The Meek (2017) Script

(eerie music)

(water whooshing)

(dramatic music)

(man sighs)

(dramatic music)

[Josh] How many books do you need?

All of them.

(man laughs)

I might not be able to fit you and the books in the car, I might have to leave you behind.

It's a library, you're supposed to get a lot of books thank you.

(man laughing)

Smarty pants.

Ah, you almost done with that one?

[Girl] Yes.

Let me strap you in baby girl.

Oh, you gonna be my little lawyer?


All right, I'm gonna need you one day.


(engine revving)

What's up!

(gun fires)

(man groans)

(gun fires)

(alarm blaring)

[Loudspeaker] It's 10 O'clock now, lock it down, 10 o'clock, in rooms, lock it down.

(men shouting)

He's gonna kill you.

Said she was gonna be with him.

I coulda pictured anybody, but not him.

He my cousin.

We're nine months apart.

Certain times of the year we're the same age.

What difference does it make?

He my family, what do you mean, what difference does it make?

Mike, you're never gettin' out of here.

Five years, same as you Josh.


(Mike sighs)

Tighten up man.

Yeah, I would take her back right.

That's 'cause you're in here.

I don't know why I talk to you man.

(men shouting)

You can find salvation in the Lord.

What the hell do I need salvation for?

(dramatic music)


[Girl] Daddy did you know that an ant can smell better than a dog?


Did you know that a tomato is a fruit because it has seeds?

[Josh] Yes.

(girl groans)

A fish can drown.

Who told you that?

It's true.

I knew that.

How did you know?

'Cause I know everything.

Did you know if you chew gum while you chop onion, you won't cry?

Mommy always cries when she chops onions.

Your Mommy, she better chew some gum.

Okay (laughs).

(Josh and girl laughing)

[Counselor] What's the plan?

Just work, try to stay on the path, stay out of trouble.

Is it lookin' for ya?

No sir.

Plan on findin' it?

[Josh] No sir.

Got your equivalency on the inside, plan on continuing?

(Josh sighs)

How old are you?

Do you plan on continuing?

[Josh] Plan on lookin' into it.

(dramatic music)

Put your address of where you're stayin'.

Fill out the highlighted areas, check in when you're supposed to, you'll be fine.

(dramatic music)

[Josh] I'm good with my hands.

This is an auto repair shop, not a massage parlor.

Can you work on cars?

Yes sir, held down odd jobs on it before.

What I don't know I usually pick up pretty quick.

If I'm bein' honest with you I've been locked up before, I don't want to start by lying to ya mister.

[Carlos] Carlos.

[Josh] Mr. Carlos.

Just Carlos.

Come back tomorrow morning around nine.

I'll see what I can do for ya.

Thank you sir.

[Carlos] Not a problem.

Hey man, hey man.

I met a woman on the street.

And she said I have a house, but I want a bigger one.

And God told me to tell her somethin'.

I said if you sow a $1,000 seed, you will have a house.

[TV Reporter] Hot, humid, lots of sunshine today, storm chances,

(upbeat music)

Your food will be up soon.

♪ Oh, oh, baby, you ♪

(dramatic music)

Most people think it's a broken down old building.

Gotta to call first, make sure they got the right place.

Guy I work with told me about it.


Word bein' passed is a good thing.

What about?


Repair shop?


Carlos is a good man.

Know a couple guys down there.

Any particular reason you here?

Should I leave or?

No, just, want to know if there's anything I can help with.

No, just, just came to,


I heard this place is a little different.

(man laughs)

Think we have to be.

Different time.

This ain't your Grandma's church.

Or your Momma's church really.

How so?

Well, service don't last more than an hour.

That's always a sellin' point.


People is lost, we're not that concerned with ceremony.

Don't get me wrong, there's a time and place for that.

But, we're just concerned with savin' people.

Tryin' to save people.

You the pastor?

I am.

Carlos said you helped him, after he got out.

(Pastor laughs)

Just showed him some things, he did all the work.

Just ain't really found a place for me yet.


You pull the curtain back on anybody, you're gonna find some unsavory stuff.

People that come here have had a harder life.

You'll fit in just fine.

We got service Friday nights, try to get 'em before the world do.

And of course.


♪ You love me, ♪ What can I get you?




It's hot out, maybe I should bring you a water first.


You're easily dismayed.

Dismayed means like, I can make you unsure, I know what dismayed means.

Okay, so, what'll it be?

Water or coffee?

Both, simultaneously.

♪ When I'm strong ♪

(phone rings)

[Operator] Sorry, the person you are trying to reach has a voicemail box that has not been set up yet.

(gentle music)

You should, uh, tell me your name.


So I can say your name.

What does it matter?

Just tryin' to be polite.


Abigail, but Abby's fine.

Excuse me.

Hi Ray, ready to order?

Think I'm gonna some Aloha, glass of water.

[Abby] I got ya, Ray.

[Operator] I'm sorry the person you are trying to reach has a voice mail box.

You know I'm right too.

I went to church when I was young, Big Mamma made me.

It didn't take though.

I wake up every day now, with the goal to be a righteous man.

Wasn't always like that.

Got in my fair share of trouble when I was young.

Probably your share of trouble too.


Soon that life caught up to me.

Found myself starin' at death in the face.

You know you can find God quickly at a time like that.

Started readin' up on my Bible.

I had my reservations.

Then I read Matthew 26:39.

The last quiet moments Jesus had with his Father.

The last moments he had to himself.

Before Judas' betrayal led to his crucifixion.

You have to overlook the times he reminded us that he a man too.

He prayed and he asked his Father, if it's possible, take this cup from me.

I'm afraid.

I'm not ready.

He went back to his disciples.

They were asleep.


He went back to his Father.

And he started to understand.

He said this cup can't be taken from me, then give me the strength to endure it.

He went back to his Father a third time, and asked for strength again 'cause he was afraid.

He went back to his people, knowin' what he was gonna walk into.

And yet, he put his shoulders back, and he told them, wake up.

Preach, man! It's time.

What are you afraid of.

I aint' talkin' about no spiders or no snakes.

I'm mean in here.

You ain't cheatin' because you are whole, what you understand, better than your woman do.

You're cheatin' 'cause you're afraid.

You afraid you can't be the wife the way God wants you to be.

You afraid you can't provide for your family the way God wants you too.

You won't stop drinkin', you won't stop usin' because you're afraid of who you're gonna be without it.

You're afraid you ain't good enough, that your heart ain't pure enough.

Well it is, and you are.

You afraid to be what God wants you to be.

Because you know if you grab it, you're gonna be held responsible to hold on to it.

[Woman] Hallelujah.

You're gonna be held responsible to see it through.

[Woman] Hallelujah.

Hell, he looked at his own son, a man afraid, a man askin' him take it out of me, I'm not ready.

(audience applauding) Hallelujah.

And you know what God told his son?

[Woman] What did he say?

It's time.

[Woman] C'mon, c'mon brother, preach.

You know what his son told his people?

Wake up! Yes preach!

It's time. Preach.

Amen. What makes you any better?

What makes you any exception?

That's right. Hallelujah.

It's time. C'mon brother, preach it.

It's time! Preach it!

People it's time! Amen, amen!

(audience applauding)

So wake up! Amen.

Amen. It's time.

[Man] Yes.

(dramatic music)

[Josh] Pastor.

Yeah? No, never mind.

Bad time. Yeah what is it?

Just, good service.

(bell clanging)

(train wheels clicking)

[Girl] Daddy, how many fish are there?

[Josh] Hm, let me see.

About 542.

[Girl] How do you know?

[Josh] Didn't I tell you I know everything?


(Josh laughing)



[Josh] What's wrong?

Are you, me and Mommy gonna live together again?

(Josh sighs)

I don't know.

But I know one thing.


I'm never gonna leave you.

And I'm always gonna tickle your bones.

Come here.

(both laughing)

You crazy girl.

(dramatic music)





You okay?


(upbeat music)

You hungry?

You look like you need to eat.

I'll put somethin' there for ya.

♪ Hey I brought yourself ♪

♪ and I know, ♪

♪ C'mon ♪

Is it good?

It's good.

Guess you were hungry after all.

You okay?

That's the second time you asked me that.

Guess I'm just used to you botherin' me.

I am a good listener.

(people chattering)

(Abby sighs)


I just don't want to talk about myself right now.


(gentle music)

Not sure what's wrong really.

But, just started showin' up.

Stay with this machine for hours.

Forgot what it was called.



He died soon after that.

Sorry to hear that.

(gentle music)

Hardly knew him.

(dramatic music)

Bad day?

[Abby] Yeah.

Same old stuff.

How long you been here, the bar?

Not that long, and to long.

Thought about another job?

I have another job.

That was out of line, I'm sorry.

It's all right.

This place is a dump, I know.

I didn't mean it like that.

Josh, it's all right.

There's no jobs here.

You have to go into the city and for that you need a car.

I gotta go.


Thanks for comin' by.

It's nice when you come by.


I'm off tomorrow, tryin' to give you a hint.

(gentle music)

(phone buzzing)



[Burt] Who this?


Josh, that's you?


What's up bro, you out?

Where you callin' from?


You back in Baltimore?

Close, outside, but yeah.

That's good bro, that's good.

You went back home?

Yeah man, New Mexico, bro, you believe that?

Good to be home?

Good to be out.

(sighs) Yeah.


I hate to call askin' for favors.

It's all good man.

You know I've got your back man after everything you did for me.


I'm kinda out of the game, you know what I'm sayin'.

But I remember you tellin' me your people, had some hotels out there.

Legit Stuff.

Yeah, man, I'm a regional manager.


A regional manager, bro.

Would you believe that.


What's up man.

What's it like out there?

It's hot bro.

But the mountains.

Like right before the sun goes down, it's like purple bro, nothin' I've ever seen.

God's work.


I'm clean now, talkin about the life, you know.

But, I could use a chance, to you know, get right.

You want to come down to New Mexico?

Yeah, but only if it's clean though.

I'm born again.

I'm tryin' to start over.

For real?


Listen, I did my time and I ain't snitch ya know.

They respected that.

They gave me the hotels.

And they let me get out.

It's legit.

I could clean rooms, I could take out the trash.

I just need a chance.

They would have got to me in there bro.

I know you were Marcelli, but you didn't have to look out for me the way you did.

You never asked me for nothin'.

Nah, man, I ain't about to have you scrubbin' no toilets.

I'll train you up if you're serious.

Sure I am.

Just let me know when you want to come down.

(dramatic music)

[TV Evangelist] Arm yourself in this body, arm yourself with same attitude, because whoever suffers in their body, (door banging) is done with sin.

But, do you really think you should have to suffer for what is right?

You are blessed.

Do not fear their threats, do not be afraid.

Surely he has took our pain and he bore our suffering, yet we consider him punished by God, stricken by him and afflicted.

You listenin'?

Are you listenin', I'm talkin' to you.

(dramatic music)

[Abby] Furthest west I've been is, West Virginia.

[Josh] That's to bad.

[Abby] That's to bad West Virginia, or to bad that's the furthest I've been.

[Josh] Yeah.


Furthest south Fayetteville, furthest west Philly.

We're further west than Philly.

(laughs) Had no idea.

What's in Fayetteville?

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

[Abby] Any kids?

[Josh] No.

Not anymore.

[Abby] I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up.

[Josh] You didn't know.

(dramatic music)

[Abby] Let's talk about somethin' else.

(dramatic music)

I had a daughter.

I don't anymore.

I don't want to start by hidin' anything.

You ready to go?


(dramatic music)

I'm not stayin' over.

Who said you were invited to?

It's been hit or miss.

It's not workin'.

Told the front desk a while ago.

And, this ain't the Ritz.

You're joking?


[Abby] It's to hot.

There's a machine, I can go get ice if it's working.

[Abby] No, it's okay.



Do you mind?


I wish we were in California.

There's no humidity there.

Here, just weighs on you.

Never understood that, there's water there.

It's like we're in Mississippi, only we're not.

It's a swamp.

I hate this place.

This is your home.

You can hate your home.

Figured you'd know how things are by now.

Knowing how things are, don't make them any less intolerable.

I'm leaving.

(gentle music)



I, I can't sleep with you.

(gentle music)

It's to hot.

(gentle music)

There's, a chair over there.

(gentle music)

If you sleep there, then I can stay.

If not, then I'm gonna go.

Do you want me to stay, or you want me to go.

I want you with me.

(gentle music)

Um, there's a chair over there.

(gentle music)

(truck engine revving)


That you?

I've been lookin' all over.

(blows thudding)

(man gurgling)

No, no, no, don't hurt him.

We don't do that kind of thing.

You know that.

I'm off the game.

You know that.

Whoever you are, I'm out.

You think highly of yourself.

So do I.

So, I get it.

(man gurgling)

I look familiar to you?


What about the nose?

I don't know you man.

My name is Gabriel.

I don't know you man.

Yeah, not a lot of people do.

That's gonna change.

That's gonna change (laughing).

You know my brother?

Who's your brother?


No, man.

That name jar you a little?

What about Josh?

That name ring a bell?

Ah, that's the name I'm gonna need.

(Mike groaning)

No, no!


(man screaming)


(dramatic music)

Talk to me.

I can do this nine more times, but I think I made my point.

So I'm gonna ask you this one last question, I'm gonna have you think about it, all right, I don't want you to tell me what you think, where he may have been.

Where he may be.

I want to know where he is.

(dramatic music)

So where can I find Josh?

(dramatic music)

[Carlos] Yo Josh.

Somebody here for ya.

Swung by the place you're stayin', figured you'd be here.

I gave you all my work hours.

Look I got a stack of papers, people exactly like you this high.

I really don't need the attitude all right.

Well it's embarrassing' comin' to my job.

[Counselor] Do you think I like bein' here.

How would I know?

(sighs) Looks just want to check on you one more time, make sure you're transitioning okay before I signed off on you.

You'll get a letter in the mail.

You're officially a free man.

(dramatic music)

What are you gonna do?

(dramatic music)

You should just ask.

I see you looking.

It's better that you know than to let your mind wander.

I'm not so sure about that.

It was, um, a friend of the family.

A friend of my fathers.

He drank a lot.

My father, and his friend would come over

with this paper bag and he'd pull out this huge bottle.

(gentle music)

Mac was so out.

They drank.

My dad would pass out and.

Did he know?

Part of me says I don't know.

Then the rest says he's supposed to know.

(gentle music)

But, I eventually told, he said,

what am I supposed to do about that now?

(gentle music)

He made me feel like I shouldn't have even brought it up.

(gentle music)

I didn't even want anything from him.

(gentle music)

You okay?



(dramatic music)

Hey, what's goin' on man, just come by to check on you.

Thank you very much.

How Carlos treatin' you?

Fair man.

You in trouble let me know.

(Josh laughing)

Hey Carlos.

Hey, how's it goin' Pastor.

All right, see you this Sunday?

Yes, sir, front row.

All right.

Hey boss, he ain't workin'.


Ah, wife wants you to come by the house, get some dinner.

Okay, when.

[Perry] Tomorrow night.

Okay, should I bring somethin'?


(engine revving)

What should we bring?

I don't know.

We can't show up empty handed.

I don't know, a cake.

A cake?

You don't think a cake?

Cake is fine.

(doorbell rings)

[Sadie] Just a minute.



[Sadie] Come on in.


[Josh] Yes Ma'am.

Then you know I am not that old (laughing).

And this beautiful young lady right here.

This is Abigail.

Abby's fine. Nice to meet you.

Yes, well I've heard so much about you and I'm glad to finally meet you.

Yeah, he ain't leave me much choice.

[Sadie] Well I can believe that.

[Perry] Is that Josh?

Well was you expecting somebody else honey?



(men laughing)

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Thank you. And you must be Abby.

I am.

Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.

Well you gonna let 'em in?

They are in Perry.

He just showin' off for company.

Come on y'all, get yourself back there.

(Josh sighs)

She made me bring that cake.

I don't know.

I ain't much for no sweets.

I didn't know what to bring.

Just set it over there.

[Abby] Can I help you with anything?

Oh no child, you just sit down, relax, take a load off, Perry don't like for me to do nothin' anyways when company come over.

He like to show out.

There are worse things can happen.

You tell me about it.

That's why I try to have company over at least every night.

'Cause I know we gonna eat good.

If you don't want it you don't have to pretend.

What you talkin' about?

The cake.

Whatcha talkin' about?

Abby put a lot of thought into that cake.

[Pastor] Don't put it on Abby.

She did.

There ain't no way in hell Abby told you to bring no damn cake and you know it.

I'm just sayin' it'd be nice if you don't mention it in front of her.

Yeah okay.

That's good.


It is good.

Thank you. Mm hm, that's how Perry won me over.

Perry can cook real good now.

C'mon now. What?

You used to like for me to brag on ya.

I know, but it gets me embarrassed.

Oh stop it Perry.

He lyin'.

You all notice he didn't tell me to stop now did he.

Well, it really is good.

Damn good. I'm a Renaissance man.

(all laughing)

What's in this?

Bet you don't know that, I cooked the old way.

The way my grandmamma taught me.

The way her grandmamma taught her.

If I told you, you'd jump up, run hollerin' to the bathroom.

Oh stop it Perry.

You not goin' eat nothin'.

You know I snack the whole time I cook, so.

Oh baby, just a little.

Maybe later tonight.

Oh can have all you want tonight.

But I need you to put somethin' on your plate right now.

Come on now, we got company.

Oh hell Perry.

They grown.

And it ain't like it's Sunday.

You all know what I'm sayin' right.

Damn sure I ain't. Mm hm.

Don't pay her no attention, she's a bad habit of mine.

[Sadie] Oh, hush Perry.

(Sadie giggling)

Stop it Perry.

[Josh] Thank you for comin'.

I'm glad you asked.

Your Pastor's crazy.

(both laughing)

I told you.

He a little, uh, different.

You did tell me.

He may not be Creflo Dollar but he cares.

A lot.

That's what's most important I guess.

It is.

His lady's nice.

I don't know who's crazier.

(both laughing)

Leave her alone.

Thank you.

For coming.


Oh, damn, I thought you all was in the house.

Sadie don't mind as long as I do it outside.

Hope this don't color your view of me.


You sharin'?

(upbeat music)

Got a prescription for ya now.

It's in the house, I can get it for ya if you want.

Good, you ain't gotta do that.

It's from the earth you know.

♪ Now you realize ♪ You ain't got to sell it to me.

Well you know me, I'm a rebel.

♪ And now you sorry ♪ How long you and Sadie been together.


Not like that, like, before time.

She come off as wild.

But she got lovin' hands.


Not sure why or even if God makes somethin' like me for her.

But he sure made her for me.

How do you know?

That anybody knows somethin' like that I guess.

How do you know about him.

(Josh sighs heavily)

Hold on a minute, might be gettin' ahead of yourself.

She still may be feeling me out.


I know.

Josh is good.

His heart is pure.

I know because I know all to well what the other side looks like.

He's hurting, (upbeat music)

I know what that looks like too.

Just, want to be clean, wake up one day and I hurt so bad.

Maybe one day we'll wake up and do that together.

♪ I try to talk to you ♪

♪ And make you realize ♪

♪ You thought would be happier ♪

♪ With the other guy ♪

♪ Oh it's to late ♪

♪ It's to late ♪

♪ It's to late now ♪

♪ To late ♪

♪ I'm so ♪


[Perry] Sh.

He comin'.

He's comin' sure enough.


You want to see somethin'?

Uh, maybe we shouldn't have smoked.

Come on man.

Got this back in Memphis.

Life caught up to me.

Found myself lookin' straight down two barrels.

I looked at that double hole in that gun, he smiled before he let off in my ass.


I didn't even hear it go off.

I just felt a kick in my gut so hard it shook my spine.

Doctor say it broke my back.

Then I'm on the ground.

I look down, saw my guts wavin' hello to me.

Passed out from the sight of it.

Woke up in the hospital.

Doctor say two weeks done passed.

Took me a year to get my life back.

Couldn't eat nothin' and what I did eat I couldn't hold down.

Got down to 87 pounds.

Had to wear a diaper 'cause I was shittin' myself.

That sound like the work of a God?


But I got my strength back.

Found the man who busted me up.

And I reigned down the wrath of bloody hell on him.

Busted in his place, shot up anything moving.

When the smoke cleared, him, two other men.

Layin' on the floor bleedin'.

And a woman.

Back there.

Shot to hell.

Eyes still open, starin' at me.

I went in that house to kill that man, sure enough, but where was God for that woman.

(dramatic music)

Josh, I preach the way I do to give people because I know they need it.

But God ain't pullin' no strings.

He ain't movin' no chess pieces.

He up there, and we're down here in this abyss, alone.

(dramatic music)

I'm gonna pay for what I done.

I have to.

But man open me up, man put me back together.

Man's how I'm gonna pay.

(dramatic music)

And he out there.

He's comin'.

(engine revving)

(dramatic music)


You okay?

(Josh sighs)

Somethin' Pastor said.

Your Pastor's crazy babe.

Come to bed.

What's wrong.

Somethin' Pastor said, about the past comin'.

Just worry about the future babe.

I am.

I am.

(dramatic music)

Just don't think we're gonna make it.

[Abby] I'll protect you.

Oh you will huh?

Hm, yeah.

(dramatic music)

[Girl] Daddy you never catch anything.

(gun fires)

[Josh] I caught your Mamma.

[Girl] What, tellin'.

(gun firing)

(gun fires)

(dramatic music)

[Josh] Don't snitch on Daddy.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

(siren wailing) (dramatic music)

Spine in or out.

Spine out.

We need to get 'em where they're all the same.

Well, let me get Donald Trump on the phone.

Tell him to hook us up.

(Josh sighs)

Pastor, if you get opportunity, a chance at somethin', you take it right?

Hm, is it good?

I mean, the whole thing.

Not just the outcome, is the means of gettin' there good too?

Yeah, I got a chance to start over.


Well that's good.

Yeah, but my uh, my daughter's buried like an hour from here.

I think I'm startin' to feel guilty.

For what?

For bein' here.

For havin' blood pumpin' through my body when she don't.

And I get to what?

Start over like she never happened?


(Pastor sighs)

Josh, your baby girl ain't here no more.

She with God.

And inside you, where ever you go, she gonna be there.

You ever see a couple of rams fight?

I mean really go at it.


They see another one tryin' to horn in on their territory.

They get a head of steam and boom!

With everything they got.

Or a couple of lions.


We animals, just like them.

That's how you gotta be.

You gotta be a savage for your salvation, you gotta be a savage for your stake in this world.

You've gotta be a savage for your life.

(dramatic music)

So if you get an opportunity don't you dare think on it.

You be a savage.

And you take it.

(dramatic music)


[Abby] Hey.

I, uh, have to tell you somethin'.


I haven't been telling you, I haven't told you everything.

You're married.

No, it's not that.


I've been workin' on somethin' and I think it's startin' to pan out.

What is it?

I'm leaving.

Moving away.




I want you to come with me.

Where are you going?

Santa Fe.

New Mexico?



I'm black.

I got a decent job lined up.

It's the desert.

It's not here.

We can get clean, both of us.


It's our chance.

I can't, until I know what you're tryin' to get clean from.

(dramatic music)

What happened to your daughter.

(dramatic music)

[Josh] You almost done with that one?

[Girl] Yes.

[Josh] All right let me strap you in baby girl.

Oh, you gonna be my little lawyer.


All right, I'm gonna need you one day.

What's up.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(dramatic music)

(Josh gurgling)

And I found the man who took her.

And I hurt him.

(dramatic music)

So what are you askin' me again?

A small favor.

The shop's not much, but it's all I got.

And I didn't get to where am I handin' out money like I'm some kind of millionaire.

I got a job lined up, I'll pay you back first chance I get.

So let me get this straight.

You're asking me to give you money for a train ticket to go to New Mexico.

Now just, switch that around.

What would you say.

I'm asking for an advance on my last payday, and a $200 loan that I'll pay you back first dollar I earn.

Haven't I done enough for you?

I'm grateful.

For the opportunity Let's just leave it at that then.



I know what I'm askin' is, I understand why you're tellin' me no.

I do.

But I lost everything a while back.

I did some things in my past, you know I did my time.

I paid for it.

But I just feel like somethin' chasin' me, ya know.

Like a cloud.

Can't shake it.

Look, Santa Fe may not sound like much to you, but it'll be my chance to start over.

Get clean.

So if you reconsider, I'll keep my word.

(dramatic music)

Can I tell you all somethin'?

Yep. Yes.

The truth.

Yes. Yep, tell it man.

Without you all callin' me a heretic.

That's right. Go ahead.

Yeah, I talked to him.

Everything is cool.

Get you situated, probably start you off at the front desk.

I think I can get there by, 13th.

You know, the Bible doesn't really mention forgiving yourself.

Now, forgive means to stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offense, flaw or mistake.

In this case, this someone is us.

[Burt] Found a place to stay yet?

I was gonna figure that out when I land.

I'll put you up in the hotel room, be about two, three weeks before people start askin' questions.

Use the time to find somethin'.

I really appreciate this.

If there's anything I struggle with since bein' born again, it's forgiveness.

Not sure how it works actually.

You can find forgiveness in the Lord, he's clear about that.

But, (laughs), but God is a purposeful God.

So why did he leave that out?

He made us.

He knows how hard it is.

Yeah, we try to forgive, but we can't.

Try to break it away, use away, use ourselves away, but we can't, it's because we can't.

Yep. Yeah, that's right.

If you've wronged someone, and I'm not talkin' about cuttin' 'em off in traffic, but truly wronged someone and they forgave you.

God is in them.

Amen, amen. (audience applauding)

God is in them and then there's a God in them that forgave you.

If you hurt someone, and I'm not talkin' about steppin' on their toes.

That's right. Amen.

(dramatic music) Amen And they forgave you. Amen.

God is in them. That's right.

So what is it that you think you have to have in you to forgive yourself, for the things you've done, for the people you've hurt.

God made us so he knows.

Only the penitent man shall pass.

So only the penitent man shall pass.

Only the penitent man shall pass!

You go. (audience applauding)

Hallelujah. Yes.

Penitent man. Have peace.

Yeah. Amen.

Hallelujah. Thank you!


You, uh, got a second?

What is it Josh.

Just a little ashamed.

Ashamed about what?

You asked if anybody wanted to give themselves to the Lord and I didn't stand.

There's no shame in here.

No judgment either.

Do you want to?

Give yourself to the Lord?

Before we start, I uh, I need to confess.

We don't do that here.

God knows what you've done.

You ask him for forgiveness, because his forgiveness is the only thing that matters.

Well, maybe I just need to say it.

In here.

What's on your heart.

You know I did some time, right.

I gathered.

I, um, I (sighs).

What's on your heart Josh?

(dramatic music)


Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

I do.

Do you intend to follow Christ for the rest of your days.

(dramatic music)

You gonna tell your job?

The market, yeah, but, not the bar.

They don't get that, huh?


If anything I'll tell 'em where they can put that job.

We're gonna do it.

I mean this guy, he's crazy now.

I can't imagine.

I hear it's a desert.

Out in the desert is where you go to start over.

That's what I hear.

I'm gonna stop past the church in the morning.

Tell Pastor goodbye.

Okay, I'll finish packin'.

Then we can leave from there.

That's perfect.

[Abby] It is.

(dramatic music)

(train bell clanging)

(train whistling)

(train wheels clicking)


Pastor you here?

(door clanging)


The house of the Lord.

My soul is moved, for God has lead me to you.

Literally, I looked up at the cross and followed the cross directly to you.

Tell me that ain't a sign.

You thought you could escape, didn't you.

To this place.

I could have been anywhere.

You are anywhere.

Could have been anywhere.

Don't you see, God put you here so I could find you.

Now you thought you could be set free, washed in the blood.

(dramatic music)

Sinners like us don't get saved.

You might be born again, but you gotta pay.

You cannot forsake payment.

Don't yell here.

You're right, let's show a little reverence.

(dramatic music)

Don't blame God Joshua, don't blame God.

'Cause this is how it was supposed to happen.

That moment you killed my brother, that moment decided you be here with me.

You can't kill a man the way you did.

Shame his family the way you did, and ride off into the sunset.

Came at me first, didn't leave me no choice.

Oh I get it, I do.

Now I ain't got a choice.

This is the end of the line.

So, you and me, we're gonna have to settle up.


You lookin' for Josh?

No sense in drawin' it out.

Go and get it over with.

Don't do that.

Don't do that.

This is my moment.

She wandered in callin' his name.

How you doin' sweetheart, how you know him.

She don't. She was askin' about you.

[Josh] She works at the church.

She don't know you, or she work at the church.

She works at the church, that's it.

You work at the church sweetheart?


Now, I don't believe that at all.

She was just comin' to work, let her go.

You know why we're here.

Why are we here, huh?

To settle an old debt.

We here because you killed my brother.

I was justified.

And you tell me you justified.

I was.

You broke both his arms. Yes.

And his legs. Yes.

Then you bashed his head in, and left him on the floor.

He killed my daughter.

My mother found him.

He killed my daughter.

We even Gabriel.

We not even Joshua.

Not even close.

I'm gonna let you and my brother discuss who's even.

All right, all right, you got me.

I'm here.

We both know what's gonna happen.

Just cut her loose.

Her! She don't need to see this!

What are we still talkin' about.

(gun fires)

(train bell clanging) (Abby softly gasping)

(gun fires) (men shout)

(guns firing)

I got to go get help, I'll be right back, I promise.

(guns firing)


(Gabriel screaming)

(guns firing) (train bell clanging)

(dramatic music)

Perry honey, I'm gonna need you to grab these bags, out the car.

(dramatic music)

Let's get you cleaned up baby.


Let's get you cleaned up.

(monitor beeping) (people chattering)

I keep wondering if it's to cold in here.

I can't stop thinkin' about, [Overhead Speaker] Returning a page from, My daughter, she used to be cold all the time.

[Overhead Speaker] We were unable to call back into the, Feet were like ice cubes.

She was stuck in this did you know phase.

Did you know all polar bears are left handed?

Did you know when babies are born in China at one years old,

I don't know how she knew all the stuff she did.

(dramatic music)

Sometimes, I lied to her.

Tell her I knew.

(dramatic music)

I didn't know.

Her laugh was, I know all kids laugh sound the same, but, it was, it was mine you know?

(dramatic music) (people chattering)

She would have liked you.

(dramatic music)

I remember wracking my brain, just can't understand it.

(dramatic music)

I'm sorry.

(dramatic music)

(door clicks)

What the hell you doin'?

I ain't in the mood for no sermon.

I didn't come to give one.

Then maybe you shouldn't be here.

Feel like I should.

Should I leave, let you kill yourself?

Things I done, they come for me.

And they took her.

And wherever I go, it's gonna follow me.

Josh, I don't know what's in store for you.

But I do know you're paying for a sin forever ain't God's plan.



He ain't got no plan!

No you said it yourself.

That was smokin' man.

He ain't got no plan.

'Specially for the likes of you and me.

What about Abby?

Why she in the hospital fightin' for her life with,

tubes comin' out of her?

What she ever do?

'Sides try to get close to me.

I don't pretend to know what he wants anymore.

Sound like to me, you don't know a damn thing.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe I'm just pissin' in the wind.


Who am I for God to talk to?

I gave myself to him.

And he showed me a light, just when I can reach out and catch it, he throw me back into the darkness.

That sound like the work of a God.

I can draw some Scripture on you, but I know you don't want to hear.

Tell you the truth?

I don't know why that stuff go on that it do.

Or let the things happen to the people he let it happen to.

But right now, I'm just prayin' he give me the right words to help tip you over to this side.

I'm afraid.

I'm afraid I might be lost.

But I'm here.

Whether you think he's listenin' or not.

You can't do what you was about to do.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

And that's okay too.

(dramatic music)

I was wrackin' my brain on a good time to talk to you.

(dramatic music)

Somethin' in my spirit said come see you now.

(dramatic music)

Suppose that means somethin'.

(dramatic music)

(birds chirping)

(bell ringing)

(dramatic music)

(monitor beeping) (dramatic music)

(engine revving)

Hey preacher man.

You stayin' prayed up?

I'm gonna need Josh.

Don't worry.

I'm gonna have a little chat with him is all.

Then I'm gonna take a bat to his head.

Knock a triple with it.

Go to work on him.

He ain't here.

You sure about that?

You don't want to let me to take a look inside?

Better yet, why don't you bring him on out, send him on out.

We'll get off your lawn.

Let you read the Good Book in peace.

You step foot in my house, I'm gonna give you peace everlastin'.

Got a furnace burnin' inside you.

Yeah you do.

But we come in peace.

So be a Christian about it.

Send him on out, and I promise you me and my boys I'll, (gun fires)

(man groans)

(guns firing)

(man gasping)

Oh, you really a mother fucker preacher man.

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

(dramatic music)

(gun fires)



(dramatic music)

(song muffled by dramatic music)

♪ Trouble's in the house, sayin' ♪

(blows thudding) (man groaning)

Josh man, what the hell, what you hit me for.

Talked to your friend.

My friend, I got no friends out here.

I wont' be out here like that, what are you talkin' about.

May not call him that, that doesn't tell you it is.

I asked for Gabriel. Gabriel!

He gave me you.

Who gave you me, I don't know nobody.

You don't need to be eyeing me like that.

Josh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sh, don't talk.

What are you talkin' about?

Don't talk, don't talk.

What's that for?

'Cause I'm only gonna ask you one question.

Come on. One time.

Come on man. And I want to make sure, you give me the right answer.

(dramatic music)

Where is Gabriel?

Bro, I told you I don't know no Gabriel man.

What's your problem?

(gun fires)

(dramatic music)

(man yelling)

(dramatic music)

I told you I don't know no Gabriel bro.


What you shoot me for!



(dramatic music)

What's you gonna do with me, what you gonna do now man?

Outta here.

(gun firing) (man yelling)

All right, all right man.

I'll tell you what he said man.

Stop shootin'!


(dramatic music)


(Josh sighs)

(dramatic music)

♪ I got a ice block ♪

♪ Created just to dried up my circumstances ♪

♪ But useless things tied up ♪

♪ From the man of the station ♪

♪ The frustration anchored with rage ♪

♪ And constantly raging across the pages ♪

♪ Red in blood ♪

♪ Yes so I'm rippin' them off ♪

♪ And startin' from scratch ♪

♪ And when I flick this trigger ♪

♪ I'm lost just throw it in the bunch ♪

♪ The right vibe is sittin' on the other side ♪

(trippy music)

♪ When I space ♪

♪ See now well that's just wrong ♪

♪ Bro I hope you do walk on water with me ♪

(phone ringing)

Tommy, what up.

Tommy, Tommy dead.

Yeah, that you?

(Gabriel laughing)

Damn, Josh, I liked Tommy.

But I did kill your girl.

So I guess you owe me that one.

Yeah so was the other piece of trailer trash you run with.

Well, preacher man's dead.

And I can do this as long as you want, sooner or later I'm gonna get somebody you give a damn about.

To late.

Now you got a problem.

I ain't got nothin' to lose.

♪ I can go back in time ♪

♪ And not assassinate all the thugs ♪

♪ They make a cool decision ♪

♪ It's gettin' ugly yourself bro ♪

♪ Then I go back ♪

(door clicks)

(gun firing)

(door sliding) (gun firing)

(man groans)

(guns firing)

(traffic whooshing)

(guns firing)

(Gabriel gasping)

(guns firing)

(Josh groans)

(Gabriel moans)

(gun fires)

(blows thudding)

(Gabriel moaning)

[Gabriel] You broke my nose!

Don't blame God, Gabriel.

Don't blame God.

I think I'm gonna sit down with a glass of Hennessy and talk about it.

Would you.

Turn the other cheek brother.

You want to know what my beef with your brother was over?


I'll kill you right now for free if I would get the chance.

He took everything from me over $180.

(Gabriel laughing)

That's my brother for you.

Swear he was a Jew when it come to money.

Messed with the wrong one that time.

Didn't you.

I did.

But I learned something.

I learned if you want to hurt a man, shoot him in the stomach.

(Gabriel groans)

It'll incapacitate him, take him about 20, 30 minutes to die.

(Gabriel gurgling)

What are you gonna tell your brother now Gabriel?

(gun fires)

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)

(car alarm dinging)

(people chattering)

(monitor beeping) (people chattering)

[TV Evangelist] Instead of bronze, I will bring you gold.

And silver in place of iron.

Instead of wood, I will bring you bronze and iron in place of stone.

(monitor beeping)

I will make peace your governor, and well being your ruler.

No longer will violence be heard in your land.

Nor ruin or destruction within your borders.

But you will call your walls salvation and your gates praise.

Amen we give glory to the Lord today.


(people chattering)

(dramatic music)

(gentle music)

(dramatic music)