The Lost Husband (2020) Script

Is that Marsha's sister?

What do we call her?

Aunt Jean.

She looks nicer than Marsha.

She does.


Hi Libby. Hi.

Thank you so much for having us.

Oh, you're always welcome here.


Oh. Who are these two beauties?

Well, um, this little one is Tank and this big one is Abby.

Hello, nice to meet you both.

Are those wands you have there?

Why don't you go over there and try to turn that goat into a goose?

Might work. It's okay.

Go ahead.

Just be careful.

Goats don't bite, do they?

Course they do, they're goats.

Watch your fingers!

It's so soft.


That's one of my favourite pieces.

Frank always thought of himself as an artist and I guess I did, too.

He made that.


Who's Frank?

Frank was my husband.

Although we never married.

He passed 10 years ago.

Oh, I'm sorry.

He did that one up there, too.

Oh wow, that's um, it's very um, rustic.

You done?

Frank was a fan of imperfection.

Yeah, I can tell.

Hey, are you full?

Aunt Jean, where is your dishwasher?

You're looking at it, kiddo.

You don't have a dishwasher?

No dishwasher, no clothes dryer, no microwave.

TV? No, no TV.

Well, um, I hope you have a bathtub, 'cause it's time for these two to get ready for bed.

No, why don't you do the dishes and I'll take them up.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Uh, I... we just have our l... we have a routine.

It's fine.

Come on.



You guys be good.

The dish soap is where you might expect it to be.


Cool scar.

I got it in the car crash with my dad.

Here, this one's my favourite.

It looks like a crescent moon.

Mine looks like a river.

Yes, they mighty Mississippi.

Come on, let's go.

Bed time.



I thought you might like that.

Oh yeah. There you go.

It's cold.



There they are, thank you.

You know, this won't be forever just until I get us back on our feet. Yeah.

And I know it's a lot with the kids.

It's just after Danny, everything kinda just got away from me and it's hard to lose your person and your whole life in a year.

I really appreciate you inviting us to stay.

I think it's gonna be a little weird for a while.

You don't really know what I'm made of and I bet your mother's probably filled your head with a lot of chicken shit about me.


And you know Marsha, she's got a lot to say about a lot of things.

But I do remember you though, I remember seeing you at Granddaddy's funeral.

You and mom were fighting.

Oh yeah.

I was a doozy.

And your mother always was a stellar sort of asshole.

But let's not talk about things that make us wanna punch holes in a sheetrock.

You have a lot of pets.

We don't call 'em pets. Oh.

On a farm, they're animals.

And they all have jobs.

The hens lay eggs, the cats keep the mice away, the dogs protect the chickens from the coyotes, and the goats make milk.

What's his job?



Just in case you get cold.


Happy new year.

Yeah, happy new year.

You both are doing a good job.

It's so good. It's so good.

Thank you.

Thanks. You're welcome.

There she is.

Aunt Jean made pancakes and I had a dream I was a cute pink goat.

All goats are cute, pink or not.

Try this jam, mama, Jean made it.

Strawberries and blueberries from that field in the back.

Jean said we could pick 'em in the summer.

And this was Wiggy the piggy.

She's delicious.

She was a good pig.

What would you like in your espresso?

Wait, you don't have a dishwasher, but you have this?

When it comes to coffee, I don't mess around.

This is James O'Connor, my farm manager.

Would you please quit calling me that.

You make it sound like I got a desk out in the barn.

You must be the uh, the long lost niece.

Uh, yeah, that's me.

Nice to meet you.

This beautiful girl is Abby and the tall, dark, and handsome one is Tank.

How you doing? It's just grease.

Where do you live? Where do I live?

I live right out front there in that silver bullet.

You look like a werewolf.

Abby. I...

I look like a were... or maybe I am a werewolf.

Don't worry, Abby, he's human.

O'Connor's gonna teach your mama how to run the farm.

What? What?

What, I'm sorry what?

What? I need help, you need a job, and he's not gonna stay around forever.

Oh, I... trust me, I know I need a job, but I'm not sure I'm the farming type.

Yeah, totally agree with that.

You don't know me.

Well, you're the one who just said it.

Well, I... I can... I can just tell.

Tell what?

You know what, I don't... the point is it's not a good idea.

Sure it is.

Drink up, get dressed, and get outside.


It's a holiday.

There are no holidays on a farm.

I let you sleep in this morning, but tomorrow's gonna be a whole other deal.

Come on, kids.

Let's go see Russ at the feed store.

Wait, wait. Bye, mommy.

Love you. Wait.

Bye, see you later.

Let's go, let's go.

Be... be... be careful.

Alright, two minutes, out in the barn.


That the... that's the big red structure outback.

Hey, hey, yo.

Here we go.


What is this? What?

You don't have a coat.

I forgot it at my mom's.

Well, these are chickens.

And these are goats.

She told me to start from scratch, so that's what I'm gonna do.

This one right over here, that's Ms. Taylor.

The one right there is Katy Perry and the one right back over there that doesn't belong with anyone, that's Susan Sontag.

These are Nubians, the ones with the long, floppy ears.

We don't have any Alpines, but we do have a few Lamanchas and don't show 'em, we only milk 'em.

Do they all have names? Yeah.

They all got names, but I just call 'em "goat".

And why do you call her "Aunt Jean", are you related?

Uh, no, no.

But, she's like family.

I'm fine.

Come on in.

Alright, you gotta wedge it down first.

You know, I mean everywhere.

Front to back, not back to front.

Alright, here we go.

Hand me those hoses that's right over there, will ya?

These, yeah.

You gotta attach these.


Uh, exactly where you think you might attach 'em, to their teats.

Alright, slow and easy here.

♪ You and me going fishing in the dark ♪

♪ Lying on our back and counting the stars ♪

♪ Where the blue grass grow You gotta sing to 'em.

You're kidding.


I'm not singing to goats.

I don't sing to goats.

♪ Feels so good to be with you Yeah, there you go.

Yeah, see.

Just warm 'em up first, that's how you get these girls to give you their best.

Isn't that right?

Alright, now hit play.

♪ You and me going fishing in the dark ♪ Just like that.

♪ Lying on our backs and counting the stars ♪

♪ Where the golden grass grows ♪ I... I just... I... I thought we'd have to do it all by hand, you know?

Well, we got 30 goats and four hands.

♪ We'll be fallin' in love in the middle of the night ♪

♪ Just movin' so slow And Frank set all that up.

Yeah, I oughta fix this.

And he installed this big fridge right over here.

♪ Feels so good to be with you ♪ The plan was to add a cheese business, but then he got sick, so...

With what?

With Parkinson's.

Now Jean's got arthritis, so I guess that makes you next in line for the throne.

I don't know about that.

Yeah, you're telling me.

Here's the fridge.

Is it all goat cheese?

Is it good? Yeah, yeah.

That's so cool.

You know, with all of this Jean really could open a cute little cheese store.

No, please save your ideas about the hipster cheese shop for your... your journal.

I don't... I don't really wanna hear about that.

I don't think that's exactly what I was saying, but...


Okay, I'm... I'm... sounded like you were talking about a hipster cheese shop you wanted to open.

Anyway, it doesn't matter, this concludes our tour of the fridge for today.

Here's the rule about gates, you always wanna leave 'em the way you found 'em.

If they're open, you leave 'em open and if they're closed...

Let me guess, you leave them closed.

That's right, very good.

Now you just turn it over there and open it like that, okay?

Here you go then.

Turn it.

Turn it. You gotta turn it, turn it.

I'm turning.

You gotta turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it...

Ow, I'm turning it! Turn it, turn it, turn it.

Ow, ow!

Ow. Okay, well, maybe I should probably fix that one.

Am I supposed to follow you?




Can you hold up, I need to adjust my shoe.

It's beautiful, huh?

Oh, she's alive.

I just sat down on the edge of the bed and I fell asleep.

You're late.

No, I'm not, I just heard the rooster.


He's all over the map.

He's a rooster.

Roosters can't tell time.

Um, okay, I um... I will come.

I just have to get the kids up and...


They're out watering.

They are?

Yeah, I've taught 'em how to use the rain barrel.


We're gonna go milk the goats.

And I'm gonna have you run into town, get some supplies, you can take my truck.

Okay, okay.

Um, let me just take a quick shower and then I'll come... Why?

You don't need to take a shower, the beauty pageant's not till Saturday.

I mean goats don't care what you smell like.


I'm gonna brush my teeth.


Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

We need to hire a real hand.

She'll learn.



There it is.

Oh. Hi!


It's just these.

Oh. Yeah.



You married?

Oh, I was.

Hmm, divorced then?


Mysterious, what happened?

He's just gone.

Gone where?

How much do I owe ya?

That would be 48.25.


So like gone as in dead?

Wait, your change.

There you are.

We're gonna have our first cheese lesson.

Hey Jean, I just need like um, I just need like a moment, because I haven't really had a shower in three days and I'm exhausted.

And I just need a moment.

Alright. Okay.


Take your shower, I see you back here in 10 minutes.

Feel better? Yeah.

Oh, and thanks for the... the overalls.

And do they fit.

You're starting to look the part.

Looks can be deceiving.

What are we doing? God's work.

We're making chévre.

Come on.

That sounds hard. It's not hard.

Here, I want you to put this milk into that pan.

So here.

It's heavy.

Pour it all in.

Yeah, that... that's good.

Alright, now this is rennet and bacteria.

You're gonna put two or three drops in there and I'm gonna put this whole thing in there.

And this is gonna help the milk coagulate.

My head feels coagulated.

You stir that now.

Stir that up.

Um, hey Jean, I just... listen, I just wanna thank you again for letting us stay.

I mean you know, you've been so amazing.

And the kids obviously love it here and...

You don't have to thank me anymore.

You work here now.

Well, I just... that's what I wanna talk to you about.

I am not sure that I'm actually cut out for this.

You know?

I want you to take those around there and put 'em on this parchment paper, nice and even.

Come on, pick 'em up with your bare hands, go ahead.

I... That's good, go ahead.

Go ahead.

You can go on, I'm listening.

Well, I just... I don't know how long we're gonna be here and I don't want you to depend on me just in case, you know, this all doesn't work out.

And I... I really appreciate you.

Okay, I understand.


I'll take you for as long as I can get you.


It's alright, you can have a little bit on your hands.

Just salt 'em lightly now, 'cause it's all done.

I'm gonna... it's a...

Just take a teaspoon, just like you're putting a little salt on your food only you're not shaking it.

There you go. Okay.

Yeah, you can do that, pinch it on.

You're a natural.

Well, Bartley, sounds like we have a full house.

What do you have in your backpack?

Ooh, okay, let's go, please hurry.

Come on, Abby, I don't wanna be late.

Here you go.


Bug, you're doing such a good job.

Isn't the milk glass pretty, mama?

It really is.

You know what else is pretty?


We're having company for dinner.

We are?

You better go get cleaned up.

Yes, ma'am.

Can you go get the bread?

Don't you tear it up.

Tank and I actually saw...

Evenin', one and all.

Oooh, it smells like love in here, Jean.

Libby, this is my boyfriend Russ.


Give me a hug, I wanna hug you.

And this is his beautiful granddaughter Sunshine.

Hi, how's it going?


These are for you.

For me, why?

Well, you're the niece of the woman I love.

It's a bribe.

Don't listen to her.

I need all the help I can get with this one.

I need you on my side.

Now she is one of them hippie Liberals and I'm a Conservative lawyer.

Wait, I thought you owned the feed store.

Well, I'm also entrepreneur.

Now just tell me you're not one of them hippies or Liberals, are you?

I'm not really sure what I am.

She's undecided, that means she's a Liberal.

That's one for my side.


Oh now, come on now, that's not right.

Sorry, Russ.

Jean, how you feelin'?

Well, my fingers are a little swollen when I get up in the morning these days, aching, you know...

No, no, no, Jean. Just things like that.

I mean, how are you feeling?

I don't know.

Worried, hopeful.

How am I supposed to feel?

Well, you know what I always say.

Yes, I do.

Then I guess I don't have to say it.

No, you don't.

I feel like maybe I should say it anyway.

What are you gonna do? Hands high.

Ooh, solar plexus, nice.

Follow it up with an elbow, right.



Alright, Abby, if that kid messes with you, you know what to do.

Go to bed.

Goodnight, O'Connor.

Goodnight, you guys. Goodnight, O'Connor.

Where are you going?

Upstairs, mom. Okay.

Yeah, dishes are clean.

See what I mean?

Thank you for nothing, Dooby.


That was nice.


Just having a home-cooked meal.

Yeah, I know what you mean.


Um, I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for freaking you out at the store.

It's okay.

Give me your hand.

Yeah, you're probably freaking her out again right now.

Yeah, no, I'm good, I'm okay. I'm okay.

I just... come on, I'm gonna read it.

Okay. Oh, you don't have to, you...

Let me. Okay.


So it says you have a very strong life line.

Ooh, that's original.

Ignore him.

Um, wow, and it says that your past and your present are about to intersect.

Your heart line says that you have a lot of love in your life and huh, two family rings.

And what does that mean?

It means you have two families.

And everything in your life is about to change.

Newsflash, I think it already has.

Okay, with that revelation I'm gonna...

I'm gonna hit the hay.

Uh, Jean, thank you for dinner.

Goodnight, everybody.

Goodnight, James.



Your husband, you said he was gone.

But he's not really gone.

Okay, actually now you are freaking me out.

Is he gonna get the day off?

It's not a day off if you're sick.

I don't feel good.

Good morning, my beautiful family.

Hey, babe...

Is he gonna get the day off?

Can you take Abby to school today, I gotta take tank to the doctor, he's burning up?

Yeah, yeah, sorry to hear that, buddy.

Abby, I'm leaving in five minutes, are you ready?

Yes, sir.

And you're going to the bank today, right?

I'm gonna drop off Abby... I don't feel good.

And then I'm gonna deal with the new deal that I've been working on and yes, I'm gonna go straight...

Tuition's due.

To the bank right after that.

You worry too much.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Love you.


Danny! Something bad is gonna happen.

I got it.

Scout's honour.

Stop worrying.

I love you.

Danny. Serious question.

Um, who do you like better, me or mama?


We won't get into that.

Yeah, okay, come on.





Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


You want the bad news or the bad news.

The bad news.

The latch is broken, I was out here trying to fix it.

Nobody's gonna be up for the next five hours to open up this damn door.

What? Get...

Five hours.

It's stuck. Yeah.

Why don't you call Jean on her cellphone?

Uh, my cellphone's right outside the door.

You got your cellphone on you?

No, I don't have my cellphone.

Of course, you don't.

What's the other bad news?

It's about to get real cold in here.

What if we scream, maybe she can hear us?

It's a refrigerator, it's insulated, no, y...

I mean you can go ahead and try.

Don't you have some wire or maybe a screwdriver and then maybe you could just jam it open or something?

Or just... Oh, that's a good idea.


A stick of gum, a nail file, a sock, and in 45 seconds, I can have the door open before the bomb goes off.

Thank you.

That'll keep you warm.

What did I tell you about doors and gates?

I don't need a lecture right now.

Leave 'em the way you found 'em.

I don't need a lecture!

Leave 'em the way you found 'em.


If a door's open, you leave it open.

If a door is closed, you leave it closed.

Patsy Cline had a great January.

You should try that.

That's really good.


What if I have to pee?

Oh, you... you're not peeing here.

You're gonna have to hold it in.

What if I can't?

What are we in preschool?

You're gonna have... you're gonna have to hold it.

I mean, you gotta go pee right now?


Then why... why are we even talking about it?

Because I'm worried that I might have to go later.

So why'd you move out here anyway?

I had to get out of my mom's place.


Yeah, my husband died and then I lost our house.

So it was a pretty great year.

And uh, then I had to move in with my mom.

And Marsha's not easy.

Why do you live here?

Uh, convenience mostly.

My ex got the house.

Your ex-wife?

No, ex-husband.

Shut up.


No ex-wife.


How long you guys been divorced?

You know, I'd... I'd... I'd actually prefer to talk about Marsha.


She's very beautiful.

She still is very beautiful.

Travel agent, been married four times.

She's a piece of work.

I think I was like 6 when she'd decided I didn't need a babysitter anymore.

I remember I was so scared whenever she would leave me.

I would... I would stay in my closet with the um, you know the high horses.

You know, those like sticks with the little horse heads on top.

I would sit in my closet with that.

And sometimes, I would wake up there, 'cause I think she just forgot to come check on me.

Well, that sucks.

Yeah, but no, not that bad.

Hey, come sit.

Lean back against that.



Oh God.

Oh, this stinks.

Y'all have a little cold weather campout?

Oh God, oh.

Thank you!

Oh God!

It was so cold.


This one got us locked in.

Who fixes a door in the middle of night?

The one, who knows how to get a job done, that's who.

Well, this one's got an answer for everything, doesn't he?


Like you got an answer for everything, too.

See you tomorrow.

Bye. Bye.

Where did you get that funny shirt, new girl.

You're so ugly you'd scare a buzzard off a gut cart.

What are you gonna do, limper?

Mrs. Moran? Yes.


Are you sure it was Abby's fault, because she's really... she's not a fighter.

She's never even hit anybody in her life.

I mean... Well, it's never easy starting at a new school.

But we have a zero tolerance policy for violence here.

Abby will have to use her words instead of her karate chops when she's teased.

Teased about what?

Mrs. Moran, Abby's not the first and she certainly won't be the last gawky child.

She... she has a limp from a car accident.

It's the same car accident that killed her father and my daughter knows more about pain and hard work...

Mrs. Moran.

This isn't a great way to start a new school.

It's grounds for suspension.

What is going on?

I mean what... this is not like you.

He called me "limper".

Okay, that kid is a jerk, but you cannot just go around hitting people.

You have to use your words, okay?

I mean how do you even know karate in the first place?



It's Libby.


Hey, oh hey, Abby.

Um, did you teach her how to fight?

Yeah, a couple of moves. Well, thank you, because my child just got suspended for a week.

You finally got that Jimmy kid.

I got him right in the solar plexus.

Nice work.


No, not nice work.

How does he know about Jimmy?

Why didn't you tell me? I'm your mother.

Because I knew you would stress out about it.

What, I'm not stressed out!

Mom, you're stressing out right now.

Abby, I'm fine, I can handle this, I'm cool.

You could've told me.

I need you to go to your room.

Go to your room. Yeah.


Go to your room. Don't...

Don't ever do that again.

Why are you mad at her? I'm not mad at her.

Yeah, you are. No, I'm not.

She's been getting picked on ever since she got to that school.

I'm mad at you.

She didn't tell you, because she's trying to protect you.

What? Protect me from what?

I hope she kicked the piss out of him.


You know what that kid said, it was awful and he probably got what he deserved.

And I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself.

I miss daddy.

Look, I know.

I know.

I do, too.

I like it here on the farm.

Are we gonna stay, mama?

I don't know.

You know what I do know that whatever happens, we're gonna be okay.




Can I spend the night? Yeah.

My feet are so cold.

♪ We wake up in the mornin', love ♪

♪ And the sunlight hurts my eye ♪

♪ And the sunlight hurts my eye ♪

♪ And the something we've got more than love ♪

♪ There's hay on my lap

♪ Then I look at you

♪ And you look so right with me ♪

♪ One look at you

♪ And I know it's gonna be

♪ Loving it, loving it

♪ Loving it

♪ I love that day

♪ Loving it, loving it

♪ Loving it

♪ I love that day

♪ Loving it, loving it

♪ Loving it

♪ I love that day

♪ Loving it, loving it

♪ Loving it

♪ I love that day

♪ Loving it, loving it

♪ Loving it

♪ I love that day

♪ Loving it, loving it

♪ Loving it

♪ I love that day

Is that too much salt? Ready, just roll it.

Yeah, just put a little bit of salt.

Okay. That one looks really good.

This costs $8, this is handmade, too.

$8! It's handmade, too.

We can sell it to the shop or...

Well, he can't afford this cheese.

Now higher.

"...a long white apron.

And he informed her indeed and precisely that he had prepared cu... curry..."

Ooh. How do you say that word?

Curry. Curry.

Curry shrimp.

It's too spicy.


What are we plantin'?

Nothing aspirational, only what we can eat.

I'm not gonna plant another bed of artichokes for no good reason.

It really is pretty here.

I thought you'd like it.

Hey Jean, can I ask you a question?


How long did it take you?

Plant all these?

Not long. Mm-mm, you know, to um...

To... to get over Frank?

Initially, I was never gonna get over Frank.

I hunkered down in my sadness and I refused to come up for air.

Then slowly, I got back to living.

Life keeps chugging along whether we like it or not.

Sometimes, I just feel like I'm drowning, you know?

This kinda pain and loss, it cracks you open.

But we are made of magic and resilience, Libby.

Losing someone you love, that scar will feel ugly forever.

But it will heal.

You promise?

I can speak from experience.

Is that too close?

Farmer's market is easy, I don't...

I don't know why Jean waited so long to show you.

I do.

I used to live in Houston, haven't been back since we left.

You moving back?

I don't know.

I have to get a real job, I can't run a farm, I've gotta make money.

Excuse me.

Milking goats, isn't a real job?

You know what I mean, I gotta send my kids to college.

College isn't necessary.

My kids are going to college.


So they can have a good life.

To... Okay.

Did you go to college? Yep.

Do you have a good life?

Not because I went to college.

Did you go to college? Yes.

Yeah, and how is that working out for you?

Okay, well, my life didn't turn out exactly the way it was supposed to.

Well, that's true for pretty much everyone, Libby.

So you're just against higher education?

Yeah, it's a racket.

The world is falling apart anyway.

Look, what you should be showing your kids how to do is hotwire a car, how to hunt, how to fish, how to fend for themselves.

That, that is what's gonna come in handy when the apocalypse comes.

You realize you sound crazy?

Maybe I am crazy.


Tank and Abby are gonna be just fine, they're both survivors.

One Doris and two Angelina Jolies please.

Good choice.

My son loves Angelina Jolie, too.

She just has a way with kids all over the world.

Get it?


Stop it, Libby, it's not so funny.

Oh my God.

Libby Moran?

Girls, it's Libby.

Oh my gosh.


It's Libby!


Huh, look at you.

L... Libby.


Oh my God, we haven't seen you since the funeral.

Yeah. Oh, I miss Danny so much.

How are you really?

How are you?

I'm... I'm good.

I'm... I'm... you know, the kids are really...

Are you making cheese? Oh.

Um, helping out.

And just selling. We buy it every week.

Yeah, no, that is so cute.

Adorable. We love it.

Ooh um, oh well, um, I'll take a... a Rosie and um a... a Doris.


Um, Rosie, Doris.

Okay, okay, that is $10.

You can keep the change.

Oh no, we don't take tips.

Oh well, yeah, actually... speak for yourself.

We do actually take tips.

I guess we take tips.

I'm gonna... I'm gonna go grab a cider.

Guess we take tips.

Okay, you work with the hot farmer?


Oh, that's what we call him.


He's the reason we come here.

Mhmm, he's hot.

Ridiculously hot.



Yeah, he's yeah.

Okay, wait a minute.

Are you two... are you two making cheese together?

No. I mean, what?

Are you? No.

Come on. Oh God.

You can tell us.

I don't want to kiss and tell. You can tell us.

I mean, we've made some cheese together.

Oh! Sometimes.

Wow! Wow.

Well, good for you. Yeah.

You've totally moved on.

Oh, wasn't Danny the sweetest guy ever though?

Hmm, just exquisite. Miss you, miss you.

Ugh, a diamond in the rough.

I... can you just give me a...

Hey, I'll be right back.

Thank you for sharing.



Bye. Go.

See ya next week.


Hey, that was so sad.

Ugh, what is it about her that is so irritating?

She's just one of those people, mhmm, mhmm.

Hey y'all, you know I feel sorry for her.

Her husband dies in a car accident, leaves them broke. Hmm.

I went to her estate sale.

Come on, you didn't.

I sure did. Oh.

She had the same wedding china as me.

Y'all, don't judge, but I bought every last piece of it.

Now I have plate settings for 24.

That's amazing.

Good thing I'm popular.

Okay, there's no way she's sleeping with the hot farmer.

You don't think she's lying?

Oh, give me a break.

Hello, she looks like she's wearing a Halloween costume.

She's like a lumberjack.

It's... from a truck stop.

Do y'all think I need botox?

Oh. What?

That here. You look beautiful, no.

No, you still look so young from the last time.

Yeah, mhmm. Thank you.

Let's go. I love it, I'm way behind.


Yeah, alright.

Thank you. Yeah, see you next week.

Hey, we need to leave.

What? I need to leave.

I need to leave.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, slow down.

What's... what's going on? We need to go.

Those women that were here, they hate me.

They think you're hot.

I might have accidentally told them that we were making cheese together.

And... and... and they're just they're terrible people and I just really wanna go home and they think I'm dressed like a scarecrow, so...

I hate terrible people.

Well, that's that.


Well, that was gross.

Shall we? Yeah.


Yeah, I really do.

You are to, you're doing pretty good.

I like it.



Alright, I'm on my way.

I'm on my way right now.



It's Aaron.

I'm sorry, I gotta...

Oh. I gotta go.

It's okay, go, I got this.

I like yours. I like yours.

I like yours. I like yours.

I like yours.

You know we can switch off, remember...

Yeah, we can switch 'em off.

You guys look...

Hi, mama.

Mama, we made hats.

Oh my gosh!

The tinfoil makes our brain waves move faster.

Well, who doesn't want that.

Look at you.

Are you guys done?

Okay, why don't you go upstairs, wash up, brush those dirty chompers.

What do you have on your nose?

And um, I'll come up and I'll read you a story.

Sound good? Yeah.



Goodnight. Goodnight.

Goodnight, Aunt Jean.


Ain't he sweet?

He's cute.

How was the market?

Um, better than expected.

O'Connor had to um, just run off.

Uh, something happened with Aaron.

Oh goodness.

I'll have to call and check on him.

Who's Aaron?

His ex-wife.

She had a stroke some years back.

How old is she?

Same age as him.

A nurse takes care of her, but he's out there all the time.

That sucks.

Who could that be?

I don't know anybody who knocks.

Nobody knocks in that order.


Looks like they released the Kraken.

I'm here to see my daughter and my grandchildren.

What are you doing here?

Um, well, uh, making cheese.

Um, goat cheese, and then...

No, honey, I mean what are you doing?

What are you doing here?

You can come home now, you can.

I forgive you.

Forgive me for what?

For leaving.

Well, you made it pretty clear that um, we were nearing our expiration date.

You'd been sleeping on my couch for six months.

I was having a hard time.

I know, and I was trying to motivate you, because I did not raise you to be a victim.

You cannot throw your life away if he was not worth it...


These kids have to go to bed, so we need to say goodnight to...

What? I didn't even...

Goodnight, Marsha.


Goodnight, my babies.

Hey, Abigail.

Yep, you got taller.

I see it.

That's good, honey.

So stand up straight.

Come on, let's see it.

That's right.

I really... I can't believe that you're being so ungrateful.

I'd given you everything.

I gave you an education.

I gave you all those really nice clothes, took you on all those great vacations.

Mama, let's... you left me hotel rooms, so...

They were very nice hotels.

Yeah, okay.


I just... I...

You don't want this.

I'm staying here for now, okay?


This is not you, Libby.

This isn't you.

What's me?

Tell me, what is me.

You're not meant for a small town, you're not meant for a farm, this...

Mama, what am I meant for?

'Cause I don't know what I'm meant for.

Well, we can find out when you come home.

I don't have a home!

I don't have a home!

Where do I go?

This is all I've got, so I'm gonna stay here.


This is all I got.

You can come back to me.

We'll find something bigger.

I really don't wanna do this right now.

I gotta get the kids to bed.



Just give up.

Mama, I cannot do this right now.


You... you get to choose the time when you do this.

Okay, you know what, thank you so much for letting us stay at your house.

Is that okay?

Thank you so much and I hope you have a safe drive back home.

Does that sound good?

There you go.



You look tired, Jean.

I was just gonna say the same thing about you.


I know you're trying to turn her against me.

Did you tell her yet?

Not yet.

She's gonna be just as disappointed in you as she is in me.


Well, I know her and she's gonna come back to me.

God, I hate this place.


These people.

It's all so small.

Lucky for us, you don't live here anymore.


Why do you even live here when you could be living up there?

I'll never live in that house again.

'Cause you're stubborn, just like Papa.

You've always been jealous of me.

I never even think about you.

Good girl, come on.

Let's go, come on.

Hey. Hey.

Hey uh, I'm sorry I guess I'm the new O'Connor.


Yeah, uh, Jean asked me to come help out with uh...

Have you ever done any of this before?

How hard could it be?

Nice shoes.

Oh, thanks.

They're new.


Not for long.

Um, grab that feed.


Hurry up.

The one with the long ears, what are they?



And that one over there with the short ears?

Uh, Lamancha.


Yeah, got it.

You got it.

You're made for this. Um.

It's fun, right? Yeah, no, it is fun.

It's just really messy work.

Yeah, kind of uh, it reminds me of when I was in LA, I uh, I bussed tables for a couple of years and at the end of every single shift, I was a mess.

I had food all over me.

How long did you live there?

Um, couple of years.

Uh, I was a singer, uh singer-songwriter.

What do you mean was?

You don't sing anymore?


Um, not really.


I didn't make it, you know. Yeah.

And uh, my label dropped me.

And I had a very toxic relationship with vodka.

And uh, everything just kinda went sideways.

I... I lost myself.

And the reason I went out there in the first place...

...I went out there to be somebody.

And then, you know I never thought I'd find myself back here doing this.

Well, if it's any consolation kind of the shiniest thing in this town.

What do you plan to be when you grow up, a farmer?

Oh gosh, I don't know what I'm gonna be when I grow up.

Kinda lost my compass.

What's that mean?

Something happened with my husband and I... I... I... I just should've talked to him.

I mean the truth is we were broke and I don't know why I just didn't talk to him.

And I just... so stupid.

I have an idea.

What are you doing tonight?

Come on, just because you lose someone, doesn't mean you stop talking to 'em.

I come around here all the time to talk to my grandmother.

This feels like a terrible idea.

It's gonna be great, trust me.

This place is...'s so familiar to me.

Did there used to be a driveway here?

Uh, I don't know.

It's where Jean grew up.

Nobody's lived in it for years.

Yeah, everyone calls it, "the Halloween house".

Come on.

If you wanna lose your virginity or talk to the dead, this is the spot.

Come on.

Okay, this is where we do it.

I really can't believe me that you convinced me to do this, 'cause I... I don't believe in this sort of stuff.

Close your eyes.

And take a deep breath.



We're uh, clearing the circle to make space for the other plane.

The what?

Keep your eyes closed.

They are closed.



We hope so we will receive a sign of your presence.

Danny, if you're with us, please join us when you're ready.

How do we see a sign if our eyes are closed?

I feel like you're not taking this seriously.


Can I give it a shot?

Yeah, sure, be my guest.

Um, Danny, you can hear me?

I miss you.

I really miss you.

Why didn't I talk to you?

Why couldn't we just see that we had enough, you were enough.

We didn't need more.

Why am I so mad at you for dying and leaving us?

You know, I mean I was the one that asked you to take Abby to school that day, I was the one who changed the routine.

And I just feel like it was my fault.

And I'm really sorry.

I'm really...


And I love you.

And the kids love you.

And I don't know what else to say.

I just hope that you're okay wherever you are.

I don't think that really worked.

You did great.

You nailed it!

Don't make me one, I'm not eating bread.


Jean, why didn't you tell me about that house?

It's amazing, it can be so beautiful.

You went up there? Mhmm.

Last night with Sunshine.

It was crazy.

She convinced me to do like a circle thing with candles and... and... A séance?


I don't know, it...

Did it work?

I feel better.

Why'd you let that house go?

Must've been a great place to grow up.

I really want that for Abby and Tank.

Abbs, Tank, come on, let's go!

We're gonna be late! Coming!

You know, like a home, like a... like a real home.

You know, with Marsha we just moved from town to town and husband to husband.

And just never got to lay any roots.

I don't wanna end up like that.

Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in.

Go. Jeanie, Jeanie.

Mornin'. Hi honey.

Abby says there's dancing at the party.

I don't know how, Jeanie.

It's easy.

Come on, now just fake it.

Is O'Connor coming to the dance party?

Fingers crossed.


Oh what?

Why yes, of course, I want a present.

It's my birthday for goodness sake.

But I have one rule, no one is allowed to buy me a present.

We have to steal them?


What are you talking about?

No, you make them, silly. You're crazy.

Look at your face, steal.

Bye, Aunt Jean. Bye.

Bye, Aunt Jeanie. Bye.


Yes, ma'am.

You're not your mother.

Fingers crossed.


Hey, Libby.

You look tired.

Oh, thank you.

How do you feel?


How's Aaron?

Um, well, you know, considering the circumstances, she's managing.

Something's gotta give.

I'm sorry, it's tough.


We're gonna see ya at Jean's party this weekend, right?

Yeah, I don't... I don't know if I feel much like a party.

That makes sense.

Right, you know.

It was nice seeing you. You, too.

Feel better. Hmm.

Hey, Libby.


The farm looks terrible.

I had a terrible teacher.

Libby, the school called, Abby's been hurt.


I'll drive.

You okay? Yeah.

The head always bleeds a lot, so that's why her clothes are so bloody.

The wound's superficial.

Yeah, it doesn't look superficial to me.

Bug, what happened?

You can tell me.

Jimmy Grevoski pushed me into the fence.

So that kid is still bothering you?


I used my words and he pushed me.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the best choice of words.

Well, what words did you use?

I told him to back the eff off.

That's great.

Mrs. Moran, can I speak to you in my office?

Uh, sure.

Thanks. What?

I didn't do... That was nice, thanks.

You said that?

You're gonna be okay.

I believe we're looking at another suspension.

You gotta be kidding me, for saying a bad word?

That kid pushed her and she's bleeding.

Jimmy is also going to receive a suspension.


You know what?

I don't think you are doing your job.

My child is supposed to be safe at school, she used her words just like you said and now you're going to suspend her again for saying a bad word.

What kind of a school are you running?

She's being bullied daily and you have done nothing to stop it.

Mrs. Moran, we have a system in place.

Well, Mrs. Weeks, your system is broken.


I'm gonna get that blood wiped off you.

Okay, let's go.

That's him.

So what happened with you and Abby earlier?

We were just playing.

Yeah, you want me to play with you like that?

No, sir.

You touch her again and I will find you, you understand me?

Yes, sir.


♪ This place is strange

♪ Old and rank

♪ Seems better it rains

♪ As the oldest of trees

♪ Each from the ground

Mama, we're ready.

Okay, y'all go get your shoes on, I'll be down in like 10 minutes, okay?


♪ To Lake Michigan

♪ I'm gonna throw myself into the sea ♪

♪ I'm going down

♪ To Lake Michigan

♪ And that's the last you're gonna see of me ♪

♪ I ain't got nobody

♪ Ain't nobody got me

♪ I ain't got nobody

Look, they're dancing.

♪ And if you wanna tell some story ♪ That's so good.

♪ Some story Hey, where do you think she is?

♪ Before I'm go Oh!

♪ About how things Go get the birthday girl.

♪ Gonna get better JEAN: Look at you!

Happy birthday, Aunt Jeanie.

You clean up pretty good.

So do you.

Well, I never need to be... wear my Sunday best.

Jean, I... I... I don't know what to say.

I... thank you for this.


Sometimes we just need a pretty new dress and someone to wear it.

Happy birthday.

It's really nice, I love it.

You hungry?

Oh yeah. Come on.

I love these ribs, Aunt Jeanie, I could eat 'em every day.

I'm so glad to hear that, honey.

And these are especially good, because they come from Mary Oak down 71.

This is quite a turnout.

Well, I have a lot of friends who like a free meal.

You got a lot of friends who like you, 'cause you're kind, and you're generous, and you're forgiving, and brave, and you're beautiful just like me.

You're crazy.

Alright, come on, it's time for horse shoes.

And this time I'm gonna beat ya, I don't care if it is your birthday.

We'll see about that.

And you, go get a drink and find yourself a dance partner.

♪ Woah, woah

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah

♪ Woah, woah

♪ Looking out your window going ♪ Hey, um, I'll have drink.

♪ So high, so faraway There you go.

♪ Some light that shines in your eyes ♪

♪ Like the dark at the end of the day ♪

♪ And the way the stars over your house ♪

♪ Shine Hey, lady.

♪ Makes me feel that Hi.

♪ It's gonna be just fine

♪ Stars Look at you, you look amazing.

Thank you.

I just... well, any idea how much more of an impact we could have on the world if we didn't spend hours on our hair.

We'd have a freaking cure for everything by now.

Amen. Yes.

Alright, let's dance.

Really? Yes.

I'm going to lead.

Oh my God. Yes.

Just trust me.

♪ Everywhere they're talking

♪ I ended up opening your heart ♪

♪ And I saw you were there on the night in a red truck ♪

♪ I'll never forget ya

♪ And wait...

♪ And I thought come on, come on and break a frame ♪

♪ No cover charge, drinks on me ♪

♪ Put all, your all, it ain't the same ♪

♪ And it's a girls' night in

♪ Come on, come on and crank it up ♪

♪ Shake what you got, it's just us ♪

♪ It's all we need to do it up ♪

♪ It's a girls' night in


♪ It's a girls' night out

♪ Don't you know that I, yeah, yeah ♪ You decided to come after all.

I did.

Can I sit? Yeah, of course.

♪ Do it up, turn it up

Party, right.

♪ Crazy You look great.

You wanna dance?

I don't know, do I?

I mean you seem to know everything?

About everything, yeah?

Oh my God!

Look, I'm... I'm just as lost as the next guy, trust me.

♪ Come on, come on and crank it up ♪ What?

♪ Come on, come on, and turn it on ♪

♪ It's a girls' night in

♪ It's a girls' night in I feel like you wanna ask me something.

About Aaron?

Uh, I mean just if you wanna talk about it.

I don't wanna talk about it.

I don't ever wanna talk about it but...

It doesn't seem to get me anywhere.

Well, how long were you guys together?

Five years.

We moved out to a property my parents left me this side of town.

We were gonna raise Jerseys and Herefords, those are cows.

And then she met somebody in Austin.

She worked there a few days a week.

♪ I do dig her Wanted a divorce, so I gave her one.

Did you want a divorce?



♪ 'Cause I want you to stay Tsk.

Well, a few months later, she had a... a stroke.

She's got a congenital heart defect.

I mean you could eat all the health food in the world and still end up in a wheelchair for no good reason.

I mean it's...

The irony of it, you know what I mean?

And what about the guy?

Oh, he split, he's gone.

I mean, not really the for better or worse kinda guy I guess.

And do her parents, do they help out, do they...

Her parents live in El Paso.

They're gonna move her out there soon.

Well, at least that's what I think they're gonna do.

That's a lot. Yeah.


It's a lot.

♪ Every day as they get restless ♪ Come on.

Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on now.

It's hot.

♪ Oh, I know it sounds crazy

♪ I'm giving everything I got ♪

♪ Everything I got

♪ I'm building

♪ I'm building

♪ A rocket ship

♪ Oh, it's made for memories

♪ So it's made to make the trip ♪

♪ And I can go almost anywhere ♪

♪ Oh woah

♪ When I get to where I'm going ♪

♪ Or I'm never really there

♪ But I like the offence

♪ I guess it's what you'd expect ♪

♪ For the cokes in hand every once in a while ♪

♪ I wish I was a baby bear

♪ Sleeping on the ground

♪ Winter grass in April while the sun was going down ♪

♪ I wish my shoes were empty and I was still in bed ♪

♪ With you there beside me

♪ With your dreams inside your head ♪

♪ I wish the world would do what I want it to ♪

♪ And I wish the wind would blow me ♪

♪ Blow me back to you

♪ Well, I wish your mom was ugly and your dad was ugly, too ♪

♪ 'Cause then they couldn't have had a girl as beautiful as you ♪

♪ I wish I was a tightrope walker ♪

♪ With legs made out of gold

♪ I'd hold you in my golden legs and never let you go ♪

♪ I wish the world would do what I want it to ♪

♪ And I wish the wind would blow me ♪

♪ Blow me back to you

Thank you.

♪ And I wish I could see Jesus shining in the sky ♪

♪ And he could let me know

♪ That everything will be alright ♪

♪ I wish I knew that God's love was all I'd ever need ♪

♪ I'd cut my candy teeth for fun and let the good times bleed ♪

♪ Oh, I wish the world would do what I want it to ♪

♪ Wish the world would do what I want it to ♪

♪ And I wish the wind would blow me ♪

♪ Blow me back to you


Please don't do that.

Jean, what is this?

What is this?

Are you and Frank my parents?


That's not it.

Then what?

I'm afraid if I tell you, I'm gonna lose you again.

Afraid, what is that... I... I don't...

I... nothing is making sense.

Why do I know that house?

I think we better go sit down.

The reason that house seems familiar to you is because you grew up in it till you were 4.

Marsha lived in that house?


Just you.

But where was my mother?

You lived with Mama and Papa till you were 2 months old.

Frank and I came up, because Mama got sick.

But where was my mother?

You were like a gift.

You were the baby that I couldn't have.

Where was my mother?

She left you, honey.

She left you with us, but it was alright, because we were a family.

No, no, no.

No, no, no.


Why don't I remember that?

But she came back for me?

She did come back.

Mama died and she came to the service.

She saw how happy we were and she wanted you back.

She left me for four years and you let her come in and take me?

There was nothing I could do to stop her from taking you.

You should've tried harder.

You're right, I should've told 'em she was crazy.

I should've lied.

I should've fought harder for you.

But she was your mother, there was nothing we could do.

You've known this this whole time.

I've been here for months, why didn't you tell me?

After your Grandpa died, your mom wanted to sell that house.

All of my good memories are in it.

And for a long time I was hoping you'd come home again.

Is that supposed to make me feel better, Jean?


You're just like her.

I'm n...

Well, your skin looks dry.

I can fix it.

Come on.

There you go.

Sorry, honey, my lunch date is gonna be here any minute.

Jerry, and he is a keeper.

He's in the energy business and I met him at the downtown club happy hour.

That sounds promising.

Maybe, we'll see.

I guess it feels good to finally know why there weren't any baby photos of me growing up.

I used to think it was, because I wasn't pretty enough or my clothes weren't right.

Alright, well, she told you.

Yeah, she told me.

And now you're mad at me.


I'm not...

...mad at you.

Well, good, you shouldn't be, because I was a child with a child.

And anybody who knew me at 18, knew that I was in no way ready to raise a baby.

See I was not natural mama, not like you.

But I came back.

You didn't, you came back for a funeral.

Don't be a martyr, Libby.

You just sound like Jean, Saint Jean.

This isn't about Jean, this is about you and me and the fact that you didn't want me.

That's not true.

It just feels like you wanted what Jean had.

Wow, well, that is ridiculous.

I want you to listen to me.

You just have to know that I was a mess.

I was a mess and I had to grow up.


And then when Mama died, I came back for you, 'cause I did the right thing.

Because you're mine.

You are my blood.

And... and I made sure that you did not have to grow up in that place.

You were better off with me. Was I?

'Cause I'm not so sure.

And I just don't know if I can forgive you for taking me away from there.

Because I was happy and I think you knew it.

That is... is crazy.

Mama, please... Libby, I was...



You've gotta get ready.

You look really pretty.

Oh, come on.

YOUNG Frank, take her.


Bye, baby.

I'm sorry.

No more secrets.

There aren't anymore.


It's the truth.

I wanna live here, in this house with Abby and Tank.

I'll run your farm and I'll pay off of the top.


This is my home.

Oh look, there's a bird's nest up there.

I wonder if there's any little eggs in there.

Hey. There you go.

Hey, what are you looking at?

That was Easter Sunday, you lost a tooth that day.


That was a good day.

Is your dress blue?

Mhmm, yeah.

I remember.

Look how tiny you were.

You know what, I don't know what we were doing there while I was handling you.

Get all dirty.


I don't know what we were doing and I can't see.

Are you even good at fixing those?

When did that happen?

Oh, this?

A couple of days ago.

It was when I got back from El Paso.

How'd that go?

I think it was for the best.

So are you back on the payroll?


Kids are gonna freak out. Yeah?

Yeah, they really missed you.

They did?

Yeah, they did.

What about you? You missed me?

No, not really.

Oh, that's too bad.

♪ There's a universe that can't be seen ♪

♪ Just a feelin' if you know what I mean ♪

♪ Delectable dimension undetectable by sight ♪

♪ Fill up your heart in the dead of the night ♪

♪ Some say it's an astral plane ♪

♪ Can't be described, can't be explained ♪

♪ World exploded in love all around me ♪

♪ World exploded in love all around me ♪

♪ And every time I take a look around me ♪

♪ I have to smile

♪ Is our love just an illusion ♪

♪ There's no need to figure it out ♪

♪ Separation exists not in your love-filled heart ♪

♪ All in your mind

♪ Real story's around you

♪ Even now it surrounds you

♪ Even now I feel the power

♪ World exploded in love all around me ♪

♪ World exploded in love all around me ♪

♪ And every time I take a look around me ♪

♪ I have to smile