The Long Night (1947) Script

"This town here is Youngstown, Ohio."

"This is Bethlehem Pennsylvania."

"This is Gary Indiana."

"This is .. well it actually doesn't matter very much."

"Since our story might occur anywhere."

"Since it's a story about some average human beings .."

"Living in an average American town such as this."

"Somewhere near the Ohio and Pennsylvania state line."

"On that high ground over there."

"Is the better residential area."

"Where you will probably find everyone who really counts."

"While over here in the older part of town."

"Is where the census-taker has to do most of the counting."

"Once, Allegheny Square used to be the center of town."

"And so the grand army of the republic put up a monument to the GIs of 1865."

"The boys used to hold many a reunion in the old Traveller's Hotel."

"But that was a long time ago."

"Almost as long ago as World War 2."

"Except for someone like Frank Dunlap."

"Ex-Staff Sergeant US Marine Corps."

"Who knows every inch of the old square he played in as a boy."

"And every square inch of the old house he was born in."

"And where he now rents a room from the Overpeck family on the third floor."

[ Gunshot! ]

What happened?

Who's that?

What's the matter?

Who is it?

Somebody fell.

Mr Tully! Somebody fell.

Mr Tully!

I'm the janitor there.

But I was in my tailor's shop on the first floor when I heard the shot.

Get out of the way, boys. Stand aside, boys. Let's go.

What happened?

I thought it was a backfire from a car.

Who fired the shot? Who killed who? Anybody know?

Mr Tully the janitor said a blind veteran killed somebody.

He went crazy berserk.

Yeah. A lot of Vets go crazy you know. For no reason at all.

Well, I don't see how he can kill anybody if he's blind.

Maybe he didn't kill anybody. Maybe he killed himself.

Who, the blind man?

I don't know.

I was just going up to my room like I said.

Where? What floor? The third floor.

Okay. Go on.

And then from the top landing, the 4th floor.

Well, all of a sudden.

Who is he? What happened? Okay, okay.

You know you shouldn't move the body. Where is his stuff?

Well, he was still breathing.

We thought we ought to get him down off them steps.

He only just died a few minutes ago. Anybody see him before it happened?

I saw him go up to the top floor about an hour back.

The top floor?

Alright, you people. Who lives up there?

Joe Adams lives in the front room.

And Bill Pulanski. He has the rear.

But Bill's been on the swing shift this week. He's been gone since 3 o'clock.

Well, he must have been visiting this ..

Joe Adams.

I guess so.

What do you say, Sheriff? Okay. Let's go up.

Alright. Move aside, folks.

Coming through.

Out of the way.

Out of the way.

Clear the way. Coming through.

This is it I guess.

Open up.

Leave me alone. It's the law.

You heard. Open up!

I said leave me alone.

Now look buddy, we just want to talk to you.

I don't want to talk to you or anybody.

I want be left alone. Understand?

You'd better beat it, fellas.

Listen, are you coming out or not?

Get out of here!

[ Gunshot! ]

[ Gunshots! ]

I'm going down, Ed. How about you going up on the roof and taking a look?

Okay. You go and get the boys.

Come on, kid. You'd better get inside.

Yes, sir.


The other one. He went up on the roof.

What happened to you, Joe?

Nothing, kid.


Hello, Sheriff.

Okay Sergeant, what's going on? Well, like I told you on the phone ..

Where's the chief?

He ought to be on his way over, Sheriff. We just phoned him at the courthouse.

He's got the Grand Jury hearing. You know, very important.

I know. I know how important he is, your chief of police.

Let's go, Sergeant.

[ Loud music ]

Look here, Mr Hudson. You really ought to turn that thing off.

After all, under the circumstances it's not very respectable.

Respectable? I suppose you call it respectable ..

For people to go around shooting each other like that guy up there?

Okay young fellow. This is Sheriff Meade talking.

Come on out now and come out with your hands up.

Don't try to play dead in there or you soon will be.

Leave me alone, all of you.

Get away from that door.

Let's go.

Okay Adams. You're asking for it.

Better leave a couple of men here. Right.

Alright, get back. Stay back.

It takes a whole army to pinch one guy.

How does the General Staff figure to get in? A frontal attack?

I don't know. It's up to the sheriff. You know what I'd do if I were you?

Find a nice soft spot in the asphalt and start digging yourselves some foxholes.

Sergeant, I want everyone cleared from around the house inside and out.

At least for a while. Right, Sheriff.

You come with me.

So he won't come out, huh?


Let's see. How about that roof there? The hotel.

How do you think that will line up from over there?

I think it ought to be pretty good, Sheriff.

"Come out with your hands up."

"Okay, Sheriff. So I'm out."

"Now what?"

"Explain, huh?"

"How can I explain when I don't understand myself."

"No, Sheriff. You wouldn't understand and nobody else would."

"It's done. That's all there is to it."

"Talking to yourself, huh?"

"Well, they say that's a sure sign."

[ Gunshots! ]

"All these people."

"What do they want here."

"That's right. They want to know what it's all about."

"Welcome home."

"Home sweet home."

"What difference does it make now."


"Yeah. A lot different tonight."

"Gosh. Who'd have thought of anything like this."

"I sure didn't."

"I never thought that first time."

"That morning."

"Maybe I had that old Indian sign on me."

"Or maybe it was bound to happen."

Come on, Joe. It's getting late.

Hi, Bill.

"Maybe it was like Bill always says:"

"While there is life something is bound to happen."

"Maybe, right from the start I wanted something to happen."

"Okay, so it happened by the numbers."

"One thing into another."

Fascinating, huh?

Like a lot of supermen came down from Mars.

Hey, what's this? Somebody's birthday?

Yes. I believe it is.

It wouldn't be for a guy called Joe?

No. Why, is your name Joe?

Yeah. Too bad it isn't my birthday.

My name is Joe too. I mean the first half is.

Yeah? What's the rest? Ann.

Jo Ann? It sounds kinda nice.

Hey, maybe it is my birthday. Anyway, I know it's sometime this month.

Why, don't you know exactly?

Well, the Good Shepherd never got my record straight.

Oh, are you from the orphanage too?

Sure am. Class of '34.

I as there up to three years ago.

No kidding?

Well, hello fellow orphan. Hello.

I'm supposed to deliver these for a Mr Leverett. He has a birthday lunch.


He's the assistant manager of the whole works.

You won't find him playing round this sand pile.

I think I got lost somewhere back there.

They said at the gate to follow the track to the executive dining room.

Well, this ain't it.

Come on. I'll show you how to go.


You see those tracks?

You cross those tracks and turn left until you get to the machine shop.

It's a long shed. Oh yes, I passed it.

Turn left just this side of it ..

And you'll see a clean-looking brick building with a sign "No Admittance".

You go right in. They'll let you in alright.

Think you can make it? Oh, yes, I'm sure.

Thanks very much. You bet.

You all balled up?

You know, you look sort-of cute standing there with those flowers.

I mean like something growing in a garden.

Some garden.

You want me to show you how to go?

Oh, I'm quite sure I'll find it.

What are you waiting for then?

You just want a look-see, huh?

You ever see sandblasting?

I guess it's sort-of interesting when you see it on the run.

Sure. Work is good for you.

It keeps you out of trouble. It keeps you fit.

Especially nice clean work.

See, we even drink a lot of this stuff. Have some?

Thanks, but I'm not thirsty. Neither am I but I drink it anyway.

It's good for what ails you.

Ain't it, Bill? Sure is.

Hey, find out if she's got a sister.

That's Bill Pulanski, a friend of mine. Always anxious.

You see, you wrap it in a blanket and it stays cold. Feel.

Yes. We do that too sometimes in the greenhouse.

Wrap certain flowers.

A greenhouse, around here?

Just down the highway where the Lee High tracks cross over.

You work there?

I live there too, with the Simpsons. They own the nursery.

Any relations of yours? No. I told you.

I'm from the orphanage. The Good Shepherd.

Oh, that's right.

You know that's funny.

What? Us.

We got the same name almost, and we got the same family.

I mean, on account of we don't have any family at all.

I mean .. Yes.

I know what you mean. It is funny.

Well, I had better go now.

Glad to meet you. Same here.

"That old Indian sign."

"All of a sudden she comes along carrying a bunch of flowers."

"Sand and flowers."

"Flowers and smoke."

"Just down the highway where the Lee High tracks cross over."

"A million miles from the Anzio beachhead and the Normandy hedgerows."

"And yet only a mile from the plant."

"All kinds of girls in all kinds of places."

"Yet right here in my own home town."

"I don't know what happened."

"Every minute with her went like nothing at all."

"And every minute without her was .."

"A long time."

[ Whistling ]

"Anyway, I didn't act very much like a grown-up guy."

It's nice out tonight. Take a walk?

Go for a walk?

I'd like to, but not tonight.

If you promise to be very quiet you can come inside for a minute.

They are just about asleep now.

Hey. This is quite an improvement being invited in.


Tell me what you think when you kiss me.

When I kiss you? Look, that's not fair.

But Joe.

We hardly know each other. Hardly?

It's been almost three weeks.

Three weeks. That's 21 days.

That's almost a whole month.

A whole month. That's a pretty long time.

Especially when a guy goes with someone.

I've really gone all the way. How about you?


Yeah. You'd look pretty nice in a wedding gown.

With me around of course, I mean.

You know, with a string of tin cans tied behind us going clackety-clank.

And everybody has a lot of fun.

Us mostly.

You mean, you want us to get married?

You're so silly.

Getting married, Joe. You think it's so simple?

Why not?

Look, we'll have kids. We'll have a whole flock of kids. You know what?

We give 'em a home at the Good Shepherd.

Why, Joe.

Don't mind me. I'm just kidding.

Look. On the level.

You know I wouldn't mind at all getting married.

I mean to you.

Oh, the iron.

It's alright. I must have switched it down to low.


Do you think it really happens, people being in love?

Or is it something you just read in books?

To tell you the truth, I wouldn't know.


It's a little fancy but it's a very pretty dress don't you think?

That way it is.

I won't be a minute.

I don't know what kind of manners they learned you at The Good Shepherd.

Leaving a guest in the kitchen all by his lonesome.

You wait just another minute and you can come in here.

"She never was like all the rest."

"Always kinda strange."

"I couldn't quite understand her at times."

Hey, here I come. No, no. Not yet.

"And it's kinda strange too finding someone like her these days."

Alright now.

"I figured maybe my luck had changed at last."

I wasn't too long, was I.

That's nice. You getting all fixed up for me?

Well, how do you like it here?

Not bad.

Nice and cosy.

Nice too, huh.

A little narrow for size though.

It's big enough for me.

Sure. Right now.


I know that guy from somewhere.

Say, I think it's real thoughtful of you.

Putting up pictures of someone I happen to know. It makes me feel right at home.

Who is this character?

Another escaped convict?

That's just Teddy. I've had him all through the orphanage.

They said he came along with me when we were both the same size.

He's got a nice mug, even with one ear missing.

Yes. He looks sort-of like you.

There is a certain family resemblance. There, you see. Just like you.

One eye very merry and the other a little bit sad.

Who me?

Say, that's funny. They are. One kind-of on an upbeat.

And the other a little bit down in the mouth. In other words cock-eyed.

How did you happen to notice that?

I just look at you.

What time is it now, Joe?

A little after nine.

Say, what do you collect the postcards for?

Atlantic City.

Havana. Palm Beach.

Hey, I hear that is a real swanky place, Palm Beach.

They say you pay a guy two bits.

And he pushes you along the boardwalk in a wheelchair where you can show off ..

And watch all the people playing in the sand.

I guess it's clean white sand? Yes, for miles.

Tall palms all along the beach.

And that beautiful blue ocean.

Why, you been there? Florida?

No. But I have heard so much about it.

About all the grand hotels and the dancing revues facing the sea.

They call them casinos.


Yes. And bright sunshine every day, even in the winter.

And flowers everywhere.

Camellias and gardenias.

Gardenias bloom all year round.

Casinos and gardenias.

It sounds wonderful but for the likes of us it's just pretty postcards.

Dream pictures like in the Ads.

I know but ..

But anyway, it's nice to dream.

Especially when it's so cold and gloomy all winter.

I don't know why. It gets so sad and lonely.

I'll tell you why.

Because you're all alone. Now if you had someone like me around.

You're nice.

You are surely very nice.

Sure, down deep I'm not such a bad guy.


I can start saving.

By summer, with my vacation pay we can drive to the lakes for a few days.

You know, the water is pretty blue up there too.


Hey, let's see it. It's nothing. Just a little scratch.

You know you love me.

Why don't you be yourself.

Why hold back? Look.

I'm staying right here until you own up.

But you can't.

Why not? You see.

Well, I have to go out. I have an appointment.

An appointment?

Isn't it a little late for you to be going out? What about them?

They are fast asleep by now.

Darling .. you're not jealous?

I hope.

Me, jealous?

What right have I got to be jealous?

You are free the same as I'm free.

Everybody ought to be free and equal.

I guess I'll be going.

I'm going to take Teddy with me. You wouldn't do that. Take him away?

Sure. Have him for company. Keep me warm.

So long. Hope you have a good time.


We'll see each other again, won't we?

Sure. Any time you got an evening with nothing to do.

It's up to you.

Hey, mister. Check your hat?

I wager none of you has ever seen on any stage in any country in the world.

As you see I have here simply a cape.

Nothing extraordinary or nothing magical.

Just my faithful old cape.

Maestro, a change of tempo please.

Ladies and gentlemen. You know, the art of producing something out of nothing.

Has always been a most delicate one.

But, ladies and gentlemen. To produce a base drum!

You missed most of his dog tricks, bud.

But the second half is tops. When the real magic comes.

I'll have a beer. One beer. Bottled.

This Maximilian sure draws the crowds.

He played the Orpheum a few months ago but now he's on this club circuit.

He winds up here tomorrow. You ought to come early and catch his whole act.

Will anyone trust me with a personal item or two?

Madam, would you be kind enough to lend me your bracelet for just a few minutes?

Thank you.

Slide it down, Willy.

That'll be two bits even.

Hello, Mack.

What's up, Charlie? What you doing here?

Never mind. Just give me a shot of the best and one for yourself.

Seems like you're celebrating something. Celebrating? I sure am.

Make it a double while you're at it.

So, quite a kick watching the show from out front.

Almost worth the price of admission.

Here you are, Charlie. Happy birthday or whatever it is.

You know, working right alongside him you don't realize.

From way back here you get a ..

I guess you you'd call it a perspective.

You see him better.

I have here a very simple paper cone.

Quite empty and quite innocent. That is, as it is at the moment.

Now ladies and gentlemen, anyone who is a bit gun-shy like some of my dogs here.

You had better lave the room now because you see.

See that character?

Do you believe any girl in her right mind ..

Could stick to him for 15 miserable months?

Across just about the same number of miserable states.

Look, you're pretty nice. What is all this anyway? The story of your life?

If you want to call it a life.

The same again, Mack. And one for my cousin, here.

No thanks.

Wouldn't let a lady drink alone would you?

Come on, Mack. Set them up.

You heard. I'm celebrating.

Look, I hope you can afford this good liquor.

But why do you hang out your old washing for my benefit? I'm not pumping you.

Just pretend I'm talking to myself.

Honestly. I could yell it out how happy I am.

I'm glad somebody is.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to ask this handsome chap here.

If he will select a card.

Any card at all, sir.

Why don't you sit down. I won't be long. No. I'll wait here.

Well, sir. Are you perfectly satisfied? Certainly.

Thank you very much and as for you madam.

To take your mind off your lost bracelet why not play a little gin rummy?

And now ladies and gentlemen.

I'm sorry, I'm going to have to interrupt your little game.

You know, folks. A magician's life is really a very happy one.

Even though he doesn't make a lot of money.

He at least has a house to live in.

And you know how hard houses are to get these day.

Well, folks.

At least, I have a house of cards.

Slick, isn't he.

He's a real smoothie from way back.

Just watch his hands.

The way he moves them around like a hypnotist.

And the way he makes with the words.

Don't ask me how, but the more you hear the less you know.


When he gives out with that fancy double-talk you'll believe anything.

You even believe you've been some place you've never seen at all.

No matter where.

Paris. The south seas. Florida.

If you think this is simply an illusion please keep one eye on my right hand.

One on my left and one on these various objects.

"Illusion" is right.

Before you know it, he's got you where he wants you.

Like they say you catch a pigeon by sprinkling salt on its tail.

With that slick line of his. Like velvet.

Like those gardenias he always wears.


Buster, what are you doing here? Don't you want join your little play friends?

Now, where were we? Oh, yes.

Buster! Is it you here again?

How you doing, son? Ready for another?

This one is on me.

Another round.

Okay, if it will make you loosen up and say something.

What do you want me to say? Anything. Just so it's interesting.

Like, I think you are beautiful?

Go ahead. You can't hurt my feelings.

Honest, with all that goo on you how would I know?

The make-up? Well, I usually take it off before I go to bed.

My mama done told me it was no good for the complexion.

You know something? I like you.

Maybe because you don't talk too much.

It's quite a welcome change from ..

The character.

I'm so glad ..

I'm so glad you kept the appointment, my dear.

You go ahead. My table is over there.

I'll be right back.

Uhoh. Here it comes. The pay-off.

Watch him. He'll pull all the stops.

Well, well, well. Fancy meeting you here.

See what I mean?

You know Charlene, I don't mind a little practical joke.

After all it is part of my stock in trade.

But when you leave a performer stranded in mid-air, it is not quite ethical.

Max darling, I left you on perfectly solid ground.

Right in the middle of the stage.

Right in the middle of my act. But there isn't any more act.

Not for me.

No more illusions. No more tricks.

No more trotting like a little pompom at your heels.

No more you, you ..

Now, now, my dear. Why be so emotional here?

We can talk this all out intelligently somewhere else.

Leave me alone. Come Charlene. Don't be silly.

You know yourself all we both need is a good old heart-to-heart talk.

Please, Max.

Take it easy, mister. The lady has had enough talk-talk.

It so happens she is with me.

Really? Since when? Since just a minute ago.

Yes Max, it so happens sometimes.

What was your name again? I didn't quite catch it.

My name is Charlene. That is to my public, of course.

You can call me Charlie.

Charlie, you may have had one too many. I don't know.

But I hate to see you making yourself ridiculous.

Mister, unless you want to look ridiculous yourself, you'd better scram.

Go on. Get back to him.

Whoever you are with.

My friend, there is no-one I would like disagreeing with more than you.

But in the circumstances there's hardly any point continuing our conversation.

Until tomorrow, my dear.

Think it over.

You can see for yourself the way he talks to me.

He makes with that love talk.


I don't like men who talk too much about love.

They usually forget what it's all about.

They sure knocked the stuffing out of you, pal.

You made it over in a hurry, Chief. So the sheriff put on some fireworks?

Yeah, a little Tommy-gun spray. Anybody hurt?

No, not yet. He is still in there.

See that top window. Over there in the Allegheny house.

He just put the light on.

When I think just a few hours ago ..

He passed by and said: "Good evening Mrs Tully and how do you feel".

Just like he's always done.

He even petted the cat.

And now poor dear, he is all alone.

He must be chilled to the bone with that window broken the way they did.

Please, Mr Chief Of Police.

Please do something for Joe. He gave me the shoulder-pads, see.

Yes, I see, I see. Alright little girl. I'll do what I can.

That sheriff has gone trigger-happy.

What does he want to do, kill the boy like he was a mad dog?

Yeah. We got laws in this land. A man is innocent until he's proven guilty.

Alright, folks. Alright.

Let's not get excited. Everything is going to be handled legally.

Ed. Where'd you say the sheriff was?

Up there, Chief. Let's go.

I don't care. I say he's guilty. He killed somebody didn't he?

How'd you know why he killed someone, madam?

Maybe he had a darned good reason. Maybe it was in self-defence.

Hey, what's going on?

The guy in the top room of the Allegheny house run amok.

He killed a man. Now he's daring the cops to come and get him.

Killed a man? Yeah.

Now look, Ned. Don't you see you are only making him into a hero. Like ..

Well, like he was holding up a lot of Japs in Bataan.

Or like Buffalo Bill surrounded by a pack of wild Indians.

Listen Mack, I'm doing you a big favor.

But I'll pull off my boys and you can handle this crowd by yourself.

Heck, I'm not your traffic cop.

Give me a match. Now wait a minute, Ned.

You know I appreciate you taking hold here.

But first thing you know we'll get a lot of those smart-aleck reporters in town.

So what? So what?

Well, it's just that this has always been a nice decent community.

We ought to try to get him out without this three-ring circus.

Alright. How?

I think I've got an idea.

It will take just about five minutes to set it up. Okay, Ed?

Right, Chief.

Jack. Seen McCormack or Philips around?

Look, I live next door to him.

No-one allowed in. That goes for all tenants.

I say he'd listen to me. We're like that. We work together.

What's the trouble? No trouble, Sheriff.

I live behind Joe Adams. Give me a chance and I'll go talk to him.

I think I can get him out. A little talk-fest, huh?

And maybe drink a couple of bottles of beer while you are at it.

Say, you know anything about this shooting?

I know what's been eating Joe for a long time.

You do? Well, you'd better stick around for some questions. Hey, Mack.

This fellow here may be good for a material witness. He's his buddy.

Once we shoot out that lock I think he'll come out peaceful.

If he's still alive.

Joe! Joe!

You're trying to kill him.

He's not a gangster too.

He's a human being like everybody else. Like you.

Oh please, I've got to see him.

He got it blocked. Some big box.

Probably a bureau or a chest of drawers.

Hey. That janitor anywhere around?

He's outside, Sheriff. You want me to get him?

Yeah. Right away.

Hold it boys. Stop your firing.

Get that janitor up here. The sheriff wants him.

Here he is, Sheriff.

It's the sheriff. He wants to talk to you.

You calling me, Sheriff?

Yeah. Has he got a big bureau in there?

What did he say?

I'm asking if he's got a bureau or a chest of drawers in there.

Sure, there is a bureau.

He has two.

Which is bigger?

Which is bigger? Well, I don't know.

It's about six of one and half a dozen of the other.

What's that?

I said I think they are both about the same size I guess.

Listen, Mack. Let's stop fooling around get that tear-gas from the State Pen.

I'll send someone to get them. Only takes a couple of hours there and back.

Maybe you'd better at that. Okay, sergeant.

Alright, men. Let's go.

"Candid camera. Six for a quarter."

"Sit still, Miss. Look at your friend here. Smile pretty now."

"Stop making faces, Joe."

"Candid camera. Six for a quarter."


"It means straight and honest."

"Yet all the time .."

"I wanted so much to believe."

"Because somehow a guy had to believe in something."

"I wanted you to tell me about yourself."

"It wouldn't have changed anything."

"But a guy figures if a girl loves him."

"She'll tell him without asking."

"Tell him everything, no matter what."

"I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop thinking."

Morning, Joe. Hi, Peggy.

Hey. Thanks for sewing that button on. I bet it stays on now.

That's alright.

Say, Joe. About that shoulder patch.

Maybe you'd better keep it. Holy smoke. I forgot all about it.

I'll snip her off tomorrow first thing, sure.

Thanks. Have a good time, Joe.

How are you, Miss Tully?

Well, how's the little one doing today?

Hello Joe. Feeling as usual.

He's never been the same since Josephine was run over by the garbage truck.

It sure did bust up a happy marriage. He's lonely. That's his trouble.

Hiya, Joe. Hi, Mr Tully.

Come in.

It's open, Joe. Yeah, you said it.

Be right with you. Don't worry.

Sorry to make you wait, but tell you the truth, I positively didn't expect you.

Why not? I said I was coming, didn't I?

Yeah, you've said that lots of times but never showed.

So you really must be hungry or something.

What you got on the menu?

Well, so far just a can opener.

I guess I'll have to outdo myself to get a return engagement.

Hey, why don't you make yourself at home?

Yep, something must be cooking.

You didn't forget a thing.

Yes, Joe. You must be powerful hungry.

Now let's see. What goes good with beer beside pretzels?

You know, Charlie.

You're not such a bad looking wench at that.

I'm willing to admit that.

Please, I can't take it all at once.

Maybe if I get it a little at a time it might not be such a shock.

Anyway, it'd make time go faster hanging around this crummy room all these weeks.

I thought you were waiting for some agency in Chicago to book you.

Maybe I'm waiting for a different kind of booking.

And a different kind of billing.

It's way over your head, isn't it.



Hey, wake up. You're in a trance.

You look just like you're in love.

Maybe I am.

Who with?

Just in love. It doesn't matter much who.

Maybe you're not kidding.

Maybe I'm not.

Somebody will please tell me why I had to go all out for a chump like you.

Me, a chump?

Why, I'm a nice guy.

Sure. A nice guy who drops in once in a blue moon when he comes through town.

Like one of those tourists.

The trouble is for a tourist I'm kinda short on baggage.

That's the trouble alright.

Don't tell me. I know.

You didn't make any promises and you didn't break any.


But anyway. Anyway, what?

I don't know but it gets so boring around here.

Well, come night time I don't sleep very well. I get nightmares.

I dream I'm asleep and you are here waiting for me to wake up.

Then I wake up, still in the dream. I look around but you've disappeared.

Wait a second. I'm all mixed up.

So am I until I really wake up.

Then I know you are not here.

Holy snooks, I don't have to go through a nightmare to know that.

It is an exciting life I lead. Both love and romance.

Full of ..

Yeah I know.

The joke is on me.

Love and romance.

Beautiful words.

It's sure okay to read about them in books if you got time to read.

But for a plain stiff like me who works his head off all day long 6 days a week.

I don't find it so boring at night.

When I hit that sack I hit it so hard I can hardly get up.

But come Sunday.

That's a lot different.


You got time to relax.

You know something?

The sun is pretty strong this time of year.

That's easy to fix.

Nothing too good for the gentleman caller, as they say.

Is that any better?

A lot better.

[ Door knocks ]

It shows to go you.

Anyway, I hope I'm lucky at cards.

Well. Look who is here.

In person.

Good afternoon.

I trust I'm not disturbing you. I'll give you three guesses.

My sincere regrets.

I most certainly do not wish to intrude on your little Sunday tête-à-tête.

But for a lonely vagabond such as I ..

Nothing warms my heart more than to see two young people with so much in common.

Come on. Save it for the act. What do you want?

Have patience, my dear. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Curiosity is a typically feminine vice.

N'est-ce pas? Look who's talking.

It's a wonder you didn't check up at the keyhole. You probably did too.

No, darling. Not this time.

As a matter of fact ..

Personally, I believe eavesdropping should be more widely practised.

It charges the atmosphere, so to speak.

Even for those being watched.

Do I shock you, Mr Adams?

No. You just get in my hair.

Hold it Joe or he'll go on for ever.

Cut the patter. What do you want here?

Just passing through en-route.

And so here I am again like a returning ghost.

You know my dear, our poor little dogs have been very lonely without you.

Don't you miss them at all? Nope.

How callous women are. How swiftly they forget.

Poor little creatures.

Not women. Dogs.

Okay. That's about enough.

Maybe you like to hear yourself chatter, but I don't. What are you after?

You, my friend.

As a matter of fact I've been waiting downstairs fully half an hour.

Simply to talk to you regarding a matter I am sure will be of greatest interest.

Of interest to him? Exactly.

Alright. Spill it. Make it fast.

Well, perhaps I should tell you that it is a rather personal matter.

So, if the young lady has no objections we can discuss it in the tavern below.

While she joins us at her convenience. Alright?

I suppose that's okay.

You know Charlene, in spite of all.

Your leaving hurts me very deeply.

Hurts you? Yes.

You just started something you couldn't finish, Max.

And you can't take it.

When a guy like you can't take a licking it's a sure sign he's getting old.

Getting old? Yes. You are.


How about it? Coming.

See you below, my dear.

Let's have it. What did you want to see me about?

Jo Ann, naturally. I had a long talk with her this morning.

And I happened to learn that ..

That you have been seeing the young lady rather frequently.

Wait a minute. Let's get one thing straight.


You will recall I didn't interfere in your overnight friendship ..

With my former assistant Charlene.

Listen. Let's get down to cases.

One minute you talk about Jo Ann. The next you're dragging in Charlene.

You don't make sense. I think it will in just a moment.

You see, there is something I should probably tell you.

Something important. Yeah? What?

Well, simply that my profound concern about Jo Ann is a most natural one.

Since the little girl ..

You see .. she is my daughter.


What's that?

I know it never occurred to you but it happens to be the simple truth.

I am Jo Ann's father.

Incredible but true.

Here you are, mister. I hope whatever you called it is the way you want it.

Hey, Millie. Come here.


Her father?

But she is an orphan. She is from The Good Shepherd.

Of course. But orphans also had parents once you know.

Look here. May I talk to you man to man?

You see, every man has his faults.

And certainly I am no exception.

I admit my share of guilt.

Possibly a much greater one that Jo Ann's mother because ..

But I don't want to speak unkindly of her.

And believe me I am not trying to escape any blame.

Of course, when little Jo Ann first came into the world.

I was quite young.

Only when you grow older do you come to understand what ..

Horrible mistakes you can make.

And with understanding too ..

Comes its bitter companion. Remorse.

It starts creeping up on you.

At little aft first and then more and more.

Until you must do something about it.

So finally I did.

I began the long, long task of tracing back.

Naturally her mother had had a hard time of it.

From town to town. Different names.

She had remarried.

But at last after many years search.

When I first saw Jo Ann ..

I can't describe.

But the exact image of her mother.

And believe me my friend, when I tell you she was a real beauty, her mother.

The same beautiful hazel eyes that keep changing color constantly.

A strange world, isn't it.

It sure is. And so you see, my friend.

Why I am so concerned.

And though I dislike to use such a strong word.

I feel it is my duty to interfere.

Your duty?

Don't you see how unfair it would be if you were to tie her down now?

To what?

Only a life of hopeless drudgery.

Your duty?

And I am unfair?

For criminy sakes, what do you think.

Her father.

Her faithful father who took a powder for fifteen years or more.

Who makes good money but doesn't give a hang about anybody but himself.

Suddenly remembers he's got a long-lost child someplace.

Comes crawling back waving his conscience like ..

Like one of those rats came out of a pillbox whining ..

He didn't mean it. He was sorry. He was never a real Nazi at all.

Sounding off now about your fatherly duties.


Now I'll give you an earful.

I'm from The Good Shepherd too.

I can tell you what it's like to be an orphan. We'll skip that.

Only get this.

If my old man was alive, and he tried to come back and say how to run my life.

I'd break him in two.

What's more, I love Jo Ann. She is going to be happy with me.

I'll marry her and see to it that she's going to be happy.

What are you going to make out of that?

You say you are going to get married. You heard me.

And Jo Ann. Did she say she would?

What's it to you? Everything.

Don't you understand? If I lose her ..

After all, I am her father. I have every right.

Now it's no longer your duty. Now it's your right.

No. I mean her happiness. You work in the plant.

You hardly make enough to live on. No future at all.

A common worker. What's wrong with that?

An orphan. A foundling.

I don't even know the family you're from.

Or their health or yours.

What did you say?

You're luck you're her father.

Know what you're going to do, mister?

You will get up and put that little hat on your little dome and get out of here.

But quick.

Hello Joe. Come in. We're just having dinner.

I want to talk to you. It's something pretty important.

Alright. But wouldn't you like to join us?

I'm sure Mrs Simpson won't mind. I must see you alone.

You see, it's about that man. You know who I mean.

No, Joe. I don't.

The one you had that appointment with that night. When you went to The Jungle.

See, I followed you there.

You did?

Jo Ann. You need any help?

No. It's alright, Mrs Simpson. I'll only be a minute.

It's not about my following you. It's what he told me today.

Then that's why you've acted so strange ever since.

You could have told me that same night he is your father.

My father?

Jo Ann, I just remembered that gravy dish is cracked.

Why, how do you do.

I didn't know you were here, Joe.

How are you, Mrs Simpson. I just dropped in for a minute to see Jo Ann.

Well then I'd better get this served.

You bring in the rest, dear.

Don't be too long now.

It will be a shame if this gets cold.

And Joe.

Come again.

Don't be such a stranger.

You say he told you he was my father?

Yeah. All about it.

How he lost track of you for years and how he found you.

Joe, he isn't. He isn't my father at all.

He's not?

What do you mean?

What's this all about anyway?

Jo Ann, it's all getting spoiled.


Joe, wait for me. Just a little while. In the greenhouse.

I'll be right over.

You see, it was just like those postcards.

Postcards from places he's never been at all.

It's odd, but he's always making up stories.

Holy smoke. When I think of that build-up ..

That guy must be whacky or something.

Why do you keep seeing him? What does he mean to you?

Joe. I didn't want to tell you.

Maybe I should have but ..

But I was so afraid you would think ..

That you would misunderstand.

But it all started last fall when I first met him.

He was appearing at the Orpheum.

I was late.


And move higher.


No, ladies and gentlemen.

No invisible wires. No hidden supports.

No optical illusion.

Now our sleeping beauty returns to us.

"I went there alone."

"Not that I like going places by myself."

"You see, Joe."

"I didn't have any friends real close among my own age."

"In fact no-one really outside the Simpsons."

"It was really quite amazing."

"Watching him do all those tricks with those dogs."

"The way he handled them."

You're the fifth dog down.

One, two, three, four, five.

Now that's right.

"It was wonderful they always responded to every little signal."

"Anything he wanted them to do."

Buster. Turn around. Buster.

That's right. Now, which one of you would like to go home?

And with the aid of my charming assistant Charlene.

You can see how charming she is.

Buster himself will choose someone from the audience.

Someone who is particularly psychic.

He will make this choice telepathically ..

Through the medium of astrological determination.

Indicating it by two bells for "No".

Buster, ring the bell.

That's right. And three times for "Yes".

That's right.

Alright, Charlene. Proceed.

Your birthday, madam?

Oh my goodness. January the 15th.

Capricorn the goat.

Capricorn the goat.


You, Miss. Your birthday, please.

June the 5th.

Gemini. The twins.

Gemini the twins.



Have the little lady come up on the stage.

Will you come along with me, please? No, not me. Please.

Go on.

"I'd have given anything not to go up there."

"Yet looking back on it later, I think in a way I liked it."

"The thrill. The experience."

"All those lights. All those people."

"And when came close, I saw his face."

"I didn't like him at all."

"Then when he touched me."

"Maybe it was from being so scared but .."

"I was really all goose flesh."

And now ladies and gentlemen all three of us being in perfect harmony.

"It was only later when I took the bus home that .."

"I tried to tell myself how silly I was to have gotten so excited."

"How the whole thing was really nothing very important."

"Even though I couldn't get it out of my mind."

"The way he looked at me."

"At first I was almost as nervous as at the show."

"But he was very polite."

"After a while, we talked about the gardenias he'd given me on the stage."

"And I mentioned I had worked with flowers."

"He was very friendly."

"Yet he didn't even ask where I lived."

"But I suppose it wasn't hard for him to guess."

"Anyway, I thought it was just a chance meeting."

"I never dreamed he had planned it that way."

Just a minute, please. I am coming.

Good afternoon.

Just take your time. Hello. What can I do for you?

I wanted to order some gardenias to be delivered to the theater.

"It was soon after Thanksgiving."

"I asked him if he'd like to stay until it let up."

"But he said he had no time."

"He then was .. oh. I forgot."

"Just as he was about to leave."

Oh, by the way, I meant to ask you.

I have some complimentary tickets for a concert next week and I thought ..

This time without telepathy.

I just thought you might enjoy good classical music.

I mean to say.

It seemed to me from our chat the other night that you were that kind of person.

You have ever heard the Cleveland symphony orchestra?

Oh, no. Well, yes.

"Honest, Joe."

"I didn't know orchestra it was."

"But of course I wouldn't admit that."

"Although he did guess right. That I liked that sort of music."

It's not very far for good music. Less than two hours away.

Well, I've never been as far as Pittsburgh and that is even nearer.

You're not much of a world traveller are you.

"He said he'd send over the tickets during the week."

"And joked a bit how he'd invite himself along if he weren't so busy."

"And I said I thought I might ask Mrs Simpson to go along but .."

"She couldn't go."

"They were playing parts of Romeo and Juliet."

"And he explained it was one of the great loves stories put to music."

"You know, the famous play by Shakespeare."

"I kept my programme as a souvenir, Joe."

"It had the whole story."

"Even some of the lines from the love scenes in the play."

"Later, we had dinner."

"Of all places, Joe."

We are closing now, sir.

"Passengers on TWA constellation to New York city."

"With connections for Paris, Rome and Cairo."

"Please report to ticket counter."

You know, I just wondered how you would look with your hair up-swept like this.

"You know, Joe."

"I had that same sense of freezing up when he touched me."

"Like on the stage that first time."

"But it was only for a minute."

"I didn't think about it again until later."

"On the way home he kept telling me all about his innermost feelings."

"His long search for the right person to be his companion in life."

In other words my dear, you and I ..

Each of us giving to the other what we both lack.

You and I? Why not, Jo Ann?

You're not a girl to be interested in the shallowness of mere youth.

You want someone with rich experience of the rich outside world.

I don't know.

You do if you would only be brave enough to look into your heart.

I think I'd better be going in. It's getting late.

Just a second, Jo Ann.

There is something I want to ask you.


Would you mind very much if I kissed you?

What if I do mind?

Nothing. I will kiss you anyway just to show you how you should be kissed.

No, don't. Please let me go. You're just repressed.

It's time you began to understand. No, please.



You have sharp nails like a little animal.

Maybe that is what I really like about you.

Don't you ever touch me again.

And don't you ever come here again.

"I hated him."

"I hated him for knowing I wanted to be kissed but that I never really was."

"I hated him for all that he guessed about me."

"Yet in a way I was glad."

"Glad that somebody wanted to kiss me. That anyone would like me that much."

"I was almost grateful."

"Joe. I was so confused."

Here, Jo Ann. Something for you from Detroit.

For me? Yes.

I hope the sender didn't send you flowers.

Thanks. Merry Christmas. Same to you.

"You know Joe how it is round the holidays."

"You feel lonelier than ever."

"For the first time in my life."

"A real Christmas present."


"I had never seen such high heeled shoes before."

"It was from him."

"He said he bought them for his sister in Detroit who he'd not seen in years."

"But that they hardly fitted her now."

"Would I please accept them."

"And not to think he'd sent them because of any feeling of guilt."

"Joe, I .."

"I sort-of felt maybe I had been too harsh."

"Then one night at the public library."

Beautiful, isn't it.


I am stopping over here tonight.

I have some business here.

I was told I would find you here.

The music inspired by the same religious tradition.

Stemming back thousands of years.

Buddhism is the state religion.

Although the worship of spirits and local deities is also widespread.

I have to find the same ever-searching soul in you.

"It was strange."

"I thought I would still be angry."

You know, it is rather difficult talking to someone's back.

But with you .. I really don't mind.

Your hair looks quite lovely now.

Imported and adopted before the beginning of the Christian period.

It was very kind of you to send the Christmas present.

But I'll get them to you first thing tomorrow so you can send them back.

To whom? Your sister.

I'm sure she can exchange them for a better fit wherever you bought them.

No, she can't.

You see there isn't any sister.

But you wrote me ..

It was just a little white lie for Christmas.

Don't be stubborn. After all, I could have gone on lying.

But in a strange way I am honest.

Even about my lying.

Let's talk serious. That is if you've forgiven me?

"Twice again that week he drove in from Pittsburgh to see me."

"And once I went there to see him."

"Just before he left on tour for the rest of the winter."

"After a few weeks, first from Atlantic City."

"And then from Miami and Palm Beach."

You began getting all those postcards?


And one day he wrote me he was returning to play at The Jungle and ..

And you know all the rest, Joe.

You see.

Until I met you he was the first person who was ever really nice to me.


Joe, if you want me to, I'll never see him again.

Why is he still here? What's he hanging around for?

I'll tell you. To bust us up any way he can.

But he can't, Joe. Never.

I told him that today.

When he started talking about ..

That girl.

Living across from you in the hotel.


You won't go to her anymore will you? Her?

Look, you sweet dope.

Why .. why would I be making this long pitch to marry you?

Why am I eating my heart out for you about this?

Joe, you know what it was like at the orphanage and then with the Simpsons.

Naturally, meeting a man like ..

Who'd seen so much of the world and knew so much about it.

Ah, he's never been any place.

Just been in and out a lot of hotels and creep-joints.

What's that got to do with the real world?

Couldn't you see through his Santa Claus routine what he was really after?

I wish you could have seen him today.

"My little daughter this and my little girl that".

Ah, he doesn't know anything about how to lie.

I know, but ..

But everyone tells lies.

I've lied sometimes too.

If I said I never did that would be a big lie.

I don't like people who lie.

I'm not a liar. You know that.

Sure you're not because I love you.

I know you do.

Somehow, the minute I saw you I knew right off you were the one.

Maybe ..

Because I had kind of a longing to be happy.

I wish you could understand all this.

Maybe I'm just afraid.

Afraid? Of what?

I don't know.

I just don't want to be hurt.

I would never hurt you, Jo Ann.

Because I know how it is myself.

What I mean is, well ..

Ever since the Good Shepherd eased me out on my own I've been ..

Looking for something or somebody to ..

Anyway, just so I wouldn't feel so darned alone all the time.

Sure, I've had fun now and then but ..

With me, anything would happen. Like ..

I'm on a train once. I got a brand-new cap.

Opened the window and off it went with the wind.

Do you know, people are funny.

They don't take you for what you are but where you come from.

What your name is.

Until you get so ..

So you feel you're always outside looking in.

So you try to buck it.

You now, get an education. Go to night school.

Keep on the ball.

I couldn't lick it though.


I don't know. Maybe it's ..

Because I didn't have any real ambition.

I mean, for myself.

Maybe that's been my trouble.

Anyway, you keep going.

Always trying to find something different. But it's always the same.


It's like standing in the heck of a rain waiting for a trolley.

One comes by. Ding. All full up.

You wait for the next one.

Ding-ding-ding, goes the trolley.

Sorry. No room for you.

And they keep on coming.


Ding-dong. Ding-dong.

And you're still there.

Still waiting.

Joe. Hmm?

I love you.

I am sorry.

Don't stop. Please go on.

Until I ran into you.

I mean, having someone like you to believe in.

Someone to trust. Someone who would believe in you.


Things are going to be different now.

Got to be.

They will, Joe.

They will.

Oh. I'm sorry. This pin on my brooch.

You always wear it, don't you.

Yes. It means so much to me.

How come? It's a real antique from Mexico.

From the Aztecs. You know the story of Montezuma's daughter?

No. Never met her.

She had to be sacrificed just when she fell in love with ..

Here Joe. I want you to have it.

Are you sure now? You're giving me your dreams.

I want to.

I don't want any more dreams.

I want ..

You don't have to alibi to me, Joe.

I got it the moment you came in the door with wedding bells written all over you.

Hey, droopy-puss. Cheer up. It's not a funeral.

And don't you cry for me, baby. I'm not buried yet.

Charlie, I wish you'd stop kidding.

What for? Take the cards as they are cut.

If it's a bad deal then you wait for a new shuffle.

Would it be so bad if you and I had gone crazy about each other ..

And fallen in love?

It's lucky we didn't though.

Honest, I had a hunch from the start I'd make the wrong mistake.


You live right across the square.

But brother it was a long way off.

For crying out loud snap out of it.

You've been given the air before. Take it like a lady.

Mind if I get comfortable?

You know, women are nuts walking around on stilts like these.

The only thing free the great wizard ever gave me.

Heard from your booking agent?

Just yesterday.

He has a straight part for me with a bicycle act.

Well anyway, it's better than playing nurse to a lot of trained seals.

I did that for six months.

I liked the seals alright but not the guy who trained them.

So then I teamed up with that gentle soul.

Our Maximilian.

Like going from the frying pan into the fire.

I mean, those dogs.

In his act?

Yeah. Sometimes he'd have to train a new one fast.

Do you have a shaky stomach?

I have plenty of K-Rations to settle it.

Just above the paw he'd shave it clean.

Then burn the skin all raw.

Worked like a charm.

He'd get them to do any trick he wanted by flicking that raw spot with his whip.

The more I hear of him the more I think he ought to be locked in a whack-ward.

He is screwy alright. But worse than that. He's rotten.

And he gets a great kick out of making other people just as rotten.

Then, when he gets you the way he wants you you're all washed up.

So you see, Doc. You've been good for me.

Look Charlie, I wish I could .. Skip it. My own fault.

Do I look like I was the type to keep warm with memories?


How about it?

No thanks. Okay.

To me. On a bicycle.

Here we go again.

On a bicycle meant for two.

"It won't be a stylish marriage."

"I can't afford a carriage."

"But you'd look sweet."

"On a bicycle built for two."

Miscellaneous property.

Me too.

What's this here?

For heaven's sake. How did this junk get in here.

Now he'll arrest me for petty larceny.



He once gave me one of these genuine antiques made in Jersey City.

With a big beautiful build up all about some princess in some place in Mexico.

Then I saw his cardful.

The phony four-flusher.

He gives one to every dame sap enough to fall for him.


Say it.

That certain somebody you've been carrying a torch for.

She didn't happen to get one of these genuine antiques too, did she?

So that's what he wanted to talk to you about the other day.

Sure. Now it all adds up.

That's what was eating you up.

That same little pigeon he picked up one night at the Orpheum.

Yeah. He told me all about her.

How he couldn't get her out of his head because she was so different.

So young and fresh.

How did he say it though?

Oh yeah.

"Like a white rosebud in the morning dew."



Sorry, Joe.

Honest, I am.

But I just can't help laughing.

"Everyone tells lies sometimes."

"You mean so much to me, Joe."

"Here, you can take it."

Is your name Jo Ann?

Yes. What is it?

Do you know Joe Adams?


Yes, of course. What is it?

You'd better get dressed.

No. I don't believe it.

Please let me see him. Let me talk to him.

Take it easy, Miss. You'll talk to him when we get him out.

But you said before he won't come out.

What will you do to him? He'll come out.

If it has to be feet first.


This is the Chief of Police speaking, Adams.

I'll repeat that.

This is Chief McManus, Adams. And I want you to listen to me carefully.

There is no sense in trying to shoot it out with us.

You haven't got a chance.

Now, it is true you will be on charge of murder.

But you'll get a fair trial in court.

So be sensible, Adams.

And come on out. Law abiding and accept arrest.

Otherwise you'll only get yourself killed.

If that's what you want.

Can you hear me, Adams?

This time we are not fooling.

What's happening? Where is he?

Alright. What are you waiting for?

Go on, squeeze off! Here is a bullseye for you!

Yeah. Maybe you want me to jump.

Is that what you're all hanging around for, huh?

It's quite a show.

Cheap and easy. All free. Costs you nothing.

Go on, break it off, all of you.

Take off! Go home!

Buy the morning papers.

It will all be printed up tomorrow.

Yeah. All the dope you want for a nickel.

Go on, read all about it. It will be a lot better than the truth.

Please, please. Let me through.

That's all you got to do!

Nobody waiting for you? Ain't you got no home?

Adams. This is your last chance. I'm warning you.

Pretty exotic stuff, huh?

A murderer. A killer.

I thought I was all through with killing.

I had no use for it. Hated it.

Maybe even more than you.

Well, here I am.

Did you never see a killer before? I've seen plenty.

And plenty killed.

Lots of murderers. All kinds of 'em.

And lots of ways of getting killed.

Everybody kills a little bit, quiet-like.

With nobody knowing.

Let me get to him, please.

Joe. Where is he?

I know that guy. He's no killer.

Joe. Hey, Joe.

It's me, Bill.

Look, we're all with you.


Who's Joe?

There isn't any Joe anymore.

Go on, I said. Beat it!

No. Joe, listen to me.

Tell him. Please tell him to listen to me.

I see you want to stick around for the finish, huh?

To see me get it.

Well, it won't be long now.


Joe, wait. Please.

I love you. You know that don't you.

Go home. It's all over. There is nothing more to see.

Go home, suckers. This is old stuff.

You got no future here. None of you.

Joe, I told you.

I told you I love you. Why don't you listen to me?

Joe, take it easy, Joe. Just hold on.

Nobody is going to let you down. We'll get you a lawyer.

We'll all pitch in. Come on out, Joe. We'll all help.

We'll see you through okay.

Stay with it, boy. You got friends here. We'll stick with you, Joe.

Don't quit, Joe. Don't quit.

They can't hurt you, Joe. We won't let them.

Clear the square!

Come on now. That means everybody.

Clear the square!

Get all the boys that are standing around. Go on. I want action.

Come on fellas. Let's get in those cars now. Watch this.



Joe, wait.



Joe, where are you?

I can't see him.


Why can't we see him?


Oh, Joe.

Is she alright?

Help me to see him. Help me to tell him.

Is she badly hurt? No, she's okay.

Let's try to get her to the lobby.

You .. you know I love him, don't you?

Yes I do.

Give us a hand here, will you.

No, please.

Please let me go.

Let me go please.



I'm glad I found you at home.

What do you want here?

I want to talk to you alone.

It is very serious or I wouldn't have come up here.

You'd better go back down. No.

Get out. No. I will not get out.

I'm staying here until we have this out. What's more, you will listen to me.

Do you hear? Listen? I've listened enough.

You told Jo Ann not to see me anymore against her every instinct.

You told her that, didn't you. I want the truth. Every bit of it.

I knew I was right.

Well if you know it, why do you ask me?

Look young man, I know certain things almost psychically ..

And what I don't know I'm intelligent enough to guess.

Okay. So you're smart. I'm dumb. Well, that ought to make you happy.


I wonder how happy you'd be being made to look ridiculous.

Charlene, both of you must have had a good laugh, eh?

But never mind. I don't care about that.

Yes, yes. I've lost my pride and I'll admit it.

My only concern is Jo Ann. Her happiness.

Look, you're not starting the doubletalk again. Like that phony father routine.

Good heavens! Do I have to apologise for a superior imagination?

Look here. I'll conjure up any story I choose if it results in her happiness.

Yes. Even if it results in you having suspicions.

Why it did, didn't it.

Well, maybe you are not so far from wrong.

Quite a startling blow when you found I was not her father, eh?

Eh? Stand still.

Stop squirming around like a slippery eel. Stand still for the love of Pete.

Very odd, my friend.

I thought men who do common manual work were not so subject to nervous tensions.

You starting that again?

Don't you see, my boy? You are only nervous because you are confused.

And your confusion stems from certain things you can't quite grasp.

Elusive mysterious things such as the ways of women.

Are much too complex for the ordinary male mind to comprehend.

All the mysterious yearnings of a young girl.

Shut up. I told you to shut up.

No, no. You don't frighten me. You merely make me laugh.

Go on, keep laughing.

Go on, enjoy yourself.

You can laugh all the way down.

Please, please!

Please ..

Okay, I'll let you go this time. Now get going!

I feel all dizzy.

The blood rushed to my head.

I'm all on edge.


You had me on the edge alright, didn't you.

It's not so easy to kill a man, is it.

After all, I ought to know.

Do you want to know something?

I came up here to do that myself.

You see?


I actually came up here to kill you.

Not merely on impulse but with a definite plan.

Well, I often have wonderfully worked out plans.

Somehow they never seem to work out lately.


Well, well.

Look at this.

It's very pretty this little trinket you have here.

A pretty little toy to amuse some pretty little girl with.


What are you trying to say?

What do you want to know?


Get out of here.

You know, I always find it rather amusing ..

These naive conceptions you simple men have concerning women.

But for lovely creatures they are so much more complicated, thank heaven.

Get out. Will you please get out?

Yes Indeed. Love is many things.

Attraction, fascination.

In a word: appeal.

But let us say that I happen to have that appeal.

Especially to a young, dreamy girl who ..

Happens to appeal to me.

That's enough. I'm not going to tell you again. I want you to get out of here.

I promise the details are perfectly fascinating.

You open the door.

You close the door.

You put out the light.

If you won't shut up, I'll shut you up.

[ Gunshot! ]


What's up, Bill? It's the gas alright.

What did you say?

No they can't!

He'll never come out alive. I know it.

Here's the stuff, Sheriff. It's the new hot ones.

Boy, it's the kind you can't throw back.

No. Wait!

Listen to me please. Let me talk to him. We're through talking, Miss.

Listen, you only want him out, don't you?

I swear to you I'll get him out. I know I can.

If only I can tell him what it took me so long to find out.

Oh, don't you see?

Down deep, he always wanted to believe in people and ..

In all people. And that's why needed someone so much to have faith in.

Someone with both feet on the ground. Not in a dream world, but here today.

You do understand, don't you? I know he will.

Let me see him please.

Please let me see him. Look, Miss.

You're just wasting your time.

Is this the way to the roof, Ned? Yes, Mack. Let's go.

Look. You heard him. He's had it. He's through.

If you shoot that gas in there he'll kill himself.

For the love of heaven why don't you give her a chance?

If there is anyone he might listen to it's her.

You said yourself, the way he feels .. Look, you two. Stay out of this.

I guess we figure about five minutes after we shoot in 3 or 4 bombs.

If he don't come out, your men get those masks on and drag him out.

You're out to kill him with that gas. Or make him kill himself.

I told you to stay out of this unless you're looking for trouble.

Peters, nobody gets up these stairs. Understand?

Stevens. You know how this is going to work. I want three of you in the masks.

Now you get to the second floor. I'll give a ready signal two minutes before.

Two short whistles. And then one long one just before we fire.

You give me a ceasefire when you're ready to go in and get him.

Okay, Chief.

You can't come through here, Miss. Yes, sir.

It looks like they are pretty well set.

I wouldn't want to be in his shoes.

It's awful powerful stuff.

[ Whistle ]

Come on down. We've starting the job. Coming down.

On the double.


Joe, it's me. Jo Ann.

There is no time, Joe. I must see you. I must talk to you.

Joe, answer me.

I just saw them. The sheriff. Giving orders.

"No. No use, Sheriff."

Joe, you've got to answer.

"It's like I told you. Nothing to answer."

"Nothing to explain."

"It's all done with."

"I'm tired. Tired."

Sheriff, there is no answer.

No nothing.


[ Door knocks ]

Just leave me alone.


There is an answer. There is all you ever believed in.

Joe, you must believe me. I've never lied to you. I love you.

I love you.


"Love is many things. Fascination. Attraction."

"In a word: appeal."

"Let's say I happen to have that appeal. Especially to a young dreamy girl."

"Tired. Tired, tired."

Joe, I beg you.

Ask anybody. Bill. Ask her, Charlene.

How can I make you believe me?

"I find it rather amusing .."

"The naive conceptions you simple men have concerning women."

"He's rotten and he gets a big kick out of making other people just as rotten."

"Are you sure you don't want to hear? So many fascinating details."

"Details, details, details."

Leave me alone. Do you hear me? Leave me alone.

Joe, listen to me please.

They have that gas down there.

They are starting now.

Let me in! I can explain everything if you will just listen.

Shut up. I told you to shut up!

Get those masks on. I'm going up to take a look.

Jo Ann. I didn't hurt you?

Oh, Joe.

I didn't know it was you and then somehow I did.

I'm alright, Joe.

I'm alright.

I shot at you and then something happened to me. Why?

Because you know I love you.

Because you love me and do believe in me. That's why. - Believe?

Not only in me, but in yourself.

Yourself most of all.

Joe, even if you don't believe me, that's not so important.

If you'll only remember what you told me.

All you ever wanted, deep inside you.

Hey! Who is that up there?

Come on, you heard me. Who's up there?

You'd better not come up.

Get your masks on. Hurry up.

Okay Adams, you had your chance.

You'd better get out of here. Joe, I want you to live.

I want to live with you.

But if you don't want to try there's nothing for me to live for either.

Don't you see? It isn't just you and me.

Joe, all you ever wanted of people all your life.

To help each other, trust each other.

You wanted people to accept you for what you were. To have faith in you.

But then you've got to have faith in them too.

[ Whistle ]

That's the signal for the gas.

Joe, listen to me please.

If you quit like this no-one will understand.

All your friends. Friends?

Yes, friends. Your friends.

They want to believe in you.

And your courage to face life. To see things through. Not to quit.

And you heard them, You must have heard them down there.

Calling to you, feeling for you, fighting for you.

Even though they don't know how it happened but still trusting in you.

And wanting so much to help us.

Us? Yes, us.

Because we're people just like they are. Not strangers.

No matter what name, what family. It doesn't matter.

Stay down, Jo Ann.

Okay, boys. Let's go.

Hold tight.

Let's have that gun! It's up there.

Right Adams. Keep moving. Let's get out of this stuff.

Chris, go upstairs and give them a "cease fire".

0kay, Ted.

Alright, you can put her down now.

Hey, Chris.

Bring that gun down with you and keep that door closed.

He's okay.

Let's get going you two.

Joe, listen.

Sorry, Miss. We got to get going.

Please. Just one minute.

Alright. Make it a fast one.

They say you have a good chance.

Because they know all about you.

They all say you'll have a fair trial.

It will take time but ..

But no matter how long it takes .. I know.

Don't worry, Jo Ann.

Alright, Joe.

Go ahead.

Let's go, Adams.

Here is his gun, Chief. Found it up in the room.

Is this your gun, Adams?

No, his. He came up with it.

Alright, let's go.

You got a light, Freddie? Sure thing.

How you doing, Joe?

We'll make it, Freddie.

Just about make it.