The Mad Doctor of Market Street (1942) Script

Good evening, Saunders.

Good evening, doctor.

Well, have you made up your mind?

Well I, thought I'd like to talk to you again.

All right.

I can think of nothing further to discuss however.

Other then to say that my offer still holds good and I'm anxious to proceed.

You see I've gone as far as I can in my scientific research among the lower animals and my experiments in that field met with complete success.

But it obvious that my findings will not be accepted for the medical world until they have first been demonstrated upon a human being.

And if your experiment fails?

Oh, have no fear my dear boy.

Have no fear.

All these have been placed in a state of suspended animation for various periods of time.

During which previously induced diseases have been completely cured.

Do you know what that means man?

Disease, the scourge of humanity will be cast out.

Human beings will be placed in a cataleptic state until a cure is effected.

Then resuscitated and returned to normal life.

Think of it man.

The span of human life will be prolonged indefinitely.

And think of the part you're playing in this great boon to mankind.

Right now my interest in mankind comes a little closer to home.

How long do you think your wife and family had a square meal?

Too long.

Well uh, wouldn't a thousand dollars go a long way towards solving that problem?

How long would you wanna keep me that way?

Oh, only long enough to substantiate my theories.

If anything happens, you'll see that my wife gets this money?

Nothing will happen my dear boy, nothing.

Now, let me have your coat.

That's right.

Now take your place on the table, roll up your right sleeve and relax.

You should've gotten in touch with us sooner Mrs. Saunders.

I had to come all the way from sunnyvale.

I, I didn't realize what he planned to do until, until he didn't come home last night.

This is not the first complaint we've had about this self appointed doctor.

If we can just get something definite on him, we'll do the public a great service.

Give it the shoulder.

All right, break it down boys.


= afraid we're too late.

For years the medical profession has feared the results of this outlaw scientist's experiments.

We've done everything in our power to curve his activities.

Pick up Ralph Benson, 5'9" tall, gray eyes, heavy set.

Wears a close cropped beard.

Last known whereabouts are the vicinity of market and peck streets.

Wanted for murder.

= flash.

At 7 o'clock this morning a general police call was sounded for one Ralph Benson.

A pseudo scientist wanted for the alleged murder of r.B. Saunders.

It is believed that Saunders came to his death while a subject of Benson's experimentation's in the realm of suspended animation.

The medical profession has joined hands with the police in an all out effort to apprehend the mad doctor of market street.

Oh, miss wentworth?

When you get a chance will you introduce me to that swell lookin' niece of yours?

= I'm the niece.

= huh?

Well can you imagine that?

Oh uh, I'm sorry.

= Patricia?


Why hello aunt Margaret, how darling you look.

Do you know Mr. Hadley? Oh, yes of course.

How are you Mr. Hadley?

Why, fine thank you.

It's so nice of you to ask me to dance.

You don't mind do you pat?

= well there isn't much I can do if Mr. Hadley prefers you.

Why, you didn't say anything about that. Oh, don't say another word.

If it were any other woman but my aunt I'd be jealous.

Put on your shin guards.

Next time I have a niece she's gonna be younger then me.

Tell me more about Shanghai, Mr. Hadley.

I just love the Chinese.

They're so, so oriental.

Do ya?


Well, good evening miss wentworth.

Oh, hello.

= you remember me?

I'm your deck steward.

Why ves, of course.

How are you?

I'm fine thank you.

Would you like to dance?

Why, I'd love to.

The deck steward's place is on the deck.

Remember that.

= yes sir.

I'm sorry.

But I...

Well colonel, do you still think he's on board?

There's no question about it captain.

He must've dyed his hair or shaved his beard.

He might be a little difficult to identify but we've got over a week before we get to New Zealand.

It isn't a very pleasant thing to know that you've got a murderer loose on your ship.

You see, an ordinary killer is easy to catch.

This fellow Benson is clever, very clever.

And a little crazy.

I wouldn't be surprised.

Excuse me, you're wanted on the bridge sir.

Very well.

Do you wanna come along?

No thank you, I'll see you later.

Evening Mr. crandall.

Oh, it's you Mr. Graham.

Yes, I thought I'd take a breath of fresh air.

It's rather stuffy in the salon.

= thanks.

You're getting off in New Zealand, that right?


What's your destination?

= Australia.

You have business in New Zealand?

Not vet.

I'm going to take a look around and if I find a suitable location.

What's your line Mr. Graham?


Oh, look.

There's a ship.

Must be five miles away.

There's something fascinating about passing a ship.

Yes there is.

Must be a freighter.

No, I think that's a passenger boat.

Suppose I might be wrong but...

= man overboard!

Man overboard!

Man overboard!

= man overboard sir.

Stand by.

= there's a man overboard!

Who was it?

I don't know, they're goin' back.

Maybe they can find him.

Oh, isn't it exciting?

Just when things were getting dull.

Aunt Margaret.

Oh, come on.

Turn on the search light.

Lower away!

Now lower!

There! - Never find him.

= guess he took the count huh?

How perfectly awful.

If he had only learned to swim.

Well captain?

= I'm afraid it's no use.

Order the men back to the ship.


Return to ship!

Good morning.


= oh I uh, I hope I didn't embarrass you last night.

= not at all.

You see, I'm not up in this nautical etiquette uh, this is my first and last trip.

Being discharged?

No, this is sort of a post graduate course in working my way through college.


I'm on my way to Australia to get a job at a hospital there.

I just completed by internship.

Well, I wish you the best of luck.

Well, isn't there something I can get for you?

No, thank you.

How 'bout a cup of bouillon or maybe a sandwich?

Just had my breakfast.

= how 'bout a nice blanket?

Oh, you'd love a blanket.

It's good for you.

=t don't think I need it.

Oh, we have to look after our passengers you know?

That's what we get paid for.

Look, for your information this is the south seas and it's a very warm day.

Well that's just the time to watch out.

Why, most people catch cold on warm days.

= but I don't want a blanket.



I'm sorry, I'm terribly sorry.

I can't understand what could've happened.

The chair must've not been put together right.

What's going on here?

Oh, why gee sir, the chair collapsed and then miss wentworth collapsed and I, well I was just trying to help uh, un collapse her.

Will one of you gentlemen please help me up?

= that's all.

I'll take care of this.

Anything else miss?

No, thank you.

You can go.

= yes sir.

You know the man, the one who fell overboard.

Well he didn't fall overboard, he was pushed.

Pushed, but why?

He was a detective.

He sailed with us to capture Ralph Benson.

That name's familiar.

Well you must remember, the papers was full of it.

He's a chemist who's been experimenting with suspended life?

Oh, didn't he kill a man and then try to make him live again?

Mm hm, that's the man.

And his Guinea pig double crossed him and stayed dead.

= t remember now.

Have they arrested him?

Well that's the trouble, they don't know who he is.

He's probably changed his appearance.

Don't you worry.

It was the detective he was after and he got him.

= oh.

Aunt Margaret?

You know that man who drowned last night?

Mm hm.

He didn't commit suicide, he was murdered.

Oh, well that does make a difference doesn't it?

Murdered aunt Margaret, murdered.

= murdered?



Well then he's dead.

He not only drowned that detective, he's wanted for murder too.

= no.

Don't tell anybody, it's a secret.

They're, they're trying to keep the whole thing very quiet.

He's a murderer.

'Course he goes in a round about way to do it but he does it.

That's positively invigoratin'.

= isn't it?

Oh, well there's somebody I haven't told.

Excuse me.

= sure.

Oh, Mr. Graham I've been looking all over for you.



We're up to our ears in a murder mystery and it's right under our noses too.

You don't say?

Yes I do.

The murderers name is Ralph Benson and he's right on this very ship.

Aunt Margaret?

Oh, oh yes darling.

I'm coming.

Uh, excuse me please.

Aunt Margaret, I don't wanna tell you what to do but you've got to be more careful with whom you talk.

Don't forget this Ralph Benson person is much more successful at killing people then he is at bringing them back to life.

Oh my goodness.

Uh, just forget what I said.

= pleasure.


There's a fire in the hold sir, beyond control.

Close your above head doors.

Stand by for further orders.

= yes sir.

= fire in the hull sir.

It's beyond control.

= man the fire stations.

Take necessary precautions.

Yes sir.

The ship's burning!

= miss wentworth?

Miss wentworth, wake up!

= oh!

What do you want?

Where's Patricia?

= t don't know.

Come on, you gotta get off the boat.

= what in the middle of the ocean?

Don't be silly.

My ticket's good to New Zealand.

= but the boat's on fire.

I still say that my ticket - what?

Oh I'll sue the company, that's what I'll do.

Ti and a million friends.

Oh this is, I wasn't warned about anything like this.

Now take your coat!

Aunt Margaret!

Aunt Margaret!

= Patricia!

= Patricia!

= oh there she is!

Aunt Margaret!

We've been lookin' everywhere!

This boat's full, take the next one!

I'm getting on this boat!

There's room on the next one.

This way!

All right!

Lower away!

Radio our position.

Stand by to abandon ship.

= yes sir.

S.s. Paradise, she's on fire.

= general broadcast.

Stand by all ships.

S.s. Paradise on fire sinking fast.

15 degrees eight minutes south, 173 degrees, 23 minutes west.

Pick up survivors near islands.

Haven't you any idea of where we are?

Well, it could be any one of a dozen islands.

If our signal got through we'll be picked up all right.

Well I hope so.

I must get to New Zealand, I simply must.

Aunt Margaret's planning to be married.


But, every time I get there sir Archibald has just left.

You know, this is my sixth trip to New Zealand.

Or is it seven?

I must speak to him about that.

Hey you know I'm booked to fight mulligan.

If I don't show up he'll think I took a powder.

Well, all we need is some food and we'll have breakfast.

Did you see any signs of other survivors or people that might live here?

No, Mr. Graham.

I don't believe there's anybody else on the island.

Tanao must live.

Tanao will die.

Why you say tanao die?

White man come to island.

White man bring evil spirits.

Every time traders come, people die.

They go in fire.

Get white man.

When stars shine we burn evil spirits and tanao get well.

Can't complain about a life of excitement.

A murder mystery, a shipwreck and now we're the prisoners of a bunch of savages.

Why did they bring us here?

What are they gonna do with us?

Oh stop asking questions.

You sound like one of them quiz programs.

= oh!

Uh, how do you do?

I beg your pardon?


Very interesting.

Artistic in a crude sort of way.

Aunt Margaret, isn't there something we can...

Say, mister would you please get out of the way?

Oh, you should be more careful of what you eat.

If you please hm?

Why they're, they're building a big fire.

Maybe they're gonna give us a weenie roast.

= I'll take mine with mustard.

They're gonna burn us in that fire.

I shouldn't be surprised.

They're a very superstitious tribe and think we are evil.

Well, I'm superstitious too but I don't go around burning people.

Hey, this could be serious huh?

You're going to put us in that fire?

Hey, wait a minute, are you on the level about givin' us this jungle hot foot?

I'll take these four.

Take your hands off of me.

Cut it out or I'll slap 'em dead.

You can't do this to me I tell ya!

= tanao??

Tanao dead.

Evil spirits kill her.

I can bring her back to life.

I can make your tanao live again.

= but tanao dead.

Yes, I khow but I can bring her back to life.

You do that you'll have anything.

= black case in boat.

Bring it quickly.

In boat?

= boat we came in on beach.

Must have black box.



= you know who he is?


= tanao lives.

Tanao lives.


= elan?

= you god of life.

We your slaves.

He'd be handy to have around.

= make a swell second.

= you like?

Very much.

Anything you want you ask.

= I'll do that.

= tanao much better.

Oh, I'm glad to hear that.

Did you break up the boat as I told you?

My people must not leave the island.

= you wanted to see us?

Yes, come in.

Hey, that was a great trick you done there.

How 'bout showin' me so I can be the life of the party.

I'm afraid you haven't the mentality to learn it.

What's the idea of ordering people around?

It's a habit I've acquired, a very pleasant one.

I dare say you know that I'm Ralph Benson, and naturally you're aware that I'm wanted for murder but there's nothing you can do about it.

Oh, we could have you arrested.

There's a law against murder and you know it.

There's only one law here at present and that's mine.

Please remember that.

I asked you here because I wanted to tell you we're all remaining on this island.


So that I may continue my experiments.

Before long I'll be able to bring people back who've been dead for months, maybe years.

I'll be the greatest man who ever set foot on this earth.

All will honor my name.

Well what do you want us for?

Well naturally I have no intention of you informing the police of my whereabouts.

Besides, it might be necessary for me to experiment upon the more civilized.

That'll be all for the present.

Maybe I shoulda let him have one huh?

Wonder why he put us so far from the settlement.

He isn't afraid we'll run away.

You don't get off an island without a boat.

Benson took care of ours.

= he sure is a screwball.

Yes and crazy too.

Do you think he meant what he said?

If you're talkin' about his experimenting ti don't see how he can do that with us.

He wants to bring the dead back to life and we aren't dead.

He could remedy that.

= you mean croak us?

Oh now, isn't that silly with all the people dying every day.

What's that?

It's an airplane.

They're looking for us.

Where is it?

= yoo hoo!

Yoo hoo!

Oh, here we are!

Down here!

We're right down here, wait for me.

They picked up a couple a dozen on an island just south of here.

= great.

We haven't done so badly ourselves.

I'd like to split that $5,000 reward offered by sir Archibald.



= wait for me.

Help, pilot!

Oo, 00, pilot look!

Here we are down here!

Margaret they can't hear you.

They can't?


= let's take a look on the other side.


Hey fellas!


= pilot!

Hey, woo hoo!

Oh pilot!

Woo look!

I thought we had 'em for a minute.

You tried, that's all anyone can do.

Now we'll never get off the island.

Look bub, anytime you want your jaw broken just let me know.

I was nearly in New Zealand.

Hey Maggie, was you ever in burlesque?

Oh no.


Tanao happy you save her life.

= oh hello tanao.

For you.

Oh, thank you tanao.

= you no like flowers?

Oh yes, yes of course but just now there are things of more importance, much more importance.

Put them over there on the table tanao.

God of life bring back more people from dead?

Someday tanao.

Someday I shall bring many people back from dead.

Someday because of me, there will be no death.

That's why I must go on with my great work.

Nothing must interfere with it.

How you do, bring back people from dead?

= sit down tanao.

You like flowers?

Smell pretty.


What's that?


He call pretty girls to village.

You like to have wife?

= I'm afraid not tanao.

You come to village.

Elan give you prettiest girl on island.

= you don't understand tanao.

Nothing must interfere with my work.

= t understand.

You bring white girl here to make wife.

No tanao, I'm afraid even that pleasant prospect must not interfere with my experiments.

Maybe white wife help experiment.

Sometime wife help in great work.

You've given me an excellent idea.

Maybe white wife would help in great work.

Maybe white wife completely necessary to my experiments.

Guess I know what you're thinking about.

Seems like a long time ago, the boat and all that.

I was pretty fresh.

= but cute.

You know I'm sorry we didn't have that dance.

Oh, that's all right.

We'll have a lot of dances together, you'll see.

My imagination isn't that keen.

First we've gotta get off the island.

That plane will come back.

You'll enjoy New Zealand.

It's a great country.

I planned to look around after aunt Margaret got married.

= you know there's an island down there where stealing cattle is capital punishment.

Stealing a goat is grand larceny.

Stealing a woman is petty larceny.

I suppose I should be insulted.

Well let me assure young lady, there's nothing petty about me.

For instance, a couple of days ago if I did this,

I'd probably gotten a slap in the face, and now...

I sure wish they had some plumbing on this island.

You know it's a sleepers jump to that well.

= uh oh.

Hey folks, the boogeyman is here.

Anybody want a headache?

Well, well old hocus pocus himself.

Good morning all.

I trust you're comfortable?

Most comfortable thank you.

Look Benson, some arrangement should be made to get the women off the island.

And be deprived of such charming companions?

Oh I'm sorry.

I shall have to veto your heroic gesture.

Look, you know you're gettin' kinda heavy around the middle.

How 'bout you and me workin' out?

You know, boxin' a little?

It'll put ya in condition.

Thank you.

My condition is quite satisfactory.

I came over here to invite you and Patricia to have dinner with me this evening.

Oh, thank you Mr. Benson but we have a previous engagement.

I'm afraid you'll have to break it.

I'll be expecting you.

Good morning.

Easy red.

I'll be he wants to poison us.

Oh, I'm sure he doesn't wanna do that but, he definitely has some reason.

Well, then let's invite him over here and poison him.

Oh no I mean it!

Ti do.

Try some papaya, they're delightful.

Thank you, I tasted them when I was in Honolulu.

I wish we'd stayed there.

You're not a very pleasant person.

= well I like that.

I don't have to stay here... Aunt Margaret, we're not in as fortunate a position as Mr. Benson.

He can say what he pleases.

That's right.

You ladies have nothing to complain about.

If it hadn't been for me you'd have been burned alive but just think of it, my genius has turned an island of savages to devoted slaves.

= incredible.

I asked you here tonight for a very definite purpose.

That's what we thought.

To accomplish what I want it may be necessary for me to remain on the island for several years, and I don't see any reason why I should live alone.

You, understand?

Not exactly.

I'm asking you to marry me.

= you can't be serious.

Now don't tell me to shut up.

Listen Mr. genius, you wouldn't dare speak to my niece like that if it weren't for the fact...

Please aunt Margaret, it won't do you any good to excite yourself.

Mr. Benson, I appreciate your compliment, but your proposal is quite impossible.

I don't agree with you.

However, you have until tomorrow to make your decision.

= wish I'd have been there.

I'd have torn him apart.

Oh, I thought of that but it wouldn't have done any good.

He'd just put himself together again.

= you can't reason with him.

He's a crazy man obsessed with power.

That's a pretty dangerous combination.

Well there's only one thing to do.

Marry him.

Why didn't you go down with the ship.

Well at least I'll have to give him some answer.

Promise to marry him or something.

If you could just stall him, we might be able to get away.

I was thinking of that.

There are other islands nearby.

Hey I'll get a canoe off of one of them natives if I gotta take 'em all on.

Well, one at a time.

Pat, do you think you could stall him?

Well, I'll try.

I do hope you'll forgive me for talking shop especially when there's so much more important things to talk about.

Our marriage for instance.

Oh, I'd like to talk about that.


I think it would turn out very nice but uh, I don't think there's any reason why we should rush into it.

Probably a couple of weeks.

Well that's uh, a little too indefinite.

Well shall we say a few days then?

Is that better?

= oh much better.

I'll tell the chief to make preparations.

We'll have a mating ceremony, huh?

I can't help but notice your change of attitude and I'd even get the impression that you liked me.

Oh I admire you very much.

You're clever.

Thank you my dear.

This is perfect for my first experiment.

I can seal the body up in there.

And later restore it to life.

I guess you could.

You know my dear, I shall soon be able to bring back life to a person who's been dead for three days or more, just as the natives worship me, call me the god of life, so shall all the people of the earth.

Mark my words.

= of course.

Do you uh, still intend to experiment on the more civilized?

Oh yes, ves, yes but uh, that's no matter for my future wife to worry about.

T have the choice of three men.

= which one?

Well I haven't decided yet.

That's a mere detail.

= this is it red.

Stay here and don't let anybody take the boat.

I'll get the others.

Don't worry about me.

I'm the best little canoe watcher you ever saw.

Go ahead, beat it.

Well, we're all set.

We've got a boat.

Wow! Where is it?

Down by the lagoon.

Red's on the job.

Come on, let's get this stuff down there.

I'll help you.

No, Dwight and I can manage.

Come on.

Get yourself an armful there.

Get all this stuff down there.

= Jim?

You say she's with other man?


Your woman put arms around sailor man.

Where are they now?

= where she live.

Tell elan I want to see him, quick.

I can't understand what's keeping him.

Well, let's get started.

We don't have to wait for him.

Now you wait here.

I'll look for the skipper.


Oh, why don't they hurry?

There's not much longer then we have to wait.

Somebody's bound to find us.

Well we can't leave without them.

Don't be crazy.

This is our one chance to get away.

There's food enough there for the three of us but the five us, we'll never make it.

Why you, you can't do a thing like that.

T never...

=t can't can I?

I'm not gonna let that that crackpot kill me.

Oh aunt Margaret!

Come back here!

Come back here!


Hey, what happened?

Where's the boat?

Dwight took it.

He did?

That dirty double crosser.

Did you find Jim?

I was up to the hut, didn't get the grub.

It was all over the floor.

Looks like there was a fight or somethin'.

I'll bet Benson got him.

Oh pat, where are you going?

I'm going to find Benson.

Hey, wait a minute, we'll all go.

I'm coming.

You shall the honor of being my first experiment.

I'm going to put you to sleep.

A long sleep of death.

Why you lunatic!

I regret you won't have the pleasure of witnessing my marriage to miss Patricia.

Why you!

= put him in there.

Why don't they do as I ask?

My people afraid you put man in ground, no go to sky.

Tell them not to worry.

Ti god of life.

My people 'fraid.

= tell them not to be.

Send them back to the village.

= where's Jim?

= in there.

He is my experiment.

You've got to get him out of there.

Don't stand there and stare at me, you've got to get him out of there.

Don't get excited my dear.

I'll do exactly as you wish.

However he'll remain in there until after our marriage.

When will that be?

As soon as possible.

= for show huh?

Well I, I've kept my promise.

You want me to bring your sailor back to life.

Is that it?

I married you because I had no choice.

Oh don't say that darling.

After all there is my vanity to consider.

Please, you've got to keep your promise.

Have I?

Mr. hogan, I knew it, we have to go to work on him.

Okay Maggie.

Listen uh, man in ground bring evil spirit.

Look fellas, god of life ought to get man out of ground.

Hey chief, chief, chief?

Evil spirit"s know white man all covered up with rocks.

Evil spirit's gonna be plenty sore.

You can't blame him.

Evil spirits no want man dead.

Want man live.

Why did the drums stop?

Guess I'm gettin' kinda smart huh?

I'll give ya odds either way.

Hey Maggie?

What's this?

Tell 'em to go away.

Dance or something.

They no go way.

Man in ground evil.

They think you can no bring back dead.

I can bring him back any time I wish to.

= you do now.

Make man live.

All right.

Bring him to my hut.

He's alive.

= Jim?

How do you feel skipper?

Can you make it all right?

Fine, yeah.

Oh, when you came back to life I thought I'd die.

= t wasn't dead.

Just a case of suspended animation.

The idea itself isn't new.

Several scientists have suspended life by freezing.

People have been kept alive indefinitely that way.

= nol!

Yeah, but what about tanao?

Oh, she had a heart attack and Benson was smart enough to take advantage of the situation.

Now that your alive the natives believe in him more then ever.

Yeah, that's the trouble.

If there were only some way we could break down their blind faith in it.

Hey, what's that?

It's barab.

He's drowned.

Oh, poor man!


I'd like to see Benson bring this baby back to life.

I got it. Here give me a hand.

Look out, you'll strain yourself.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna break up the honeymoon and get us all off the island.

Now you said somethin'.

What is this?

He drowned.

Why'd you bring him here?

= take him out or I'll call the natives.

I don't think you'll do that.

If you do they'll know you're a quack.

= you can't restore this natives life.

Who says I can't?

It so happens I've studied medicine.

You've suspended life all right which is not a great miracle, but you've never brought anyone back from the dead and I don't believe you're going to start now.

Why don't you call the natives?

What do you want?

Make arrangements so we can all get off the island.

Yeah, and you can stay here and be the big shot.

I'll arrange for you to leave in the morning.

T'lll remove this.

Oh no, we'll keep barab until we're ready to leave.

You might change your mind.

= barab dead?

You go back to the hut elan.

Barab will be all right.

= you make him live now.

But, it will take time.

You do it quick with tanao, with sailor boy.

You do it now with barab.

= barab evil.

Evil spirits.

If I make him live then all your children will die.

You understand?

All your children will die.

= barab not evil.

Our children not die.

You bring him back.

You make him live.

Bring him in here.

Benson's got himself on the spot.

= and us too I'm afraid.

We gotta get outta here.

Come on.

Him no can do.

I can!

But send them away.

They no go away.

They my people.

Didn't I make tanao live?

You make barab live before sun come up or you go in fire.

Sun come up.

Barab no live.

= you can't.

= you make fire.

You can't kill me I tell you.

I've got a wife, remember?

Nol let me go, let me go!

You, you can't kill me!

I, I've got a wife.

I, I'll bring him back.

Maybe we can light a fire and, and signal a passing ship.

If one passes.

Oh, we're fresh out of matches for one thing red.

Am, am I hearing things?

= oh!

It's a plane!

It's coming from over there!

Maybe it's a mirage.

= oh!

No, no!

No it's a plane!

It's a plane!



= sure I saw a fire.

Could be a signal.

Hey! Hey!

Hey Mr. pilot! Hey down here!

You were right boy.

We got ourselves a load.

And a couple of women too.

I hope it's sir Archibald's lady friend.

I'll put down on the beach.

I think they saw us.

They're headed for the beach!

= natives!

Come on!

Well, don't you think we ought to say goodbye?

Come here!

Let's get goin'.

The natives are goin' berserk!

Get outta here quick!

Give her the gun!

After we're married red, I'd like you to come and visit us.

Aw, thanks Maggie.

Soon as I ko this here mulligan I'd sure like to meet this Archie guy.

After you visit aunt Margaret red, you might spend a little time with us.

Is that a proposal?

Well I can't wait for you to propose to me can I?