The Man Who Saved the World (2014) Script

Hello, Mr. Petrov. We still hope that you'll give an interview - in regards to the nuclear weapons incident.

So, please call us back on 908-8-43-17...


Lousy journalists!

I love you.

I love you so much.

Damn it!

Leave me alone for God's sake!

"Dear Mr. Petrov.

We are very happy, that you've agreed - to come to the United States of America."

"Only then will everyone understand - how close we came to the end of mankind."

New facts are emerging in the story of the South Korean airliner.

It was discovered that an American spy plane was flying - on a parallel course and observing its flight.

There is no doubt that these actions are a blatant provocation - far from where American nuclear warheads are located.

Help me with the pillow.

"My wife, she was touched to the depths of her soul that That for over 10 years you couldn't share this story - even with your own wife."

You have a night shift?


Someone got sick. I got called in.

Raya. You have to take them in order to get better.

I better lay down now. Yes.

Everything's alright.

"Many believe that a nuclear war - is just a scary reminder of the past. "

"But I believe this opinion will change drastically."

Hey, get over here.

What are they doing here?

What are they doing?

I saw they were filming something.

What are they filming?

To hell with these reporters!

Lousy journalists.

Go to hell!

Fuck you Americans. Go to hell, pigs!


Come in, please!

Come in, please! Welcome!

Ah, damn it's hot!

Fucking tea!

What the hell is with this box! Damn.

Care for some tea?

How old were you when you went to the army'?


My parents simply pushed me - so they didn't have to take care of me.

Well, they simply What's the right expression?

They shoved me aside!

I didn't need the army!

I had no...

I no longer had a connection to my family in any way.

What was it like realising that?

It was very bad!

My whole life to be sliced off.

And not having the family that I was born and raised into.

That's all.

Maybe we can stop talking about this?

I can't do it!

I can't do it!


I don't know what else to tell you.

I can't do this! No, that's enough.

That's enough.

I don't want my mother to be part of this interview.

I don't want this in the interview!

What the fuck!

What's wrong with this guy?

I've said it many times already!

To hell with you!

I've said it a couple of times already!

Goddamnit! We agreed - that I would be interviewed about my incident in 1983!

I don't want - a single word about my mother in the interview!


Get the hell out of here!

Get out!

Take your cameras and microphones!

Enough! Wasn't I clear just now?

Take your shit! Turn the camera off!

We're done. Get out of here! Fuck off. Go, go, go. Everyone!

Get out!

Get your camera and go fuck yourself.

Why did I agree?

The devil made me agree.

Hello? Who's there?

Stanislav Evgrafovich? Galya?

Yes. Can you hear me? It's Galya.

I'm calling to say everything's alright. I have your visa and ticket.

What about my money? If they cheat me, I'm not going!

No one will trick you.

They'll pay the first half now and the second at the end...

If those foreigners trick me, I won't go!

No one will trick you. Don't worry. Everything is going to be fine.

Let me help you with the bag.

No, I've got it, thank you.

What about my money? You'll get your money.

I don't trust them!

Your mum can hear you kissing me? Yeah!

Mum, I'm kissing Andrew!

Hi, Mum! Now I'm obligated to marry you, right?

We can start to talk about that.

I'm going to give you another gift right now.

So, I go to the banya What's with the banya'?

I'm asking you, did you read about the South Korean plane?

Of course, everyone did. Tell me what you think.

Now talk to me.

Do you really think this could start a new world war?

They dropped two atom bombs. How do we know they won't drop one on us?

These crusty Americans think they can do anything!

If I were ordered to drop a bomb on them, I'd say:

"Yes, right away. It doesn't bother me!"

I apologise, Colonel. I was venting.

Won't happen again.

Little bombs will fly they will fly

Stanislav Evgrafovich, that big building we're passing by there.

That's the UN.

Yes, that big one with the lights.

Beautiful building. Like a ship.

I just told the driver that you're giving a speech at the UN.

What speech?

A short speech.

They told me I just would be answering questions.

There is a speech at the UN tomorrow, yes.

It's not a long speech. Just say something Nobody told me anything! What speech?

Where did this come from?

Naturally, they're expecting a performance.

What else are these arses expecting from me'?

Besides a goddamn speech?

How am I to understand this! Well...

It's not a big deal, just a short speech.

I'm not some slimy politician who can blab away at all times.

I'm a regular person!

For me, a speech is an event! Especially in a place like this!

How am I to take this?!

Vapid morons!

Did he upset you or something? This creep keeps yelling at me.

Like I'm a piece of shit.

I'm fucked. Two more weeks of this!

Fucking cunt! Punch him in the face and he'll calm the fuck down!

No, I can't punch his face. I work with him. I'm his translator.

How can he treat you like that? This is crap! I hate that old fart!

Listen, I pity you.

What can I do?

What the hell am I doing here?

Damn it!

If they didn't pay me I'd leave in a heartbeat!

Good evening. Good evening.

Petrov! Glad you haven't fallen asleep yet.

Any abnormalities? No.

The system has been running smoothly. Everything's been fine.

Duty went as scheduled.


Well, then continue with the protocol.

You can relax now. That's right.

Old combat team, relinquish duty!

Copy! Combat unit to Main Control Operative, pass the duty!

Ground Complex Main Operator, relinquish duty!

Visual Channel, relinquish duty. Come on!

Main reconnaissance relinquishing duties.

Space apparatus operator, relinquish duty.


44 accepting the duty!

Is everything okay? Yes, fine.

Combat unit, accepting duty! Combat unit, accepting duty!

Assistant to main operative of the space apparatus duty shift accepted!

Try the second one. Normal!

Third one? Fourth? Normal!

System works!

Combat team, accepting duty!

Number 32 accepting duty.

We got two satellites in observation range.


Combat unit is going as regimented!

Dear ladies and gentlemen.

I'm very pleased and happy to meet you - in such an auditorium.

There is only one thing that embarrasses me.

When what I've done is labelled as something heroic.

The worst part of my job that night was - that I had massive doubts about whether or not my decision was right.

But, fortunately I was right.

And I am very happy to see you all here today.

Smiling and in good health.

Our world has never been closer- to complete catastrophe than it was in 1983!

Even the tiniest spark - could have meant the destruction of our civilisation!

That's why we all have to remember- as long as both sides keep their nuclear arsenals - the danger of nuclear war can't be excluded!

Can you imagine nuclear weaponry ending up in the wrong hands?

Especially if it ends up in the hands of terrorists?

Then the amount of lives lost would not be in the thousands, - but millions.

Do you think it'll happen? Yes, of course it will happen.

Sooner or later it will happen.

It's just a matter of time before a city like this - may have nuclear weapons dropped on it.

It's only a matter of time.

Where have you been?

I thought he had killed you.

Yes, can you imagine, killed me.

I kept calling you every night, but you never called me back.

Yes, we were busy with the Colonel because he was meeting the stars.

We met Matt Damon and he was shaking his hand.

"Who's that young man?" "Matt Damon, I don't know him."

Matt Damon? Now that's something.

That's a very famous actor. Who?

Well... just pretend you know him.

Aren't you in love with him? With whom? Matt Damon?

Of course not. The old guy. Are you having an affair?

It's not funny. I'm just teasing.

It's not funny because he's old, aggressive and angry.

But he has saved the world. Yes. It's a paradox.


An old guy from Fryazino saved the planet from World War Ill.


It's insane.

What's so funny'?

Stanislav Evgrafovich, you latched on to his hand and wouldn't let go!

How the hell was I supposed to know?


He could have been De Niro's assistant.

Or maybe his son.

How was I to know?

He was just a small, peculiar boy.

Look at that adorable toddler, running on his little legs.

It's such a beautiful family.

You gave a really memorable speech the other day.

Oh yeah? Yes.



I didn't know - that 1983 was such a dangerous time.

Right, we were never as close to war.

It was a very difficult time. Very difficult.

Never before had our relationship with the United States - been so tense.

I remember what Reagan called us.

"Evil Empire." "Evil Empire."


Our government knew very well - how ready America was to initiate a nuclear strike.

After all, they've already dropped two such bombs - on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They interfered in Grenada to stop the spread of communism.

We have a demand for war against these imperialist war mongers!

The powers of the West have shifted to more war-inclined groups - whose open hate of Socialism - takes priority over reality and even common sense!

We were at war with capitalism throughout the world!

In Afghanistan. South America.

The Middle East.

We were already at war - but it was conducted in secret.

Both sides had enough weapons in their arsenals - to destroy the world a thousand times over.

1st September, a Korean airliner trespassed into Soviet airspace.

That was it.

I'm closing in on the target.

Warheads locked on.

I have executed the launch!

It was such a crazy world at the time.

Can you imagine?

The situation couldn't be worse.

One wrong move - and all hell breaks loose!


Appointing launch post 2 for combat regime for space apparatus 5.

We have two satellites in observation range.

One observing US West Missile polygon.

Second one, a bit South of Moscow...

Good, keep working.

Slow and steady till morning, guys. Let's work.

Can you believe this?

I'm walking past the Analytical Department yesterday, - and I hear roaring laughter.

I wonder what's happening.

A woman mechanic went to get something - inside the copier and got stuck.

Only her legs and behind are sticking out.

Five dudes are standing around and nobody is helping her out!

They say: "We can't. The view is too incredible."

101 to 103, space system transmitted a signal!

Missile incoming! I repeat: Missile incoming - from the West Coast U.S.A. Military base.

Time of detection: 00:15:03!


Everyone, back to your workplaces at once!

Listen up and carry out my orders!

Repeat, time of detection: 00:15:03!

Level of verification? Level of verification: Maximum!

Check functionality of combat programmes and space apparatus!

Report back immediately!

Nikolay! Get in touch with the analysis group.

They have to get here right away. Yes!

Check all combat programmes! Attention algorithmistsl Return to your Calculation Centres and check all combat programmes!

Report back immediately!

How many satellites are monitoring that base'?

Quickly check functionality of all combat systems!

I need the computer printout! Copy!


Damn it. How can you see a launch in these conditions?

Visual observation should report if they observe the launched missile.

I need confirmation. Copy!

Quickly I need confirmation.

Ground Complex, what do we have! How's our OSA?

Get to unit ten and check immediately!

The system detected a missile launch! Can you see it on your monitors?

Confirm or deny? All normal.

Eleventh! Check twelfth!

Show me the twelfth line, comrades!

Sign here. Let me see what you've printed for me.

101 to 105. Ground complex is functioning properly.

Copy. What's the word from the algorithmists?

Still waiting for the reply.

101 to Visual Channel.

Why am I not hearing your report about the launched missile?

I don't see the target. Repeat!

I don't see the target. What do you mean?

That doesn't mean that it's not there.

The observational conditions are very difficult, Lt. Colonel.

It's daytime on the West Coast, in the East it is still night time.

This American base is right on the termination line.

I can't see anything. But you can't say it's not there?

No, Comrade Lt. Colonel. I can't say that it's not there.

Damn it!

Increase observation at the Visual Channel!

Additional units to the Visual Channel!

101 to 109. I need confirmation!

Copy! Check the parameters!

All systems are fine here.

Everything's working.

Latest result. It all adds up.

No glitches in the second processor.

What do you have?

Nothing. I can't... I can't see anything!

Keep working! Copy!

It's observed by one satellite. Visual feed haven't confirmed it.

I am still waiting for the report from the Visual Channel.

I know Lt. Colonel, but headquarters already know about the attack.

They're just waiting for your confirmation.

Working properly! I repeat, we're working properly!

Third? Clear!

Fourth? Fourth, all clear!

Ivanovich, do you have anything?

All clear!

What's the status of the system? Working properly!

We have no indications of errors. Everything works!

I'll make the report.

Visual Channel to 101. What's your report?

The observational conditions remain very difficult.

We can't confirm or deny if there was a missile launch.

We can't determine if a launch was made or not.

No errors found in the on-board system. All normal!

Combat programmes for processing spec-info are working properly.

I understand that our ground forces don't see them - but all our combat programmes for processing spec-info are working - and are confirming launch of missile systems.

All our measurements are done with our infrared equipment.

They confirm a missile launch. Copy! Keep on working.

Comrade, Lt. Colonel.

Visual channels are only secondary means!

The main computer shows the highest authenticity for a launch.

We have to go by the protocol.

We won't be able to retaliate. You have to make a decision!

Comrade Colonel, Petrov reporting.

What's your status? I'm transmitting false information.

This is a false alarm? That's correct. False alarm.

There is no missile. You're 100 percent sure?

Yes, that's correct, Comrade Colonel. I'm sure. False alarm.

Got it. Keep working.


103 to 101, a second missile incoming!

Repeat, a second missile incoming!

Launch time 00:16:35.

Verification level... Verification level is maximum!

For fuck's sake.

What's happening?

Yeah, I hear you.

Are you kidding me?

No, listen, Costner wants to meet with the Colonel.

I thought he died a long time ago.

Who? Who? Who? Costner. Who else?

Didn't he drown during the filming of "Waterworld"?

No, he didn't drown. He became our guru.

Yeah, right. Maybe he wants a kiss on the lips too?

No, he doesn't.

Like in the movie "The Bodyguard" with Whitney Houston.

Costner is a holy guru to the Colonel!

Well, the missile base has to be somewhere - on the road to Costner's.

Yes, well, Louisiana is across the road from Dakota.

Right! Just a couple of stops on a trolley.

About 3,000 kilometres apart.

Holy shit!

We'll get lost in this country.

About the one she dearly loved the one whose letters she treasured and kept.

Maiden song keep flying after the sun.

Say hello from Katyusha to the soldier on the far border patrol let him remember the simple girl let him hear her singing let him save our dear motherland Katyusha will save the love

What a guy.

Kevin Costner.

The Bodyguard! Guard?

Guard... Guard!

Look how young he is.


Really young-

He's one of my favourite actors.

So, Stanislav Evgrafovich. "Are you ready to die..."

"This is my disguid?" Disguise!


"Disguys?" "Disguise?"

"You don't look like a bodyguard ..."

"How due... I look?"

"How duee I look?"

No one can imitate Costner. He is the greatest!

This is a serious weapon!

What are you, a sniper?

Like Dirty Harry!

You are a real sniper, Stanislav Evgrafovich!

What are you, Eastwood?

This is the only place in the world where you can see it.

The sun is a bit...


You're beautiful.

It's like a woman with a tight waist.

That's complete insanity.

I know.

Brainless goat!

What do you think we were doing?

We were doing the same!

We weren't creating weapons for attacks on you!

We were creating them for our defence.

That should be clear to you!

We were also creating nuclear weapons only for defence!

We were defending! We made our weapons for defence only!

And had no thoughts of attacking!

That should be clear to you!

What the hell!

Stand back!

It's time Time to forget about the Cold War completely!

Damn the politicians! Damn the politicians.

Both governments have enough warmongers - who just want to start a conflict!

Both our nations, both nations, - don't want to see each other as enemies.

We want to live peacefully.

Without fear that this world can be destroyed - in an instant. Galina, translate please.

He's glad you were able to come.

Thank you.

Do you believe, that one day nuclear weapons - will be used for their intended purpose again?

I think so.

It's absurd.

The past has taught us nothing.

We still stand on opposite sides of the barricades.

How quiet. Yes.

How beautiful!

Can you imagine - all of this vanishing in just a split second?


One wrong decision - and everything turns to dust.

103 to 101!

A second missile incoming! Repeat, a second missile incoming!

Time of detection: 00:17.'35. Level of authenticity Number three, quickly! Comrades, line seven!

I've been notified of a second missile. Colonel, do you hear me'?

I am reporting a second target!

A second one is incoming! I'm reporting a second target!

Inform the director of the political department and the main engineer.

I'll inform the commander. He was going to a birthday party.

He must know what's happening at the facility!

We've received signals about the launch of two ballistic missiles.

Do you copy? Over! Got it!

Hello. Comrade Colonel? Petrov reporting.

Do you know what time it is? What?

Hello? I apologise if I woke you up, but It'll have to wait till tomorrow, for fucks sake...

Damn! Drunk shithead!

Damn it all to hell!


Hello, Comrade Colonel? Petrov reporting.

I told you not to call here!

Computer shows maximum authenticity of a nuclear launch.

What? First missile detected at 00:15:03.

Second one at 00:17:35.

What's happening? What's happening out there?

What's going on?

Third missile incoming. I repeat, third missile incoming!

Time of detection: 00:18:06!

You hear me, Petrov?

Level of authenticity? Maximum!

Keep working Petrov! Find out what's going on!

Yes, Comrade Colonel!

What's going on?

Third one incoming!

What's happening?

Signals keep coming. Signals keep coming.

Fourth missile incoming. I repeat, fourth missile incoming.

Time of detection: 00:19:32!

Fifth incoming! We've detected a fifth missile!

Where did they come from?

Missiles keep coming in!

We are receiving data about five approaching missiles. I repeat:

We are receiving data about five approaching missiles.

I repeat: Five approaching missiles!

What's happening out there? Time of detection: 00:20:18!

Here they have night, but here... Day! I can't see anything!

Keep looking! Keep looking! They have to be there!

I imagine - ballistic missiles being launched.

How they begin to accelerate.

I love you.

What's happening?

Calm, calm, calm, calm...

What's happening?

How many more can be there?

If I confirm the attack - a lot of people will die!

We are alive on Earth, not due to our Lord's mercy.

All our military forces would be brought- into combat readiness.

Mobile ballistic missiles - with more than 11,000 nuclear warheads.

Making the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - look like toys!

Complete overkill.

In the General Headquarters, all that's left for them to do - is press a few buttons.

I fully understand that I won't be corrected!

No one will dare correct me!

They will agree with me and that's it!

It's always easier to agree.

I'm the only one responsible for it.

How much time do we have?

About 8 minutes.

Second echelon could detect the first warhead in 8 minutes.

Hurry up! Quickly! Work, work!

Everything confirms a missile launch?

That's correct, Comrade Major. I'm 100 percent sure!

Understood, keep working.

The algorithmists have checked the functionality of all combat programmes.

Everything is working fine.

So I hear! What about the analysts' group'?

They won't be able to get here on time!

That's fine.

No panic, please.

What is it to me, if our visual forces see them or not?!

We have 5 missiles incoming. Come on, come on We need that visual! Show yourself.

We can't wait any more.

7 minutes until the first warhead is in the observation zone.

We won't have time to retaliate. You have to make a decision!

You see it?

Could be.

No. That's not heat from a missile.


Let's keep looking.

The computer can't be wrong!

I don't understand it.

Damn it! They have to confirm this damn attack.

All thirty levels of security checks confirms the attack!

Infrared devices verify heat from all five launched missiles!

What are we going to do?


I don't trust the computer.

We'll wait.

Wait for the radars' confirmation.

Six minutes until the first warhead appears in the observation zone.

Attention, combat unit.

We must continue to service all our other satellites.

The space apparatus must be maintained.

Everyone back to your stations immediately.

Listen up and carry out my commands!

We've got less than five minutes left.

Keep on working. Keep on working!

What if I'm wrong?

Millions of people will die.

Four minutes and 30 seconds.

Maybe I should - change my decision.

And follow the protocol.

It was hard to decide.

Repeat four minutes.

Very hard.

First warhead appears in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Hell! I can do that.

But, I really didn't want - to be the cause of World War Ill.

If they attack my country, let my soul take on this sin.

That's that!

I wouldn't change my decision.

A start of World War Ill would be like a meat grinder.

Repeat: Two minutes.

A soldier in the Soviet Union that didn't believe the system?


First warhead to appear in 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Within these minutes they would appear on the screens of the radars.

And in no time they would explode over the heads -

of our people.

One minute. First warhead to appear in one minute.

Keep working, comrades! Keep working!

Seventh system. Fourth.

30 seconds.

First warhead to appear in observation zone in 30 seconds.

Millions of lives - were hanging by a thread.


And none of them had any idea.

20 seconds.

I couldn't let go of that thought.

14 seconds.

The number of dead is is too big to grasp for one human being.

Three. Two.


Time for confirmation has expired.

Radars did not confirm the missile launch!

I repeat.

Radars did not confirm the missile launch!

Visual Channel to 109.


I hope you're still alive.

We ducked.

Damn it. My decision was the only right one!

I pick up the microphone - and express my gratitude to the unit over the loudspeakers.

Such a joy!

Like I was born for the second time!


Today our country will sleep peacefully.

Thank you.

You performed a huge task!

We fucked the Americans!

Hurrah for the commander!

We showed those Americans!

Thank you! Thank you.

That was all.

Maybe it's destiny?


I still don't understand. What happened there?

We desperately tried to find the reason for the glitch.

But we never found one.

Maybe the universe pulled a prank on us.

Congratulations, Lt. Colonel! Congratulations from all the girls!

I think, you're going into the history books!

You need a bigger chest for all those medals.

Don't pay attention. They're all jealous.

You're just jealous.

My colleagues were telling me: "Stanislav, - make room on your uniform for a new medal."

Greetings. Greetings.

He's waiting.

Come in.

Comrade General, may I?

There are gaps in the combat journal entries.



I had to choose between keeping notes and commanding the combat unit.

I understand. But why didn't you fill it out afterwards?

That would have been altering a military document.

It's a And?

It's a criminal offence punishable by law.

But you were involved in developing this system!

Or is that not so?

Or is that not so?

Fucking bastard!


Unbelievable! He reduced me to nothing!

To focus on minor stuff as a journal which I didn't fill out!

He completely understood this!

I was embarrassed to look at the general.

I pitied him!

High-ranking assholes!

They always find someone to kick down.

That scapegoat was me!

Is that why you left the army?


My spouse's health worsened rapidly.

Gradually she was

no longer able to take care of herself.

Didn't we take all those tests?

That was last week.

Where's Stasik?

I'm here.

I'm here, my love.

I'll be right back.

I've made her as comfortable as I could.

Otherwise, there's nothing further I can do. Don't!

I just want her to be well again. But the cancer is very advanced.

You have to be strong. It's all up to God now.

There must be something one can do.

The doctors abandoned her.

They wrote her off.

Here, here.

Easy. Calm down.


Where's my mummy?

Forgive me.

I did not want to trouble you.

Stop it.

Don't say nonsense.

Who else do I have to care for, if not you?

You have to let me go.

You have to let me go.

I can't take this anymore.

You know I can't do that.

Don't give up.


We can defeat this.

I know we can.

What am I going to do without you?

I'll perish.

I'll lose my mind.

I'll wander from place to place.

I love you.





I fell asleep.

Forgive me.

Raya, dear?

Come back, please.

Wake up, please.

Wake up.

I buried her and was left alone. Deafeningly alone.

It's a

terrible thing.

The torture of loneliness.

Did you love anyone else after her?


I was never

I never tried anything again.

My memories wouldn't let me.

For fuck's sake.

I was grieving so much back then.

My family basically fell apart.

So nobody helped you?

No, I was left by myself.

What about your mum?

She came the day after the funeral.

She left shortly after that. You're joking!

I'm not joking.

How is that even possible? She's your mum.

Maybe she's a heartless person.

What she was trying to accomplish with that. I don't know.

Fucking stupid bird! You understand nothing!

And you haven't seen her since?


She knows that you saved the world? No, I didn't tell her.

My family know nothing about this. So you still haven't told her?

What for?

My mother never showered me with

With too much attention or affection.

She's a tough woman.

Without... Without sentiment.

My mother cared more about my younger brother than me.

He was her favourite.

It's just that so much time has passed.

Maybe if you visited her home?


Enough talk about this! I do not wish to discuss this anymore!


Ok, fine. I didn't mean to... We won't talk about it.

For fuck's sake!

Are you okay, Stanislav Evgrafovich? Or can you still not believe it'?


I can't believe that a world known celebrity and artist- wants to meet me.

Who am I?

I'm just a common mortal.


See how they managed to furnish the interior.



Thank you.

I didn't dare dream about meeting you but then this opportunity arose.

No. There's nothing to be surprised about.

I happen to be a big fan of your talents.

They shine beyond the realm of the ordinary and stand out from the rest.

You're pretty famous in Russia.

Without a doubt.

Take a seat, Stanislav. Maybe I should give him this?

Yeah, give him the book now. That's great.

Just do it, just go for it.

Just be careful, don't fall.

This present.

At first, I could only wonder what happened?

You can't send mail to people of your status.

A final question!

If the nuclear war happened...

What do they say the murdered amount would be'?

Our analysts

say that... after the first nuclear attack half of the U.S. population will die.




All systems of communication would be destroyed.

The same thing would happen to the Soviet Union.

There is a chance of a second strike occurring.

The US would undoubtedly deliver a retaliatory nuclear strike.

Thousands of missiles would be airborne.

Then chaos would reign over planet Earth.

This would lead to mass destruction.

The sun's rays wouldn't be able to reach the surface of the Earth.

Ash. Soil.

At first a billion would die.

The earth's population would simply Instantly or a bit later.

Everyone would simply vanish.

And our planet would simply - turn into a vast desert.

Our planet would never be the same again.



Come in, Stanislav Evgrafovich.

I guess all will be gathered here now. Come here.

Go, stand next to them.

Stanislav Evgrafovich!

Galya, please be careful.

Oh, gosh...

The Czar of the world would have to really think about this question.

We must forget about the past.

It's sickening to live in an atmosphere of animosity and old hate.

Why the hell can't our countries get along?

It's senseless!

Thousands of our missiles - are aimed at each other.

On full trigger alert!

It's insane!

Nobody will win in a worldwide nuclear war.

No one!

No one.

We have to learn to coexist as brothers.

Or perish like dinosaurs.

"The best way to destroy an enemy - is to make him your friend!"

"To make him your friend..."

What's the problem?

I'm not the one who started talking about peace. You did!

Go the hell! Don't yell at me!

I refuse to talk about this! It's my personal business.

Stop bothering my soul! I have a right to secrets!

So what that I ask about your mum? What's wrong with that?

It's personal. You have no right to pry into my personal life!

Don't talk to me like that!

You talk calmly about war and peace.

And yet, you haven't seen your mother in how long?

That's my personal business!

How can you tell Costner that countries have to forgive and forget'?

You can't forgive your own mother. This is not to be discussed!

Go to hell!

Sooner or later she'll be gone. Damn it! Not another word!

I completely refuse to talk about my family.

That's my personal business!

Get out of here!

I'm sick of your camera!

To hell with you!

Dumb bitch!

Moscow, The Kremlin. It's "Russian Radio".

Now it's 1pm. Vsevolod on the air...

The representative of the Council of Europe at a press conference According to the experts Russians pay far too much for oil, - which causes internal market deficits.

World prices are over 40 dollar a barrel.

Russian oil men are aiming more at exporting And now we are saying goodbye.

On the air were


Stanislav Evgrafovich, do you want to talk to me?

Listen, I'm really busy, so just tell me why you are calling?

What happened? Is everything okay?

Not so good. I'd say pretty bad, actually.

What's bad?

Well My brother died two days ago.

That's horrible, Stanislav Evgrafovich.

How are you holding up?

Not too good.

How's your mother?

This must be totally devastating to her.

Actually, I haven't seen her - for a very long time.

You didn't call her? Please, Stanislav Evgrafovich.

Your brother just died! You have to find out how your mum is doing.

Listen, she needs her son. What do you want from me?

I can't bring him back! Nonsense! You need to go and see her.

She's very old. Soon it will be too late.

Yes, possibly.

I'm sure you love her. Go and see her right now.

Now is the time. It's my business.

Go to her. Now is the time. Leave me alone.

Well, I'm not gonna argue with you. I have to go, okay?

Okay. See you. Take care.


Lord, what a stubborn girl.

These women will be my undoing!

You want some tea? With pleasure.

My mother and me - said a lot of unpleasant words to each other.

I think all of it has to stay in the past.

It's time to get on with my life.

Please, close the door.

Hello, mother! Is it really you?

MY dear!

You came. Why?

I sent a telegram with no answer.

Sashka died. Stasik, I cry every day!

I didn't receive any telegrams.

How did you send the money then? From a media outlet.

I heard a rumour that my brother died.

That's all I heard. You didn't get any messages?

Can't you write anyway?

Don't you want to find out how your mother is doing'?

I'm 90. Not 20.

Better take these flowers.

I don't want any flowers. I don't want this kind of life.

I'd better hang a noose around the neck! Look at how I live!

I thought you were dead. You forgot your mother.

No, don't say that.

I love flowers! How long has it been since I've seen some?

Mum. Dear Sashka, Sashka.

Careful, mum, please. My dear son!

Oh, Sashka. Sashka, what did you do'?

Oh you, my dear son. Oh, oh! Get me up!

Mama, mama.

She used to be so strong.

But time passes.

Have a seat.

I can't be mad at her any longer.

Life is too short for that.

Your forehead is just like your father's.

Let's look at these photos, mum.

This is Robert De Niro.

A great American actor, too!

Is that his son? No. It's not his son.

It's Damon ... Damon?

I can't remember his name.

Anyway Kevin Costner.

He's a great man. Great, in capital letters!

The speech he gave touched my heart.

That, I didn't expect!

He is my favourite actor.

He called me a hero.

I'm proud of you.

At least I have one good son left.

I didn't think I'd see you again in my life.

Mum, everything's fine. I'm close to you now.

Everything's good. I'm here now.

MY dear!


I didn't favour anyone. Let us both forget about the past.

It's such a long time ago.


Who the hell knows what to do with it?