The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead (2018) Script

In ancient Russia, people said, do not walk around the lake at night.

The mermaid is waiting there, and as soon as you share your feelings of love with her, she will stun you and she will tickle you, dragging you to the bottom.

And if you try to resist her charms, you will not be forgiven.

She will separate you from the one you love.

She will torture you until your very last day on earth.

You can only save yourself if you give her your most precious thing.

But the drowned woman has never released anyone.

Because they lost their love, they perished.

And now, you will meet the same fate.


Stop this, please.

Don't say a word, I beg you.

Be silent.

You hear me? Be silent.

Give him back, take me.

Give him back, take me.



I'm sorry.

She's here.

Hand, give me your hand!

Give me your hand!

Knees together, point your toes, that's good.

Roma, tell me about the house.

Is it roomy?

That's enough for today.

Try not to be late tomorrow.

When I was a kid, it seemed kinda big.

It's been 20 years since I was last there.

And it's for sale, anyway.

So, we'll fix it up.

Why, and do what with it?

What do you mean?

Live there.

All right, that's it. Hey!

Come on now, try it, carefully.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, now let go.

Let go, shh. No, no, Roma, it won't work!

Come on, listen.

Nothing works unless you try it yourself.

Trust the water, it'll guide you.

I don't want to trust it.

Trust me then.

Okay. Okay.

Hold on, hold on.

Swim away, dude.

Hey, Marina, listen.

I gotta borrow your fiancé today.

Why is that?

I'm arranging a little entertainment to celebrate the untimely demise of his bachelorhood.

Ah, you are aware that such things often lead to the cancellation of the wedding, right?

Ah, don't you worry.

I'll bring your boy home safe.

I'll come back alone.

We do have qualifications soon.

You wimpin' out?

Not me, you're the one in trouble.

You won't be able to swim.

I won't, huh?

Well, Kitaev, sounds like a challenge.

I mean it.

Race me two laps.

Let's see who won't reach the line.

You're gonna lose.

Enough talk, come over and prove it.

Okay, I'll be right back.

Let go of the side.

Be proud of yourself.

I'll just, just trust it.

Trust the water.

Don't cry, you'll get me next time.

Breathe, just breathe.

Look at me, everything's fine.

Just breathe.


What's for dinner?

Faucet broke again.

Fix it, please.

Are you still mad about the pool?

It was fine. I got there in time.

Roma, I can't swim.

You promised to be around.

I left you at the edge, right?

What happened?

So is she pissed at you?

Yeah, it looks like it.

Ah, whatever.

She just freaked out a bit.

She'll get over it.

I shoulda stayed.

Come on.

The hell's that mean?

We're already gone, so what?

We'll see the house, chill out for a while, enjoy some fresh air.

Take it easy.

I mean, it's normal to freak out before the wedding.

You worry, so does he.

Where is he, by the way?

Who? Roma, silly.

Probably at the summer house.

What summer house?

Mm, the old one your father gave us, you know, as a wedding gift.

Wait, our father has shown up?

Olga, don't move.

I don't know.

He sent the deed, the keys, told us to sell it off.

I would rather fix it up, to be honest.


What's strange?

We haven't seen him for 20 years.

Wow, it's still a dump.

I thought he sold it ages ago.

What's wrong with him?

Your father, I mean.

Did you see the lake around there?


It's where my mother drowned.

Father went nuts because of it, but I was a kid.

I don't remember.

I see.

Olga and I were at our grandparents'.

I haven't seen him since.

Damn, that sounds bad.

Have you tried talking to him?

Who, my dad? Yeah.

Give me some light.

I don't even know him. What can he tell me?

About your mom, maybe.

Kit, we have electricity in this place?

Check for a fuse box.

A fuse box, he says.


Yeah, what you doing down here?

Put the light down.


There must have been a flood.

Need to clean the drain.

Yo! Hey, hey!

I think we're here, guys. Is this the place, man?

This place looks haunted as shit.

Come on, hurry up! What the hell is this, Ilya?

What do you think?

I told you we need to chill out.

Come on, it's fine.

Yeah, yeah, come on in. I'm not in the mood.

I know you're not.

I'm fixing your mood.

We used to tell fortunes with my mom for fun.

We'd look into two mirrors opposite each other and see if we can spot Mr. Right.

Well, did you see him?

Course not, it's nonsense.

What, burning your hair is not?

I don't believe in the Mr. Right thing, I do believe in the power of hair, and one shouldn't leave it behind, even here.

Don't worry about Roma.

You're a great couple.

No need to fight, okay?

Okay, bye.

All right!

Hey, guys, to the groom.

Marina's a nice girl, of course.

No, really, I mean it, but this is a life sentence.


So, buddy, to spend the last days of your bachelor life to the fullest, from us to you, we got you a present.

Let's get this party started!

Yeah, yeah, bring 'em in!

Oh, ho, ho!

Guys, thank you.

No offense, okay, you all have fun.

I gotta take a walk.

Ah, what?

He's acting weird.

What happened? Come on, man.

Do you love me?


Roma! Roma!

Kitaev! Roma!

Kit, Kit!

Where you at? Roma!

Kit, where are you?


Roma, where are you?


Rome, what are you doing on the ground?

Roma, what are you doing on the ground?

Guys, give me a hand.

Where's the girl? What girl?

All right, let's go. There was a girl here.

Where is she?

What friggin' girl?

Been there for long?

Long enough to see these bloom.

Your arms, Kitaev, your arms!

Ulyanov, speed up, longer oars, longer!

Rodionov, how many times do I need to say, keep your elbows underwater?

What's going on, huh?

Qualification's tomorrow.

Rome, don't piss away our hard work.

Did something happen, Rome?

Feel sick, got a fever, what?

Didn't sleep well.

Didn't sleep well.

I'll be fine by tomorrow, coach.

Uh-huh, first position.

Keep swimming 'til you get it right.

Coach Nikolayevich, Marina and I were planning on having dinner together.

You could do that.

Up to you.

Are you feeling all right?

I'm fine.

Doesn't look like it.

Everything's fine.

You sure?

Yeah, man.

Do you love me?

Marina, stop it.

I'm not feeling very well.

Enough already!

I'll sue your damn coach into the ground.

He shouldn't have let you swim when you're this sick.

Here, drink it.

Lie down.

Come on, lie down, lie down.

You're burning up.

I don't love you.

I don't love you.

How is he feeling?

Looks better, I guess, asleep.


I was wondering, though, why do you need to fix the place up?

I mean, you can find an agent and sell it.

Easier for everyone, don't you think?

I don't know. I'd have to discuss it with Roma first.

Had another fight?

No, no.

Just, um, he's acting strange.

Maybe he met someone.

No way.

I found something.

Look. Looks like junk.

Hold it closer.

Did you ask where it came from?


See, you're winding yourself up.

Go get some rest.

It'll be okay.

Thanks, Olga.


See ya.


Quiet, be quiet.

Just a dream, it was just a bad dream.


He's got a nice speed.

It's impressive.

This race is over.

Attention, please, Kitaev, Rodionov, get ready.

Okay, guys, keep your speed.

Remember the technique.

Ilya, elbows.

Roma, like yesterday.

Now, go on, good luck.

Pass me a water. Yeah, sure, which one?

Thank you.

Do you love me?

No, no, no.

Help, need some help over here.

Hey, what happened?

What's wrong, is he all right?

Just breathe, okay, just breathe.

We got you, come on.

Wake up. It's gonna be all right, just hang on.

Come on, all right? Breathe.

There was a young girl, barely a teenager.

I can't shake the feeling she's around.

Every time I close my eyes, I see her face.

What face?

She's like a wild animal.

Roma, the doctor says you got dehydrated.

You just need to sleep it off.

You're tired.

No, that's not the point.

Tell us more, Roma.

Where did you first see her?

On the lake.

She was wearing my shirt.

I was drawn to her.

He's delirious.

There was nobody there.

I swear I couldn't help myself.

We kissed, and I felt like I couldn't breathe.

Rome. Marina, I'm sorry.

I just couldn't help myself.

Please, Marina!

Roma, listen to me.

What else do you remember?

What did she look like? Okay, hold on.

Roma, come back!


Marina, Marina!

He doesn't need you.



Roma, what's wrong?


Somebody, please, we need some help!



Kit, Kit, open up!


He doesn't look good.

He's on death's door.

Should we take him back?

We have to go and meet with someone first.

Hello, Dad.

You gave Roma the house.


You shouldn't have come here.

I'm sick.

Roma saw the girl on the lake.

With the long hair.

She took his shirt, and now he's ill.

That's impossible. She died a long time ago.

Do you recognize this?

No, I don't.

Now, leave.

Father, what exactly happened 20 years ago?

Olga. Speak up now!

Olga! How did Mom die?

Olga, that's enough! Your son may be next.

Leave me be!

I'm begging you, please!

Tell us! Stop it, get out!

You can't hide your whole life.

She drowned, all right!

She drowned!


You... don't talk to her.

Don't you dare talk to her! Who?

She'll take you away!

Don't you, don't you dare!

I met her on the lake.

She asked if I loved her.

I didn't answer, so she kept coming back, torturing me the entire time.

I couldn't escape from her.

Your mother, she somehow found a way to get rid of her.

I called her by her name, but it didn't work, and she took your mother away.

She never came back.

From that day, everything lost its meaning, everything but her.

I think about her every single day.

Not your mom, but her.

I see her hair, her eyes.

I can never forget her.

What did Mom do specifically?

Not sure.

Under the old dock, she found something under the water.

Except it won't help you, my son.

She will drive you mad.

Let's go to this damn lake.

We need to know what your mother did.

Sit, sit, sit.

Everything okay?

It's been 20 years, but nothing here has changed.

Marina, you're not mad at Kitaev, are you?

He was out of his mind, you know.

None of your business, get in the water.

Everything'll be fine.

Stay with Roma, please.

Hey, swimmer boy, come with me.

So, what, are you in charge now?

Come on, we can't do it without you.

Don't be scared.

Please forgive me.

We can deal with this.

We'll sort it out together.

Let me get you some water.

Right here's where I found him, with the comb next to him.


Take your clothes off. You need to dive in.


Got it!





Lisa Grigorieva's her name.

Take what's yours.

Give me the loved one.

Take what's yours.

Give me the loved one.

Take what's yours.

Give me the loved one.

Take what's yours.

Give me the loved one.


Give me the loved one.

Take what's yours.

Give me the loved one.

Take what's yours.

Give me the loved one.

Take what's yours.

Give me the loved one!

Give me the loved one!





I saw her.


Your mother.



Drink this.

You'll feel better.

Maybe it's all about the comb.

LG, Lisa Grigorieva.



What makes you think she committed suicide?

Suicide victims weren't buried in cemeteries.

So, what, they buried her in the lake?

On the shore.

The lake spilled over when the dam was built.

Well, what should we do?

This has to be it.

We shouldn't have taken her comb.

"Take what's yours and give me the loved one."

You were saying that power's in the hair.

Could the comb be it?

Your mom was performing a ritual in the bath.

What do you think?


Well, it didn't work for her, not an option.

What else is there?

I say we get out of here.

No, she'll find him anywhere.

We need to fight.

What is it, Rome?

Rome, what happened?

Are you cold?

Can I get you a blanket?


There's nobody under there.

We have to do something.

I'm trying the ritual.

Do me a favor and stay here.

Are you sure?


Scream if something goes wrong.

I'm here.

Lisa Grigorieva.

Take what's yours.

Give me the loved one.

When I was a kid, I had a dream.

I'm in the house, alone.

Parents are out.

And then suddenly, I hear someone outside.

He says, "Open the door," but I don't open it.

And the door slowly opens, all by itself.

Hinges creak.

The deadbolt turns.

Somehow, I'm on my way to open the door.

Mom is standing there.

She looks at me and whispers, "I'm taking the one who's home alone, the one you love"

And I'm scared.

Do you love me?

I do.

Did you hear that?



What are you doing?

Take me.


I can't bear this anymore.

Take me.


What are you doing?

Enough. I can't bear it.

That's enough! I can't do this anymore.

Lisa Grigorieva, take what's yours and give me the loved one.

We used to tell fortunes with my mom for fun.

We'd look into two mirrors opposite each other and see if we can spot Mr. Right.

Lisa Grigorieva, take what's yours and give me the loved one.

Do you love me?

More than life itself.

Look who's here.

No, no, go.

You said you loved me more than life itself.

Go away.

He doesn't love you.

Go away, go away, go away, go away!



Quiet, shh.



Marina, Marina.



Do you love me?

Do you love me?

And me?

How 'bout me?

Do you love me?

And me? And me?

Choose me.

Choose me.

Choose me.

Choose me.

Choose me.

Choose me.

I love you.

I think it worked.

She took the comb.

Not going to rain today.

How are you? I'm fine.

Get in, we're leaving.


Your mother was beautiful.

Let's get out of here.

I do love you.

I do love you.

I do love you.

Where is Ilya?

He followed you.


Get in, I'll be right back.



I'll take everyone you love.


Roma, hold on!

Hold on to me!

Let's go!

Where's Ilya?

She got to him.

What the?

Come on.

Son of a...

Roma! Wait a sec.

Rome, Roma, Roma!

Roma, she's here!





We gave the comb back.

We gave the comb back. We were wrong.

It's not about the comb.

She needs something else.

She needs me.

No... Rome!

Don't do it!


Rome, Roma!


Do you love me?

I do.


You love her!

Lisa Grigorieva, take the bride.

Give my brother back.

Lisa Grigorieva, take the bride.

Give my brother back.

Lisa Grigorieva, take the bride.

Give my brother back.


Lisa Grigorieva, take the bride.

Give my brother back.

What's wrong with you?

She can't be killed, see?

She can't.

It's a life for a life.

Mom gave hers for Dad, so you give yours for Roma.


Olga, Olga, please, untie me.

Olga, Olga. Lisa Grigorieva.

Take the bride. Please, I'm begging you.

Give my brother back.

Olga, Olga, please, untie me.

I'm begging you, don't do this!

Lisa Grigorieva, take the bride!

Give my brother back.

Let me out of here!

You have to!

Lisa Grigorieva, take the bride.


This will not work.

Your mother volunteered her life.

It can't be forced.

Get the hell back!

We can only feed her with our love.

And then she turns it into hatred.


She wants us to suffer.

I was weak.

You are strong.

You're stronger than any of us, dear.

You have your mother's eyes, same eyes.

I won't leave Roma.

I won't leave him.

You don't have to.

We'll find a way out, dear.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.



I haven't seen you for so long.

Take me.

Leave them alone.

No, Dad.

I still love you.


Dad, Dad, please!

Rome, Roma!

We were wrong.

It's not about the comb.

Rome, her power is in her hair.

You need to cut it off, do you hear me?

Just cut off her hair!

Rome, Rome!

Rome, Rome, Rome!

A life for a life.

Mom gave hers for Dad.

Give him back.

Take me.

Do you love me?

Of course.


Wake up.

Wake up!


Please, I made it!

Please, I made it in time!

Wake up!

Please, I made it in time!