The Lovers (2017) Script

Please stop crying, Lucy.



I love you. Come on.

I still... I have to get back to work, I'll get in trouble.

You understand, right?

Yeah. Okay.

Come on.

I'll come to you right after work.


I love you.

Hello. Hey.

I didn't think you were gonna be home for dinner.

Oh, I had a big lunch. I just came from the gym.

How was work?

Yeah, right.

You? Uh, same.

Did you get that message from Joel?

No, what's that?

He's coming home.

We're almost out of toothpaste.


I'll make sure to pick up some tomorrow on the way back from work.

Actually, I'm getting drinks with Ben after work tomorrow.

How is he? Who?

Ben. You said you're having drinks with him.

Oh, I think fine.

I hope so, anyway. Poor guy's had a tough year.

Be good to see him.

So... Joel's coming.

Yeah. With his girlfriend.

Oh, yeah? Yep.

That should be nice.


Good night, honey. Good night.

What does that mean? For us?

It means we have a date.

Right after my son leaves.

It would be a disaster before.

You need to tell her now, and then you discuss it with your son when he gets here.

That makes sense.

I'm sorry, but I can't do that. You don't know him.

It will be a living hell for his whole visit.

There's no reason to make it dramatic.

Dramatic? I'm sorry.

Lucy, please don't. This is good news.

This is great news. Think about it.

We have a date, a real one.

And all this business will be over soon, finally.


God damn it, I used the wrong word! I didn't mean...

You know, it's impossible to discuss anything with you if you get upset so quickly.

Fuck you! Fuck you, Michael! Lucy, stop!

Come on, Lucy, where are you...

Dramatic enough? Where are you going?

Come back. God damn it!

Lucy, I'm an idiot!

Everybody knows I'm an idiot, all right?

Come back, I'm a moron.

Lucy, I apologize! I didn't mean "dramatic."

You're a coward, Michael. You need to tell her now.

All right. All right, yes, you're right.

Can we just discuss it? Tell her!


Lunch? I can't.

I have a potential client. Oh, that's too bad.

I appreciate that, Sue. How about tomorrow?

Sure, sounds great. Okay.

Good luck.

With the client.


It's great news.

It's wonderful news.

Is it?

It means we actually have a date, a real date.



I feel like I can't do anything anymore.

Can't write.

Can't think.

Can't eat.

Can't sleep.

Can't even fucking smoke.

You got to tell me that this is true, that this is it for real this time, because...

You know, I can't take it otherwise, I really can't.

Come on. It's true, I promise.

I'm gonna tell him, promise.

Soon, so soon.

Yeah? Yeah.

Hey, Ben.

Glad I got you! It's me, Michael.

Yeah, it has been awhile, that's why I'm calling.

Be good to catch up. Uh...

How about you and me go and grab some beers, now?

Yeah, now, now.

I can come to you.

I can drive to wherever you are. I can be there in 20 minutes.

Oh, yeah, no, no, I understand.

Of course.

Of course. Next week, let's do it.

You sound well.

All right. Looking forward to it.

Talk soon. Okay, bye.

Hi, Lucy! I was just about to call you.

Oh, just to say hi, and, uh... tell you I'm thinking about you, and, uh... and to say I'm sorry about earlier. I-I-I was being insensitive.

I would love to, but I can't. I'm just about to meet my buddy, Ben.

He's been after me for a while to meet him for drinks and, uh, I-I kept pushing him off.

I don't know, I guess he's going through a bad time.

I don't know. I don't know.

Why don't we just play it by ear, and I'll text you or something when I get out?

I don't know how long we're gonna be.

That... that would be lovely.

Yes, my dear.

I will.


I will... Hey! Hey, Ben!

Hold on, hon. Hey, Ben!

I'm sorry, he's here, I just saw him.

Hey, Ben, good to see you, man.

Let me just find a place to park. I think I see a space right over here.


All right, I'll be with you, just one minute.

Honey, I really have to go now. Why don't I just call you later?

I love you so much. I love you so much.

Okay, bye.

Gladys Perkins has an idea.

I think she must've gone mad.

She... she...


She wants to live with you. Hey.

I'm just flinging myself at your head.

I've got a crazy idea that might...

I thought you were going for drinks?

Yeah, no.

Do you think I'm mad? Quite mad, my darling.

I was supposed to, but I just...

I couldn't pull it off.

Work today...

...wiped me out.

That's what I say, Perkins darling.


But I've got a better idea than yours. An improvement on it.

The thought of drinks, with Ben's problems?

No, I won't tell you here. There's magic here.

I'll tell you later on in the house, perhaps even in the cold light of morning.

Tell me now.

No! No, let's stay here.

You're cold.

What about you? Me?

Yeah, I...

I figured you were at the gym or working late.

Oh, I had the same day as you.

Just couldn't deal. Hence.


No, you can't put on those wet shoes.

I'm going to try to carry you. I'm a devil of a weight.

Well, if you're too heavy for me, I shall drop you in the mud.


Do you want some?



Has he got any money? Not a penny.

But you're going out with him. Yes, Bill. Are you angry?

I think he's a lunatic, but I'm not angry.

Hey, buddy, can't talk long. I'm late for work.

Very excited to be seeing you soon, though.

Hey, hey, that's no way to talk to me, I'm being nice.

No, I'm just...

I'm just late.

I don't wanna be any more late.

Oh, god damn it!

No, not you, I just...

Okay. I'm here, okay.

What's up? How can I help you?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

That's a question for your mother. I don't wanna get in the middle of that.



Your son is on the phone, he has a question for you.

What? Can't you handle it? I'm trying to get ready.

I'm late already.

It's something about his girlfriend.

I don't understand what he's talking about.

Fine, have him call me. Thank you.

Okay, your mom says you can call her on her phone.

Yeah, and you can talk to her about whatever directly.

I'm sorry.

Yes, I'm sorry, Joel.


I really need to go.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hey, it's me. Where are you?

All right, I'm on my way to work, uh...

Call me when you get this, please.

I know, I know, I'm sorry I'm late.

No excuses.

They started ten minutes ago.

They're waiting for you. I know, I know.

I'll just be a minute, I'll come right in.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Appreciate it.

And if not, they'll still be able to use all the systems they normally would, but only with other regions that have also not adopted.

Accordingly, the regions involved in phase two should be able to interact fully amongst each other as soon as that...

And Mary was gonna put together a list of the functionalities that we can expect to be fully operational throughout the day.

Uh, Mary, do you have that list?

Yes, uh, I'm here. Sorry, one sec.

Let me just get the folder.




What's up?

I called earlier.

Are you not talking to me now?

Busy on the computer?

Getting lots of emails?

Okay. Okay, okay.

Could you just tell me what's going on, please?

What happened last night?

I went out for drinks with Ben, like I said.

What? Just say it.

I don't know.

You don't know, Lucy? What don't you know?

You said you'd call after and you didn't.

I don't know what you're doing, Michael.

I said I may call.

May, but then it got late, and I didn't.

But I've been calling all day today.

And you haven't been picking up, because why?

Lucy, this is...

Where are you going?

I don't know. To bed.

I'm tired. Don't, I'm sorry.

It's okay. It's fine.

Let's just... start over tomorrow.


I wanted to say sorry, so I'm sorry.

Come on, what have you got to be sorry about?

Oh, 'cause, it's taken us so long to get to this point, and...

I don't know, it should've happened sooner?

But... we're here now.

I wanted to celebrate with you.

Okay, well.

Let's celebrate.


To us. To us.

What time is it? I think it's late.

Can't be late again, two days in a row.

Me, too.

I'll get the coffee made. Great, great, thank you.

I'm gonna... I'm gonna... I'm gonna get in the shower.

That sounds good.

What the fuck.

Oh, hey.

I'll be out of here in a few minutes.

Yeah, okay. No problem.

And one, and two, and three, straight, and four, and flows.

Coupe, attitude, side, close in back.

Coupe, back, side, but close behind in fifth.

And back, one, and two, and keep going.

And when you're done, follow her.

Make sure, relevé, turn around.

Don't forget the port de bras.

If I'm not back, keep going.

What are you doing here?

I missed you.

I wanted to see you. Is that okay?

Of course it's okay, silly.

It's just such a surprise.

I wasn't expecting you, and I stink, I'm sorry.

No, you don't. You never smell bad.

Such a liar.

Come here.


Can you wait 15 minutes? Yeah.

I'll be done then. Okay.

Then I'll take the quickest shower ever. Okay, sure.

Or don't, you don't have to shower for me.

You're a weirdo.

Yeah, a little bit. My weirdo.

Right. I'll be right back.

Okay. Okay.

Okay, where are you?

Relevé, up.

Eyes front. Turn.

And kick... up.

Go ahead and stretch.

One, two...

...three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

My son.

Funny guy.

You just look fucking beautiful.

Tell me again?

You don't have to do that, you can do first. Ready?

Studio, this is Sabrina. And one and close.

Hi, Mrs. Nomad. And two, and...

So, we're doing... That's great, yes.

It's this coming Saturday. Hold on. Start over.

Well, show me how to do the spinny one you do.

The twirly one. You mean...

Yeah, no, fancier than that. That was a bad one.

So, you mean... It was fancier than that.

Do you mean this one?

That's beautiful, but it's...

You know what I'm talking about. Oh, I know what you mean.

I got that.

I got that.

Yes! Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Oh, I love it when you're like this. Like what?

I don't know, you're just light and cheerful, and you're in a good mood and you're just nice.

Forget it.

I don't wanna forget it. I'm happy.

You're happy.


Let's do something. We're about to.

First, I'm gonna do you and then you're gonna do me.

No, let's do something we've never done before.

Let's do something normal, like go to the mall or go see a movie.

Something "date-y."

Then we can do each other.

Okay. Yeah?


If you're okay with it, I'm okay with it.

Poor Henry, let me hold your hand.

It's not heavy, I can manage. Hold your own hand.

Oh, Henry, when I do hold your hand like this, and put my arm around you and snuggle up to you like that, doesn't it suggest anything to you? Yes, it does, but with my health, I better not think about it!

I think...

Does she think you're on a trip?

I don't know. No. I didn't tell her anything.

It doesn't matter, does it? Really?

Okay. Uh, let's see.

I'll just say I'm working late.

She really doesn't care, trust me.

I just get so tired of all the bullshit.

Almost over.

So why not make it the least dramatic possible, right?

Okay. Just give me a moment. Okay.

Go on, just where you roll it, roll it.

Oh, come on.

It's too big, I might miss. You're not.

You just slide it.

Just a second, I'll be...


Uh, sorry, just calling to say I'm stuck working late tonight.

Uh, just, uh, grabbing some dinner and... I'll head straight back.

Uh... may have to work through the night.

Wanted you to know.

Okay. That sounds good.

I thought you were at home. Where are you?

Where am I?

Uh, I had to work late, too.

I just stepped out for a bite as well, actually.

Um, at the Chinese restaurant.

What about you? What are you eating?

I'm getting Chinese, too, funny enough.

I, uh... like the duck.

You should order the duck, too.

Oh, yeah?

I should, should I? What if I don't like duck?

Oh, it's always good, is it?

I don't know. Psst.


I'm thinking about bringing this duck home and sharing it with you.

How would you like that?

You don't have to get any. I'll have enough.

If you ask me, it's too delicious not to share.

There you are. Yeah, sorry it took me so long.

I don't get it, I just don't understand.

No, look, it's not me, it's him, okay?

You know, he's a drama king.

Yeah, but why does he... why does he suddenly care now?

No, it... who knows? And your guess is as good as mine.

All I'm saying is can we not let this blow up into a big scene if it doesn't have to be, please?

We only have a couple more weeks. Can we just stay cool till then?


Okay, sure, but I don't understand.

Okay? This doesn't make any sense to me.





You were able to leave work.


And so were you, I see.

That's good.

Those long hours...

It's a lot to ask.


It really is.

It can become quite taxing, wouldn't you agree?

Yes. Why, I would.

Sometimes you just have to say... fuck it.

Fuck it.

Oh, hey, pizza?

Uh, not today, Barry, thanks. I gotta scoot.

Oh, you ready?

Client? Yeah.

"He tried not to come by dusk or later, and stand in the court, quiet and still beneath the pines, staring at the warm buttermilk walls, the small rectangle of parched, scuffy grass where their child had taken her first steps.

The window pane"...

"And as you near the end of your sweltering journey"...



Oh. What happened?

Well, you fell asleep on me, that's what happened.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I, um, I haven't had any sleep.

I've been working so hard.

What was the last thing that you heard me say?

What was the last thing you heard? Something buttermilk?

Scruffy citrus.

There was so... it was beautiful, I'm sorry.

I need to get rest, and then I promise you I'll make it up to you tomorrow.

We can go anywhere, we can do anything.

I'm sorry.

I liked it, I was into it.

It was good.

There was a... a house.

It was...

So sorry, Robert.




Well, if you'd feel comfortable leaving the house that way, I suppose you could.

Bye. Talk to you soon, bye.

Oh, God, what?

Damn it.

Lucy, what the hell are you doing? Just give me the phone! Let go!

No! No, are you out of your mind?

No, I don't believe so. Give me the phone and then I'll know.

Know what? What is it you're trying to know?

What is it you wanna know?

Ow! Just... You're making a scene.

Just tell me what it is you wanna know, I'll tell you.

I don't care! Just give me the phone!

Look, maybe I will let you see my phone, but you have to tell me what it is you're looking for first.

Are you seeing someone else?


No. No.

No, of course not. Is that what this is about?

I've hardly seen you this last week.

We've hardly spoken on the phone.

I call you and I know you send me to voicemail!


Listen, firstly, I apologize. You're right.

This past week, I've been overly occupied and neglectful of you.

Work has been really demanding.

It always is this time of year, but more than that, my son's visit soon has added crazy stress at home.

She always gets like this before he arrives.

She... she... wants everything to be perfect.

She starts calling, making all these demands.

In fact, that was just her telling me to pick up some new bedding or some shit.


That's who I was just talking to.

So, you're fucking her now?

Realizing this was just a big mistake?


As if!

Listen, my son is... What time is it?

Yes, right now he's probably out of class, headed to his place to pack.

First thing tomorrow, he and his girlfriend will get on a train on their way here.

He will... they will stay with us for three days, and for those three days, you will not be hearing much, if anything, from me.

We will have a nice, calm time, and it will be the last time as a family.

The next time he visits, he'll be visiting me and you.

He'll leave on Monday, and I'll tell my wife it's over, and we will be together, finally.

With nothing to hide.

I give you my word.

You're gonna feel really silly in just a few days' time.

You're gonna be apologizing to me.

And you're gonna be really happy.

Let me take you home.



I actually can't come in right now. I'm still...

Lucy... God damn it, Lucy.


God damn it.



They hate each other. You gotta understand that.

In fact, I'd love it if they left each other.

That would be a damn relief, it's like...

Oh, this should be fun.

In fact, I'm actually really excited for you to meet them.

I'd appreciate it if you would study, like, if you would closely watch both of them, and if you see me do anything like either of them, now or ever, not only do I want you to tell me, I want you to punch me in the face.

Okay? You got it? I'm serious.

You know I'm not gonna do that. No, I'm serious.

I'm asking you, I'm begging you.

Go ahead, I'll show you.

Just make a fist and then just, "No, Joel.

No, Joel."

Not like that, just the hand.

"No, Joel. That was just like your dad.

That was just like your mom."

I don't know, is he still a vegetarian?

'Cause if he is, she probably is.

No, I think he's only eating meat now.

Although I don't know what he said about her. Ugh!

You know he's gonna be so mad at me if I forgot.

Let's just fake it.

Let's just make both and we'll play it off like we know.

If you don't mention it, it won't be a thing.

That's mean. Okay.

All right, I'm gonna get some meat. Uh, get some Brussels sprouts or something that'll make me gassy for the rest of the night.

How's it going, buddy?

Good, buddy, I'm just gonna need another minute or two here.

How's it going, buddy? Yeah, I'm just having a look.


She's leaving you.

Who is?

When your son arrives, she's gonna tell you then.

And there's nothing you can do to stop her.

Uh, meat is the other way. Behind you.


You're facing the wrong way.

The meat you were going to get, it's behind you.

Is anybody in there?

Where is it? It's behind me? I don't see it.

It's, uh, not here either. All right.

Strange. Yeah.

Hi. Hi. You folks ready yet?

Yes, can I have four organic chicken breasts?

Sure. Thanks.


Come here.

Look at you. Oh, you.

Hi. Hi.

Feel like I know you. Yeah. Yeah.

Hey. Hey there, tough guy.

Dad, yeah.

Good to see you. Happy you came.

Hello. Hi. Hi, Erin.

Really happy to meet you. Thank you.

I'll try not to say anything that will embarrass my son, but, uh, he has expressed some very fond feelings for you.

She knows I love her. Yeah.

Nice. Well, secret is out.

It's not a secret. I don't keep secrets.

Really good to meet you. Welcome to our home.

Thanks for having me. Dinner's almost ready.

I have so much of everything on.

Sorry, I couldn't remember whether you were a vegetarian or not, so I just bought a lot and made all the options.

Well, I told you five... Great, that's fine.

It's... really, I eat a lot and I eat everything, so I'll happily have a plate of both options.

Thank you, Erin, that's so sweet.

How about a drink? Yeah.

I'll, uh, I'll open some wine. Great, thanks.

Let's go put our bags in your room.

Oh, God. Hey, you need to chill out.

What? Why? What am I doing? Jesus.

She seems really nice.

Yes. Yeah.

And pretty.

Yeah, very.

Well, he's a handsome guy. Yeah.

He's got a beautiful mother.


What's wrong? Nothing.

What just happened? Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good. Yeah. Okay.

I don't know where it goes either.

I've always been able to eat way too much.

I mean, I'm sure it's gonna catch up to me one day, but for now I'm gonna take advantage of it.

Especially when the food is this good.

Oh, please, please, I'm just so glad you like it.

Do you cook as well? Uh, no.

I mean, enough to survive.

But I'm nothing like your son.

He's just such a great cook.

Nah. Oh, yeah?


Yeah, you didn't know? I mean, he's the best.

No, it's nothing. She... You have low standards.

Hey. "Thank you."

Mom, it's not... Wait.

Oh, okay.

Be quiet. You serious?

What are you saying? You're crazy.

No, don't listen to him.

Let's have a toast.

Excellent idea.

Who needs... who needs some? A little.

Oh. Yes?

Yes, please. Okay.


To you both.

Uh, we're so happy to meet you, Erin.

Thank you. And to have you both home.


Yeah. Hear, hear.

Well put. Thanks.

So, I think I figured this out.

You cook and you eat.


That's the way you two work.

So well. Whatever works.

That's what I say.

Well, that was nice.


He seems happy. She's great.

Didn't know he could cook. Did you?


Maybe, I don't know.

Guess we'll find out soon enough.


Tomorrow, right?

We'll find out tomorrow.



Good night.


Good morning. Good morning.

There's coffee ready and, uh, scrambled eggs, but they may be cold by now.

All right, uh...

Why, what time is it?

It's a little after 11:00. Wow, I was tired!

Uh, where's Mary? I'm not sure.

She said she had to run an errand.

I'm sure she'll be back soon.

How about some coffee? Oh, yes.

Oh, I should... uh, I should get Joel up.

No, no, no.

Let's let him sleep.

I'm sure you both hardly get any with all the studying.

Here you go.

Thank you. Of course.

What college did you go to? I mean, did you go to college?

I can't remember if Joel told me or not.

Actually, no. I, uh...

I wasn't serious about things at that age, at your age.

I, uh, I had other ideas, things.

Oh, yeah?


I thought maybe, uh...

I played a lot of music. Mostly keyboard, piano.

Ah, I was wondering about that.

I figured Joel took lessons as a kid.


Well, I wanna hear. Play something.

No. Oh.

Those days are far away. That thing is a shelf now.

If it wasn't so heavy, it'd be long gone.

So, when you met Mary, you were a musician?

A long, long time ago.


I sold her a bill of goods.

Well, we all change.


It's too bad.

Oh, well. What can you do?

Don't fall for his bullshit.

Not after so many years of it, not when...

We're so close.

You are so close to finally breaking free.

No, but I can't do it. It's... not... I'm confused.

I'm confused.

And my son is here with his girlfriend.

It's not a good time. Mary, listen to me.

It is a good time.

It's the only time. No.

This is all you get, this is it, okay?

It's either him or me, and I'm not even joking this time, okay?

You need to make a choice.


But before you make this choice, you need to consider this.

Is this man he's being now, this... this new him who would suddenly, after years, turn into Mr. Right the very week that he feels threatened, when he knows that he's gonna lose you...

Is that the real him?

If that's not the case, then you know it's only a matter of time before the real him shows himself again.

The man you couldn't take until recently.

And this time... you'll be facing it alone.

All alone, I swear to God. I will move if I have to.

You will never, ever see me again.

Have me to cry to.

Have me to love you.

Not until you make your decision.

Oh, there she is.


Hello. Hi, Mom.

They just had breakfast if you can believe it.

When was the last time you woke up at noon?

Geez, I miss those days.

You okay? Yeah.

Hey, we were just hearing about the cover band.

The worst. Mm-hmm.

I thought we should be called The Butchers.

So, what, this is it?

Pajamas all day? Hmm? Mm-hmm.

What, are you gonna go back to bed now?

You gonna have a little breakfast at dinnertime?

What's up? No, we're gonna make dinner.

And when I say we, I obviously mean him.

Oh, is that true?

For real?

Sure, why not? Good.


Well, I guess, uh... I'll take Erin shopping with me.

Mm-hmm. Yeah?

And then if you need some help cooking, your father can... Stop.

Stop it. What? What can I do?

I don't know. You tell us.

What can you do?


Have fun, yeah? Yeah.

You want something to drink?

Some, uh, soda or something?


Hey. Hey.


Seems like you and Mom are getting along.

It happens.

Does it?


It's cool.

I've been having a really good time. Oh.

Wanted to meet you for awhile.

I mean, Joel, he loves you, you know?

Oh, I know.

It's just nice to hear.

He's not the best at sharing. At least with me.

Well, what guy is?

What the...?

Excuse me.

What was that?

No, it's... it's all right.

Did she just hiss at you? It's all right.

That's insane. It's all right. It's all right.


Hello. Hi.

You're a vision on my front porch. You don't have to ring the bell, hon.

You can just come in. Okay.

Where's Mary? Does she need help with the bags?

No, she doesn't. She's out.

"She's out"? Okay, well, come on in.

Hold on, that's her.


Okay. All right, hold, uh...

Let me get upstairs. Hold on.

Hey. Hi.

That was weird. Yeah.

What was that? I don't know.

What's wrong? What happened now?

Something weird happened outside just now.

Wait, what do you mean "weird"?

Why? What are you talking about?




Where's Mom?

No, don't bullshit me. Where's Mom?

She'll be here soon.

Soon? Where did she go? I don't know.

I need you to tell me where she went.

I swear to God, I will beat the shit out of you.

All we can do is wait.

No, Joel!

You're a cheating piece of shit. You know that, right?

You do know that, right?


I know you're mad at him, but I made mistakes, too.

I'm sorry, you'll never know how sorry I am.

We messed up, but we're not bad people.



Nah, I don't need to sit. I'm fine here.

What happened to your hand?

Oh. Please, please sit down.

I'm asking you, please.

I don't know why, though. I mean, I got it.

Dad's a lying, cheating piece of shit, and you're leaving him, you've finally had enough of it, right?

Yes, right.

Okay. No, but don't, please.

This is my time to talk, so would you sit the fuck down?

Damn it, I get it, okay?

I get it, it's worse for you than it is for everyone else.

And I am sorry.

You'll never know how sorry I am, and I'm sure you'll never forgive him or me.

This is why I wanted to wait to tell you until you were here, so we could speak face-to-face and you would be with somebody that you love and that loves you.

So, let me just say... Wait a second.

You were planning on telling me this?

You were waiting until I got here?

So, why all the show?

Like, why would you... act like this, that?

Like, why are you acting like you're happy together?

Okay, we weren't pretending.

No, no, you don't get the chance to tell me anything.

No. 'Cause none of it's true.

You're the same as him. You're the same hypocrites.

You fucking disgust me.

Joel. Joel.

No. Fuck your stupid lies and your bullshit world.

No, Joel!

Fuck... it's all bullshit. That's bullshit.

Honey! Don't, no.

It's bullshit. Bullshit. Stop!

Fuck this. I'm getting your stuff. We're out of this place.




You have to do something.

We can't let him leave like this. We'll never see him again.

But he's right.

Come on, you're dragging this out. We need to go.

I'm going as fast as I can. Well...

Are you sure you wanna leave like this? Yeah. No, are you kidding me?

We need to go now, Erin. We need to go, like, right now.


Baby, it's okay. No.


I'm sorry. Sweetheart...

# I never thought I'd miss you #

# Half as much #

# As I do #

# And I never thought I'd feel this way #

# The way I feel #

# About you #

# As soon as I wake up #

# Every night #

# Every day #

# I know that it's you I need #

# To take the blues away #

# Must be love #

# Love, love #

# It must be love #

# Love, love #

# Nothing more, nothing less #

# Love is the best #

# How can it be that we can #

# Say so much #

# Without words? #

# Bless you and bless me, baby #

# Bless the bees #

# And the birds #

# I've got to be near you every night #

# Every day #

# Couldn't be happy #

# Any other way #

# It must be love #

# Love, love #

# It must be love #

# Love, love #

# Nothing more #

# Nothing less #

# Love is the best #

# As soon as I wake up every night #

# Every day #

# I know that it's you I need #

# To take the blues away #

# Must be love #

# Love, love #

# It must be love #

# Love, love. #

I'm sorry, I can't stop thinking about you.

Any chance we can find some time during the day?