The Man with the Iron Fists (2012) Script


BLACKSMITH: When you forge a weapon, you need three things.

The right metal, temperatures over 1,400 degrees, and someone who wants to kill.

Here in Jungle Village, we got all three.







Bring out the weapons!



BLACKSMITH: Jungle Village.

A heartless place.

Ruled by many savage clans.

Constantly at war.


Me, I'm just a blacksmith.

Minding my own business.


And biding my time.

I never wanted to make tools for killing, but I made the sacrifice for the woman I love.


She's a worker at the Pink Blossom,

and my only refuge in this hellhole.

Together, we had decided to leave this place, but it turns out that the universe had other plans.

Fate twisted when Gold Lion, the mighty leader of the Lion Clan, was summoned to the governor's palace.




The governor gave him a mission to protect the shipment of gold that he was sending through Jungle Village to his troops in the North.


Gold Lion accepted. He gave his word.

But when it comes to money, things get funny.


Gold Lion! Gold Lion!

BLACKSMITH: Gold Lion was betrayed by his own lieutenants, Silver and Bronze. (BOTH LAUGHING)

Now, the only thing that stood in their way was Zen Yi, Gold Lion's favorite son.


But Zen Yi was about to get the news that would forever change all of our destinies.

Chi Chi, I will never leave your side.




And I will return immediately home to ask my father to arrange our marriage.

Zen Yi! Zen Yi! Zen Yi!


(BREATHING HEAVILY) I have terrible news from home.

It's your father.



You said you would never leave my side.


CHAN: Master, the horses are ready.

If I don't avenge my father's death, we'll never be safe.



Brothers, I am truly humbled to be your new leader.

Now, my Lions, we must keep Gold Lion's word to protect the governor's gold.

Our enemies have surely heard of Gold Lion's death, and it is my belief that the Wolf Clan, protectors of the West Gate, thinking we're vulnerable, will attack.

Instead of waiting, I say we strike first and take them by surprise.

Brothers, should we not wait for Zen Yi to return?

We will definitely need his strength.

I agree.

You agree?


Are we not the Lions?


(SCREAMING) Are we not the strongest?

Huh? MEN: Yes!

I say we move with power and strike now!

MEN: Yes!

BLACKSMITH: Put the fire out.

A dozen of these by tonight.

Three days.

Three days?

Why so long?

Hey! Never turn your back on a wolf.

Or it will bite you in the ass.

For the weapon that you desire, it's going to take three days.

Unless you want some shit like that.

Two days or you're dead.

Hyah! Huh!



BLACKSMITH: The Chinese have a saying.

"Dangerous men will meet in our streets."

And so it was.

War raged between the clans, and that meant pressure on me to make more weapons.

And as word of the gold shipment spread, strangers suddenly appeared in Jungle Village.






God bless you.

To my illness.


An English gent.

The gentlest.

Are you military?

How long did you spend in France?

Long enough to recognize a man of refined tastes.

You've come to the right place to rest your bones.

Merci, Madame, but I'm not here for rest.

I should like a private room with a bath, a view over the main road, a bottle of that liquor, and three of your finest.

Only three? Subtle.

Well, to start with.

I don't want to appear greedy.


A man with much chi.

Prepare the South Suite for our guest.


Please, girls, the gentleman has just arrived.

Give him a chance to choose his own pleasures.


Yes, you.

And you.


And her.


Sir, I'm afraid she's with another customer.

Yes, but it's the wrong customer.


"Journeys end with lovers meeting, "as every wise man's son doth know."

My dear, you are about to suffer what no young lady should have to endure.



I seek no quarrel with you, my stout fellow.

I am merely trying to save this damsel from what would be the most traumatic experience of her young life.

If you'll excuse us. (GIGGLES)


It doesn't have to be that way.

It doesn't have to be that way at all.





(SHOUTING) My name is Mr. Knife!

You may call me Jack.

I have come to your fine village for a vacation.

I do not wish to be disturbed!

My lady.

Shall I have the other half of Crazy Hippo delivered to your suite?

Feed him to your dogs. It will make them taste better.



I was worried about you.

Bring me some golden nectar. Quickly.


Darling, what's wrong?

I'll be fine.

Those men are savages.

Why do you work yourself to death for their sake?

I don't do it for them.

I do it for you.


Another day, another dollar.

Lady Silk was happy, and we were getting closer to our goal.

Meanwhile, Zen Yi was getting closer to Jungle Village.



You bring us your best food and wine.


Master, I think it might be the crabapples.

Outhouse is back. Thank you.







Poor X-Blade. No blades, just an "X."

You'll be joining your father in hell today.


Who sent you?

Kiss my ring.

Long live Silver Lion. Hmm.

Mr. Ming is here.

We'll finish this later.

SILVER LION: The 10 Rodents couldn't handle Zen Yi.

POISON DAGGER: Perhaps you should have sent 20.

The government shipment is only days away.

Fifty-thousand taels of gold bullion.

Still, capturing it won't be easy.

It's being escorted by the Gemini killers.

If we hit the shipment and the gold doesn't reach the northern rendezvous point, the government will send in their forces.


And to make matters worse, the emperor's secret emissary has been sent here to assist the troops.

And not even I know what he is capable of.

Or, for that matter, who he is.




(SIGHS) Yes?

Compliments of the house.

How kind. (SNIFFLES)

Is everything to your satisfaction?

So far, so good.

Shall I send up more girls?

What if I just cut these ones in half?


If you damage my girls, (GASPS)

I'll damage your boys.

(SWALLOWS) Good God, that hurts. (CHUCKLES)

In a very pleasurable way.

What if I put the baby's arm inside you?

Must be very good opium.




What are you looking at, dirty little man?




Now, ladies, let me have a quick look.

That is a good look.

Wet! You have been a naughty, naughty girl.


You shall stay tied up like that till at least 6:00. You wanna come?

Right, I think it's time for some more games. Yeah.

I'll start over here with the navy.


BLACKSMITH: Things were heating up in Jungle Village.

I was finishing the weapons for the Wolves, while they were partying to a full moon.


(CHUCKLES) Every dog has its night.

And Zen Yi, the X-Blade, burning with vengeance, was just one day away from our village.

Sounds like company is approaching.

Smells like Lions.


ZEN Yl: Brothers, what are you doing here?

We've come to escort you home.

Chan, tie their horses and bring them drinks.

Yes, master.

IRON LION: Silver Lion is no longer the same. He's changed.

Your father wanted peace.

Silver Lion wants war.



As I figured, a sheep in wolf's clothing.




Wolves? More like wet dogs.

You are lucky you only have one customer.

No need to be jealous.


The Lion Clan killed every member of the Wolf clan.

They now control the West Gate.

Everyone's so afraid of these men. Are you?

I'm not afraid.

Well, you should be.

These men are ruthless and vicious.

Give me my sword and I'll leave this place. And go where?

Anywhere my hands won't be used to make tools that kill anyone.

This place is not so bad.

Under the right circumstances it could be paradise.

Paradise? This place?


Hey, little one.


Another one.



The Gemini killers will arrive with the governor's gold by sunrise.

Our plans are in place. We're ready for them.


Well, that leaves one remaining issue.

Zen Yi.



Mr. Kwon, so pleased to see you.

Silver Lion.

Brass Body.

It's nice to see a familiar face.

SILVER LION: "The Snake Charmer." Your best work yet.

Thank you.

However, this next job will not be so easy.

Is that so?

Zen Yi has become a thorn in the Lion's paw.

That's what happens when you send mice to do a man's job.

You bring us another trophy, I'll double it. (LAUGHS)


Zen Yi's blades will have no effect on me.


IRON LION: Should we go straight to base?

We'll post up at the Dragon Inn.



Wakey-wakey, little blossoms. Wakey-wakey.


Go on.

Now, if you're good, we can play a game called, "Let's pretend we're Catholic."


And I'll see if I can find the heretic amongst you.


Let's start now.




Master Zen Yi.

My private room, please.

Of course. This way.

Chan, give this to Silver Lion.

And hurry back.


That should satisfy Madam Blossom.

She will no longer be your master.

No, she won't. Thank you.

We should pack our bags and leave this place immediately.

What's the rush?

Let us have one last moment here.

Before we go.

Twenty-three, 24, 25.

Why 25?

Well, the earth is 25,000 miles in circumference.

So smart.

Strong hands.

You're so beautiful.

How about we get Madam Blossom in for a threesome before we go?



COPPER LION: Silver Lion should be here by now.

He knows we're here, and his tardiness says more than his presence.


Don't come in! Don't come in! Stop!

Stop, stop, stop, come back!












you're a dead man.





BLACKSMITH: Well, Gold Lion was dead, and Zen Yi was out of commission.

Now, there was all eyes on the Geminis, who arrived in town with the governor's gold.

Their plan was to post up at Dragon Inn, spend the night, and continue north.

I've cleared everybody out, just as you requested.

I'm looking forward to your famous Cantonese braised ribs.

I knew you would ask.

It's already prepared.



Oh, good.


You're still as lovely as ever.



You look beautiful, Jackie. Like a Chinese warrior.



Me likey.

DRAGON INNKEEPER: Master Silver Lion.

I'm sorry, we're closed for the day.

Oh, you are never closed to the Lion Clan.

Now, where are the Geminis?

Please, no trouble.

Trouble? (GRUNTS)

Mr. And Mrs. Gemini.

How are they?


Where's your boss, Gold Lion?

Unfortunately, he couldn't make it.

What do you want here, Silver Lion?

Oh, you know what we want.

Friends, there's really no need for your journey to end here.

And by that, I mean your life journey.

You give us the gold, we spare you and your men.

And maybe we will invite you to join us and live like royalty here in our lovely village.

A dog living in a palace is still a dog.


And every dog loves to chase the pussycat.


MAN: The Gemini stance.

Poison Dagger.

Where are you? Come out!

Come out!


Ah, no more, no more.

Go. We are closed. Forever.


The Lions do this. See what they did to my inn!

You want Lion? I cook you Lion.

How would you like it?

Steamed? Deep fried?

Pan fried? Ah! Lion dumpling?

I was hoping for one last dish of your Emperor Sui Duck.

We haven't prepared that dish in years.

Seasoned with young basil, and Yangzi grains.

The dish is for very special customers.


What kind of Lion is this?

Not Lions. Gemini.

A very pretty one at that.

Such a shame.


The mark of Poison Dagger.

Who in this village would have access to mercury?

Our blacksmith.

But he's not from here.

His weapons are very dangerous.


I'm only here for the duck.

BLACKSMITH: As if bad things couldn't get worse, word got to the governor that the Lions ambushed the gold.

This enraged him, and he called in the fierce Jackal troops.

Now, these motherfuckers had a Gatling gun and more bullets than China had rice.

He gave them an order.

If one tael of gold was missing, they was to burn Jungle Village to the ground.

BLACKSMITH: Prepare these herbs.

ZEN Yl: Why are you helping me?

Because I forged the weapons that killed your father.

I regret that.



Brother, don't avert your energy.

You're not strong yet.


But soon.

And I want to ask you of one thing.

My blades, they were destroyed by Brass Body.

I need a new suit of knives.




BLACKSMITH: The X-Blade's new suit of knives.

The final weapon these hands would ever forge.

And if he can avenge his father with these blades, then my debt to him will be paid.

And I can grab my girl and get the fuck out of Jungle Village.

Come back to bed, Jackie.

Some pleasure before business?

You were business.

This is pleasure.

BRASS BODY: You've got good taste, Blacksmith.

I always thought that Lady Silk was the finest of all the girls.

And you've been monopolizing her.


Tell me where Zen Yi is, or I promise you, you will never see her again.


Oh, my. This is no way to treat our guest.

Are we men, or are we beasts?

(WHISPERS) We are men!

So, my friend, I never got a chance to thank you for your magnificent weapons.

They were invaluable.


So, it seems you've been working quite hard these nights. I admire that.

But on what, may I ask?

Go to hell.


Listen, your skills can be used by us.


You can be a great asset.

If you give up Zen Yi and pledge your allegiance to us, your troubles will be over.

But, if you refuse, we'll make sure you never work again.

You are no Gold Lion.

Well, that hurts.

I will ask you one last time.

Blackie, where is Zen Yi?


You shouldn't have done that.









What do you want to do with his body?

Leave him to the rats.



You're tough as old boots, Blacksmith.


Who are you?

You can call me Jack.

I'm the one who saved you from the reaper.

Not my arms.

No. They're rat food, I'm afraid.

We're going to have to cauterize your wounds.

It won't be pleasant. It won't be pleasant at all.

Quite a sophisticated operation you have here.


I see you work with mercury.


One more. A large one.

Open your mouth, bite on this.





Take this, take this.

Your wounds are healing surprisingly quickly.

How do you feel?

Am I assuming correctly that you made this?


So, how does a man with your obvious skill end up in a wretched corner of the Earth like this?

I spent most of my life in chains, serving others.

The master of the plantation my family worked on was dying of consumption.

For 35 years, my mother served him, nursed him, slept with him.

And on his deathbed...

Okay, now, what's his name?







Boy, good luck. You're gonna need it.




Hey, boy, you got those horseshoes ready?

Didn't you hear? I asked if them shoes were ready.

Nigger, you can't read.

So you don't know what this fucking paper means.

It means nothing.


MAN 1: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Hey, man! (LAUGHING)

MAN 2: You're free now, huh, nigger?

MAN 1: Come and get it! Come and get it. MAN 2: Come on. Yeah.

MAN 2: Crawl, nigger, crawl.

MAN 1: Come on, kitty!

MAN 1: Yeah! Yeah! MAN 2: Come on.

Stay down.


Fidgety nigger, ain't he?

Go on, finish him off. Go on.

Nigger, you're gonna wish you had never been born.


MAN 1: Jake!

The nigger killed a white man! The nigger killed a white man.

What you doing, Jane?

Nothing, sir. Yeah.


I don't think so.

Your boy's around here?

Long gone.


We'll see.

Run. Run, son, run.

The boat I escaped on sunk.

Everyone was lost at sea.

But somehow...



To disconnect ourselves from this troublesome world.

Another one.

BLACKSMITH: I strayed from the path, and I paid the price.

The pendulum of karma swings both ways.

They made me a cripple.

But if you help me, I will forge my greatest weapon ever.

As a young mind, we taught you that, in the beginning, there was the word.

Yet when man failed to hear the word, we were forced to teach by action.

The chi in your body travels through the 12 vessels and builds up in your Dan Tian.

Your triple burners convert all particles to energy.

By learning to regulate breath and controlling your chi, a man is capable of amazing feats.

If one can find the source to one's own energy,

he can transmit that energy

to activate inanimate objects.

You and the object become as one.

It becomes a slave to your will, your mind.

Your chi.

What are you really here for?

Dear boy, gold.

So, how is your chi now?




Miss Silk, I'd like to thank you and the blacksmith for your kindness.

The blacksmith, how is he?

The rumor is that he's dead.




Zen Yi.

My friend, you look pretty good.

For a dead man.

Thanks to him.

Care to join us for dinner?

I hope you don't mind your noodles a touch on the spicy side.

This is an East Indian recipe. Very hot.

And here's the secret.

Just a touch of butter.

Just a touch.


A spoon, dear boy. Baby steps.

Now, might I suggest, given the nature of our common enemy, and the numbers we're about to encounter, that we come up with a plan?

MADAM BLOSSOM: In fact, our Jungle wasn't always an outpost.

Rumor has it, the Fourth Emperor built a magnificent tomb for his queen directly beneath our village.

Oh, that's fascinating.


Here. To good fortune.

Good fortune.

Now, when the captain of the Jackals arrives with his many armed troops, where do you suppose he's going to attack?

Well, presumably the Lions' base.

Exactly, and they'll come not only for gold, but also for lives.

We see the Madam is well informed.

(CHUCKLES) My sheets know every secret in this town.

Gentlemen, we've had dinner.

Now, dessert.


Shall we?


The Fourth Emperor, a man of imagination.

And I thought lies were your stock-in-trade.

Not stock. Just trade.

What do you have in mind?

You store your gold here, less the 3% that goes to me, along with the right to control my women, my way, as I always have.

One way in, one way out?

Of course.

Three percent is quite steep.

Four percent.

POISON DAGGER: My friend, better 3% to the madam than 100% to the Jackals.

All right, we have a deal.

Now, we need a lot of action from you coming from the South Gate.

Try and make some noise.

We want the others to think there's an attack.

No problem.

I presume you're coming in from the chopstick gate in the north here.

And I'll keep the southern gate locked up until you get there.

About how much time do we have before the Jackals arrive?


If we don't get this done before then, it'll be the end of the village.

They're moving the gold to the Blossom's.

I know a secret way.

Of course you do, little mouse.

Can you show us that secret way?


Change of plans.

Be careful, men. Sorry.

Not with the gold, but with your jewels.

This place is rigged with many traps that will make women of you if you don't respect them.

Yes. Yes.


Rigged with traps?



You must tell.


You may leave us now, Madam.

And thank you.

Goodbye, Madam.

She's quite lovely, but partnership with this woman is going to be an issue.

Don't worry.

In the morning, we will kill all of these whores.

Oh, I can't wait.


So generous of your friend, the governor, to bestow this great gift upon us.

You must never underestimate the power of your enemy, Silver Lion.

You have a notable habit of celebrating early.

Have your men begun trapping the Lion base with the explosives?

Oh, yes. They should be nearly done by now.

When the mighty Jackals show up there in the morning, boom, boom, and bye-bye.




WOMAN: Stop it!


Do not think for a moment that I enjoy seeing you forced into any position.

I have been exactly where you are.

I do not make these demands of you lightly. Remember, there is a purpose.

The power has always lain with men.

Yet, it is essential to understand that power is not theirs by birth.

The nature of power is that it belongs to no one until it is taken, seized.

Seized through sex, violence.


Men may have always held the power,

but power is a fickle mistress.

And here in Jungle Village, the winds of change are nearly upon us.

Hear me clearly, my darlings, when I say that our days of shame and disgrace are nearly over.

Now, back to work.

Dry off, prepare yourselves.

And we'll see who's left standing, and who is on their knees.


Come, ladies, you heard Madam.


Brave Lions, kings of the jungle!

Drink up! Partake of the women.

Tonight, my friends, the Pink Blossom is yours.







Oh, baby.


Do you like it?






Stupid bitch.



Black widow.


This way! This way!


You thief, get out of here!


What was that?

I always take a gun to a knife fight.





Zen Yi.

Silver Lion.

Come and get me. (LAUGHS MANIACALLY)

Jack Knife. I thought you were dead.

Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated, Dagger.

Well, then. There's business to be done here.

Not this time, old chap. You see, I'm on the other side.

Government emissary?

The emperor himself, no less.


Zen Yi.


Tiger style.

I thought your clan was extinct.

My clan is extinct.

I killed them.



I'm afraid you've come up a little short, my friend.


Unfortunately, Dagger, the gears of life move inexorably in only one direction.

I'm glad to see you've adopted the philosophies of my people.

Now get me out of here!

Dagger, Dagger, Dagger.

You should have finished what you started.

That is the difference between you and me!

I see my jobs through to the end.

The only difference between you and me is the poison we use.


It's not a poison.

And it's not a curse.

It is a benefit and a solace to the hardworking Chinese.

And the occasional Englishman.

I'll see you in hell.

I suppose you will. (COUGHING)

Save me a spot by the fire.


SILVER LION: I'm to your right. I'm to your left.

What took you so long?

Got caught up looking at yourself in the mirror?


Now you die, little brother.

Gold Lion raised you as a son.

Why would you betray us?

This was my time.

(SHOUTING) My time!

And this is my gold.

Well, here's your gold.


I'm gonna drill you like I drilled your little whore.


JACKAL LIEUTENANT: By order of the emperor, you have five seconds to bring out the gold, or we will kill you all.







Colonel Jack C. Wales, emissary of the emperor.

Everything here is under control.




My friend, I've lost a father, but I gained a brother.




No, thank you.

I haven't had this much fun since we protected the crown in Macau.

BLACKSMITH: The Chinese say, "Where there is iron, there is rust."

Well, not anymore.

Jungle Village was clean.

And I'm gonna make sure that it stays that way.


Chi Chi.

Chi Chi! Chi Chi!

Chi Chi.


My brother,

I'm in need of your hands again.