The Meg (2018) Script

Look at the sonar.

Let me know what you find.

So far nothing new, my friend.

It just keeps getting worse.

D'Angelo, Marks, talk to me.

We've moved to the sonar room.

Just nine rescues so far.

It's a mess, man.

This is the worst I've ever seen.



Somebody help me!

Help! Who's there?

I got one more survivor.

Heading back to the rescue vehicle now.

Marks. D'Angelo.

What the hell was that?

I have no idea.


Jonas, we got something outside the ship.

There's something out there.


You okay, pal?

Oh, my God.

Something's crushing the hull.

Get back to the rescue vehicle. Now.

We're right behind you.

You guys, move!

Got him. Slide him up.

Marks. D'Angelo. Report.

You almost here?

Jonas, listen to me. We're trapped!


The impact jammed the hatch!

Coming back.

The sub is starting to collapse.


Jonas, we need you down here before it's too late.

The sub's been breached.

There's water everywhere.

Jonas, the room is flooding.

Marks, we gotta get this hatch open.

Come on, Jonas. Where are you?

It's not gonna work! Let us out!

Jonas, hurry, please!

We just need more time! Don't leave us!


Let us know when you're here!

Don't give up!

Jonas, please!

Come down here, now! Where are you?


You've lost your mind!

Back off, Heller.

If we go back, everyone dies.


What have you done?

Are we living the dream here or what?

Welcome to Mana One, Mr. Morris.

Get that thing away from me.

What are you doing?

Come on, bring it in. There we go.

Good to see you again, Mr. Morris.

Yeah. This way, please.

Hey, you always smell so nice. What is that? Sandalwood?

It's impressive so far, I'll say.

Oh, here they are.

Do you remember my daughter Suyin?

Our chief marine biologist.


Sorry, what was that?

I didn't catch it. Uh...

She says she likes your hat.

Oh. Oh, yeah.


Let's go. Why don't we go? Yeah.

Your granddaughter's a pistol.


What have we here?

This is, um, really ugly.

You know, I realize that we're under construction and everything, but I really think that a world-class research institute deserves a world-class entrance.

Yeah, I couldn't agree more.



Welcome to the O-Level.


This is our central hub, from which researchers will access all five labs once it's finished.


Oh, look at that.

That's not something you see every day.

Did you have those whales here on cue?

I might have lured them with some whale songs.

This is Lucy and her daughter Gracie.



Dive control level.

Here we are. Please.

Follow me quickly. I hope we are on time.

Come on in.


Oh, man.

I'd like you to meet our engineer and sub designer, Jaxx.

Hey, Doc.

Hello. Hi.

Doctor Heller. Our medical officer.

Nice to meet you.

You're like Bones, huh?

DJ here pilots our remote explorer.

How's it going?

You're my first billionaire.

And of course, Mac, our station chief.

Mr. Morris, just in time.

So I keep hearing.

Try that.

Just in time for what?

Good morning, Mr. Morris.

Lori Taylor, our mission pilot.

Hi, Mr. Morris.

Welcome on board. It's good to have you.


How's it going down there?

Where'd you learn how to pilot a sub?

I spent ten years with a certain whale-saving environmental group that shall remain unnamed for legal reasons.

Yeah, ask her if she ever blew up a whaling ship with a homemade torpedo.



That is a good hire.

Eleven in two.

Water temperature is at six degrees.

Mac, we are through the thermocline.

We are approaching 11,000 meters.

One hundred meters from the bottom.


Maybe from the bottom.

"Maybe"? What does he mean, "maybe"?

Come on. Look at this.

Since 1875, we've all believed the Mariana Trench was the deepest place on Earth.

I've had a theory that what we think is the bottom might actually be a layer of hydrogen sulfide.

Beneath that cloud, and a freezing cold thermocline, there could be a completely new world.


The Origin is about to see if my father is right.

If there is warm water below, that means we're going to be the first to see it.

And what if you're wrong?

Then you have wasted $1.3 billion.

You're kidding.

He's kidding, right?

Copy that.

Wait. What?

Ten meters. Approaching boundary.

Hovering at five meters.

Full stop.

Final checks.

Jaxx? Good to go.

Doc? Crew are go.

DJ? Sub and rover are a go.

Origin crew, we are go for insertion.


Is everything sexual with you guys?

Sex, food, power and...


Blow it up now.

Dive control, we are a go for... insertion.

We're in.

You guys, we're in.

It's a cloud. It is not the bottom.

Lori, be careful. We don't know the depth on the other side of this.

The sea floor could come right up on you.

Copy that, Mac. We're ready.

You guys, we are through!

I have multiple small sonar contacts.

There is life down here.


Deploying the lights.

Lights deployed. I'm gonna come around.


Oh, my goodness.

Wow! Whoa!

Mac, tell me you're getting this.

We're getting all of it, Lori.

Got a lot of smiling faces up here.

DJ, we got positive terrain to launch the rover.


Launch is all yours.


Rover is



Water temperature below three degrees Celsius.

How is this possible?

This ecosystem is completely cut off from the rest of the ocean by the freezing cold thermocline.

We should find all sorts of species completely unknown to science.

Sounds like a good investment.

Lori, I have a contact.

Bearing zero eight zero.

Huh. It's big.

Oh, it's huge.

And it's moving fast.

DJ, is the rover seeing this?


Let me try and bring up some more lights.

Rover One, signal interrupted.

Whoa! I just lost telemetry.

What the hell?

Origin, recommend an immediate right turn to three-five-zero.

This could be a landslide.

Last time I checked, landslides don't make

90-degree turns.

It's right on us! It's right on us!

What the hell was that?

Lori, what's going on down there?

You guys...

What? Come look at this.


What could do that to the rover?

I don't think I wanna know.

It's coming back.

Oh, my God!

Let's get out of here. Blow the tanks.

I'm trying. It's not working!

It's not starting! Mac, help!

Whole system's down! Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. DJ, Mac. There's something down here.

Jonas was right.

Jonas was right! Do you co...

Lori, come in.

Origin, can you hear me?

Origin, please respond.

Come on. Lori, come in.

Wall, can you hear me?


Gather around, people. Options.

Not great.

We know they're alive.

I've still got telemetry on their vitals.

How long do they have?

Maybe 18 hours.

Ballast valves are jammed, which means it can't rise by itself.

If we attempt to tow it, it's fifty-fifty that the tanks will explode, and breach the capsule.

Can't we go hatch-to-hatch? Not a chance.

The external camera's showing severe hatch damage.

We have to try something.

They're six miles down and no one has ever attempted a rescue at that depth.

Well, that's not exactly true.

No. No way.

We can handle this.

Not at 11,000 meters, you can't.

We've gone 5,000 meters. 8,000 meters.

At some point, it just becomes a number.

Why don't you try this number?

Three. That's how many people have actually attempted a rescue below 10,000 meters.

And the number one.

That's how many are left alive to talk about it.

One man. Jonas Taylor.

And look what happened to that one man the last time he went to these depths.

He saved eleven people, including you, Heller. That's what happened.

He left our friends to die, because he had pressure-induced psychosis.

Come on, Heller. That was your diagnosis.

Jonas said something attacked them.

Something big enough to take out a nuclear submarine.

He's a drunk.

You're not listening! You're not listening!

He washed up on a beach in Thailand.

Did you hear what Lori said? I'm listening. I heard it.

Were you there? That's enough.

We all heard Lori's last transmission.

We have to consider that Origin may have encountered something similar to what Jonas Taylor described.

Something he was able to escape from.

Ba! Please.

Prep the helicopter.

We must go to Thailand.

Your boat, she's killing me.

Number one engine slips out of the gear, and there's some leak in the hydraulics.

Hey, I'll take a look at it tonight.

That's what you said last night and the night before that, and the night before that.

Hey, I'm working up to it.

You drink too much.

Hey, now you're only saying that because I literally have a beer in my hand.

You always have beer in your hand.

You know why?

Because I drink too much?

Now this is shaping up to be an eventful Tuesday evening.

You know I like to make an entrance.

Hell, Mac, after five years, just showing up is making an entrance.

What? You're living above a bar? Really?

Figured it was the only way to get you to come visit.

Jonas, allow me to introduce...

It's an honor to meet you, Doctor Zhang.

Always had a tremendous respect for your work.

You're too kind, Mr. Taylor.

Yeah, no, I'm not. You're a good man.

Hey, can I offer either of you two a beer?

'Cause I'm gonna have a beer.

It's not a social call, Jonas.

You mean you didn't helicopter in just to say "hi"?

You wound me, Mac.

We have a serious... Problem?

Thought so.

Just like you know I don't dive anymore.

Done being responsible for people, Mac.

Mr. Taylor...

Hey, I mean no offense, Doctor Zhang.

I mean, if there was two people on this planet that could get me back into the water, it's probably you two.

But you can't.

You're gonna tell me your problem, and I'll say no.

You're gonna offer me money.

I'll still say no.

You're gonna appeal to my better nature, and I'm gonna say no.

Because I don't have one.

So I say, why don't we sit down?

We'll enjoy a couple of beers, and then we can get you on your way.


This happened this morning.

Let's get out of here. Blow the tanks!

I'm trying. It's not working!

It's not starting! Whole system's down!

Mac, help! Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

DJ, Mac. There's something down here.

Jonas was right.

Jonas was right! Do you co...

It's Lori.

Your ex-wife and her crew are trapped below 11,000 meters.

I fear they may have encountered the same species you did down there.

I have divers with less experience willing to go.

But I feel I owe it to my crew to give this rescue the best chance of success.


Lori, hand me that hexa key.




Okay, if we can short out the firewall, I can... I can probably reboot the computers.

Okay. Try it now.

Auxiliary power's back.

Heaters are online.

There's no way that we'll get the engine started, but we might be able to get the ballast tanks back.

What are you doing? Taking notes?

Letter to my wife.

Just in case.


We got this.

Step by step.

Come on. Give me that fighting octopus.


Works every time.


What? We gotta can the lights.

Turn out the lights.

There was something down there with us.

How can you be sure if there were no observation windows on your craft?

'Cause whatever it was caved in the entire starboard side of a nuclear submarine.

That wasn't my imagination.

Is that why you blew the hatch mid-rescue?

Hey, look, I brought 11 men back safe and sound.

You left eight more to die because you panicked.

If I hadn't blown the hatch, we all would have been killed by that thing.

There was no thing.

There was no evidence of anything.

Because it was destroyed in the explosion, Heller.

Look, there was no time left! So I made the call!

And you left our friends there to die in an act of cowardice!

What do you think happened down there?

He lost it.

And now we're about to send him into the exact same situation.

Excuse me, Suyin.

I'm sorry to interrupt you, but we need you.

It's an emergency.

What's wrong, Jaxx?

Now they're leaking oxygen.

They've got a couple of hours. Maybe more.

I'm going. No.

Wait, what?

I'll take one of the gliders, grab the Origin, and tow her up. Wait!

If the Origin's ballast tanks blow, you're gonna die, too.

We have to try.





Communications check!

Good to go.

Suyin, you are go for launch.

Richard Byrd.

Auto descent sequence initiated.

Hey, Meiying. Hi.

Sir, we've got a new problem. It's your daughter.

She took a glider to try and save them.

Why did you let her go?

Trust me, I didn't let her do anything.

I was sort of under the impression you're supposed to try to save people who are dying on the bottom of the ocean.

Who's he?

I'm the guy who paid for all this.


You know, he looks heroic and he walks fast, but he's kind of got a negative attitude.

What's the window?

It'll be close.

Who are you?

I'm the one that designed all this.

So my life's in your hands?

Pretty much. That a problem?


You look like you might actually know what you're doing.

Dive control level.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Mac, have Doctor Heller meet us in the medical bay.


Did I not mention that?

You mother...

He's in perfect shape.

Just like the last time you examined me.

Suyin took a glider 15 minutes ago.

She's planning on taking the Origin back up.

Take me to the sub.

We're not done here. Yeah, we are.

Lori's running out of air, and we're in international waters, which means legally I can beat the ever-loving shit out of you and get away with it.

It's true.

Legally, I mean.

Good thing he doesn't hold a grudge.

Jonas, you do know that this sub is rated for 12,000 meters, right?

Like the one leaking on the ocean floor?

Ah. Good point.

We good? Yep.

Once you strip back the safeties and go full manual, like I know you're gonna do, the system's gonna have problems trying to keep up with your pressure changes.

Try not to blow your ears out, brother.

Thanks, mate.

Hello, skipper.

You must be the crazy guy.

Now who called me that?

My mom. Doctor Heller.

Yeah, well, I'm not crazy.

I've just seen things no one else has.

That's the definition of crazy.

Backup power. Backup power...

So where are your parents?

My mom's trying to bring our friends back from the bottom of the ocean.

My dad's with a Pilates instructor in Taipei.

Granddad says Mom needs to move on, but Mom says she needs some more time because she was married to an a-hole.

Sounds like your mom's got a point.

You know a lot.

Eight-year-olds hear everything.

Mind if I give it a try?


Hey, Crazy.

Is my mom gonna die?

I'll have Captain Bubbles and your mom back in no time.

I promise.

Thank you, Emma.

Evolution launch in T-minus 15 seconds.

DJ? Yeah.

Jaxx, we good?


Evolution, we are go for dive.


System go for descent.

System go for descent.

Hey, brother. We're good to go.

System go for descent.

System go for descent.


System go for descent.

Evolution successful launch.

Evolution now passing 1,000 meters.

Caution. Evolution secondary systems offline.

How is he descending so fast?

Looks like he's diverted all nonessential power like heat and life support to the motors.

He's gonna black out.

His blood gases are dropping.


Tell Heller I'm not slowing down.

Suyin, be advised.

Evolution is now en route.

Request you return to Mana One immediately.


He can give us an escort on our way up.

Tell her to get out of the way, Mac.

More people means more risk and she's in way over her head.

Jonas, you just told her yourself.


The little green button on your intercom, that's for single channel communication.


Entering thermocline.

Okay, Mac.

I am through.


Pressure load approaching 16,000 psi.

At this speed, I'm gonna have to divert power from the heaters and shut down anything that could ice over.

Call you from the other side.

You got Wi-Fi here?

All right.


Just... Just keep pressure on that.

Toshi, is it still out there?

I can't tell.

I can't see anything right now.


There it is.

I've got visual on the Origin.

I can see most of it.

Okay. They're alive.

I'm going to set up to tow.

Range to target. Six meters.

Four meters.

Target locked.

Firing magnetic hook.

Three. Two.

Suyin? Are you okay? What's happening?

There is something down here.

Something just hit my ship.

Suyin, what's happening?

It's a huge squid.

It's got the glider.

Warning. Capsule pressure.

Mac, it's crushing me. It's crushing me!

I don't think the glider can take it.

It's not gonna hold.

Suyin, engage the pressure compensator.

Compensator will not engage.

Capsule breach in ten seconds.

Capsule breach in five sec...

My God!

It's a shark.

It's like 20, 25 meters.

It's a megalodon.


I'm so glad I'm not crazy.

Suyin, power down.

It's drawn to the light.

Shut everything down and stay dark.

Shutdown in 30 seconds.

Shutting off everything but comms.

It's circling back.

Here it comes, Suyin.

Shutdown in 25 seconds.

Suyin, there's no time.

Turn off your lights.

Shutdown in 20 seconds.

Turn them off. Now.

Shutdown in 15 seconds.

Mac, I have no control.


Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five...

Now's your chance. Blow your tanks.

No. I can help you save the crew.

Your glider's damaged. There's nothing you can do.

Blow your tanks now.

Damn it.

Doctor Zhang, your daughter's clear.

I'm heading for the Origin now.

Range to target: three meters.

Water extraction complete.

Let's do this, sweetheart.

Tell me this isn't the world's best "I told you so."

You came all the way here just to tell me that, didn't you?

Pretty much.

Give me your hand.

Ah, that doesn't look good. Ready? One, two, three.

She's coming.

Let's move.

If that thing hits us while we're still attached...

Then we're all gonna die.

Come on, I've got you.

It's gonna be close.

Come on, move, move!

Go! Go! Go!

We're not gonna make it.

Come on. Toshi, hurry!

Toshi, no!

Come in, Evolution.

Jonas, come in.

Are you all okay?

Doctor Heller has vitals on Lori and The Wall, but we don't have Toshi.

Is Toshi okay?

Jonas, is Toshi okay?

All right. Nice and easy.

Yeah. Yep.

Don't move her neck. Careful.

That's good. Grab a hold. We got her.

You couldn't bring Toshi back?

Why not? He closed the hatch.

He saved us.

You left him.

You left him because that's who you are.

You are the guy who leaves people behind.

You go that deep, you take your life in your hands.

It was your choice to send them down.

This is why I don't do this anymore, Mac.

How is she?

Well, the puncture just missed her liver.

She lost a lot of blood.

But she's stable.


I'm sorry.

I was wrong.

You save Lori, we can call it even.

I just want to apologize for before.

I was angry and I lose my temper.

And you did save my...

You're naked.

I know you did all you could. So, thank you.


You're welcome.

I know it's not easy being the person who survives.

I'm gonna go now.

You should put on some clothes.

Yep. That's the original plan.

Okay, then. Carry on.

Hi. Uh... I was...

It's all good.

Jonas and Lori were the worst married couple ever, you know?


Whole experiment was over in a year.

I didn't ask anything.

I know.

This is what attacked us. A megalodon.

How big is that thing?

Between 70 and 90 feet. 21 to 27 meters.

The megalodon was the largest shark that ever existed.

It feared nothing.

It had no predators.

Its jaws were stronger than any other animal, ever.

The meg could bite a whale in half, crushing through the bones.

We are in uncharted territory.

Until today megalodons were thought to have been extinct for over two million years.

Wrong. A living fossil.

That living fossil ate my friend.

I cannot begin to express my sadness for Toshi's death.

We have the discovery of a lifetime.

This is what Toshi worked for.

It's what we've all worked for.

But we're going to have to proceed slowly.

Yeah, that's really not gonna work for me.

What is Mana One?

This station?

Yes. And what's it doing?

Hmm? Right now.



20 million dollar rover, gone.

Thirty million dollar sub, gone.

You are now sitting in the most expensive underwater marine biology day camp in human history.

Hey, Crazy.

And now that we've actually found something amazing, we can't proceed slowly.

Thank you for keeping your promise.

You're welcome. You don't quit trying to get to the Moon because you lose an astronaut.

You charge forward, or someone else will get there first.

Other people will want a piece of this thing, whether we like it or not.

You seem to like it.

Excuse me? I said, you seem to like it.

I'm sorry. Is he part of this team?

You're damn right he's a part of this team.


You ever think that Mother Nature might know what she's doing?

The thermocline might just be there for a reason?

Hey, look, you wanna explore? Go ahead, explore.

But if you start sending people back down there, don't call me to come save your asses.

Because in case what happened down there wasn't clear to you, man vs. meg isn't a fight.

It's a slaughter.


What you people discovered is an even bigger goldmine than we ever thought possible.

We are completely unprepared to deal with creatures like megalodon.

I understand, and we can get prepared.

I'm talking about a long-term plan.

That's gonna be the other alternative.

What's that?

My daughter.


Did you see Meiying? We can't find Meiying.

Meiying? Meiying?

I'll take this way. Let's try this way.



Meiying. Mama.

Are you okay?

There's a monster and it's watching us.

It's okay. It's just a whale.

Wait. Where's Lucy?

Where's the mom?

Is the station all right? Report.

No leaks. No visible damage.

All right, team. Initiate emergency protocols.

And nobody is to go near the water.

If you insist.

Turn off all the underwater lighting.

Restrict the crew to essential areas.

You said it was impossible for it to get up here.

It should have been.

You guys, take a look at this.

When the glider came up, the thermocline was intact, so it was one degree Celsius, right?


But a minute later, when the Evolution came up, the temperature increased by 25 degrees.

A shark could come right through there.

20 sharks for that matter.

When the meg hit the Origin, it slammed into a thermal vent.

Those can release millions of gallons per minute.

The heat from that vent cleared the path through the freezing cold layer.

Are you saying we opened up a super highway for giant sharks?

Not exactly. It seems like it was a transitory event.

The temperatures are returned to normal and the gap is closed.

Yeah. But not before a massive prehistoric killing machine decided to come up and say "Hi."

Hey, look, we're wasting time. That thing's out there.

We need to find it and kill it.


We can't. We should explore non-lethal options first.

For the meg or for us?


I've got an emergency locator beacon.

20 miles south, southwest.

What does that mean?

It means a boat has gone down.

Attention. Three boats.

That's the meg. We need to get there. Now.

Mac! I found something!

These sharks have no fins.

They were killed by shark poachers.

They cut off the fins and throw the shark back to die.

All for a bowl of soup.

Looks like the meg evened the score.

One fish did all this?

Ask it yourself.


We have a shark cage and spearguns on board.

If we can shoot the meg in a soft spot like it's mouth or gills, we can inject it with something lethal.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa.

It's gonna take at least 20 minutes to rig the cage.

And that thing will be gone in two.

Why don't you just put a tracker on it?

Don't you guys ever watch Shark Week?

You have one of those, like, GPS tracker tag thingamajigs.

Keep an eye on the shark till the cage is ready.

We should be able to put a tracking dart in that dorsal fin.

You're welcome.

Yeah, but somehow we have to get this boat next to that meg.

No, we can't.

It's already proven aggressive towards boats.

The safest way to approach is without a vehicle.

Hold up. Hold up.

You want someone to swim out there?

To a prehistoric shark that ate our friend?

Actually, one of us alone in the water is no threat.

Okay, who the hell is gonna make that swim?

Let's draw straws.

I can't swim.


Sorry, my body made me say that.

You sure about this?

Not really.

If I get eaten, you're gonna feel really bad.

This tracker rifle only has a 100-foot range.

100 feet?

Get really close before you shoot.


If you want me to go instead, I will.

I got this, Mac.

Okay, good, 'cause I was lying.

Be safe.

Yeah, thanks, pal.

I hope you're right about this.

Me, too.

I'm an idiot.

I am proceeding to the enormous killer shark.

Yeah, we got you, Jonas.

Sharks are attracted to panic motion.

Keep it nice and smooth.

It's all gonna be fine.

♪ Just keep swimming

♪ Just keep swimming

♪ Swimming, swimming

♪ Just keep swimming

Oh, boy, it's going under.

He's done it.

Mac, tracker is live!

Great! Reel him in, DJ.

Stop! Stop!

No vibration!

Oh, shit. I'm in trouble.

Jonas, it's coming at you.

You think I didn't notice?

Start the boat! Start the boat!

Pull him in.

Come on! Come on! Come on!

You might be a son of a bitch, but you're sure as hell no coward.

Good job.

I prepared the spearheads to inject etorphine.

A killer whale is knocked out with 10 CCs.

Dead with 20. What do you think?

I think we use the whole damn bottle.

Remind me again why this is a good idea.

What? It's a shark cage.

Plastic shark cage.

I'm gonna ignore that you just said that.

This beautiful thing is polycarbonate, specifically designed not to crack, not to break, but to deform.

And in this case, at this thickness, it would take 20,000 pounds per square inch.

And if you're talking about breaking, that's eight to nine hundred thousand.

I don't like it.

Doesn't like it.

I wouldn't get in there.

Keep it coming.

That's good!


What did he say?

He said, "be careful."

That's his version of I love you.

Your father has a lot of faith in you.

I've done hundreds of shark dives.

Not like this.


But I know shark anatomy.

And I know where this can penetrate through megalodon skin.

Suyin, let me go instead... Hey.

Don't worry about me. Let me do what I do best.

Everything okay up there?

Just a fresh round of chum, so you, you know, taste good.

I'm so glad you're looking out for me.

Thank you. Bye-bye. Good luck.

What's happening down there?

You okay?

Yeah. I'm okay.

Just some teeny, tiny eight-foot sharks.

Here we go.

We've got her attention.

Suyin, it's on its way.

50 meters. 50 meters.


10 meters.



I'm going to try to hit it in the eye.

Damn it.

Whoa! Watch it.

Whoa! Hey!

Oh, sh...

Yes! The poison is in.

Okay, Suyin, hang in there.

I'm trapped! I'm in its mouth!

That cage will not break.

That's the problem. The cage is being swallowed.

Hell, yeah!

Not this again. Oh, man. Oh, man.

New problem. My mask is broken. I'm losing air.



Come on, Jaxx!

Thank you. You're welcome.

No, Jonas.

Go! Get back to the ship.

It's not safe for you.

Jonas, go back.


Jonas, the crane's in the water!

It's gonna pull her to the bottom. Hurry!

Swing the second crane over.

We're gonna set a trap. Guys, I need some bait.

Come on. Got him!


Over here!

This way. Throw a rope.

She's not breathing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Take it easy.

You were dead a minute ago.


You got me out.

It was closer than I woulda liked.

Can I have a minute with Jonas?


You saved me. Again.

I prefer you alive.

There's something you might wanna see.



Hey! Look who's up. Hey.

How are ya? I'm better. Thank you.

Jonas, get a picture of me with this big smelly beast.

Okay. Wait. Here.

Hey, you want a proper picture, get your head inside.

Closer. Closer?

Come on. Get in.



Nice one.

Yo, Jonas, please tell me you got that.

I got that, DJ.

That's not funny, man!

No, like seriously, it's funny.

Look. Watch this.

♪ We got The Wall in the water

♪ We got The Wall in the water ♪

♪ We got The Wall in the water ♪ Hey, Suyin.

Look at him next to the meg.

Look, remember the bite marks on the O-Level?

Well, how do you like that?

That was a serious man vs. nature moment.

I'm just glad things went our way.

It didn't go our way.

Not for Toshi.

And not for science.

We did what people always do.

Discover and then destroy.


Hey, I will end you.

At least you can use this as your dating app pic.

Give you a little leg, you know.


Oh, yeah!

Jellyfish. Whoo-hoo!

Two! There's two?

Nobody said there were two.

How are there two?

Help me! Get me out of this water!

Help! Somebody help, please!


What is wrong with you?

I can't... I can't swim.

No! Get outta here! Really?

Don't pull that racist stuff on me.

Oh, come on, man.

Give me a break. I'm not being racist.

You work, literally, in the middle of the ocean.

This wasn't part of the job description.

None of this was part of the job description!

They left that part out!

It's time to get some real help.

Yeah. Go get some help.

I'm quitting.

Mac! Give me a hand.

Hey, I need you to find my location.

Track my sat phone. There's a second shark.

Yes, two.

How the hell should I know?

Just hurry up and get us some help.

Thank you, Jonas. Thank you.

Bring whatever you got!

Just relax. Relax.

It's not good.

He needs a hospital fast.

Let's get the doctor. Where's Doctor Heller?


Jaxx, you okay?

Yeah! Kind of.


We can do this.

Swim gently back to the boat.

Nice and easy.

Here it comes!


We're not gonna make it.


You're gonna be okay.

You're a good person, Jaxx. Wait, what?

Don't look back.

Hey! No!

Heller, no!

What are you doing? Hey!

Hey, come on!

Hey! Hey, come on!



Almost there.

Come on. We got you.

It's okay, Jaxx.

You're gonna be okay.

Thank you, Heller, thank you.

What was that? What the hell was that?

Okay, come on, DJ. No! No!

This is why we don't leave the station, okay?

That's why you don't do that!

And you went down there and you pissed it off, now it's gonna come back and kill every one of us!

Now what are we supposed to do?

I shouldn't even be out here in the first place.

Swimming in this ocean. That one ate the other one.

Is another one gonna eat this one?

Man, it's...

It just killed Heller.

It killed The Wall. It killed Toshi.

These are my friends, man.

Okay, can I just point out that this thing is sinking?

What are we gonna do now?

Where's Mac?


What happened to your hair?

What happened to your hair?



That thing is the devil.

10 miles, it's still with us.

You got us?

The ocean. The middle of a freaking ocean!

Do you think it'd slow down the shark if we threw him over?

You got to work on yourself.

Okay. Good news, guys.

It's payback time.

Oh, yeah!

Yes! Get some!

You seriously think that a rifle is gonna hurt that thing?

I didn't have much notice, okay?

I just wanted to get it off our backs.

Well done, Morris.


It's okay.

Mummy! Mummy!

Welcome back, Mummy.

Come in.

How's Meiying?

She's sad.

And confused.

How are you?

I really don't want to accept it.

Sometimes things happen that change your life forever.

Meanwhile, the world just keeps going.

You think maybe it would stop just for a second...

But it doesn't.

How do you live with it?

I don't.

I left my two best friends to die.

I think about it all the time.

Every day I replay it.

Could I have done more?

It's not just about the ones you lose.

It's also about the ones you save.

I'm glad you're here.

I've informed the Chinese government about the meg.

As well as the authorities in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia.

The Chinese are sending two destroyers to take it out.

So, this is now officially and thankfully out of our hands.

I'm closing Mana One until the meg is killed and an evacuation ship is coming here tomorrow morning.

You damn right.

And finally, I just want to say

I'm sorry for your losses.

Your friends.

I came here to celebrate with you,

and now I'm mourning with you.

Thanks for saving our asses.

What do you got for me?

These are Semtex high velocity demolition charges.

I had the men rig delay fuses to give them time to sink.

Essentially, they're depth charges.

That's right.

I'm not sure this is a advisable course of action.

Every person that gets maimed or killed by that thing is a potential lawsuit.

A potential casualty.

Relax, bro. It's gonna be fun.

I can see your cards. Well, look at you two crooks.


How are you feeling?

Like I got off easy, compared to the rest of you guys.


What do you got up there?

Three kings.

What? Come on! Every time.

You owe me a soda for that one.


We'll square up when you get back, okay?

Fine. Fine. Fine.

Just trying to take her mind off things, you know.

She's tougher than me, that's for sure.

I'm sorry I didn't believe you.

Well, you didn't call me crazy.

Yeah, but I didn't call you sane.

Yeah, well, "sane" wasn't a word I heard very often.

So, what now?

I don't know. Go back to Thailand, I guess.

Mac told me about you and Suyin.

Nothing to tell. Well, maybe there could be.

You and Mac are unbelievable.

How about you just try something new?

So the rest of your life isn't a vast wasteland of misery and solitude.

I think that's a good idea.

You do, huh?

Eight-year-olds hear everything.


My mom likes you, too.

This is possibly the worst moment of my life.

Approaching target area.

I'll confirm visual.

Let me make myself absolutely clear.

We are not getting within a mile of that monster until the helicopter kills it.

We have a visual on the target.

Stop the boat.

Stop the boat.

Deploying depth charges.

We got him.

Hit it again.

Sir, there's no way possible...

Hit it again.

Target is dead. Repeat, target is dead.

Are you absolutely sure?

Because I'm not getting eaten by some goddamn prehistoric fish.

Affirmative, sir. There's, uh...

Well, there's pieces of it all over the place.

Shark chunks?

That's a good sign.

All right. Take us in.


Jump down there, get me a couple of teeth.

Big ones for my desk.

All right. Keep one for yourself.


Oh, you seeing this?


That's sick.

That's weird.

Oh, man! Don't do that to me.

That thing doesn't have any teeth.


I think we killed a whale.

It's right below us.

Get us outta here!

Wait! Wait, you idiots! Wait!

I'm over here! Wait!

Oh, no!


Yeah, I understand. I understand, yep. Thank you.

Let me guess, Morris never called anyone.

Didn't call anyone.

No one knows the shark's out there.

No one. Not the Australians, not the Chinese. No one.

The hell was he thinking?

He wanted to make this go away as quietly as possible.

Mac, we need to let everyone...

Let everyone know. Yeah, I'm on it.

Jaxx, can you find that thing?

Wait, wait, wait. Why're you asking her that?

I don't like the fact that you asking her about that thing.

You want me to illegally hack into Morris' satellite tracking system to find a prehistoric shark? Yeah.


We use a tracker, find the meg, and we kill it.


We really gonna do this?

A lot of people are gonna die if we don't, Mac.

Well, I'm in. Me, too.

Let's do this.

How do you feel about commandeering that evac ship?

I'd say, it's a great day to go fishing.

Now let's get everything on it.

Construction explosives, gliders.

The whole lot. Everything.

Because we're about to evac, right?

Like evacuate?

Like, leave the area of imminent danger and go to a safe place like normal people?

What we got, Jaxx? Anything?

Yeah. Here's where we saw Morris attack the shark.

But here is where it's going.

Sanya Bay. What's there?

Oh, nothing.

It only has some of the most densely populated beaches in the world.

Any luck with the authorities?


"Prehistoric shark" sounds like a damn prank call.

We can't rely on them for anything.

How long until the shark gets to those people?

20 minutes.

Can we get there first? Doubtful.

Yeah, we're gonna have to.

Getting there first won't mean anything if we don't have a plan.

Maybe we have a plan.

Here's where we do it. Right here in the shallows.

Use the gliders and go after it.

Okay, so, how are we gonna get it here, when there's a beach full of people to eat right here?

You ask it out for dinner.

So... How do you wanna do this?

Is that you asking my opinion?


I was just being polite before telling you what we're actually doing, so you feel better about yourself.

Appreciate that.



We're ready.


Oh, my God!

We're close enough. Stop here.

Jaxx, DJ, we gotta get that thing in the water.

Yeah, we're on it.

Shark! Shark!

Any last thoughts about our plan?

Not dying would be a good start.

Finally, we agree on something.

Let's not make it a habit.

Suyin, look out! Get out of there!

Damn it! What's wrong, Jonas?

Can't make the shot. It's too close to the ship.


Jonas, it's on you.


Jonas, what's going on down there?

Trying to stay out of its mouth.



Suyin, are you set? I'm coming to you.

I'm in position.

Shark's getting close.

I need a little breathing room.

I'm ready to fire. Take the shot.

Move! Move!

Anybody see it?

Can't see the shark, but something's going on up here.

Okay, I've got her attention.

Bring her to me.

Here we come.

Make your move, Suyin.

Chew on this, you ugly bastard.

No, no, no! Shit!


No, no, no. Go! Go! Go!

Where's DJ? I don't know.

Where's Meiying? I don't know!

I couldn't see her anywhere. Jonas.

Sorry, I... Go, go. Take care of Meiying.


I'm okay. I'm leading it away from the ship.

Oh, my God! Gotta get... Stop splashing!

You have a life jacket on!

A life jacket? Yep.

Oh, yeah. I've got a life jacket on.

It's right here. I can...

The monster's here.

The monster's here?

No, don't worry about the monster, I got you.

Everything's fine. Stop talking.


Mummy! It's you!

That's good! Wait! Wait! Wait for me.

Wait for DJ, wait for DJ. Yeah.

Yes. Come on.

Mummy, are you okay?

I'm okay.

I'm okay, too.

Come on. Come up!

Meiying, be careful. Jonas!

Careful! Careful!

There it is. Oh, my God.


It's coming.

We're sitting ducks up here, Jonas.

Mummy! It's coming.

Can you hear me, Jonas? Meiying, hold on.

Suyin, we're gonna have to go. Through here.

Jonas, we've got nothing left.

Almost nothing.

How're you gonna kill it?


I'm gonna make this thing bleed.

Suyin, what you said before, you were right.

It's not about the people you lose.

It's about the people you save.

Signing off. Jonas!

Here we go.

How do you like that? Bleed!

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on.




Thank you.

Beep-beep! Coming through, Crazy.

Hi. Look who it is.

Well, here's to being alive.

And to our friends.


I don't know about you.

But, uh, I could use a vacation.

Shall we ask my mum?