agressive.

Democracy not working for you, Sergei?

Chaos not working for me. Starvation.

Well, one man can't fix it all.

One man leading army of unkillable soldiers can.

Who could stand against an army led by Dracul?

Manned by a hundred, a thousand undead.

He's here.

You raided the coffin?

We are going to bring order back to Russia.

We are going to rebuild Russia to her former glory and beyond.

Wow. I actually never sat this close to a psychopath before.

Kill him.

You can't kill me.

That coin has writing on it over 500 years old.

You meat heads won't be able to decipher it.

I, on the other hand, have phD's in cryptology...

...and every language you can imagine.

Face it, Kubichek. You need me.

You don't put much faith in my organizational abilities.

Professor Amil Lazlo?

You've heard of him? Of course. You're a genius.

Thank you.

I have read every book you've written on Eastern European folklore.

I especially the synth...

So... if I have Professor Lazlo?

Uh, yes. In that case, killing me is totally an option.

I'm sorry, son, I had no choice. They forced me.

Make it interesting. Have your...

Didn't we bring more men?

George disappeared, then Peter, then two others. Drinking, maybe?

So hard to find good help.

Look, I get this from Voodoo shop.

Datura, ...made from a poisonous weed known to cause disorientation and hallucination.

Used in Voodoo ceremonies.

You always talk in, like, whole paragraphs. You ever notice that?

Open up.

Get the car.

Drug kicks in, we'll drive him into the river. Make it look like an accident.

Okay, Mr. Librarian. What kind of fancy books will get you out of this one?

Houdini and wrote books, too.


Flynn Carsen. I got about two minutes before I'm in a full blown hallucination.

So we gotta get you outta here.

I just deciphered the markings... There's no time for tha...

You did? Yes.

What language is it this time? Is it French?

Langue d'oc. It makes reference to the VigenŔre cipher. Here.

Find the numerical transposition... Yes.

M-E-A-L-I... How many combinations?

Ten charactors... Factor of 10.

Divided by four which is the repeated characters...


It's Latin. Illuminate.

What? Illuminate what? Wait a minute.

The tarnish on this coin. Silver oxidizes, it doesn't corrode like this.

I was so preoccupied with the writing, I never examined the coin itself.

It's glass. Glass.

This isn't a coin. This is a lens.

Morgus Bay.

That's where we need to go.

God, you make one hell of a historian!

Flynn? Flynn?

I'm out of time. We gotta get you going.

Come on. Come on.

No, no.

No, no, no...

My legs are too slow. You go. I will...

I'm good. Good luck.

Please help me. People are chasing me. Need a chaser, Bro? PARTY! YEAH!

Okay, going away. Get up Flynn.

You're not going to think yourself out of this one, book boy.

Where did she come from?

Simone? I leave you alone for one day...

Now please, GO, before there is trouble.

Nicolai, shoot this tramp. With pleasure.

Shoot her!

Very sorry.

Flynn! Simone!

Missed. Didn't.

Simone? Simone? No, no, no...

Don't die. Don't die because of me.

No, Simone. Simone? Simone...

Hello? Hi.

Oh good, you're awake.

I made you some tea.

But I saw you get shot.

You had no pulse, you were dead.

Yeah, sure, I was already dead.

What do you mean dead? Like undead? Like a vampire?

Afraid so. Tea? Oh! That is very hurtful!

Well, excuse me! I just woke up in a vampire's lair!

You didn't... you didn't...

I don't kill for food.

See? Blood.

Oh God. Check for holes.

Kidding. You're so uptight.

That's early Baroque, about 300 years old.

In fact, a lot of this stuff is.

Yes, momentoes I have collected over the years.

And... how old are you?

Americans... to ask a lady such a question.

I'm 403 years old.

400? Oui.

And three? Yes.

Well, I've dated older women before, but...

...dead is new for me.

Yeah, so I thought I knew a lot about history because I've studied it, but you... have actually lived it.

How did you... I was born in Paris in 1603.

It was a very exciting century, ...there was Galileo, Shakespeare, Rembrant, ...a thrilling time to be alive.

And in Paris, I met Francoise. He was a teacher at the university.

We love and we were soon engaged.

I always loved music ever since I was a little girl.

And by the age of 25 I was an opera singer at the Royal Court.

It was the best time of my life until...

...I died on June 12, 1628.

A vampire passed his curse onto me, ...condemning my soul to walk the night forever.

Never to rest.

And Francoise?

I never saw him again.

My destiny took my love away from me.

He did love books very much.

I stayed on in Paris for another 200 years...

...trying to find the vampire and kill him.

But he vanished. I learned about the Judas Chalice and... it could resurrect dead vamipires.

With such a power, I knew the undead could overrun the Earth.

You wanted to protect it.

That's why I followed the trail to the monastery.

But I couldn't decipher the writing on the pendant.

So I decided to stay on in New Orleans to protect at least this part of the puzzle.

Until I saw some man studying the monastery and I knew that trouble was coming.

That's why you appeared in my dream.

You were asking for help. From the Librarian.

How do you know about the library? See, that's just...

Oh, all vampires know about the library.

You Librarians have been around almost as long as we have.

This is from before Crusades.

It depicts the library's eternal battle against evil.

More to your job than just saving old relics, huh Flynn?

The symbol on the shield, that's the Tree of Knowledge.

Who's the knight?

He is known as the Scholar. He is the greatest Librarian of them all.

Legend has it, he built the library and is keeper of all of its secrets.

He is known as řahuda.

Yahuda? Yes.

That's Hebrew. It's the Hebrew name for...

The Hebrew name for Judson.

The sunrise is in one hour. I can't go out during the day.

Simone, I need you to come with me. I know where the Chalice is.

Morgus Bay, about a half a day's drive from here.

It's too far, I will never survive the trip in the sunlight.

I know somebody.

Hey, hey, Mr. professor man. This is my cousin Earl.


Hey. - You disappeared on me after the big show.

Sorry, Andre, I met some friends. This is the luckiest boat in New Orleans, huh?

Well, I never said it was the prettiest.

Simone, Andre. Andre, Simone. Cousin Earl.


If that's the freinds you met, I forgive you.

You're starting to get that New Orleans spirit, mon ami.

How far to Morgus Bay?

We should get there around nightfall. But why Morgus? I mean, it ain't nothing but swamp...

I'm going in the cabin now, Andre.

We don't want to be disturbed until nightfall.

Okay. I get it.

Okay? I get it.

Laissez les bon temps roulez, baby.

Gas me up, Cous'.

Now Morgus is a mile inside the swamp.

Now the water is too shallow, you gonna have to paddle the rest from here.

You sure about this?

Leave the light on for us.

Are you okay?

I'm fine. Are you okay? Yes. I'm fine.


It's a warning.

Somebody doesn't want us to go any farther.

Oh... is that what I think it is?

Cover your eyes.

It's the Pride. That's Lafitte's ship.

See, Jean Lafitte was a 19th century pirate, he was... Flynn...

We must be near the Barataria swamp. But he used to use this...

...maze of swamps as his headquarters.

Flynn, I know, I was here twice when it was docked in New Orleans. Parties.

For Party.

So you knew the pirate Lafitte? Mmm-hmm.

Lightweight when it came to rum.

Not so tough, passed out in his puffy shirt.

Well, I guess you knew him well.

If I remember correctly, these stairs lead to...

Look out!

Trip wire.

Would you have survived that?

Head cut off? As bad as sunlight. I go POOF.

Stake through the heart?

Only wood from an Aspen tree will work.

Hey! Just asking.

This way? That leads to Jean's quarters.

You mean his bedroom, don't you? Now, now. Don't be jealous.

Well, well, well.

The man himself, buried with his treasure.

I guess you can take it with you.

That's just... nasty.

Combination lock.

It'll be opened with the right six letters.

Clue is in... French?

The faith was breached, the mark was sealed.

Faith was breached? The mark was sealed.

Um, violation, deception, betrayal. Yes, yes, yes.

A betrayal, sealed with a kiss.

You see, Judas signaled the Romans and sealed Christ's fate with a kiss.

And in French, kiss is... Un baiser.

Un baiser.

Ready? Yes.

A little help. Okay.

Thank you.

The Judas Chalice.

Holy Grail for vampires.

I thought it would be bigger.

Anticlimactic after all this treasure.

Wow. This stuff is like catnip for you guys, huh?

You know, I think that we should go now.

Kind of a shame, really.

Can't take the whole thing back with us.

This would make a wonderful addition to the Large Collection Annex.

They could put it right next to Noah's Ark...

15 men on a dead man's chest. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

I really must thank you for finding the Chalice for me.

Old man said you did all the work.


I have looked for this my whole life, son. I had to see it.


Old man warned me about you.

I thought it was all nonsense but better safe than sorry.

Kubichek, if you hurt her I swear I'm...

You'll what?

Take away my life?

I'd originally planned to resurrect Vlad on Russian soil.

But tomorrow we begin with America. Build up nice little army...

You don't know what you're doing. You're unleashing a monster!

You would know what sort of monster. How long since you last fed?

Lock them in.

Let them rot together for eternity!

Or until hunger gets better of her.

Flynn, are you okay?

My eye really hurts. This door's made out of iron, ...these walls are 6 inces of wood, and it's about 20 hours 'til they resurrect Vlad.

Okay, Simone, do your thing.

I could do that.

I'm sorry Flynn, I'm too weak, I haven't fed in over 24 hours.

Okay, well don't get any ideas. You just sit right over here and relax.

I can't believe this.

After centuries trying to protect the Chalice, I failed.

And I led them here.

Well, technically, I led them here.

But it's not over yet. For a 403 year old woman, you sure don't have a lot of patience.

This looks promising.

Newton's third law. I've got an idea.

Potassium nitrate. Perfect.

Flynn, there are no cannon balls. We don't need them.

Newton's third law?

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The explosion should be strong enough to drive this cannon back...

... and through that door. Should?

Well... like about 60% of the plans I come up with...

...there is a strong possibility that it could all go horribly, horribly wrong.

We could die in the explosion.

Well I can't die. Right, so I'm the only one who could die in the explosion.

Glad we clarified that.

Okay. Here we go. Wait.

For luck.

Here goes nothing.

Wait, wait, wait...

Yay Newton!



He's been hit from behind. See if you can go start the boat.


Simone! No, no, no! Stop the boat!

I'm sorry, Flynn, but you can't come with me.

Simone, what are you doing?


Your girl done stole my cousin's boat.

Thought you said this boat was lucky? It is. For her.

This is my cousin Horace. I'm not complaining.

Just talked to Earl, the boat's back at the dock, safe and sound.

Well, looks like you got an honest girl, there. For a thief.

Thanks. You need anything else?

Don't suppose you can help me find a plantation house being...

...rented by a bunch of Russians?

Well, there are a lot of plantation houses in New Orleans. Uh, can't you tell me anything else?

No. I don't really remember much from my visit there.

What, you been there already? Well, what you need me for?

Look, I know you got the photographic memory in that head of yours.

I got faith in you.

Thanks, Andre. - Bonne chance, Mr. professor man. C'mon, Cous'


That went better in my head.

What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here.

Why? So I won't see you steal the Chalice?

To become all powerful? You don't understand.

I understand. You betrayed me.

You want the Chalice for yourself. And I thought you cared about...

I do care.

Get back! I'll use this if I have to.

Flynn, I left you at the dock because I was trying to protect you.

Well, we got you got here again. Honestly, we're not this good. You two kind of suck at sneaking around.

Bring them.

Just in time.

I am sure Vlad Dracul will be starved when he's awake.

You're making a big mistake, Kubichek.

Let's see. Open coffin.

What's next, old man?

Blood must be spilled into the Chalice, and then...

...poured on the corpse at the stroke of midnight.

Let's give Dracul a taste of his dinner.

It's working. IT'S WORKING!

Rise from the dead, warrior prince!

Rise and do my bidding!

This can't be!

You crippled fool!

It was all a hoax! I kill you!


Lazlo is a vampire? I recognized him at the ship.

He was the one I was trying to protect you from.

The one who made me.

We've got to get that Chalice away from him.

You look for you missing men, Ivan?

Sorry, I had to snack on the journey.

You killed my men, Lazlo!

Please call me Vlad.

If you're Vlad, who's that?

It's a peasant in a box.

I have lived for centuries among you humans...

...unnoticed until dead cattle got sick. Cholera.

1829 pandemic?

Flynn? I'm sorry.

I drank infected blood, ...and I was trapped in this withering body. Until now.

You wanted the Chalice for a cure. To revive your powers.

Lucky for me, Kubichek found the first clue.

Not so lucky for Kubichek. Well, I wouldn't say that.

Now that I have the Chalice, I will summon my children...

...and they will drink and we will plunge your world into darkness.

Come child. Join us. Drink and be strong.

Simone? Drink.



You destroyed my life!

Then die with others.


You got a plan, book boy? I'd love to hear it.

I'll take that. Cover your eyes.

Go get the Chalice!

I know you're out here, Vlad!

It's no use!

Show yourself!

I think it's only fair to warn you that I am, in fact, a Librarian.

I've fought evil in many forms.

Approximately 35 forms. Give or take.

So you have every reason to be afraid.

Is that supposed to frighten me?

'Cause mission accomplished. Good job.

Go! Help the Librarian! Leave him to me!

You follow a vampire into the woods at night?

I thought you were a smart boy.

I'm officially in trouble now.

You Librarians break so easily. But tasty.

You took my life away from me, but you don't get to take his.

I gave you a gift!

Allow me to repay favor!

Join us Ivan, we can still restore order to Russia.

I think it's time we try to pay the bill for what we've already done.

For Russia, old friend! Noooooooo!

Populus tremuloides. Populus tremuloides!

I'm sorry for your pain, my child.

But, as they say, the more tortured the vine, the sweeter the fruit.

Vlad Dracul!

Because I control the Judas Chalice.

So I control you.

You stupid boy, that's not how it works.

Wrong move. Wrong hand.

Populus tremuloides. The aspen tree.

Tree original tree that killed the original vampire, Judas Iscariot.

Son, you make one hell of a historian.

Simone, I want you to come back to New York with me.

I mean, you already know everything about the Library, so I could show it to you.

I've never been able to share it with anybody before.

I'm sorry, Flynn, I can't. It's time for me to go.

What? Back to France? You did it, Flynn.

You killed the vampire who made me.

My soul can be at rest now, I can be at peace.

Rest? What, you mean die? No, no, no, no, no.

I already thought I lost you once, I'm not gonna go through that again.

It's all right, Flynn.

I want this.

I've lived long enough, I made every day count.

But we could be together. There is a way.

You have to stay, and be the Librarian.

You have to fulfill your destiny as I have fulfilled mine.

Please Flynn, sometimes saying goodbye is...

The right thing to do.

You know, there is one thing you can do for me, though.

I've always wanted to see the sun rise again.

Will you watch it with me?

It's beautiful.

I loved you, Flynn.

For a little while.

I loved you.

Goodbye Simone. Goodbye Flynn.

I have something for you.

We did not authorize any... It's a thank you gift.

It's beautiful.

Early 1800's. Made by French Monks.

There's writing on it. What does it say?

Latin. Says: Even into her night..

Says: Follow your dream.

And where did you dream lead you?


We're still not paying for any unauthorized funds for any... I know.

Oh, that's mine.

Well, Flynn, you've come through for us once again.

I'm just sorry we ruined your vacation.

I wouldn't say "ruined". Oh. Oh good.

So have you decided on, know, whether you're going to stay on as the Librarian or not?

Someone very special told me I should embrace who I am.

I think she was right. Good.

Then we won't... we won't have anymore of those...


No. Good. 'Cause.

Charlene was thinking about changing the locks.

I know who you are.


Come on Judson, I know that you're over 2000 years old.

And know that the library is pitched in a larger battle between good and evil.

řahuda. Yahoo to you, too.

Flynn, I won't disagree that there is a battle between good and evil...

...and right now it seems like evil is winning. But soon, and the library are going to play... even more important role in that struggle.

And, as far as my being 2000 years old, ...that's... well, that's just insulting.

Yeah. Yeah.


Yeah, I guess it is kind of silly when you think about it.

Scholar. The tree of knowledge.