The Main Event (2020) Script

["So Alive" by Esterly, Vo Williams, Austin Jenckes playing]

♪ Let the light scream out From the high beams ♪

♪ I'mma let it shine out from inside me ♪

♪ My spirit on fire I'mma dive deep ♪

♪ I'm about to unleash Like a wild beast ♪

♪ Victory ♪

♪ Lifted me ♪

[crowd cheering]



♪ If tomorrow never comes I'mma go wild ♪

[crowd chanting] Leo! Leo! Leo!


[Leo grunting]

One... two... three!

[loud cheers] 

[crowd chanting] Leo! Leo! Leo! Leo!

[woman] Leo. Leo. Leo?

[crowd chanting fades]

[woman] Leo! Leo! 

[Leo groans]  Five more minutes.

[sighing] No, you're gonna be late.


All right.

Ankle lock.

I read that this is how Xavier Woods gets Kofi out of bed before a big match.

[laughing] You did not read that, Grandma.

I did, I read it.

Ah! Okay, okay! I'm up, I'm up, I'm up.

-Come on, get up. -[knocking on door]

-All right, kiddo. Time to wake up. -I'm up, Dad.

He's already up.

[Denise] And when you get home from school, clean that room.

It's chaos in there, kid.


Thank you. Any chance you made breakfast, Denise? 

[jaunty instrumental music playing]


[Denise] All right! It's Monday morning!

So, are you ready?

You know what they say, "Monday is one step closer to Friday."

I read that on Instagram.

-You're on Instagram? -Yeah! I've got 300 followers.

Your grandma's about to be an influencer.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Nice choice of t-shirt.

Hi, Kofi. How're you doing?

Can you do me a favor

-and not flirt with my t-shirts? -I will second that.

All right, all right. I'm working on myself.

-So, are we gonna watch Raw tonight? -You know it.

Okay. Well, in that case, I will see you later.

Sounds good.

-I was talking to Kofi. -You're gross.

All right, I love you. Have a good day at school.

[Leo] Bye, Dad. Bye, Grandma.

-How late were you driving that Lyft? -Mmm.

Really late.

The good news is, though, that now I get to go to my second job.

[sighs] Steve, it seems like you're burning the candle at both ends.

You look tired.

I am tired. I'm exhausted.

But I gotta do what I gotta do.

And I can fix cars in my sleep.

Well, don't work on anybody's brakes today.

[jaunty instrumental music playing]

[Riyaz] Hey, you guys see WWE's feed this morning?

What do you guys think the announcement is gonna be?

Personally, I hope it's something to do with them looking for a new director.

Here we go.

Look, I'm just saying. There has to be a director back there, calling out the camera angles, the shots.

Yes, there is. His name is Vince McMahon.

Well, I think Mr. McMahon would love my ideas.

For example, what about a match filmed entirely by drones?

Drones. Always with the drones.

Look, I'm just passionate about my craft. You're not passionate about anything.

I'm passionate about plenty of things.

Snorkeling, slam poetry, wondering if Ariana Grande ever thinks her high ponytail is a little too high.


Speaking of announcements, you gonna do it?

-What, the talent show? -No.


You love it more than any of us.

No. I love WWE more than any of us.

Different story.

Also, look at me.

-Yeah, I agree. -Good point.

You'll get trampled.

Of course, little Leo won't sign up for the wrestling team.

Yeah. Of course, little Leo won't sign up for the wrestling team.

I, however, I'm all over this. Mason... pen me.

[Trevor] Book bomb! [laughs] 

-Whoa! -Come on.

Aw. Look at this.

Does our little Leo want to be a WWE Superstar?


Give that back. Come on.


One, two, three.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Wow. Trevor, Mason, and Luke.

Giving people a hard time. How shocking.

Principal's office, now.

Here you go, nerd.

[indistinct chatter]

Gentlemen, Raw tonight.

New Day versus The Usos.

New Day's winning, no question.

"No question"?

But it's The Usos.

It doesn't matter. I'm picking New Day every time.

Kofi Kingston is amazing.

Trouble in Paradise is the best finishing move on the planet.

[Caleb] I'm sorry, but that's crazy talk.

What about Ricochet's 630 Splash?

[Riyaz] What about AJ Styles' Phenomenal Forearm?

[Caleb] Earth to Leo. Hello?

[fork clatters] 

[sighing] Great. Just great.

Yeah, today is not your day.

Look who it is.

Okay, seriously?

-Hey! -Oh, hi.  Hey, hey!


You three need a hobby or something.

[Trevor] Uh, look, Miss Cartwright.

Don't worry, everything's cool.

Uh, Leo was just educating us on the proper way to eat

-spaghetti. -Spaghetti.

Yeah. Isn't that right, big guy?

Well, uh... guess we better head home.

-Yeah. Better get going. -Yeah, yeah.

-Lots of homework to do. -Yeah. Straight A's.

-All right. -Bye!

I fear for our future.

[thrilling music playing]

[Trevor] We're gonna get you, Thompson!

[tires skidding] 

-[Mason] Go, go! -Okay!

[man] Hey, hey! No kids allowed without parents!


[Trevor] Come on! Get him!



[sighs in relief]

[tense music playing]

[door banging] 


You hear that?

[man] Excuse me.

This area is off-limits.

Oh, sorry, sir. We were just admiring the beautiful doors.

Great doors.

[man] I'm sure you were.

I need you to leave now.



Ugh, it stinks.


Are you with those other delinquents?

No, I was just...

They were chasing me.


I see.

Well, they're gone now.

And what do you have there?

I found this really cool wrestling mask in this weird secret compartment.

[man] Oh.

Do you know whose it was?


[sniffs] Ooh!

It certainly smells authentic.

-It sure does. -[man] Hmm.  Do you want it?

Because if you don't, I'll have to burn it.

Thank you! Wow.


What about that Ric Flair robe?

Don't push your luck, kid.

And don't tell anybody about the mask. You'll get me into trouble.


[Denise] Oh, Denise, you look good.


-Ah! -[camera clicks]  Yeah, there's the money shot.

All right.

#outfitoftheday, #vintagestoreowner, and #blessed.


Grandma's about to be an influencer, baby.

How was your day, Kid Chaos?

Um, the usual.

Uh-oh. Was it Trevor?

You just let me know. I'll come up to that school and open up a can of you-know-what, okay?

Stone Cold Steve Austin-style.

[yelling, grunting]


Your granny got hands. [laughs]  No, I'm good.

You sure?

'Cause you know I'll do anything for you, babe.

What is that smell?

Uh... what smell?

I don't smell smell.

I smell something. It doesn't smell right. Is that you?

I don't smell.

You know, I sell clothes that people have literally died in.

I know that smell.

-Did you shower today? -Yes.

-It's not me. -Ugh. [sniffing]  I smell something.

Well, it ain't me!

[commentator] An absolutely unbelievable, unforgettable match.

[Leo] Ooh, get him, Kofi.

[Denise] Ooh! Am I missing it?

Oh! Yes!

You go, Big E!

[commentator] Another shot to the midsection.

Ooh, don't let him hurt that big, beautiful, sexy body.


You're so weird.


-[indistinct chanting on TV] -[bell ringing]


Come on! Get up, Big E!

I wish I could be as strong as Kofi.

Everything would be so much better.


Believe me, kiddo. Life isn't all about being strong.

Well, not physically, at least.

Gotta be strong mentally, and emotionally.

Trust me, that's what matters.

Mom says that all the time.

Or she did. At least, when she was here.

Listen, your mom was right.

And just because she's not here does not mean that she doesn't love you.

Never forget that, all right?

Give me some.

And hey, Big E! You never forget that Grandma is here, willing and ready and waiting for you, baby.

You are so fine!

Grandma, seriously, please.

What? He's cute.

Hey, you guys. Sorry I'm late.

The garage was a mess today.



Oh, look, Dad. It's the best part.

Oh, yeah. This is where Big E makes his pecs bounce.

Up and down, up and down. Oh, my God, it drives me wild.

Go, Big E! Whoo! Yes!

For the record, we have different opinions on what the best part is.

Dad, remember when you said every wrestler has a weakness?

I guess I did say that, yeah.

Well, I think Jimmy Usos' is his temper.

[Leo] Oh! See? Look!

He ran straight into Kofi. He wasn't thinking straight.

-Yeah, that is very cool, man. -[laughs]

Very cool.

[bell ringing on TV]

Ooh. Look. They're about to make a big announcement.

WWE Universe, I'm the A-Lister.

The most must-see WWE Superstar in history, The Miz, and the time has finally come.

You have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the next NXT Superstar.

So if you think you have what it takes, get your butt down to Fallbridge.

Uh... I'm sorry, hang on. Fallbridge?

Yes, Fallbridge.


That's right. Fallbridge.

The WWE is hosting a winner-take-all tournament, where two finalists will square off inside a steel cage.

The winner will receive not only an NXT contract, but a $50,000 cash prize.

So don't Miz out on this awesome opportunity.

The WWE is coming right here to Fallbridge?

-What? Yeah, baby! -Yeah!

Whoo! [laughs]  Hey...

Where is my bread?

It was stale. I threw it out.

Oh! Becky Lynch. Yes!

[Denise grunts]  Dad, remember that time we went to Raw, and Mom met Becky Lynch after the show?

Yes, I do remember that.

That was a very fun time for your mother.

You know what? It's fine.

I have like two or three emergency sandwiches hidden in the kitchen somewhere.

[announcer] It's a major tag-team match, and it's up next live on Monday Night Raw.

[Denise] You can't keep doing that.

You change the topic every time he brings up his mother, or run out to the garage and work on that car.

Well, what happened with Rachel is a sensitive subject, and I'm just not quite sure how to broach it.

[Denise] How would you know that?

You avoid talking to him.

[Steve] To my credit, I only avoid talking to him about his mother leaving him.

[Denise] Steve, Rachel leaving was a surprise to all of us.

-[Steve groans] -[Denise] You gotta unpack this.

[Steve] Can we talk about anything else? Please?

I mean, there are 1,000 things that I would rather do, than talk about my wife leaving me for someone else, with her mother.

You know, it may not mean much, but I, um... adjusted my schedule just to take a few weeks off to come here and try to help you through this.

And I appreciate that.

Look, as soon as I can pay down the bank, I will stop driving Lyft.

I will go from two jobs to one job, and I will find some semblance of normalcy.

Whatever that looks like now.

But I still owe the bank like $20,000.

If I don't pay it soon, I...

I might lose the house.

[Denise] I told you. I'll take out a second mortgage on the store.

[Steve] No. Come on, I can't. This is my mess. I'll clean it up.

What the...

Ugh. It's getting worse.





[inhales deeply] 

[deeper voice] Ooh. Fits perfect.

Although, it's almost a crime to hide this studly face from the world.

Sorry, ladies.

[regular voice] What was that?

[deep-voiced] That was just you being you, big man.

You're a limousine-riding, jet-flying cool dude with a larger-than-life personality.

[regular voice] I wet the bed until I was eight.

[deep-voiced] I wet the bed until I was eight.

[regular voice] Why did that sound so much cooler?

[deep-voiced] Are you ready to face the man of the hour?

The man with the power, the guy who's too sweet to be sour? Ooh!

What a rush!

[loud thud]

Oh, no, no, no!



[inspirational music playing] 


Shoot! My favorite shirt.

I've been all around the world rocking rings across the globe, and I have never seen a sorrier sight than you.

What's that?

Bring it? [chuckles]

Oh, your boy's about to.


[dogs barking] 

[intense hip-hop instrumental playing]

[inhales deeply]

"Legend has it that this mask's mystical powers only work for competitors who are truly deserving of its magic.

The mask itself decides who is worthy.

The mask was last seen 50 years ago."


[Trevor] Your little buddy Leo ran away from us.

So now, we're gonna have to take out our frustrations on you two.

[both grunting]

Guys, just relax.

[Trevor] I'm gonna break your face, nerd.

[Riyaz] I prefer the term "intellectually advanced person."

Trevor, seriously. Not cool.

[Riyaz] Guys, somebody!

Yeah, Trevor. Not cool.

I think you should leave them alone.

All right. Fine.

I'll leave them alone.

You, however, are a different story.

[kids chattering] 

[Luke] Whoa!

-Hey! -Wait, no!




Trevor, Mason, and Luke.

Principal's office, now.


But we're the ones hanging by our underwear.


Leo? Principal's office. Now.

Uh, which way is it?

Second door to the left, right before the bathrooms.

Got it.

-[clapping] -Leo!

[girl] Go, Leo!

What were you thinking? Huh?  There's three of them.

They could have really hurt you.

You're right. I'm sorry.

Just promise me no more fighting. Okay?

You're better than that.

You're better than them.

They're bigger than you, sure, but you're stronger than them.

In here and in here.

All right?

Wow, that was really sweet, man.

You are definitely getting five stars. Yeah.

[inhales] Mmm. 

[Riyaz] That was the coolest thing ever today.

I guess that was pretty cool.

My dad didn't like it, though.

Who cares?

The whole school is talking about it.

-Really? -[Riyaz] Yeah, dude.

How'd you do it, though?

It seemed physically impossible, no offense.


Oh, look! SmackDown's back on.

Tomorrow in Fallbridge, WWE kicks off its search to find the next NXT Superstar.

But one man has already registered.

Or should I say one monster?

The entire WWE roster should be shaking in their boots right now, because Samson has arrived, baby!

Remember the name. Samson.

And also Frankie Albano.

That's me, I'm his manager. Remember that name, too.

Both names.

Dude, he's huge. He's gotta be a shoo-in for that $50,000.

Fifty thousand dollars.

[deep-voiced] All you jabronis better know your role, and stay out of my lane.

[regular voice] I look ridiculous.

[deep-voiced] "Cowabunga, dude!"

"I came here to chew bubblegum and kick butt, but I'm all out of bubblegum."

Thompson. Leo Thompson.


"Can you smell... what Leo is..."

No. I can't pull that one off.

"This is Sparta!"

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your champ is here.

Yeah. [chuckles] 

[scoffs] Chuck E. Cheese is a block over, kid.

[men laughing]  Now I'm hungry.


Here we go.

[woman] Next!

You're a little small for this, aren't you?

You know what they say.

"Great things come in small packages."

Whatever. What is your wrestling name?

My wrestling name...

Okay, come on. If you wanna compete, I need a name.

And you should really think about changing, 'cause you will be on television.

My name is Kid Chaos.


[men laughing]

Look at this guy. Never seen him before. 

Get out of my seat, you little worm.


Just ignore him, bruh. Come on.

Have a seat here.

They call me Smooth Operator.

But you can call me Smooth.

I'm smooth in the ring, [sing-songy] and I got this silky smooth voice.

Sweet. I'm Kid Chaos.

I like it. Nice to meet-- [sniffs]  Ugh. [coughs]  It smells like old bus seats.


-["I Came to Play" by Jim Johnston] -It's on.

♪ There's a price to pay ♪

♪ Time for you to get down on your knees And pray ♪

♪ You can say goodbye To the good old days ♪

♪ They’re never coming back Watch your future fade ♪

♪ I came to play to get my dues paid ♪

♪ I guess you had a dream But it can't be safe ♪

♪ I came to play I'm here to stay ♪

♪ Best get out of my way I came to play ♪

[crowd cheering]

Who here is ready to be a Superstar?

-[all whooping] -Yeah!

That's right. I'm The Miz. It is my pleasure to welcome you to this winner-take-all NXT competition.

I'll be your awesome host, watching on as we...

-Heard from Leo? -No, I did not.

...will then have three weeks of bone-crushing bouts with the final two meeting inside a steel cage--

[loud thudding]  What is that?

[footsteps thud]  Wow, he's huge!

Dude, he's massive!

[low growl]  Uh, sorry we're late, but I had to feed the beast.

He had four whole chickens for lunch today.

Yeah. You should've seen the look on the chicken's faces.

[mimics chicken, laughs]

Have a seat.

Oh, my gosh. Look at this motley crew.

This is gonna be easier than I thought.

You know what? I'm just kidding.

Good luck... to none of youse.

-[crashing] -[crowd gasping]  We prefer to stand.

-Are you done? -I am, yes. Thank you very much.

Okay, well.

Let's get started!


-[announcer] Barrel Toss. -["Reyna" by Niña Dioz playing]




-[grunts] -[crowd gasps]

-[glass shattering] -[alarm blaring] 

[announcer] Beat the Dummy.


-Wow! -Awesome!

[announcer] Agility Test.

Let's see how you guys are on the top rope.

[crowd cheering] 

♪ To the top And I'm never gonna stop ♪

-♪ All the way to the top ♪ -[groans]

♪ And I'm never gonna stop ♪

[The Miz] Come on, big guy. Gotta go all the way to the top.


Or not.

All right, Kid Chaos. Your turn to show off those skills.



-Whoa. -Whoa.

[The Miz] And the next finalist is...

Smooth Operator!

[crowd cheering]

♪ Thank you, Miz ♪ Can you not do that?

And the last finalist moving on to the tournament is...

Kid Chaos!

[cheering] Yeah!

Way to go, bro.

Miz, you made the right choice.

Because I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.


Chaos rules!

And there they are, folks.

Your 16 tournament competitors.

-[grunts] -Whoa!

[Denise] Little late, isn't it?

[Leo screams] 

[Denise] So this is a stinky mask with powers. Hmm.

You can't tell Dad. He'll kill me.

Baby, you found a magical mask.

It's not like you got a D in science.

I know, but...

I can win $50,000, and then we can keep the house.

I overheard you and Dad talking.

Look, Leo, that is not your concern, okay?

You're 11 years old, and I'm sure your dad will figure out a way to save the house.

Or I will.

But what if this is the way?

Not just to save the house. To fix everything.

If I won the money, Dad won't have to work so much. And who knows?

Maybe Mom will even come back.

Oh, baby.

If I let you do this... you cannot get hurt, or I will kill you.

I won't, Grandma.

With this mask, it's like... like I really am a WWE Superstar.

It somehow takes what's inside of me and makes it awesome.

Like, I can say or do anything.


All right.

Just please promise me you'll be careful.


I said promise.

I promise.

[school bell ringing] 

[Riyaz] Dude, where were you last night?

I, um... didn't feel well.

Man, you missed out.

I still don't know who I'm rooting for.

Definitely not Samson. He sucks.

Smooth Operator seems kind of cool.

I like the little guy. Kid Chaos.

Oh, yeah. He's crazy strong for his size.

Hey, uh... creepy staring guy?

Why don't you go talk to her?

Oh, no. I can't do that.

She's like smart and cool and popular.

She's just a person.

Then you go talk to her.

Yeah, I don't see myself doing that.

Why is that? No passion?

Come on, dude. You were strong enough to take on Trevor and Mason.

You can talk to Erica.

Just... summon that guy.

[chuckles softly] 

[Kid Chaos] Some say a life without books is a life not worth living.

[Erica] Huh?

Who is that?

What up? Leo Thompson here.

You sound different.

Um, just a little cold.

Don't wanna get you sick. Wouldn't be cool.

Hey, that's a great book.

You've read Percy Jackson?

Are you kidding? I love Rick Riordan.

Have you read The Trials of Apollo?

That's my jam right there.


So, Erica, I've noticed we're in a few classes together.

I was wondering if you wanna get our study on sometime?

I mean... I guess.


Um... actually, how about we talk on the phone?

I'm free tomorrow.

I'll call you at four.

Perfect. Talk to you then.

[softly] Yes!

[Steve] All right, family.

I hope you are hungry

[with Italian accent] because I have made for you, an authentic Italian feast. Huh?

[regular accent] Daddy's special cooking.

Dig in.

All right.

Real authentic. I feel like I'm in Tuscany.

Denise... I'll ask you to hold your sarcasm, please, because clearly my son enjoys my cooking. Wow, you really...

You're very hungry. Are you okay?

Well... I've been burning a lot of calories lately.

Must be all that brain busting I'm doing at school.

Well, I did piledrive you to the library yesterday.

My teacher got a real super kick out of me doing all that extra credit.

Well, there's no way you're gonna powerbomb your next big test.

-Yeah. -[Denise chuckles] 




At work today, I, um... uh... put the sleeper hold on the brake line of a 1988 Toyota Tercel, so...

I'mma eat the salad.


[The Miz] WWE Universe, it's time.

Our 16 competitors are jacked up and ready to do this.

-[grunts] -[groans]


-[yelling] -[loud cheers]




One, two, three!

-[bell dings] -[announcer] Next up… Big Billy Beavers!


Yo, Kid Chaos.

Huh, congrats, Smooth.

Oh, thanks, bro. How're you feeling?

I feel like I'm about to hop on a lightning bolt, and ride it like a bucking bronco.

[laughs] Yeah!

And his opponent...

Kid Chaos!

["Ready" by Esterly Feat. Jung Youth playing]

Baby! Come on, Chaos!

Kid Chaos! Whoo! 

♪ We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪

♪ I'm always ready We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪

♪ I'm always ready We're always ready

[bell dings] 

Stay down, little dogie!


Hey! Hey! Don't you touch my baby!

One, two...

Oh! [yells]  That's right! Get him, baby, get him!

[crowd cheering]  Yeah!



[crowd boos] 





Hey! Hey! Stop!


[Billy yelling] 


[crowd cheers]  One, two, three!

-Yeah! -[bell dings] 

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪ Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!

Chaos! Chaos! Ah!

So good I gotta get the selfie!


[crowd chanting] Chaos! Chaos!

[continues] Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!

[chanting fades] 



[inhales deeply] 

Erica, good to hear from you.

How's it going out there?

I'm sure you're crushing it.

[Denise] Leo, come down here!

-Oh-- -[Erica] Hey, Leo.

[Leo] Huh. Erica...

Oh. Hey. What are you doing here?

I know I said I'd call, but I take dance lessons right down the street, so I figured I'd just come over. Is that okay?


Of course, it's okay. It's fine, sweetie. [laughs]

Yeah, it's totally okay. I just, uh...

Uh... give me a second, okay?

You know, that is so crazy that you're a dancer, because I'm a dancer, too.

Like, back in the 80s, I was a pop lock master.

Oh, my God. I was so funky fresh.

Tap me.

Oh, oh, oh!

Ooh! Ah!


In your face!

[Denise laughing] 


Okay, she's here. In your home.

Okay. Just breathe.

You can do this.

You can be cool.


You can be cool.

You can't be cool. [sighs]

You wanna start with Science?

Yeah, sure. But first, let's get you a drink.

I'm good. I got my water.

So you want another drink to go with your water. Don't worry, I'm on it.

Totally. Got it.

Sorry if I was a little jumpy there.

Not usually my style.

In fact, some people say I'm cool as the other side of the pillow.

What people say that?


And since I don't want to get you sick with my cold, I think I should maybe stay in here while we work.

But first, let's get you a drink.

Grandma's lemonade.

Erica, I think this stuff is really gonna knock your socks off.

Sounds great.

Hey! Um, look who it is.

[laughs nervously]  Ugh.

What is that smell?

Oh, the smell? What smell?

That smell's me.

Never buy perfume off the back of a truck.


Anyway, um...

Here, you'll like this. It's... lemony and, uh, full of lemons.

They're ripe and stuff, and it's like... squeeze it.

[laughs] You're funny.

Should we go start studying?

Yeah... let's get to it.


[crowd cheering] 

[crowd chanting] Chaos! Chaos!

No lassos this time, Tiny Dancer.

Just you and me.

Whatcha gonna do?

First off, jabroni, I'm gonna try to touch you as little as possible, -while doing this. [yells] -[growls]


The match just started. How are you so sweaty?

Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.


[Kid Chaos grunts] 




It's in my mouth!

It's in my mouth!

Time to squash the worm!

Oh, God...



[crowd cheers]  I think it's time to start cooking... with gas!

[farts loudly]



[all groaning] 


[farting continues]

[farting ends]





Nope. Too stinky.

One, two, three!

[bell dings] 

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪

♪ I'm always ready We're always ready ♪

-Yes! Whoo! -Yeah!

Ah! Unbelievable. I can't...

Let's go. Come on.

[low growl] 

[crowd chanting] Chaos! Chaos!

[Smooth] So, now it's you versus me to see who takes on Samson.

[Kid Chaos] It's been a long road, huh?

I've been at this for nearly a decade.

Even started training right out of college.

Whoa! You've been in it for that long?

Yeah, I put in the time, bro.

Even had a couple tryouts for WWE.

I didn't get signed.

So this time, I've gotta win, and make them sign me.

-I love that commitment. -Thanks.

Nobody wants it more than me.

So, what do you think?

You gonna take it easy on me out there?

Depends. Are you gonna take it easy on me?

-[laughs] -Didn't think so.

May the best man win.

-Fair enough. It was worth a try. -[chuckling]


The lighting is better over here.

My followers demand excellence.

You know, at this point, your followers are pretty much 80% bot.

You're just jealous because I don't follow you back.

No, it's just a fact. We're all pretty much followed by bots.

Hey, hey! How's it going, man?

I, uh...

I was realizing that we haven't spent much time together, you know?

And... we definitely haven't had time to have a man-to-man conversation, so...


Who's Erica? [laughs] Huh?

I mean, I...

Before yesterday, she didn't even exist.

I had to hear about her from...

TMZ over there.


-She's my new friend. -Your new friend?

That's very cool.

Very, very cool.

Well, if you really wanna have a man-to-man talk, I was thinking, and since Mom's gone and stuff--

I do wanna have a man-to-man talk.

And I was thinking, too, uh, you know, I haven't had a chance really to show you what I do, and so I was thinking, God forbid you break down on the side of the road or something, you should know what a fuel filter is.

Which is this thing right here.

-So this thing, especially these old-- -Dad.

I'm sorry, but can we maybe do this another time?

I'm supposed to meet with my friends at the diner.

You're going out?

Yeah. Caleb got an A on his Spanish test.

His mom is treating us.

Yeah, man, go. Have fun with your friends.

-Thanks. -Yeah.

-Hey, Dad? -Yeah.

When will I get to see Mom again?

I don't know.

We'll figure it out.

I promise.


Have fun. Have a good time.

Celebrate that A!

So, check it.

What if Kid Chaos is actually just Kevin Hart in a mask, researching a new role?

Maybe he's a method actor.

That's insane. He's not that small.

-Kid Chaos is, like, Leo's size. -Mmm.

Erica, why're you hanging out with these weirdos?

They're not weirdos, they're my friends. And also, one of them hung you up by your underpants the other day.

So maybe you should be a little nicer.

Come on, guys. Let's go.

This way!


So, wait. We're like official friends?

I mean, yeah. Do you guys not wanna be--

-No! We totally do! -We do!

-Yeah. -[Erica] Cool.

So, any of you doing the talent show?

I was gonna submit my short film, but I doubt I'll finish it in time.

You haven't even started it, man.

That's why I doubt I'll finish it.

[sighs] You infuriate me.

Wait. Are you gonna do it?

Put your dancing lessons to use?

I don't know. It's a big crowd, and I'd be up there all alone. So...

Well... what if I dance with you?

Wait, really? You'd do that?

Yeah. You'd do that?


I'm not that great, but if you want me to, I'll give it a try. I mean... what are friends for?

Hey, you!

Right here, Pops!

Empty the register now!

[cashier] I am. I am. I am.

The safe, too! Open it!

Let's go! Let's go! I ain't got all day!

Okay, don't freak out.

There's a guy robbing the place, and you're telling us not to freak out?

What are you--

[all] Ugh!

[coughing] Leo!

What died?

I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys before, and...

I should have.

Come on, hurry up!

If I gotta ask you one more time, this place is gonna get messy. Let's go!

I'll explain later.

Come on, hurry up!

[cashier] I'm working on it, okay?

Who did that?

Your worst nightmare!

-[boy] It's Kid Chaos! -[girl] Kid Chaos!

Ow! All right!

-[grunts] -[groans]


[Kid Chaos yells]

[man screams]

[Caleb] Whoo! Yeah!

[all laughing] 


Have fun in jail.

See you in what, five to ten years?

[all chanting] Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!

So what made you decide to help?

That's just how the people's champ is wired.

When I'm around, crime is down.

Chaos rules.

He's a hero now.

[laughing] He's a hero now.

Please turn it off. Turn it off.

Please turn it off.


Can you not destroy everything you touch?

[sighs] I got that on Black Friday.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I cannot watch you eat any more butter.

Please take that outside. Please.

Oh, my God! You...


...are a genius.


Kid Chaos... you butter watch out.

[laughs] You see what I did there?

You know, let me get this straight.

So Leo tries to open up to you about his mom a little earlier, and you just... told him, "We'll figure it out"?

It is insane to me... that you do not get... how these dry quicker... when they're upside down, because then the water is not in the...

[stammering] It doesn't matter, but, like, gravity is--

Hey! Hey! Don't get mad at me.

-I'm not mad at you. -Yeah, you are.

I'm mad at myself, honestly. I just...

I don't have the answers. I don't...

know when he's going to see Rachel next, and it sucks.

Well, I hate to say it, but Leo needs a little more.

And he's a smart kid.

He can handle it.

You want me to tell him that his mom met someone else and moved to New York?

And apparently doesn't have time to call him?

You think he can handle that?

Okay, yes.

My daughter could use a little help in the mom department.

And yes, she should call more.

This parenting is so hard.

It was so much easier with the two of us, and I...

Honestly, I...

This is gonna be our new normal.

And you gotta stop running from it and hiding out here in the garage.

I am not...

-hiding out here in the garage. -Yes, you are.

No, I'm not.

Yeah, I guess... I guess I am.

Steve, his mother left, but his dad is still here.

I can't believe we're friends with a superhero.

You're like Spider-Man!

Miles Morales Spider-Man, not Tom Holland Spider-Man.

Or Andrew Garfield.

[both] Or Tobey Maguire.

Yes! Thank you.

Bet I'm stronger than Spider-Man.

Someone's getting cocky.

Dude, we're totally going to your semifinals.

We can be your posse.

We need to make t-shirts, stat.

Let's make a mood board.

So... were you wearing the mask when you talked to me in the library that day?

And at your house?

Yeah, sorry.

I was just trying to make a good impression.

For the record, I prefer the real Leo.

And you know what? I think you kind of inspired me.

I think I'm gonna sign up for the talent show.

Good for you.

I'll take you up on that offer to dance with me.

I don't need you to do much.

Just, you know, bust a few small moves.

Small moves. I can do small moves.

Now he's a dancer.

So cocky.

♪ Damn, if you got a problem with it Say so ♪

♪ HAM, walk around the city Like the mayor ♪

♪ Damn, shorty off the roster Until I wake her ♪

♪ Girl, shake some, don't break none ♪

♪ The boy got a problem Better figure it out  ♪

♪ All you selfie-taking lames Better watch your mouth ♪

♪ I'm just a mid-west player With some bounce from the south ♪

♪ Possessed by Rick James Jumping all on the couch ♪

♪ No more lessons to learn Bridges to burn ♪

♪ I done did it all ♪

♪ When you the best, need a test Tell me who to call ♪

♪ Your record drop, they're not impressed No, not at all ♪

♪ Been at the top, tell me what's next I gotta know ♪

♪ Damn, if you got a problem with it Say so ♪

♪ HAM, walk around the city Like the mayor ♪ 

♪ Damn, bags just dropped I'm about to go ♪

♪ HAM, pretty girls flock When they see me go ♪

♪ HAM, hit too hard for the radio ♪ 

♪ HAM, bags just dropped I'm about to go ♪

♪ HAM, pretty girls flock When they see me go ♪

♪ HAM, hit too hard for the radio ♪ 

♪ HAM, I'm about to blow HAM, adios ♪

♪ Adios ♪

♪ Damn, bags just dropped I'm about to go ♪ Yes!

♪ Pretty girls flock When they see me go ♪

♪ HAM, hit too hard for the radio ♪ 

♪ I'm about to go HAM ♪

[crowd cheering] 

[Frankie] I almost feel sorry for her!


-Oh! -No! What? 

Come on, Samson! Let's go!


Watch out! Uh-oh.

That's your first mistake.

There's your second mistake.

Whoa! That hurts.


One, two, three!

[all] Boo!

[bell dings] 


[phone vibrates]  Aw, look it. Dad said good luck tonight.

I mean, he meant with the talent show, but still.

-[vibrates] -Oh, look...

He's also taking the weekend off.

Maybe you guys can get together and talk?

Chill? Huh?  Yeah, sure. Maybe. I just can't think about that right now.

Right, right, right.

You're right. Time to focus.

Okay, baby. You ready?

Are you kidding?

Kid Chaos is about to check into the Smackdown Hotel, and take the elevator all the way up to the penthouse, and do what he does best.

Get the W.

It's almost scary how you do that.

It's cool, though, right?


[indistinct announcement on PA]

Chaos time, baby. Come on!

Let's go!

Go get 'em!

What up, Smooth?

What's up, Kid?

Hey. Check this out.

[Kid Chaos] All the fans out there.

And they're here to see us. Crazy.

Yeah. It's so cool.

I've dreamed about this ever since I was ten years old.

Me too.

And now, our last semifinal match of the evening, with the winner facing Samson next week in a steel cage.

First up...

Smooth Operator!


["Looking At A Champ" playing] 

♪ You're looking at a champ You're looking at a champ ♪

♪ All I do is win You're looking at a champ ♪

♪ You're looking at a champ All I do is win ♪

♪ You're looking at a champ ♪ NXT Universe, I'm here to show you...

♪ No one can step to this ♪

And no one should sing like that!

You're terrible!

You're terrible! Feast your eyes on a real man!


-Feast your eyes on a real man! -Get out of here! Beat it!

Feast your eyes on that man! Half man, half mountain!

[booing continues]

Look at him!

Look-- What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

Boo to you!

And his opponent, from right here in Fallbridge...

Kid Chaos!


♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪

♪ I'm always ready We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪ Yeah!

We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪

♪ I'm always ready ♪


[crowd gasps]  Uh-oh.


[all] Oh!

I guess he put on his two left shoes today. [laughs]

[Smooth] Bro, are you okay?


Are you sure?

Of course.

-Okay. -[bell dings]

'Cause it's go time.

[grunts] Whoa!





Hey! They put something on my shoe!

[Frankie] He must've hit his head on the turnbuckle one too many times!

And besides, once the bell rings, the match must go on!

He's right. There's nothing I can do.

Sorry, bro.


Come on! Get up, baby, get up!


I'll bring the chaos, bro.


[all] Oh!

One, two--

What the--?


[Kid Chaos chuckles]  Whoo.

Chaos rules?

Show me.




Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

-Kick out! -...two...

Hold him down! Hold him down!

Smooth Operator, get up!

-...three! -Yes!


Yes, yes, yes!

What was that, ref? That was a fast count!


-He's going to the finals! -Finals!


I did not put that stuff on my shoe.


Don't worry about it, bruh.

The best man won.


I want everybody in this arena and at home to know something.

Smooth Operator is a good man!

[crowd cheers]  And come next week, I'm gonna bring a dictionary to the ring.

Because I'm going to teach Samson a new word.



[crowd chanting] Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!

Ah! What're you sneaking up on me like that for?

Donuts go inside. Donuts go inside to the giant man who eats everything.

Kid Chaos. What're you doing to me?

[Erica] I don't even like wrestling.

But, wow!

I think you literally broke the laws of physics.

I mean, what else can you do in that mask?

Fly? Teleport?

It's not that type of magic.

[woman] Excuse me, Kid Chaos?

Sorry to interrupt. We need you for the post-match press conference.

You mean, another public forum to make fun of Samson?

My pleasure.

Wait! Kid Chaos...

The talent show?

Oh, right. Can you give us a minute?


Alone? [chuckles]  Oh, yeah.

I'll leave as soon as I'm done.

It's a kid!

[muffled] It's a kid. It's a kid.

It starts at 6:00 p.m., sharp.

All right. Well, I'll drive you kids there.

Leo, you sure you don't want us to wait with you?

I'm okay. Thanks, Grandma. I've gotta deal with this.

I'll leave right after.

[Denise] Okay, give me some. Ah!

All right, let's go.

Do not take your socks off in my car.

[Caleb] Riyaz...

[Riyaz] Hey, no. She pointed at you! 

[boys continue arguing] 


It's a magic mask.

It's a magic mask.

So, Samson. How do you feel about the upcoming match?


-[laughing] -Are you excited to be in the finals?


And you can quote him on that.

Thoughts on your opponent here?


Oh, boy! [laughing]  Kid Chaos. Thoughts on Samson?

[Frankie] Yeah...

Kid Chaos.

Why don't you tell us what's going on in that little brain of yours, okay?

And be sure to use your big boy voice.

Frankie. Frankie. Frankie.

That's my name said three times.

Do you ever stop talking?


And do you ever start?

Seriously, what is up with these grunts?


Say one actual word.

I'm begging you.

[gasps] In fact, let's start with an easy one.

Five letters, two syllables.


[Frankie] Uh-oh. Uh-oh!

Now you did it.

Now you've done and did it.

-[grunts] -[Frankie] Oh, watch out!

[laughs] Watch out. You got him mad now.

All right, don't hurt 'em, Samson.

Don't hurt these boys.

Ladies and gentlemen, Samson, a man of no words, no class, and come Saturday night, no NXT contract.


All right. Oh, you shook the beehive.

Why are you grabbing me? I didn't break the table. Ow!

Kid Chaos?

We need you to shoot a couple of quick promos for the match. Cool?

[Kid Chaos] Um...

Of course.

Great. This way.

-[Frankie] All right, that's enough! -[Samson grunting angrily]

Don't-- Stop breaking-- Oh!

Don't break my stuff!

Come on, stop it! Samson!

Sam-- Oh, not my lamp!

Come on, stop doing that!

-[grunting] -Oh! Not the window!


All right, calm down.

-[yells] -Calm down! Calm down!

All right, I'm sorry, but calm down.

Calm down. I get it.

He embarrassed you. I get it.

But I... I have some great news.

Kid Chaos...


He's just a kid.


That's right, he's just a kid.

He's just a kid.

That mask he wears?

It has magical powers.

-[groans] -I'm... I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.

I saw it with my own eyes.


I don't want you to worry. Okay?

Because Frankie Albano... has got a plan.


So tune in Saturday night to watch Kid Chaos knock Samson out.


Great, great. That was gr--

That's how you point, Rog. You see how he pointed there? You see? Uh.

Uh. That was good.

-Uh. -Uh.

Let's get some alts.

[playing classical music]

Miss Cartwright, could you move us to the end?

Like, to the very end?

Leo's not here yet.

Still waiting on half your act?

Well, I'll just pop you at the end.

Sounds like a strong finale.

[crowd chanting] Chaos! Chaos!


[man] Kid! Can I get a selfie?

[woman] Hey, can I get a selfie?

Anything for my fans.


[playing "My Favorite Things" poorly]


-Ooh. [laughing] -Oh, my goodness.

[continues playing "My Favorite Things"]

[trumpet continues playing off-key] 


Well, that was... spectacular.

Up next, we have Erica Bartlett and Leo Thompson.


Or Er-- Just Erica Bartlett.

["It's Tricky (DJ Fresh Remix)" by RUN-DMC playing]

♪ Here we go ♪

♪ It's tricky to rock a rhyme To rock a rhyme that's right on time ♪

♪ It's tricky It's tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky ♪

♪ It's tricky to rock a rhyme To rock a rhyme that's right on time ♪

♪ It's tricky It's tricky, tricky ♪

♪ Here we go ♪


♪ Here we go ♪

What are you doing?

Waiting for my downbeat.

Five, six, seven...

♪ They say I'm overrated ♪ What?

[crowd cheering] 

♪ It's very complicated ♪

♪ You might think it's a snap A snap to make a rap ♪

♪ Well, if you do, me and my crew will tell you that's a wrap ♪


♪ But we just walk because we have no time ♪ I don't know any of my friends.

Like, at all!

♪Tinted windows don't mean nothin' They know who's inside ♪

♪ It's tricky to rock a rhyme To rock a rhyme that's right on time ♪

♪ It's tricky It's tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky ♪

♪ It's tricky to rock a rhyme To rock a rhyme that's right on time ♪

♪ It's tricky It's tricky, tricky ♪

Get it, girl, get it!


-She's good. -I know.

♪ Tricky! ♪


That was amazing!

Oh, no.

-Thanks, dude. -See ya.

Guys, I am so sorry.

The press conference just went on forever.

They wouldn't let me leave.


Oh. That was...

They hounded me. I left as soon as I could.

I will stay here until every last one of you gets a photo.

[crowd cheers]

[Leo] Okay, fine.


I lost track of time.

How'd it go?

It was awful... until Caleb saved the day.

Hang on, what?

He can dance.

Like, amazingly.

Dancing is my true passion.

Deal with it.

I'm so lost.

Yes, you are.

Come on. Are you seriously mad?

Yeah. You ditched me, and this was all your idea.

I know, but... I was just doing my job, okay?

I mean, it's only a talent show.

I've kind of got more important things going on right now.

Well, hello there, Kid Ego.

Whatever. It's true.

Sorry that I'm Kid Chaos and you're not.

No. What you are is a jerk.

Having some bike trouble, Leo?

Guys, I've had a long night.

We don't care.

Dude, you messed with us.

The only reason I messed with you is because you always mess with me, because you can.

That's right.

We can.



Hey, buddy.

[knocking at door] 

Hey, man.

You wanna talk about it?

I can help...

I think.


Growing up is... really hard.

But it does get easier.

And if we're being honest, it does get harder again.

You know, your grandfather and I actually had a great discussion about how hard it is to grow up... in the garage working on the Camaro.

I don't wanna work on the stupid car with you, Dad.

That's not really what I meant.

Dad, it is what you meant.

Because whenever things get too serious, you go and work on the car.

Nailed me.

To the core.

Listen, I am--

Please, Dad.

I... I just wanna be alone.


Of course.



I said--

Easy, killer.

Come on.

Talk to me, get your mind right.

I thought the mask would make everything better.

I thought it was gonna fix things, but I was wrong.

Everything's a mess.

It's so unfair.

Didn't you say the mask brings out confidence in you?

-Yeah, but-- -No buts.

Come on.

You know, the magical mask is not what makes you strong.

Real strength comes from here... and here.

Dad said something like that the other day, too.

That's because it's true.

Listen, kiddo. Your dad really loves you.

We both do.

And I know your mom leaving, it's been rough on you.

It's been hard on me, too.

I gotta tell you, it hasn't been easy on your dad, either.







When you came on stage, I had no clue what was gonna happen.

[Caleb] Yeah, I've been watching you guys rehearse, so I knew most of it.

I'm pretty vigilant. It was mostly freestyle.

Hey, guys.

Look... I'm sorry.

I was a jerk, and you're my best friends.

I let all this stuff go to my head.

I was stupid.

Can you forgive me?

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Wait, really?

Yeah. We've been talking, and we've decided, you can't really judge a man until you've walked a mile in his mask.

Also, I'm an amazing dancer.

I know that seems unrelated, but still, never forget that.

Thanks, guys.

So, do you still wanna come--

The cage match? Dude, yes!

[Caleb] Keep it down.

[whispering] Cage match? Dude, yes.

[Corey Graves] WWE Universe, tonight is the night.

Two rookies will do battle inside of a 16-foot-high steel cage, vying not only for an NXT contract, but a $50,000 cash prize.

And one of them might even die.

No. No one's gonna die. That's--

I'm sorry. Have you seen the size of Kid Chaos?

Yeah, but...

Nobody's gonna die, I promise.

But the action is gonna be incredible.


-Especially if somebody-- -Renee.



Guess who got Chinese food?



-[knocks] -Leo?

So, how're you feeling, Kid Chaos?

Good. I just wish Dad could be here.

Okay, okay! Everybody ready for a big night?

Hey, hey, get out of here!

Relax. Relax.

We know who you are...


There he is. Don't worry. Your secret's safe with us, okay?

Seriously, it, uh... it is.

It is?

Yeah, it is. Go get something to eat.


I'm not here to start any trouble, I come in peace.

[chuckling] Okay?

But I'm a competitive guy.

And you're a competitive guy.

We're all competitive people, okay? It's human nature.

And, uh...

Yeah. Things got a little out of hand.

And for that...

I'm sorry, okay? We're both sorry.

Isn't that right, Samson?


That means he's sorry. [laughs]  Anyway, congratulations on making it this far, okay?

You really got something, kid.

So, good luck tonight.

May the best man, or kid, win.

[low growl] 

[Frankie] Come on. Give him his space.

Come on. You gotta warm up, anyway.

Let's go.


Nice delivery, but I ain't buying it.

All right. Let's get focused.

So, I went to the thrift store the other day, while you were at school.

It wasn't as nice as my vintage shop, but I was able to pick out a few pieces, and work my magic.

Huh? Huh? What do you think about this?

-Yeah! -Oh, yeah!

Aw! Yes!

Hey, kids.

-We should've gotten popcorn. -I know.

G'ma's here.

-Hi! -How's it going?

-What's up? -What's up?

What's up, homie?

-Kofi! -Yeah!

I didn't think you'd make it.

Come on, man. You know I'd never miss a cage match.

All right.

[announcer] Welcome your first opponent, the Shredder from Sheboygan, the mighty Samson!

[rock music playing]  Boo!

He's the best!

And here comes Samson.

Inspired dialogue, Graves.

[crowd booing] 

I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy, Samson!

-Boo! -Come here. Samson, please!

-Let's go! My man! -Yeah!

[announcer] Your next opponent, your very own hometown hero, it's Kid Chaos!

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪

♪ I'm always ready We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪

♪ I'm always ready We're always ready ♪

[laughing mockingly] 

♪ Every time you try us We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪

♪ We're always ready ♪ Wait, wait, wait. Hold up.

You mean to tell me that this guy is taking on that guy?

What am I missing here? Am I missing something?

I know how it looks, but, Kid Chaos has been crushing guys twice his size.

-For real? -Just wait.

-Really? -Mm-hmm Okay. Let's see it.

[announcer] And finally, your very special guest referee, WWE Superstar, Sheamus!

Faugh a Ballagh!

All right, Sheamus!

Come on, Red! Call it right, Red! Call it right!

[rock music playing]  Keep it fair. Keep it fair.

Keep it fair, all right?

[Sheamus] Hello!

[crowd cheering] 

Welcome to the main event!

Two men enter.

Only one will emerge a WWE NXT Superstar.




Terrifying bill.

-[Sheamus on TV] Are we ready? -Oh.

It's Sheamus.


-You got this, Kid Chaos! -Yeah!

Ring the bell!

[bell rings]


[Leo grunts] 


[crowd] Boo!



What is going on?




What the...


-Leo? -Leo?

That nerd?


What is this? Kid Chaos unmasked!

I told you someone was gonna die.


[low growl]  This isn't good.

Run, baby, run!

Okay, Samson. Put the mask on.

Come on, let's go. Pull it down.

Use your muscles! Suck in your cheek.

Suck in your ears!

Suck in your head!

Does anybody have any petroleum jelly?

-No, don't throw it down. It's... -[grunts]

Don't step on it!

What're you doing? Don't!



Listen, Samson. Let's... Let's work something out.

Maybe cut a deal.

-Ah! -For instance, you know, um... if you don't beat me up now, maybe I'll teach you how to talk.


New plan. If you don't kill me, I'll introduce you to some new people, help you make a new friend.

Because you need one. Bad.

That's not very nice, am I right?

Hey, Samson, leave him alone. He's just a kid.


He's trying to escape! He's trying to escape! Get him, Samson!

Get him. Get him out. 


[Sheamus] Put him down! Put him down!

Put him down!

[crowd gasps]  Stay up there, baby. Stay up there.

Hey! I said he's just a kid.

Back off, Samson. I'm the official here.

Kid, you all right?

Oh, no.

Samson, get up there! Get that mask!

Samson, he's going for the mask! Get the mask!

If he gets the mask before us, we're done!

Get the mask! You gotta get up there before him!

Get the mask, Samson!

Get up there and get the mask!

Go, climb!

Climb-- Oh, my back!

Get up there!


Get down!

Leo, get down here! This is your dad!

Steve, where're you going?

To save my son!

No-- You're right. Security. It's fine. We're gonna--



-Leo, you get down right now! -Hey!

Leo, get down! I'm his dad! I'm his dad!

Dad, what are you doing here?

What am I do-- Leo, what are you doing here?

That being said, I think you're gonna be okay.

I am?

Yes. Remember how I told you every superstar has a weakness?

Well, look at this guy!

He's sweating. Look at his hands! They're practically trembling!

Well, back at the tryouts, he refused to jump off the top rope.

-That's because he has… -[both] A fear of heights!

[Frankie] Fear of heights? Are you guys crazy?

Fear of heights? This guy loves heights!

He talks about heights all the time. He...

He climbed Mount Everest last year, so...

Look down, Samson.

Or is my dad right?

-Are you scared? -[Frankie] Samson, keep climbing!

Keep climbing or I will send you back to that circus in Sheboygan!

If you really wanna be the next NXT Superstar, you know someday you'll have to get past this.

So, why don't you do it now? Right now?

Look down, Samson. I dare you.


[loud cheering]

I was right about something!

[Leo grunts] 


Sheamus, get up!

-He did it! -He did it!

Did you see that? Oh, my God!

Get up! Hey! Count!

[all] One... two... three!

-Yeah! -[bell dings]  Oh, my God!


That's my son!

Yeah! Yeah!

[Steve] I told you that's my son!

[loud cheering]  Oh, my God!

-Oh, my God! You did it! -[laughing]


-Are you okay? -Yeah.


I'm so sorry about all this.

And I'm sorry for what I said.

No, it's okay. You were right.

And I should have told you... about Mom and everything. It's just...

It makes me sad, and so I was scared that you would be sad, too. But...

I have to be brave, just like you.

And neither of us needs a magical mask to do that.

There's one thing that you can always, always count on.

And that's I'm not going anywhere.


I love you.

Love you, too.

You're still grounded.

You're beyond grounded.

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ Tell me when you're ready We're always ready ♪

♪ I mean it, I said it You start it, we end it ♪ My son!


There they are...

Come on, guys. Come on!

♪ We're always ready We're always ready ♪ 

♪ We're always ready ♪

Now, that was... awesome!

One for the books, Kid Chaos!

Or should I call you Leo?

That's your real name, right?

Also, you're 11?

Eleven and a half, technically, but yeah.

Leo, how did you do it?

Well, Miz, at the end of the day, I won because...

I had some really great people in my corner.


That's great.

We've got a little problem.

We can't have an 11-year-old wrestling in WWE, can we?

That's correct. We cannot have an 11-year-old wrestling in the WWE. It's not safe. He's not allowed to do it.

But I love you.

Probably not the best idea.

But I have a way we can fix this.

Since I won, how about I pick my replacement?

Do you have someone in mind?

Yes, I do.

Smooth Operator, get down here!


[Leo] Come on, Smooth!

Come on!

He's wanted this ever since he was my age.

What do you guys think?


He's got what it takes.

Smooth Operator... welcome to WWE!



♪ You won't regret this Leo...

♪ I'll never forget this And WWE Universe, I'll show you all, ♪ No one can step to ♪

♪ this! ♪ Whoo!

-Yes! Oh, my God! -Big pipes.

That was amazing!

Leo, there's just one thing left to do.

I don't think so, you little brat!

Hold on. Hold on!

[crowd booing] 


That check belongs to me.

-Here it comes! -Ah!




[all gasp]  Oh!

You just got Grandma'd!

Hold on. Let me take a picture!

-[clicks] -Ah!

[laughing] In your face!

[crowd chanting] Leo! Leo! Leo!

[continues] Leo! Leo! Leo!

Yeah, let's go, Leo!



All right, boys, bring it in. Shake hands, and give me a good, clean match.

Let's see how well you do without the mask, Leo.


Let's see.

[rock music playing] 

Well, let me get a quick selfie with the winner for the 'gram.

And I mean Instagram, not the other G word.

-Oh, yes! [laughing] -Nice.

[Kofi] Excuse me. Leo!

Hey, man.

That was a brave thing you did.

I had to come congratulate you myself.

Wow. Thanks, Kofi.

And you must be the proud father?

I am, you bet.

And who is this beautiful creature?

Got nothing to say? I have never seen that before. [scoffs]

Oh. This is my--


Well, the pleasure is mine, Denise.


Hey, man, I gotta be honest.

I didn't think you could pull it off.

But I'm so glad that you proved me wrong.

And it's too bad you can't join us in the WWE.

You were impressive.

What're you talking about? I'll see you in ten years, Kofi.

And then, I'll show you the true meaning of impressive.

Believe that.

You're on.


[yelling] I love you!

[all] Oh. 

-Wow. -[Riyaz] Real smooth.

Did you just see that? He kissed...

[music playing]