The Loft (2014) Script




I swear to God, I had nothing to do with this.

HUGGINS: We would love to believe you, Mr. Stevens.

But you have to admit, your version of events does sound pretty bizarre.

Don't you think?

Look, it was a setup, okay? The whole thing was staged.

COHAGAN: So you were framed, that's your claim, you were the victim?

Well, I mean, you know, not...

Not like... HUGGINS: Not like who?

Not like her?

Please, just talk to the other guys.

Have you talked to the others yet?

HUGGINS: We're doing our jobs.

COHAGAN: So, why don't you just do yourself a favor and confess.

You'll save some time, save some legal fees. Come on.

HUGGINS: Why don't you take us through the events of this morning?

Again? Again, Mr. Stevens.











COHAGAN: Where were you this morning, Mr. Stevens?

I was at home. Alone. My wife's taken the kids skiing.

Actually, your wife's on her way back, as we speak.

And apparently, she has quite a few questions of her own.

HUGGINS: So the phone woke you around what time this morning?

I don't know. 9:00, 9:30?

It was Luke, in a panic. He said I had to come.

COHAGAN: Where were you supposed to go?

To the loft. He told me to come to the loft.

Did he say why he was panicking?


But did you know why he was panicking?

No. Not yet.




Oh, my God!

Oh, fuck!

What the hell happened?

I don't know.

What do you mean? You just...

I walked in, she was lying there and...

Oh, fuck.


Have you called the others?

Chris and Marty are on their way.

I still haven't reached Philip.

Okay. Well, keep calling. We need everybody here.

LUKE: Do you know who she is?

Vincent. Do you know who's lying there?


No. Of course not.

Well, how the fuck did they get in?

What, was it a window, a door?

Windows are sealed, the door was locked, and the alarm was turned off.

That's impossible. I'm telling you.

The door was locked and the alarm was turned off.

But, that'd mean that... Someone got in with one of our keys.

HUGGINS: Do you know the loft building at the corner of 2nd and South Hope, Mr. Seacord?


You know, the new residential one, down by the sports arena, designed, I believe, by your good friend Vincent Stevens?

Vincent runs a very large firm.

He's done a lot of buildings.

There's a loft on the ninth floor, Mr. Seacord. Have you ever been there?



Because according to our information, you and four friends are sharing this loft.

Secretly, without your wives' knowledge.

(SCOFFS) That is ridiculous.

Don't the five of you bring women up there?

Girlfriends, mistresses, one-night-stands? Catch of the day?

Five pals just looking for privacy and fun without the hassle of Visa statements and hotel bills the missus might find.

That is preposterous.

COHAGAN: Maybe, Mr. Seacord.

But one of your friends already made a full confession.

You wanna know who? Listen.

I don't do things like that, you know, fool around with other women. I...

HUGGINS: You love your wife.

I love my wife, yes.

HUGGINS: What happened to your face, Mr. Seacord?

I walked into a door.

Or were you in a fight? I said, I walked into a door.

Where were you this morning?

Out with Chris, having breakfast.

There will be a lot of people in the restaurant to verify that.

By Chris, you mean Dr. Chris Vanowen, the psychiatrist?

That's right.

One of your loft buddies. LUKE: Chris is married.

He's got two kids and, no, he's not a guy who cheats on his wife, either.


We've got a serious fuckin' problem, Chris.


Oh, shit...



What? You think your brother has something to do with this?


We gotta call the cops.

You realize what'll happen if we call the cops? Think about our wives.

There's a dead woman here, Vincent.

Why do we think Philip is involved?

Look, Chris. You know what he's capable of.

Yeah, I know.

Maybe we can help him, okay?

If we can just figure out what the fuck happened and...

And then what? We're gonna dump the body somewhere?

Look, I don't fucking know, but I'm not taking the fall for this!




Son of a bitch...

Have you seen Phil? Do you know where he is? Was he here last night?

This can't be real.

No. Wait, what are you doing?

I want to see her.

Put her back.

Oh, God damn it. Who is she?

I don't know.

Look, none of us has anything to do with this, right?


We're gonna find out what happened here and we will figure a way out.

We're in this together, we'll get out of it together. Okay?

'Cause we're friends.



Well, it looks like they'll let anybody in, right?

Congratulations, Vin. Thanks.

This one's really spectacular. Very special. I appreciate that.

Ally, it's been too long. You look terrific. Thank you.

So, uh, what do you think?

Well, it's bold and focused. As always. I like it.

Great! You made it. Hi. Hi.

Hi, Barbara. How are you?

Want to buy yourselves a little condo?

I think Vincent's little condos are a little out of our league.

Right, you and your puny psychiatrist's salary.

You guys grab a drink. And we'll catch up with you later. All right?

All right. Congrats, bud.

Thanks, man.

One hour tops, and then we're out of here.

Oh, come on, hon. We just got here.

Check out all these babes. So hot!

It's like they're in violation of the fuckin' fire code!

Marty, calm down. I see them.

I can also see Mimi, your wife.

Okay, save me, help me, protect me.

What's up, Tubs? Having too much fun?

No. Just checkin' out the hipster crowd with my pal Luke.


Yeah, if you embarrass me, I'll leave you here all by yourself.

Oh, don't raise my hopes only to dash them. (GIGGLES)

Hi, Luke. Where's Ellie?

Oh, she was just feeling dizzy.

Ducked out to check her blood sugar.

MIMI: Hi, Elle. Do you feel okay?

Oh, I, um, started to feel not-so-great before, but I'm better now.

We can always go home, sweetie.

(CHUCKLES) Did you hear that? "Sweetie!"

After she just checked her blood sugar.

That's funny. That's really good.

I would love to see you deal with something like that if that was me.

Oh, you know, baby, I'd love to stick you in the ass every day.

How many times have I asked? MIMI: Honey?

Lots. Not now.

You're the shrink, aren't you?

Uh, yeah, that's right. Chris Vanowen.

Ah, Dr. Vanowen, that's right. Yes, I remember.

Do we know each other? Uh, no. You knew my sister.

She was a patient of yours actually. Sophie?

Sophie Morris?


I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

(SCOFFS) Some people are just born unhappy.

I'm sorry. Are you buying an apartment?

What? Um, no, no. I'm friends with the architect.


Are you?

No, I'm here with Joel Kotkin. The city councilman.

I work for him as sort of a personal assistant.


I'm Anne. Anne Morris. (GIGGLES)

Very nice to meet you, Anne.

And listen, about your sister...

It's okay.

You couldn't have saved her. Her mood disorder kind of runs in the family.

Unfortunately, so...

Well, you're not thinking of doing something stupid, are you, Anne?


Oh, you mean like falling for the wrong man? Well...

I do that all the time.


Everything's all right! Come on, keep partying!

What are you doing?

Phil, I should've guessed.

Hey, Vince, what's up? Hey. How are ya? Thanks for comin'.

I'm sorry about this. She slipped, man.

No worries. As long as you're okay. You all right?

I'm fine. She's fine. Come on.

Let me introduce you to a colleague who works with me at the office.

And this one works with me down at the office.


Or is it the other way around?

CHRIS: Philip?

Oh, my big brother. How ya doin', man?

Friends of Vicky's? Bridesmaids? Oh...

Come on, man. I'm still single, you know? What are you doing?

What? It's not like I don't love my little Vicky.

I love her madly, you know that. All right?

It's not like I hate all the other women in the world.

All right. All right. Relax.

There's something I want to show you. Let's go get Marty and Luke.


Gentlemen, welcome to the loft.

MARTY: Wow! This is impressive, Vince.

Check out the view.

Then imagine that this is our own private oasis right in the heart of downtown.

What do you mean?

A place where no one hassles you.

A place you can escape to any time you want.

So this is your loft?

No. It's ours.

If you want it. CHRIS: What?


Think about it.

No messy hotel bills. No questionable credit card activity.

This would be our secret place to steal away, discreetly and economically in these challenging times. A five-way split.

What do you think? (CHUCKLES)

I don't know. I'm not like that.

Come on, Chris. We're men. We're all a little like that.

Yeah. Tell me about it. Give me your key right now.

Bring your twins up here, give 'em a little private tour.

You know what they cost, Marty?

How much? I might have it on me right now. Seriously.

Think about it. It's a great investment.

A once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity.

I can't stay here.

CHRIS: Where you going? Luke? MARTY: Hey, hey!

You cannot freak out right now.

We have to stay together like we said!

All right. Really, Luke, you just need to calm the fuck down.

No! No! It's over, Vincent! It's all gonna come out!

It's not over. Listen, we're gonna find out what happened here and we're gonna fix it!


Try Phil again.


This is Philip. Please leave a message after the tone.

VINCENT: What if he doesn't show?

He could be out of the country by now.

He'll show.

We can't cover for him, Chris. Not this time.

MARTY: Guys!

Look at this.

What's it mean? What does it mean?

COHAGAN: You know Latin, Doctor?

Excuse me?

Latin. Do you know Latin?

I took it, pre-Med, yeah.

What's it say on the wall there?

"Fatum nos iungebit."

Yeah, I know. "Fatum nos iungebit."

I can read that.

What's it mean?

I'm guessing you already know what it means.

No. We would like to hear you say it.

You'd like to hear me say it. Okay. "Fatum nos iungebit."

"Fate will unite us."

Now, all I can possibly think is that somebody who knows Latin like you, reached over with this young lady's hand and wrote, "Fatum nos iungebit" on the wall.


"Fatum nos iungebit" is wrong.

How so, Doctor?

The future imperfect tense of the verb unite, iungere, is not iungebit.

It's iunget. It should say, "Fatum nos iunget."

So the person you're looking for made a classic Latin error.

But I'm guessing you knew that already, too, didn't you?

You know the phrase "fuck you"?

Germanic origin.

Where's your brother?

I'm sorry, I can't help you with that one.

Right. Well, actually, he's your half-brother, isn't he?

Same mother, different fathers.

He spent some time in various institutions with your half-sister, Zoe?

Yeah. That's right.

After our mother died, uh, Philip wasn't as lucky with his father.

Apparently not. Alcoholic child beater.


You didn't spend much time with Philip back then, did you?

No. But now you're best friends.

Well, we've had a lot of catching up to do.

You really don't know where we can find him?

"Fate will unite us"? Where the hell's your brother, Chris?

I don't know.

What the hell is this?

Where the fuck is Philip?

I'm right here.

Now, what the hell's going on?

You did this.

You did this!

VINCENT: Luke! CHRIS: Hey! Luke!

LUKE: What? VINCENT: Luke, come here! Hey!

Hey! PHILIP: Hands off!

Come on! Bring it on! What is this? Cool it, Philip.


Holy shit.

Did you have anything to do with this?

What the fuck are you talkin' about?

Just answer the fucking question! Did you do this?

Of course not! VINCENT: Jesus!

Were you here last night?

No, man. I wasn't here last night. I slept at my in-laws'.

If you don't believe me, call Vicky.

What about this morning? Were you here this morning?

I was at a project site, all right?

With my father-in-law.

Oh, my God...

Where were you last night? Where have you been?

Philip! Take it easy. PHILIP: Wait a minute.

Before accusing everyone else, where have you been?

'Cause I never got a text to say the loft was taken. Never.

Last night I was at home.

Can you prove it?

No. I can't prove it. Because Barbara's taken the kids skiing.

You'll have to take my word for it.

Relax! Come on! Your word?

There's a dead woman in our loft that only us have access to.

Now, if anybody has anything to do with this, now's the time to say it. Right now.

Thank you very much.

MARTY: (CHUCKLES) Well, Philip's got a ball and chain now.

Who would've thunk it?

Who's the father-in-law again?

His name's Hiram Fry. He's a huge property developer.

His friends call him the Man of Steel.

Worth millions. Vicky's his only daughter.

So what's not to love?

I just hope Philip will be happy.


Well, that's cozy.

Come on.

VINCENT: Ever since Councilman Kotkin got elected, the Man of Steel's been busy rebuilding downtown.

LUKE: Kotkin came to your opening, right?

VINCENT: Yeah, he turned up for a photo op.

When it comes to handing out permits and contracts though, the game's rigged.

Wait a minute. Tell me what we're talking about again, 'cause I just saw some mini cheesecakes.


Gorgeous, huh?

I mean, this whole setup.

Whoever said money can't buy happiness sure hasn't lived this life.


Sorry, boys, you've lost your bachelor mascot.

He's all mine now.

Good luck with breaking this bronco, Vicky. God knows others have tried.

But I'm not others, am I, Philip?

She told you.

VICKY: And it's not just me.

Philip's married into the Fry family now.

MARTY: Oh. Soon as we're back from Fiji...

Yeah. Well, gonna sell some properties with Vicky's dad.

You know, see how it grabs me.

Wow. Grabs you!


Well, guys, thanks for coming.

VINCENT: Congratulations.

I'll be with you in a second, baby.

Oh, man, I need a break from all the ass-kissing.


Where is Fiji?

PHILIP: I don't know.


You look beautiful.


Your wedding present.

Are you for real? Absolutely.

Don't lose it. There's only five of these in existence.

Accepting a key to the loft means you accept the rules to the loft.

Marty. Oh.

Are you crazy? Our wives are here.

Don't you think that's a bit cynical, handing those things out here?

Cynical? It's just a key to a room. You should check it out.

Oh, no, you're not like that. Not now. Maybe later.

What about you, Luke? Now or later?

Come on!

Atta boy.


You just make sure this doesn't blow up in your faces.

How's it gonna blow up in our face?

It's just a room, like Vince said.

Our room.


Now we keep it to ourselves. All right? We tell nobody.

It just stays within our circle. Marty?

Yeah? Yeah!

Now you just need to find someone willing to go with you, Marty.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Yeah. I think there's plenty of choices right here.

Some of these guys bring some premium grade, high test pussy.

Like that dewy-eyed vixen right there.

(SCOFFS) She looks underage. No, she's 20.

And if one of you guys messes with her, I'm gonna crack your head wide open.

MARTY: Oh, what, do you got dibs on Miss Curly Locks?

Listen, man, that's Zoe. All right?

Zoe? PHILIP: Yeah.

Like as in skin-and-bones tomboy Zoe? PHILIP: Yeah.


I hate to say it, Phil, but your little sister's seriously hot.

Thanks, man. MARTY: She's not little anymore.

That is the finest piece of ass...

Yo, Marty, that's enough. MARTY: I'm just sayin'.

I'd like to fuck her like an animal.

Come on, Marty. That's enough! Feel her from the inside.

(SINGING) I wanna fuck you like an animal...


You don't sing, you don't laugh, you don't talk about my sister.

Got it? You got it? (GRUNTING)


Don't fuck with me... You watch it.

You watch it.

I'll kick your ass at your own fuckin' wedding.



We met at the, uh, building opening.

That's right. You're Anne Morris.

I'm glad you remember me, Chris.


I see you work weekends.

What a dedicated personal assistant.

What a lucky city councilman.

(SCOFFS) Screw him.

D0 you?


Must get a bit boring walking around all these parties by yourself.

He wants you close, but not too close.

Not when there's important people around.


I told you, I fall for the wrong men.

Can you keep a secret?

Our city councilman likes to keep my panties with him at these events, in his pocket.

It's a turn-on for him, the thought of me in a crowd, so naked.

Only he knows.

Why do you let him use you like that?

Who says he's using me?

Maybe it turns me on.

Maybe me telling you about it turns me on even more.

I hope you don't catch cold.


Chris, I'm sorry.

I don't know, maybe I was testing you.

I don't need to be tested.

Listen, do you want maybe get a cup of coffee?

Some place quiet?




I'd like to use your key.

Just once. It's not what you think.

Hey, it doesn't matter what I think.

Have fun.

VINCENT: Does everyone still have a key?

'Course we do.

VINCENT: It's crucial we get this right.

Five keys were cut. To make a sixth, you'd need the code.

Which is in my safe, so we can rule that out.

But there was no break-in. So does everyone still have a key?

PHILIP: What? You think we've been givin' away our keys?

It's against your rules, Vince.

Then show me.

What are we trying to prove here?

Look, I don't know. Maybe someone's lost a key, okay?

Let's just rule that out.

Okay? Look, here's mine.

All right?

Chris? (SIGHS)

You didn't use a key to get in just now.


No. I didn't bring it. Where is it?

I don't have it on me, okay.

It's not like I need it every day, like some of you guys.

But you do still have it?

Vincent, whether or not I have my key on me right now is really not important.

It's extremely fuckin' important!

Someone got in using a key and yours is missing!

Is that right, Vincent?

Then how do you account for the fact that the alarm was shut off?

So, let's just cut the bullshit, 'cause it definitely had to be one of us five.


Unless what?

Unless she let him in.

Oh, yeah. Then how'd she get in, Vincent?

Any way you look at it, it keeps coming back down to us.

And I for one would like to know who's hiding something.

MIMI: Where did you learn that?

BARBARA: I seriously don't believe it.

MIMI: There's a word for that?

BARBARA: Yes, polyamory.

It's a philosophy, some sort of belief system about being romantically involved with more than one person at the same time.

Uh-huh. And your boss gets away with it?

Yes. He says that he's in love with his wife and his girlfriend, so why should he have to choose? MIMI: Uh-huh.

And his wife is amazingly cool with it.

Oh, really? Ls she special needs? Maybe oxygen-deprived? What?

Explain. I'd like to know. (CHUCKLES)

That sounds like my kind of philosophy, Barb.

What's it called again? Polly and Marie?

Please. Spare us, Tubs. You can barely handle one woman.

What would you do with two? Mmm.

Bury one.


MARTY: I would make up something, some sort of game that involves two ladies and one guy.

Start a trapeze act or somethin'.

Could you at least fake some enthusiasm?

It's your party.

Anyway, I'm cooking.

If you absolutely have to invite your friends over, could you at least try to make it home on time?

Look, they're never here, okay? Will you just join us?

I just hope the pudgy clown doesn't puke on the rug.

He's been chugging vodka like it's Evian. (SCOFFS)

I mean, doesn't his wife see that?

BARBARA: Actually, she was just cool with it long enough to catch him in the act.

She hired a detective.

Cell phone records, credit card receipts, audio, video, the works.

And in a heartbeat my poor boss went from polyamory to alimony.


MARTY: Man, your boss sounds mentally retarded.

So, what happened to him?

Oh. Uh...

He and his concubine are now cramped in a tiny one-bedroom condo.

But I'm guessing he's happy.

She's blonde, 23, with a brand new pair of fake breasts.

Ugh! How can men stand fake breasts?

(FAKE GROANS) Why are women always talking about "fake tits" this "fake tits" that?

I mean, listen.

Girls, if it's a decent boob job, who fuckin' cares, you know?

My mom, she's got, uh, false teeth.

Okay? When she smiles, do people give her shit and say, "Oh, my God! Look! Fake!"

No, they don't!

They say, "Wow! You look way better now.

"It's an improvement."

You know, you women, you're so catty, so competitive!

Calm down, Tubby dearest.

(STAMMERS) No. You know what? It's nothin' to be calm about, Mimi.

I mean, a glorious big set of fuckin' tits and a nice piece of ass, it's thrilling!

It's thrilling! (LAUGHS AWKWARDLY)

(CLEARS THROAT) This is all a little too highbrow for my teeny, tiny, catty female mind.

Well, you know what? You should have that enlarged.

Huh? And while you're under, you should have the comers of your mouth lifted so you can smile every once in a while.

Sorry... Sorry, Chris.

Marty. Come on.

What? No.

No, you're a class act, Marty.

Mimi, would you like to get your husband another drink, or should I do the honors?

You should do it. And I want it chilled.

And then you go with her and stir. Honey?

MARTY: The problem with your boss, Barbara, is he didn't have his shit together.

I mean, apart... Apart, I mean.

No. I mean, he didn't compartmentalize.

You guys agree?

BARBARA: All right, Marty.

How would you compartmentalize?

How? Okay, well, since you asked.

First thing first is I wouldn't have a place that you could get caught.

Not a hotel, not your girlfriend's crib.

That's key, right? Am I right, Vinnie-boy?

Am I right?

(SCOFFS) Marty, you've lost us all.


I doubt that. I doubt that, Vinnie-boy!

Okay, first of all, sorry, baby.

I would just get a little one-bedroom condo, or something like that.


God damn it!

Wow. You all right?

Mimi, your husband tends to talk out of his ass when he's been drinking. Yeah?

Come on. There we go. (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY)

Hon, would you give me a hand?



Sorry. Didn't know you were in here.

No problem. Ate too much too fast, I guess.

Thai food, you know. Yeah. It gets all up in your nose and shit.

Yeah. It's a little spicy.

Yeah. I'm out of here. Bye.


LUKE: I need to pick up some more insulin.

Luke? Ls there something you wanna tell me?

Are you keeping secrets? (CHUCKLES)

What kind of secrets?

Is there someone else?

I don't know why you start asking me silly questions, but the answer is no.

I'm not cheating on you, Ellie.

That's not what I'm asking, Luke.

I'm asking if there's someone else.


Listen, sweetie.

Whatever I may be, or may not be and I know I'm not as glamorous as some but I'll always be there for you.

And the children.

I don't know what I'd do without you.

I want you to know there's a lot I could put up with.

LUKE: What are you doing?

We need to get her out of here.

How? She is shackled to the bed!

Can't you guys see what's going on?

Someone is trying to frame us!


Who wants to frame us?

I don't know. But think about it.

The body's cuffed to the bed. It's impossible to move.

The Latin, the knife. Someone did this for a reason.

Hell, the cops could be here any second.

But none of us know who this girl is.

We don't even know how she got in here.

Who else knew about the arrangement?

Who else knows about our arrangement?

Did anyone blab? Tell one of the girls that have been up here?

Marty? What? Why me?

Some night you were hammered, maybe?

I've always followed the rules, Vincent!

Did you give anyone your code?

Did you key in while someone was watching?

Absolutely not! I just told you.

All right. Wait. What's your point, Vincent? Where you going with this?

Someone is trying to set us up.

Like who? I don't know.

A rejected girlfriend, a jealous boyfriend, betrayed husband, someone with a motive.

Look, is one of you guys in some kind of trouble?







I think I may be falling in love with you.

You don't have to say that.

No, but I mean it.

Why would you say that, Chris? Why would you even feel it?

I've never cheated on my wife before.

And I don't fall in love easily.

Chris, I don't want you to love me.

You don't even know me, apart from these stolen moments.

I mean, they're exciting, yeah, sure.

But they're just moments.

Let's change that. I wanna see you more often.

Chris, please... Not just for this.

No, stop it. (STAMMERS)

I don't want you to love me.

Well, I don't wanna keep sneaking around.

I'm gonna tell Alison about us.

No, you're not. Yes, I am.



I'm gonna leave her. Stop it!

Why are you doing this?

The people you love,

they're the only ones who can hurt you.

I would never hurt you, Anne. Stop.

Stop what? I don't know what you're talking about. Would you...

Stop it, okay? You don't know me. Okay? That's the end of it.

Well, would you give me a chance at least to...

I'm a whore. All right?


I'm a prostitute.

I fuck men for money.

Do you get it now?

Don't worry, Doctor.

I won't bill you for the past few months.

Please, Anne, would you... (STAMMERS)

Chris... Would you wait a minute?

Please. Stop it. You don't know the half of it.

All right? Just go home.

Go home to your wife and your kids.

Is your friend Chris Vanowen cheating on his wife, Mr. Landry?

MARTY: Oh, I doubt that.

Chris is a very devoted husband and a...

And a model dad, just like all the rest of your pals, right?

Except for you.

You're not exactly squeaky clean, are you, Marty?

Um, I don't know what you mean.

Why does your wife want a divorce?

Divorce? (MUTTERING)

What we're going through, uh, separation. It's a trial separation.


Um, because she found out something that she wasn't too happy about.

You fucked around on her. If you wanna be technical.

How'd she find out?

The woman with whom I...

Fucked around?


Well, apparently expected something a little more and she showed up on our front porch.

The bitch started to...

The woman in question started saying things.

And my only hope is that Mimi will come around eventually because I love her very much.

Did you go with this woman to the loft?

What? No. This happened in San Diego.

That's where you met the woman, right? In San Diego?


Why were you there?

A commercial real estate convention.

Vince had a couple of extra tickets, a VIP thing.

You know, a couple nights in a fancy hotel and a chance to get away for a couple days.

And nights.

Yeah. Nights, too.

Man, do you see that?

Jesus, Vince. Those girls are drooling all over you.

Invite 'em over. You got first dibs.

I'm happy with second best, too.

He's cute. WOMAN: See him?

I'll take a rain-check on that.

What? Are you fucking crazy? Why wouldn't you invite them over?

'Cause, Marty, I'd rather dive for some rare and exotic sea creature than shoot fish in a barrel.


Does Barbara know about these deep-sea expeditions of yours?

What, are you kidding me?

Yeah. What's your problem, Seacord?

You got a key to the loft. What do you do up there, your laundry?


Hey! Are you guys here on business, or what?

I'm Dana. My first time here.

It's a little overpriced for what you get, don't you think?

Hi, Dana. I'm Vincent. This is Marty, Luke.

Can we, uh, buy you a drink?

Hey, when I said overpriced, I wasn't trolling for free booze.

No... I mean, I didn't think...

Well, since you asked, what are you drinking?

Ooh, champagne? A girl can dream.

Champagne? Please.

All right. One champagne coming up.


What are you doing? The fat chick's gonna scare off all the hot chicks.

Marty. Every fat chick has a good-looking friend.

Hers is probably on her way down right now.

Okay, yeah. Well, what if she is the good-looking friend and the really fat chick's on her way down?

I think that's Philip's father-in-law.

MARTY: Oh. Yeah, it is.

I'll be.

That's the Man of Steel, all right. But that ain't Mrs. Steel.

Think we should give him a key? (CHUCKLING)

Maybe. Not mine.

I'd like a bottle of your finest champagne and four glasses, please, for the table in the corner.

You, uh, were at my daughter's wedding.

Philip's friends. You're the architect.

Vincent Stevens.

We should talk sometime, Mr. Stevens.

Sure. What do you got in mind, Mr. Fry?

We have a new waterfront project.

It's massive, it's cutting edge.

It might be right up your alley.

Of course, it's all preliminary.

We have to keep it under wraps.

I hope you can be discreet.


Discretion, Mr. Stevens. That's the main thing.


A word to the wise.

You are wise?

Yeah. Sure. Wise, uh... Wise and discreet, Mr. Fry.

I'm in software. I can be discreet myself, and wise.

I'll pick up their tab as well.

Well, have a nice evening, gentlemen.




Sweetheart? Excuse me. (CLEARS THROAT)

Hi, this is Anne. Leave a message.

ALISON: Who are you calling at this hour? (GASPS)


No one, I was just checking my voicemail.

And what does your voicemail say?

That you're a lousy liar, Chris Vanowen?

What are you talking... ls something wrong?

You tell me, Chris.

Alison, I... I'm going to bed.


DANA: Excuse me. That's not thinking.

It's called following your dick around.

Okay, two kinds of articles in Cosmo month after month.

One, men are pigs.

Two, how do I seduce a pig to chop my wood?

DANA: I don't read Cosmo month after month. MARTY: Well, I do.

(CHUCKLES) I don't... Well, I do.

DANA: And I find it strangely compelling.

You know what I find strangely compelling? What?

Your eyebrows. (DANA CHUCKLING)

MARTY: Lumberjack contest.

I can't leave you alone for a minute.

Oh, Sarah.

It's been more like an hour. I mean, thank God I've been subsidized.

Aren't you going to introduce me to your new friends?

HUGGINS: And that was the first time you met her?

Yeah. That was, uh...

That was the first time. HUGGINS: Sarah?

Yeah, her name was Sarah.

COHAGAN: Mr. Stevens, what else happened in San Diego?

(SIGHS) What do you want to know?



MARTY: I got another one!


LUKE: Shh. Keep it down. Keep it down.

VINCENT: This is insane, Sarah.

You should never dare a crazy woman.

Vincent, we should probably go back.

Luke, lighten up. It's okay.

Mmm. Hmm.

So I got you the pool...

Now you have to keep your end of the bargain.

MARTY: Come over here. Let's sit.


Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Come on. Don't keep us waiting. Take it off.

Think I'm gonna be sick.

What? Vince's body's not that bad.

Not Vince, the shrimp cocktail!

MARTY: What? Dana!

Dana! Come back here!

Your turn.


Take it all off.

Not bad.



ls this still too scary for you, Luke?

Are you gonna join us?

I'm... I'm fine right here.

But I need you, 'cause Vincent's gonna try and make a move on me soon.

And if you're here, maybe he won't dare.

Well, maybe Vincent's not interested.

Maybe Vincent'd rather do laps. (GIGGLES FLIRTATIOUSLY)

That would explain the last few hours of casual but meaningful glances that each lasted a second too long.

You like to play games, huh?

I do.

And I'll tell you something else.

I'm better at it than you.

Can you feel me?

Most definitely.



Marty, I need my room key.

Dude, I'm kind of busy here!

Don't stop! Go!

Just do it!


You're scared, is what it is.

You're running away from your feelings.


I don't want to say goodbye.

Do you have any idea what it's like to really love someone?

I'm sorry.


LUKE: What are you doing?

Throwing it away. It's empty.

You were here yesterday, weren't you?

CHRIS: Guys?

We gotta go to the cops. We're not getting anywhere with this.

First, I think Vincent has something to tell you.

All right, let's hear it.


What the hell?


Hello? Who is it?

Who is it?

It's a realtor who wants to come up.

Somebody listed the loft for sale?


Oh, Jesus fucking...

Listed the loft?

She said she has an appointment with a Deakins...

Sarah Deakins.

(STAMMERS) Who's Sarah Deakins?

Wait. Who the hell is trying to sell our loft?

You know her, Marty.


You know her, and so does Luke.

Sarah Deakins is lying on the bed.

You guys, I promise, I've never seen a Sarah Deakins.

That's not true. You know her.

Why do you keep Saying that?

You met her in San Diego, the last night, in the bar.

Remember? Dana's friend.

The last night? I was wasted out of my mind. The whole night's a blur.


Luke, you remember her, don't you?

That's Sarah?

You remember Sarah. You remember her, right?

(STAMMERING) Yes. I remember Sarah.

But how was I supposed to know that's Sarah?

Come on, guys! What the hell's going on?

You guys turned her over and looked at her face. I did not.


Yeah. I think there's been a mistake.

We don't know anyone named Sarah Deakins.

Marty, come on!

Who is it? Do we know her? I don't know.


CHRIS: So, is that all you wanted to tell us, Vince?

Or is there more?


I had a thing with her.

I brought her up here a couple times.

But I swear on my kids, I had nothing to do with this.

Would you just fuckin' tell me?

Were you here with her last night?

Were you the one who let her in?

I broke up with her last night.

I swear she was alive when I left.

It still doesn't explain why someone listed the loft!

Something special or just browsing?


Why don't you return my phone calls? (SCOFFS)

If you're dumping me, at least have the decency...

Chris, how can I dump you?

There's nothing between us.

So that's what I mean to you? Nothing?

Did you forget what I told you already? Who I am, what I do?

No. I haven't.

It doesn't change how I feel about you.

How many women have you taken to that fuck-pad you share with your four little buddies?

What? Please, Chris.

Save it for some girl who'll actually buy your bullshit.

Anne... No. Wait! Wait.

You know I'm not like that.


I only need this if I'm with you.

So you keep it.

If you wanna see me again, you let me know.



Um, what are you doing here?

Shopping for Alison?

Uh, no... No, um, I was just here with a colleague.

Does your wife know you've been sharing the loft with your pals?

LUKE: I already told you, I'm not sharing a loft with any pals.

I was there just once, at a party, when the building first opened.

Then you have been there?

A minute ago, you didn't even know where the building was.

I never took anyone up there. I thought that's what you meant.

Well, did you know the girl?

We met once in San Diego.

Are you aware that Mr. Stevens began a relationship with her in San Diego?

That would surprise me, frankly.

You didn't know? Isn't Vincent Stevens your best friend?

It's so obvious what you're trying to do here, trying to turn us against each other.

But guess what? I'm not about to start trashing my friend.

Is it possible, Mr. Seacord, that you were jealous of your best friend?

When he's nailing all these beautiful women?

I am a married man. I'm not interested in nailing women.

I'm not jealous of Vincent. Oh, no.

I didn't mean jealous of him, Mr. Seacord.

I meant jealous of the women.

Where do you get off with an innuendo like that?

Fucking bastards.

Why are you so angry, Mr. Seacord?

Vincent is my closest friend.

And he has been for years.

Yeah. Fine. But your best friend is selling you out as we speak, Mr. Seacord.

You and the rest of your gang. No.

Vincent would never sell out his friends. You're full of shit.


What'd you call me?

You heard me, you lying piece of shit!

I broke up with her and I left! That's it!


After you cut her up with this, right? Put the knife down.

Philip! I didn't kill her.

CHRIS: Back off. Why?

Hey, put the knife... Put the knife down!

Hey, hey! Back off.

The loft was listed in her name. That's not a coincidence.

Someone's trying to pin this on us.

On you, you mean.

Jesus! Get a fuckin' grip!


Guys, we cannot keep doing this.

What do you wanna do, Marty? Huh? Just leave me hanging?

MARTY: Hey, Vince? Vince? Are you in there?

If you're in there, hey, man, I need to talk to you for just a second.

Christ, Marty, I've got company. Didn't you get my text?

Mimi's gone!

She's gone! Fucking gone!

What do you mean gone? Gone where?

She left me.

She found out about San Diego. That dumpy chick, she showed up.

She told her everything. Fuck!

Wait a minute. You didn't tell Mimi about the loft?

What? It's not about the goddamn loft, Vince! It's about my wife!

(BLUBBERING) I don't know what I'm gonna do without her!

(STAMMERS) Did you confess?

Never confess, Marty. Never confess.

Would you go to her? Just tell her that I love her.

You know? And that Dana's lying? She'll believe you.

Marty, I will straighten this out for you.

I promise you, I will straighten this out.


Hey, come here. It's okay.



CHRIS: Okay, so what's the plan? What do we do now?

We get her out of here.

What? We can't just make a body disappear.

Well, that's too bad. It's our only hope.

You had a relationship with her.

Now she's some inconvenient piece of evidence?

What kind of man are you?

That's a laugh, coming from you.

And how do you plan to get her off the bed?

Cut off her hand?

Or do you have the key to those cuffs?

You know what? I thought handcuffs were more your thing than mine, Phil.

Meaning what?

You know exactly what I mean.



PHILIP: Shut up! Shut up! Just keep your fuckin' mouth shut! All right?


Help me! Please help me!

Keep your fucking mouth shut!

He's crazy!

This fucking whore started to rip me off!

Please help me! He raped me! Shut up!

Hey... Easy! All right!

(STAMMERING) All right! We mean it.

It's gonna be okay. He's crazy!


Shit! Okay.

Philip, give me the keys.

The bitch is gonna go to the cops, man.

Gimme the keys to the handcuffs.

She's gonna go to the cops!

The keys!

You want the key?

He made me do things that I didn't want to do.

Shut up! Shut up!


What? You want more money? That's it, right?

It's all about the money, huh? It's all about the fucking money!

Here's your fucking money! It's right there!

Jesus Christ! What the fuck is the matter with you?

Have you lost your fucking mind?

She's a whore, Chris!

Do you know what a whore is? Shut up!

You can't rape a whore! You can't rape a whore!

You can't rape... Shut the fuck...

You don't treat a woman like that! You got it?

Not any woman!

Don't fuckin' touch me, all right? Cool it!

What the fuck's the matter with you, man? You're putting us all at risk!

(SOBBING) I want police. He hit me.


He rape me! Shut up!

Stop screaming! I'm gonna rip your goddamn throat out!

I've had it with you!

You're no better than your father!

I'm what?

You heard me.

All right, Chris.

That's a nice one.

Chris had a better deal with his daddy, right?

The great guy who wants to save everyone.

Where were you, when Zoe and I were getting beat up?

And Mom in the next room, pretending not to hear.

Where were you?

In your cozy college dorm getting laid and wasted, 'cause you didn't give a fuck!

I didn't know anything about it.

You didn't give a crap!

All those years we didn't exist for you!

I didn't know anything about it!

If you would've told me, if you would've said something!

Then what, you phony? Then what?

Then I would've gotten you out of there! God damn it! Both of you!



I'm really, really sorry, but we can't go to the cops.

Here's what I'm gonna do. No, listen.

I have a friend, he's a doctor. No...

Yes. I'm gonna drive you to him.

He's gonna take care of you. Okay?

No... No, here. Listen.

Take it.

I know it's not enough for what happened tonight.

He's an animal. He should be locked up!

CHRIS: Okay. And we're gonna deal with him, I promise you.

Come on. Now, get your clothes and I'm gonna take you to the doctor.

WOMAN: No! CHRIS: Easy. Here we go.




I'll never forgive you for this. Never!

What's your problem?

MARTY: Jesus Christ!

Why don't I know anything about this? And when did it happen?

A couple of weeks ago.

We decided to keep it to ourselves, 'cause that's the kind of friends we are.

Don't lecture me, all right? Especially about friendship.

Oh, right. Sorry. I meant to give you the cokehead rapist lecture.

Fuck you.

Well, you could see how I think you'd be involved in this.

I need to say something.


Oh, shit.

PHILIP: You had that coming! CHRIS: Hey! Take it easy.

CHRIS: Relax. Take it easy.

PHILIP: Get up! You son of a bitch.

You recorded everything that went on here.

Every woman...

Not every.

Not always, just sometimes.

At least I don't cheat on my wife.

No, you just watch us and beat off.

You sick fuck. You're a sick fuck!

Luke, did you record last night?


You didn't say you were coming.

Which is against your rules.

And that wasn't the first time you broke your own rules, by the way.

Now you're scared, aren't you?

Now you know I've documented pretty much everything you've been up to here.

No worries, Vincent.

I'll keep my mouth shut, like I always do.

Did you see anything that can help us out here?

Anything at all?

If all the people who've been hurt and cheated on find out the truth, what do you think'll happen, Vincent?



What's the matter?

I just don't feel like leaving tomorrow.

Serious? You love skiing.

Yes. I love to ski. But just not by myself.

Are you sure you can't come?

Babe, you know I can't come.

I can't just take off right now.

Hey. I'll call you every day.

I love you.

I know the drill. One hour, right?

Wrong. Have a blast, don't mind me.

Why should tonight be any different from the past few months?

Look, Alison, if it's all right with you, I'd rather not spoil tonight.

I'm sure it must be tempting to grab something shiny and new.

But do you ever think about what you might stand to lose, Chris?

You could ruin a lot more than just this evening.

Tell me, are you so happy, Alison?


Well, what do you know?

If it's for charity, my mother-in-law is allowed to join the party for a little while.

You heard anything about the waterfront project?

No. He's gonna call once he gets his permits.

As far as I know, everything's approved.

Really? Yeah.

Good evening, gentlemen.

Ladies, you look absolutely ravishing tonight.

Thank you.

This is Vincent Stevens.

He's the architect who designed the new loft building near the sports arena.

Oh, wonderful. I love that building.

Why, thank you, Mrs. Kotkin. I really appreciate that.

As I was saying to your husband in San Diego, gentlemen in our business can't afford to be exposed to the negative consequences of bad design.

Speaking of San Diego, how's that waterfront project coming along?

Oh, yes. We're still working on it.

We've applied for all our permits and now we're waiting.

Standing in line like everyone else.

You don't strike me as the type of man that stands in line, Mr. Fry.

What about you, Mr. Kotkin?

Are you a gambling man?

And you, Mr. Stevens? You like to take chances?

As a matter of fact, I do.

Especially when I'm holding a handful of hearts.

Anyway, I don't mean to interrupt.

Ladies, if you're as lucky on the tables tonight as you are in love, then I am sure you'll hit your jackpots.

Gentlemen, always a pleasure.


CROUPIER: Blackjack!

WOMAN 1: Wow!

Ooh! Set aside enough for the Ali-money. (CHUCKLES)

Mimi, what are you doin' here?

Just 'cause I booted you out doesn't mean I'm stuck at home.

Pumpkin, I want to come back.

I know I screwed up once. Once.

I was drunk off my ass. I swear it didn't mean a damn thing.

Something I don't understand about men.

If it doesn't mean anything, why bother?

I promise I'll change. Into what, a frog?

Certainly not a prince. How 'bout the ass you already are?

What if I told you I wanted to fuck around tonight?


(CHUCKLING) It would hurt like hell, wouldn't it?

Hey, maybe I already got even. Maybe with one of your pals.

Maybe Chris, he's cute.

Or how about Vincent, the night you sent him over for that tragic heart-to-heart? Aw.

(MIMICKING VINCENT) "Marty's really suffering.

"Mimi, you've gotta talk to him."

CROUPIER: Blackjack!

Oh! Well, look at that, Tubs, your first-ever winning streak.

Just remember, dear heart, half of it is mine.



You gave Zoe a ticket for tonight? Philip, let go.

I keep her away from bullshit like this, and then behind my back...

Christ, Phil, she's almost 20 years old.

What are you, her father?

Did you see her? She looks like a whore.

(CHUCKLES) I thought you like whores.

Yeah. Let her have some fun.

If you'll excuse me, I'm about to have some fun, too.

I'm kind of on a roll.

Yeah? Yeah. Yeah.

I hope you win big time.

You'll need it with all the shit you've been packin' up your nostrils.

(SCOFFS) So you noticed a tiny fraction of your stash went missing?

Yeah. If you don't like it, file for divorce.

I haven't ruled that out. Don't forget about our pre-nup, loser.


While you're at it, go play some blackjack.

Could be your last best chance at paying the rent.

Can I get some dice over here?


Hands-off. Excuse me.






We need to talk.

Yeah? About what?

Your pal, the architect.

He's playing with fire.


I'd actually rather talk about Anne. (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES)


I'll pass along your message to Vincent, but I'd like something, too, Mr. Kotkin.

I'd like for you to stop seeing Anne.

And why would I do that?

Because I love her.

Then we have more in common than we thought.

I'd like you to stop paying her. I want you to let her go.

That's really not up to me.

Fact is, it's totally her choice.

Except I never paid for her.

Well, that's true.

You never paid.

ANNE: Stop it, Joel.

I'm going.

What did he mean by that, "You never paid"?

I don't want to love you, Chris.

Is he saying someone's paying you to be with me?

You're the only one who can hurt me.


Tell me it's a lie.


The first time, it was paid for.

Every other time, that was real, that was me.

But who paid? I can't...


PHILIP: Excuse me.

Come on, Zoe, let's go. I'm fine here.

I'm asking you to come with me. Come on.

And I'm asking you to stop.

Did you not hear the lady? Mind your business.


What, are you deaf or just a dick, huh?

I don't know, man.

What does it say up here? "Deaf" or "dick"?

Help me out.


ZOE: Philip! Stop! Don't!


Come on! HIRAM: Excuse me. Thank you.

ZOE: You're just like Dad! Shut up!

ZOE: You are just like him! Somebody get this guy an ambulance.

I never want to see you again, not in my home and not near my daughter. Do you got that?

Get him the hell out of here.

Okay, folks! Let's get back to the gaming tables, shall we?


Hey, it's okay.

I'm sorry. Hey, it's okay.

Let's go. Let's get out of here.

It's not what you're thinking.

And what am I thinking?

She's my friend's sister, okay?

Are there more? Besides me, her, and your wife?

What's the grand total?

VINCENT: Look, I can't have this conversation here.

Barbara's standing right over there.

Do you love me?

Of course I love you. I'm crazy about you.

But would you choose me? If you could?

You know it's not that simple.

Come meet me at the loft tomorrow, okay? We'll talk it through.

You're right. It's not that simple.

But maybe I can make it simple.

What do you mean?

Maybe I can help you make that choice.






LUKE: I'm sorry.

Are you all right?

(SOFTLY) Don't do it, Sarah. You'll regret it.

They found out.

(ECHOING) They set us up. They set us up.

Our wives, they...

They set us up.

Why, Vincent?


They found out. They found out about the loft.

Why would you do it, Vincent?

We're your friends.



Why did you do it?


No... It was our wives. They found out.

No, it's your friends.

We found out.

What's going on?

You still don't get it.


All right, strip him.

What are you doing?

You are a total fucking psychopath.

I did what you told me.

I didn't tell you to fucking cut her open!

That wasn't a part of the plan.

And the Latin on the bed?

Like the cops are gonna believe that bullshit.

Then you should've done it yourself.

Come on. Let's do this.

What'd you give me?

PHILIP: What you deserve.

You killed Sarah?

No. We just found her.


We were here this morning, Vincent. Before you arrived.


MARTY: Jesus Christ.

LUKE: At first I thought she was sleeping.

CHRIS: Vincent knows her?

She left him this.

"See you in the next life."

Why did she have to do it here?

We gotta call the cops.

They investigate suicides. This is all gonna come out.

Guys, wait.

Can't we find out where she lives and leave her there?

LUKE: Jesus! Philip!

Come on, we have to help out Vince!

Yeah. Speaking of which, where the fuck is Vince? Isn't this his problem?


Vincent isn't here becauseā€œ.

Because I didn't call him. CHRIS: You didn't call him?

Why didn't you call him?

There's something I have to show you.

You've been taping us? You fucking pervert!

You can beat the crap out of me later.

We don't have much time, and you need to watch this.


Maybe you'll get a new perspective on what happened upstairs.

Maybe you'll agree, we shouldn't take the hit for Vincent's fuckup!

You see, Vincent...

Vincent hasn't always been a good friend.




MIMI: God!

Hey, maybe I already got even.

Or maybe Vincent, the night you sent him over for that tragic heart-to-heart.

It's okay. (MARTY SOBBING)

They got here late, the night he went to talk to her.

She was drunk, Marty.

He took advantage.


Wow! Your little sister's seriously hot.


How long has it... It doesn't matter.

How long?


He started seeing her right after your wedding.

They met here on a regular basis.

If I'm not mistaken, he was her first.


Gorgeous, huh?

ANNE: The people you love, they're the only ones who can hurt you.

LUKE: He paid Anne to let you seduce her, put the hook in, so you'd want a share of the loft.

The first time, it was paid for.

VINCENT: Have fun.

Chris, please. You don't know the half of it.

All right? Just go home.

LUKE: He used her, Chris.

Just like he used everyone.


PHILIP: I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.

Vincent can't sense anything is up when he walks in.

We have to try and remain calm.

We're gonna get questioned by the cops.

That's why we can never admit we're sharing this loft.

Or they'll try to turn us against each other.

Okay. I think this can work.

As long as we follow the plan.

Chris? (SIGHS)

Okay. I'm in.

But only if we know for sure that Vincent was here last night.

I wanna hear him say it. And if he does, I'll go through with it.

I'll give a signal...

Break something, a glass.

But nothing happens until we know for sure.


LUKE: We've got just under two hours to set everything up and establish alibis.

I'll take care of it.

You guys get out of here. Make sure people see you.

You have the suicide note, right?

I've got it.

You knew what that prick was up to and you never said anything.

You're just as sick as Vincent.



LUKE: They met here on a regular basis.




LUKE: Vincent hasn't always been a good friend.

He started seeing her right after your wedding.



LUKE: If I'm not mistaken, he was her first.



LUKE: You are a total fucking psychopath.

PHILIP: I did what you told me.

LUKE: I didn't tell you to fucking cut her open!

MARTY: That wasn't a part of the plan. And the Latin on the bed?

Like the cops are gonna believe that bullshit.

What happened here?


You're framing me!

Oh, fuck!


Jesus, swallow it.


VINCENT: My own friends.


My own friends!


Am I gonna die?

No, Vincent, you're not gonna die.

Sarah lured you here and drugged you.

Then she killed herself, with you by her side. "Fate will unite us."

But you're gonna survive.

'Cause we're friends, aren't we?

VINCENT: So, you see, it was a setup.

Sarah and I were set up. The whole thing was staged.

HUGGINS: Still sounds a little unbelievable, don't you think?

Unbelievable. But it's the truth.

Yeah. My line of work, you gotta prove the truth.

And you prove it with facts and findings.

Fact is, we only found your prints and those of Sarah Deakins.

Yeah, because they wiped the place clean.

HUGGINS: And we have the DVDs of all your sexual exploits, with your prints all over them.

Luke made those DVDs. I never even saw 'em, let alone touched 'em.

Yeah. But we got no DVDs of your friends.

No DVDs of Marty's wife. No DVDs of Philip's sister.

No DVDs of Chris' girlfriend. All right?

Facts and findings, Mr. Stevens.

And we got no evidence that you were being set up.

All right. Ls there anything we've forgotten?

Yeah. To follow the fuckin' plan.

Why didn't you just handcuff her?

She was already dead.

That's still no reason to mutilate her.

She killed herself! I just made it more dramatic.

Yeah. Well, you better hope your dramatics don't put us in jail.


Look. Just lean on 'em a little bit.

Marty will break. Maybe Luke, too.

Look. Don't tell me how to do my work. All right?

We've questioned them all.

I got no reason to believe they've been lying.

Plus, all your friends have alibis.

Alibis? Not for this morning, they don't.

COHAGAN: We got Luke Seacord and Chris Vanowen together at breakfast.

We got Marty Landry at his office. All right?

VINCENT: At his office?

Look, for at least an hour this morning, we were all in the loft.

So was Phil. What about Phil?

Actually, he's downstairs right now with his father-in-law.


What the fuck's Fry doing here?

He just gave a statement, saying that he was with his son-in-law all day.

That is bullshit! That is a false statement!

HUGGINS: And why would he lie?

Hiram Fry brings a lot of credibility.

"Credibility"? I saw Fry in San Diego with some bimbo!

Okay? Phil knew that. He knew I pressured Fry into giving me a waterfront contract.

So you tried to blackmail Hiram Fry?

COHAGAN: Mr. Stevens, enough of this crap.

We got your prints all over the DVDs, we got 'em all over the knife.

We got you chained next to the dead girl on the bed. All right?

Call your lawyer, make a confession and save your ass!

You're free to go.

I want to thank you for your cooperation.

You understand we had to check out your friend's story.

Of course. It's your job.

There's just...

There's one thing that's bothering me.

Why does Vincent Stevens keep accusing his best friends?

I don't know. It bothers me, too.


Could it be, I just wonder, do you think he's trying to hide something else?

What would he be hiding?

Sarah Deakins' murder.


The detective in the interrogation called it a suicide.

Well, that's what it looked like.

But the autopsy report revealed that sleeping pills didn't kill her.

And her wrist was cut, but not by Sarah.

Hesitation marks, those tentative attempts...

The first ones before a suicide actually slashes through an artery.

The coroner didn't find those on her.

But Vincent, he would never...

His prints are on the knife.

We didn't find a suicide note.

Is there something wrong?


HUGGINS: We didn't find a suicide note.

LUKE: You have the suicide note, right?

CHRIS: I got it.

CHRIS: Luke.

(CHUCKLES) Chris. You scared me.

Sure it's smart, meeting here?

I think we have a problem, Luke.

How so?

Where's Sarah's suicide note?

You put it in your pocket.

Yeah, I could've sworn I did, but it's not there anymore.

So when did you steal it from my coat?

When the doorbell rang this morning?

Surprise visit from the realtor?

Chris, it's...

It's unfortunate that you lost Sarah's suicide note, but I had nothing to do with that.

I called the agency to ask who put our loft up for sale.

All they could give me was a number.



I did call them. I wanted...

I thought maybe that...


It's over, Chris. We pulled it off.

We got nothing to worry about now.

But Why'd that note disappear?

The only real proof of her suicide.


CHRIS: Hello?

Says she's got an appointment with someone named Sarah Deakins.

MARTY: Who's Sarah Deakins?

CHRIS: ls it because maybe she didn't write it?

Maybe it's your handwriting.

Vincent fucked us all. You saw...

Yeah, I saw.

All the DVDs that made everybody crazy went right along with your grand plan, didn't it?

But why, Luke?

What did you do to that girl?

Did she get in your way, between you and Vincent?

Actually, it was Vincent standing between us.

Is there someone else?

LUKE: I'm not cheating on you, Ellie.

Sarah, wait!

Forget Vincent. He is better at games than you.

Always was, always will be.


He's hurting you, using you.

Why are you telling me this?

I'm telling you, because I'd never hurt you.

If you'd just give me the chance.

To show I'd never hurt you.

That's right, you'd never hurt me.

Because I feel nothing for you, Luke.

I'm sorry.


Maybe in another life.

You were here last night.

Barbara was off skiing.

So I figured I'd find Vincent here, with Sarah.

I'm sorry.


LUKE: I waited till he left.

She said I was right about Vincent. (SNIFFLES)


I've gotten so good at it.


I gave her an insulin OD.

It's quick. Painless.

Leaves no trace.

Jesus, Luke.

LUKE: I did it out of love.

I swear.

And Vincent taking the fall for this?

That's okay with you?

(YELLING) Vincent used everyone and anyone!

It's about time we turned the tables!

Well, he's being charged with murder.


Sarah wasn't dead when we left her with Philip.


No. You're lying.


That's not possible.



What Philip did to her was sick!

You're sick, Luke.

But, if I'm hearing you right, it was your brother who killed Sarah.

Okay, Chris.

Go home.

I'll clean up.

Like always.


No more cleaning up, Luke.

Step outside.

Luke. Now.

CHRIS: Jesus. Let me help you, Luke. Please!

You're gonna kill me, too?

It's your own fault.

What do you want me to do? Jump?

Yes. If you don't mind. (CHUCKLES)

Luke, you don't need to do this.

Jesus Christ, Luke! Will you stop it?

I don't want to hurt you, Chris.

I really don't.

So just do it.



I called the cops before I came.

I told them everything.

Bullshit. I know you better.

I thought I knew you.


What about the note, huh?

You want this to go down with me, too?

Give me that note, Chris.

Give it to me!






It's over, Luke.

You're right.

It is over.

Tell Ellie and the kids I'm sorry.

Would you do that for me, Chris?


Come on, Chris.

Be a friend.

Luke? Luke!

Luke! Luke!





MARTY: They're married. MIMI: Honey, no. They're having an affair.

MARTY: Because she's laughing at his jokes?

MIMI: No. I'm telling you they're having an affair.

Since when are you the big expert on affairs?


Thanks for taking me back, Meems.

(CHUCKLES) What was my alternative?

To leave you wailing at the front door, with snot pouring out of your nose? (CHUCKLES)

Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you off.

I have the kids early tomorrow, so I gotta go.

You're gonna leave me here alone with my wife? (CHUCKLES)

Yes. We could at least have one more drink.

There'll be plenty more drinks. Good night, Meems.

Good night, Chris.


ANNE: Chris?





You look good.

Thank you. You, too.

Listen. I still have a key.

Do you want it back?

It wouldn't work anymore.

Vincent's living there alone now.

It's the only thing his wife let him keep.

And Philip?

He's awaiting trial.

We'll see.

And you?

Are you doing okay?

Yeah. Most of the time.

And the rest of the time?

I heard you ditched the city councilman.

That's not all I've given up.

Uh, do you wanna grab a cup of coffee?