The Loved Ones (2009) Script

♪ Back in school you were high class

♪ Didn't say much to me

♪ Johnny said on the outside

♪ You were his beauty queen

♪ Have you heard about the lonesome loser

♪ Beaten by the queen of hearts every time

♪ Have you heard about the lonesome loser

♪ He's a loser but he still keeps on trying

♪ Sit down, take a look at yourself

♪ Don't you want to be somebody?

♪ Someday somebody's going to see inside

♪ You have to face up, you can't run and hide...

Love this song.

You need a new car, Dad. No, I don't.

Yes, you do. It's a piece of shit.

Hey, I love this car.

You were conceived in the back of this car.


Thanks, that's great. I've got a mental image.

♪ He's a loser but he still keeps on trying...

Heater doesn't work. Doesn't even have a CD player.

And thank Christ for that. Otherwise I'd have to listen to that bloody heavy metal wrist slitting shit you listen to.

You sound like an old man, Dad.

There's nothing wrong with a good melody.

Oh no, there's nothing wrong with a good melody.

Don't think that she's not sneaking the odd one here and there.

Look out!

You sorted for alcohol?

I got shit loads, man. Got the old man to pick it up.

I'm OK. Coming to the after-party?

No, think we're just gonna smoke and hang out.

Smoke and hang out?

Man, Holly's parents are overseas and you're just gonna smoke and hang out?

You got a raincoat?

Here, I've only got one, ribbed, for her pleasure.

Seriously, take it dude.

It's only gonna run out of date if I hang onto it.


Yes! She said yes!


Will you go to the dance with me?

Sorry Lola, I'm going with Holly.


Hey! Need a ride?

You passed? Uh-huh.

Wow! Well done.

So where do you want to go?

Guess who asked me to the dance? Who?

Guess. Brent, who was it?

Tell me. Who is she?

I need more than that.

Tell me.

I can't. She's very sensitive.

I'm very sensitive too.


Who is she?

Not you.

Who is she?

I'll never tell.

♪ God is dead so meet the kids now, they're on stage... ♪

Did you tell your mum I was getting my license?

So this is where I pick you up from?

She's got to deal with it sometime.

You sure?


I'll pick you up at seven?

I love you.

Lola Stone.


That's who asked me.

Well you should go with her.

Maybe she won't mind having an emotional retard for a boyfriend.

How are you getting there?

Holly's picking me up.

She doesn't even have her licence.

She got it today.

I'll give you money for a cab.

What's the difference, it's still a car.

I'm still in a car.

But they're experienced.

And I wasn't, so Dad died?

♪ I could mean the world to you but that's predictable

♪ I could tell you secrets

♪ Don't be so sure you wouldn't miss me

♪ Say you're in love like it's true... ♪


♪ She's like a drug, she's under my skin

♪ One of these days these ways are gonna do me in

♪ What can I say

♪ I can't get away from those sticky paws

♪ Sometimes the sweetest kittens have the sharpest claws... ♪ You're a fucking rock star.

Let's go.

Wow, you look wicked.


Er... Hi, Mrs Valentine. Hello, Jamie.

Mia, your father wants to get a photo.

Could wait a sec, please?

Well did you thank Jamie for the flowers?

Oh, no, that's OK. Thanks.

Well, I couldn't find them in black.

I'll put them in some water.


Ringo! Here!

Get out of there. Er...

Hey, hi. How's it going, Mr Valentine?

Busy, keeping the wolf from the door.

Yep, excellent.

Let's get this photo then.

Mia, go and stand next to Jamie.


And one for safety.

All right, we're going, bye.



Be careful.



You're going to be late.

Have you seen him? Hi, Carla.

Have you seen Brent?

♪ When it come to making love to you, baby

♪ You got to be agile, mobile and hostile... ♪

You OK?

Have you got any more of that pot on you?

Er, yeah, yeah, in my pocket.

That's why your dog was sniffing my nuts.

No need to explain.

Oh, yeah, I just didn't want you to think that I have a hygiene problem.


You expecting me to suck your cock?

'Hello, this is Brent. Leave a message.'

It's OK, Kahn.



Come on, we both know Brent's done this before and he's always turned up.

What do you mean, they've stabbed the dog?


He looks dead.

I didn't use that much. You've ruined it!

There it is! Let me hear.

Boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom.

♪ Am I not pretty enough?

♪ Is my heart too broken?

♪ Do I cry too much?

♪ Am I too outspoken?

♪ Don't I make you laugh?

♪ Should I try it harder?

♪ Why do you see right through me?

♪ I live, I breathe

♪ I let it rain on me

♪ I sleep, I wake

♪ I try hard not to break

♪ I crave, I love

♪ I've waited long enough

♪ I try as hard as I can... ♪


Tell me what it looks like.

Pretty as a picture.


Press a little harder, Princess.

We can't hear you!

Take a photo!


..."Happy End Of School Dance". Too big!



One with Bright Eyes? Quick.

Say... Just take it.

It was just a little flash, nothing to be scared of.

♪ Let's roll, so roll motherfuckers

♪ Let's roll, roll, roll motherfuckers

♪ Let's roll

♪ Let's roll, so roll motherfuckers

♪ Let's roll, so roll motherfuckers... ♪

Hey, Dad...

...make a wish.

My wish was for you anyway.

I wished for you too.

Who looks prettier?

Me or Bright Eyes?

You both look pretty.

What's the matter Bright Eyes, you're not hungry?

Better not get too skinny...

...or Daddy won't like you any more, will you, Daddy?

What are you looking at?

Do you want some?

♪ Open up for the aeroplane ♪

Is it finger licking good?



Is it finger licking good?

Show me.





Not till you show me.

Show me!

Suck it.

Still need to go?

Ones or twos?




Were you telling porky pies?

Bring the hammer, Daddy.

I killed your dog with this.

And a nail.

You've got 10 seconds to go or Daddy's going to nail it to the chair.










It's crying.

I bet I kiss it better.

Or maybe I'll bite it off so she can never kiss it again.


Oh! What happened? Where's Bright Eyes?

She's in her room so she can't get out.

Where is he?

There he is!

Keep it on him.

Here, let me have a go.

Boys shouldn't hit girls.




This one's for the Kingswood.

Here you are.

Thanks, Holly.

He thinks I blame him.

Do you?

That's me.

Oh... Keir Willis.

He was such a baby.

That's me again.

Duncan Fletcher.

He wet himself.

It was so funny.


He wet his pants.

Rhys Agnew.


Here's the one that got away.

Timmy Valentine.

He's probably dead by now.

And lucky last...


I'm ready to draw on him now.

Shall we go in after this?

Sick of me already?

No. No, I just thought... know, maybe we should eat something.

Come here.

I'll feed you.

Your drawing gets better every time.

Throw it.

Not too much. It's supposed to be bad for you.

We can't hear you!

We can't hear you! We can't hear you!

Maybe... Maybe we should go in.

Oh, here! You all right?

And this year's Queen of the Dance is...

...Lola Stone!

Blow your whistle, King.


Crown me.

♪ I've been tried and then tempted

♪ But now I'm leaving today

♪ All we had, baby's over

♪ So I be on my way

♪ Go onto another

♪ And don't you pay me no mind

♪ You're yet to discover

♪ Loving something you'll find

♪ Oh, my head in my hands, it is sinking

♪ And my heart inside me is torn

♪ Are you sitting true...

What the fuck are you looking at?

♪ ...we were through

♪ But I'll be oh, so lonesome... ♪ If you want to do that sort of thing I suggest you go somewhere else.

♪ Am I not pretty enough?

♪ Is my heart too broken?

♪ Do I cry too much?

♪ Am I too outspoken?

♪ Don't I make you laugh?

♪ Should I try it harder?

♪ Why do you see...

When I find my Prince, this is the song we're gonna dance to at my wedding.

♪ I live, I breathe

♪ I let it rain on me

♪ I see... ♪ But you're not him.

You're just another FROG!

♪ I crave, I love

♪ I've waited long enough...

Dance with me, Daddy.

♪ Am I not pretty enough?

♪ Is my heart too broken?

♪ Do I cry too much?

♪ Am I too outspoken? ♪ Don't I make you laugh?

♪ Should I try it harder?

♪ Why do you see right through me?

♪ I laugh, I feel

♪ I make believe it's real

♪ I fall, I freeze

♪ I pray down on my knees

♪ I hope, I stand

♪ I take it like a man... ♪ You're the Prince.

That's why I can't find one I like.

It's always been you, Daddy.

Just you and me...

♪ Don't I make you laugh?

♪ Should I try it harder?

♪Why do you see right through me?

♪ Why do you... ♪


I contacted Search & Rescue. They'll be here in the morning.

But if you think of anything or you need me, you ring me.

We'll find him.

'The person you are calling is unavailable.'

'Leave a message after the tone.'

Hi Mum, I think it's late over there so you're probably asleep.

So er...

I'll try again later.

OK, bye.


Drinkie, drinkie. Sing for your supper.

Not loud enough.

♪ She's a lost cause, she's a lost, lost cause... ♪

Fuck me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

When I said go somewhere else I meant off school property.

You're my first drilling.

The trick is not to go too far.

Just enough to break through the skull.

Do you know how to turn it on? I'm not stupid.

Remove the King's crown, please, Daddy.

You've got to push harder.

Two hands.

Cradle it into the body.

That's the way.



It works, you know.

It boils your brains and turns you into one of them.

Careful, it's hot.


You've got to give it a bigger tip.

The hole's too small, can you please make it bigger?




OK. You all right? Mmm.

All right. Now, we've just got two steps.

Must've danced her off her feet.

Why can't you find him?

Is she all right? Yeah.

Good night, Mummy.

'Lola Stone. That's who asked me.'


I'm going to your house now.

I'm going to stab your mummy in the neck, just like you did to my daddy.

And then I'm going to stab Holly in the heart.

Just like you did to me.

♪ Am I not pretty enough?

♪ Is my heart too broken?

♪ Do I cry too much?

♪ Am I too outspoken?

♪ Don't I make you laugh?

♪ Should I try harder?