The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008) Script

SEBASTIAN: The world above is a wonderful place.

But everyone knows the true magic lies under the sea, where the water is clear, the fish swim free, and the mer-people live in the beautiful kingdom of Atlantica.


King Triton ruled the seas with a fair hand...

-Yoo-hoo! -You're very kind.


...and an open heart.

Ariel! Oh!




Oh, mon.

No one loved music more than Triton's beloved queen, Athena.


She and their seven darling princesses filled his life with joy and song.

(SINGING) Oh, the waves roll low And the waves roll high And so it goes Under a bright blue Endless sky Waves try to measure The days that we treasure Wave hello And wave goodbye Good night, girls.

SEBASTIAN: Yes, the king loved his queen, and he took every opportunity to show her.



(SINGING) Endless sky Our song.

Our song.

SEBASTIAN: Oh, mon! It was a magical time!

The pure joy of song filled life in Atlantica.









SEBASTIAN: But even the brightest days can be darkened by an unseen tempest.




Somewhere in the chaos, Queen Athena was lost to us.




Each note of that lovely melody seemed to deepen the king's anguish.

He couldn't bear to hear it.


From that moment on, the king's heart stayed dark.

And music was banned from Atlantica

(WHISPERS) forever.

Ten years later, Atlantica looked the same.

But I can't say that about everything.


-Uppy-uppy, my darlings. -It's us.



-Hey! -Rise and shine.

-Why so early? -Mustn't be late.

But it's still dark out.

-Oh. Hi. -Wakey-wakey.

-Oh, I was dreaming about a boy. -Yes.

Come on, girls.

-But I need my beauty sleep. -Tell me about it.

Easy for you. No one cares what you look...

-Move it. -I think you're lovely.

Can't we meet Father later?

I don't get to make those kinds of decisions.

Any decisions, really.

Get up!

-Okay, we heard you. -We're going as fast as we can.

All right, all right, all right. Move your tails.

This is our special time with your father.

Special? It's the same every morning.

-She's got a point. -That's what your father cares about.

Predictability, presentation, punctuality.

-That's all Dad cares about. -She's got a point.

-You've got your own mirror! -Two minutes.

Stop primping!

-Anyway, I told her, she used to... -Come on, Ariel.

Why can't he let us do something different? Just once.

Give him a break. He's the king, remember?

-You try running a kingdom. -I wouldn't run it like this.

Don't upset him, Ariel.

Just because you're the oldest, Attina, -doesn't mean you can boss us around. -Yes, it does.

Benjamin, if we're late again, I'll never get a promotion.

-Marina... -Come on, girls.

Not that I want a promotion. No, no, no, I love this job.

Looking after you is what I live for.


-I hate this job! -The less said the better.



Whoa! Whoa!

-Good morning, Your Highness. -Sebastian.

-Oh! -Anything to report?

Unfortunately, the sprat and the smelt were still (SHRIEKS) squabbling.

No worries. I told them I'd sic the salmon on them.

Sebastian, what would I do without you?

You'd be negotiatin' with the sprat and the smelt, that's what.



-Good morning, girls. -Good morning, Father.

-Marina. -Good morning, Your Majesty.


-Sebastian. -You're late.



Your Majesty.

Well, I presume you've all been attending

-to your royal duties this week. -Yes, Father.

-We've been working diligently. -ARIEL: We're always done early.


And the coral is in bloom.

-Clam it! -Enough!

So I thought maybe we could go for a swim on the reef?

-Not today, Ariel. -But it only happens once a year.

It could be fun.

I don't have the time.

I was thinking we could just skip the morning walk.

Ariel! Your father said no.

Yes, sir.

Nice job.

Be on time tomorrow.



-Let's move it! -Okay, we're coming.

-Time to go. -Great.

Here they come!


Well, hi to you, too. Oh, get...



That's it!


Your Majesty, I was thinking about making some changes in the palace staff.

-Huh? -Really?

Got it!

-Watch it! -Careful!

Get up!


That will be all, Sebastian, Marina.

-Good day, girls. -Goodbye, Father.


Yes, Daddy?

-He sounds grumpier than yesterday. -Time to go.

A princess does not tickle another princess with seaweed.

You saw that?

I was just trying to have some fun.

-You disrupted your sisters. -Well, they laughed.

-Well, I didn't. -Daddy, why can't...

Is it too much to ask that you simply walk with your family?

-That's all we ever do. -Ariel...

-Can't we do something different? -Enough!

You have to learn to respect the way I run this kingdom.


What? That'll take all day.

Well, then you'd better get started, young lady.

I hate this place.






-No manners. -MARINA: This job is killing me!

Oh, dear.

If I have to watch over these spoiled princesses one more day, -I'm gonna beach myself! -Mm-hmm.

You should've heard that little clawboy Sebastian today. "You're late."


If Triton wasn't looking, I would have squashed that crustacean into a crab cake!


-Maybe I'm just too sensitive? -Dip.

-Did you feed them today? -Yes. Twice.

And the key?


That Sebastian!

-I despise him! I loathe him! -Never heard that one.

How did that little invertebrate get to be chief of staff?

-Chutzpah? -I want that job.

I deserve that job!

So what if I'm late every once in a while and the girls are miserable?

-Nobody's perfect. -That's right. Nobody's perfect.

-Oh, my. -Everyone makes mistakes, even him!

Benjamin I need to find a clue Or a good cuticle cream.

To get myself Sebastian's job To stage a little coup A straw to break the camel's back A teeny dent, a tiny crack A quiver or a quake What I need is one mistake

-Ow! -Oh, so sorry!

Just one mistake Now, color? Sardine silver?

-No, thanks. -Orange roughy?

-Not in the mood. -Rainbow trout?

Just paint them the shade of clarified butter!

Sebastian Oh, better be on his guard So much for my samples.

'Cause I have some electric chums And they'll be looking very hard A straw to break Sebastian's back A teeny dent, a tiny crack A dowdy double take What I need is one mistake Uno error.

Just one mistake Then...

Hello, world It's Marina Del Rey That's right. Three names.

I'm the new attaché French!

Or maybe more Oh, I want so much more Big surprise.

Hello, world I'm the belle of the ball I'm feelin' it. Big wave!

I'm the greatest of all the loyal royal big shots

-(MOANS) -Mmm...

Work it, Marina

-Pouty, sassy -Pouty. Sassy From the engine to the chassis

-Oo-wah oo-wah -Got to, got to

-Oo-wah oo-wah -Get it, get it Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta gotta, gotta have it A straw to break the camel's back A teeny dent, a tiny crack A mini mighty break What I need is one mistake Mmm...

And after that, who knows?

Sebastian's bound to make a mistake, right?

Not likely.

Dream killer!




Live from the Catfish Club, it's




We love you, Flounder.


ARIEL: Oh, boy.


Oh, yeah!

-I'm hot. I know it. -(PLAYING MUSIC)

-Hey! -Aah!

-Was that what I think it was? -Nope.


-That! -What?

-That sound! -Oh, that sound.

I was just cleaning out these...

But then you... Hey! And then I...


And then the thingamajiggers just boppity boop, bop, bap!

Can you do it again?

Halt! You're in violation of the Triton Acts!

-All music is forbidden in the kingdom! -Not good.

-Swim! -Hey, get back here!




Torpedo tube!



Not again!


SWORDFISH: There they are!


Fish launch!

-Thanks. -No problem.


This way!

-My name is Flounder. -Oh, I'm Ariel.

Oh, no!



Princess Ariel! What is the meaning of this?

-Princess? -Um...

-We weren't doing anything. -SEBASTIAN: No?

Then why were you trying to get away?


'Cause they were chasing us?

-We heard music, chief. -(SHRIEKS)

Music! The princess was making music?

The princess wasn't making music.

-He was. -(WHIMPERS)

Music is against the law! Take him to the dungeon!

-I can't make it in the slammer! -Now!

Wait! This is all a big misunderstanding. Huge.

You are gonna laugh when I explain.

-Which I'm about to do. -In this century, please.

Right. You see, I was just cleaning the coral tubes, and my friend here was helping me.

That's right. Best friend helping out.

-Makin' it happen. -But not making music.


Guards! Escort the princess back to the palace.

-But Sebastian... -And you!


Consider this your first and only warning, mon.


Intolerable, I tell you. That girl is working on my last claw!

ADELLA: Attina, do you think if I change my hair, he'd notice?

AQUATA: Where's my brush? My brush works better.

Okay, bedtime. Outta my way.

Don't look now, but dinner exploded on your face.

-It's plankton extract and sea salt. -Pretty.

It rejuvenates the skin and it won't clog your pores.

-Whatever! -It's your face.

'Scuse me. (SIGHS)

-Is that my mask? -Nope.

It's got my initial on it.

All of our names start with "A," Aquata.

-My brush? -I was gonna talk to you...

-My lucky seashells? -They're not very lucky.

-(GASPS) Mr. Fuzzyfinkle! -He's so cute. He likes me.

-And my pillow? -Yeah, that's for Mr. Fuzzyfinkle.

-Nice try. -Give it back!

Arista, you always do this! It's my stuff!

-Finally, some entertainment. -You're just the selfishest person...

Shh, shh.

He's coming!

-Good evening, girls. -Father.

-Sleep well. -Good night, Father.


Good night.

Good night.

Why did you do that?

He's our father.

Sit there as long as you want, Ariel.

Nothing's going to change.

Maybe I could have her pillow.

Ha, ha, very funny.


SWORDFISH: How long has she been in charge?





Flippity-flop and slide to the side.

-FISH: The joint is jumping. -It's time to glide.


Hey! But I got the kelp yesterday.

It's not fair.

I'm weak. Pathetic.

I'm a lowly errand boy.



SINGER: Oh, it's about that time.


-Oh, yeah. -Hey, hey!

All right, let's bring it.

You know what to do.

Shake, shake, shake, Senora Shake your body line Shake, shake, shake, Senora Shake it all the time Work, work, work, Senora Work your body line Work, work, work, Senora Work it all the time Sea kelp. Salty or extra salty. Get your sea...



Oh, no.

Oh, Flounder.



My girl's name is Senora I tell you, friends, I adore her Sebastian?

When she dances, oh, brother She's a hurricane in all kinds of weather Jump in the line Rock your body in time Okay, I believe you Jump in the line Sebastian.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Shake, shake, shake, Senora


Shake your body line Work, work, work, Senora

Work it all the time Jump in the line Rock your body in time Ariel! No, don't!

Jump in the line Rock your body in time Rock your body, child!

Jump in the line Rock your body in...


Love your club.





Oh, wait! I won't tell.

Wait a minute. I won't tell!






La, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

Under the bright blue Endless sky Wait, I remember that How I know that song I remember sitting in the moonlight and that feeling What's that feeling?

I remember, yes How I know that song Though it's been so long I remember happiness without a floor or ceiling What's that feeling?

I remember La, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ALL: La, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Oh! I remember her And how we were I remember wanting what the evening would be bringing I remember singing Under the bright blue Endless sky Waves try to measure the days That we treasure And I I remember I remember music And I'm never going back to the silent law they wrote I will sing in every tempo Every last chromatic note For I, I remember her I remember music And I remember Love This can't happen!

Love Your father is the king!


Do you promise to jump, jive, wail, groove, rock steady, and lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers?

-I do. -She's in.

Good morning, Your Highness.

Sebastian. Marina.


Good morning, Your Majesty.

I have a problem.

-It's Ariel. -Ariel? I...

Finally! So you see it, too? Oh, yes.

She's rebellious, insubordinate, headstrong.

We need to immediately implement a series of checks and balances designed to crush her spirit.

What? Too harsh?

Absolutely! Your Highness, she is young, going through a phase.

I don't remember having this much trouble with any of her sisters.

I do! They're all a handful. We should shave their heads.

-(YELPS) -Just kidding.

-Alana wasn't difficult at all. -Yes, Your Majesty.

But Arista and the blowfish incident, remember?

Oh! It took weeks to clean up the palace.

And how about Aquata and that stingray?

-I can still feel it. -Well...

Or the time Attina got her head stuck in the conch shell.

That was me.

Well, perhaps you're right, Sebastian.

Still, it seems Marina could use some help.

I want you to look after Ariel. No offense, Marina.

None taken.

-Soft shell. Stick eye. -Tardy girl. Fish lips.

-Backstabber. Bottom feeder! -Fashion disaster. Babysitter!



La, la, la, la, la



-You were humming. -I was?

-Out loud. -Don't worry.

-It was just a dream. -I'll tell you what wasn't a dream.

-We woke up at midnight. -And your bed was still empty.


Yeah. That is two hours past curfew.

Was it a boy?

If it's a boy, I'm gonna die.


I mean, I'm happy for you, Ariel.

It's just that I'm two years older than you, and the only one I've come even close to kissing is Stevie.

-Squid-Lips Stevie? -It was on a dare.

-Whatever. -Girls, let's stick to the subject.

Well, it wasn't a boy, okay?

I was just helping a friend. Out past the kelp forest.

Past the kelp forest. It wasn't a boy.

It was a bad boy.

-Oh, Ariel. -Simmer down there, sister.

-So you were just helping a friend? -Yep.

Then, where'd you get this!


ATTINA: Can you imagine what'd happen if Dad found it?

-He's never here. -Don't get cute with me.

This is serious. Where were you?

I was just listening to music in an underground club.

Okay, where were you really?

-Listening to music? -No way.

-What was it like? -Come on. Spill it.

Oh, it was amazing.

The energy, the dancing, the music, just makes you feel like...

Like what?

Like when Mom was here.

Ariel, I wanna hear it, too.

-You do? -Me, too.

-Okay. Me, too. -Me, too! Me, too!

-Not without me. -Yeah. Everybody does.

Please, Ariel. Please?


-We'll go tonight. -I'm so excited!

-Music! -What should I wear?

So you think there'll be boys?

-One way to find out. -This is not happening!

You go again and I...

-Oh, lighten up. -Come on.

ALL: Mmm?



Come on, girls. Uppy-up.

-Morning. -They're early.

Yes. But why?

Get your sea kelp. Salty or extra salty.

Hey, Ray-Ray. You gonna rock the house tonight?

Well, wouldn't be here just for the halibut.

-Oh, Ray-Ray. -This is so exciting!

Hey, you're in my personal space.

-Stop pushing me. -Okay, bossy. Whatever.


-ALL: Music! -I know! Isn't it fantastic?

-And we're here together! -Yeah!

Boys, here I come!


Wow. This really is fantastic.

-Yeah. I'm scared! -Me, too.

-I thought I was the only one. -No, no, no, no...

SWIFTY: Ladies and gentlemen, The Catfish Club is proud to present...

Let's just go!

...the original rock lobster.

The one, the only, Red Tornado!


Chick-a-chicka, chick-a-chicka, hey!

All right, mon BOTH: Sebastian?

-Way to go, Sebastian! -I love you, Sebastian.

-Hi! -Whoo!

Okay. Where are the boys?

Are you a boy? Good enough.

Whoa! I'm Adella.

This is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me!

-Would you like to dance? -No, thanks.

-Let's dance. -No, thanks.

Would you like to dance?

(GROWLS) I can't dance, okay?

I'm a mermaid with no grace.

I look like a spastic piece of kelp.

Let's go.

Seriously. No, I mean it. You guys, I can't...

Come on.

-That's it! -You've got it!

She really can't dance.


-Oh, wow! -Yeah!

There ain't no problem with that. Ah-cha, cha, cha.

Thank you.

You were right, Ariel. Mom would've loved this.

-Yeah. -Thanks!

-You're the best. -Really.

We be jamming, mon.

SEBASTIAN: That's right!

-Good night, Ariel. -Good night, Andrina.

Zap-it-y-do-dah, zow!

-Night, Arista. -Sweet dreams, Ariel.

-You, too, Alana. -Good night, Adella.

I still didn't get to kiss a boy.

-Good night, Aquata. -Night.


Good night, Attina.

Your Highness.

We need to talk.



Jumping jellyfish!

Quick! This way!




This is how you watch over my daughter?

-Sire, I... -I trusted you.


Guards! Lock him away.

-What? No! -Lock them all away!

-But, Your Majesty, please! -Come on. Let's move it.

-I'm with the band. -Sure you are, kid.

Marina, you will take over Sebastian's duties immediately.

As you wish.

-Attina, take your sisters home. -Yes, sir.

Father, you can't do this!

It's already done!


-You are all confined to the palace. -Yes, Father.

Why don't you just lock us in jail?

Ariel, you are confined to the palace until you understand what you've done.

What did we do? Tell me, Daddy.

-Ariel, leave it alone. -No.

We haven't done anything wrong. All we did was listen to music.

-Which you know is forbidden! -But why? Why can't we have music?

-This discussion is over. -Just tell me!

I do not have to explain myself to you.

I don't understand. We love music.

I will not have music in my kingdom!

I may not remember much about my mother, but I know she wouldn't have wanted this.



You just don't know when to quit.


It's over, Ariel.

But we were finally happy.

Look around, Ariel.

No one's happy.


-Who is that? -I don't know, but she scares me.


Don't touch me.

Benjamin, tear out those puny windows.

-Rip down those narrow walls. -Oh, no.

This is just the beginning. I want a balcony so I can wave down to the adoring crowds.

But high enough so they can't see disdain on my face.

Can you taste it, Benjamin? The sweet taste of power!

Filling, yet oddly minty!

Hello, world It's Marina Del Rey I'm the new attaché But I want more


And I'm never going back Did you get that, clawboy? No, I'm never going back Delivery for Miss Del Rey.

Make no mistake I'm here to stay Oh, okay Meet the new Marina Del Rey

She does seem happier. Oh!

-How long has she been in charge? -We're going on seven minutes.

I remember



I got to get out of here. I got to get out.

The walls, they're closing in. There's no space! No air!

I got it! We'll start a riot!

Follow my lead.

Atlantica! Atlantica!

Join me, guys. Atlantica!

-RAY-RAY: Hey, Ink Spot. -Yeah?

This ain't living. You know what I'm saying?

And the acoustics are non-good-ular. Listen.

Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do Come on, at least we're hanging out. Can I get a "hoo-yah"?

Come on, guys. This looks a lot worse than it is.

I'll just get an audience with the king and I'll fix it.

Now, no offense, man, but you had 10 years to fix it, -and this is where we end up? -In jail.


Well, I...

The band has talked it up, see, and we want you to...

-Slip through the bars. -Use your claws to pick the lock, man.

-And open that door! -Good plan. Good plan.

-Solid. -Liquid!

-Just kidding. -No, bad plan!

If we break out of this jail, there ain't no coming back here, mon!

We'll be fugitives!

-That's cool. -That works.

What's a fugitive?

SEBASTIAN: What about Ariel? You just going to abandon her?

Leave her to deal with all that we tangled her up in?

You think that small, weak, innocent, helpless little girl can do anything by herself?

-Ariel? -Come on, Sebastian. Let's go.

-I'm with her. -If we run away from Atlantica, -it will break your father's heart. -She got to do what she got to do.

-I'm sorry. I just can't live here. -INK SPOT: Yeah, let's go.

Listen, I will not be responsible for taking you away from your family.

I'm leaving! With or without you.

-All right! -Nobody's leaving!

Except you.

Look, Sebastian, without music, this place just isn't home.

-You know she ain't lying. -Ain't no comeback to that!

You got that right.

Oh, no, no, no.

Never mind.


-Are you okay? -Ariel, you're right!

Without music, this place just isn't home.

I know just where to go!

ALL: Freedom!






Oh, dear.

SEBASTIAN: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!


SEBASTIAN: Flounder, shh! Move it, move it, move it, mon.

FLOUNDER: Move it, move it, move it. SEBASTIAN: Flounder, please!



This way. Come on.

-Flounder! Be quiet. -Ditto!


Yeah! Hit me!

Hey, small fry, I think you could use some lessons in fugitivity.

Oh, yeah. Right. Got it.

You're gonna blow it for all of us.

Blow, good.


Hey, kid, ixnay on the soundtrack.

-Why? -Why? Why? Why? Try jail!

-Prison! -The big house!

-The slammer! -Music is against the law, you dig?

Not out here.

-What? -Come on.

We ran away so we could sing. And I'm singing.


You know, the kid's striking a major chord.

I feel it, I feel it.

Look at him go with his bad little self.

-Oh, yeah. -Come on. Let it happen.


Sha-na-na, na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na, na, na Shake, shake, shake, Senora Shake your body line Shake your body line Shake, shake, shake, Senora Shake it all the time Shake it all the time Work, work, work, Senora Work your body line Work your body Work, work, work, Senora Work it all the time Let's break it down Jump-J-J-Jump in the line Rock your body on time There he goes again.

J-J-Jump in the line

-He's groovin'! -Let me try it now.

Jump-J-J-Jump in the line

-Rock your body on time -We're in Jump-J-J-Jump J-J-Jump jump Jump in the line Hit it Jump in the line Rock your body in time I dig this freedom!

Jump in the line Rock your body in time Try and stop me!

Jump in the line Rock your body in time CHEEKS: Oh, yeah, take me with you.

Jump in the line Rock your body in time

-SEBASTIAN: Come on, guys. This way. -SHELBOW: All right.

-INK SPOT: Okay. -CHEEKS: Let's step-a-doodle.

Jump in the line Rock your body in time FLOUNDER: Where are we going exactly?

SEBASTIAN: Don't worry, mon.

FLOUNDER: 'Cause I got to go to the bathroom.

ARIEL: Oh, Flounder.

And thanks to my bold new initiatives, second only to my fabulous day wear and dressy evening separates, productivity in all sectors is up 20%.

Squids are producing more ink, kelp more oxygen, and the coral reef is just churning out the plankton. Chuga, chuga!

I do so enjoy fresh plankton on my salad, don't you?

I'll take that as a yes.

As you can see, I'm...

I'm a self-starter, Your Majesty, here to anticipate your every need.

Not like that last guy. What was his name?

Sooner we forget about him, the better.

In fact, let's make a vow never to mention his name again.

Here, I'll start.

There. Wasn't that easy?

-Marina. -Busy!

-I think I was too hard on them. -Huh?

-It's about Ariel. -Not now!

Perhaps I went too far.

Nonsense, Your Highness. Not possible.


-Marina. -What?

-Daddy! -Huh?

-Ariel's missing. -What?

-Why didn't you tell me? -I just did.

We can't find her! We've looked everywhere!

Don't worry. I'll find her.

Get me Sebastian!

What, what! No, no, no! No, I'm in charge here! Well...

Sebastian's gone, too.

Guards! Search the palace.

Search every inch of Atlantica!

Find my daughter!

Your Majesty.


Your Majesty, Your Majesty.



-FLOUNDER: Are we there yet? -SEBASTIAN: No.

-Are we there yet? -No.

-Are we there yet? -No.

-Are we there yet? -No.

-Are we there yet? -Yes. This is it.

-Are you sure? -Yes.

-Are you sure? -Yes.

-Are you... -Yes!

Oh, man. We can't live here!

Yeah, this place is all "Oom-pa-pa." We need some...


Nonsense. It's perfect.

Just listen to them acoustics.

Do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do

(ECHOING) Do. Do. Do...


Well, it beats the dungeon.

But not by much.

It'll do for the time being. Excuse me.



Sebastian, be honest. Are we lost?

No, this is fine.

There's more to this place than meets the eye.


ALL: Knock it off!



-MARINA: Give me the key! -I said no.

Look, I haven't worked my tail off for the last 12 hours

-just to have it snatched away. -How about a nice relaxing bath?

-Benjamin. -Kelp wrap? Lomi lomi rub?

Give me the key!

You said never give it to you in a fit of rage!

-I'm perfectly calm! -Doesn't sound it.

-Give! -Oh!

-Give! -Mm-mmm.


-Oh, look at the pretty fishies. -Really? Where?


Come to Mommy.


Oh, yes. Mommy wuvs you.

Okay, I'm not gonna watch this part. (SHUDDERING)

My, my, are you hungry?

Who wants crab cakes?

What are you going to do?

Whatever it takes to get rid of Sebastian!

-But what about Ariel? -Ariel? Ariel?

You're right. She'll tattle.

-I'll have to get rid of her, too. -What?

-That's brilliant, Benjamin, brilliant! -Okay, that wasn't what I meant.

I never liked her anyway. I'll make it look like an accident.

That's it! An accidental underwater ambush by a team of the cutest wittle yum-yums ever.

You've lost your mind.

Sic 'em, boys!

What hath we wrought?

Swim, you pretties.

Swim, you pretties. Faster! Swim.


MARINA: Wait up!




Five more minutes, Mommy.

Sebastian, did you hear that?

Leave me alone. Sleeping.

But there's something out there. Come on, help me find it.

I'm tired. You go check it out.





SEBASTIAN: It was an anniversary present.

Your father had the music box made for your mother.

Athena was more than his queen, you know.

She was his best friend.

ARIEL: The family together.

Music playing all the time.

SEBASTIAN: The palace always echoing with laughter.


When your mother died, the whole kingdom was heartbroken.

The heart that never healed was your father's.

It's so sad.

He's forgotten what it feels like to be happy.

I have to bring this back to him.

If you insist.

This is why we came here, isn't it?

Whoa, whoa, let me get this straight. You led us out here...

To the armpit of nowhere, man.

In the hope that Red might find the music box.

And now you wanna go back to the palace...

-To return the music box to the king... -On the chance that maybe it'll...

Remind him to remember how to be happy...

And then he'll bring music back?

That about sums it up.

Couldn't we just strap it to a dolphin? He'd get it eventually.


Listen, the band talked it over, and...

We just can't take that chance.

-What? -Huh?

ARIEL: It's okay.

Maybe someday it'll be different.

You'll come home and play music all you want.

Sure, Red. Someday.



What? No, no, wait. Ray-Ray!

Guys! We can't just let them go back alone.

-Drop it, small fry. -But we took an oath!

To jump, jive, wail, groove, rock steady, and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers!

The Catfish Club is history. That oath don't mean a thing.

Well, it still means something to me.

Hey, Ariel! Wait up! Ariel!

I don't remember this much kelp when we came through here last night.


Kelp, schmelp. I ain't afraid of these overgrown weeds.

Hi-yah! Take that! And that!


Guys? That ain't kelp!


-Surprise! -Marina?

What are you wearing?

I thought I'd dress for the occasion.

What's the occasion?

Go, go, go, go!

Sic 'em, boys.


Keep going!




That hurt.

(ARIEL PANTING) This way. Quick!

Where's Sebastian?




I've tasted power, Sebastian. And I'm never letting go.

Bring it on!


Come to daddy.



-Now! -Huh?


Yeah! Awesome!

-Oh, they hurting for certain. -Yup, yup, yup.

-Sebastian's in trouble! -Follow me!

-RAY-RAY: Let's go. -SHELBOW: Right in your wake, kid.

The music box!



How do you like that?




Come on, try and get me.

Get back here!



Boom, chika, boom Chika, boom, boom, boom!


Tight fit?

You stink.


I win.


-Flounder! -Sebastian! Help!

I got the tail.

-INK SPOT: Hey! Flounder at 12 o'clock! -SHELBOW: 12.04, actually.

-Flounder. -Whoa!

-Do the corkscrew! -SHELBOW: Break out all the utensils.

Whoa, whoa!

-Who the fish? -INK SPOT: That's it.

Go, Flounder! Go, go!


CHEEKS: You slippery eel!

Yeah, mon, just like we planned it.

Way to go, Flounder, you did it!

-We did it, mon. -We sure did.

-Solid. -ARIEL: Come on. Let's go!



-Sebastian! -Look out!

Ariel! No!


What have I done?

Endless sky

Waves try to measure The days that we treasure


I'm... I'm so sorry I didn't listen.

-I'm sorry. -Daddy.

Let's go home.


Guys, you came back.

Sure did, small fry.

Like you said, we took an oath.

Come here, you little knucklehead.

-Group hug! -We dig you, man.

Guys, can't breathe.


SEBASTIAN: So, Ariel came back home and life went on just the same as before.

Well, things weren't exactly the same.

Rise and shine.

It's a beautiful day.

-Daddy! -Daddy!



To my daughters, and to all the citizens of Atlantica, I hereby decree that music will once again ring clear from one end of my kingdom to the other!


Therefore, I hereby present Atlantica's first official Court Composer.

RAY-RAY: Yeah, yeah! FLOUNDER: Fabulous!

Thank you, Your Highness.

Not that we don't trust you, Your Majesty, but...

Swifty, hit it, mon.

(CLEARS THROAT) Raise your right hand, fin, claw, tentacle, or whatever the case may be.

Very good. Do you promise to jump, jive, wail, groove, rock steady, and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers?

I do?


Thank you, Ariel.


My love is higher than the sky Deeper than the ocean Warmer than the sun Shining down on me Quiet as a prayer

-A girl in the band? -That's right.

All my love I will sing Of joy and glory I will sing The look in your eyes I will sing Till all the world knows your story I will sing For the rest of my life

Daddy, how about a dance?

I wouldn't miss it for the world.



For the rest of my life

SEBASTIAN: So that's how a king and a princess brought a family back to life.

And, after 10 years, love and music finally returned to the kingdom of Atlantica.

I will sing for the rest of my life

Let's think about what we've learned. You just can't hurt people.

Hurting is mean. We don't want to be mean, do we?

Maybe you're right.

That's my girl.



Ooh-wa, ooh-wa!