The Long Goodbye (1973) Script

Right, yeah. Hungry, huh?

OK, one dinner coming right up.

Three o'clock in the morning, I gotta get up and get you some food.

Come on, kitty.

I don't got none. You want some peanut butter?

Coury Brand cat food.

I see empty cans, empty cans.

Let's fix you up one of my famous concoctions.

Wait a second. Don't get so hungry.

Here you go. Mm. That'll be delicious.

Yeah. You can't do better than that at Chasen's.

Come on. You're hungry, right?

Think of all the tigers in India they're killing cos they don't get enough to eat.

Don't believe that one, huh? OK, OK, OK.

Coury's Brand cat food.

You clawed me, you son of a bitch.

Why don't you go home to India?

Wanna help me with my jacket?

Why don't you go and tell those girls they're gonna catch a cold?

Coury's Brand cat food. Yeah.

Cat gets me up at three in the morning to get a special kind of food.

I gotta be outta my fucking mind.

That cockamamie cat.

Mr Marlowe? Mr Marlowe.

Crazy girls.

Mr Marlowe, are you going by the store?

Yeah, I'm gonna pick up a couple of cans of cat food.

Could you pick me up some brownie mix?

I'll get you some brownie mix. Get two boxes. The fudge kind.

Fudge kind and regular kind. You're the nicest neighbour we ever had.

Gotta be the nicest neighbour. I'm a private eye. It's OK with me.

♪ There's a long goodbye

♪ And it happens every day...

Hi, Mr Lennox. You're up kind of late.

Come on, lay it on me.

I been working on Barbara Stanwyck. I'll show you.

I don't understand. I don't understand it at all.

I've never understood it. I just don't understand why I don't understand at all.

You're gonna be all right.

♪ There's a long goodbye

♪ And it happens every day

♪ When some passer-by

♪ Invites your eye

♪ To come his way

♪ Even as he smiles a quick hello

♪ You've let him go, you've let the moment fly

Mr Marlowe, the lights in your car are on. Oh, yeah. Thanks a lot.

♪ Can you recognise the theme?

♪ On some other street

♪ Two people meet

♪ As in a dream

♪ Running for a plane through the rain

Two for the price of one.

Super buy. Extra discount. 21 cents for macaroni.

♪ They could be lovers

♪ Until they die

♪ It's too late to try

♪ When a missed hello

♪ Becomes a long...

Never seen so many cat foods in my...

Excuse me. I don't see any Coury Brand cat food.

Some what? Coury Brand cat food.

Can you spell it for me, please? Yeah. Coury Brand. C-o-u-r...

We're out of that. Why don't you get this? All this shit is the same anyway.

You don't happen to have a cat? What do I need a cat for? I got a girl.


He's got a girl and I got a cat.

♪ There's a long goodbye

♪ And it happens every day

♪ When some passer-by

♪ Invites your eye

♪ To come her way

♪ Even as she smiles a quick hello

♪ You let her go, you let the moment fly

♪ Too late you turn your head

Did you get the brownie mix? Uh-huh. Yeah, I got you two boxes.

What kind did you get?

Regular and the brownie mix with the double fudge.

Fantastic! Night, girls.

How much do we owe you? Just put it on the bill.

Thanks. Mr Marlowe, I'll save you a brownie.

Thanks a lot, but they hurt my teeth.

But if you wanna make me a couple of Yankee Doodles...

Oh, the cat's hungry. Right, right.

Did I lock you out of the kitchen?

I'll fix your dinner just as soon as I get me a smoke.

Right, here you are. Coury Brand, the finest I could find.

Yes, yes, yes. Oh, yes.

I'll open this thing up right away.

Don't want you not to have your favourite kind of cat food.


Look at this. Mm-hm!

Well? Go on, there it is.

So it's not Coury's cat food. It's OK with me.

Don't run out on me now, you son of a b... cat. Come on.

Marlowe. Terry, come on in. I'll be right there.

What am I doing at this hour? Terry Lennox.

Hey, Terry. I was just feeding my cat.

You oughta be feeding your cat too. What happened?

Beauty, isn't it? Proud of that son of a bitch.

You and Sylvia going at it again? Yeah. Like to hear the sordid details?

No, I've heard 'em before. You like to lose a couple of bucks?

Oh, man.

I got an L. L?

D. Four sevens.

You really think I believe you got four sevens?

You probably think I don't have any. Yeah.

Then I gotta say five sevens.

I challenge. Challenge. How many you got?

None. None, yeah. I got three. That's good.

Who were the three DiMaggio brothers? Vince, Dom and...

Joe? Joltin' Joe, yeah.

Want me to fix up the couch for you tonight?

Well, Marlowe, that's what I'm here to talk to you about.

I really need more than that. You wanna sleep in my bed?

There's gonna be a lot of people looking for me as a result of my lovely wife.

I really need a ride. Where do you want me to take you?

Tijuana. Tijuana?

Tijuana now? Yeah. Tijuana.

Thanks, Marlowe. You take care of yourself.

Don't worry about me.

- Vaya con dios. Thanks a lot.

Arizona. Phoenix.

Kansas. City.

How about Michigan? Detroit? Milwaukee?

Right on.

Your turn.

Montana. Montana, Montana... Billings.

Florida. Miami.

Right. How about Washington?

Washington DC? Girls, did you see my cat?

I didn't even know you had a cat. Did you say you wanted a hat?

No, you don't look fat. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Is your name Marlowe? No, Sidney... Jenkins.

Let's go inside. We wanna talk to you.

I'm looking for my cat. Forget the goddamn cat.

Forget the goddamn cat? I see.

OK. That cat means an awful lot to me. You tell me to forget about it.

Must be something mighty important.

Sit down, Marlowe. I'd rather stand.

I don't mind sitting. I'm Sergeant Green. Detective Dayton.

I saw your badge. Where's his?

Where did you go last night, Marlowe?

Is this where I say "What is all this about?"

And he says "Shut up, I ask the questions"?

That's right, so just answer the questions. Where did you go last night?

Maybe if I knew why you wanted to know, I could remember.

Are you gainfully employed, Marlowe? I don't know.

Where do you work? I heard you. I understand English.

I'm a private detective. I have my own agency. Those girls are vicious.

I take a better picture now, but business hasn't been as good as it used to be.

You know a white guy by the name of Terry Lennox.

Who says I do?

His address book, and that yellow bomb downstairs in your garage.

So? Marlowe, just answer the question.

You wanna know what I did last night?

My cat woke me up in the middle of the night. He was really hungry.

I went to fix him his favourite cat food, Coury Brand, the only kind he eats.

I was out of it, so I picked something else up and the cat clawed the hell out of me.

So I went out to the Thriftymart - it's open 24 hours - to get Coury Brand cat food, and they were out of Coury Brand cat food, son of a bitch.

So I got a couple of other cans. I came back and I switched the labels.

The son of a bitch cat just left... Will you forget the goddamn cat?

Coury Brand cat food? You got any?

We know what time Terry Lennox left the Malibu Colony and what time he got here.

Your girlfriends were so busy making hash pies, they didn't notice anything.

What the hell is this, Marlowe? It's a baby shoe.

Lennox left his car in your garage and then he went somewhere.

Since you went somewhere also, it would seem logical that you went somewhere together.

Suppose you tell me where.

I don't have to answer any questions you ask unless you have a specific charge.

So if you don't have a specific charge, I'd appreciate it if you'd just go on down...

Dayton, do we have a specific charge against Marlowe?

Goddammit. We do now.

Marlowe, if you broke my partial... Come on. Your partial!

Get up. You're not gonna pull this shit, are you?

Read it to him. You gonna read something to me?

You have the right to remain silent... My rights. I got a lot of rights.

You got any cotton candy? Right profile.

Right profile. Is there a merry-go-round around here?

Straight ahead. Straight ahead.

My, my. You are a pretty asshole.

My mother always tells me that. Let's get some prints.

Right here. Thank you.

We have a room for you. You got a towel to wipe this off?

Use your shirt. This is my good shirt.

You'll all be together in paradise. Thank you.

They got you too, huh, man? How's your cat?

Ran away. How's your girl? She got busted at a protest rally.

I had to bust the pig that busted her, man.

Come on. Come on, goddammit.

He's all yours. I bought some cat food.

This is question and answer time.

Sit down. Sit down!

Sit down, Mr Marlowe. Don't dirty up our joint. Sit down, right here.

What's your name?

My name? Donald Duck. You know my name.

What's your name? My name is Philip Marlowe.

He's a real cutie pie, Lieutenant.

A smart ass, that's what he is. That's what I meant.

Why don't you learn to say what you mean?

He's a real smart ass, Lieutenant.

Hi, boys. Who's in there? J Edgar Hoover's in there?

Sure. They're all peeping through.

With an E? You got an E on your name? Yeah.

That sounds like a fag name. Is that what you are?

I'm a fag, but anybody called Philip Marlowe has gotta be a fag.

Sounds like an Exeter Academy fag. Right, right.

What are you here for, Marlowe?

I'm getting ready for the big game Saturday. We're playing Notre Dame.

I don't know what I'm doing here. I'm getting into my make-up.

You got a banjo? I'll do my Al Jolson routine.

What the hell are you doing here? I'm getting ready to sing "Swanee".

Sure, I get it. Al Jolson. He was OK.

Damn right he was OK. But what the hell are we doing here?

Just sweating. You don't tie in. This suit, the name.

What are you from, a prep school? It was a long time ago.

No, I never went to a prep school. No, you don't look like prep school.

But that's not important. You'd better have the right answers when Farmer gets here.

Here's your man, Lieutenant. A real cutie pie.

Nice to meet you, sir. You're looking very good. Sit down.

We don't want you banged up. Somebody might get the wrong impression.

Tell me, Marlowe, why can't you answer one simple question?

I don't like the way you ask questions and I don't know what you wanna know.

Are you crazy? Yeah.

He's the cutie pie, Lieutenant.

You're the smart ass, you little honky bastard.

I'll throw the book at you. What's the charges?

Don't give me that innocent crap.

You expect me to believe that Terry Lennox showed up, you drove him someplace and he didn't tell you?

That's what I've been telling you. You wanna hear the charges? OK.

Accessory after the fact of murder. Who's dead?

Aiding a felon in unlawful flight. Who's dead?

Terry Lennox's wife, that's who's dead.

And not a nice dead.

I don't believe it. She's dead. That's obvious.

So what don't you believe? That Terry Lennox could kill her.

You don't believe he could beat a woman to death?

How long have you known him? A long time.

What's that supposed to mean? A long time.

From college? I didn't go to college.

So you didn't go to college. What was his real name?

You guys know his real name. We know, but you tell me.

Lenny Potts. It wasn't fancy enough, so he changed it.


Fancy my ass!

The man's a gambler, a hood, thick as thieves with Marty Augustine.

So what does that mean?

He was always splitting up with his wife.

He loved his wife. Was she cheating on him?

Are you cheating on your wife?

Maybe. But my wife's not dead. Was he cheating on her?

Is your wife cheating on you?

How come you know so little about your dear old pal? Or are you dummying up?

Last night what did he tell you?

That he was in a jam with his gambling associates?

That he was fighting with his wife again?

What excuse did he give you?

The hell with it. Take him out. Book him.

Fuck you! Stand in line, baby.

Come on.

While I was waiting for my dog to come back, we just went in, we went to the Saugus Cafe and decided to toss a few.

We were getting out, and I get in my car, I get my dog, and we're riding down Lankershim...

There are more cops on Lankershim Boulevard than in this place.

So I go down, I see the red lights behind me and I figure: OK. So I pull over.

Cat comes up to the car and he says... OK, Marlowe. On your feet.

Keep it clean, Socrates. Great. Thanks a lot.

So, anyway...

Get dressed, Marlowe. You're not coming back.

Know what they got in here now? It's about time.

They got people that smoke marijuana. Aren't you afraid your lips will fall off?

Possession's what you get in here for. Possession of noses, of gonads, of life.

Someday all the pigs are gonna be in here and all the people are gonna be out there.

You can bet on that. You're not in here. It's just your body. See you when you get out.

Hands on the counter. But I already...

Philip Marlowe, over here. What's going on?

Sign the card. What is going on, please?

You're free. I was free to begin with.

Is anybody gonna explain why my ass has been in there for three days?

Could you tell me something? Is Lieutenant Farmer around?

Wait a second. Farmer. They're just now letting me free. I appreciate that.

Could you explain to me what's happening?

We don't have any further use for you.

I know that, but did you drop the charges?

Now we got all our answers. What happened?

Terry Lennox is dead, Marlowe. The case is closed.

What do you mean, Terry Lennox is dead?

You're not gonna find anything in that.

Morgan, how you doing? What'd they pick you up for?

I heard they were springing you. Got a way to get home?

No. These mothers bring you here but they don't care about how you get back.

I'll give you a lift home. There's a few back issues you might be interested in.

Blew his brains out in a little godforsaken town in Mexico.

He left a full confession. I'm reading it. Don't describe it to me too.

I'm sorry, Marlowe. What are you sorry about?

It's just another story to you. Sorry you're so stupid.

There you are sitting in the poky, taking lumps for a friend, and he lets you down.

That's my problem. Stupid, Marlowe.

There's a layout on you. Pictures and all. Yeah, I see.

This is gonna do wonders for my trade.

Otatoclan? Never heard of that.

Why kill himself in Otatoclan? He could have done it in Tijuana.

Man at the end of his rope. Never know what the hell they're gonna do.

What happened to his body?

His wife's family didn't want any part of it. For obvious reasons.

Doesn't have any family of his own. So he's buried in Otatoclan.

Yeah, I get the picture. Case closed, all zippered up like a big bag of shit.

Terry wasn't at the end of his rope.

The way he talked, Sylvia wasn't dead then either.

I don't believe he killed her or himself. Everybody else does.

Hi, Marlowe.

Where's Herbie? He's in the can.

You practising for the hit parade?

Gotta learn this goddamn thing.

Thinks it'll beef up the lunch trade.

I don't see anybody waiting in line.

As cheap as I work, he cannot lose.

Marlowe! Haven't seen you around for a few days.

I've been out of town. Did you notice this?

Got a new line of sandwiches in. You'll try anything, Herbie.

How about lunch? Sandwiches? Never heard of them.

I'll have a drink. What is it?

CC and ginger.

You got any messages for me? I believe we've got a few over there.

As a matter of fact, you'll find my phone bill in there too.

I wouldn't worry about that.

♪ There's a long goodbye

♪ And it happens every day

♪ When some passer-by

♪ Invites your eye

♪ To come her way

♪ Even as she smiles a quick hello...

Hello. This is Philip Marlowe.

Mrs Roger Wade? Excuse me, you got a pencil?

You're Mrs Wade?

It depends on the nature of the case.

I don't do any divorce work.

I understand.

Have you tried filing a missing persons report with the police?

I guess I could work it in.

When do you wanna meet?

That's OK with me. You'd better give me your address.

The Malibu Colony.

Come on, Aster. I'm honking my horn. You're supposed to get outta the way.

Want me to call a cop?


Hi. Hello there. What can I do for you?

I have an appointment with Mrs Roger Wade.

What's her first name? Eileen.

What's their address? Jimmy Stewart?

Right. Go on in. Thanks.

Come in.

Mrs Wade?

It's OK. You're a nice dog. Mrs Wade!

Oh, shit. OK, I'll stand here. Anything you say.

Hello! Hello.

Do come in. Your friend doesn't want me to.

In the kitchen, come on. Scoot!

Will you forgive me while I make a call? Certainly.

Do sit down.

Dried apricot?

Hello? Could I speak to Mr Lernie, please?

Mr Lernie, this is Roger Wade's secretary.

I'm sorry. He's locked in his study writing and I can't disturb him now.

But I'll see that he gets your message.

You'll probably hear from him in the morning. Is that all right?

Yes. Yes, thank you, I will.

OK. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

That looks like my Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Philip Marlowe. You don't look like your picture.

Thank you. I'm Eileen Wade.

You don't look like a secretary. And if Mr Wade is in his library, you don't need me.

My husband is not in the study. When he disappears, I try to cover up for him.

Protecting his image you'd call it. He's done this sort of thing before?

Yes. My husband has a drinking problem.

Every so often he reaches a stage when he feels he needs professional help.

So he goes someplace to dry out.

Is there some particular place he likes to go?

Yes, but he's not there. I've checked every single place I could think of.

Didn't he tell you where he was going?

No. We're usually not speaking when he leaves.

How long's he been gone? A week.

A week? Weren't you worried?

I mean, waiting a week before you call somebody to find your husband.

What are you implying, Mr Marlowe?

I don't mean to be tactless, but it doesn't look like you walked into a door.

No, as a matter of fact, I didn't. I fell out of bed.

I'm gonna need something to start on. You have. He's Roger Wade.

- Roger Wade. Big writer. He's a big man too.

Six foot five, weighs 220 pounds.

Once you've seen his face, you'll never forget it.

Sounds like some kind of monster. Only when he drinks.

Would you like a drink? No, thank you.

A cup of coffee? No. Let me get this straight.

This is different from some of the times he behaves this way but not different from all the times?

That's right. Could you explain that to me?

I found this manuscript paper.

He started out writing something, and then he starts rambling on and on and on.

"Dr V, Dr V, Dr V. You must help me, Dr V."

Do you know a Dr V?

I looked in the phone book under Doctors. I never knew there were so many Vs.

Could you find my husband for me, please?

Is Roger Wade his real name? Why?

If Roger Wade isn't his real name, he might be using his real name.

Actually, he did change his name.

His publishers thought Billy Joe Smith lacked something for the books he writes.

Roger Wade ain't exactly the ticket for the kind of book he writes either.

His publishers are happy. That's all that matters.

Probably Smith's the name that most of Dr V's clients use. Is that a picture of him?

I see what you mean about his face. Does he usually walk around in that costume?

We haven't talked about your fee.

I get 50 bucks a day and expenses.

Would you like an advance now?

I prefer an itemised accounting. That way there's no misunderstanding.

You'll be around if I have to call you? Sure. I'll be here.

The Lennoxes, Terry and Sylvia, used to live up the beach, did you know them?

Slightly, like one knows most people on the beach.

You put some ice on your bruise and I'll go find your husband.

May I help you, please?

I'm looking for a patient named Roger Wade.

There's no one here with that name. He may not be using that name.

Do you recognise this face? There's nobody that looks like that.

You look just like my Great Aunt Esther. She passed on a couple of years ago.

Is Dr Verringer around? Dr Verringer is out of town.

In Phoenix. Phoenix, Arizona.

May I ask who you are? Just some guy looking for Dr Verringer.

Those ladies are a lot of help. Crazy ladies. It's OK with me.

611, 612, 613...

Excuse me, I'm looking for... Shh.

...615, 616, 617, 618... It's OK with me, lady.

Excuse me, I'm supposed to meet... Shh.

All I see is that old man's pants.

I have this book for Roger Wade... Shh.

Are you looking for someone? No, I'm gonna deliver this book.

To whom are you delivering the book? The man who wrote it, Roger Wade.

But they told you there's no one here by that name.

Good morning, Dr Verringer. They told me you weren't here either.

This is a private hospital. I can't have strangers prowling about.

I must ask you to leave. I hear you, Doctor.

Could you tell me the nature of your business here?

If Roger Wade isn't here, why do you care?

Are you sure he's at Verringer's?

Verringer denied being Verringer, pretended he didn't know your husband's name and wouldn't look at his picture.

So I'm reasonably sure that's where your husband is staying, but there is something we could do to make sure.

What's that?

If you came back there with me, Dr Verringer couldn't dismiss you.

He'd just have to answer to you.

I don't have the guts to do that.

You got the guts to make that dog behave, but not to talk to a jerk like Verringer?

It's not Verringer. It's Roger.

He doesn't want me to find him or know why he's hiding out there.

What's he gonna do when I walk in?

That's all right. You're a stranger. He's fine with strangers.

Dried apricot?

I didn't eat the one you gave me this afternoon. They give me diarrhoea.

Mrs Wade, what is it that you want me to do?

I want you to make sure he's all right, and try to bring him home if you can.

If you have any trouble, I'll back you up.

But I don't think you're afraid of trouble. What makes you say that?

I looked at your picture in the paper and I liked what you did for my friend.

- Your friend? Your friend. What am I talking about?

And... I like your face too.

I feel you're someone I can trust. You got me, lady.

That's far enough, Lucette. You have to go back.

Thanks, Dom.

Your favourite TV show is on. Come on. No. I have to vote.

Have you voted yet? Yeah.

You can handle Lucette. Dom, go to supper.

Roger, when you checked in, you paid me $600 cash... leaving a balance of $4400.

$5,000 is my fee, Roger.

Exquisite Styrofoam pitcher.

Jesus, my mouth's burning up.

You got me all drugged up, Doc. You need help, Roger.

I've been taking a little look around the reservation here.

I've been looking at some of the other patients and some of your colleagues.

This place stinks, Doc. It's this place that's sick, not the people in it.

You'd like to go home, wouldn't you?

Yeah, I'd like to go home, and I'm going home, cos I'll tell you one more goddamn thing!

I'm a man cannot stand confinement.

If you don't get me out of here, I'll tear you limb from limb and waltz out through the wall!

No, Roger, you won't hurt anything here.

This is my place.

I'm here to help you. Here to help me!

Just this afternoon a man came looking for you. A detective.

I told him you weren't here. You don't want your wife to know you come here.

My wife.

Of course you don't.

Here's the pen.

Here's the cheque. It's all made out for $4400.

It's not necessary for you to sign any cheque, especially under this pressure.

You have no right to barge in here.

I know you could have me towed away, but why go to any trouble?

Wait a minute.

Who the hell are you?

A private investigator who was sent here to find you, but the doctor dummied up.

You were sent here to find me? Why?

I'm supposed to bring you home, if that's where you wanna go.

He's taking me home.

Don't forget your chequebook.

Roger. Yeah.

I want you to understand, you'll be hearing from me again.

I'll be hearing from you. You come by someday and you have a drink with me.

Roger? Is that you?

Here we are!

Go in the kitchen. Go in the kitchen.

Shh. They'll wake up. I don't wanna wake anybody.

Come inside. Come inside, please.

I don't wish to go in. Go in the kitchen.

Let's go this way. I go to my little doggy house and you have your nice big house.

You got your friend Marlboro, the do-good bullshitter, whatever he is.

You go in the house, Roger, and you go in the house, Bowser.

That's enough.

If you don't stop this drinking, I'm gonna leave you. I mean it.

You what? Nothing.

Nothing. Of course, nothing. And let me tell you something.

Don't talk to me about you leaving me. I don't feel well. I just wanna go to bed.

And you, you crazy son of a bitch, you come back sometime.

I'll come back and see you. You come back.

Jesus Christ. Goddamn dog!

He's really a sick man.

More so than you might think.

He feels he's all finished as a writer.

He sits down and stares at the paper and nothing happens.

I don't know what to do. He really needs help.

I tell you, if you think your husband's suicidal, he needs some Freudian analysis or primal scream I need a cigarette myself.

But I'm not qualified for anything like that.

I know. Anyway, I'm very grateful for what you've done.

You will come back again, won't you? I'd love to, but I don't see any necessity.

Your husband's home and I think I've done what I'm supposed to do.

Did you know Terry Lennox well? Terry? I knew Terry a long time.

I can't understand how he could do something like that.

How could he kill his wife?

They were nice people.

I don't believe he killed his wife.

But I read in the paper he confessed, and they had a letter and all from him.

Have a good night. I'll see how everything is in the morning.

Thank you again.

Ah, yes. Mammy Yokum.

I don't wanna disturb you, lady. I'll pick up my bills later.

Hey, Marlowe. Spiffy.

The boss wants to talk to you. Who's the boss?

Mr Marty Augustine. I only see hoods by appointment.

That supposed to be some kind of smart crack?

It's the only thing I could come up with. Harry.

Did you think it was a smart crack? No, sir.

Pepe, ¿cómo lo ves, inteligente?

No, Marty. I don't think he looks very smart.

Vince? No, Mr Augustine.

- Nobody thinks it was a smart crack. What do you think, Mabel?


Excuse me, Jo Ann. I'll be back in a few minutes.

You stay right here. You can play the radio if you want.

What is that? Pain.

Actually, I was on my way to the bank to make a deposit. It's my laundry.

Pick him up.

Bring him. You know what night this is? This is Friday night.

It's Shabbas. You know where I'm supposed to be? Temple.

Why aren't you there? Cos I'm talking to a smart guy like you.

Which house do you live in? Got a cute little place on the top.

The top? Penthouse? How do you get up there?

I got my own private elevator. A private eye with a private elevator.

Can I pick up my mail?

Get him inside.

What is this?

The new Rockettes. They're just training. They ain't got no tap shoes yet.

I can't believe what I'm looking at.

I see you got a Mexican and you got an Irish guy, a Jewish fella and an Italian.

Do you live here? You pay money to live in this place?

Home is where the heart is, right? Your heart is in the garbage.

Sit down. Look at the laundry.

I don't take too much starch in my collars.

Find it, find it, find it. Find what?

Hey, come on. You better get that gorilla to stop that.

Be careful with that stuff.

You know where I live? While you live in this joint, I live in Trousdale.

Three acres. Across the street from President Nixon.

I take tennis lessons three times a week on my own private court.

And that's why I'm in perfect physical condition.

Go ahead, smart guy. Punch me in the stomach as hard as you can.


He's gonna punch me in the gut. I'm not gonna punch him in the stomach.

Maybe some other time, though.

Let me explain something.

You see, I got a wife and I got three beautiful children.

You know where my children are? In a very expensive camp.

My wife is in an equally expensive health farm where she's trying to lose weight.

$1,000 a week to lose six pounds.

I got chauffeurs, I got maids, I got butlers, I got cooks.

I live highly. It costs me a lot of money to live the way I do.

I gotta have a lot of money so I can juice the guys I gotta juice, so I can get a lot of money so I can juice the guys I gotta juice.

And you, Cheapie, you can't take my money.

I want my money!

Why would I have anything belonging to you?

You're famous. You got your picture in the paper.

Everybody knows you. You run a Mexican taxi service.

You made a deal with Terry Lennox. Terry Lennox was my friend.

He asked me to give him a lift. I wish I hadn't.

Your friend was a criminal. He murdered his wife.

That's a lie. He couldn't kill anybody. That's a minor crime, a misdemeanour.

The major crime is he stole my money. The penalty for that is capital punishment.

That's what they call it? It wasn't suicide. I don't give a goddamn how he died.

I just care about $355,000 of my money he was supposed to deliver to Mexico City.

Pepe, put down the goddamn binoculars!

¿El dinero ha ido a México?

No way. It never arrived in Mexico City. It didn't arrive.

It was in a suitcase like this. You know where it is and I want it.

- I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't expect a soul.

Don't hit me.

Open the door.

Honey, I'm sorry. I heard some noises outside the car and I got scared.

Can I have a Coke?

Come on in, darling.

Sit down.

I want you to meet somebody.

This is Jo Ann Eggenweiler. This is Philip Marlowe.

Very pleased to meet you. Do you have a Coke?

In the icebox. Harry.

Delicate, sweet. A little noise in the car'll give her dreams for a week.

It's probably a squirrel. Marty.

I didn't drink it.

You don't want this if somebody was drinking it, hm?

It's flat.


Look at that face, a face for a magazine cover.

That profile. You're beautiful.

And I love you.

I do.

I sleep with a lot of girls, but I make love to you, right?

The single most important person in my life, next to my family.

Huh, Pepe? That's right, Marty.

Get her outta here! Get her outta here!

Get up!

Open the door.

Sit him down. Sit him down!

That's someone I love, and you I don't even like.

You have an assignment, Cheapie. Find my money.

Come on, come on.

Make sure that if he comes down here, you follow him and you don't lose him.

My God!

Hey, where you going? What's going on here?

Did you see that guy come through? They're with me.

They're with you? What the hell?

- Where did you get that coat?

Jack, Jack.

Morning, Mr Marlowe. Morning, ladies.

Can you help stretch my right leg? What? No, I can't even touch my toes.

After last night... It was really quite a night.

Can you push a little harder? I don't wanna hurt you.

Morning, Harry. You have a good night? Marlowe.

You know those girls who live next door to you? You know what I think?

I think they're lesbians. What makes you say that?

Look at them doing all those contortions together with no clothes on.

They're just doing yoga. What?

I don't know what it is, but it's yoga.

What do they do for a living? They dip candles.

They got a cute little shop over on Hollywood Boulevard.

I can remember when people just had jobs.

In case you lose me in traffic, this is where I'm going.

You look great. I would straighten your tie.

I'm proud to have you following me. Thank you.

Duty, duty, duty. I'm always on duty.

You're going to see the Wades. I recognise the car.

Hi, Cary. There's this spiffy kid who's coming up behind me. I think he's OK.

He's a very big fan of Walter Brennan. Walter Brennan? OK, thanks.

Walter Brennan. Learn how to limp. Howdy, stranger.

Howdy, stranger. What can I do for you? I'm following that car.

No cars out there. Just some sagebrush and a few covered wagons.

You bring my boy Billy? Left him out there on the flatlands to die. I'm gonna get him.

How was that? What?

My imitation of Walter Brennan. Walter Brennan?

He said...

Never mind. Go ahead.

Another wise guy, huh? He'll see.

He'll see.

Where do you think you're going? You're not supposed to let me see you.

Button your clothes, be neat and go sit in the car.

Harry, don't you know you're never gonna be a first-grade hood?


So you came back. Hope it's not too early.

I just done six miles down that beach.

You look like you're wearing your working clothes.

I'm wearing my working clothes. Can I buy you a drink?

No. A little early for me. You're looking well.

I had a funny encounter with a character named Augustine. Heard of him?

Yeah. Mini fart.

You writers have your own special way of describing.

- Go right in.

Quiet! He won't bother you. Sit down!


You want a dog? No, I got a cat.

You got a... My wife.

Good morning. Good morning.

I believe you know our friend the Marlboro Man here.

Hello, Mr Marlowe. Nice of you to come back.

Dropped your cigarette, huh?

So, did you come here to see me or my wife?

I just came to see how you were doing.

I have a little idea. I'd like to talk to my wife.

So maybe you'd go out on the beach for a bit and then we'll call you.

It's OK with me. I just wanted to see how you were. I'll be going.

Please, you don't have to go. Can't you stay?

On second thought, I guess I'll go down and count the waves.

Do that.

Sleep well? As well as ever.

As well as ever. Pills?


Contessa, perhaps you'd be kind enough to get me a bottle of milk?

Milk? Is that what you really want?

Would you say that once more?

I asked: Is milk what you really want?

You'd think I was drunk already. I'll make a toast. To us.

Oh, God! Yeah, yeah!

That's OK.

Last night we talked about something important, but I can't remember what.

I simply said if you go on drinking, I'm gonna leave you.

You're gonna leave me?


Maybe you've already left me.

You've got a wall around you, baby.

And that's the same thing.

Let's stop playing games with each other.

Until you get into that solid-gold heart of yours that what I need is understanding, until you learn that, it might just turn out that... I leave you.

Maybe you should.

Maybe I should.

Oh, baby.

Aw, Jesus, Jesus. Sit down, sit down.

Sit down.

I'm sorry I said that, but you're the only thing I've got left. Don't you know that?

Perhaps I'm just your excuse.

Perhaps that's true, but... I just wish I could...

Oh, God.

If I could only...

If I could just get you to understand that... when a writer can't write, it's like being impotent.

I understand what that's like too.

Yeah. Oh, you do, huh?

You do.

Balls, baby! Balls!

Why don't you remember the good we had together, the beautiful times?

I got an idea.

Why don't you call the Marlboro Man in here and ask him a couple of questions?

It's none of his business. Do what I say.

You ask him "Marlboro, when was the last time you made love at the lighthouse on Point Venus in Tahiti?"

Or out on the lagoon, that shining lagoon with the goddamn surf booming on the Barrier Reef?

Or up on Whitney that night of the blizzard in the double mummy bag? Ask him that.

It's none of his business!

Maybe it is. Maybe it is.

Please don't. Don't, don't, don't, don't. Balls!

Hey! Marlboro!

Well, Contessa, here he is. Here's the man.

You may ask your questions, please. Contessa!

Missed the son of a bitch.

You know what I wish you'd do? I wish you'd take that goddamn tie off and settle down with me and have a little old-fashioned, man-to-man drinking party.

That's OK with me, but I'm not gonna take my tie off.

You leave your tie on. I got champagne, beer, Scotch, bourbon, aquavit, port.

What are you drinking? What I'm drinking is called aquavit.

I'm drinking what you're drinking. God bless you. I like to hear that.

An awful lot of people say "I want this, I want that, and a twist of lemon." Balls!

Make yourself comfortable. D'you mind sitting in the sun?

I'll sit in the sun. Won't hurt you.

I know that.


There you go.

You wanna lift a toast to anything? Shall we drink to your wife?

I say we drink to all of us. OK.

Caraway seeds? Yeah, it's true.

You been around more than it looks like. Just a little bit.

I got to say it I don't really want to, in light of your profession.

But you've got a pretty good face. You study faces?

You don't get to grow a face like mine unless you know a lot about men's faces.

What about ladies' faces?

What about ladies' faces? I don't know.

Why'd you ask? I was just wondering.

You're a real ding-a-ling. What you say doesn't quite make sense.

And you're in a little trouble with Marty Augustine, huh?


How much you into him for? I don't know. I never made a bet.

Why are you in trouble with him? Don't ask me. You know him good?

The son of a bitch.

I'd hate to tell you how much the bastard owes me.

He owes you money? Yeah. $50,000.

50 grand? Won't he pay?

Drink up. If he'd already paid, I wouldn't say he owed me, would I?

I guess not. How's your glass?

I guess I could handle a little more. 50 grand. You must run into a lot of luck.

Most guys lose their undies when they play for those kind of stakes.

D'you know Terry Lennox? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know Terry Lennox, but he's the kind of guy that I wouldn't let on I knew him.

Didn't like him much, huh?

Son of a bitch.

Christ Almighty, I didn't know him.

I hear you. Son of a bitch killed himself.

I read that. Let's drink to his going. Shit.

You ever think about suicide, Marlboro? I don't believe in it.

Did you know Sylvia Lennox? Sylvia. Beautiful broad.

I don't know, Marlboro.

If I was your age, I think I'd bust my ass to get into something more dignified.

Like writing? I'm not talking about myself.

♪ The long goodbye

♪ Can you recognise the theme?

I made the examination and signed the necessary papers.

I am the coroner.

The what? Colonel? No, the coroner.

I'm a doctor too, at the same time.

Good for you.

Would you care to see some photographs?

It's your work? I noticed your camera. You take the pictures too?

Yes, because we have no facilities here. We have to bring ice from the hotel.

For drinks? No, for the body.

I see.

Because, you see, his death was instantaneous.

Yeah. What about the gun?

It was his. Registered to his name in the County of Los Angeles.

You know that? Gentlemen, I appreciate all the attention you've given me and I hope I haven't caused you too much inconvenience.

You were a friend of the diseased. Of the deceased, yeah.

Let me get this straight. Terry Lennox came here, he checked into a hotel, he went up to his room, and an hour later he killed himself.

That is correct.

You know how he got here?

It's a mystery to us. We don't know how he came.

What about his personal effects? Everything was sent back.

But we have a list. You do have a list?

You make up the lists? Yes.

You do everything.

It says here that there was one bag. It was all sent back.

But he had two bags. Everything was sent back.

You don't know anything about the other bag?

- Por favor. Should I stand up?

Some of your work? No, no.

Didn't need no ice this time. No, the weather is all right.

- You guys all right for drinks?

Stop it. Come on, stop it. Get in the kitchen.

I'm sorry, Mr Marlowe. He really doesn't seem to like you very much, does he?

Hey, Marlboro! You want a dog?

Come here, you son of a... I think I'm gonna take off.

Could you possibly stay for a while? He's getting very drunk.

- I wanna have a word with you. I can't stay for too long.

OK, thank you.

Contessa, I couldn't find you.

Hey, please come over here and join this little family group that is growing larger by the instant.

The rest of you, come over here too, goddammit.

Would you like some wine?

I'll tell you a terrible thing. I'll tell you a terrible goddamn thing.

I liked you, but suddenly you come in with my wife?

I was looking for you everywhere.

You and I talked, right? For a long time, yeah.

And we made sense, didn't we? We touched each other, didn't...

Oh, no.

Oh, no. It's Minnie Mouse.

It's the albino turd himself. Peter Pan.

No. The white knight. Your name, I've forgotten your name.

I've seen you but I don't know your name.

Mrs Wade, I'm Dr Verringer. How do you do?

Verringer. Verringer.

A mini pistol. This son of a bitch, let me tell you one thing about this bastard.

He is the epitome of what's wrong with this world. He really is.

He pretends to cure people. Can you...

- You cure people? Roger, please.


You, why are you here? Roger, we have business to discuss.


Roger... You see this asshole?

What? Huh?

Shall we discuss this in private? Discuss what?

Or shall we discuss our business here, in front of all your friends?

By all means. Why don't you go in the study and talk?

I ain't got no study any more. I used to have a study over there.

Roger, you owe me $4,400. You will pay me what you owe me.

No, actually, I don't wish to pay you what I owe you.

Roger, I'm not leaving without the money.

Don't leave. I don't give a shit. Get your ass outta here and let's have a party.

Write the cheque. What cheque?

Write the cheque. What cheque?

Write the cheque!

Why, you... Oh...

Shit. You know, I'm... I'm... I'm...

I'm all... I'm all... I'm all...

I'm all turned around. You... you... you...

Write the cheque for what? To get outta here?

Yeah, OK.

Yeah, OK.



Would you all like some fresh drinks? I'll go and get some more ice.

Don't let this break the party up. OK, OK, OK, get out.

Get out, all of you, goddammit! Get outta here!

It seems the party's come to an abrupt end. Pumpkin time again.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for the lovely music. My pleasure.

Now sign the cheque, Roger.

That was beautiful. Bye-bye. See you soon.

That's a good boy.

I apologise for this intrusion, Mrs Wade.

But your husband dislikes paying his bills.

I'm sorry. In future, I must refuse to accept him as a patient.

We don't accept you as a doctor, quack.

Good day, Mrs Wade.

Gun cabinet's locked? Certainly.

Would you mind closing that door? It's bad enough having guns in the house.

Roger. Roger.

It's me. Are you asleep?


Looney Tunes, Mr Wade.

I'm exhausted. Would you like something to eat?

If you got cold baloney, mayonnaise and bread, I'll hang around for a while.

I can do better than that.

We'll go to the kitchen. He'll sleep for another five or six hours.

Does your mouth ever get so dry, you could put a cigarette out in it?

I don't smoke. My mouth is really dry.

I don't understand how you get the butter in the chicken.

When you cut the chicken, the butter comes out. I don't understand.

That's the secret about it. Chicken Kiev.

Would you like some cognac, Grand Marnier, liqueur of some sort?

What are you gonna have? I'm going to stay with the wine.

I'll just have my beer out of your wine glass, if you don't mind.

Have you had enough to eat? Yeah. It was the fanciest meal I ever had.

In a couple of movies I saw people eat like this but they had four or five servants.

You did this all by yourself? Sure.

Who does the dishes? I do.

I am impressed. That's nice to know.

I'll tell you, though... Would you like coffee?

Seriously, I think you oughta consider staying in a hotel.

Or do you have some friends you could spend the night with?

I did that once. My husband smashed up everything I owned, practically.

When I came back, I found him unconscious.

I'm not gonna try that again. I know what you mean, Mrs Wade.

Why don't you call me Eileen? Eileen.

Eileen. OK, Eileen, what was Marty Augustine doing here the other night?

How did you... I followed him here.

He dropped by to have a word with me. I was curious to see who else he talked to.

Roger owes him some money. Maybe $10,000 or something like that.

He owes Marty? He told me Marty owed him.

You heard what Dr Verringer said. He hates to part with money.

I heard a lot of people said that Terry Lennox was working for Marty Augustine.

I don't believe it. That's what I heard.

Your husband ever talk about the Lennoxes? About Sylvia Lennox?


Was he having an affair with Sylvia Lennox?

I don't wish to continue this conversation about my husband.

Was he having an affair with somebody who might have been Sylvia Lennox?

Definitely not.

Where was your husband the night Sylvia Lennox was killed?

Stay back. Here. Hold my tie.


What brought your attention over here?

We were standing on the porch and having a party over at our place...

We didn't see the guy go in.

What we have is an apparent suicide, although we haven't found the body yet.

We could see it from the porch.

Then what happened, after the screaming and the persons running in?

I think he had been under some kind of psychiatric care.

Question: Don't you know?

Is this list of witnesses to your husband's behaviour at the party correct?

Yeah. Everybody is here having a party now. Everybody's drunk!

Your husband was upset over Dr Verringer's visit.

He threw everybody out, passed out and left you alone with Marlowe.

I asked Mr Marlowe to stay.

And there was no motive that he might have had for killing himself?

Why don't you get a couple of sand crabs, stick 'em up your nose and disappear?

You go and join him. Will you go upstairs and tweeze your eyebrows? Just go back.

Eileen, are you lying about Roger?

Are you lying about Roger?

Your crazy, Looney Tune husband could have killed Sylvia Lennox.


He's not gonna be walking outta there. I'm sorry. I thought the guy was OK.

But the police say that Terry Lennox killed his wife.

You tell me what really happened. Really happened?

Look, Terry Lennox is dead. I wanna know who killed him, because that guy is dead.

Are you gonna tell me what really happened?

He killed Sylvia. I think so. I don't know. You think he killed Sylvia Lennox?

Did you just say that you think that your husband killed Sylvia Lennox?

Are you telling me the truth?

I couldn't tell anybody. I couldn't tell anybody Roger had an affair with Sylvia.

And Terry found out. And Sylvia wanted to break it off.

And Roger was jealous and Roger went to see her and... then she was dead.

And then I read in the paper that Terry confessed.

And I don't know what to think. You don't know what to think?

I know what to think. I know what to do and I know what to think.

Farmer! I want you to open up the Terry Lennox case. I got new information.

I have fresh evidence for you to reopen the Terry Lennox case.

The lady down there, Mrs Roger Wade, is prepared to give evidence that her husband was sleeping with Sylvia Lennox the night that she was killed.

I had my ass busted for three days because you said my friend killed her.

We know that Roger Wade saw Sylvia Lennox that afternoon.

We know what time he left her. We know he went directly to Verringer's clinic.

You knew all the time? He was there all the time and in sedation.

So do me a favour. Go back to your gumshoes and peeping and let us alone.

You want me to let you alone? That's right. Let us alone.

You son of a bitch. You're gonna get everything all straightened out.

I saw that man who walked into the Pacific Ocean gave Dr Whatever-his-name-is $5,000 for an alibi so you could keep your job.

I'm gonna call Ronald Reagan to kick your ass off.

You're gonna be selling bus tickets, you son of a bitch.

Terry Lennox was my friend, you motherfucker!

You don't deserve to be alive, you fucking pig!

♪ There's a long goodbye

♪ And it happens every day...


How nice to see you.

It's so cooperative of you to come over.

I never mind cooperating, especially if I don't have a choice.

The boys should sit down. You just stand here.

You remember Harry, of course, and you know Pepe at the bar, and Vince, and of course you know Jack really well.

What about that little lady who you gave a Coke bottle to for a nose?

That supposed to be some kind of smart remark?

I didn't mean nothing smart by it.

He doesn't think I'm smart. Didn't we do this before?

Yes, we did. But I'm glad you asked me about Jo Ann.

Vince, be so kind. Yes, sir.

What we have is a problem with communication.

I knew it. I don't hear from you any more.

I don't get a phone call, not so much as a postcard.

What's the matter? Where's the money?

I don't got it. That's the truth.

Jo Ann.

Jo Ann.

Come here. You remember Philip Marlowe.

Augustine, I get the point. No, you don't.

I get the point. The point is money!

Tell me where the money is. I don't know where it is.

I don't like getting excited like this. I really don't like it.

Get up, get up, up!

Sit down.


You remember the night Jo Ann became ill and we had to take her to the hospital?

As you can see, she's had extensive treatment.

The finest surgeons, had nurses around the clock, the best attention, because, as you know, she's very near and dear to me.

And the prognosis is excellent. Excellent. She's going to be fine.


I left the hospital that night and I was... really upset.

I was... What was I? Haunted.

What? Haunted.

That's it. I was haunted with the idea that somehow I'd not been fair to her.

No matter how many times I would go over it, I realised I had not been fair to her.

Sit down over there, far away.

What had she done? Absolutely nothing. You were the one I was angry with.

I was taking out on her what I should have been giving you!

So I knew at that moment that I had to apologise.

I had to apologise in a very special way.

It had to be total and it had to be honest.

After all, I had caused the girl considerable discomfort.

I went to the hospital, to her room. Nobody was there. It was dark.

I took off all my clothes, undressed completely, and stood before her naked.

And I said to her "Jo Ann, I apologise."

"You see a man standing before you with nothing to hide." Is that right?

Yes, Marty.

So what do you want me to do? I want you to take off your clothes.

I have nothing to hide either, but I'm not gonna take my clothes off.

Get naked and tell me the truth about my money.

You wanna take your clothes off? It's a pleasure.

As a matter of fact, everybody take off their clothes.

I have too many scars.

I understand. Go on inside and take care of the telephone.

In the meantime everybody takes off their clothes. Harry, take off your clothes.

George Raft never took his clothes off. Help him.

One second. I don't need any help.

Jo Ann, I want you to wait right here. I'd like you to see what goes on.

This is what I owe you. I owe this much to you.

I understand you're nervous. You're nervous like I was.

When I was a kid, in high school, I used to dread gym class.

Absolutely dread it. Because I didn't have any pubic hair till I was 15 years old.

You must have looked like one of the Three Little Pigs.

Take it easy. It's very simple. The man is nerv...

Just a minute. Look at this.

What's that? A picture of James Madison.

It's a $5,000 bill. See? You take off your clothes, everything comes out honest.

You know how many of these there are in this country? Very few.

Three were in the suitcase Terry Lennox was supposed to take to Mexico.

Where'd you get this? Box of Cracker Jacks.

Bullshit! Where did you get it? A client sent it to me.

A client is bullshit. Are you laughing at me?

I see you're laughing. I wouldn't laugh if I were you.

Is Terry Lennox alive? Did you have a deal with Terry Lennox?

Do you think it's funny to steal $355,000 from Marty Augustine?

Jack, let me see that knife. With pleasure, Marty.

Give it to me.


Your father was a mohel. Cut him.

What? Cut him.

Where? Cut it off.

Cut "it" off? That's what I said. Cut it off.

Marty, come here. Gotta tell you something.

Can't you see that I'm busy? Marty, this is important. Come on.

Excuse me, will you, please? What is it? What is it?

Everybody out. Jack, bring me my clothes.

What about our wallets? Never mind the wallets, Harry.

A lot of entertainment for five grand.

Cigarette? No, thank you.

It's OK with me.

Hey, where are you going?

I had a terrific time but I'm going home.

Here. Why don't you keep this for your trouble?

You told the truth and I admire that in a man.

If you're in the neighbourhood, stop by. Thanks a lot.

Especially since my fairy godmother dropped your $350,000 back in your lap.

Hey! Mrs Wade!

Mrs Wade.

Hey, Mrs Wade!

Hey, come on!

Mrs Wade!

Pull over! Shit!

Mrs Wade, come on!


Right. Chasing after that car, I got hit by a car and I'm in the hospital.

Gotta get outta here.

Nothing broke, nothing broke. OK, OK.

You're gonna be OK. I've seen all your pictures too.

Hey, hey.

I just gotta get outta here. Hey.

You tell that guy it don't hurt to die.

Here. That's the smallest one I ever seen.

Here. I can't. I got a tin ear. Here you go.

It's for me? OK, I'll practise. See you later.

You shouldn't be out of bed, Mr Marlowe. I'm not Mr Marlowe. This is.

How long has he been in here? I don't know. I've been off for three days.

What's wrong? I've had the flu.

Don't breathe near his mouth. Take care of him. He's important.

Are you checking in or out? Out.

Charlie, give me a hand with this.

You're helpless. Can't do anything. I'm dropping it, Charlie.

Here's a real bird's nest. Fake bird.

Excuse me, ladies. I'm looking for Mrs...

Mrs Tooksbury's upstairs. She's the lady in charge.

Mr Katz, I'm Sybil Tooksbury. How do you do? You're an hour early.

I was getting all this stuff cleaned out so you can see the house as it should look.

I'm looking for the lady who lives here - Mrs Wade.

I'm not Mr Katz.

Who are you? Marlowe. I'm looking for Mrs Wade.

You're not Mr Katz? No.

I can't give you any information. I work for Surfside Realty. Call them.

They'll give you any information you'd like to know. If you'll excuse me, I'm busy.

Mrs Tooks, where's Mrs Eileen Wade? That's who I'm looking for.

Mrs Wade? I think she's gone to Europe. I'm not allowed to tell you. I'm sorry, sir.

You'll just have to call the real-estate office.

Ladies, it's OK with me. Goodbye, Mr Katz. Nice to have met you.

We're dancing in the sand and our bodies are in ecstasy.

We're seeing colours, all the most beautiful colours you can imagine.

And we're holding hands because we're one, and our breasts become full and our arms become free and our bodies become free.

And we are now beautiful.

We are now beautiful and we are now one.

Nothing will come between... Hi, girls. You seen my cat?

The other day he ran away, and I'm leaving town for a couple of days.

I'd appreciate it, if he shows up, if you could look after him or give him milk.

They're not even there. It's OK with me. A melon convention.

Our breasts are full, our bodies warm.

We hear music and dance to the music...

Señor Marlowe, I want to show you our town.

It's a beautiful town but I don't think I wanna go sightseeing right now.

There are things I'd like to get straight. It's better if we talk inside.

This is the largest police car I've ever seen.

It's like a gold chariot. Very nice, Señor Marlowe.

But I think I have to change it this year.

Look, Señor Marlowe. We're fixing the roads and all those things, the streets.

I know how civic-minded you are, but I've come for the truth.

The truth about Terry Lennox. He's dead. You saw the...

You told me a good story and I saw some good pictures of a guy who looked dead, but the truth is coming together now, boys.

I'm prepared to make a donation to the people of this town.

Since you're their representatives, I can tell you that I'm prepared, right now, to give you a James Madison.

James Madison?

A grand president. Five grand.

You think you can bribe us? Bribe? Oh, no!

Bribe? This is charity I'm talking about. You can buy a lot of cobblestones for a little light shown on the matter.

I'll tell you what happened to Terry Lennox.

The suicide was a fake, of course.

I put the injection so it looked like he was dead, but he wasn't dead.

Put a gun to his head but the wound was harmless. Then we took him in a coffin.

Took the pictures, with the ice. It looked perfect.

We buried the coffin loaded with stones.

Mr Lennox is also charitable. What did he...

Just a Madison. So you know James Madison?

We met him for the first time, yes. Lennox is still alive and well, señor.

How you doin', Terry?


I guess if anybody was gonna track me down, it would be you.

Want a drink or something? No, I don't want no drink.

You get a kick out of that Madison I sent you?

Yeah, I got a big kick out of it.

So you murdered your wife, Terry?

I killed her, but you can't call it murder.

Wade told her about Eileen and me, she started screaming.

She was gonna tell the cops.

She knew I was carrying money for Augustine. She was gonna turn me in.

I hit her. I didn't try to kill her. I hit her. I didn't mean it.

I saw the photographs. You bashed her face in.

She didn't give me any choice.

You didn't have much choice, huh? So you used me.

That's what friends are for. I was in a jam. Come on, have a drink.

I had a dead wife, $350,000 that doesn't belong to me.

I had to get out. It's as simple as that. Simple as that.

Goddamn simple. Cops have me legally dead, Augustine's got his money.

I got a girl that loves me. She's got more money than Sylvia and Augustine.

What the hell? Nobody cares. Yeah. Nobody cares but me.

That's you, Marlowe. You'll never learn. You're a born loser.

Yeah. I even lost my cat.

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ That screwy, ballyhooey Hollywood

♪ Where any office boy or young mechanic can be a panic

♪ With just a good-looking pan

♪ And any shop girl can be a top girl

♪ If she pleases a tired businessman

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ You may be homely in your neighbourhood

♪ To be an actor, see Mr Factor

♪ He'll make your kisser look good

♪ Go out and try your luck, you may be Donald Duck

♪ Hooray for Hollywood