The Marine 5: Battleground (2017) Script



? Slipped through the cracks ?

? Down to the floor ?

? This is the reason ?

? Honey, I'm calling for more ?

? Shot into space ?

? You're like a ghost in the dark ?

? I don't think so ?

? Baby, forevermore ?

? I got the place ?

? If you got the time ?

? Set 'em up in the streets now ?

? And knock 'em all down ?

? Like an eraser ?

? I'm rubbing hard ?

? I play for keeps now, honey ?

? I'm not getting out ?

? Oh, I got the noose ?

? If you got the heart ?

? Taking you downtown, honey ?

? Back to the start ?

? Oh, I got the noose ?

? You got the heart ?

? Taking you downtown, honey ?

? Oh, I got the noose ?

? You got the heart ?

? Taking you downtown, honey ?

? Oh, I got the noose ?

? You got the heart ?






Keep it tight, man.

This will be over soon.


TAYLOR: Man, that's not him.

I owe you 150 bucks.

So, I'm talking about an extra $150.

So what more can I get for that?


? Jokers driving wild ?

? Some motherfucker ?



What's up, Deacon?

What up?


WOMAN: Where you going, baby?


Hey! Hey!

MAN: There he is.

WOMAN: Not tonight. Come on...

Alonzo. What's up, baby? Whoo!

Hey, prospect. What's up, Boo?

Where's Rodrigo?

VINCENT: He's on his way.

You ain't with him?

Vice President's business is at the bar.

Come on, baby.

Ain't that right, little brother?

Damn right.

For the Legion.

ALL: Yeah!

That's him. Let's go.


Let's go. Let's go! (MEN CLAMORING)

COLE: Shit! Come on! Come on!

MAN 1: What was that? MAN 2: Let's go.




MAN 3: We're going after them!

Get the guns!

MAN 4: Re-stack!


We'll avenge this.

I promise you.



What do we got? One female about 30.

Crane was lifting bricks onto the roof, but some asshole overloaded it, one of the chains broke.

Half the load landed on her car.

She's conscious but trapped.

He the asshole?


If another one of those chains goes, whole load'll come down.

It's way too dangerous to go in right now.

We're waiting on FD to secure it before anyone tries to get to her out.

ZOE: Where are they? En route, three minutes.

Hey, sweetie. We're the ambulance crew.

I'm Zoe, this is Jake. What's your name?

Ana. ZOE: Stay with us.

We're gonna have you out of there as soon as possible. Okay?

My legs are trapped, I can't get out, I can't move.

We gotta get her out of there.

No one goes in till the fire department gets here.


Hey, you got a car jack?

Don't even think about it, Jake.

Give me your car jack. Come on, hurry up.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Those bricks could fall down any second.

Be ready when I get her out.

As soon as I free her legs, she'll start losing BP.

Jake! Jake!

SERGEANT: Captain ain't gonna like this.



Hey, Ana. How you doing? What do you say we get you outta here?

Just gonna put this car jack underneath the steering column.

It will release some pressure off your legs, okay?


Ana, Ana, Ana. (WAILING) Oh, my God.

Hey, no, no, no.

Oh, my God, I'm gonna die.

JAKE: No, you're not. No, you're not. No, you're not.

Look at me. Look at me. Look at me, everything is okay.

Everything is okay. Everything is okay. We're nearly there.

We're almost there.

One, two...

Jake! ...three.

Come on.


Get out of there!

JAKE: We got her!

Get her on the gurney. Her artery is cut right through.

She's in shock.

ZOE: She's lost too much blood already. We're losing her.

JAKE: Not yet. Not yet.

Come on. No pulse.


Everybody give us some space.

MAN: Folks, clear back for her. Clear back.


ZOE: Clear.

JAKE: Sergeant, take over.

Come on.

Jake, I'm calling it.

Not yet.

Jake, she's gone.

Come on, Ana!

Come on!

You wanna tell me what's going through your head back there?

You could have been killed. I had to do something.

What you have to do is make sure you go home alive at the end of every shift.

Look, I get it. It's different in the Marines.

"We'll never leave a man behind," and all of that.

But there are thousands more out there who are gonna need your help...

And I can't do that if I'm dead, right?



Don't rush it. It's your first day on the job.




DISPATCHER: 911, what's your emergency?

I... I need help.

JAKE: So, you know everything about me?

I know all about your military career.

Sergeant in the Marines, two tours in Afghanistan, and a Bronze Star for displaying unwavering courage in the face of the enemy.

And a very short engagement in private security, and now you're an EMT.

DISPATCHER: Medic 274, we've got a Code 3 at the Great Peaks Amusement Park.

Ten-four, on our way.


DISPATCHER: Male says, he's having a heart attack.

He's inside the parking lot.

How old?

That's all we got.

The hell knows what he's doing down there, the park is closed until summer.


Make a right on 120th, right there.

Place is like a ghost town.

Give it a few weeks.

This place will be crawling with families and children.

Over there. Parking lot's right there.

(SIGHS) We're not gonna fit.

It's a 6.6" restriction, and we're 8.4".

Dispatch, this is Medic 274.

DISPATCHER: 274, go ahead.

Are you sure that he's in the parking lot?

That's what he said.

Okay. Well, we're not gonna fit, so we're proceeding on foot.

Roger, 274.

Prank call? Most likely.

Still gotta check.

Gate's broken. Someone was in a hurry.

ZOE: Hello? EMS!

Ambulance! Anybody here?


Come on, Carter. You any good at hide and seek?


ZOE: Anybody down here?

Why would someone drive down here with a heart attack?

It had to be a prank.

Let's go. Wait.

You hear that?


It's a car.

JAKE: EMS! You call for an ambulance?

Anybody in the truck?

Bullet holes.

We got someone. Your side.


He's dead.

You think he called 911?

Why would he climb in the passenger seat?

There's someone else down here.

Hey. We're EMS. Ambulance. (GUN COCKS)

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy, easy, easy, Jake.

You hurt? You call 911?

Put that down! Okay? We're here to help you.



What's your name? Cole.

ZOE: Do you wanna tell us what's going on?

We got called to a heart attack. Is that you?

No cops. Please. Please.


JAKE: GSW. Large exit wound in the abdomen.


Small entry hole in the lower back.

You wanna tell us what happened?

Look, we were just rolling through the wrong hood, and some gang came and cut us up.

You just happen to be holding a gun for your own protection.

Didn't do anything, huh?

Look, man, please, no cops.

I'm gonna call this in.

COLE: Ahhh!


My man Taylor, in the truck, is he...

He's dead. I'm sorry.

We don't have a signal down here.

I'll call it in from the ambulance.

Mind bringing the gurney down, too? You gonna be all right?

It's not my first time treating a gang-banger.

Go. Go, go, go.


ALONZO: Let's check the theme park.

DEACON: Alonzo, over there!

What the hell is an ambulance doing here?

The park is closed.

You think it's for our guy?

Let's find out.

It's locked.

ALONZO: Where the fuck is he?

DEACON: This could be for anyone, man.

Hey, check it out.

DEACON: That's from the truck that did the hit.


You want me to call Vincent?

ALONZO: Screw Vincent.

I'm running this.

I'll call him when it's done! All right, yo.

Murphy, you cover the stairs. Deacon, mount up.

This son of a bitch dies tonight!



DISPATCHER: 911, what's your emergency?

Jake Carter, Medic 274.

Go ahead...


Damn it!

Take the far ramp, I'll take this one.

We gotta go! We gotta go, right now!

ZOE: What are you talking about?

Some biker gang just turned up.

Said they're gonna kill him!

COLE: Fuck. Did you inform dispatch?

Nah. Couldn't get to the ambulance.

ZOE: Do you know these people? Are they really gonna try and kill you?

Yeah. We should go.

Okay, okay, let's move. Help me get him up.

Okay. Where are they coming from?

JAKE: Down the ramps.

ZOE: Okay. We'll take the stairs. No, no.

They got 'em covered. Get him in the truck. It's our best chance.

Breathe. Breathe.

JAKE: In the bed. You got him?

I got him, I got him, I got him. Whoa, whoa!

In you go. Watch it. Okay, easy.

Put pressure on your wound, Cole? COLE: Yeah, yeah.

ZOE: Put as much pressure on your wound as you can, okay?

Door, watch it. Door.


Just a precaution.



ZOE: Cole, look at me.

Look at me. Pressure on the wound, okay? You're doing great.



Get your head down!


Are you okay? I'm okay.

Just get us the hell out of here!

This truck's wasted, we gotta find another way up.

It's the same truck. Two medics and the guy in the back.


Get to the elevator!

Get yourself on this side!

Come on, let's go. Come on.

It's not working!

JAKE: Stairwell, next level up!


Get in after 'em, I'll cut 'em off. Go, go, go.

ALONZO: The hell you doing?

This is where they came out, man.

ALONZO: Two paramedics and one wounded guy outran you?

Come on, man. Check the whole damn stairwell.


Behind the column. Behind the column. Set him down.


We found him. Anybody come up?


DEACON: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

They're not in the stairwell.

Maybe they got out another way.

No. There's no other exits.

And there's no signal down there, so they can't call the cops.

You want me to get some back up?

No. We've got 'em trapped.

Hey. Hey. We're okay now.

They're gone.

Okay. Okay.

I didn't get a chance to administer morphine because our kit's in the truck, and his pulse is racing like a jackhammer. He's going into shock.

We need to get him to a trauma surgeon, right now.


Why are these guys after you?

I told you.

We just rolled up in the wrong hood. They jumped us.

Rolled up in the wrong hood with a machine gun?


You got hit in a gunfight and dragged us down here to save you.

Cops don't show up for heart attacks. Who'd you kill?

What does it matter? What does it matter?

I want to know how far these guys will go to see this through.

Who did you kill?

The head of this biker gang. Their leader. Rodrigo.

Look, I was forced to, I had no choice.

I didn't even pull the trigger. I just drove the truck.

They're not going anywhere, are they?

DEACON: Hell yeah.



And the good Lord said, "Let there be light."

And what about the cell phones?

Look, if they get up here, they can still call the cops.

There's a cell tower 10 blocks east.

If we knock that out, we have them on total lock-down.

Do it.

Hey, man, my bike's still down there.

Well, take her bike.

Right on.

Elevator's still out. Must be on a different power supply.

Okay. We can take the stairs and make it to the park.

We'll never get past them, especially carrying him.

ALONZO: Yo, paramedics!

We ain't playing no more hide and seek.

And we ain't leaving neither.

Not till you give me that clown you've got hiding down there!

You have three minutes to hand him over, or we're coming down to kill you.

Your choice.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

This can't be happening. This is crazy.

I'll work this out. Work what out?

Look, he's been hemorrhaging blood for at least an hour.

He's lost probably 10% already.

I can stabilize him. With what?

Look, we don't have the equipment.

He needs a blood transfusion.

Carter, there's nothing more that we can do.

We're not handing him over.

You know, I can hear you.

When did we last contact dispatch?

1:50 AM. So that's 40 minutes ago.

If we don't respond in the next 20 minutes, they'll send a cop car to our last location, right?

That's protocol. Okay.

So we find a place to hide, and hole up till they get here.

That maintenance door, we'll be out of sight in there.

We need our kit to stabilize him, or he's not gonna make it.

I'll get the kit from the truck, you get him to the door.

Look, if we do this, it's gonna be cops coming.

Do you understand?

I just wanna see my baby girl again.

Okay. Let's do this.



Okay. Let's go. Yeah. Yeah. I got him. I got him. Let's go.

Don't stop.

DISPATCHER: (OVER RADIO) Medic 274, come in.

Come on, guys. What's the status of that Code 3?

Pick up the radio, Zoe, or it's your ass if I have to haul in a black-and-white.


We need to find 'em, right now! Check the stairs! Go!


Get down there and flush them out.

Don't move!

Show me your hands.

I'm just a medic.

You don't have to do this.

I said, show me your hands!



Don't do it. Don't...


We're nearly there. Nearly there.



Behind the pillar. Behind the pillar. Fuck.

COLE: He's coming back around.


Can you make it to the door by yourself?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'll create a diversion. No. Wait.

Jake! Jake, help!

Jake! Jake!


Where's Zoe? They got her.


Hey, hey, hey, hey. You think I could get something for the pain?

Please. Please, man. (GRUNTING)

DISPATCHER: 274, again, what's your status?

Well, you're just in time. Get off your ass.

DISPATCHER: 274, report immediately.

Open it up and tell them you're okay.

I don't have the key.

Come on, you guys. I need you to check in.

Tell them you're okay.

Zoe, I'm getting really tired of this.

Is it worth dying for?

Tell them. That's it.

I'm sending in a black and white.

Medic 274 responding.

Well, about time, Williams.

Where have you been? Do you need assistance?

Tell them it was nothing.

It was just a prank. Nothing to report.

Copy, 274. Stay on the air in the future. Out.

No one's coming to save your ass now.

Are you sure about that?

Shut up!

My partner, he's not just some kind of paramedic.

He's an ex-Marine, a trained killer.

And he'll send every last one of you guys to hell before he deserts that kid.

Ah! Shit. Take it easy.

You want morphine, or not?


What's your name, man?

Carter. Jake Carter.

We need to change this.

Look, I'm sorry I called you down here.

Sorry any of this happened.

Put pressure here.

I was just protecting my daughter.

I wanted her to grow up safe.

Now it looks like I'm not even gonna be around.

You'll be around.

Hold it together.

My baby girl's five now.

I had this with me every day when I was on the inside.

You were in prison?

Look, man, I've done some dumb things in my life, but I ain't a bad person.

I never even held a gun before tonight.

Don't think about that now. Think about this.

Live for this.

Now, I gotta go see about my partner.

ALONZO: Hey, jarhead.

You listening?

We got your girl, and she's got something she has to tell you.

Tell him. He has to know you're still alive.

They made me reply to dispatch, Jake. No one's coming.

I'm sorry.

ALONZO: You hear that?

The odds are stacked, and we've got the winning hand.

The only question is, which life do you value most?

Hers? Or that cockroach you got down there with you?

(STAMMERS) Don't give me in, man, please.

ALONZO: Time to make a choice, asshole!

Come on, jarhead.

That lone wolf killed one of our own.

We deserve justice! Blood for blood!

Lone wolf?

I'm gonna count to three.

One! Do they know you?

What? Do they know your face?

I don't know. Two.

Did they see you? Did they actually see you?

No. No, just the president.


Stop! Don't shoot!

Don't kill her! I'll do it!

I'll make the trade. No.

I'm on the bottom level! Come and get him!

I need your jacket. What?

What are you doing? They think it's one guy.


Get your ass on the bike. Give me your hands.

VINCENT: You know what to do. (PHONE BEEPS)

Vincent, it's Alonzo.

We're at the underground garage at the amusement park.

Job's done.


JAKE: He's dead!

That you, jarhead?

Show yourself.

JAKE: You got what you wanted.

Now let my partner go, and leave.


How about I blast your bitch partner, carve you up for my dogs?

And then I'll leave.

JAKE: Hear that?

That's the first noise a .357 makes.

Wanna hang around for the second?



DEACON: Fuck! Where the hell did he get that?

From your friend.

After I stuck a knife in her gut.

ZOE: What did I say?

You son of a bitch!


Deacon. You will get justice. (GRUNTING)

JAKE: You want justice?

He flanked us.

JAKE: There it is.

Justice. At your feet.

ALONZO: There ain't no ink on that body?

That ain't no biker.

When did he die?

JAKE: Twenty minutes ago.

I did all I could.

ALONZO: Why didn't you give him up before?

JAKE: 'Cause I didn't think you'd let my partner go even if I did.

Who's to say I will now?


JAKE: Me being a good shot.

Where the fuck is he?

All right, jarhead.

Your round.

Photograph that piece of shit.

Wanna help me get out of these?


You really think we'll just walk away, jarhead?

You don't know what you just started.

Big words for a cornered rat.

Vince will be here soon. We got the guy we came here for.

DEACON: What about the jarhead?

We'll cut him off at the top.

Let's go.




You said you were done here?

We are done. It's over.

It's a dark day for our club.

But justice has been dealt. I congratulate you.

We got that son of a bitch.

He's dead.

What about the other one?

What other one?

There were two guys who did the hit.


No, it was a lone wolf, I saw him.

When? When we got here.

The EMTs tried to bust him out with the pickup.

There was one wounded guy in the back.

I watched the security tapes, Alonzo!

There were two guys in that truck. Two!

A driver and a shooter. Are you stupid?

That means one of them bastards is still out there!



Out of bullets, huh?

I got lots of bullets.





The axeman cometh.



Oh, please.



Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the morphine.

VINCENT: Hey, paramedic!

We know that motherfucker wasn't alone down there!

Call for backup.

All right? I want guns, ammo, and radios.

I'll flush this bastard out.

Go on!

Someone was lying about having lots of ammo, weren't they?


Cole. Hey. Cole.


You still with me?


Where's your partner?

She's dead. They killed her.




Mr. Paramedic man!

You don't know me, but see here, I run this show!

I got more men and more guns coming.

And we're gonna sweep every inch of this place until we find you.

And I will find you!

Look, I'm wasted, man, you've done all you can.

Just go.

You got a better chance of making it out of here alone.

These guys killed my partner.

We're in this together now. Come on.

We're gonna get the elevator working. Get us the hell out.

We're not dying here tonight.

Bottom floor. Figures.


JAKE: Come on.

Cole. Cole. Cole. Come on, man.

Gotta get some blood into you.


MAN 1: Let's go!

MAN 2: I got him.

MAN 3: Let's go.

MAN 4: We can do this.

MAN 5: We can. Do it for Rodrigo.

MAN 6: Over here, unload it here.

MAN: I got it.





Where are we?

In the elevator.

You were going into cardiac arrest.

It's combat transfusion. I'm O positive. It's safe.

Combat what?

It's standard practice in the Marines.

You're a Marine?

Yes, sir.

No wonder you're such a badass. (CHUCKLES)

Oh, God.



Why did you do all this?

It was a debt.

When I was in jail, some guy offered me and my buddy Taylor protection.

When we got out, said we owed him.

He told you to kill somebody for him?

Yeah, head of some biker gang he had beef with.

We said no, but then he came after Taylor's brother, put him in a coma.

He told me my baby girl was next. God.

I had no choice, I had to do it.



I made a promise to Rodrigo that I'd avenge his death.

And as your new leader, I am making this my first order of business.


For the Legion!

ALL: (SHOUTING) For the Legion!


Okay, that's gonna have to do.


God. I'm gonna get this thing working.

MAN 1: Let's do it. MAN 2: Let's go.

Come on. For Rodrigo.

Do you know what you're doing?

You take the stairs. We'll take the ramps.

You know how to hot-wire a car?

What, just because I've been to jail, I know how to hot-wire a car?

Okay, I do, but it's not the same.

It's our only chance. Talk me through it quick.

You wanna take out the yellow wire, but don't cut it.

Tie it to the white one.

Yellow? There is, there is no yellow.

Come on, boys. Time to earn those patches.

CASH: Let's do it.

So you wanna take the wire and tie it to the...

JAKE: There's a green.

Yeah, the green. Tie it to the green.



They're in the elevator.


I wanna find out which gang they're from, and who ordered the hit.

It's them, man. They're outside.

Get it open.

(GRUNTING) Come on.

Son of a bitch.

Try the door a level above.


Hey, don't leave me, man.

Oh, shit.

Come on, come on. Go.

JAKE: Brakes are holding us down.

We shoot 'em off, we go all the way to the top.

Oh, shit.

Give me the shotgun.

Come on, Cole. Give me the shotgun.

Reach. (GRUNTS)

I'm coming to get you.

They're coming through the top. Give me the gun, Cole.


Open up. Open up.

All right.






They're in the elevator and they're heading to the park.

Let's go.

Going up?


Let's go.



Come on. Come on.



Check it.


VINCENT: Let's go.


We're heading to the side entrance.


Check it out up there.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.






VINCENT: (ON RADIO) You see him, you shoot on sight, you hear me?

We need him alive.

He dies tonight!

Do what you're told!

I need to know why.

Get in line, Alonzo. I'm the one giving orders.






Fucking haunted houses!

Got you.


Gunner? The jarhead's not here, it's a decoy. He's gotta be where you are.

Gunner, are you hearing me?


Did you hear what I said? (GRUNTING)

Gunner, pick up.

Did you hear what I said?

Come in.




Gunner. Pick up.


Yeah. This is Gunner.

I'm dead. Jarhead just killed me.

He's taken all my guns.


You killed my partner in cold blood. So here's the deal.

Gonna make it real simple for you.

I've already taken down four of your guys with my bare hands.

Now, I got some firepower.

And unlike you idiots, I actually know how to use it.

So either walk away now, or join your friends.

Choice is yours.


You okay? Hanging in there.

VINCENT: (ON RADIO) Marine, get fucked.

Doesn't sound like they wanna negotiate.


I'm gonna create a diversion.

Draw them to the other side of the park.

Wait till you hear gunfire, then make a break for the exit. Got it?

Got it.

Come on. Ahhh!

Good luck. You, too.







What the fuck is this?

CASH: He's here somewhere.


MAN: Where they at?


CASH: Get down!

VINCENT: Where is he? MAN 1: Cover me!

MAN 2: There! Right there!




Got eyes on the jarhead. But where the fuck is the kid?




VINCENT: Come on!

We got him running.

Take the right flank, cut him off. All right.

You, with me!


You're finished, asshole!

Tell us where he is!

Come on, now!

It's time to end this! Hand him over!

Come get him!




I got him, man.

He's fucking done.

Where's the son of a bitch we came for?



I got him. Alive.


Now we find out who sent you.



No ink, just like that other guy.


Who are you?

What gang are you from?

I am not from any gang.

Then why you'd do it?

I had no choice. I was forced to.

By who?

VINCENT: Put that dog down.

Him! It was him.

He made me do it. Step aside, Alonzo.

What's he talking about? He's lying! Step aside.

What's he talking about? I'll fucking shoot you!

I am not lying!

We were in San Quentin together, E block.

He forced me to do it once I got out. He threatened my family.

You were in E block.

You ordered the hit?

Did you order a hit? I had to!

You had to?


Rodrigo was weak.

Making alliances with other gangs.

Legionnaires don't share, we take!

He was killing this club!

And y'all are fucking blind if you don't see it!

Are you gonna take charge, Alonzo?

You traitor piece of shit!



Son of a bitch, I'll fucking kill every one of you!


He's my blood. Leave him.

I did this for you, I did it for us!

This is for the Legion, big brother.

Oh, God, no! No!


You're next.



Oh, God! Damn!

CASH: How's that feel, huh?


Let him bleed out!


No. Get that gasoline.

What? No. No.

Yeah. No, no, no, no.

Tonight, we're gonna have ourselves a little barbecue, huh?

Listen, man, I have a daughter. Okay?

Oh. I got a little girl.


Is that cops?

It's him.



Come on! Move your ass!


God damn!

He's mine, man. He's mine.

Go, go, go, go, go, go. (ENGINE STARTS)


CASH: Fuck you!


Yo, Carter, I could really use some Marine shit.

Use the strap, choke him out!

COLE: Carter.

Carter, turn the wheel.


You okay?

Come on, give me a signal.


Now what? He's coming, he's coming.

Ambulance is dead. Grab on to something.


Come on. High ground, it's clear. Let's go, come on.


Come on. That's it.

No signal.

Oh, shit.

We gotta keep moving, come on.

Come on.


Shit. Come on, come on, come on.

You want him?

You'll have to go through me.



Come on, here we go, we gotta move. Come on. Come on!

Keep going.

Come on.

We got a signal. We got a signal. (KEYPAD BEEPING)


Jake Carter, Medic 274.

I've got a wounded man, GSW, severe hemorrhaging.

Request immediate medical assistance and police backup.

We're at the construction site, west of San Carlos Boulevard...

Get to the roof. Go!

I'm gonna kill that kid, jarhead.





ALONZO: Hey, dead man!

Yeah, you, dead man.

You hear me?

I'm coming for you.

There ain't no sense in running no more.


It's the hour of reckoning, you son of a bitch.


The cops are coming.

ALONZO: Yeah? Well, let's give them a show.

You ready to fly?

First, you go off this building, then I'm gonna come find your family.

I'm gonna lock them in a house, and then I'm gonna burn it to the ground!

Do you hear me?


JAKE: Your femoral artery is ruptured.

You need a tourniquet, or you're gonna bleed to death in minutes.

Yeah. Well, do it.

Do it! Come on!

You murdered my partner.

No, no. No, no, no.

No, no, no. Don't go. No, no, no.

You're a paramedic. It's your job.

Do what's right.



I'm gonna kill you like I killed your bitch partner.





COLE: Now, that's some Marine shit.


Thanks for your statement. Yeah, thanks.

Can you give me a minute?

He gonna be all right?

That transfusion you did probably saved his life.

He'll be fine.

You dropped this earlier. I didn't think you'd wanna leave it behind.

I'm gonna have to tell the cops everything.

You know that?

Yeah, I figured.

Means you're going back to jail.

At least I get to see my baby girl grow up.


Hey, Carter.


Thanks for keeping me alive.

It's my job.


? Go tell everyone you know ?

? There's a new voice ? ? that they need to hear ?

? They'll be standing in them lines ?

? Wanting me to sign a souvenir ?

? You want the best Forget the rest ?

? What you get is what you get with me ?

? 'Cause if I'm walking by your side ?

? Well, there's no place else ? ? you need to be ?

? Uh-huh ?

? I throw two on the fire ?

? Cut through all the wires ?

? What I do You have to stop and admire ?

? You better know your wish ?

? I ain't playing for kicks ?

? There's only one space ? ? at the top And I'm the one ?

? And I'll always be the one ?

? Always be the one ?

? Well, any time, any place ?

? There ain't nothing ? ? that I have to prove ?

? And if you lock me in a cage ?

? I'll bust out with my Houdini moves ?

? Uh-huh ?

? I throw two on the fire ?

? Cut through all the wires ?

? What I do You have to stop and admire ?

? You better know your wish ?

? I ain't playing for kicks ?

? There's only one space ? ? at the top And I'm the one ?

? And I'll always be the one ?

? Always be the one ?

? Always be the one ?

? Always be the one ?

? I throw two on the fire ?

? Cut through all the wires ?

? What I do You have to stop and admire ?

? You better know your wish ?

? I ain't playing for kicks ?

? There's only one space ? ? at the top And I'm the one ?

? And I'll always be the one ?

? Always be the one ?

? Always be the one ?