The Man Standing Next (2020) Script



The film depicts the 40 days leading up to the president's assassination on October 26, 1979.

Although based on the story KCIA Chiefs, which was serially published in the Dong-A Ilbo for 26 months starting from 1990, we have taken creative liberties for certain settings.


Moving to B wing.

VIP and two envoy cars confirmed.

When the nation goes haywire, we all die.

Brace yourself.

Will you include the president?

We kill him tonight.

The castle is run-down

Only the tall grass remains...

On May 16, 1961, an army staged a military coup d'état.

The Third Republic was established, and Korea's first intelligence agency was founded.

The Korean Central Intelligence Agency utilized its absolute power to ensure President Park's 18-year rule.

Based in Namsan, Seoul, the mere existence of the KCIA was a threat.

So-called "Directors of Namsan," the KCIA directors were Park's right-hand men.


Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

FORMER DIRECTOR OF KCIA PARK YONG-GAK Chairman Fraser and honorable representatives, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to the Subcommittee on International Organizations of International Relations that boasts tradition and authority.

I... no longer have the ambition to be a politician in Korea.

I'm here... only for the sake of my beloved country, where human rights are violated and justice is nowhere to be found, and for the sake of its democracy.

I was the head of Korea's... greatest intelligence agency.

I was rotten with power, too, and the reason why I'm here to confess everything is to accuse a man on top, on top of that rotten power.

That man... is President Park!

He's the one who's making democracy a tragedy in Korea.

Is the president inside? He's getting a trim, sir.

My men tried to stop him from appearing at the hearing but...


PRESIDENTIAL SECURITY CHIEF GWAK SANG-CHEON The North Korean leader wouldn't say those things, but our ex-KCIA director did.

What were you doing while Park sold our country off?

What's this about a memoir?

He's been spilling it to the media and the FBI.

Park believes that getting attention is his only way to survive.

What should we do with that traitor?

We must grab him and use him as fertilizer in the back.

I will...

take care of it quietly in America.

Can this be solved that way?

Did you not hear what he said?

Which is why we must keep it under wraps.

America is watching this very closely.

Goddamn Yanks...

Gwak, you may go.

I need to speak to Director Kim alone.

How dare he proclaim that I am the man who must vanish from Korea before anyone else!

What will you do with him?

I'll first bring back his memoir.

What if he doesn't hand it over?

I'll bring it.

Director Kim. Yes, Mr. President.

Do you also wish for me to step down?

I've held this seat for quite a while, no?

I will...

always stay by your side.



Deborah Shim was the broker.

Ms. Shim?


Park is going around telling everyone that we can't kill him because of the Americans.

I must return to Seoul with Park's manuscript.

Yes, sir.


It's me.

You're a director now.

Do you even know what that position entails?

I hear Gwak is head of security.

You've got your plate full competing with an idiot.

Let's head back.

You know why I sought asylum.

Are you really that angry?

You'll suffer the same fate.

Writing a book, huh?

Churchill won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

I found my talent in writing.

I'll give you prize money for the manuscript.

Did I write it to make money?

Am I after money?

Even if the world thinks that way...

you of all people can't do that.

Give it to me.

Then beg the president for forgiveness.

If I give it to you, I'm a dead man.

You'll die if you don't.

Is that a threat?

I'm flying out tomorrow.


Stay for a while. Don't leave so soon. You have until tomorrow.

Park made a grave mistake that he couldn't have made without your help, Ms. Shim.

I'm the victim here.

LOBBYIST DEBORAH SHIM You know how I worked to become a lobbyist here.

I suffered racism for coming from a poor country.

No one here can even tell North Korea from South Korea.

I endured all that in service of our country.

But when Koreagate blew up, you all shunned me, and the FBI threatened to jail me if I didn't cooperate.

What was I to do?

So you sold out Korea... with Park as a front?

A good girl goes to heaven, but a bad one can go anywhere.

But I can't return home.

Even a bad girl can't go anywhere without money.

You're now responsible for ex-Director Park.

Give my agent every detail.

Your family back home wants you to call them.

Are you threatening me?

It's peaceful.

So peaceful.

Gyu-pyeong, why did you want the revolution?

And why did you?

I only did it because you wanted to.

I did?

It wasn't you?



I don't know... Did you bring it?

Wait for this thing to blow over, then return home quietly.

Director Kim.

Do you know why I'm giving this to you?

Even if I die...

I won't die in your hands.

Let's walk.

Ever heard of "Iago"?

Iago from Othello?

A pen suits you better than a gun.

What do you want to say?

President Park has a personal intelligence agency, and that's what the CIA calls the man behind it.


I'm saying there's someone with higher authority over us.

Give me a reliable source.

The CIA has been digging into the president's money trail.

They found out that he's been funneling money into Swiss accounts and slush funds behind the KCIA's back.

He's trusting his personal agency with it, not the KCIA.

Who is that?

That I don't know.

Since when?

I believe it's since the revolution.

To the revolutionary comrades!

To the comrades!

I'm sure he's one of us.

The president only trusts those he knows intimately.

I'm sure it was no big deal then.

He did our background checks and did things the president was embarrassed of making us do.

Then the president's power grew, so did his rivals, and the money piled up.

He couldn't lose any of it but couldn't trust anyone.

Congratulations, sir.

The world thought we were second in command, but no.

The real deal was someone else.

He had another man sucking on his tits besides me.

You and I were just errand boys.

Director Kim, how long do you think the Americans will let him be?

It'll be over in a year.

He's making preparations.

He'll step down slowly, and I'll be helping him.

You believe that bullshit?

Look at it.

This is like a Greek temple.

But Lincoln is like a god here.

He still got shot and killed.


Why did we go through with the revolution?

Why did we risk our lives for it?


The title of Park's book is Traitor of the Revolution.

So I betrayed the revolution?

"In the battlefield called 'revolution, '

President Park led us valiantly like a flag at the front.

But the war is over.

He alone remains on the battlefield.

A flag tattered and covered in blood, as it dances in the wind...

he is the evidence of defeat."

So many beasts...

waiting to tear me apart.

I gotta leave them something.

They're all waiting for me to die.

What did Park say? Does he want me dead?

No, sir.

He has come around and regrets his actions deeply.

Please forgive him for my sake.

He should've taken a break and waited.

Mr. President.

Have you heard of "Iago"?

What is it?

Shall we have a rice-wine cocktail?

The ratio is very important.


It's not like the old days.

When I was appointed as the 5th division commander, weren't you the 36th regimental commander?


The drink we had back then... was the greatest.

Those were... the days.

Those days... were great.

SEPTEMBER 21, BLUE HOUSE Pull that out.

Rip them apart!

Take out all the books and check them out.

Find every piece of Yank hair!

Rip the bottom of the sofa and look there, too.

Search thoroughly!

Plunder of sovereignty.

Do you see?


How could the KCIA not know when the Yanks wiretapped our president's office?

I'm appalled!

They're gunning for us!

Who are they?

We confirmed it's the CIA. We are scanning everything.

Get them out. Call our guys.

How could I trust someone so incompetent?

His Excellency is entering. Get them out right...

Goddamn ignorant bastards!

They're taking us for fools!

How dare they bug the president's desk!

What the hell were you doing?

I'll look into it, sir.

You must send an envoy and make a strong objection.

The UN should know about this!

Am I right, Mr. Secretary?

CHIEF SECRETARY KIM GYE-HOON Get me the ambassador!

Have him kneel before our flag!

Korea's pride is on the line!



KCIA ASSISTANT SECRETARY KANG CHANG-SU Sir, I looked into those guys Gwak brought in for bugs.

Strangely, there was a professor among them.

A professor? Yes, sir.

He was educated in America, and he's training the Security Division's wiretap team.

Find out more about him.

Yes, sir.

Gwak must've brought in tanks to protect the president.

I told you not to do this!

That son of a bitch.

Are we on cursed land?

Why are all security chiefs so moronic?

Why are tanks guarding this place?

Does it elevate the president's authority?

Seniors in the area had heart attacks, thinking it was a commie invasion.

Gwak even kicked assemblymen in the knees at the National Assembly.

Can't you do something?

There's a rumor that the president only cares for Gwak lately.

He has to look after the idiot.


It'll come in handy.

By the way, General Chun, are you on bad terms with Director Kim?

What do you mean, sir?

When I recommended you for security commander, Kim objected heavily.

Is that right?

The director of the KCIA is here. What? Director Kim?

Tell him I'm not here.

Director Kim.

I actually wanted to talk to you.

Please sit down.

I'm told you played soldier at the National Assembly yesterday.

I heard the opposition party was on a hunger strike... so I went there to feed them.

Can't work if you don't fucking eat.

Isn't this your duty?

The KCIA doesn't do that now.

Then what does the KCIA do?

You didn't even know the CIA bugged the president.

Men have personalities, and nations have dignity.

This is the Blue House.

It's where personality and dignity come together.

Send in the tanks again... and I'll bulldoze your office first.

Stop acting out and protect the president.

Got that, Lt. Col. Gwak?

Director Kim.

He is the country.

It is my duty to protect the country.

You're the one who doesn't know what your duty is.

You know that saying, work in the shade and face the sun or something.

Think of yourself as a mushroom or moss and stay in the dark and moist room.

You disgusting cockroach. Why are you here pretending to be a man?

This is not the place for you to mess around!

The president and others should see this.

Why are you so titillated?

I hope others don't think we did anything explicit!

So embarrassing.

Son of a bitch.

I'll bury you in the backyard.

Stupid asshole!

Goddamn cockroach! Son of a bitch!

Shithead! You bastard!

Director! Sir!

You're just a damn minion!

This is a mutiny!

Goddamn cockroach!

Court-martial him right away!

How dare he point his gun at the chief of security!

Director, you better go.

He should be shot! Director Kim.

It's a coup! A coup!

Who did you think you were pointing a gun at?

He calls himself my senior.

Let's barge into their HQ in Namsan and see if they can still take us down!


A New York Times reporter is staying at the Plaza Hotel, so see if he conducts an interview with Governor Kim.


Governor Kim had an interview with a New York Times reporter.

What did he say?

He demanded that the US use official and direct pressure to control you.


It'll be on the front page of the New York Times tomorrow.

Did you know? Yes, sir.

What should we do?

This is a clear act of hostility.

You must expel the governor at once.

If you did that for doing an interview, the US won't stay put.

Are you a KCIA director or a CIA director?

If you like the US that much, go and join the CIA.

If you expel Governor Kim... the public will not remain calm.

The security commander is requesting an immediate audience.

Let him in.


Do you think I'm insane?

Why would I dig my own grave?

You should've buried or burned the memoir!

Why didn't you?

I got rid of it!

Only the FBI and KCIA Director Kim have a copy...

Is Kim screwing me over?

Why would he do such a thing?

Secrets are your upper hand. How could you just open up?

There's no secret in that book.

I'm a bad guy.

They're bad, too. Everyone's bad.

There's no secret.

There's only one message to that memoir.

Let's all die.

I'm not going down alone. Let's all die.

No secret in it!

Goddammit! There is no secret.

When will I ever go back home?

When will the days of those bastards end?

Will the world change?

Only in its name.

Speaking of that...


the president's pushed out, who'd have America's backing?

They won't trust a soldier again.

But they have a relationship with Gyu-pyeong.

And Gwak is a useless prick.

At least they can talk civilly with him.

Will he do well?

On what?

You're up to something.

You think it's a bad idea?

Gyu-pyeong won't last long. He has to wake up.

The president doesn't let his number two stay alive.

There is only one sun.

Councilor Kim opposes the third constitutional amendment?

Yes, sir.

A considerable number of councilors are backing him.

What do you recommend?

I'll only follow your order.

You have my full support.

Do as you please.

Good work with the third amendment.

Thank you, sir.

Why don't you take a break?

It looks bad in the media.

Both parties are going nuts.

You should've gone easy.

Sir... but Councilor Kim...


Why are you making me look like a bad guy again?

Did you think you'd be safe after beating a man like that?


I did my best for you.

Are you buying up land?


I heard you're buying up land in this small country.

Leave the money bag and go home.

Stay home until I call you.

Mr. President.

I, Park Yong-gak, have never had any money issues.

I swear I wasn't blinded by selfish interests.

Cough it all up.

Don't get yourself killed for being greedy.

Mr. President! Sir!

Your Excellency.




Sir, about the professor who trained the Security Division's wiretapping team, he was in Washington.

He wiretapped Director Park there.

He's downstairs.

You studied at a good school, Prof. Lim.

I'm just a freelancer.

I was told you wiretapped ex-KCIA Director Park in Washington.

This is the KCIA.

All right...

consider yourself dead, and spill everything you know.

I met a KCIA agent there.

James Ryu was posing as an exporter.

I found him visiting the embassy often.

And this KCIA agent Ryu hired you to wiretap Park?


When I returned, I got a call from the Security Division.

I was hired to wiretap you.


Bug me?

I found out who scouted Prof. Lim in America.

James Ryu. His Korean name is Yoo Dong-hoon.

He's at the Paris embassy now.

A KCIA agent... acted without my order.

Who gave him an order?

When Yoo was in the airborne, he was Gwak's aide.

Gwak was the one who recommended him to the KCIA.

Send Agent Ham to Paris.


Then in the hotel?

The best thing to do is bring him to Korea.

AMBASSADOR YOON TAE-HO It's a little difficult here.


He'll drag me down?

He's in close contact with the Americans.

Is Park so desperate to die?

Mr. President.

Should we eliminate him?

Sir, I have something to tell you.



Have you had lunch? Yes.

Sir, Ambassador Yoon has invited Park to Paris.

Tell Yoon to carry out the plan.


Director, good to see you.

General Chun!

Come greet him.

This is...

The US Embassy is on the best site in Korea.

Just feel that air.


Park heard from a friend who does feng shui in Hong Kong.

The Blue House is on the most ominous site in Korea.

Which is why the owner can't get out of there alive.

Dragging him out is best for the owner, too.

Park says he can't wait any longer.

What does he mean by that?

He wants to do it.

He says it's time for a new owner.

Are you nuts?

You already know... it's just a matter of time.

No one in this room has not thought about it.

Who'll pull out the sword first?

Who'll cross the Han River first?

Who'll plant the flag first?

You have a nice dream.

It may be a dream to Park, but not to you.

Do you think I'd send you to the lion's den on your own?

The ambassador has invited Park to Paris.



He has also invited the former Prime Minister Hwang in Tokyo.

Hwang's coming?


The ambassador and Yoo are taking orders from Gwak.

Watch closely and see what Yoo and Yoon are conspiring.

I will, sir.


Director Park!

It's been too long.

You look tired.

Let's make up for lost time. Come on.

Hwang is flying in from Tokyo for you.

It's best to resolve this through him.

So I should kneel and beg to Hwang?

The president said to Hwang, "I've given up.

I don't want to fight with Park anymore. Just bring him in."

He'll forgive you if you return his money.

What money?

What money did I take?

Did he really say that?

Do this right.

The president listens to Hwang, you know that.

You sure Director Kim is getting fired?


He's barely holding on because of you.

He couldn't even attend the morning assembly.

Gwak pushed him out.

The one managing the president's Swiss bank account is Iago.

This man blindsided us, the KCIA, and got on top.

Give me a reliable source.

The CIA has been digging into the president's money trail.

They found out that he's been funneling money into Swiss accounts and slush funds without the KCIA.

Sir, Yoo obtained guns through his Israeli contact.

As you said, Gwak may be planning to assassinate Park.

How should I proceed?



Mr. President.

You and I are the only ones working late.

I'm feeling lonesome.

A drink?


Yes, sir.

When do you think I'll be done?

It's not like...

I'll live thousands of years.

Who should be my successor?

You should do it.

Why? Not feeling it?

I... will always stand by you.

What will you do with Park?

Sir... what... would you like me to do?

You have my full support.

Do as you please.


Sir, I've got three Algerian killers on standby.

Where's Park?

He's at the hotel.

Deborah Shim is arriving soon.

What's your order, sir?


Where's Park?

He's in the casino.

It's good for Park that Kim's on his side.

The 18-year dictatorship is over.

You want me to lure Park?

This isn't what we agreed on.

Kim wanted me to tell Park that I got his full support.

What the hell is he doing?

Kim is an asshole.

Watch your mouth.

You should've told me earlier that this is how it's gonna play out.

This isn't funny. Is the KCIA bad at their job?

Would you have come to Paris then?

I don't know why I agreed to this.

You can go back to D.C. now, but you'll never return to Seoul.

Are you threatening me?

It's your choice, but you must choose one.




Yoon will bring Park to suite 407.

Where's Prime Minister Hwang?

His flight got delayed due to strong wind. We'll meet here when he arrives.

Here? Upstairs, suite 407.

I'll go to the front desk and see if Hwang checked in.

I told you not to bet it all.

Deborah. What're you doing here?

I'm getting great hands. I might go big today.

What brings you here to France?

I came with Johnson.

Take Park to suite 407.

Director Kim wants you to wait.


Heard he's been abandoned.


US councilors I went with all had meetings only with him.

Ambassador Yoon, you bastard... What?

Gyu-pyeong will do it?

A few councilors and Johnson are at a nearby diner.


Let's go say hello. We need our own plan.

And change your reputation.

The councilors really hate you.

Korean politicians hate me too.

Excuse us.

How did you know I was here?

Director Kim told me.

How did he know?

Aren't we walking?

I've got high heels on.

I'm sorry, we lost him. I think someone else intervened.

Oh, no, my hat!

What is it?

Such a strong wind.

What the hell?

My nose, my nose!

He bit my nose!

The operation is complete.

OCTOBER 18, BLUE HOUSE Director Kim, your thoughts?

You must reinstate Governor Kim and make amends with the opposition party.

Director Kim!

The rioters lit up a police station, screaming to overthrow us!

That's a declaration of war!

Sir, they're not citizens anymore, they're rioters.

Declare martial law in Busan.

If you do that, the riot could spread to nearby cities.

Run them over with tanks, it's all over.

DISTURBANCE IN BUSAN Army Chief of Staff, thoughts?


What am I supposed to do?

If we send in an airborne brigade, we can suppress it immediately.

Sir, you can't declare martial law.

Let's control it with the airborne.

Declare martial law.

Park went missing?

He will not be found.

I'll go meet Governor Kim.

Please lift the martial law.

If we can't find him, what about the money he took?


I don't care if he's missing or not.

He's a traitor anyway.

I buried him a long time ago.

Just bring back the money he took.

Aside from some he embezzled, there's nothing much...

Sir, it'll get messy from now on.

The US will not stay put.

I'll make this go away, but I need your cooperation.



are you threatening me?

If you want to threaten me, do so with something enticing.

What's with you lately?

Just get me what I asked for.

Where's Gwak?

Yes, Mr. President.

Director, there's an event tonight at our safe house.

Head there then.

The president only invited Gwak.

He didn't invite me?

No, sir.

The pressure to supply color TVs is immense.

Do you want our people to see me in color?

I like black and white.

You look better in black and white.

They say Kim is next in line, and he communicates well in English.

Any news... from Busan?

I took care of the evidence for the connection with the North and the opposition party.

What is the matter with Kim?

Did you see him glare at me at the mention of airborne?

It's a state of emergency.

Why is he so foolish?


Kim is done.



The rioters in Busan are going mad.

They even lit up a TV station.

I'll go make a call.

Only moonlight...


On the land

Of the fallen kingdom

It expresses the futility

Of this world

Oh, you poor thing

As I search





What did they say?

I'm over?

Did that Yank really say that?

What did Kim say?

That bastard is the same!

What can he do by siding with the Americans?

If he loves democracy so much, tell him to go and live in the US.

He even killed his own friend.

How can I trust him to be by my side?

Son of a bitch...

What do you think I should do with Kim?

You have my full support.

Do as you please.

He even killed his own friend.

How can I trust him to be by my side?

Son of a bitch...

What do you think I should do with Kim?

You have my full support.

Do as you please.


Your attention is needed in Busan, sir.

The situation is grave.


The rioters have taken over the TV station.

The riot is quickly spreading out to Masan.

From students and regular citizens, it's like the uprising that toppled President Lee's regime.

It may be a dream to Park, but not to you.

Why did we go through with the revolution?

Why did we risk our lives?

You were in Busan? How was it?

They were just students and citizens, sir.

They burned down a station.

They're no regular citizens.

Intimidation will not work.


Reinstate the governor, and work things out with the congress.

Did I threaten the citizens?

Mr. President.

Take a broad outlook at the politics.

Busan and Masan aren't islands.

The situation could spread to Seoul.

I put you in your position to stop that.

How can we stop a forest fire?

The forest must burn down for it to die.

Hey, you!

Why can't a KCIA director even contain a small riot?

Before the commies spread, we must take special measures.

You know, in Cambodia, they sacrificed three million people.

Killing a million or two with tanks is nothing!

Gwak is right.

In the days of Liberals, generals got executed for opening fire on the rioters.

But if I order to open fire... who will execute me?


Sir. You are absolutely right.

Isn't that right, General Chun?


All settled. Let's move to the Sapgyo River ceremony.

He wants you to stay put!

There's no room for you!

We should cancel the unveiling ceremony of the Sir An Jung-geun statue.


There's a crack in the statue.


Yes, Mr. President.

There's an event tonight at 6, so you should attend.

Grab some commies, and tie them to the Busan riot.

We'll run them over with tanks.

Do it right!

Get the chief of staff.

Right away, sir.


Moving to B wing.

VIP and two envoy cars confirmed.

Director Kim makes the best cocktails.

Indeed, sir.

I'm good at being a bartender.

Despite his vices, he's good with drinks.

Director Kim.

Yes, sir.

I organized... this night for you.

Have a drink.

Did you feel neglected?

Come in.

Wipe away that frown.

Don't be so proud.


Chief of Staff, I'm sorry.

The president dropped by all of a sudden.

Let's meet another day.

No, not at all.

I'll wrap it up quickly. Go have dinner first.

When the nation goes haywire, we all die.

Brace yourself.

The chief of staff is present.

Once this is over... we take him to Namsan and take over the army.

Will you include the president?

We kill him tonight.

The security is too tight tonight.

We should postpone. No.

There will be a leak.

Have a couple of smart ones on standby.

The castle is run-down

Only the tall grass remains

Depicting how futile

Our lives are

A lonesome stranger

Cannot fall asleep alone

He wells up at the sound

Of mournful crickets

Good evening, sir. Hey.

Did you have dinner?

Yeah, go on, I already ate.


The president doesn't eat much.

It's so comfy coming here.

The KCIA does all the security, so there's nothing to worry about.

Sir, allow me to pour you a drink.


Do you remember the night of the revolution?

You and I... were halfway across the Han River, and we saw the MP police line.

I followed you off the jeep and walked across the bridge...

A bullet came flying.

It was too dark to see anything.

But we heard the bullet whiz by.

You asked me then, "Col. Kim, what should we do?"

"A man's path isn't always filled with laughs, but a storm cannot stop a man with determination.

Sir, let's go!"

That's what you said.

He had balls back then, but they're all shriveled up lately...

Had we... not crossed...

that bridge...

None of us would be here.

Let's all drink for Park, who is not here today.

You know the drill.

We drink and become one with the ghost.

Park was one of us, no?

Isn't that right, sir?

You got a death wish?

How could you govern with this cockroach by your side?

The country is in ruins.

Kim, stop it.

What are you doing? Mr. President!

You must step down at once.

Enough! Step down!

You bastard.

Sit down!

Director Kim.

Do you know why I put you in your position?

Trying to be almighty after killing your friend?

Do... your damn job.

Mr. President.

Why did you carry out the revolution?

Why did we risk our lives... for the revolution?

Kill one or two million citizens... with tanks?

Please, sir.

Get it together!

You're out of your mind!

Know your place!

What the hell?

What are you doing?

You should die, too. No, Kim!



Mr. President!



Don't move!

What are you doing? Hey.


Help! Someone help!

Bring me a gun! Now!

Col. Kang!

Col. Kang!

Where are you?

Right here, sir.

Gun! Give me a gun!

The guards? All dead.

Why did the lights go off?



I'm okay...

You're... executed for being a traitor of the revolution.


Sir, what do we do now?

It's all over.

I'll bring the chief of staff. We're going back to Namsan.

Clean it up.

It's all over.

It's all over.

What's going on?

The president was assassinated.

What... How did it happen?


Did you see my shoes?

My shoes are missing.

Director, let's go to the army HQ.

Why go to Namsan?

We must declare martial law at the army HQ and figure out the North's movement.

Go to the army HQ.

Director, where should we go?


KCIA or army headquarters?

Kim ultimately went to the army HQ and was arrested upon arrival.

The military court sentenced him to death by hanging.

47 days after the assassination, a new military coup took place, leading to another military dictatorship.

REPORT OF THE REAL-LIFE FIGURE OF SECURITY COMMANDER CHUN DU-HYEOK According to the joint investigation committee, Kim was discontent as he believed that the president distrusted him and only favored the chief of security.

He feared his potential dismissal, relating to the disturbances in Busan and Masan, and, becoming delusional, committed the murder of the president and the chief of security.

This is a crime to create a disturbance, driven by the vain desire to become the president.

FINAL STATEMENT OF THE REAL-LIFE FIGURE OF KCIA DIRECTOR KIM GYU-PYEONG The goal of the October 26 revolt was to restore democracy in Korea and to prevent even more sacrifices.

I did not start the revolution to become a president.

I am a soldier and a revolutionist.

I am not testifying here...

today... for any leniency.

I wish for Your Honor to judge me fairly with a just sentence.

This concludes my statement. Thank you.