The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Script

Thank you so much. That looks fabulous.

Thank you, Geoffrey.

You're welcome.

We'll also take a bottle of red as well. Thank you.


Right, now...

Thank you, Barry. You're welcome.

Thank you.

That looks wonderful. Beautiful day.

Where are you going?

To eat my sandwich.

You'll ruin your appetite for prawns.

I don't like prawns.

Darling, don't wander off.

For God's sake, leave her alone, Deirdre.

Go play with your ball.

Don't be so annoying!

Darling, what about snakes?

There aren't any snakes on the beach.

Just let her enjoy herself for once.

Edward? Yes, ma'am.

Hello, there.

What are you, a little bird or something?

Are you hungry? Take a bite. It's roast beef.

It's good. Come on. I won't hurt you.

Mommy! Daddy! You've got to come see this! I found something!

Cathy, darling, lunch is ready!

Are you looking at this?

I'm afraid there isn't enough to go around.



Will you hurry up? Hurry up!

You're him, right?

Excuse me?

The scientist? The guy? I saw you on TV.

I believed you.

Who shall I tell Mr. Hammond is calling?

Ian Malcolm. I've been summoned.

Dr. Malcolm!

Oh, my God.

Hello, Dr. Malcolm.

Kids, kids.

It's so great to see you.

It's so great. Look at you.

You came to see Grandpa?

Yeah, he called me. Do you know what it's about?

I don't, either. This joint's kind of creepy, isn't it?

Is everything okay?

Well, not exactly.

Dr. Malcolm.

Dr. Malcolm. Here to share a few campfire stories with my uncle?

You can convince The Washington Post and Skeptical Inquirer of what you want but I was there. I know what happened and so do you.

Do you actually believe that everyone who chose discretion did so for a nefarious motive? Even Lex and Tim?

Leave them out of it. It's not a game.

No. You signed a nondisclosure agreement before you went to the island that forbade you from discussing what you saw.

You violated that agreement.

I did. And you lied about the deaths of three people.

You misinformed the public, which made me look like a nut.

Hasn't been so good for my livelihood...

We made a generous compensatory offer for your injuries.

A payoff and an insult.

When you spin reality, cover up evidence, it hurts more than my reputation.

As I recall, your university revoked your tenure for your selling wild stories to the press.

I didn't sell anything. I never took a cent, and I told the truth.

Your version of it.

There aren't "versions" of the truth.

InGen can't keep spewing out...

InGen is my responsibility now.

I will jealously defend its interests.

Your responsibility? What about Mr. Hammond?

It is our board of directors I must face, not my uncle.

Trust me, your problems are about to be rendered moot.

In a few weeks' time, they'll be long forgotten.

Not by me.


This suit cost more than your education.

You were right and I was wrong. There!

Did you ever expect to hear me say such a thing?

Thank God for Site B.

Site B?

Isla Nublar was just a showroom, something for the tourists.

Site B was the factory floor.

That was on Isla Sorna, 80 miles from Nublar.

We bred the animals there, and nurtured them for a few months, then moved them into the park.

Really? I did not know that.

After the accident in the park, Hurricane Clarissa wiped out our facility on Site B.

Call it an act of God.

We had to evacuate. The animals were released to mature on their own.

"Life will find a way," as you once so eloquently put it.

By now we have a complete ecological system on the island with dozens of species living in their own social groups without fences, boundaries, or constraining technology.

And for four years I've tried to keep it safe from human interference.

That's right. Hopefully, you've kept the island quarantined and contained.

But I'm in shock about all this.

I mean, that they're still alive.

You bred them lysine-deficient.

Shouldn't they have kicked after seven days without supplemental enzymes?

Yes! But, by God, they're flourishing.

That's one of 1,000 questions I want the team to answer.



I've organized an expedition to go in, thank you, and document them.

To make the most spectacular living fossil record the world has ever seen.

Go in and document? You mean with people?

Yes, the animals won't know they're there. Very low impact.

Strictly observation and documentation.

Our satellite infrareds show the animals are fiercely territorial.

The carnivores are isolated in the interior of the island so the team can stay on the outer rim.

Don't worry. I'm not making the same mistakes again.

No, you're making all new ones.

John! So, there's another island with dinosaurs, no fences this time, and you want to send people in, very few people, on the ground, right?

Who are the four lunatics you're trying to con into this?

It was difficult to convince them as to what they would see, in the end had to use my checkbook to get them there.

But there's Nick Van Owen, who is a video documentarian, Eddie Carr, who's a field equipment expert.

We have our paleontologist and I was hoping that perhaps you might be the fourth.

We've been on the verge of Chapter 11 ever since that accident in the park.

There are those in the company who wanted to exploit Site B in order to bail us out.

They've been planning it for years, and I've been able to stop them until now.

But, a few weeks ago, a British family on a yacht cruise stumbled across the island and their wee girl was injured.

She's fine.

But the board has used the incident to take control of InGen from me.

Now it's only a matter of time before this lost world is found and pillaged.

Public opinion is the one thing I can use to preserve it, but to rally that support I need a complete photo record of those animals alive and in their natural habitat.

So you went from capitalist to naturalist in just four years.

That's something.

It's our last chance at redemption.

John, no.

Of course, no.

And I'm going to contact the other three members of your team and stop them from going.

Who's the paleontologist, by the way?

She came to me, I want you to know this.

Who did?

Leave it to you, Ian, to have associations, affiliations, even liaisons, with the best people in so many fields.

Not Sarah.

Paleontological behavior study is a new field, and Sarah Harding is on that frontier.

Her theories on parenting and nurturing amongst carnivores have framed the debate.

What are you doing?

Where's your phone?

It's too late.

She's already there.

The others are meeting her in three days.

You sent my girlfriend to this island alone?

"Sent" is hardly the word. She couldn't be restrained.

She was already working in San Diego, doing some research at the animal park.

It's only a couple of hours' flight from there.

She was adamant, absolutely adamant about, here you are, about making the initial foray by herself.

She thinks she's Dian Fossey.

"Observation without interference," she said.

She went on and on. You know how it is.

After you were injured in the park, she sought you out.

Then she went all the way to a hospital in Costa Rica to ask somebody who she didn't even know if the rumors were true.

If you want to leave your name on something, fine.

But stop putting it on other people's headstones.

She'll be fine. She's spent years studying African predators.

Sleeping downwind and all. She knows what she's doing.

And, believe me, the research team will...

It's not a research expedition any more.

It's a rescue operation and it's leaving now.

You can't shave three days off my deadline and expect to be ready.

I'm not supplied. I haven't tested any of this.

Why give her a satellite phone if it doesn't work? Why doesn't it?

Could be solar flares, the satellite, or maybe she turned it off.

I need half air on the tires. We're flying pressurized.

Does she know how to use it?

You kidding?

She's faxed me refinements on 50% of the plans for this stuff.

Don't do that. You got to baby it a little bit. Love it.

I'll love it when it works.

It'll work when you love it.

You coming along?

I don't usually, but I can't resist.

Thanks for the two-minute warning.

Nick Van Owen, this is Ian Malcolm.

Nick's our field photographer.

How do you do?

You do wildlife photography?

Wildlife, combat, you name it.

When I was with Nightline, I was in Rwanda, Chechnya, Bosnia.

I do volunteer work with Greenpeace once in a while.

Greenpeace? What drew you there?


80% female, Greenpeace.


Noble was last year. This year I'm getting paid.

Hammond's check cleared, or I wouldn't go on this wild-goose chase.

You're going to the only place in the world where the geese chase you.

Dad! Dad!

Kelly, my honey, you found it. What took you so long?

Sorry, I couldn't get a cab.

Sweetie, that's okay.

Listen, I've got to tell you something. I've got to talk to you.

I don't even know this woman.

You've known Karen for 10 years.

She doesn't even have Sega. She's such a troglodyte.

Cruel, but good word use.

Why can't I stay with Sarah?

She's out of town. Karen's fantastic.

She'll take you places. You'll have a fantastic time.

Stop saying "fantastic." Where are you going, anyway?

It's only for a few days. I wouldn't be going if it wasn't really important.

I'm your daughter all the time.

You can't abandon me whenever opportunity knocks.

That hurts my feelings. Your mom tell you to say that?

Dr. Malcolm, downstairs, please.

I know we've had some hard going.

But in the last few years, we've started to work things out.

Yeah, but crack on me a bit.

Ground me or something. Send me to my room.

You never do any of that stuff.

Why would I? You turned out so beautiful, brilliant, powerful, funny, and generous.

The queen, goddess. My inspiration.

Dr. Malcolm.

I could come be your research assistant, like I was in Austin.

This is nothing like Austin.

Anyway, you have your own stuff.

Your gymnastics competition. You've been training for months.


I scrubbed out, Dad, I got cut from the team. Thanks for knowing.

I'm sorry, honey.

I know how much that meant to you.

You like to have kids.

But you just don't want to be with them, do you?

It wasn't me who dumped you and split for Paris, so don't take it out on me.

Dr. Malcolm, downstairs!

Honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You want some good parental advice? Don't listen to me.

How are we doing here?

The specs say it can't deform at 12,000 PSI, so we just have to test it.

Let's clear. Are we clear?

What's this?

A High Hide.

A High Hide. You know, you go up and hide, high.

It goes up to where the trees are and keeps the researchers out of harm's way.

Actually, it puts them at a very convenient biting height.

What's the time? Do you have the time?

Do I have the time? Why?

We're leaving in three hours.

This is so cool.

Lindstradt air rifle. Fires a subsonic Fluger impact delivery dart.

It works better than your satellite phone?

That's funny.

I loaded it with the enhanced venom of Conus Purpurascens, South Sea cone shell.

Most powerful neurotoxin in the world.

Acts within 0.002 of a second.

Which is faster than the nerve-conduction velocity.

So the animal's down before it even feels the prick of the dart.

Is there an antidote?

Like if you shot yourself in the foot?

Don't do that. You'd be dead before you even realized you had an accident.

He says he's unloading us here.

He won't go further up the river.

He's heard too many stories about this island chain.

He'll drop us off and anchor offshore.

What kind of stories?

Stories of fishermen that came too close to the island and never returned.

He has a radio. He has a satellite phone.

When you need him, call and he'll be here in two hours.

But he will not stay here.

He won't stay anywhere near these islands.

They call the islands "Las Cinco Muertes"?

What does that mean?

"The Five Deaths", he says.

I put a location sensor in Dr. Harding's phone, so we should get a reading.

I'm so relieved.

Don't push my buttons.

We're almost on top of her dot.

She should be around here.

Over there.


Sarah Harding!

How many Sarahs do you think are on this island?


Something big.


This is magnificent.

Yeah. "Ooh, ah," that's how it always starts.

But then later there's running and screaming.



I guess you got the jump on us, didn't you, Sarah?


Ian, I never thought in a million years Hammond could get you to come here.

Hi, Eddie. Hi, Sarah.

Got a granola bar or something? I'm starving.

Did you see those animals?

A family group, a pair-bond and a sub-adult, long after the juvenile was nest bound.

Every egg clutch I've seen has crushed, trampled shells.

Hatchlings stay in the birth environment a long time.

That's conclusive.

I can put that controversy to rest if I get a shot of the nest.

Have you been attacked?

No, that's my lucky pack. That's how it always looks.

Okay, Sarah...

Is that a Nikon? Can I borrow that?

I'll be right back, baby, I promise.

When Hammond called you, why didn't you say something to me?

I knew you would have stopped me from coming.

I would have tied you to the bed.

I know how they survived without lysine.

I don't care.

The herbivore species that are thriving eat mostly agama beans, soy, anything lysine-rich.

And the carnivores eat the herbivores, so...


Stay there. Be quiet. I'll be right back.


Stay there.

She's much too close.

What the hell is she doing?

Too close.

She has to touch it. She can't not touch.

She's going right up to it.

Once she sees something, she has to...

Is this even possible?


This? What did you think you'd document?

What did you think you'd see?

Animals. Maybe,

big iguanas.


They get very angry when you run out of film.


Shoot them!

They're just protecting their baby.

So am I!

I think they're leaving.


These images are incredible. Legendary.

Guys shoot their whole life, they never get stuff half this good.

Just give me the Pulitzer right now. Today, please.

The competition's over, close the entries, I'd like to thank everyone who lost.

Don't light that! Dinosaurs pick up scents from miles away.

We're here to observe and document, not interact.

Which, by the way, is a scientific impossibility.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

What you study, you also change.

I'll risk it. I'm sick of scratching around in rock and bone making assumptions and deductions about the nurturing habits of animals that have been dead for 65 million years. I'm sick of it, man.

Then you fill my head with stories for four years.

Of course I came down here.

Stories of mutilation and death.

Weren't you paying attention?

Please! Don't treat me like I'm a grad student.

I've worked around predators since I was 20 years old.

Lions, jackals, hyenas, you.

Where's the fire?

I'm trying to change 100 years of entrenched dogma.

Dinosaurs were characterized very early on as vicious lizards.

There's great resistance to the idea of them as nurturing parents.

Robert Burke said the T. Rex was a rogue who abandoned its young at the earliest opportunity. I can prove otherwise.

Fire! Dr. Malcolm, fire, base camp!

No! Water makes the smoke billow. Use dirt!

Who started the fire?

I just wanted to make dinner.

I wanted it ready when you guys got back.

Do you see any family resemblance there?

You practically told me to come here.

I... What?

You said, "Don't listen to me."

I thought you were trying to tell me something.

Kelly, you knew exactly what I meant. You have no...

You want to lock her up for her curiosity?

Where do you think she gets it?

Thank you, Sarah.

Don't start the teaming-up thing.

Out of the conversation. Please. Really.

Eddie? What?

Why in the hell doesn't this thing ever work?

It's not a landline. You're not in a phone booth.

You got to wait for a decent signal.

Violence and technology, not good bedfellows.

Hammond wants your equipment as close to the animals as possible.

Great idea. And why don't you smear on a little sheep's blood?

Eddie, is there any reason to think the radio in the trailer might work?

Don't tease me.

If you feel qualified, try flicking the switch to "on."

Okay, I'm taking my daughter out of here.

Anyone coming with me, this is your last chance to get out.

When you're out in the field...

Nick, if you're staying, I'll gladly deliver a letter to your wife or loved one so you can say goodbye.

Eddie, if you have any personal effects it's the least I can do. I'll be in there, guys.

Our presence needs to be 100% antiseptic.

If we so much as bend a blade of grass...

Dad, are you mad?

No, I'm not mad. I'm furious.

What is this? This looks like your room.

I was going to clean it up.

Right now.

What is this? There are 100 switches!

Don't be mad. I was going to call to let you know where I was.

I always do, don't I?

I'm the best kind of girlfriend there is.

One who travels a lot. You like that, right? You love your independence.

I've gotten used to being apart, but that's not how I want to live.

Kelly, this is tall talk. Just for a minute.

It's like a height restriction at an amusement park.

If you wanted to rescue me, why didn't you bail me out from that museum fundraiser three weeks ago, like you said you would?

This is a slightly different situation.

What about the dinner with your parents you never showed up for?

Why not rescue me when I really need it?

Be there when you say you will?

I have made a career out of waiting for you.

You know, Sarah has a pretty good...

It's so important to your future that you not finish that sentence.

Please, outside!

Ian, come on. Look.

I love that you rode in here on a white horse. I really do.

It's very touching, very dramatic.

I just need you to show up in a cab every once in a while, too.

What are you doing? Don't go out there. It's not safe.

Stay in here. Come back. Shut the door.


I know what I'm doing. You guys should definitely go.

But I'm going to stay.

I love you. I just don't need you right now.

What you need is a good anti-psychotic.

I'll be back in five or six days.

No, you'll be back in five or six pieces.

What bothers you is that I'm not afraid of this place, and you are.

Of course I am. That's the whole thing. All I want is...

What's that sound?

Here we go. I'll get you out on one of these, now.

Hello! Over here!

I don't get it. It says InGen on the side of that chopper!

I don't get that. Why would Hammond send two teams?

Cut the umbilical, Dad!

Doesn't he trust us? We haven't even started.

This is as good a place as any for base camp.

That's first priority after we're finished.

I want it up and running in 30 minutes. That's half an hour.

Understood? Over.

Cancel that order.

What? Why?

This is a game trail, Mr. Ludlow.

Carnivores hunt on game trails.

You want to set up base camp or a buffet?

Let's find a new spot, shall we? Over and out.

Peter, if I run your little camping trip, there are two conditions.

First, I'm in charge. If I'm not around, Dieter is.

You just pay us, tell us we're doing well, and serve us Scotch after a good day.

Second condition, my fee. You can keep it.

All I want for my services, is the right to hunt a tyrannosaurus.

A male. A buck only. How and why are my business.

If you don't like those conditions, you're on your own.

So go ahead, set up base camp here, in a swamp, or in the middle of a Rex nest for all I care.

I've had too many safaris with rich dentists to listen to any more suicidal ideas.



Cycle, break off the stray from the herd and flush him to the right.

Snaggers, stay ready. He's bringing them out to you. It'll be a

Pachy... Pachya... Oh, hell.

The fat head with the bald spot. Friar Tuck.




No, herbivore, late Cretaceous.

See the distinctive domed skull?

Nine inches of solid bone. Now, careful.

See, the Pachy's neck attaches at the bottom of its skull, not at the back of its head.

When it lowers its head, its neck lines up with its backbone, which is perfect for absorbing impact.

Snagger, Friar Tuck's on the loose, just about to cross your path.

Dieter, get in the outrigger.

You're closing in on a carina...

Say that again, Roland. A what?

The one with the big red horn. The pompadour. Elvis.

Take me out.

Okay, Carter, reel me in.


Not too close.

Go for the legs! The legs! Watch the tail!


Come here.

Recognize this trackway?

Yes, I do. Tyrannosaur.


Where do you think you're going?

To collect my fee, Mr. Ludlow. To collect my fee.

Oh, my God.

Procompsognathus triassicus, found by Frass in Bavaria in 1913.

Is it dangerous?

No, I wouldn't think so.

The Compy's been presumed to be a scavengers, like jackals.

It gives me the creeps. It's like it's not scared.

There haven't been any visitors to this island.

There's no reason for it to fear man.

Now it does.

It's the Rex nest.

Infant's probably only a couple weeks old. Never left the nest.

Offspring that young, the parents won't leave him alone for too long.

Make your blind here, wait for the buck to return.

No. If the nest is upwind, then so are we.

When he comes back, he's gonna know we're here without us having a chance.

The trick is to get him to come where we want him.

This is why Hammond was in a hurry to get you here.

He knew they were coming.

My God, they are well-organized.

Those are some major-league toys.

Maybe I should ask to use their phone.

Their dish is bigger than yours.

So they actually want to build another park here?

After what you said happened on the other island?

They're not building anything.

They're taking these animals out of here.

Back to the mainland.

I think I should tell you. Hammond told me these people might show up.

He thought we'd be finished by the time they started, but if they weren't he sent a backup plan.

What backup plan?


InGen is seeking limited partners to defray some of our expenses.

The prospectus you've been given by the board details our projected hardware and construction expenses.

As you can see by my two friends here, the software is already fully developed.

One might say, "lt'd be up and running."

In a moment, I'll take you on a stroll through the camp and you'll see some larger, more impressive specimens.


You don't bring people halfway around the world to visit a zoo.

You bring the zoo to them.

San Diego is the perfect setting.

People already associate our beautiful city with animal attractions:

San Diego Zoo, Sea World, San Diego Chargers.

Mr. Hammond knew this.

Before he ever dreamt of an island he began construction on an amphitheatre very near to where you're sitting now, the InGen Waterfront Complex.

But he abandoned it in favor of something far grander and ultimately impossible.

And so, the facility sits unused, unfinished, when it could be completed and ready to receive visitors in less than a month.

Ajay, look out! Jump!

That's the last time I leave you in charge.

Oh, my God. Are you out of your mind?

She's got a broken leg.

Let's get in the car before they hear us.

You have any idea what that is?

Come on, open the door.

You're nuts.

Man, Ian's not going to like this.

What's going on?

Isn't it obvious?

We're not alone on this island.

It's not set to the frequency.

Look here.

What the hell is that?

It's right here. Hello?

No, not Enrique. Ian Malcolm. Are you on the boat?

No, is this the boat?

We're on Isla Sorna. We need to talk to the boat, Mar del Plata.

I'll get him.

All right. That's it. I got you.

I got you. Hurry up.

Let's go. Go. Come on. Watch his tail. Get the door.

Boy, is she mad at you.

I feel sorry for that guy, Enrique.

No lectures, please.

Honey, stay back. Don't stand up, okay?

I got it! Watch his head.

Watch his head.

Ian, he's hurt!

No, honey, no.

I'm going to get the table.

He'll snip at you. Watch his tail, he's swinging his tail.

Set him down.

All right? Okay, I got him.

Got him? Yeah.

It's okay. There you go.

What must I do, hit her with a stick?

No, don't get close, honey.

Watch out! Don't stand too close.

He smells.

No, lady, enough! Wrong frequency. God.

Nick, don't let him get those things around you.

Hello, it's Ian Malcolm.

Okay, let's take a look at this.

Easy, easy. Just calm down now.

Okay, here are the metatarsals.

Tibia, fibula. There it is. There's the fracture.

Right above the epiphysis.

How bad is it?

If we don't set it, he'll die. It won't heal.

He won't be able to pivot on his ankle.

He won't be able to run or walk.

A predator will pick him off.

Carlos, come in.

God damn it, you bastard, listen...

Other animals are going to hear this.

Come in, please. Can you hear me?

I've got to get out of here. I want to leave.

I'm calling the boat.

I want to go someplace else.

I don't want to be here. I want to be somewhere safe.

Isn't it safe here?

I want to be somewhere high.

What? What is it? What's going on?

Information, please. What?

You're much happier not knowing. Get us up. Here we go.

There we go.

I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have come along with you.

Can you set it?

Yeah, I just need something temporary to break apart and fall off as he grows.

Whenever you're ready. He's fighting, Dr. Quinn.

What's the frequency for the boat?

15888. It's third from the top.

Okay, we're high. This is the safest place you can be.

Like Sarah said, the plants make it so the animals won't know you're here.

You're just trying to make me feel better.

I remember the stories you told.

This is nothing like that.

We're in a completely different situation now.

Is there any way we can communicate with the trailer?

He's moving again, more morphine.

We have no idea what his metabolism is. We'll kill him with too much.

I need your hand here. Put some pressure there.

No answer. What a surprise. How do I get down?

Tie this belt around you.

Where are you going?

Stay here. Come on, stay here. Please!

Squeeze this rope hard.

The harder you squeeze, the slower you go.

If you don't squeeze at all...

I get the idea.

Dad, please stay here.

Stay here, please.

Honey, the queen? The goddess?

Your inspiration?

Now you're talking.

Now you're talking. All right.

I'm coming right back. I give you my word.

But you never keep your word!

I would have squeezed just a little bit harder.

Okay, I'm almost finished.

Damn it. I need another adhesive.

Something pliable that I can...


Your gum.

Get the amoxicillin and fill a syringe.

Quick injection of antibiotics and he's out of here.

For once in your life, would it kill you to pick it up?

Help me get it out of here.

No, we just set its leg.

Mommy's very angry.

This isn't hunting behavior, Ian. They're searching.

They came for their infant.

Let's not disappoint them.

Let me get his head, okay?

Careful. Be careful.

I got him.

Muzzle off.

Yes, Eddie?

They're going back to the jungle.

I know. I see. How's Kelly?

She's fine. She's right here.


Kelly, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

Stay there. Don't move. I'll be right back up. Understand?

Yeah, I understand.

I beg people to listen to me.

I use plain, simple English.

Shut up.

That should make an interesting chapter in your book.

The debate over the parental instincts of the T. Rex is now academic.

Hang on. This is gonna be bad.

They're pushing us over the cliff.

Oh, my God.

Come on, come on.

Once we're out of here...

Into the woods.

Straight into the woods. Come on!

This is where they hit us.

Hang on to something!


Oh, God, please!

Don't move!

I'm coming down for you. Here I come. Stay still.

Here I come, Sarah.

The satellite phone, get it!


Give me your hand, honey.

Heads up!

Your lucky pack.

I got her.

Nick? We're in here.

Hold on!

I'm coming. God damn it!

I'm coming.

What did this?

Kelly. What'd you do with Kelly?

She's okay. She's in the High Hide.

Who's hurt? What do you need?

We need rope.

Rope. Anything else?

Three cheeseburgers with everything.

No onions on mine.

And an apple turnover.

Hold on.

I'm coming!

Bring the rope. Let's go.

I'm coming. Now, now.

Eddie, you all right?

Yeah. I'm coming.

We need the rope. Throw it down here. Hurry up!

Good throw. Did you tie this to anything?

We're sliding down!

Up you go.

Eddie! Hey!


Increase your rate of climb.

Our communication equipment's been destroyed.

And if your radio and satellite phone were in those trailers...

They were.

Then we're stuck here.

And stuck together, thanks to you people.

We came to watch. You came to strip-mine the place.

Back off.

At least we came prepared.

Five years of work and electrified fence couldn't prepare the other island.

You think your Marlboro men will help?

You're looters. You came to take.

You have no rights.

An extinct animal brought back to life has no rights.

It exists because we made it.

We patented it. We own it.

You looking for a problem?

And I found you, didn't I?


Come on!

I know you.

You're that Earth First bastard.

What's Earth First?

Professional saboteurs.

Environmentalists! Criminals.

Knock it off! Listen to me.

Moving the baby to our camp may have changed the adults' perceived territory.

Their what?

That's why they attacked the trailers.

They're defending this entire area now.

We have to move now.

To where? Our boat and their airlift are waiting for orders we can't send.

All right.

There's a communications center here near the old operations building.

Everything ran on geothermal power.

It was never meant to need replenishing.

If we can get here, we can send a radio call to the airlift.

You know the frequency?

Here in this book.

We'll mind those.

How far is the village?

A day's walk, maybe more.

That's not the problem.

What is?

What is the problem?


Their nesting sites are in the island's interior, which is why we were keeping to the outer rim.

Wait. What's a Veloc...

Velociraptor. Carnivore. Pack hunter.

Two meters tall, long snout, binocular vision, strong dexterous forearms, killing claws on both feet.

The Rexes may track us, too, if they feel we're a threat to them or their infant.

No, we'll lose them once we leave their territory.

Don't bet on it. Tyrannosaur has the largest proportional olfactory cavity of any creature in fossil record, except one.


The turkey vulture could scent up to 10 miles.

Right. This is all very thrilling, but I say we should head for the village.

We could head back down to the lagoon.

And sit out in the open, next to a heavily used water source hope that your captain comes back?

He won't. He knows better.

Then we head for the village, we might find shelter and we can call for help.

Rex just fed, so he won't stalk us for food.

Just fed? You mean Eddie? Show some respect.

He saved our lives by giving his.

Then his troubles are over.

My point is predators don't hunt when they're not hungry.

No, only humans do.

You're breaking our heart.

Saddle up! Let's get this moveable feast underway.

Excuse me, cowboy.

You want some gum?

You seem like you have common sense. Why the hell are you here?

Somewhere on this island is the greatest predator that ever lived.

The second greatest predator must take him down.

You going to use that?

If he doesn't surrender, yes.

Let me see it. No.

The animal exists for the first time in tens of millions of years and the only way you can express yourself is to kill it.

Remember that chap about 20 years ago? I forget his name.

Climbed Everest without any oxygen. Came down nearly dead.

They asked him, "Why did you go up there to die?"

He said, "I didn't. I went up there to live."

I didn't wish you luck on your new venture.

You're off to a promising start.

My team is intact. I'm sorry for the loss of your man.

It's easy to criticize someone who generates an idea, assumes the risk.

When you try to sound like Hammond, it comes off as a hustle.

It's not your fault. They say talent skips a generation.

I'm sure your kids will be sharp as tacks.

Hammond's reach exceeded his grasp. Mine does not.

Taking dinosaurs off this island is the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas.

And I'll be there when you learn that.


Take a break. Five minutes.

Are you injured?

No, it's the baby's. I set its broken leg.

It won't dry in the humidity.

Roland, a word?

I'd love to know where we are.

Making friends with Ahab?

Carter, I'm going to the ladies' room.

Wait for me here. Okay?

It's not polite to sneak up on people.

Carter! Where are you?

I got turned around in here.


Carter, let me hear from you!

Hey, Carter!

Hey, Carter!



Okay, break's over. Moving on!

Carry me.

I got it.


Get off!

When did you last see him?

10, 15 minutes.

Come with me. And you. If he's alive, we'll find him.

The rest of you keep right on.

Ten minutes, you'll reach the ridge.

Wait for us there.

No one tells the little girl.

Right. Let's carry on.

Everybody up.

Come on. Up, up.

All right, guys, let's get the hell out of here.

Come on.


Did you find him?

Just the parts they didn't like. Map.

The operations building is right down in there about a mile and a half from the base of these cliffs.

How do you know that?

I've seen it.

The climb down won't be easy.

We'll let them sleep one more hour.

Then we hit it.

Oh, no.

What is that?


Stay down! Don't move!

Don't run!

Don't look, just run! Run!


You son of a bitch!

He can't reach you!

Stay back!

He can't reach us!


Oh, my God! A snake! Help me!

Stay back!

It's okay.

It's coming back!


Thank you.

Don't go into the long grass!

Not into the long grass!

Move it.

Keep moving.

Move it!

Hey, hey!

Look at this.

What is it?

I think it's Ajay's bag.

Go, as fast as you can.


I see structures there.

They said the communications center is in the operations building.

I'll get in there and send the radio call. See you there.

Wait for us. Every second counts.

If you can keep up, you're welcome to try.

Okay, here we come.

No! Rest.

Oh, man.

Damn it!

Be there.

CQ, this is InGen Operations Harvest Leader to Harvest Base.

Repeating, I'm calling for InGen Operations Harvest Leader seeking InGen Harvest Base.

Go ahead, Harvest Leader.

The operation has suffered severe casualties.

The survivors are now in mortal danger.

I need you to send rescue immediately.

Our co-ordinates here are

9 degrees 58 minutes north, 85 degrees...


Nick Van Owen?

Here, here!

Inside! Anywhere!

Come inside!


Where do I go when I'm out?

I'm right behind you...

Look out!

Watch out!

Up here!

Kelly, no!

Hey, you!

The school cut you from the team?

Get out of here! Go!

Come on. Let's go!

Let's go!

Let's go!

What about the other survivors?

Another chopper's coming.

It's okay. It's over now.

That's one souvenir they won't be taking with them.

Find the infant tyrannosaur.

Roland can show you where the nest is.

I want it on my jet.

I'll take it directly to the infirmary in San Diego.

Hurry. I want to be airborne before the female knows we're here.


You probably saved InGen.

We lost everything we came after on this trip.

But this animal and its infant will bail us out.


You've got your trophy!

A buck only.

But it's alive! Everyone will line up and appreciate it and what you did for us.

What's the matter?

He didn't make it. Ajay.

I'm sorry.

Really, I am.

I remember the people who've helped me.

There's a job for you in San Diego, if you want it.

No, thank you.

I've spent enough time in the company of death.

Oh, my God.

Fifteen years ago, John Hammond had a dream.

Like John himself, the dream was grand.

It was outsized. It was bold.

It was impractical. It was not to be.

But half an hour from now, John Hammond's dream, re-imagined, will come true.

For.01 of the cost of building a destination resort thousands of miles away...

Is this the Ludlow affair?

It's private property.

We're on the list.

Turn around, get back in your car.

This is Dr. Harding, I'm Dr. Malcolm.

We have Mr. Ludlow's test results.

There's good and bad news.

Tonight we will christen Jurassic Park, San Diego, with a mega-attraction that will drive turnstile numbers to rival any theme park in the world.

I want to thank each one of you for coming in these wee small hours of the morning.

The ship is here.

It's early?

You better come now.

It's so exciting!

See that couple?

Sir, you need to look at this.

Let them see this up close.

Yes, sir.

Let me check.

I want a direct line to the Coast Guard right now.

Look. That's their transponder signal, Venture 5888.

They're coming in, but I can't raise them.

Try again.

Skipper, SS Venture, this is InGen Harbor Master. Do you copy? Over.

Skipper, SS Venture, you are approaching the breakwater at flank speed.

Reduce at once. Over.

SS Venture, reduce your speed at once.

SS Venture, this is InGen Harbor Master.

You are entering a docking area.

What's everybody looking at?

We should've stayed in the damn car.

You okay, Mr. Ludlow?

I don't know. How do I look?

Go up this one.

Oh, my God.

Where's the crew?

All over the place.

I smell a fuel leak!

Check the cargo hold!

There may be crew down there.

Everybody off the boat!

No! Get away from that!

Now you're John Hammond.

Why wasn't it tranquilized?

It was, with two darts of Carfentanil.

It was over 10 milligrams.

That'd put it in a coma.

It stopped breathing. We gave it naltrexone to counteract.

But we didn't know how much.

You gave an antagonist without knowing the dosage?

You put it in a narcoleptic state. It's a locomotive now.

We're prepared here.

Any more dinosaurs on the boat?

No, we brought the infant back on the plane.

We had this to tranquilize it.

Do you have the infant?

It's safe.


The animal's dehydrated. First, it'll go to a water source then look for the next thing its body needs.

All the containment equipment is here.

We got to get it to the dock.

The boat might be seaworthy.

I know what you're gonna say.

When we brought the baby to the trailer, it came.

There's no reason why it won't do the same thing here.


Where's the infant?

In a secured facility. Why?

Where's the facility?

There's a dinosaur in our backyard.

Benjamin, what are you doing?

What are you doing?


Come on. There's a dinosaur in our backyard.

The problem is, you need to read to him.


I will tell you what it is.

You have to serve him dinner, he won't be up all night.

It's the stupid fish tank!

He needs a proper nightlight.

Put something over it!

It may as well be daytime.

Just turn it off.

Slow down. Slow it down!

There it is.

He's sedated.

Really heavily. Give me a hand.

When the adult sees us again with his baby, isn't he going to be like:


There may be some angry recognition.

Who knows? He may be just happy to see us.

What the hell are you doing?

We're taking the kid.

If you really want to stop us, shoot us.

How will we find the adult?

Follow the screams.

Get to the other side of the bus!

There. Oh, my God.

It's too drugged.

He won't know we have it unless it makes some sound!

Wake up. Come on.

He knows.

Ian, slow down a little.

I don't think so.

This guy's almost fully awake.

You know where you're going?

Yeah, the waterfront's on the other side of these warehouses.

Is there a way through?

God. There could be.

There we go.

You have to follow me now.

There we go.

Got him? Yep.

Here we go.


Where's the Rex? Is it behind us?

There's the water.

Shoot it. Tell them to shoot it.

No, you idiot, the adult. Shoot the adult. I want the baby back alive.

Dr. Malcolm!

What have you done with it? I want that infant!

Are you there?

There you are.


There's a first-rate shot of the ship's deck and the cargo hold that, for the moment, contains the animal itself, presumably with the infant alongside.

By our calculations, they should be nearing the halfway point of this trip.

Jim, can you still hear me there?

Yes, I can, Bernard. We are halfway to the island.

It is 206 nautical miles from our present location.

The ship is moving at 20 knots which will put it in at about 11:30 a. M., Eastern time.

One of the Navy's primary concerns has been safety.

If we look at the ever-growing escort around the ship they're taking no chances of a repeat of the San Diego incident.

Let's take a moment to run the tape of our interview earlier today with John Hammond.

He's the former head of InGen Bio-Engineering, the man who is now spearheading this movement not only to return the animals to their island but to keep the island itself intact.

It is absolutely imperative that we work with the Costa Rican Department of Biological Preserves to establish a set of rules for the preservation and isolation of that island.

These creatures require our absence to survive, not our help.

And if we could only step aside and trust in nature life will find a way.