The Mercury Conspiracy (2013) Script




I haven't told you the whole truth.

I want you to know everything.

I'm not a killer, but I am indirectly responsible for the three deaths the police are accusing me of, and other deaths, that I don't know about.

Yunnan Province, Southern China

Shitou, how do you feel today..

What's the matter, Shitou?

Port of Gioia Tauro, Italy

Amore, amore, amore.

I could be Italian, right?

Amore, amore, amore.

Hey, you're early. Not early enough, eh?

You miss Italy?

Yeah, especially that restaurant we always go to.

Well, I already booked us a table. Yeah, they're gonna prepare raw squid.

And there is a wonderful lady who's dying to be your guest.

Ah. Did she like my gift? I don't know.

You can ask her yourself.

Just listen to this shit!

Always a pleasure to see you. Same here, captain.

Speed up, we're waiting for you.

Contact the Health Office..

Gonna be here in a couple of hours.

Captain.. The Mercury is approaching, keep in touch.

We finally have the opportunity to catch this son of a bitch.

Don't blow it. Guys, do not blow it, eh!?

I see them. Find out who's dirty, then let them go.

Roger that.

They are meeting alone with an official, Dr. Rama. Over.

What is it this time? Fish, 200 tons.

Where from? Japan. Fukushima.

The nuclear accident..? Radioactive fish.

Not the usual crap, it'll cost you more.

Or less. Maybe we can find somebody else.

You can't cut me out, I know too much.

Maybe that's why we should cut you out.

Come here.

Complete a visa for these gentlemen. Yes, right away.

-Type of cargo, Food.

Provenance, Japan.

Name of ship ...

Mercury. Mercury.

Results of health test, negative.

Thank you. You're welcome.

OK, you go down to the wharf, you wait for the ship, and I'll join you in a.. 10 minutes. Where are you going?

To make a phone call. You know, I'd like to get laid after business.


What's going on? They split up? Shit, shit!

Block all the exits of the harbor. Block all the exits of the harbor! Do it!

Hello Captain? Abort! Abort! Yeah, the restaurant in closed.

Yeah, get out of here.

Hey, the cops are on the move, I don't like.

They were expecting us. What!?

You know the rules. You know we never met.

Well wait a minute! Wh.. what about me!?

I'm sorry. You're fucked. I'm out of here.

But .. it's my birthday!

Hands up! Stop! Son of a bitch!

Happy birthday...

Do you know anything about plants, Mr. Valli?

I can tell the difference between, uh.. edible and poisonous.

I was once a farmer, plants were my life.

Now I only have time for these penjing. You know the meaning of the word?

The Japanese copied them from you, and call them "bonsai".

I was told, how you saved Mercury's cargo.

The cargo was unloaded in Rotterdam, and now it's in stores all over Europe.

You have never disappointed me. I've been lucky.

The rarest of virtues.

Do you know what I appreciate about these plants?

They depend on me, I decide everything about them.

Size, the shape... life, death.

As you know, my group handles a wide range of investments.

What if I told you that.. I needed a lucky man, to whom I would entrust the food sector, what would you say?

Go on.

New name, new life, enough money to make sure you don't miss getting old.

And what's my new name? Mister...

Mercury! Like the ship I saved.

By the god of fraud. You will need his protection.

The meeting's nearly over. Will you be joining us?

Mister Mercury. He's gonna work for us.

Zhao, my son. Nice to meet you. It's a pleasure.

He just returned from England, where he studied at the London School of Economics.

A very selective school.

I expect the most from the person who will take my place.

And I'm his only son. Run while you can.

I'm afraid it's a bit late.

You'll do good things together.

Hello? Hello.. No, I'm late, I'm sorry.

It's pouring out here. No, I don't think I can make it..


What? because... OK. Hello..?

What do you mean "stop"?

It's been 2 years.

And you are my lawyer, how can you tell me to stop?

It's not about money. It's about justice.

I want to press charges, OK?

..going to be late.

Thank you. Please keep me informed. Thank you very much. Bye.

They're gonna buy from Singapore, so I don't think..

I'll meet you there, OK?

OK, good call.

So six for fifty tons. They offered me nine!

Always the same gig! Come on, Wu! I'll think about it.

Listen, Wu, this is our final offer. You always know we deal in final offers.

I told you, I'll think about it!!

Look, Wu: your pigs got more antibiotics than proteins.

Now that's good for them, 'cause they're healthier than I am.

But not so good for the people that eat 'em, these are more cancerous than uranium.

I suggest you take the offer.

$200,000 in your Singapore bank in thirty seconds.

Take it or leave it.

Yes? No?

Done. You're a rich man. Let's go.

...a live one.

Let's go, move it!

Find out who offered them nine. Scare 'em a little?

No. We'll sell them the pigs and make $500,000 in 10 minutes.

What a day. Call you later, OK? Be safe.

Hi, Paul. Yeah, I just need to check the account on Hong Kong dollars.

Did you wire the money? Yeah, good. OK.

Just everything in cash.

No, transfer goes directly from Russia to Korea.

And I want you to channel it back to Singapore.

The new cargo is going to leave Odessa next week.

They know the bank.

Yes, they know the account.

Dressed already?

You work by nights... I work by day.

I don't remember your name.

I never gave it to you. There's some Kosher breakfast in the other room if you want it.

If you don't like it, just call room service. OK?

Kosher.. I didn't realize that.. you were Jewish.

I'm not. But I feel safer having a rabbi checking my food. Should be $5000, hope that's OK.

The rest of the world calls it 2001.

Historical Chinese calendar refers to it as the year 4639.

Whatever it's called, that year changed the world.

And not because of the collapse of the twin towers..

The world changed because China entered the global market, and is today, its leader. Old barriers collapsed that year: duties and taxes on Chinese products.

But new ones have been erected, those on food, health, environmental safety.. Set up to slow down the development of this country.

Barriers that we found ways to bypass.

Take the "Made in Italy" label, for example.

One of the most prestigious we have, and salable.

Cold cuts, cheeses, oils, pasta, wine.

Four-fifths of the world's foods, that boast that fake brand, are ours.

A volume of business worth tens of millions of dollars, every year.

But that's the past.

The future is Africa.

Africa! Yeah! Africa!

America and Europe have preyed on that continent for centuries...

And now, now it's our turn!

Africa is the biggest producer of babies in the world.

And babies need one thing in particular: milk.

There are less controls in Africa.

Powdered milk is distributed by non-governmental organizations that worry more about quantity than quality.

Now, if an alternative is to die of starvation, then adulterated milk beats.. having.. nothing.

That's why I call it, the "White Africa Operation".

Thank you.

Mister Lao. Did you enjoy?

What about India's KRDB Group?

It will be hard to try to better their powdered milk.

Could be a hard, both industrial and commercial battle, but the profits to be made are enormous.

You remind me of myself many years ago, Mister Mercury: ambitious and merciless.

I hope to continue following in your footsteps, Mr. Lao.

To everything there is a season, Mister Mercury.


Interesting report. You have just one defect.

I'm not Chinese.

Mister Lao did a good job.

It's time to change.

If the White Africa Operation is successful, you will take his place.

The sky's the limit. It's the highest position someone like you can aspire to, in this country.

Thank you, Mister Feng. Thank you.

Two more of the same. Hey! What's up?

Who said I want another one?

Well, you got at least three reasons to celebrate. Oh, really?.

One, I found the people who offered nine, I sold them the entire stock.

Good. Two, it's your birthday!

That's nice of you, thank you.

And three... what's being said.

What about Mister Feng's promise to make you CEO?

If viruses spread like gossip, man would be extinct.

Well, is there any truth in it? I don't know.

You see, I think there are three kinds of men:

Those who tell the truth.. in my country we call them "saints."

Those who are so powerful they don't give a shit about truth, and we call them "princes".

And then it's me and you and everybody else, who hover between truth and lies.

My father was a saint.

Mister Feng is a prince.

And I'm done with being in the middle, always cheating on everyone.

Good. Then let's go out and really celebrate. Hm?


Well my friend, I've got a little surprise for you.


It's your birthday present.

Are they gorgeous, or what? Huh?

I told you we were going to really celebrate!


Ladies, this is Matteo.. Olga. What's your name?


The most beautiful Monique.. Hello. Monique.

That's Matteo.

We're gonna go have a little bite in a very nice restaurant I know, celebrate his birthday.. Very lovely.

Let's get a cab.. - Alright, yeah. This one.


We're gonna go have a great meal, we're gonna have a few drinks..

We're gonna have some fun... Ah, yeah?

Is this place far? No, 10 minutes, we're there.

I'm really excited about tonight. I'm glad, honey.

So am I. Yeah? Are you?

You wanna meet my friend, have a really good time?

Whats that? That's very big!

Semi-automatic Beretta. 22 caliber.

I gotta little bigger caliber, if you want.

May I? Wow!

Put his gun down. Have you ever killed anyone?

Are you kidding? Come on. That's just for show, put it down.

Have you?

Hey, hey! Put it down. Put it down! What are you doing?

It's a real gun, you don't play with it! Why do you have this?

Sorry, sorry sir. It's OK. Toy gun. Toy!

From the outside it's not really inviting. It's the food that matters.

What would you like to drink, darling? Would you like wine, would you like beer?

I like Thai beer. Do you have Thai beer? Of course.

What would you like? - Chinese. One Chinese beer.

What are you drinking? Whatever. Beer is fine.

Four beers! OK. One Thai, three Chinese beers, thank you.

Can I have a talk with you one second?

I come here about once every two months.

I have a special request. We serve all the best Chinese teas.

No thank you, I would like to see the kitchen. I'm sorry?

I would like to see the kitchen. Come on, Matteo.

I would like to inspect the food.. Come on, Matteo. Please!

Do you have to do this? Can you ask? Is that possible?

OK, all right..

There's a gentleman out there who wants to see the kitchen. What do I say to him?

Point him out to me.

It's him.

Typical westerner. Ignorant and prejudiced.

Let him come. I'll show him.

She's my best friend, she is very shy. But she's interesting...

If you'd like to follow me sir? Thank you, all right.

Sorry. I'll be right back. Do you really have to do this?

I bet I find some of our product.

All right. What do you wanna bet? Your cut of today's deal.

-Come on! - If I don't find any, you lose because they are not a client.

If I do find some, you lose, because you brought me here to eat.

What? It's a no-win situation.. for him.

The gentleman who wished to see the kitchen.

It's a pleasure. I'm cooking. It wouldn't be hygienic.

Go ahead.

Here's the ravioli.

So? You've seen the kitchen...

Well, I want to see the ingredients, the herbs, utensils... if everything is clean.

All you need to see is right here, in front of you.

Trust me... or you can get out.

It's about the food. Nothing else. Look, he's back. He's back!

I'm back and I'm very hungry. Good! - I'm starving, myself.

Cheers! Cheers!

Here's the potatoes.

Oh, wow! That looks so good! Oh my god! - Thank you so much!

Fabulous! Excellent! Thank you.

Your restaurant's falling apart, but it's delicious.

I complained and I was punished. Listen, it's not about the furnishings...

Look what is coming. Oh, my gosh. See?

That's so sweet! It's a surprise. - From me to you.

That's nice. Thank you. Make a wish.


Cheers. Happy birthday, my friend.

I wanted to express my appreciation of the food. 'Twas, excellent!

You weren't so appreciative before.

I didn't know you before. You don't know me now.

You simply trusted me. Then I guess I did the right thing.

You offended me. It wasn't personal.

Food is always personal. Listen, I... - Matteo!

It's time to go. Yeah, go on ahead. I'll meet you later, OK?

Aren't you going to buy me a drink? Oh yeah, sure. Sure.

Oh! I'll just take that.

First round is on me, OK? I'll meet you later.

And tell my friend I'll be late. OK.

Well, it seems like I can't put a foot right tonight. Do you want to redeem me?

So, where do you want to start? Utensils?

Let's go drink at last! Ooooo!

I can't wait..

That's from the northeast of China. It's the best rice you can get.

And the mushrooms. They're from my home town, Yunnan.

Farmers pick them every spring.

The water.. is from the Yangtze springs, and high plateaus of Tibet.

At an altitude of 4,000 meters. 4,512.

Wow. Impressed? 'Twas on the bottle.

Oh guys, there's a cab!

Anymore questions? One.


I like to cook. This isn't cooking. It's warfare.

Oh, I just want to give people the chance to eat something other than garbage. That's why.

Well, the restaurant is half empty. I haven't seen many people around here.

Rich people won't come to eat in a place like this.

No, they want the frills, the trappings of luxury.

Yeah, it's very simple, very Chinese.

Anyway, it's the quality of the food that counts.

People eat with their eyes, not with their stomach.

Deception is the name of the game.

Truth is a luxury, like your little restaurant.

You are wrong. You are wrong.

No! You are wrong.

You came here to eat. It wasn't my idea.

And then you decided to stay. Because you felt you could trust me.

How often does that happen?

Xiwen. It's one o'clock. I'll be leaving.

Sure, Fan. I'll see you tomorrow.

Miss Xiwen, I'm all finished.

Your girlfriend must be waiting for you.

She isn't my girlfriend. She seemed to think so.

Deception is the name of the game.

You smile.

Should I go? Sure. We're closed.

Matteo. Xiwen.

Where are you from? Italy.

Nice. Yes. Far away.

I hope you'll come back.

Basil. That's your herb, blended with a mixture of cellulose, no essences.

The thought never crossed my mind. Thank you.

Good night.

Who are you? Who are you working for?

Give me the gun...

Check if he still has a pulse.

He's dead.

The last load was covered in mold!

We make it with rotten eggs. What do you expect?

I expect that it looks like it's fresh out of the chicken's ass!

And increase the color.

I don't want to see mold in it, no cadaverine, no putrescine.

Increasing the color increases the price.

Not if I supply the color.

I have a load of industrial dye to get rid of.

And don't give me these huge cans: I need 20, 25 liter cans.

You know what we sell it for, right? Schools, homes, prisons!

The cargo is leaving for Europe on Monday. On the label: "Egg Product".

Sweet name, right? Move!


What do you mean, Thomas?


OK. I'll be right there.

No no, I'll go.

The three victims were shot at close range with a handgun.

No witnesses have stepped forward and no other evidence has been shared.

The murder weapons have not yet been recovered.

Detective Xi Chan... has been handed the case.

We have learned that the original murders were come across by a wedding couple taking pictures.

This information and images from earlier on Exactly. by the pair, were popularized by the press.

We have no other information at this time. Get it back to the lab...

What do we got here?

Hey. This man watching...

You guys want to close up the bags? Yeah.

Good morning. Good morning.

I have an appointment with Miss Ree.

Alright, go right in. Please. Thank you.

Good morning, Miss Ree. Good morning.

I got a letter from the bank, and I just want to make sure there's no mistake.

Well, let's take a look.

I'm afraid there's no mistake. Two days.

If you don't pay the debts by then, the bank is going to take away your apartment and the restaurant. I'm sorry.

I thought I could have another two months.

We've already given you all the extensions possible. I'm sorry.

So, uh.. is there any way I could have...

I'm sorry, my hands are tied.

Is there.. anything else I can do?

No, I guess.

I hope I bet on the right horse.

I think it's a private matter. Private?

Some years ago I bought a thoroughbred for twenty million dollars.

It was the fastest and most expensive animal in all of Asia.

A few weeks later, it was found dead in a field.

They discovered that my jockey had been running it in illegal races.

I don't like secrets.

Neither do I.

I've lost.

This is the problem. Taste it.

Powdered milk. Powdered, yes. Milk? Almost.

But with an additive which will fool any test. Melamine?

A new, heterocyclic composition. Simpler, less expensive.

Mortality rate? Below 0.5 percent.

What's the problem? It's not ours.

Hi, Greg. Hi.

This is the KRDB Group's milk.

He managed to get a sample for us from their laboratories.

That's why they pay me the big bucks.

How far ahead are they with their research? They're already in production.

It's a no-brainer. It simulates the same nutritional value as ours, but costs a third less.

So, when the World Health Organization chooses the milk to be distributed in the refugee camps: no hesitation. They chose this.

Then let's do something about it.

Let's fuck the Indians.

Be happy. We're gonna fuck the Indians.

Yes, Mister Bai. I'm good, how are you?

So, you got my e-mail? Yeah, thank you.

Yes, I've asked you because I know how fond you are of my restaurant.



We will never be able to pay them back.

We're going through a very difficult time.

Yes, I understand. I know, I know.

I will repay the money as soon as possible.

Yes. Yes.

I'm just asking for two more weeks!

That's not a lot to ask!


Thank you.

I see. It doesn't matter.

Yeah, thank you anyway, for calling me back.

It was very kind of you. You, too. Have a nice day.


So, how much? Six hundred tons.

So we make, fifty per ton.

Eighty. Fifty.

Seventy. Fifty.

I make no money on fifty! You make money on fifty.

OK. Cash as usual. Of course.

Heigh ho, Matteo.

So what's happening? What are you dealing? Well, scraps of processed leather.

We buy it from the Russians, and sell it to South America.

What do they do with it?

Grind them, and mix it with food for fish, chickens, cows...

They feed animal skins to grass eaters? Yeah.

No, that can't be right. I'll never figure that out.

Well, think about 1000 percent profit and you'll figure it out easy.

Besides, it can't be that bad for you.

People keep eating that shit, and the average age keeps going up and up.

Look at you! Yeah.

You did a good job with the Indians. Thanks.

Wasn't exactly good news for you though, was it?

Let's get inside, I need to talk to you.

Thomas' murder.

It's all everybody talks about.

I need to know who's behind it. What about the police investigation?

Isn't that enough for you? No, I need to know before the police.


Do you have an alibi? Listen, I didn't ask that you investigate me.

Oh don't worry, the cops are going to do that!

I was searching for Thomas all night. So you don't have an alibi!

No, I don't have an alibi!

But I think Thomas had nothing to do with it.

Well, we'd better find out who did have something to do with it, before the police throw your ass in a Hong Kong prison.

Alright, thank you.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you for understanding.

It's nothing, was my pleasure.

Are you closing down? Yep.

The bank is taking everything. The restaurant, my apartment.

How come?

You were right.

People who can afford my cooking don't come to a place like this.

As you grow older and you learn to hate being right.

Did you forget to check something the other night?


Let's go for a walk. Sure.

He ate at my restaurant at least once a week.

The other night was the first time I had seen him with anyone.

Had you seen the girls before? No. Why do you ask?

They were killed, the other night. All of them. - What?


Were you good friends?

I've been asking myself a thousand questions about Thomas, trying to figure out if there was something about him I didn't know.

If he had a double life I didn't know anything about, or... or if he was killed because he was working for me.

What do you do?

Uh, security. It's... it's a field with a lot of unknowns.

I know what it means to lose someone dear to you.

You don't get over it.

Sorry for the restaurant, I wish I could help. - Really?

Yeah. We all need help and someone to trust, don't we?

I thought you said, we all need to deceive.

Thank you for the offer. But, the situation is... beyond help.

So, what are you going to do? Well...

I'll... close the restaurant and then I'm going to treat myself to something I haven't done for years. Like what?

A day off.

I wish I could spend that day with you.

Your ferry. Your ferry.

No. I live above my restaurant.

I'm sorry. I thought I was walking you home.

So, I hope you have a nice day off.

You too, and... hope you get your smile back.


Hi, Paul. I need a money transfer.

Yeah, 500,000 dollars. No, no information on the source.

Thank you.

We have to protect ourselves, don't you agree? Of course. Let's do it right away.

Any news on Thomas' death? Why are you asking me?

I summoned you here because Mister Lao and I are worried.

The operation "White Africa" is our future.

Thomas' death, and this annoying investigation must not put it at risk. That won't happen. I promise.

No loose ends.

You need someone to trust, walking along side you.

Zhao is that person. That's a very good idea.

I wouldn't have chosen better.

I hope this is not an extra burden on his already busy schedule.

It's only a temporary measure.

And things will return to normal.

Unless the investigation turns against you.

My role forces me to be frank, Matteo: we are expendable.

The organization is not.

I'm sure such drastic changes will not be necessary.

I will introduce you to the suppliers and bring you up to speed on "White Africa". - Good.

I hope I don't take up too much of your time, sir. - You'll learn quickly.

And Mister Mercury is a good teacher.

Mister Mercury? The detective would like to talk to you.

...If it's not a problem.

No, not at all.

Our legal department will take care of Mister Mercury.

I'll take care of it. But I suggest you call a lawyer.

Thank you for coming. I know you time is real precious.

I bet you know a lot of things about me. I know a few things.

I summoned you here to give you some good news, and some bad news.

The good news is, we found the pistol that killed your collaborator.

The bad news is...

It's got your fingerprints all over it.

I touched the pistol when the girls showed it to me.

But this was hours before the murders were committed.

I didn't fire that pistol.

We found this credit card on one of the murdered girls. It is yours.

Do you think I would have left my credit card if I had killed them?

That depends on why you would kill them.

I.. did.. not.. kill them.

Do you remember what time you left the restaurant?

No, I don't remember. Let me help you jog your memory.

According to these printouts, you tried to call your friend eleven minutes past one, shortly before he was killed.

Killing someone because he's not picking up my phone calls is a bit exaggerated. Don't you think?

Do you remember, what time you left the restaurant?

I don't remember. The name of the restaurant?

Thomas booked the restaurant, so why don't you check your printout?

We'll do that.

Until we meet again, Mister... Mercury. - Mister Mercury.

Can I have my passport back?

Not yet.

May I go?

Do you want me to go to the bank with you?

No. Thanks, Fan. I'd rather take care of it by myself.

Go home. I'll call you.

I will come back later. OK.

Such a waste!

Hi. Matteo! What are you doing here?

I have a favor to ask you. Sure.

To lie.

The police will be here soon.

They're going to ask you what time I left the restaurant the other night.

At one o'clock. We both know that.

Tell them I left at three. Why?

I have no choice. But, what are they accusing you of?


They say I killed Thomas and the two girls I was having dinner with, the other night.

I didn't do it.

I'm innocent.

I can't. I'm sorry, I can't help you. I can't do something like that.

That's OK.

I knew you would've said that, you're too honest to lie.

I tried. Can't say I didn't try.

Listen. If you just suspect I might be innocent... trust me.


I trusted you.

I can't.

Hello?! Anybody here?

Hello? Sorry, I can't.

I'm sorry, the restaurant is closed.

Well, we're not here to eat.

I'm detective Xi Chan, I'd like to ask you a few questions about some of your patrons.


Please, just excuse me for a moment.

I just need a minute of your time! Ma'am!

She'll be back.


Yes. - Sorry, I just want to ask again, do you recognized them?

They dined here, three nights ago. Have they been here before?

He ate here quite often. But I'd never seen the girls before.

They were murdered that evening... And we suspect that it was him.

Is it true that these three left earlier? - Yes.

And, so why did he stay behind? He was interested in the kitchen.

The kitchen? Yes.

So, what time did they leave? Around midnight?

And him?

Uh, three o'clock I believe? Three o'clock? - Yeah.

So that's 3 hours in the kitchen? Yes.

Lying to the police is a serious offense. You know that?

It's OK.

If you remember anything about the case that might be useful to the investigation, please give me a call. Sure.

Have a nice day. You too.

Good day, Ma'am.

You recognize her?

Yeah, that's one of the two girls I was having dinner with.

That's right What do you know about her?

Her name's Irina... some fucking enormous Russian name.

She's got a police record as long as your arm: robbery, pick-pocketing, a lot. How she got Thomas' pistol.

Oh, she could do that. That would be no problem for Irina.

My guess is, she was killed so that you'd be framed.

That makes sense. But who's behind it, eh?

Fuck I know? You're the guy, who gets all the information!

Then I need you tell me, who wants you out of the way. That would help.

No idea. Come on!

No, I don't know.. the Japanese people, you know, for the meat business.

No, this is "old" stuff, this is... no. Come on!

Dead. Who wants you gone?

KRDB. The Indians. For the milk contract. - Yeah.

Well, given the money that's involved, I can see some people thinking that's worth three lives.

But tell me, Matteo: why kill Thomas?

Why the fuck did they kill Thomas, and not you? Huh?

No idea. No idea...

Madam Xiwen. Nice to see you. Here are the keys and the documents...

Wait. Didn't you get my e-mail?

It's all been taken care of, two days ago. Your debts have been paid off.

What? You didn't know?

By whom? I thought by you, I don't know.

It came in on a numbered account.

Of course it was him. He's paid you back for your lies.

He paid my debts two days before he came to see me. He didn't meet me then.

He knew he would have to ask you for an alibi.

What do you know about him? I just believe he's innocent.

He's accused you. No, Fan!

Yes, I like him. But that's not the reason, I...

I know what this restaurant means to you.

No, Fan, you don't know. You don't know what it means, how it feels, to lose a child in that way!

I opened this restaurant so that Shitou's death would not be in vain! Closing down would be like reliving his death!

We will open the restaurant! I will help you!

But if you go to jail because of this man, it will all be over.

Don't trust him! Otherwise, you will have nothing but trouble.

Sajnani! Hey! - Matteo! Come here, mother-fucker!

How much do you know about that? About what?

How much do you know about the three people that got killed! - Who?

I don't know! - Three people got killed! How much do you know?

It wasn't us, we don't need to! You don't need to? - No.

I'm going to take you to the slaughter house, cut you in pieces and serve you to all the fast food of Manila! How much do you know about it?

Nothing! - Who did it? Somebody bigger than both of us.

What do you know about it? It wasn't us!

If you know anything, you call me.

Yeah. We're together. Get the fuck outta here.

Mister Mercury. Any messages?

There's a new girl for you. Do you want me to send her up to your room?



I have to thank you. That was... very brave of you.

I'm sorry, I can't accept. Why not?

I feel bribed. I lied to the police because I trust you, not so you would save my restaurant.

I covered your debts before I asked you to lie for me.

You can check.

I don't know what to say. Don't thank me.

I did it for a very selfish reason.

I want to eat at your restaurant again.

Even though it's such a cheap, old place?

We can change a few things.

I want it to be very unique.

You can break through that wall.

I'd like to make an archway back here.

We're going to make this space a buffet. And just put all the candles...

OK, and maybe some lighting...

Hold on a minute...

Is that possible?


Hey, look out, sorry ... This can go.

What we don't like, we'll change.

We'll do that!

It looks nice, right?

You like this format? Very nice. Print it.

I love these red chairs! Really? Great!

I'm sorry, we haven't succeeded in synthesizing the compound from KRDB.

It's more complicated than expected.

Securitize it. It's quite simple.

In finance, when you need to raise cash, you sell debt in the form of shares, toxic shares, that aren't even worth the paper they're printed on. In layman's terms?

Our rivals sell expired milk with fake milk proteins.

We will sell fake milk, with fake milk proteins, it's quite simple and cheaper.

What do you mean "fake"?

Whatever looks like powdered milk.

Flour. Ground rice. Chalk.

Anything that looks like powdered milk will do.

As long as it doesn't have an expiration date and costs less.

Adulterating powdered milk causes the death of many children.

To distribute chalk, flour, whatever, as powdered milk more children will die and will alarm all international organizations.

At which point we'll start using expired milk just like our rivals.

We would've earned enough money to buy the silence of any government in the world.

We have another brand, "Baby Lac".

Use that. It's reassuring, it's healthy, perfect for "White Africa".

Mr. Matteo, if you want to win this battle, I suggest you make a decision quickly. Time is running out.

OK. Let's make milk... without milk.

It's beautiful.

You disappeared. I've been busy.

Well, we don't open until tomorrow.

I know. But I love empty restaurants.

It's like being back home.

My father had a restaurant in Milan. Nothing fancy.

The food was good and... and that's where I grew up, between the kitchen, the tables, the larder...

So, what happened to it?

My father died. And I sold it.

It's a pity.

It's a pity.

Well, what do you think? Satisfied?

It's the best investment of my life.

But I'll be satisfied when I can eat your food again.

How about you? I'm happy to see you.

Good morning. Hey! Good morning!

Room service.

Wow. - This is Italian breakfast, especially homemade for you.

Thanks a lot. Cappuccino, fresh oranges, marmalade, biscuits and ... Croissant.

No no, that's French. Cornetto.

Cornetto. Cornetto.

Thank you.

Sorry. One second.

Yeah. - Hey. We need to talk. Let's meet at my hotel.

One hour? - Not a good idea. Why? What's going on?

Meet at the place by the docks. Now.

OK. I'll meet there. Matteo. Come alone.

OK. Ciao.

Problems? I have to go.

So, I'll see you tonight?

Did you mean what you said before? That you would live with me?

Try asking me.

We sent another two cargo ships to Europe today.

I can't believe this "shit" we're sending everywhere.

This was a fishing village.

Then we came with our war ships, and we "forced" the Emperor to gift this to us.

China was swamped in opium, from India. And that was just the start.

Never thought of you as an idealist.

I got her profile from the company she worked for.

Which was?



The Feng Group... the fucking Feng Group.

She handled the docks, Matteo, like me: the espionage, infiltration, investigations, just like me!

Same level in the fucking payroll. Now she's gone.

I won't fucking make monarch now, will I?

So we got a spy-pickpocket-killer, on our payroll.

Now the question: who's pulling the strings? Yeah, that's right, Matteo.

That's the question.

Money. Hong fucking Kong fishing village.

The Emperor should have kick our asses right back into the sea!

Don't trust anyone.

Don't trust me, because I sure as fuck, don't trust you.

Hope to see you soon. Thank you.

The opening went well. Well?

"Well" is when a restaurant is only half full.

Do you have any idea how long I'm booked up for? - No.

Three. Three days?

Three weeks.

Three weeks? What a way to go!

I know. Seems, everyone wants to eat here.

Like you said. People eat with their eyes.

Yeah. People eat with their eyes.

What's this?

A C-section.

One of the few things of my son I have left.

How old was he?


His father was married to another woman so, he never saw his son.

Han Shitou. That's my son's name.

It means "little stone."

He lived with my parents while I worked for a multinational here in Hong Kong.

And he... died in my arms from food poisoning.

An adulterated drink.

Fruit juice mixed with pesticide.

There were several cases.

You might have read about it. It was big news for a while.

After he died, I quit my job and... used up all my savings, first in a legal battle, with the makers of that juice.

And then in the restaurant.

I can't understand why this place is so important to me.

Why I'm so grateful to you for what you've done.

I'm sorry.

I have not had a single day of happiness until I met you.

I'd like to welcome you all, to our third event of the year, here in Hong Kong, including all the representatives of North and South America... all over the globe, Europe, the African Continent, and of course, Asia.

After study tests of the product which you brought to our attention, and an evaluation of the industrial reliability and standards of the companies which you represent, the commission which I chair is now ready to announce it's decision.

The contract for the supply of powdered milk for non-governmental organizations operating on the African Continent goes to ... the "Baby Lac Brand".

Well, you can tell your father. He must be very happy.

Congratulations. Yeah.

The worst won. Good luck.

What else do we need?

Madam Xiwen? I need you to come with me. It's OK.

I'm sorry, I'm busy. It's important, you need to come now.

Just give me a reason. Why? We'll explain that. Please?

Sure. She'll be fine. Thank you very much Xiwen? - Fan. Here.. That's OK.

Have some water, Miss Xiwen.

And start thinking clearly.

This is Mister Ni Tong.

From Beijing's Food Safety Administration.

We don't have much time, so I'm going to get right to the point.

We know of your involvement with Mister Matteo Mercury.

And we know that you've lied to give him an alibi.

But that's not why you're here.

His name is not "Mercury".

And neither is he the good man that you think he is.

He's involved in the traffic of adulterated foods all over the world.

Like the juice that killed your son.


It's not true. - We can present you with written and video proof.

But you're an intelligent woman. You wouldn't be here if it weren't true.

You have two choices.

Help us incriminate him and stop his organization, or be considered an accomplice and face arrest. You decide.

Do you know how many children and babies have been effected by this business?


How many more mothers have to lose their children, before somebody puts a stop to them?

293,000! Think about it!

Stop wasting time!

I can't believe it.

I can't believe it.

Hey. Come in.

Come in.

You're all wet. What's going on? Wait.

What is it? You're wet.

Come here. Come here! What's wrong with you?

Ah, don't... touch me! Wait!

Wait! Stop it, stop.

What is it? What's wrong?

Come here.

I need you.

Stop! Stop it!

What is it?

Come here.

Is everything OK? Yeah.

My phone was ringing. I forgot to turn it off.

Let's go to sleep. Yeah, I'll turn it off now.

I hope that this urgency is justified.

What I'm about to tell you is worth every cent you've paid me to date, Mister Lao.

I am monitoring everything. It will be done smoothly.

This is a very delicate matter.


Good morning. Good afternoon.

You overslept. It's past 5 pm.

What are you doing here? I live here.

Sure, I mean ... shouldn't you be at work?

I took the day off.

Computer, cell phone, everything is off. I'm all yours.

Why... this surprise?

Tonight I need to be with you. I need to be with someone I trust.

OK, so Lantau South, Hei Ling Chau and Chan Chau.

They're in place? Those are our three points.

They're marked on the map. Okay. Good. That's fine.

Hello? Did you downloaded the data?

Sorry, I can't make the appointment tonight, I'm with a friend.

Do you have it with you? Yes. Yes, on my phone.

One of my men will get to you as quickly as possible. - I'll talk to you later.

You'll hand him the phone. Bye.

I'll take care of this. - Alright, we'll communicate by radio. - OK.

Let me know if anything comes up. Got it.


Get on with it.

I'm truly sorry that you had to make such an important decision.

We are all expendable. Him included.

This town... so neat, so... so clean.

When I first came, I thought everything was gonna be perfect.

Now I want you to know everything.

I'm not a killer.

But I am indirectly responsible for the three deaths the police are accusing me of and other deaths that I don't know about.

All my money comes from the traffic of adulterated food.

I sell everything. To anyone. Everywhere.

Your son died because of people like me.

I have no words to justify what I have done.

I can only say that I'm deeply sorry and the disgust that I feel for myself is due ... to meeting you.

I'm turning my back on it all. For you.


Hello? I'm outside right now.

Are you listening? You need to bring the phone to me, now.

Just don't be stupid or you'll be in very big trouble.

Hello? Hello?

Let's get out of here. Now.

I know everything. I have since yesterday.

I was going to collaborate with the police and have you arrested.

Here's the data. Do what you like with it.


Because you told me the truth.

Stop here!

They've left the taxi and taken off on foot.

What? Don't lose them! I'm gonna send backup. Stay with them!

Warn all units in the area. Take a few guys with you.

Base to One, Base to One? Over.

Base to One? Over.

Why isn't he answering? What the hell's wrong with him? Base to One! Over.



This way!

Come on!

Come on! This way!


We just want to look around. Go ahead.

Do you mean it?

What? - Would you really turn your back on everything?

Yes. Then my answer is yes.

I want to be part of your life.

I'll give all the information to the police.

How? Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Then I... I go with you No, I have to do this.

I owe it to you. You go home. I'll take care of this.


I love you.

I'll kiss you when I get back.

Hello? Commissioner Xi Chan?

I'm his second in command, Zin Peng. I'm in charge of this operation.

I want to meet you. Wharf 86. Bring the phone with you.

I want the girl to be safe. She has nothing to do with this.

Make sure you have the phone. See you in thirty minutes.

Xiwen has nothing to do with this. So keep her out of it.

As promised.

You hand me that phone, and the woman goes back to her normal life.

The negotiation is not over yet. We got visitors.

Matteo. Hi, Zhao.

You had Thomas killed, and tried to frame me.

Yes. I had Thomas killed, and I tried to frame you.

But your beautiful girlfriend spoiled that for me, didn't she?

I suppose money can buy you love, after all.

I don't understand. You're an only child. The organization will be yours one day.


You showed me, that just because you're the only child, doesn't mean you're the chosen child.

But yes, the organization will be mine. Sooner, rather than later.

And as you say, tie up all loose ends.

I'll make use of your mistakes, Matteo. Thank you very much.

Get the phone.

You're online...

Traditional cooking as always? Yeah. Best in the world.

The best in the world. Definitely.

Hey, How are you? Good. It's good to see you.

Yeah. Who's going to help me? I'm missing something here!

Hello! This is my friend Xi Chan.

That's not very funny. Come!

What's his name? What's your name?

Matteo. Matteo? That's a lovely name.

A lovely boy.

Yeah. Are you a lovely boy?


I like that name.

Are you a nice boy or a naughty boy? Naughty.

Oh, a naughty boy!




"For Elana, the woman who changed my life"