The Man with a Shotgun (1961) Script


How about a drink?

No thank you.

Then pour me some.

You don't mind, do you?

What the hell?

THE MAN WITH A SHOTGUN If you're a man If your manly blood has passion Then put your young life on the line

The red sunset, the long shadow That voice from the faraway mountains STARRING:



Where are you going?

Is this the way to Mt. Shurei?

You're going there?


What for?

I heard that it's untouched so I'm going hunting.

Hey, don't go.

Do yourself a favor and turn back.


There'll be hell to pay if you go.

Hell to pay?

You might lose your life.

Don't try to scare me. It's all part of Japan.

No tigers or lions up there.

Going up there is just asking for trouble.

That's why the villagers stay clear of it.

Got it, thanks.

You stubborn old codger!

Damn it!

Oh, man, are you OK? Come on!

That bastard fell straight in!

Hey, look, he's lying down over there!

That's enough. I'm sleepy as hell.

Come on.


Hey! You misunderstand!

NISHIOKA LUMBERMILL Your three months have passed.

I need you to move on.

Are we in the way?

No, not really, but. . .

I only agreed to hide you for three months.

We've done well as your bodyguards for three months.

Let us stick around longer.

That's not possible.

What the hell are you doing?

Sorry about that. We were testing you.

Our boss likes tough guys.

This is a bit over the top.

Yeah, well. . .

Look out!

You're a pain when you harass the villagers.

Now my men have become more violent because of you.

Don't make me laugh. You could use tougher henchmen.

Or is there some reason. . . What was it? Oh, right.

Are you doing something that you don't want us to find out about?

For example. . . Don't be ridiculous.

If that's not the case, then don't take it so seriously.

We're all wanted men.

We need a fine man like you to help us.

You know about the sheriff.

Oh, that?

The villagers are making a fuss because you cause so much trouble.

Who cares what they think?

Yeah, it's more than 10 miles to the nearest police box. They're powerless.

Thanks for the warning, but you're the one who's worried about this new sheriff.

"Sheriff", huh?

What a high-sounding title.

It's a just a guy who's a bit skilled.

But we should deal with him if he's worrying the boss so much.


Let's do away with him.

Relax, Tora. We need the boss's permission first.

Boss, we've found an awesome guy.

So we won't be needed anymore?

Where is he? In the messroom eating.

Hey, give me that.

What's your name, shooter?

Call me Ryoji.

You're too sharp to be a hunter.

You're hiding something, aren't you?

Ken. Leave him alone. . .

I remember you. But I just let bygones be bygones.

Anybody who comes here has a secret or two.

He could be an undercover cop.

What an old trick. You're a drifter?

No way, I'm a legitimate hunter, I've got a license.

I see. Well, the area is rich in game.

You need a base though, don't you?

Stick around my mill if you want.

I appreciate that.

I thought you'd make me do dirty work.

Don't be silly. I'm the president of a small business.

Never thought there'd be a bar.

Our boss runs it. It's the only place you can use a tab.

He's shrewd. It's a system. to suck up the wages he pays.


She's the manageress. She's hot. But watch out or she'll make you pay.

She's merciless when collecting.

She'll make you work for free for life.

Stop that, you fools!

It's your fault!

Everything broken is coming off their pay this month!

You're new around here.

Relax, madam. I'm a hunter.

It's a habit from when I take aim.

Well said.

Hey, easy there. She's the boss's woman.

Thought so. Why else would you leave her alone?

The boss is insanely greedy when it comes to women.

Your boss isn't the only one.

Let me go!

Let me go!

Please, not my daughter.

Don't take my daughter.

I'll pay you back somehow.

Bring me the money first.

She's working here until then.

She'll like the guys more than farming, anyway.



Let him go.

Go on home.

Get out of the way.

Stop it! I can't have you shooting guns in here.

Get out!

That's enough. It's no big deal. You're paying, aren't you?

I'll settle his debt.

See? A competent drifter knows how to settle things.

Don't judge a man by his looks.

Oh, shut up. Don't take that without permission.

And you're new so don't be so conspicuous.

Give it to me.

I wonder when I'll get it back.

Try to stay alive until I do.

I'll hang on to that, too. No way. I need this for work.

You can work at the mill. I'll give it back when you can pay up.

Life is short, so fall in love, young lady Before your red lips fade

Where'd you get that necklace? This? As security for drinking money.

That's a woman's necklace. No woman would leave that for a drink.

It was a man, of course.

Who? Now that's a hard question.

It's been there for two, three months.

I can't remember who it was.

Try to remember. He wasn't likely to come back for it.

If you don't mind, could I have it?

I'll pay for it after I've made some money.

That's so strange. Why do you want it?

It's a rarity. I've never seen one with this charm.

You're hiding something. I won't let you have what you want.

Your eyes give it away. You recognize this, right?

So there's a woman involved, after all.

This is the "koiwazakura", an alpine plant.

I saw this in the Japanese Alps. You've been to the Alps?

It was a fun place.

Masa. . .

He gets no special treatment now. Take what you want.

Well, now things are getting interesting.

Did you leave that necklace here?

Maybe, maybe not.

Who are you? What do you do here? I'm just a bodyguard bound by debt.

Look sharp!

Hey, Sheriff Okumura, you wimp!

He's no sheriff. He's a pushover!

Sorry. I didn't know who you were.

Who are you?


He's tough but he's too careless to tell us apart, Sheriff.

I'll get even for you.

Stop! I won't allow any more trouble.

You wimp, restrain them if you can!

They'll get you instead!

I'm in charge of keeping the peace. Stop fighting!

Alright. Come and drink with us.

No. I have to make my rounds.

I wouldn't if I were you. Why not?

You can't handle it.

Hey, you.

You need this, right? Only for today.

I'll see you home. Sorry for the rough handling.

How did you end up in this position?

Maybe you think you're tough, but you can't control those ruffians.

You saw them back there. They're making fun of you.

I know that. But I volunteered for this position. I'll do my job.

You're strange. What do you gain from this?

It's not a matter of profit.

My wife was killed.

She was violated as well.

So I wanted a gun.

But I'm a charcoal maker, I can't get a gun so easily.

So I became the sheriff.

I'll find the murderer and shoot him dead.

I understand how you feel.

Don't try to console me.

A vagabond like you couldn't possibly understand.

Never mind What's the police's take. on your wife's murderer?

They couldn't find any clues.

Maybe they'll nab him someday.

Could be five years, seven years from now. . .

But I can't wait for them to do it.

A drifter must've done it.

He might wander off again.

But if a drifter did it like you say, then he probably finds your swaggering annoying.

He might be out to get you.

That's my intent.

If he tries to kill me, then that means he's guilty.

I'm waiting for him.

Good luck, but what if the worst happens?

Do you have any relatives?

My wife's younger sister.

Then maybe you should stick to making charcoal.

Leave me alone

Stop following me.

Alright then. You watch yourself.

You're such a wimp!

What did we tell you?

Shut up! Just be quiet, will you?

I thought he'd be OK with you, but what a slip-up.

If I hadn't been there, he'd be dead.

Did you hurt your leg?

Give me a brandy. And here's my gun.

What are you looking at?

For any traces of straw.

What the hell does that mean?


Oh, brother!

Your brother hit his head.

He'll be groggy for a few days.

Nothing to worry about.

I remember you. I'll take him home.

Fancy meeting you here. I should've talked him out of it.


I heard Mr. Okumara was attacked.

Hey, you're that...

No, don't. I've brought my car.

We can't let a drifter take charge around here.

This stranger's acting important because you're all no good.

Hurry up and carry him.


Thank you .No hard feelings, please. I know you're not...


I just visited Okumura. What a predicament.

What? So who will the successor be?

Mr. Nishioka, these things happen because you hire drifters.

That's a serious accusation.

Your mill pays the most taxes in the village.

So we hate to say such things.

Well, you're saying it anyway.

You village officials would say that.

But the men at my mill are all honest migrant workers.

Then who's causing trouble?

If I knew, I'd do something.

Of course he would.

I understand Mr. Nishioka's position.

You people make it sound like he's the boss of a gang of thugs.

I won't get them wrong.

The basic problem is that we have no police box. Right, Mayor?

I don't know how to respond to that topic anymore.

You all know the situation.

We've petitioned for one many times.

But the city police say they can't afford it.

That's why we agreed to instate a volunteer security officer.

The motto was: "Protect our village ourselves. "

The city police would only send a guy on the verge of retirement anyway.

It's clearly better to ask a young and spry villager to do it.

Isn't anyone willing to replace Okumura?

If there were, then we wouldn't have to be here.

Why don't we ask Mr. Nishioka's workers to organize a crime patrol group?

Don't be ridiculous, Kuronuma.

Before, you called me a boss of thugs, and now you want those same thugs to maintain public order?

You don't have to be sarcastic.

So, everyone, don't you think this is the best idea?

I see. If Mr. Nishioka could pitch in and help us, then it might stop the violence.

Right. He'd be "Police Chief" Nishioka, so to speak.

You must be joking.

No. I'm not joking at all. Right, Mayor?

It never occurred to me, but it's not a bad idea.

I'd be willing to support this.

How about it, Mr. Nishioka?

If the guys at my mill are doing this, then that means I'm paying for it.

Well, that's a fine idea.

Enough sarcasm.

Seriously though, I'll cover the cost if it's for the village.

You're a good man, Mr. Nishioka.

If I take this on, I'll be ruthless.

Wait just a minute. Let me think about this some more.

I still want to ask the young villagers if there are any volunteers before we try that.

I still think the villagers should...

There are none, so here we are.

"Salonpas" is best for bruises.

Well, there is someone.

How about me?

Who are you?

I was going to work for that boss but changed my mind.

Are you saying you're leaving?

You know my ability the best.

I'm the only one who could do this.

You're not the only one. Don't be so vain.

You're a drifter, too, aren't you?

Mr. Kuronuma, we can't let such men in on this.

Let's ask them to leave. Mr. Mayor...

Not all outsiders are evil, you know.

Besides, if the worst happens to an outsider, then that's that.

He's right. Make your decision.

I'll be the sheriff even if you all say no.

Better than being a bodyguard?

Fine. Could be our last resort. Do it.

Are you out of your mind, Mayor?

What if Mr. Nishioka changes his mind?

These men can't be...

No, I don't care who they are.

I sense that I can trust them. Why not hire them both?

I'd like to do it alone.

Why? The more the merrier.

He's hard to get along with.

Oh, shut up.

I was about to say the same.

Who wants to work with you?

Great. A wimp like you would only get in the way of my job .

Hey, watch it. Alright...

Let's fight this out.

Sounds good. Do it.

Place your bets! Ryoji or Masa?

I bet on Ryoji! OK!

Masa! OK!

The chances are even!

Masa! Ryoji!

Masa! Who are you betting on?

I've decided! Ryoji!

I bet on Ryoji! OK!

Who will it be, Mr. Kuronuma? I'm not betting.

Don't run away. Place your bet.

Who will it be?

Come on.

I bet on Masa.

Thanks a lot! Place your bets!

Let's do it.

Stop! Stop it.

My brother should have a say in who becomes his successor.

I'll go and ask what he thinks.

I know these people better than anyone.

Please give me a moment.

What's going on? What a wet blanket.

Magic tricks?

Don't be stupid. We're settling this.

We can't wait for her. Draw one.

Come on.

I win.

Stupid bastard, this doesn't count.

Who did your brother choose? Me, right?

Me, right?

He chose you.

It's decided, then. No objections, right?

Sign a contract for us.

We're counting on you.


I still want to fight it out.

You're too careless to be a sheriff.

Stick 'em up.

You win this time, but I won't back down.

I'll make it hard for you to do your job.

Go home. Stop complaining or I'll disable you for good.

Alright, we'll settle this some other time.

You're such a fool.

You have a gun, does that mean you're an ex-con?

I borrowed this earlier from here.

You lost to that guy?

I can't believe you lost.

Stop laughing so hard. You're annoying me!

Let's drink a toast. What for?

For you not becoming the sheriff.

Give me a break. I wanted a real job, but I'm stuck here again.

Work for me then.

Thanks, but I'm unfit for logging or manual labor.

There's another job.

I'm no office worker, either. Don't worry.

Hand that over to him.

This is security for a loan.

Do as I say!

You can be sheriff if you want.

Except you'll be my personal sheriff.

That's a surprise.

A boss like you needs protection in a tiny village like this?

Go away! I have nothing to say to you.

I'm officially the new sheriff now.

Go away!

Tell me what you know.

Setsuko, make him leave. Ryoji...

Setsuko, tell him what happened.

I don't trust you. Why not?

You know who attacked me last night.

What if I do?

You're one of them. Who do you work with?

Don't strain yourself.

Your fever's only just abated.

For your information, I wouldn't tell you anything even if I knew.

I'll teach them a lesson. Give that to me.

I won't let you have it. Nobody touches this gun.

Alright, I prefer using my own gun, anyway.

I had to leave it somewhere.

Well, take care then.

Ryoji. Setsuko!

It's none of your business. It's all in your head.

He's not a bad person.

Hey, beautiful. Buy me a drink.

She's my girl.

Madam! Where's Ryoji? Is he here?


Who said you could use my gun?

Stop joking around.

You won't get away with this again.

Listen up. I'm the new sheriff starting today.

I'll use force to control roughnecks.

Step forward if you object.

Good, you understand. That makes my job easier.

I'll buy a round for everyone here to celebrate my getting this job.

Don't worry, I've got a roll of money as an allowance.

The drinks are on him! Come on, guys!

What's wrong?



Come on, don't be shy!


Give me back my sweetie.

My shotgun. Oh, that?

No need to pay.

Why did you become the sheriff?

Why did you try to prevent me?

I know why.

Your brother doesn't want anyone else to be the sheriff, period.

I didn't want you to be in danger, maybe even more than my brother.

My, you're popular. I'm jealous.

What happened to your woman? This one?

I said I'd give you this if you told me, didn't I?

Oh, well. If you don't want me to talk about it.

Just take it as a congratulatory gift.

My woman died. She died in the Japanese Alps.

When the red evening sun sets

I just wait for the sunrise tomorrow

Oh, shotgun, my partner The moon watches over us with a smile

As we drift along on this journey together

So you're the boss's new bodyguard?

Yeah, his dogs might bite his hand, but they don't seem too tough .

Cute. You're confident. That's why I got the job.

Shut up, you couldn't be the sheriff.

We always test newcomers personally.

What's the target? The target's over here.

The seconds hand of these clocks move together.

Shoot to make them stop on the nine. The one who stops it on the nine wins.

I'll flip them over now.

The central clock is your guide.

Hey, why don't you and I make a bet?

This chicken ramen is free, if I win.

I'll buy you anything, if you win. You're on.

I bet on Ken.

Hey, aren't we doing this?

Looks like I don't need to.

Katsu, you do it.

You have a winner. What do you want?

I want him to come to the village.

He's wanted for assault. You've got to be kidding.

This is the proof.

Oh, we were looking for that.

Someone probably stole it to put the blame on us.

Shut up and come along.

Stick 'em up.

I just became buddies with these guys.

I can't just let a buddy get pulled in.

Get out of here.

You behave yourself.

That boss hired a smartass.

So he really wants us out of the way.

This is insulting. Come and talk it over with me.

Don't be rash, I'll tell you when.

We're screwed if we slip up.

This liquor's a rarity.

So things went well? They turned on me like I expected.

They suck at shooting, too. Don't underestimate them.

Who knows how many they've killed?

I'm sure I've killed just as many.

You hired the right man to get rid of those guys.

Poison combats poison. You make too much noise.

I usually welcome anyone who comes, but they were nothing but trouble.

Maybe I'll cause you trouble, too.

Actually, they were useful at first.

But now they act like they own the place, which is risky for me.

Looks like they have something on you.

That's enough. Your job is to get rid of those three.

Thanks for your help.

We need to talk. I'll listen if you want.

I want that newcomer to fight it out again.

Sounds like fun.

I was hoping you'd say that.

Not so fast, rookie. I don't mean with us.

I mean, with that new sheriff Ryoji that you lost to.

If you win, we'll be rid of that eyesore. Kill two birds with one stone.

I want to have a showdown with him.

My half-healed scars start aching whenever I see his face.

And you let that drifter stay here of all places.

It's your fault.

The Mayor asked us. It'd be rude to say no.

And he's no drifter now. He's the substitute sheriff.

Who cares? I'm going to be the sheriff again.



Why must you accept this challenge?

It's such a meaningless fight.

Setsuko. My woman was murdered.

I gave this to her as a gift.

I made this charm. I'd never forget it.

When she was killed in the Japanese Alps, this had vanished from her beautiful neck.

Masa is a rogue who knows about the Alps.

I have to accept his challenge and force him to talk.

No! Whatever the reason, please don't fight with such reckless people.

What if the worst happens?

Don't go. You can't duel with that drifter.

It's not a duel. I'm nabbing him.

That's the sheriff's job. You stay out of it.

No can do. You're still recovering.

Give me your gun.


Please let me use your phone.

Sure. It's in the back.

Who are you calling? The city police.

The police? What's happened?

Ryoji was called out to Mt. Shurei. My brother went after him.

I'll make the call, then.

Get me the police. They might both be killed.

I can't bear this anymore.

Surely the police will come for this?

Of course they'll come.

Oh, is that the police? I'm Kuronuma of Takatsuki Village.

Please send someone out here.

We've got a slight problem.

So you're playing your best card, Mr. Nishioka, while those sheriffs are gone.

This is how you use your brain.

Those idiots are somewhere killing each other by now.

By the way, Mr. Kim called.

He's arrived and wants to do business.

OK. I'll get ready and head on over.

Are you OK?

If you want help, give me back my gun.

Or I'll tell the villagers you were napping in a hole.


Your sister will be sad if you're hurt.

I'm single with no family.

Nobody cares either way whether I live or die.

Be patient for a while.

Wait, that's not fair! Keep your promise!

This is a deserted mine.

Looks like someone passed by here recently.

Wow, I didn't expect to find a field of flowers here.

Not just any flower. They're poppies.

Poppies? They're opium poppies.

Who's growing them here?

No wonder Mt. Shurei is off-limits.

So you're here, Sheriff. I admire you for coming.

Nice poppy field you've invited me to.

I'd hate to see these flowers damaged by our fighting.

Let's go someplace else.

No, don't go.

This poppy field has to be reported.

Forget the duel and go to the police.

No, I have to ask that guy some questions.

You go to the police. No way, are you crazy?

I can't let you duel before my eyes.

It's my duty to stop you. Let's go.

Let's get started.

Toss that shell. Shoot when it hits the ground.

Let me ask you something first. What?

You seem to know the Japanese Alps.

The moment they open fire, we do away with them all. Got it?

I'll take care of this! Go tell the village!

That damn Nishioka tricked us!

Are you in?

What's up, a smart dresser like you? Your buttons are undone. And your tie.

Why are you here? I want pocket money.

I would've brought you some.

That's what you say, but you always forget.

You could give me a bonus.

I've done a lot for you this month.


Oh, yeah. Better be careful with those three.

Don't worry.Those three and the sheriffs are all dead by now.


Give me the key. The key?

It's locked. Why would it be locked?

It won't open.

Sorry we're not dead, yet. Hey, boss!

We knew you'd set Masa on us.

But we didn't know you'd set a bigger trap.

Come over here.

Since you want to get rid of us, we'll get out of here.

It's getting risky for us.

You do that. I'll do anything I can.

You're so understanding.


Where's your partner Ryoji?

I don't know.

I suppose he can take care of himself.

Who are you?

Is that all?

Hand over the universal treasure. What's that?

Don't play innocent. We've guarded your poppies.

Don't tell us you don't have drugs.

No such thing here.

You can't lie to us.

We know you're doing business today.

That guy confessed he's the carrier.

Give us the key.

Open them.

Over there, too.

Over there, too.

Hurry up!

Make it snappy!

I found it.

Take me with you.

I've known Nishioka for three years.

You'll find me useful.

Shut up!

So she rejected you, boss.

You shouldn't treat ladies so roughly.



I remember who left that necklace. Want to know?

Hold me again.

Why don't we work together?

We'd get along fine. If you promise me, I'll tell you.

No way. I'd rather find him myself than work with you.

Damn you!

It was the three guys at Nishioka's!

No, don't!

Why not? A kiss isn't such a big deal.

Idiot. We didn't bring her on a whim.

The sheriff will come for his sister. We'll make good use of her then.

That's odd. That way's too narrow for a truck to pass through.

Hang in there! Which way did they go?

To Iwanodaira.

I told them Mr. Kim would be waiting there.

Our rendezvous point.

Drugs, huh? Is Mr. Kim the boss? Yeah.

You want to make a deal with me?

Mr. Kim isn't really at Iwanodaira.

I told them a lie.

Are you alright?

Grab hold.

I won't let them get away with my share of the profit.

Only I know where the transaction

will really take place.

Hey, how about it?

70/30. OK? Alright.

Hey, hang in there.

We split...


Your turn.

It's taking too long.

You don't have to tell me.

I'm starving.

I'm going down to get something to eat, alright?

No. If one of us is caught we're all screwed.


It's only for one night.

An all-nighter with a woman isn't so bad!

What if Kim doesn't show up?

There are other places to sell drugs.

Actually, though...

I'm thinking of threatening Kim and running away overseas.

What if Kim doesn't come?

He'll definitely come, you idiot.

How can you be so sure?

You don't trust me? I didn't mean you! I meant Kuronuma.

You wouldn't shoot me.

Shut up or you're a dead man.

You're a great shot, bro.

These are shots from a shotgun.


A shot from your gun might kill us all, but we'll shoot that woman when you fire.

I'm sure you will. I don't want to risk that.

Aren't you interested in where Mr. Kim is, though?

What? He'll never show up here.

Kuronuma told me before he died.

He died in the basin of a waterfall.

Tell us the place!

Hand Setsuko over. Then I'll take you.

You can't fool us.

Take us to the rendezvous point if you know.

You get the woman if you're right.

Let's go, then. Wait, I'm really starving.

It won't take long to roast this bird.

What if we're caught? Relax.

Be kind to the woman. We've got a long walk ahead of us.

I could use a nap, too. Eat the bird.

Wait! We're leaving right now.

Some nerve. Looks like he's asleep.

What a shame to let her go untouched.

Now you're talking.

I prefer the sister to that sheriff's wife.

So you're the ones...

I told you to shut up.

If you stay quiet, we won't kill you.

Equal opportunity is our rule since the Japanese Alps.

I know that.

I'll never forget that woman in the Alps.

This woman reminds me of her. The woman in the Alps?

Remember? She had that pearl necklace.

Oh, that plump woman!

She was a fine one, too.

Katsu, you win.

You can't be too careful, Katsu.

Go and get that guy's shotgun.

You didn't have to come wake me. It's about time we left.

Now our business is done.

I don't care what your connection is to Mr. Nishioka.

It doesn't matter at this point.

I just care about getting my goods and leaving Japan quickly.

I'll let you stow away onboard.

Now that our transaction is a success, let's drink a toast.

It's not successful, yet.

You don't have to take them, Mr. Kim. I'll do away with them.

This was my intent.

I had another aim besides saving Setsuko.

Better not try anything funny.

Quarreling, are you?

You remember this necklace? Take a good look.

You raped and killed this woman in the Japanese Alps.

She was my fiancée.

I've roamed so many mountains looking for you.

I see. So you're out for revenge. Hold on.

This is fascinating.

I knew that revenge was allowed in the samurai era in Japan.

But I never thought I'd see it now.

Go ahead and do it. But not in this villa.

Go to the beach.

The sound of the waves will mask the gunshots.

No! Even if you win, you'll be a murderer Don't!.

You don't understand how I feel! Please don't do this.

You don't understand!

Don't do this.

Please don't.

I can't rest until I blast these pearls into them.

You loved her so much.

My sister was murdered, too.

But I still don't want you to commit murder.

I care about you, too.

Don't kill them.

They're such fools.

I can't risk having any survivors.

Go kill them all.

You're under arrest for drug-dealing.



Finish him off. Shotguns are no big deal.

He seems to be dead.


You bastard!



Those men killed my sister!

You didn't kill them.

You let them live. Thank you.

Stop it!

Damn it. I'll kill you!

No, don't!

Let go of me!

Killing them won't bring her back!

I've waited for this chance! I lived just to find and kill them!

You fool!

People can't judge other people.

See? Ryoji could've killed them, if he'd meant to.


Mr. Okumura, our revenge is now complete.

If you're a man Take the anguish and grief in your heart Throw them away and never look back

The vast wasteland The distant sky Alone on an endless journey I travel again today I travel again today