The Man from Macau (2014) Script

The Man From Macau 2


Brother Wei, why you're so fashionable, make a yacht party this year?

The kids like that.

Got you. Long time no see!

Thank you!

Hello Uucle! Hi.

Come here, meet your uncle.

Hello uncle! Hi.

You're too young to be called uncle.

That's too much exaggerated.

Only true heroes recognized that.


A Cai, let's go to our friend's.

Okay, let's go.

You took your son with you?

Someone want to meet you.

But promise me, Don't get mad when you meet him, okay?


A Luo!

I miss you so much.

Long time no see.

There's something on your back.

Is it?

Dirty, bastard.


I wasted time with my boss, to help you into that seat, and then you abandoned it.

If your father & I weren't sworn brother, I would knock your head till death.

He's here to help you.

Brother Wei, Have you eat pig brain too much?

I need his help?

A Luo got a news, DOA were knockout by you, so they want to get revenge.

He tries to help you on that.

Now you're grown up, think I'm gonna need your help?

That's not what I mean.

I'm worried for you. worried?

This... Ouch!

I'm sorry!

This's for your dad.

You have to behave.

Accidentally I oppened this bottle, a Rafi in '82. when I'm angry, I feel no mood to drink.

What, 80s? '82 Let's drink.


This is for Luo's dad.

That time when three of us were together, your dad die early.

He's my adopted son, the youth have their own way, a master like you, let them have their privacy.

Drink it for your dad.

Hurry up.

Thank you master.



Dad, my sister's playing mahjong with three guys.

Who lost will be stripped.



Land Lake?

So how much did I lost?

30 millions.

Not much.

How's it going? 30 millions?

Three of them are cheaters, Your bra. That's right.


No? Next game will be underwear.

Let me play for you. There you are.


You guys look familiar, what's your name?

Brother Jing.

Call me brother Niu.

-Brother Niu. -Zhen Ji-dan.

My name is Bad breath.

What's the limit?


Could you play? Yeah.

I could even play 4-5 hundred millions.

That's it.

I'll pay if I lost, do charity if I win, ok?

Of course.

Doing charity is hard.


Why're so many West?


First wave of West?

Two Copper...

Two Copper?

What's that?

Wrong medication?

Still watching? I'll kick your ass!

This game is not small, Let's see.

Fa cai.

What's this one?

Four Stripes.

See what? Not for you.


That's the one.

This is not Four Stripes.

You're not looking for Four Stripes?

How do you know?

Open it, why you're asking?

Kan kan hu There's Four Stripes.

Tell your niece to strip.

Lately I'm using my brain too much.

There're several gray hairs on it, This one's actually Five Stripes.

Kan kan, men jian sheng.

Each one's 100 million.

You're kidding right? Thank you very much.

Can I pay in long term?

Tell them to strip.

Each one's 100 million.

No money? Then strip!

Let's strip them!

Help, please don't.

Strip them girls.

I'm not Zhen Ji-dan.

Look at them break up then go back again, remind me of a couple, Mo Chou?

You still remember her?

If it wasn't you, I would..

Thank you.

She gave me two chances, First chance, was my title with ultimate no-competitor champion.

She told me to quit.

And you knew the result.

How about second chance?

Second chance was in US.

At that time, We were almost married.

It was canceled because I was a casino GM at that time.

And she told me to quit.

Or else I will live in regret.

You know, I'm a tough guy.

Whenever she tells me to quit, I keep telling her to stay out.

So she wasn't hurt?

She was born with no tear.

Just staring at me all night.

The morning she left without a saying.

Actually I know that we still love each other.

If God gave you guys another chance, What would you do?

I think God won't play me that bad?

Mo Chou?


Why you have gun?

A Jian? I'm alright.

Are you okay. How are you?

I got hit.

Please hold, they're a lot.

I can't hold for long..

Don't be afraid, this position can scare them.

Three of us look handsome now.

Hold little longer.

Sorry, miss Cang Jing.

We're failed.


How luxurious!

Wow, lot of guests.

Brother Jian!

What's your name?

I'm Jin.

Luo joined our Interpol.


Joining Interpol and we could win.

What's in your head?

Actually the reason we bring Luo here. is hoping you to collaborate with Interpol. face with DOA.

You don't need to lure me.

Last time was my luck to save this life.

If you want play war, then go ahead.

Don't come to me.

Silly Jiang, where are you?

This robot look Western!

The latest smart butter!

From Korean friends.

Imported from Korea, but assembly in China.

The manual is too thick.

Still not finished yet.

He could transform too.

Sir, tea or coffee?

Call me Boss.


You have to ask our guest first.

My name is silly Jiang, Anything you need, I'll try my best to please.

I could handle making tea, massage, washing clothes.

Okay, so make tea, massage, and wash clothes.

Make tea.

Please enjoy.


What're you doing?

What're you doing?

Washing clothes.

What're you doing? Massage.

What's it?

Tell him to stop.


Stop! Washing clothes.

I can't hold any longer. Massage the clothes.

The manual said, You have to order one by one. or he will lose control.

Massage... Wash... Massage...

Silly Jiang, don't shut down..

Hold it, don't shut down.

Hold it, Silly Jiang.

Ok, it's done.

That's it for today.

I'll visit Wei.

This is a new house.

There's a lot of ambushes I don't know yet.

So, don't go everywhere.

I won't be responsible.

Okay, bye.

Ambush? Can it fly?

Hey, Dong!



Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

One more year old. Go!

Is it hurt?

Into bones.

Very sorry to get you involved.

A Luo said, this time he visited, is to ask your help He and I counted for over hundred years old.

Thing's not straigt, they'll kill us.

But now they're humiliating us.

I won't come out, sooner or later will be dead.

You're old, I'm not.

No matter what, personal or not, I'll beat that Cang Jing, Please accept me.

Let me think.

What is it?

A Luo gave it to me.

I see two of you've been together lately.

If he liked you that much, tell him to cut his finger for you.

He gave you this fake one.


I go home first, enjoy your coffee.

You have to see it.

Boss, coffee's coming.

Plug it in.


Master, I know this time you're very mad, But please listen to me.

I remembered when I was 7, you took me home, The first thing you said to me, "Don't be afraid"

"Feel this place like your home"

I always remember this saying.

Honestly, I've felt you like my dad.

You taught me to became a man with confidence, loyalty to myself.

So I'd like you to know, my future career since childhood, wasn't to be a casino manager,

but to be a good police officer.

Tomorrow, I'll come with my team to Interpol in Bangkok, Capture the DOA general accountant, Xiao Ma

Stop… Jiang, why are you so touchy?

I just upgraded for you.. a new version of Transformer.

Why're you still crying?

How about I buy your ticket to visit Thailand You and my student go save the world together.

It's not that, boss, I just can't handle my emotion.

I told you to stop watching Korean drama You're watching them all day, like live and die with it.

You watched "You Came From the Stars"

Don't you see these actors are handsome and smart And you?

You came from nowhere.

Like a fake one.

What do you want?

You want to beat me, don't you?

Jiang, I'm warning you, You behave like this next time, I'll kick your ass, up high to the paradise.

I'm scared, boss...

So continue the clip.

Yes sir.

Tomorrow I'll come with my team to Interpol headquarter in Bangkok.

Capture Xiao Ma of DOA and also Cang Jing.

You protected me from everything since I was young, I hope this mission, you could let me.. be your protector.

Thank you Dad.

Here, wipe your tear.

Did I forgive you yet?

Next time if you see this, could you be more discreet, cause you let everyone see you gave the tissue box to me, then how can I stand it?

How can a man like you exist?

Do I look silly? I'm out of here!

Holding so many years, Just let it flow.

I'm not done with you yet.

Wihthout a good look, what else do you want?

Bangkok, Thailand.

Provisional headquarter of Interpol in Thailand

Since the day Mr Gao was murdered, DOA was taken by Cang Jing right at the moment.

DOA gets stronger, Next step Cang Jing could move their headquarter to space, It will equal with air zones of many countries.

Capturing him is truly impossible.

So sorry, I won again Mr Han win.

The only way, to let him come out of shadow, is finding Mr Gao's cousin, Xiao Ma.

For his own protection, he keeps himself 1.5 billion dollars.

Hearing from a good source, Xiao Ma went to Bangkok.

But he's never been using any credit card, bank account. so we couldn't find him.

Long way to BangKok, He could want to meet somebody.

Or he's keeping the money here?

1.5 billion... even this base cannot transfer it how can one person move all of it?

He's a smart guy, only trust himself I feel like he put the money on Internet.

I'm not scared of anything, only that's DOA found Xiao Ma earlier than us.

Dad, the television don't have money.

I want to go back to kindergarten.

Didn't you said to me, your teacher is very boring?

My kindergarten has cute friends.

Your dad is cute too.

My teacher said lying is a bad habit, dad.

You always complain on me, That's bad also.

Dad, this room is nasty.

Can we move to a perfumed one?

But people in the television, They're always following us, If we're in a perfumed room, They'll easily find us.

What if they capture us?

If they capture, Whatever day or night, we'll have to act.

We'll be dead, are you scared?


You're not, but I am.

Hello, who's it?

Xiao Jiang, how are you?


Xiao Ma?

Came to Bangkok already?

Yes, I came to visit you.

You should come here quickly.

I'm in Papon, invite you a meal.

Big brother, 27 seconds called.

We could locate it.

Don't move.

He said the restaraunt always have customers.

But why it's so quiet?

Now's the meal time,

Chu Yi, come here.

Talking to them in 27 seconds.

We'll encounter them if we go down the floor.

Thank you.

Chu Yi, hurry.



Thank you.

Search every floor.

You don't need to follow.

I don't follow your order.

If Cang Jing don't cherish you, you won't behave like this.

I'm not letting that happen.

Your student, Eye Devil, was beaten by Shi Yi Jian.

I think you're not that good.

If you were not a woman, you'd be dead.

You stay, we go up.


This way.

What's it?

We found Xiao Ma.

Guys, let's go!

Give me.

Let blow them up, right?

Chu Yi, Bring the gas bottle here.. This one is not light.

Here Thank you


Take two.

Here dad.

Are you afraid?

A little.

I'm here, so don't worry.

When I was little, mom sings for me so I wasn't afraid.

I can't sing.

It's OK, just sing.

Even it's bad.

OK, I'll sing a song mom forced me to do.

My mom? Or your mom?

Your mom.

My mom?

My wife.

How old is your wife?

My wife is your mom.

Don' worry.


Let me light a fire.

Bring you to the sky.

Only 2 people up there.

Live until thousand years.

Madly in love.

Did she compliment this?

Of course she complimented.

Get inside.

Over there.

Big brother, they're gone.

Follow them.

Chu Yi, remember.

A person have to be calm.

The television people captured us.


Safe zone, Thailand police

Purpose of visit?


Sightseeing yet?

Why're lot of guys looking for you?

Maybe I look handsome.

Chief Accounting of DOA. holding 1.5 billion US dollars.

Mr Gao is your cousin right?

I'm just an accountant.

Where is 1.5 billion dollars?

How many zeros of 1.5 billion dollars?

Listen. Don't mess with me.

We all know this.

Take him to hospital?

That's his purpose.

Doesn't look fake.

Take him to the cell.

You could be the best actor.

If I have a vote for Actor Award, I'll vote for you.

Want to fight?

You use this for interrogation?

So what?

You think it's like the old time?

If it works.

It better does.

Don't hit my dad!

Don't hit my dad!

Can I take you to watch TV?

I want to watch horror.

As I said, only watching cartoon.

Do you have any wish?

With my beauty, I want to go to beauty pageant.

And you.

I want to be a transporter.

Why? It's a hard work.

So this's called safe zone?


It doesn't look as its name.

Everything here is using modern communication.

Beside system monitor, We're using dozens of agents to guard.

The retaining wall were reinforced.

We also have basement.

It has all it need to be, still not a safe zone?

Only for common criminal organization.

But DOA is a global one.

Recently They've bought lots of army equipment.

Their firepower could get through a 50 meter thick-metal wall .

You have to see them as US army.

Actually why you came to Thailand?

Finding old classmates.

Today, in a restaurant of Thailand, A family of 4 people and their employees were murdered.

The boss named Jiang.

It was my fault.

What's your purpose there?

It won't be helpful if you don't say anything. helpful?

Only a instant noodle for me.

And you call that's helpful?

And me.

I have 1.5 billion US dollars.

Are you still alive to use it?

Scare me, huh?

Within three hours, they're gonna attack.

Why is your television so poor?

You don't have any ice cream?


Don't you want to film my dad's running?

How is everything?

Everything's fine.

I'll handle it.

Something happened.

Be careful.

Chu Yi, come here.


Any injury, what happened?

You just say it's a safe zone, now safe what?

Not safe at all.

Hurry, go to the basement.


Go to the basement.





Luo get them inside.


You go first.


Take it.

I never use gun.

Lot of grenades.

Where are we going?

Through tunnel to the jungle.

How long.

1,000 meters.

1,000 meters? M96 is 1,500 meters.

Is that your death wish, let's negotiate with them.

Muscle stiffness

Grenades Go.



Why this's so annoying.

Daughter, this is a live channel.


Sorry, Luo.

I came late.


Take it.

Long time not holding the gun.

Now I need technology to help me.

Left hand 2 o'clock.

Right hand 7 o'clock.

Left hand 4 o'clock, change gun.

Right hand 9 o'clock.

Such an old time of me.

Bring Xiao Ma here.

Or you're all be dead.

How can we handle them?

Keep thinking.

Can we rush in?

He's Xiao Ma?

1.5 billion US dollar.

You don't want a risk, right.

Magician hand.

Xiao Ma.

Daughter, come there first.

Good girl, let me play with you.

Everybody go first.

I'll go later.




Boss, look like they're escaped.

Can we use predator to kill them?

It's me.

I know.

If we don't do anything, they'll escape.

No need.

Let them go.

My daughter's hungry, let's get something to eat.

I draw cloud and jungle.

Are you full.

It's right.

The safe zone was bommbed.

No need to talk that long.

If you're busy, just go first.

Be good here.

I'll go to the restroom.


His daughter is still here.

He can't go far.

Sit down.

Help me, they're bad guys.

Back off.

You hear me, back off.

Drop the gun.

Back off.

Drop the guns, and no one get hurt.

Chasing him.

Pay money first.

Back off.

Back off.


Chasing them.

More money.

Turn right.


Turn left.

Don't know how to ride?

You sinked the boat.

I'm sorry Bastard.


What's happen? It's shutdown.

Restart it.


I know.

Buddy, where is he?

Money, money.

Over there.


Dad, why don't we stay with the televison?

That television don't have license.

After they got it, then we came to them, OK?


Capture you is not easy.

Need to dive with a submarine.

Follow me.

Now's what?

An animal expert has said.

Crocodile underwater emit a low frequency.

There's only two reasons.

First one is dating.

They're looking for you?

Secondly, was to challenge the enemy.

I agree this time.

Calm down.

We just need to jump on their head.

Hold your energy.

Use that to splash the water. then we could push them away.




1 2 3 go.

Why's so bad smell?

It's embarrasing.

My stomatch not so well lately.

Again 1 2 3.

Help me

Calm down Where are we?

Daughter, I've told you many time You can't be gready You can't yell out Can't buy fake stuff in China You yell to loud to save hundred dollars and everybody're bleeding Only buy real leather string What's so funny?

Now it's wet, the string's broken.

What did you say?

I said she was afraid long time ago. whenever she met scary things She will yell out Next is our bleeding faces Why you bite them?

I said these crocodille If they came to us, Chu Yi will scare and yell out And everybody face's bleeding So who jump to who?

What did your dad say?

I can't hear clearly

So pretty

Dad, I'm hungry Ma'am, how mush are three plates?

3 plates 90 baht

90 baht

90 baht Thank you Thank you You gave me this broken watch, it's unacceptable can't even cheat an old lady.

We're dead.

There's a casino.

You know how to gamble?

You don't know?

Magican hand is just a myth?

Oh, I forgot You come there to visit Not only several meals, they also give you massage.

-Good idea -I'm not going there Listen

Come on in I'm scared of darkness Do you want a meal?

Darkness is ok.

Get in Come in I'm afraid you go away.

We're playing hide and seek.

If win, we got the meal.

Bye bye

Gel No gel Gel No gel Gel No gel

Fish-Prawn-Crab Alright

Thai Monopoly Foreigner?

That's right Come over here Watch and play

Outside is for local.

Inside is for VIP.

Play some games!

No money?

Why not?

OK, have fun Okay Yeah, I won.

This casino is so dirty You can't go home if you win

Brother Jiang

I sold my watch because of this show And you played an old Shanghai song Shanghai for me Play it again

Ma's coat, hair go to the back, and crystal ring.

Is that him?

He's not eating chocolate yet


I'm Little Knife Master how are you?

Little Knife Little Knife tries to cut down tree Useless, embarrass your Master

Look by yourself There's a lot of fans here You gotta sing something I have to sing?

Sing it

Look at you A song from Andy Lau with the voice of Jacky Cheung It has be professional.

Do you recongize when Andy Lau's singing, His voice keep vibrating Sing again

More vibration

Not bad, everyone raised for him!

Thank you

If a lot of people raise like that OK Let's play card throwing So we play it Play it That's right That's it Faster Better Show more

Welcome Mr Gao to my casino Let me I'm sorry for any inconvenience I don't like to brag Win at least 10 thousand Baht and I'll go.

That's not easy to meet you like this.

Please show all your skill

And 1 million Baht's still cheap.

Let me show my skill And you'll know how stupid you are Master, I'll let you handle it.

Buy all


3 point...

3 point...

This round you win But I like to play in three rounds

Master, you can't compete her So don't try I learned a lot You have a gut.

Nothing we can't hide Come back for me.

We need to act together.

Luckily I'm not with you.

I bet her win.

Let's go eat Dad Chu Yi Even shorter but I'm more ok

Chu Yi Miss me?

Very much Good Finish the meal, and follow me to Interpol You're an Interpol agent?

I'm not, but my student is Let me bring my daughter to her mom I'll follow you She lives in Thailand?

Yes She half Thai and Chinese We're divorced few years ago

Following you won't bring any happiness, but only troubles

This guy such a big gut Dare to steal my money

He broke the glass of my wedding store Steal my vest.

I'll give you 24 hours to pay back my 1 million Baht.

Or I'll sell her.

No, let her go

-Dad -Release her Help me Release her Where are you taking me?

Chu Yi

Why do we go to Pattaya?

I find Chu Yi's uncle, borrow him some money.

Get Chu Yi back Did you see DOA follow us all the time But when we left the Interpol everything's fine You're right

What's wrong with you?

Why did the bees only sting me, not you?

What gel you're using?

A famous jelly here I'm using famous gel for my hair.

Why don't you tell earlier.


I know I was wrong that time But now could you lend me 1 million Baht?

I could take my daugther back You're working for DOA, right?

Why you have to come to me?

I don't have time explaining. Go

Mr Cang, if you let me borrow I'll do everything.


If you beat the fist king, Yunaimi I'll give you one million prize.

You can't fight, let your friend do.

Get out

Mo Chou?

Mo Chou

Mo Chou, great to see you.

Why are you here?

I… Hello He wants to challenge fist king Yunaimi with this skinny body? we only cosplaying right?

This is Do Men Shui from Korea

You're her cheated ex?

You learn kungfu? Forget it.

Don't underestimate me, what if I win?

Whatever Okay, I bet that If I win You have to take out your shirt, pant, shoes Go around 2 times.

Jian, think carefully Yunaimi is fist king of Thailand

His 1 fist could break your bone.

Don't worry.

I have magician hand.

I'll fight.

You learned Muay Thai?

No He's a fist king.

He didn't lose any match?

Never Why didn't you say so I feel a little scared.

I know you said it in front of lady.

But I'm affaird to lose my friend.

Master, any chance that I could see you again C'mon

What are they doing?

Before fighting, they dance for praying.

Ask God to help them.

Open your mouth Remember Don't afraid when you're on stage You're afraid, you lose Master Come in, dance something

What's that? Monkey dance?

Okay okay Cat king, come here Master, I'm scared Don't dance like this, look ugly Let's go

Come here

I'm cramped Run, the fist king's coming.

What are you doing?

Beat him Okay, let's go

Back off What's it?

Master, what're you doing?

Saving your life Are you out of your mind?

Let lie for a while, stand up at 7 seconds.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Beat him Let's start

Stop It's time That guy won't stop So? You didn't stop What's he saying? I stop for you, stop stop stop

I'm exhausted.

C'mon. I'm out.

You don't want to lose face with your girlfriend right?

Look at your enemy You see it?

Go down!




1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Get up What are you doing?

Get up Can you hear me?

He'll lose this time

Get up

Get up If you don't stop, you'll lose, get up.

I told you to stop, you didn't And now you did Now you hit your hand If you hit wrong, it could be your teeth.

Stop stop stop

Let's start

"Muscle stiffness"

Master, I'm done Can I surrender now?

Can't hold any more.

Get out Get out Get him out Stand up Don't let me miss date with my girlfriend

Why is he slow?

What happened?

I hit Wrong medication?

First kungfu

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Get up 7

8, 9, 10

Master I put muscle stiffness to soak liquid of his brake.

I'm appreciated.

Help me pull them out, thank you

Bastard Do, keep your promise I don't care, idiot.

Do, you won't die if you're naked.

Go 2 rounds.


You're still stubborn.

How can a man be generous with his rival.

So I'm still your lover?

Your guess Let's go, I have to save my daughter.

I forgot. Go, save my daughter.



My master's daughter is being kidnapped in Sriracha, Asked for 100 thousand ransom You don't need to worry, My bodyguard in Sriracha has connection there, So you come with me.

And come back to me.

OK, I promise.

After I save Chu Yi, I'll come back to you.

Thank you very much.

Take care.


You two are very close.

This Thai master didn't treat me bad, But sometimes he don't let me eat.

At these moments I really want to hit him a lot.

Put your clothes on.

It looks cold.

Big tree.



Chu Yi.


What's happened?

I left the company.

Such a time when I didn't know anything, can't recongize good and bad,

thought it was my career.

What will they do to you?

You said you're never wrong, right?

An accountant like you is very good at math, right?

Even my only daughter has been taken away.

You said everything's gonna be under control, right?

Now my cousin is dead,

Chu Yi'll be safer with you.

Keep it, A month later,there'll be a deposit on it.

You keep your money.

Dad, you don't want me anymore?

How can I abandon you, You said you miss your mom very much, So you stay and learn drawing with her, okay?

Is it okay?

Your mom is very good, At your age, she won the first rank in drawing, Is it right?


Be good!


Dad, I'll be good.


Dad, I'll be good.


I'll be a good daughter.



Long time no see. How are you?

I'm fine.

You're still single through many year.

Not yet married?

You said your carrer's more important, and told me to wait 5 years.

And you abandoned me.

Don't blame on me All my life I've been regreted for it.

Why didn't you come to me?

I'm afraid you don't want to see me.

So you were married.

Who said I'm married.

A Cai is Fa Xiao's daughter, I promised him, I'll see her as my own daughter.

So through these years, how many girlfriends do you have?

You really want to know?

Of course.


Let's pray here, I'll tell you later.




What did you pray there?

How about you?

How can I tell you that.

You can't say that undiscipline.

I always tell you everything. and you cound't do the same?

It's not undiscipline, it's women's instinct.

Go undiscipline is a man's instinct.

I know everything you did.

Last time I saw you in Macau Port.

So what.

Why didn't you see me?

I went with a foreigner.

He is GM of a Swedish bank.

One of the guys following me.

Since the first day I met you, Your boyfriend changed a lot.

That's not weird, Cause I'm pretty.

Is it true?

Let me see.


You have to go now?


I came to Macau for you, You took me to eat squid curry.

You're not afraid I'll take my follower with me?

Do I look like cheap?

So you came to Macau to follow me.

Master, The Interpol have a place in Hongkong, and you came to my house for statement, So it means my house is safer than the safehouse in Thailand, More safer. Such a smart guy.

My daughter name's Xiao Cai. Call me Xiao Ma.

Xiao Ma.


Ji Qi. We're all met.

She'll stay here a few days until clear statement.

You saw it last time, My house has a lot of ambushes, So be careful.

This is the manual.

Luo, take him to rest.


I'll introduce my friend to you.


Be careful.

Are you alright?

Your daughter got a princess problem.

Not only a princess, she has a queen problem.

Boss, you're looking for me?

Call him Xiao Ma.

Hello, Xiao Ma.

It's my smart butter, Silly Jiang.

Do you want tea or coffee?



Look at me.


Little cold.

Boss, stand aside.

Who are you?

Silly Jiang, you did it too much.

It's okay.

What's okay?

Sorry master.

This robot doesn't like any man approaching me.

Why don'y you say earlier.

And don't manufacture when the design's not finished.


Jian, I came to Macau.

That's fast?

Later I have to join in charity party of brother Wei.

You should come with me.

You told me to come, how can I refuse that.

8 pm at the hall.

Okay, see you later.


What happended?

Silly Jiang.

Bring out Korean fruit facial-mask I collected to him, Have fun.

Xiao Ma, want some coffee?

Coffee your head.

Ma Da Fa, you're still smoking?

I told you to quit, Or you'll get mouth cancer.

Thank you.


Hi Jian.

Sorry brother Wei, Coming late.

Shi Yi Jian's coming.

I heard 6 months ago you were in Macau played a century Baccarat card with a guy named Gao.

Hero don't remind old time.

You have another title right, Ultimate no-competitor champion.

Hero don't remind old time.

How do you play Poker?

It's Poker.

Not a Dou Da Zhu, Is it OK?

It's long time I didn't gamble.

It's fine.

Whatver lose or win, we'll donate to charity.

Have a seat.

The guy with dark skin keep looking at you, like you guys had gratitude.

Last year on my birthday, He played and lost to me He ate 50 dumplings.

Mr Shi, You won this title three times, Today we invited you to play, He's called.. No need to introduce.

Hi Mr Baker, welcome to Macau.

Thank you.

No need to do this.

When I play in Teng Xin, I won the title every time.

Today the Poker game is unlimited of money, Each game upper limit is 50 million, Each deposit is 100 to 200 thousand, Please deposit.

Please bet.

Open card.

1.2 million.



Please bet.

3.2 million.

More money, 7.4 million.





Everyone passed, so I'll pass.

Mr Shi, 10 million.

Close card.

Follow 10 million.

Mr Wei, what's our upper limit?

Everyone's 50 millions.

So I bet it all.

So "all in" all.

I'll step back this game.

Keep fighting with him.

Please open your cards.

Before opening, let's bet privately.

How much?

100 millions.

Mr Do, I represent mountain children, thanks to you.

I don't believe you have straight flush.

Four Jacks.

Believe or not, But straight flush's happening.

Boss, I don't know what happened.

Sorry, I don't know what happened.

Straight flush win.


What happened?

You're a pretty lady, Want to see my body?

Come here, let's dance together.

Take out clothes, baby.

Let's go home, I cooked squid curry noodle.

Game's done. Action.

What happened to him?

Last year a friend gave me a truth serum, so I test it on him.

Come here, dance with me.

Why he's still staring at you?

This is my new recruit student, Ma Da Fa.

Ms Mo Master, Is my skill improved a lot?

Very good.



Everyone passed, so I'll pass.

You guys are such cheaters.

Keep fighting him.


I'm Bing, I need to see Mr Jian.


I received the news, People from D.O.A will come here tonight, Where is Jian?

He's not here!

Why didn't you make a call, but you come in person?

When receiving the news, I was nearby, so I directly come here.

Xiao Luo, take his gun.

What are you doing?

I'm suspecting, You're the one betrayed us.

Only him could contact anyone, without our asking and then D.O.A keep following us.

What are you talking about?

At safe house you suddenly disappeared, 3 days later you suddenly came back.

You knew that I was at hospital in three days.

Cuff yourself.


So it was you.

Tea or coffee?

Get out.

Tea or coffee?

Get out.

Okay, fighting is for man, You go capture Xiao Ma.

What happened?

I feel very cold.

Robot can feel cold?

I also feel tense, When I'm tense, I want to pee.

You have that thing down under?

I've been suspecting you a lot, I think you're human, let me see.

Don't touch.

This spot look like flesh. That tickle!

You're a big student of Jian, aren't you?

I heard you're good, Don't worry, I'll fight without using hand.

Come on!

I forgot, sorry.


How dare you guys attack my house!

Didn't I teach you how to uncuff?

Shi Yi Jian, you're such a good one!

But my men outnumbered you.

Bring Xiao Ma immediately.

Or you will die together.


Why they always asking for you?

Silly Jiang, did you just pee?

Master, don't scare!

This room is very strong built, The wall here is very thick, Even there's a bomb outside, but the inside will be okay!

Hey Silly Jiang, anything to beg?

No, I'm scared!

What are you scared of?

I upgraded you.

Silly Jiang, now is the time you sacrifice for country.

Don't be afraid.

I'll be your side.

Hey, open the door!

Go ahead!

"C'mon dance"


Brother Jiang!

Love you so much!

Several days later I'll take you to HongKong.

Let's try fry chicken and driking beer!

I'm mad at you!

What a kiddo!

Where is it?

How can I didn't see it.

That's weird! Oh god!

Hi Mr Shi Yi Jian, Ms Mo Chou and Xiao Ma's daughter are in our hand.

If you want them alive, come to Shenzhen and see me, I'll tell you exact location, and things to do.

Everything I taught you, still remember?

Of course.

Let's try!

Brother Jian, I'm truly regret!

Regret for betraying D.O.A?

No, if I know this could go long, I should go to pee already!

Why are you shaking?

Because of the pee?

Welcome you two to our space headquarter.

Dragon King Palace

Ms Cang Jing's waiting for you!


Welcome, welcome.

Magician hand, Mr Shi Yi Jian.

And also my old partner, Xiao Ma.

What's your full name?

Why do you need my full name?

What is it, I don't know too.

Ma La Tang.

I'll let you guys first.

I can give you the money, But you have to release Chu Yi first.

Also, Did you hurt her mother?

I'm a woman also.

How can I hurt that poor woman.

I'm using this method, To transfer 1.5 billion dollars to global banks.

Transfered to unused accounts with over a thousand one.

Using this method within 10 minutes,, You could transfer all your money, Into a bank in Switzerland.

"Transfer started"

Such a genius.

Got the money, why don't you release them.

Losing 1.5 billion dollar could be regain, Xiao Ma dead or alive doesn't matter, Lead him to see his daughter.

Let's go.

Mr Shi is a genius.

It's truely rare.

That made me couldn't kill you.

When you talk to me without suspecting, It looks fake.

I believe you're not real Ms Cang Jing.

You're her body-double, is that right?

Mo Chou?

Why are you being so smart?

Once time I went to Las Vegas decided not to marry you, It's not because I did't love you, But because I recognized, You have connection with international gangsters.

You showed up this time, made me doubt about it.

You're still loving me?

I do.

I always do.

But since our kissing at the beach, I have different thought.

First kiss was passion, Second one has bitter taste along the sweet, Third one was such a kiss of spider.

At that time I looked up on sky and laughed, Do you know what I was praying?

I wished the person my student looking for is not you.

But with a bowl of squid curry, you revealed yourself.

Cang Jing.

Don't think you're invincible.

I'll give you a chance, No matter what it's brain or skill, I'm outreach you.

Let's fight.



Chu Yi!

They're acting, Don't be afraid!

If you lose, I'll throw them out.

Unless you decide to come with me.

And if I win?

Release all of you.

How do we play?

Here are playing cards, Let's see who will pick the biggest card faster.

Okay, this game's related to human life, So I have to win.

You only got 4 cards.

4 is enough to win!

But a straight is bigger.

Look again.

Heart is still bigger than Spades.

Drop it.

Don't move.

Chu Yi!


I'm scared.

These double agent things.

My student A Luo is better than me!


Don't worry daughter!

Why's this movie so violent?

Nowaday all action movies are like that!

Stand right here for me!

Hey miss!

I'm out of cards!

Women shouldn't be too mean!

Or their chest will be flatted!

"Complete Transfer"

"Transfer Denied"

If the method is over 10 minutes, All money is going back to the original account.

Even though I don't know how to use gun, But I was a champion in wrestling.

This small thing, even you don't know?

Not painful?

Not painful, huh?

Let's die together!

Didn't I teach you to uncuff?

Lower down to 8000 meters, I want to parachute.

Mo Chou!

Stop hiding!

You have no where to hide!

My student will finally catch you.

Why I always lose to you?

My love lost to you, And now this business thing.

Confess, and I'll help you!

You once asked me, What did I pray that time.

I prayed, If I found 1.5 billion dollar, I'll retire and marry you.

Unfortunately, it didn't come true.

No matter what the result, I'll be waiting for you.

I'm not going to jail.

Remember my figure today.

I want you to remember me forever!

Mo Chou!



Ma Da Fa, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Does it need to be like that?

Happy New Year!

All things go smooth! Thank you, Thank you!

More eat, more growing! Thank you.

Healthy life, Happy New Year! Thank you brother Wei! where's my lucky money?

Here you are!

Thank you boss!

Dad, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Luo, best wishes for you!

Thank you!

Wish you more pretty! Thank you! where is my dad?

I don't know. I know, He saw something weird out there, then suddenly went outside!

Still a mad man!

No kidding?

My dad is unpredictable!

He'll come home soon!

I'm fine!

I'm fine!

I'm fine!


Dad, where've you been?

I'm okay! Be careful.

Dad, what's happened?

There's a bad guy, A bad guy? I saw him on the road, I'm so mad when I saw him.

I went to him and do some kicks, and now he's lying on the ground.

But why it looks like you're beaten?

It doesn't look like my appearance!

Silly Jiang, Bring in some eggs!

Boss, your blood pressure is high!

High your head, Such a mad man!

I want to use it for my nose.

Got it!

Jian, the bastard you're talking about, Did he wear a crystal ring?

You know him?

He asked if I want to be his student? want you to be his student?

Who is it?

Happy New Year!

My name is little Dagger, honored to be called Prince of Gamble!

What happened?

My master and you have a misunderstanding!

So he tell me to come here and sorry!

Your master?

Dad, you beat him till he went to hospital, right?

If he beat me till injury, I'll beat him to dead!


You call this guy your master?

You followed him?

He's polite like that, you should at least shake his hand.



See it?

This is called fashionable and cool!

Everybody stand aside!

I'll have a fight with him!