The Magic Flute (1975) Script




Help ! Help ! I am in danger !

A dragon pursues me.

O gods! Do you hear?

He is very close to here.

Very close, do you hear it?

Protect me!

Help me !

Die then, frightful dragon struck by our harpoons!


You are saved thanks to our brave courage.

He is saved !

No one has our bravery.

This is a very handsome young man.

He is charming, this youngster!

Oh, yes, really, it's a delight!

If I had to like one day, I would give him my love.

Quick ! Let's run to see our Queen and describe him this scene.

Maybe through him, his soul will find peace.

Go find her, I'll take care of him.

No, go ahead, I'll stay.

Here is what I say: I will stand guard!

I will watch over him!

I will stand guard!

I will protect him.

It's always like that !

Why me ?

It's always like that ! Why me ?

She wants to move us away.

Oh no, she will not succeed!

I will do everything to watch it.

My plan fails, they will not leave.

I want to be alone with him.

It's impossible, we too!

Then we will leave together.

Goodbye, Adonis my good friend... We'll meet again, you and me.

Goodbye, we'll meet again.

Never will you see through woods a fowler better than me.

I am known from hill to valley.

I'm trilling... the beautiful bird is captured!

I imitate all the songs of birds and you will see him very soon.

My cheerfulness attracts the birds and my name is Papageno.

He is happy, the tame bird.

I am sad, dissatisfied and I'm walking solo.

I only seduce birds.

Not a single girl to hear my pretty trills.

A charming puppet to me alone, and cute.

You scared him! What were you doing ?

I hunt for the Queen of the Night.

Shall I be in his kingdom? You met her?

Certainly not ! You are crazy ?

Imagine, by chance, that she shows herself to mortals?

Why are you looking at me? You saved me from the dragon.

A dragon ?

The essential thing is what we did with it.

But you do not have a weapon!

A good grip is enough.

No wine today, but fresh and pure water... and a stone instead of bread.

Instead of figs, I have the honor to put you this.

Keep calm, Prince Tamino.

Our Queen offers you this medallion, it is a portrait of her daughter.

If his face does not leave you indifferent, then fortune, honor and fame will belong to you.

Perfect beauty ! I'm charmed.

Perfection, you disarmed me.

Yes, I burn and I catch fire!

The beauty of this woman touched my heart and my soul.

I do not know yet why, for you that I do not know,

my heart is caught in a fire.

Is it Love that I was waiting for?

Yes, it is Love, I believe it.

I sense it, recognize it.

It is the Love I was waiting for.

Where is she ? I do not know.

To find it, I would go very far.

Do I dream?

Is this really true?

What is my dream, really?

May she appear before me, May she be there, let me see her.

That she finally reveals herself to me, that I take her in my arms... and let it be mine forever!

The path of Bliss is open to you.

Our Queen has heard you.

She knew how to read in your heart.

Now she is certain that her daughter will be saved.

A dark power delighted Pamina.

In May, while sleeping under cypresses.

Sarastro slipped towards her and...

He is an evil being!

It can take all forms.

And that's how he delighted Pamina.

I will save her.

By my love, I swear!

Listen, Tamino. Do you hear the storm in the distance?

Twilight descends on the mountains.

Our Queen is coming.

Do not be afraid, my young friend.

I read in your heart today.

He is pure, brave and true.

You alone have strength and power to help me in my despair.

All my joy went away.

I'm waiting for my daughter And all my heart, without it, beats in pain.

A vile demon troubled my peace,

the day she was kidnapped.

How to forget his terror, his vain struggle and his tears?

His complaints, in the distance, that I heard:

" Help ! "

But I could only hear it while they came to pick me up.

I was only impotence and weakness.

Your strength, your courage and your sword.

You will not fear any danger.

If you could release her, forever she would belong to you.

I sleep... or am I awake?

Is it a dream... or reality?

You were punished hastily and implacably.

I pity you, friend, only... to help you, I am incapable.

Our Queen, full of grace, this gag you rid.

Papageno is talking again!

The truth must be said. I will never lie again!

That you serve as a lesson! I understand the lesson.

If the lying mouth was sealed a padlock, a lock, a key...

Peace and fraternity would flourish.

Slander and evil would dissipate.

Very noble prince, I give you a present from His Majesty.

It's an enchanted flute.

It will help you in danger.

If you play, you can charm those whom your road will cross.

Sadness regains joy.

The loneliness will disappear.

It's an enchanted flute.

Treasure like no other.

His notes will bring peace awakening the soul of his sleep.

It's getting late, okay?

I salute you and go away.

No, our Queen tells us that you must obey: you will have to follow Tamino towards the castle from Sarastro.

No thanks, very little for me!

All that does not concern me.

If the prince did not triumph, I would finish roasted to perfection!

Poor me !

The prince will protect you and you, you will be his valet.

To hell with that one!

I care about myself, I love my life! Beautiful sentences I'm suspicious.

But you leave with this present.

What will I find in there?

The crystalline sound of bells.

May I try?

They are yours, they will ring.

Magic flute, clear bells, in danger, protect us!

Good luck, brave men!

Goodbye, we'll meet again!

Tell us what the path is.

Where does Sarastro live? Is it far ?

Three angels of the highest spheres will guide you on your way.

They will tell you what to do.

Listen to them without a doubt.

Three angels of the highest spheres will guide us on our way.

We will tell you what to do and follow us without a doubt.

Let's leave without waiting tomorrow.

They will show us the way.

Farewell, valiant men, we will meet again.

Pamina, you are my captive.

Oh, sweetheart, do not break it!

You are mine, beautiful naive.

I do not care so much about life, but my poor mother, I say, will die of too much sorrow.

I'll shut you up until tomorrow, you can not escape.

Kill me, barbarian, without waiting, I have no one to defend me.

Go away, leave us alone!

By all the devils, where am I?

It's Pamina! She's here, let's go.

Good evening, sweetie! But... you cry?

It's the devil, I swear!

Please, have mercy!

Save me !

Who are you ?

A messenger of the Queen of the Night.

My mother... What is your name ?

My name is Papageno. Let's see...

"Very beautiful eyes. "

Yes, but a little red.

" Blond hair. "

"Scarlet lips"... That's right, they are red.

Everything is absolutely true except for the feet, there is none on the portrait.

Who gave it to you?

It's a very long story. A prince entrusted it to me.

Which prince?

I do not really know,

but I have a portrait of him.

Your mother is infatuated with him. She sends him to deliver you from Sarastro.

I came in scout.

Tamino fell in love with you.


He loves me ?

So why is not he here?

We took different paths. A bird drove me here.

What time is it ?

It's dusk.

So, Sarastro will come from one moment to another.

Come !

This brute is Sarastro?

It's Monostatos. If you knew...

I imagine ! He looks like a...

It is one!

Come, hurry up!

Is it a trap? Are you a bad genius of Sarastro?

Me ? I am the best genius in the world!

Sorry ! I can see that you have a good heart.

A heart of gold. Hurry up.

What good is my good heart?

Since there is no Papagena for Papageno.


Not the shadow of a friend to brighten my life.

Destiny will be good and will send you the woman of your dreams.

Every man, by the awake Love, is all tenderness and kindness.

Every woman is ready for who loves him with real love.

Love is in us day and night a source of infinite joys.

Love alleviates torments and multiplies in time.

Nature is born of Love.

In him everything is renewed.

The Master of Work created Love.

The hand of God wove in her and in him, this divine thread that unites them.

The hand of God that leads them.

This is the path you must follow.

Only your goal must make you live.

You know what is asked of you.

Be without fear, be patient... and silent.

But tell me, secret friends, when will I have to release it?

We can not say it yet.

Be without fear, be patient... and silent.

Listen to us and this treasure is yours for eternity.

Without fear, patient and silent...

Let's listen to their warning.

Where am I ? What should I do ? O gods!

Is it the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven?

These doors and columns are much more perfect than human work.

This Art exceeds all beauty!

Like that, I never live.

Who is the master of these places whose harmony delights the eyes?

Without fear, let's dare to cross the threshold.

My goal is noble, my heart is pure.

Sarastro! Tremble, scoundrel!

I'm coming to deliver Pamina.

I have to deliver Pamina.

Back !

Back ?

So, let's take this path.

Back !

On each threshold, they send me back?

Here is another entrance. Will one try to stop?

Stranger, what are you looking for in this sacred Sanctuary?

The one who must reign on my heart.

This is a high design!

But this Kingdom is closed to you.

Love has not guided your steps.

Hate and evil are in you.

This is the hate of the bad guy!

Here, nobody is mean.

Am I not at Sarastro?

Yes, you are good at Sarastro.

In the Temple of Wisdom!

Yes, in this Temple of Wisdom.

So, everything is hypocrisy!

Would you get out of here?

Yes, I leave you. I am leaving !

I leave your "temple", it's done!

Express yourself more clearly, you certainly misunderstand yourself.

Sarastro reigns here. Would not I have said enough?

Friend, if you want to live, tell me everything and stay here.

Would you hate Sarastro? Yes, I hate him only too much.

He is a holy and great man.

He is a brute and a tyrant!

What allows you to say it?

His victim, between two sighs, says he stole his child.

We abuse you, of course!

Through his mouth, a snake spoke.

Did not you see that she was cheating on you?

If Sarastro was here, you would hear what he says.

It's as clear as crystal: his goal, my friend, is Evil!

He takes it away from his mother without fearing his anger.

I agree, it's the truth.

Where is she ? Has he sacrificed it?

Has he ever murdered him?

My son, will you wait patiently?

I can not reveal anything to you.

Speak! Tell me the truth !

I must, however, remain silent.

When will I finally see myself in darkness?

When will guide you Friendship

to the great fraternity.

Eternal night, where is your end?

Will dawn finally behave?

My son...


or never again.

Soon ? Soon or never again.

Invisible beings, answer me.

Does she live? Does she live, my Pamina?


is alive.

She lives ! She lives !

Invisible beings, thank you very much.

See, my joy is unmixed and I will sing your praises.

And each note, in your honor will come straight out of my heart.

Mighty is your enchanted breath, sweet flute, flute so beautiful.

Your voice gives the poor mortal from your Paradise, an idea.

Powerful is your enchanted breath...

Sweet flute, flute so beautiful.

Your voice gives the poor mortal from your Paradise, an idea.

But Pamina...

Pamina does not hear you.

My Pamina does not hear you.

Listen to me !

Or ?

Or ? Or ? Where are you hiding ?

It's the Papageno Pipe!

If my beauty was with him, she would hear the melody.

My beloved is delivered!

Agile feet, flawless courage keep us from black battles.

Quick, Tamino, hurry up, or we'll catch up with you.

Let's play instead of my pipe.

We answer, it's Tamino!

He is not far off, now I hear his flute clearly.

Do you hear his magic flute?

What a joy if I found it!

Quick ! We can catch up.

Oh yes ! I caught you!

I will teach you the manners.

Bring me chains and irons.

You want to disappoint me? So, you'll see!

Bring me chains and irons.

You are lost, anyway.

Hurry, slaves, I tell you!

It's a bad day today.

Slaves, come, come here!

Our life hangs by a thread.

Ring bells, ring your most beautiful chime.

Sound, the freedom you will give us.

It sounds so clear and so cheerful! May this air never stop!

If here below, every kind man had these priceless bells.

His enemies, yes, very soon, would become much more friendly.

And harmony would settle in our entire universe.

Long live Sarastro, our master Sarastro.

And now, what happens? These people, what do they want from us?

You see, for us everything is over.

Yes, because Sarastro is here.

If I were a baby, I would hide myself immediately!

If I were a snail, I'd fall asleep soon!

What are we going to tell him?

You will tell him the truth.

You must never hide anything.

Long live Sarastro, our master Sarastro!

In joy, we submit to the descendant of Solomon.

He leads us to wisdom in honor and in joy.

I am very guilty.

Father, I wanted to escape you.

But I'm not responsible.

The Maure was trying to seduce me and through him, I was scared.

So, I tried to run away.

Do not be afraid and believe in me.

I know the secret of your heart.

I know this young man.

The one to whom your love you give.

You do well to follow his path.

But I can not free you, my daughter.

My mother, the Queen of the Night, for having lost me, is in tears.

Your mother is at my mercy!

As sad as her tears are, she would destroy your life if you do what she tells you.

I need only be my mother.

She is weak and proud.

I am the only one to guide your heart.

Seeking advice from me.

I lead you to happiness.

Proud young man, come here! This is Sarastro, our King.

It's him ! It's her !

No, I do not dream. I surround him with my arms.

Death can not touch us anymore.

What unworthy!

What fools! Separate, I order you!

Your slave is throwing himself at your feet. Do you want to reward him?

Are you cheating that scoundrel who was robbing Pamina?

But thanks to my intervention, I stopped these two knaves.

That is true. We will reward you.

To this man, according to the law... In advance, be thanked.

... give 555 lashes.

Oh no, oh no!

Do not thank me, see!

Long live Sarastro, divine sage, who guides us on the way!

In the Temple, guide these strangers for their probationary test.

Let their eyes be veiled.

That they finally find the real look.

When virtue and clarity

in every man will be sovereign, the transfigured humanity...

will live in a divine world.


Brothers and friends, I solemnly declare that this assembly is of utmost importance.

Tamino is waiting at the north gate.

He longs to find the purpose and meaning of his life.

His greatest desire is to belong to our fraternity.

Is his heart pure?

Does he ignore fear?

Is he silent?

Do you how worthy he is?

I intend Tamino to my daughter Pamina.

That's why I took it from his mother, which is dominated by a foolish pride.

She would like to reduce our Temple to ashes.

She wants to destroy the Holy Scriptures and wants to secretly dominate the world.

Pamina and Tamino will be the guardians of the Principle.

You want Pamina and Tamino reign on our Holy Alliance?

The beginning of Wisdom lies in a real love between two people.

That's why I want to abdicate, in favor of Pamina and Tamino, if they bravely triumph over the trials that await them.


Do you approve and accept my decision?

In your kindness, come grant your help to these young lovers.

Assist them in danger.

God, with them, be patient.

Give them infinite wisdom.

But if Death were waiting for them, that they know Paradise in the peace of Eternity.

Conduct them to the Judgment test.

You are on the threshold.

You can give up, but you can not change the path that is designated to you.

Wisdom is my way, Pamina's Love will support me.

So, are you ready for the three trials?

Do you want to reach Wisdom too?

Sorry ? I do not understand.

Will you strive for wisdom?

No thanks. I want to sleep, drink and eat.

And if we found you a beautiful and virtuous woman?


No thanks.

Even if Sarastro reserves one for you all alone?

Even if it looks like two drops of water?

Just like me ?

She is young ? And pretty !

What's her name ?

Papa... Papagena.

Really ? Can I see her ?

See her, yes. But you must not talk to him before the end of the three tests.

Will you have the strength to shut up?

So, you'll see it. Come in here.

These people they send me!

You will soon endure the first test.

Tamino... what a frightful night!

Who, who, who brought you here?

Flee, flee, flee, because death is here!

Tamino, your life stops here.

Papageno, it's no longer time!

I do not want to listen to you.

Papageno, do not chatter!

Keep your promise, no "pity"!

We are burning here and I am cold.

Silence, and calm down!

His Majesty has arrived in the Temple, in great secrecy.

In the Temple? How? Or ? Who ?

Silence and calm, I tell you! According to your promise, shut up!

Do not be fooled the Queen had said, believe me: all these priests are damned, the Devil has engineered everything.

The man of wisdom has the gift of forging his opinion alone.

The devil eats the damned that his priests have prepared.

Today, he's going to feast on your jagged carcasses.

Lord, my God, but it's awful!

Devil ! Tamino, is it true?

The wise man has his ear closed to every insulting lie!

The Queen speaks wisely!

From a woman, she has the spirit.

Silence! Listen, now: your oath, do you forget it?

You became suspicious.

Papageno lowers his eyes.

I would...

I can not... not stop me from chatting.

Defeat! Let them, they will never talk to us.

They have perfectly withstood the test.

The fort arrive, fortunately, to silence their overflows.

Only the resolute soul would know be quiet well before speaking.

Women! Go to the Devil!

Stand up, reprove yourself, be a man.

Why the hell are you tormenting me?

If Papagena is for me, why should I win it?

Come, my duty is to guide you from time to time.

On such a journey, love can be lost forever!

Come, follow me.

I do not trust !

My desires are unlimited, passion will always lose me.

I am alone and desperate, my soul is black and without love.

Will I burn indefinitely at the stake with an obscure torment?

Women have my ardor only deep disgust in the heart.

My whole soul is possessed of the desire to make me love.

Between my arms, moonbeam, so white near my brown skin...

I will show you my emotion. Tonight, you'll be mine.

Moon, my beautiful, please, hide my light a little.

Mother... Did you come to look for me?

What is it ?

What a look !

You scare me, mother!

My heart, of burning vengeance, is torn, desperate.

Kill Sarastro for revenge...

or I renounce you forever.

There will never be a future again.

I will leave you forever.

You will live very far from love.

The love that Nature gave you.

May your hand reach the heart of Sarastro.

O gods!

Hear the sight of a mother.

Trust me.

What are you afraid of ?

My love...

Is this the idea of your crime?

So, you know?


Your mother and you are in my power.

There is only one way to save you both.

Otherwise, it's death.

What is it ?

Father, do not punish my mother!

Punish her?

It's a bad dream.

I will stay close to you to calm you down.

Walls of this Holy Temple, revenge is very far away.

The poor lost souls discover in Love peace.

Guided by fraternal hands in the sun of eternal life.

Hate will never pass the enclosure of these sacred walls.

All deceit faints at the Sanctuary of Life.

He who keeps anger at the fire of vengeance wanders.

It's time for the second test.

Remember: silence.

Where is Pamina?

You'll see her soon, but you'll have to shut up.

Whoever breaks the silence will be punished by the gods.

I would like to find my forest, all birds and nature.

One thing is sorely lacking in Papageno's life.

She is a sweet creature to whom he would pass the ring.

She would calm with her kisses, loneliness, thirst, hunger.

His love would immediately change a peasant into a sovereign.

One thing is sorely lacking in Papageno's life.

She is a sweet creature to whom he would pass the ring.

But nobody wants me!

They do not even see me.

If none wants me, I would fall ill, I think.

There is not even water to drink.

For me ?

This is a habit to play pranks?

So, foreigners do not bother you?

That is what I thought.

Sit there, I'm so bored!

How old are you ?

Eighteen years and two minutes.

As young as that?

Surely you have a boyfriend? Of course !

He is as young as you?

He's aproximatly... ten years older.

Ten more years? That's love!

What is his name ?


Where is your Papageno?

I'm sitting on it.

I am your boyfriend?

What's your name ?

I am Papagena.

You're sad...

Why do not you talk to your Pamina?

You do not love me anymore ?

My joy was short-lived.

All my happiness has faded.

My love is lost forever.

Any other love will be banned.

The Beatitude fled and here I am desperate.

It's so painful, my heart is unhappy.

And if you can not love me anymore,

only death can appease me.

Dawn comes on countryside and rivers.

The morning will give all its light.

Let's chase evil and illusion.

Let Wisdom crown the fronts.

O Peace, hunt all misfortunes.

Go down and soothe our hearts.

So, on our renewed earth, will live the man-god for an eternity.

Pamina is desperate.

What distress!

All those tears of sorrow!

She thinks herself cursed and denied.

Life for her is nothing.

Poor child, what a misfortune!

Let the Tamino come from his heart.

Let's make ourselves small and discreet.

Let's see what she will decide.

To you, friend, I will unite.

Sweet sword, come and free me.

What a strange resolution!

She seems to be losing her mind.

Friend, let's unite for the best.

For eternity take my heart.

She's losing her mind, I'm afraid.

She seems close to the end!

Dear Pamina, listen to us.

No, I would like to die, to leave the person who knows how to lie.

He cowardly abandoned me!

Mother gave me this sword.

Suicide is a sin.

It would be better if I died rather than a long agony of misfortune.

Mother !

You sacrificed me and your oath has condemned me.

Follow us and everything will work out.

No, my soul is torn.

Unfair love, I say goodbye to you.

See, Pamina dies before your eyes.

It was you who murdered me.

You do not know what you're doing!

And if Tamino saw you,

this act would terrify him.

You always reign on his heart.

If he still loves me, why does he leave me in pain?

Why did he abandon me?

Why does not he answer me?

We can not reveal everything.

But let us illuminate with a glow the poor blind man who is your heart.

See, Tamino is suffering for you and we are going there with it.

I want to see Tamino!

Two souls, of Love inflamed,

nothing could separate them.

That they never fear anything

when their love is divine.

My sweet friend, my adored!

In vain ! My dream ran away.

I played and lost the bet.

I spoke, I could not keep quiet.

I am punished, what do I do?

After such treatment,

nothing amazes me.

My heart strikes like a drum.

Answer me, answer my love.

She does not even hear my voice. Nobody would want me!

Here I am at the end. I will hang myself by the neck.

This tree will be perfect.

It is here that I will hang myself.

It will be easy, I think, I am in such disarray!

Life here is too hard and in this world nothing is safe.

Cruel earth, I abandon you, it is to death that I give myself.

If one of you wanted me, what a joy, you imagine!

So, I will not hang myself. There is still time, tell me...

No answer, everything is desert.

I know what I have to do.

Papageno, that's your fate. You only have death left.

Well, I'm waiting a little, let's see...

Well, I'll count to three.



Hey no, I will not win.

So, I really have to do it.

Farewell, goodbye, perverse world.

Let's leave this sad universe.

Papageno, that's enough!

You only have one life.

Make fun of yourself. I grant you, you do not know the rope!

You are too young to know of love all the despair.

And your enchanted bells?

Could not they help you?

But how crazy I am!

How could I forget?

Ring bells, call my dove.

Ring bells, call my dove.

Look around you!

Do you want to belong to me? I want to belong to you.

I'll be your old darling. And me, the love of your life.

What joys are we going to know!

If the gods were good

one fine day to give us lots of happy children to be born.

First, a little Papageno.

Then, a little Papagena.

Then, another Papageno!

Then another Papagena!

What joys are we going to know!

All these Papagani to be born...

in every corner of the house.

Your father allows you to join Tamino in the House of Events.

You will give him his flute.

I have the order to show you the way.

Come !

O friends

of our fraternity.

In splendor,

Darkness is withdrawing in front of this immense Light.

A new day goes down in this renewed life.

He will soon be our brother.

He reaches this dignity...

because his soul is strong and he was tested.

Soon, he will reach dignity...

in Light and Truth.

Tamino, you still have to overcome the biggest ordeal.

He will reach the Light crossing a dark night.

It will have to be purified by water, fire and air.

Incandescence and Temperance will restore to the soul its power.

When the Work is accomplished, then the leaden soul changes into gold.

His look, until now veiled from the illusions of Time...

will know, coming out of the night, all the Mystery of Life.

I do not know anger or fear.

Doubt no longer lives in my heart.

Open your doors, O Death!

My courage is growing stronger.

I'm looking for you, Tamino, wait!

Who's calling me ? Is this Pamina?

Yes, it's Pamina's voice!

What joy ! Pamina is here today.

To separate us, we no longer try.

Together we will overcome everything.

I still do not have to talk to him?

If, now, you can talk to him.

We will go, hand in hand, both to the Land of Light.

Those who go through Death the desert, are worthy of a new morning.

My Tamino... divine happiness.

My Pamina... divine happiness.

In front of us, do you see this entry?

It is Death that we will meet.

My Love, we will be together, we will face it together.

And my love will guide you, your love will protect me.

We are going on the Way of the Roses.

But thorns protect the Roses.

So, take your magic flute.

She will protect us.

On a moonlit night, my father carved it in a holy clearing, in the wood of an age-old oak. At first blast, thunder struck the flute to enchant him.

So play your magic flute.

She will protect us.

Confident and hand in hand, let's go to a new morning.

The flames have purified us, no ocean to fear.

As we, brothers, no more worry.

The soft breath of the instrument will keep us from the ocean.

Gods ! We are now, eternal Joy is waiting for us!


Noble couple, you triumph.

More dangers to face.

Eternal Joy, to you, brothers!

Our Temple is open to you.

Let's move on calmly, enter the sanctuary.

My Queen, above all, do not forget that you promised me Pamina.

But no, I do not forget!

Pamina is yours.

Where does this terrifying crash come from?

Like a hurricane, do you hear?

Sarastro will feel my whip.

In ashes, the Temple will fall.

That of the Holy Brotherhood, each of the brothers perished.

Queen, O Night, we salute you.

Blindly, we follow you.

Misfortune ! My power is broken.

In Hell, I must return!

The rays of a blessed star drive away the darkness of the night.

Here is Queen's wisdom.

The shadows have faded.

Glory to you, beings of Vertu...

because nothing will reach you anymore.

Thank you Sarastro, bye!

Truth is your victory.

Behold, you have crowned Justice and Beauty.

That in turn, they know the Eternal Youth.