The Man from Nowhere (2010) Script

-Yes, sir. Where are you?

We're making a U-turn and we're on our way.

Let's get ready.

Yes, sir.

Two in the front, the rest block the stairs.

Jump him as a group. He's one strong bastard.

I told you we should call for backup.

You scared? Of course not.

Let's hurry and finally end this two-month stakeout.

He's in.


Grab the big guy, but let the kid go.

Make sure you see him deliver it.


It's been delivered.

You can't go in, sir. Let go of me! Stay still!

Stay still, asshole.

I got the goods.

I'll leave right now.

Bear is on the move.

What do I do?

You sure about the delivery? I saw it!

Why isn't he coming out? I told you, I saw it myself!

Do I jump him or not?

Once he's out the door, it's all over!



Get him.

Mother fucker!

Stay still!

Goddamn it!

Fucking bastard!

Grab him!

Teddy bear!

Let's go.

We got snacks for you at the station.

Mother fucker.

He got away.

Ran with the goods. Fuck!

Don't get so worked up.

Those little pricks.

Crazy bitch.

You squeeze it, you buy it.

What do you need?

Come out.

Or I'll kill you.

I didn't steal your milk.

I'm not lying.

I don't steal anymore.

Hey, flowers!

You know Yong-chul, right?

I saw him in the bathroom and I was so embarrassed.

The kids asked if I liked him, but why would l?

And look, my tooth is shaky.

Does it hurt when you pull your tooth out?



Why do I bother?

I'm too old to pull my tooth out.

I don't want to.

Why only a dollar?

You owed me fifty cents.

But I put in a lot of new songs.

You have bad taste in music. How mean.

Give that back for a second.


I like sausage too.

What are you saving up for?


Nail art.

I'm the best in my class. Should I do yours?

A lot of men do it these days.

Are you really a gangster?

They say you're hiding because you did something bad.

And Mom warned me that you're a child molester.


Do you think I'm a bad guy, too?


You do look like the prison type.

JUNG So-mi! Are you in there? It's Mom! I'm not here.

Hey, mister!

Open the door!

Mister, is So-mi here?

She's not here. I heard voices inside.

Why won't you open the door then?

JUNG So-mi, I know you're in there!

Get out here, now!

Open the door.

I said, open it.

What are you doing?

JUNG So-mi.

You better come out right now!


She's really not here?

I'm warning you.

Stop luring my kid in here.

If you touch her, I'll kill you.

You can go screw married women, but don't mess with kids.

I'll rip your balls off.

If you're that desperate, then ask me out.

You're easy on the eyes. I'd date you.



Isn't it pretty?

Don't touch other people's things.

You had fun?

Tell your boss that I'll get his ass.

Good luck with that shit.

You lost all the goods I gave you.

Did you think I'd go hire you a private eye?

I sent my boys after it.

I'll find those bitches...

This is why you scumbags can't be trusted.

Goddamn useless developing country idiots.

Who brought this fucker?

Fucking Vietcong.

160 million Chinese do weed, 26 on meth, and 11 on heroin.

It's a gold mine. The UN says so.

Three days, I'll hold those Chinese here.

You better find that sample heroin.

Or I'll donate you two to the Bodies exhibition.

That's your specialty, so you get my drift.

A military in power is what this damn country needs.

You fucking little whore!

Are you crazy?

Where are the goods?

Answer me.

I did all the work.

I deserve half.

Don't l? Fucking bitch!

Listen up, Hyo-jung.

20 percent is enough. You have one day.

Don't bullshit me.

I can just sell it all and run!

You're asking for it, aren't you?

Do you know who they are?

Don't fuck it up.

Fucking tramp.

Like mother, like daughter.

Go outside and play.

I promise.

I'll go when Mom's friends leave.

You know what your nickname is?

The "pawnshop ghost".

Guess my nickname.

What is it?

I'm not telling.

It's "garbage".

My aunt told me, Mom kicked a garbage can when she got pregnant with me.

It's been garbage ever since. Funny, right?

Go to sleep.

Pawnshop ghost and garbage. Sounds like a rock band.

Doesn't it?

I feel like playing video games...



What's wrong with you?

What's your mom's phone number?

Answer me! Stop hitting her so much!

Look at my son's scars!

You can't even keep these bums away, with all the taxes I'm paying?

Did your mom tell you to glare at adults?

Did you steal his bag?

I didn't steal it.

I just wanted to compare it with mine.

You don't have a bag, you bum!

Don't touch! You'll get germs!

You need an adult here to settle this.

Isn't your mom home?

That's your dad?

Excuse me, sir!

Sir! Over here!


He's not your dad?


Where are you? Woah.

Sounds like he really beat you hard.

You're smoking it up while I'm out working.

Mom and Dad would be proud Not so hard...

That's just life.

Do-chi called. He found the bitch.


The fucking dancer?

Are you mad?

That's why you shouldn't steal.

How much is what she just took?

Leave her be.

Kids will learn from their mistakes.

Parenting isn't just giving birth.

She's always by herself.

Bring her around more often, like the other dads.

It's on me.

Give me back my MP3.

I don't have money, so take this.

My lucky card. It beats everything.




I embarrass you too, right?

That's why you ignored me?

It's okay.

My teacher and all the kids do that, too.

Mom said that if I get lost, I should forget our address and phone number.

She gets drunk and says we should die.

Even though that pig called me a bum...

You're meaner.

But I don't hate you.

Because if I do, I won't have anyone I like.

Thinking about it hurts me here.

So I won't hate you.


We're looking for something.

You're going to help us.

Do I look like a fucking school bully?

Get out.

Did you find it?

The thing is...

Things got a bit interesting up here.

Who are you? You came to the wrong place.

I didn't call the cops, so just go.

How thoughtful of you.

We'll go once we get our goods.

PARK Hyo-jung gave you a camera bag yesterday.

Hand it over.

A day is worth half-month interest.

80 dollars capital and 4 percent interest.

Deals must be made in person.

Is that so?

I had no idea.

But what will we do?

Get over here. Say something!

Mom! Talk!

Don't! Stop it! Go ahead, talk!

You little bitch! Mommy!

Are you okay? Mommy!

Wake up, Mom!


She can't go right now.

How much?

You want these two to die for that?


Mister! Mister!

Save me!



You couldn't handle one fucking guy?

Boxing? Karate?

Was he that good?

I'm telling you, you should've seen him.

He was so fucking fast.

Don't you think...

Forget it. No big deal.

This is good.

We needed a fall guy anyway.

You're saying...

Your neighbor and her kid got kidnapped by drug dealers?

Is that right?

Yes. Is she really your neighbor?

Just give me your address. I'll send a squad car.


You can't give me your address, can you?

Look, sir.

If you're that lonely, call information instead.

They have prettier voices, all right?

I'll do as you say.

Don't hurt them.

You made the right choice, mister.

You just have to do one delivery for us.

What do you think? Impressive.

Open the glove box.


Go to the driving range and ask for OH Myung-kyu.

Deliver it at 6 P.M. Be on time.

Toss the phone once I hang up.

When will you let them go?

There's a soup place around the corner.

I got a table at 9 P.M., so look there.

Look at these petty thieves.

Where's the murder, the meat? You wish.

Fuck my life.

This is NOH, DEA department.

That's right.

Welcome. Come this way.

Over here.

Nice to meet you.

Was that right? Yes.

Good. Have a seat.

He came alone? Yes, sir.

These Chinese got spunk, don't they?

Hurry up, then.

Tell him it's imported and I hope he likes it.

Be polite. Dandy, you hear?

Yes, sir.

Go on!

Saw some gangster films, eh? May as well be at a funeral.

Should I translate? If you want to die.

Does he think it's poisoned?

Try the goddamn tea.

Are you OH Myung-kyu?

I delivered it as promised.

Hand them over.

What is this?

Who the hell sent you? I made the delivery.

Keep your word. What is he saying?

Did you get the goods?


You trying to dump this shit on me?

Why not?

You thought I'd just let you take my business?

You think you'll get away with this?

Mr. OH.

Mister fucking OH Myung-kyu.

One word of advice.

Kiss all the ass you can, but you're fucked.

You got that, bitch?

If you want to live, then run!

You fucking gold mother fucker!

Mother fucker!

Hey, Chinese major.

There goes your paycheck!

You fucker!

Get over here!

Grab him!

What the fuck?

Get my jacket!

Goddamn bastards.


Throw him to the cops.

You three go this way.

Block the exits!

What the hell?

LEE Kwang-su.

JU Jae-young.

KIM Bu-seong.

PARK Man-kyu. Drip on the floor, you die!

LEE Won-hyung.

You better not water it down!

Fucking bitches won't answer me. We got you.

No small talk!

No exchanging of urine! Yes, sir.

Do as you're told!

No organs? That's right.

Cornea, liver, kidneys, skin tissue.

Took everything worth any money.

But harvesting isn't OH's style.

Who's that? Came out of nowhere.

We're looking him up, but we can't link him to OH Myung-kyu.

It was crammed inside the furnace.

It's too little. They already took it.


Name is CHA Tae-shik.

Lives in Yongsan, Seoul.

No drug offense and tested clean.

But from 1998 to 2006, there's no record for him. No record?

These pricks never register, so dig into his connections.

Just find his link to OH Myung-kyu.

This is a murder case.

21 Dongja district in Yongsan...

A pawnshop?

A vein burst in her nostrils.

You know what that means?

Her heart was beating when they got her eyes.

Ripped out of her head while she was alive!

The drugs aren't half your problems.

You keep playing quiet and you're fucked!


Excuse me, Detective.

Don't we get any snacks? Snacks?

You fucking want snacks?

Which one's CHA Tae-shik?

Why? There's a lock on his record.

A lock?

Here's the stuff on OH Myung-kyu.

Tell Chi-gon I need to see him.

But he won't be back any time soon...


Escaped from Baron's castle. Disappears into shadows at sunrise.

All right, let's just eat first.

Excuse me.

I'm left-handed.

Nothing beats hunger, eh?

He finally speaks!

We're making progress.

Let's eat and get this over with.

Holy shit!

Hello? What the...

Who is this? I'm just the Chinese major.

All I did was ask for some food.

Where's Detective PARK?

Put him on the phone!

Please don't kill me...

Young man!

Can you see that plate number?


See if it's my son's van, would you?

What's the number?

It's 5124.

It's right, 5124!

Let go of me!

Let's go meet Mommy.

Come up. What about my mom?

You don't come up, you won't see her.

Open the door!

Please! Let me out!

Open the door!

6:41 P.M.


45 and 18 seconds.

Six cops hospitalized and OH's files stolen in 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Jung-ho's teeth are out.

KWON's knee is busted.

This is one complicated mother fucker.

The lock code on him is 011. Guess who?

Military intelligence.

A lock on a civilian file, that's a first.

I'm tingling with curiosity.

There is one option. What do you want to do?

Remember the short track incident with Ono?

A third-grade kid from Korea sent Bush an E-mail.

It read, "I'll kill you".

So the FBI asked us to look into it.

The dirty ones are always more suspicious.

So you're saying... We'll send one as CHA Tae-shik.

They send us a request, and it's a one deal.

Even the NIS will have to release the information.

Obama...To Obama?

You know Obama's E-mail, you idiot?

To the White House.

So, is that a go?

Or stop?

Go, no matter what.

Please don't kill me.

I'm telling you the truth!

That bitch started it all...

That's the only reason...

Koreans never get shit done in time.

Olympics come and they finally start building bridges.

But they're bound to collapse.

You were only trying to earn some weed money?

And no one is behind it?

Fucking prick.

Then who's that pawnshop bastard?

He's with you, isn't he? What pawnshop?

Counting to three.

Then I'll torch your prick. One.

Please forgive me!

Two. Don't kill me!

Please don't kill me!

Three. Please don't!

You fucking startled me!

You're wasting your time.

The food is here. Let's eat.

Can't you signal before you cut in?

I don't believe that pawnshop bastard.

Only an idiot would not call the cops.

Who cares? This is our town.

What about OH? I sent Ramrowan.


This is Dolce and Gabbana!

Goddamn it. I just bought it yesterday!

Alone, again? Yes!

I told you not to send him alone.

That sick bastard likes going rogue anyway.

Let me go, just this once!

I'll double what they pay you!

Please let me go!

Once we refine the meth in here, we'll both be set for life!

Hey, I got it!

I got it.

The dead woman's daughter.

She ran errands for CHA and came here sometimes.

PARK Hyo-jung and CHA were lovers.

Kid runs the deliveries. It's a perfect fit!

Game set!

So his lover was cut open and her eyes ripped out?

By CHA Tae-shik?


Still no trace of the daughter?

Who's got time for her?

With OH Myung-kyu on the loose.

Hello? I got it.

CHA Tae-shik.

Just get on with it!

Yes, sir.

This is the information we received from the U.S.

CHA Tae-shik.

A Special Forces agent in the Army Intelligence Command.

Completed classified missions from '98 to 2006.

A drill instructor for specialized forces.

Received a gold star and a military merit order.

Say hello to your guarantor, gentlemen.

He's got bad credit...

Mainly enemy raids, munitions, assassination and kidnap.

Specializes in secret foreign operations.

How much do you need?

You sold this here?

There's been some kind of mix-up.

We do loans, not telephones.

Tell me who bought it and you won't get hurt.

What are you, a cop?

The brutal training program is said to have made some congressman faint from shock.

That's all we know.


He bought dozens at a time. A harvester.

He deals hearts, livers, things like that.

After a car accident in 2006, CHA Tae-shik's official records have stopped.

Gunshot wounds?

Unlike the other passenger, CHA was taken to a military hospital.

According to his surgeon, he was shot, not in a car accident.

Who the hell is this kid?

Who was the other passenger?

His wife. She died at the scene.

We got a lead on CHA.

Where are you?


This isn't online shopping. We need to talk in person.


The dream of a longer life, it's not about eating health food.

We'll go over the medical records.

All right.

Come on, baby!

You'll ruin the taste.

Ever hear this before?


Bottoms up.


You're serious?

If I find him, you'll rip up my loan contract?

Just tell me where he is. Okay.


He stole their car.

We got him crossing the bridge.

And we tracked Dochi's phone there too.

Be careful.

Welcome back, sir. Thanks.

First time here?

They've got great girls.

Hot and steamy.

But it's looking bleak tonight.

It's usually a sure thing here.


I think tonight's a bust.

No fish in the sea.

Let's go somewhere else.

Where's Dochi?

Come out.

All right! Fuck!

It's chronic constipation.

Come this way.


Once it hits, you can hardly move.

Since it's for your wife, I'll give you a discount.

What's your religion? Religion?

You need membership at a temple or cathedral.

Shows as voluntary donation and what not.

Takes two months. Are you hot?

You're sweating like a dog. I'm okay.



I'm in the bathroom.



Who's that?

A friend. A friend who?

Who are you? Get out!

Were we expecting another one?

Get the fuck out!

Mister! Over here!

Fucking son of a bitch.

I won't ask twice.

Where is So-mi?

Fuck you, bitch!

So, you sold her...

To the ants nest? I don't know!

Man-seok and Jong-seok know!

Where are they?

All right!

All right!

Out of the way!

You scared the shit out of me.


Weren't you at the station? Why did you kill So-mi's mother?

Hey, don't blame us.

She actually saved three lives.

And you did the delivery, so you killed her.



Hello? Is that what you did to So-mi?

What do you think?

Her insides are shit since they're not ripe, but I can sell her corneas.

It pays surprisingly well.

Five years in prison. That's all I ask.

She might be waiting when you get out.

You only live for tomorrow. What?

The ones that live for tomorrow

get fucked by the ones living for today.

What are you babbling about?

I only live for today.

I'll show you just how fucked up that can be.

He hung up on me.

Report to the NIS, is that it?

We gave you information, but you lost the suspect and drugs.

This can't continue.

Report all files on OH and other connected suspects.

Your D.A. and I went to college together.

Let's keep things quiet.

You're fucking kidding me.

Are you after OH Myung-kyu or CHA Tae-shik?

It was us that staked out for two goddamn months.

And it's our boys lying in the hospital.

I'll catch them, write them up, throw them in.

I'll fuck anyone in my way, and give up my badge for it.

You just don't get it.

A National Defense employee tried to sell information overseas in 2006.

200 million dollar's worth of national security information.

Special forces were sent to assassinate and recover the goods.

MOON Dal-seo, infiltration unit agent.

And CHA Tae-shik, from extermination units.

Mission was successful, but not without sacrifices.

Isn't it beautiful?

I'm so proud of it...

So proud, it makes me cry.

Let me hug you. Both of you.

Have a nice day. Thanks.

Agent CHA! Tae-shik!

Look at me, Tae-shik!

Call an ambulance! Hurry!


Call an ambulance!

Stay still!

Look at me, you bastard!

Don't move! You're losing blood!

Should I ask what happened?

Get me a gun.


First words in three years, and that's it?

Not a Colt or a Tokarev.

Semi-automatic, at least 10 chambers.

Get some rest.

Your temperature is over 104.

One by one, I brought the abandoned mutts home.

Now I can't tell if this is a scrap yard or a dog pound.

An inch higher and that bullet would've killed you.

Don't do it.

I don't know what it is, but don't do it.

There's someone I need to find.

It's only been a few days,

but I can't remember her face.

I should've taken a picture.

She took out 8000 dollars. A second-grade kid!

Does that make sense?

Account belongs to NAM Sung-shik, PARK's pimp.

And it matches his statement.


Sir, tell them I'm innocent!

CHA Tae-shik.

I'm KIM Chi-gon of the DEA.

Remember me?

I'll cut to the chase.

I'm going to catch you.

But let me ask you one thing.

You know PARK Hyo-jung's daughter, JUNG So-mi?

Are you looking for her?

So-mi is alive.

She took out money at an ATM near Gasan Station.

Tell me everything you know.

Or you'll never find her.

Man-seok and Jong-seok. What?

They sent me to OH Myung-kyu, and they killed So-mi's mother.

That's everything I know.

The broker that worked for Man-Jong?

JANG Du-shik.

Find him and start searching Chinatown.


Is it good?

Tell the brothers I'm leaving with the kid.

Say good-bye.


You're leaving?

Be good and you'll go home like her.


Let's go. Mi-jin...



If I'm good, I can see my mom again?


Hey! JANG Du-shik!


Who are you? Who do you think, moron?

I'm Jesus.

I'm going to make you walk.

Help! Over here!

This man... Shut your trap!

He's hitting a crippled man!

It's empty.

Atten-hut. Atten-hut!

Run to the paddy wagon. Yes, sir!

Left. Left!

Left. Left!


I really don't know.

Half are in prison.

The rest are hiding, so they don't contact us.

This kid is missing.

Are they even selling kids these days?

Come on.

This isn't the eighties anymore, man.

Of course, they've done worse.

But this isn't it. She's just an ant.

An ant?

Yeah, an ant.


It's the Chinese mafia system.

That's right, the Chinese mafia.

All those social outcasts, you know?

People in debt!

They take their kids and send them on deliveries.

Who suspects a kid, right? They're just kids!

Cheap to maintain, safe from the cops.

It's the perfect solution!

And it's impossible to track.

Excuse me, sir.


Code 402!


Put your hands up!

Stop right there!

Kids are so dramatic.

Hey, kid!

Just take her away.

Get back to work!

What is it? I'm busy.



Bring her to me.


How'd you get over there?


Who was that? This is your last chance.

Bring her to me within the hour.

I asked you who that was, mother fucker!

You have no idea who you're up against.

Touch one hair on my brother's body, and I'll rip her eyes and guts out!

You fucking bastard!

Tell Ramrowan to rip her eyes out.

What are you doing?

When the kids died,

you took out their organs.

Sent the liver to one district, the eyes to another...

And the heart to Seoul.

Isn't that right?

I didn't do it.

Those young children,

wandering the country even after death...

Did that ever cross your mind?

What about you?

You ever wonder how much they're worth?

Even their parents don't want them anymore.

It's a win-win situation.

Am I right?


Just now,

you should've apologized to those kids.

Mother fucker.

If anything happens to me, you'll never see that bitch again.

You get me?

Even if I find So-mi,

you two are still dead.




Goddamn it!



Say something, you asshole!

Mother fucker!

Hold onto it.

Time to get back home.

Where's my mom?


Mommy's right here.

I took her heart out.

So Mommy is right here.

Let's shake hands.


Don't you want to?

You said I could see my mom again.

He's lying, right?

She's not dead.

She's not dead, right?

She's alive.

Mister, you're lying, right?

My mom is alive!

Where is she? Let me see her.

Please, mister!


Coming through!


Inspect these people.


We know everything.

Where are the kids?

Goddamn it.

Where the hell are they?

Detective NOH!


What did you find? I got a name.

OH Sang-man, a surgeon. Served 3 and a half for drug use.

Known as "500".

His goal is to cut open 500 bodies.

Track him down.

This is it? Just one guy?

There you are.

Who the fuck are you?

Why did you come all the way here for her?

I'm her next-door neighbor.

Fucking idiot.

Her next-door neighbor?

You're fucking insane.

Where's Jong-seok? So-mi first.


Grab it.

Out of the way, moron!

I'll just stay over here.



She went to heaven to find her mommy.

But she can't find her without her eyes.

You messed with the wrong person.

Next-door neighbor?

You think this is some fucking joke?

Where's my brother?

Where the fuck is my brother?

How many cavities do you have? What?

I run a pawnshop.

I take gold teeth.

I'll keep the gold teeth.

And I'll chew up everything else.


Where the fuck did he get a gun?

Is he a cop?

Move your fucking ass, moron!

Sorry, sir. I got shot earlier...

You won't die, bitch.

Hurry up! Yes, sir.

Get in the fucking car!


Son of a bitch.


Someone's getting killed! Get over here!

Just trace the call and get over here!

Fuck, he's here!

Hurry up, assholes!

He's fucking here!

You moron!

It's bulletproof, mother fucker!


Shoot me, bitch!

Once the cops are here, you're finished.

I'm not going anywhere!

I said it's fucking bulletproof!

One more bullet left.


Did you come to save me?

You came to save me, right?

Stay there.

You'll get blood on you.


You came to save me!


Right, mister?

He got his eyes ripped out.

Put her in with him.

Could I ask you a favor?

Little girl.

You really got into trouble this time.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for pretending to not know you.

If I want to know you too much, I can't help not wanting to.

What's that supposed to mean?

I don't know either.

I've never seen you smile before.

You're on your own now.

You can do it, right?

Just once...

Let me hug you once.

Let me hug you, just once.


Are you crying?


CHA Tae-shik - WON Bin So-mi - KIM Sae-ron KIM Chi-gon - KIM Tae-hoon Man-seok - KIM Hee-won Jong-seok - KIM Seong-oh