The Message (1976) Script

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

From Muhammad, the Messenger of God to Heraclius, the emperor of Byzantium. greetings to him who is the follower of righteous guidance.

I bid you to hear the divine call.

I am the messenger of God to the people; accept Islam for your salvation.

He speaks of a new prophet in Arabia.

Was it like this when John, the Baptist came to king Herod out of the desert, crying about salvation?

To Muqawqis, Patriarch of Alexandria.

Kisra, emperor of Persia.

Muhammad calls you with the call of God.

Accept Islam for your salvation... embrace Islam.

You come out of the desert, smelling of camel and goat.

To tell Persia where he should kneel?

Muhammad, Messenger of God.

Who gave him this authority?

God sent Muhammad as a mercy to mankind.

The Scholars and Historians of Islam - The University of Al-Azhar in Cairo The High Islamic Congress of the Shiat in Lebanon have approved the accuracy and fidelity of this film.

The makers of this film honour the Islamic tradition which holds that the Impersonation of the Prophet offends against the spirituality of his message.

Therefore, the person of Mohammad will not be shown.

600 years after Christ died, when Europe was sunk in the dark ages and everywhere the old civilizations were falling, Muhammad was born in Mecca, in Arabia.

Mecca was then a rich trading city, ruled by its merchants whose wealth was multiplied by a unique privilege... they housed the gods.

Every year, at the time of the great fair, the desert priests brought their idols and the images of their gods into the custody of the Kaaba.

Once, the most holy shrine of Abraham, the Kaaba had now become a house of idolotry hosting no fewer than 360 different gods.

Mecca in 610 A.D.


Have you had today's count Umaya?

Not yet... but this year the Gods are gold.

When you put the Gods and Prophet together, you sit very pretty between hmm?

And more gods to place in the Kaaba.

Caravan from Syria.

Hmm...they must have been running. They'll be thirsty.

Put five more men on north wells.

How many sheep shall I have to kill for them?


Give them a hundred.

Mecca must keep her name for hospitality.

And ten lambs for the leaders.

Bread and water, do the poets have in the Hakim's house?

Where verse and prose are nightly put to slaughter.

And...and the bread, I swear in there, is thinner than the water! the space, open the space, you lovers of poetry, to Abu Sufian, willing and which... patron of the arts.

When Abu Sofyan invites the poet in, their joy is kit and love is kin.

Where wines and cakes abound, the skills of Abu Sofyan.

All revels and all songs begin, when Abu Sofyan invites the poet in.

From the silkworms of China, my lady.

A pleasure to the limb... and as my lady can see, a ravish to the eye.

Yes, 7 lengths.

20 dinars.

Abu Sofyan's wife?


Oh, gold! The gods of the Kaaba have their needs, their upkeeps.

Who is that man who stood there, who looked into my soul?

Carry me away from here.

Why must Muhammad come down here?

Why don't you stop him?

He is your nephew.

Maybe he will change.


He is 40 years old.

It's unnatural... with a rich wife, he could afford the best of Mecca.

Yet he chooses to sit shivering in a cave.

It is unnatural!

For a man who dares to risk the anger of Al-Uzza, who keeps our health.

Manat, the god of our prosperity.

Allat, the god of our family and tribes. and Hubal...

Hubal, who starts our caravans and predicts our fate.

To challenge the gods within earshot of the gods is dangerous.


Rebellious, blasphemous.

Yes, I'm afraid Muhammad will harm himself.

I am always sad when the great fair is over.

I might not see the next one.

Abu Talib! Abu Talib!

Catch your breath, Zaid!

Has Muhammad come down from Mount Hira yet?

He's been up there three days.

No, no, I haven't seen him.

Khadijah hoped he might have come to you on his way home.

Then he's still up there.

Three days.

I'm afraid for him on the mountain, because...

I don't know what it means.

Men see the world too well from a mountain.

Muhammad! Read!

In the name of thy Lord who created man from His sensitive drop of blood.

Who teaches man what he knows not.


He's still trembling under the blanket... but he has spoken.

Zaid! What happened to my nephew on the mountain?

He was alone, in the cave.

Suddenly, an angel came in to him.

The angel said: Read!

Muhammad replied: I can not read.

The angel commanded again: Read!

In the name of thy Lord, who created man from His sensitive drop of blood, who teaches man what he knows not.


Who knows if it was Gabriel?

It could have been a dream.

When Muhammad was coming from the mountain, he saw Gabriel plainly.

In the shape of a man standing on the horizon.

Wherever he looked, upon every turn of his head he saw him.

And Gabriel said to him again, I am Gabriel...

and you Muhammad, are the Messenger of God.

Who has he told about this?

His wife, and Ali, and, his friend Abu Bakr.

And you?

I am his adopted son.

Be careful to whom you talk.

Tell him his uncle who protected him when he was a child, will protect him still.

After all...

they say the God of Moses spoke to him out of a burning bush.

If you do not restrain your nephew then we will.

He's dividing the city, heart against house.

He's dividing the generations child against parent.

The young are listening to him.

He attracts the young.

We are Arabs, we obey our fathers.

Our children cannot be our teachers.

How can we accept that the man we met in the street yesterday can be some God's Prophet today?

Dead bones can live again, he says because He who created man can also make man return from the dead, he says!

The Gods might leave us and give their benefits to another city.

Tell him...we will give him authority, position, and keys to the Kaaba, and money, what money he wants.

Tell him, we will give him anything he wants.

Muhammad, spare yourself ...and me.

Do not put a greater burden on an old man that he can bear.

In your childhood, you were in my arms.

I cannot now see you hurt.

If you refuse them... they will hurt you.

He said this to me:

Were they to put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, I would not renounce my message, which is from God.

When I am dead, you may do as you please, but whilst I'm alive, you will obey your father!

Why did you hurt our father?

If I were drunk every day and played dice every night, you'd call it high spirits!

You will be more my brother than you are now!

You are all my children.

I've given you everything I could, but it seems not to be enough.

Muhammad gives me more, he give all the world more.

Get him out of here, father!

It's not Waleed or me, it's our father.

You tortured him.

Wait Hudayfa, wait!

How can they say it's an invention, Musab, when it isn't new?

In Mecca, it's new.

Yet, God has said it all before... to Noah, Moses, Jesus to all the Prophets, but people changed it, turned it, forgot it.

Now God said it to Muhammad again... and it is new again.

What is it?

It's Jafar.

What have you brought with you?

The very word of God.

When the sun is overthrown.

When the stars fall.

When the mountains vanish.

When the camels big with young are abandoned.

When the wild beasts are herded together.

When the seas rise.

When the souls are sorted.

When the female infant who is buried alive, asks for what crime she was killed.

When the books are opened.

When the sky is torn away, then... every soul... will know what it has done.

Were you there, Jafar when God gave him these words?

Dawn is coming up.

Ammar, you first, then you Jaafar.


You kept your mother awake all night with worry.

I'm sorry father.

Where were you?

Have you been with Muhammad again?

What will happen now?

Forgive him, it was my fault, I did it.

That God has helped us all our lives.

But it fell... it could not even help itself.

What talk have you been listening to?

The real god is unseen.

He's not made of clay.

Ammar, we see the gods in the Kaaba every day.

I'm afraid for you.

You're listening to people who will hurt you.

I'm listening to Muhammad, mother.

Muhammad is generous, yes.

He gives, he shares, he'll pass no man without a smile, but he is spreading dangerous ideas.

Dangerous ideas, that no man should start?

That the rich should not afloat the poor?

The strong should not oppress the weak?

Are these dangerous ideas?

Girls should not be forced into marriage, but be able to choose or refuse.

By only tonight, he said;

Stop the burial of new-born girls.

I was fortunate, always fortunate with your mother.

Yes, but you know that you and I nearly never met, Yasser.

And you were nearly never born.

I was to be buried, like my two sisters,

but my father couldn't do it.

He couldn't do it the third time.

When the second girl was being...

when my father was putting sand over her,

she took hold of his finger, the way a baby does.

He told my mother afterwards, that it was a minute... before the tender little grip eased...

and he dared take away his hand.

When I was born, my father ran out of the house screaming that he couldn't do it again, that he could never do it again.

Sumayyah, it is the custom.

But it's wrong.

The gods that let such things be are no gods.

I promised to go to Muhammad's house mama, we pray there.

Yes! He is a good man.

Yes... yes, you go.

Two men are following him.

Read? Muhammad can neither write nor read.

But he can speak.

What did you say?

He can speak?

Well, so can you so now, you speak up young man.

What does Muhammad say, umm?

They are God's words, not his.

Which god's?

What words?

A speaking god?

Your Muhammad speaks only to himself.

When God reveals His message to Muhammad, he remembers every word then he tells it to those who can write... this is the Quran.

Muhammad has starved himself into dreams.

He hides under a blanket with his eyes shut.

His eyes are shut but his heart is open.

You! Kick him for his cleverness.

There is no purpose in that.

Doesn't Muhammad realize, we live by giving housing to the gods?

We own the Kaaba.

Every year, the tribes of Arabia come here to Mecca to pray and to buy from us.

Now, were we to replace 300 Gods with just one?

Whom we cannot even see, who is supposed to be in Taif and Medina, here in my house, in Jerusalem, on the moon?

Where would Mecca be then?

The gods are both our worship and our revenue.

You cannot buy and sell God.

Young man, you are close to the whip.

Ammar, be sensible boy.

I have a question.

Muhammad teaches you, a slave is equal to his master.

This black Bilal, who I paid money for...equal to me?

Yes Muhammad says... before God, all men are as equal as the teeth of a comb.

This is a very pleasant idea to slaves and beggars.

It gives them pretensions.


Teach this man the difference between the Lord of Mecca and a slave.

Take that whip.

Lash his face, to teach his mouth a lesson.

Whip him!

Whip him!

Cut him!

Whip him!

Do it Bilal!

Obey them!

They will kill you!

See what anarchy they bring!

They've even infected our slaves!

If you're human enough to have gods...


They are the gods of your owner!

I bought your humanity Bilal when I bought you.

You will be corrected!

One, one God.

There is only one God!

Who is stronger now?

Your master or this one god of yours?

One God.

There is only one God.

Bring the stones!

One God.

One... God.

Crush him!

Break him!

Have you finished with him?

There is only one God!

One God! You could swear the slave was preaching!

One God! Lord Umaya!

Abu Bakr will pay a 100 dinars for this slave.

Wait now!

It's against our social order to sell a slave during his correction.

The offer is to Lord Umaya!


If the price of slaves is raised,

we shall have to bail ourselves next year.

Take him!

He is no use to me anymore!

Kill him or take him, I'm finished with him!

We are declaring ourselves.

God has told his messenger to declare Islam to all men!

Open the windows!

Let the world hear!

We are coming out of the darkness!

Hear well the word of God! Hear well the messenger of God!

There are no other gods but God and Muhammad is his messenger.

There are no other gods but God and Muhammad is his messenger.

We have come into light, join us in the march to the Kaaba!

God is most great, God is most great!

God has no partner!

We have come into light, join us in the march to the Kaaba!

Muhammad and his rebellion called Islam are coming out, to foul our gods and dethrone religion.

Don't let them reach the Kaaba!

Throw them back! Defend your gods!!

There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Protect the prophet!

There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God.


God is great!

This is blasphemy you idiot!

God is great!

God is great!

God is great!

There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Now's the time to break them, there are only 30 of them.

No, we've done enough.

More will only create sympathy for them.

God is great!

Stand down! God is great!

God is great!

In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful.

Say: O you who reject faith, I worship not what you worship.

Keep him out of the Kaaba! I worship not what you worship.

Keep him out of the Kaaba!

Lead them out!

Neither do you worship what i worship. Lead them out!

Neither do you worship what i worship.

Silence, you're a false prophet! Neither do you worship what i worship.

Silence, you're a false prophet!

Finish Muhammad!

Protect the prophet! Finish Muhammad!

Protect the prophet!

Messenger of God, back to the corner!

Hamza! Hamza!

You are brave.

He is the bravest man in the desert... when he meets unarmed men.

Muhammad a liar!


If you don't let him speak!

Where's the lie and where's the truth... when it hasn't been spoken yet?

Muhammad is a fraud!

Stand up! Hit me back if you dare!

I affirm my nephew's religion and I say what he says!

Whoever has the courage to fight, fight with me!

Muhammad, when I hunt the desert at night...

I know God... is not kept in a house.

Who would have thought that Hamza, Hamza above all, with his wine drinking, lion hunting... would come to join Muhammad?

The more we attack him, more they seem to join him.

Where does he find his words?

I don't know.

How can an illiterate man go up on a mountain and come down three days later, blazing with poetry?

If it were just poetry...

he says it's God.

How do we fight someone whose strength we do not understand?

Muhammad promises heaven, trees in the skies.

So naturally he's found an audience.

Then we must make that audience less eager to listen to him.

We will begin with the weaker ones.

Your turn!

Have mercy!

Stretch her!

Who is your God? Answer me!

Say it!

Say Hubal is your God!

Say it!

There is only one God and Muhammad is the messenger of God!

Oh my god!


Your father and mother are the first martyrs of Islam!

You are promised paradise!

How much are you men prepared to suffer?

The Prophet has said we must leave Mecca.

If you stay, they will kill you... one by one.

Muhammad says that in Abyssinia, there is a Christian King.

No man is wronged in his country.

We must leave now, today.


God be praised!

Let us go.

We found their tracks and followed them, but they just disappeared!

They were there... in the desert, under the vultures and you let them escape you!

Escape? They vanished!

If Muhammad has stayed, then only the weakest have gone.

Weak or strong, they'll blacken our name.

We're honest merchants, we buy and sell in good faith.

We cannot afford scandal.



You are a friend of Annajashi, the king?


Can you use that friendship?

I think I can bring them back... yes.


Rise up Amr.

Please, nothing you may ask for that we will not give.

Lion of Judah, I...

I don't know where to begin.

You have our friendship, begin there.

Certain runaway slaves have escaped from us into your kingdom.

Slaves go back, as you no doubt would returned our slaves to us.

There are however some free men among them... rebels.


Disturbance in Arabia, why am I not informed?

They are rebels in religion.

At one time or another, all religions were rebellions.

The bodies of slaves of the world and beaten are disposal.

But as Jesus Christ as our shepherd, the souls of men are his sheep.

These are Arabs who have betrayed the religion of their fathers.

They follow a lunatic they call...a Prophet.

But I cannot put souls into chains without hearing them.

Good, they're stiff next we'll hang them.

Do you not bow to yourself before your prophet?

Muhammad is a man, we kneel only to God.

Where are Muhammad's miracles, Jafar?

If he were a prophet, he'd light the sky with miracles Indeed, this is true.

God has given his prophets the signs of miracles that we may recognize them.

The miracle of Muhammad is the Holy Quran.

A book! A book!

Written by an illiterate, attributed to God.

I think the emperor has had enough!

I'm mindful of petty costs.

When God set down tongues of fire upon the heads of Christ's apostles, so they could speak the many languages of the world that they knew not before.

But do such miracles happen in our times?

I've heard enough! You've made a poor case.

When we suffered persecution in Mecca, Muhammad told us, go to Abyssinia, the land of the righteous king, where no man is wronged!

What they call persecution was fair punishment, that is order, now...

Why did your prophet send you to me?

Because you believe in the book of the one God as we do.

He sent us because in your heart, God will protect us.

Talking with him is like drawing water from a mirage.

But they've now belay that duty on me to listen to them, my friend.

Go on!

For years, we worshiped wood and stone, images of our own manufacture.

We lived in ignorance of God.

We had few earthly laws and no heavenly laws.

The rich neglect the poor.

And the natural pity of man, whereby he lifts his brother up when he has fallen... is described by them as upsetting social order!

To this inhumanity, has come a man... whom God chose... and in that we believe.

You've overcome, I beg you to collect yourself.

I speak of the messenger of God.

Muhammad teaches us to worship one god, to speak truth, to love our neighbors as ourselves, to give charity, even a smile can be charity.

To protect women from misuse, to shelter orphans... and to turn away from gods of wood and stone!

I cannot keep still and hear this blasphemy!

We are an ancient civilization... to call our gods wood and stone is to speak ignorantly of them.

The idol...the form, is not what we worship, but the spirit that resides within the form.

I agree that idolatry is not always fully understood.

Thank you.

Now let me bring him back to the women.

God made woman to be the proper companion of man.

She is different but equal.


We buy them.

Feed them, clothe them, use them, discard them... women equal to us?

God created man from one male and one female.

Amr, you must respect in all woman the womb that bore you.

Why are your 300 guards so tongue-tied?

While this only guard is eloquent.

God has spoken to us before... through Abraham, Noah, Moses and through Jesus Christ.

Why should we be so surprised that God speaks to us now through Muhammad?

Who taught you those names?

They are named in the Quran.

I knew Muhammad when he was an orphan minding sheep!

And we knew Christ as a carpenter.

What Christ says and what your Muhammad says is like two raised from the same land.

They are lying to you, they deny Christ.

You worship three gods, they say. Father, Son and Holy Ghost, they say.

What do you say of Christ?

They say God cannot have a son.

Christ is not the Son of God.

Speak to me of Christ.

We say of Christ what our prophet has taught us... that God cast his holy spirit into the womb of a virgin named, Mary and that she conceived Christ, the Apostle of God.

The Apostle he says, not the son, not the son!

What does your miracle, your Quran, say of the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ?

May I relate the words?

Come closer to me.

In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful.

Relate in the book, the story of Mary.

How she withdrew from her family to a place in the east.

How we sent to her our angel, Gabriel, who said:

''I am a messenger from your God"

"to announce the birth of a holy son to you."

She said: "How shall I, Mary, have a son when no man has touched me?''

And Gabriel replied:

"For your Lord says, it will happen."

We appoint him as a sign onto man... and a mercy from us.

It is a thing ordained.

The difference between us and you,

is not bigger than this line.

Not for a mountain of gold will I give them up to you.

You may live in Abyssinia, in peace, for as long as you wish.

May God's blessings be upon you, when you return.


Mohamed disturbs even our foreign alliances!

Very well!

We will make a foreigner of him!

Abu Talib, has his arms around him.

Very well!

We will throw uncle and nephew out.

In one bundle, his whole family out.

We will expel them from ourselves.

No merchant may trade with them.

No land remain to them.

No roof shelter them.

No beggar beg for them.

No woman marry them.

Until they renounce, they can't.

These were the worst years of Muhammad's life.

For three years they suffered the hunger, thirst, cruelty of the open desert.

But the year of grief was still to come, when Khadija, Muhammad's wife for 24 years, died.

When Abu Talib, his old Protector, died... with his last breath, Abu Talib, tried again to reconcile Mecca and Muhammad.

He never asked more from you...

...than one word.


one God.

If it were only a question of one word, we would have given him ten words.

But the word he wants, would dethrone all the gods.

You were afraid even to hear him.

With the death of his uncle, Muhammad has now lost all protection.

He was no longer safe in Mecca.

Alone with Zaid, his adopted son, he went to the hillside town of Taif.

He asked to be taken in, to be allowed to preach.

But the children of Taif were turned loose, to stone him back into the desert.

What are you doing?!

Stop! Stop!

Leave him alone! Go away!

Muhammad called this, the bitterest day of his life.

Then miraculously, when Muhammad's mission seemed to have failed, his entire situation changed.

A deputation from the rich, but self-destroying city of Medina, met him by night at the rocks of Aqaba, asking him to come to them, to stand between their factions, to mediate their continual quarrels and civil wars.

Muhammad agreed... provided they gave him a pledge that they worship the one God only.


When we take this pledge we expel ourselves from the rest of Arabia.

So, wait!

War is in this pledge.

We are to make enemies of brothers.

We are to make firewood of our gods!

That is the meaning of the pledge.

If we take it, there can be no turning back... for Muhammad is indeed the messenger of God, foretold to us by the Jews in our city.

So if anyone has doubt in this pledge, go now.

And if you have no doubts, then you do as I do.

I pledge myself to the one and only God, and to you Muhammad, the messenger of God.

He is of us and we are of him.

Let him bring his followers, our brothers, to us, to Medina.

This was a journey that changed the world.

The Hijra, or Flight to Medina.

Only 70 people split up into small groups, walking 250 miles of desert.

Yet, so profound were the consequences, so lasting were the effects of this walk that from it the muslims date their calendar.

In this moment, Islam found it's future.

Muhammad himself stayed in Mecca, in the greatest danger until all his followers had left safely.

Muhammad has become a nation, he has received a city, entering into pledges and treaties and you, Salool, who claim to be king of Medina lost the kingdom last night while you were in bed!

You should worry about yourself, Abu Sufian.

Every time you trade a whiff of perfume out the city, you must creep past that man in Medina.

He is across your mercantile throat so to speak.

And what do you intend to do? l intend to wait.

And how long will you wait?

Till you and the rest of Arabia remove him, to save your way of life.

And while you wait?

I should accept his call of course.

Does he think I will give him my birthright?

I will not.

Medina is worth the conversion.


Of course it's...a healthy hypocrisy.

King Salool, wiping his face on the floor 5 times a day praying?

I don't believe you.

He may not have to.

We'll do know what we should have done before: kill Muhammad.

Come, come and see.

They say that practice leads to perfection.

7 young men each from a different family, my own son Ikrima is with them.

They will stab him together.

If the responsibility for his death is shared, where lies the guilt?

My idea.

I'm not sure I'm part of it.

Muhammad's body contains too much... his mind, his words...

But it is an ingenious solution.

And a final one.


Ali, his cousin, laid there to die for him?

Who are we fighting?

They cannot go far, all the tracks are watched.

He must take to the desert.

Bakkah will give 100 camels to the man who brings back Muhammad...

...or his head!

Look for 3 of them:

Muhammad, Abu Bakr, and Uriqat, his Bedouin guide.

What is it?

They're not grazing camel.

Maybe two days, that from the city.

Why are you here?

Medina is to the north.

They make the tracks, not I.

Nomads? Travelling west?

I know my art.

They say that you can track a bird by smelling the air.

We go with them.

He may be in that cave over there.

Muhammad, if you come out, we will take you to Mecca alive.

Muhammad, come out!

They can't be in there, this...this web is unbroken.

And these pigeons, they would not build.

We were wrong to follow them we should have gone north.

Let's move then.

We still have time to head them off.

A few threads of a spider's web were all that was then between Muhammad and murder.

But he was a man not to be killed.

The Bedouin guide led him and his companion, Abu Bakr, in their escape through untracked spaces of the desert and the heat of the June days.

At Medina, his followers waited with their welcome ready but in great fear for his journey.


No, nothing.

He himself says he is only a man.

No man can survive that heat.

There! I see them! Look!

Run and hide.

I may be obliged to free you as a gesture.

Welcome to the city of Medina, the blessed.

Your city, messenger of God.

You will stay with me, messenger of God.

I have the best house in Medina.

You will give me the honor of keeping you.

Stay with me!

Please! Please! Please!

How can the Prophet choose between so many welcomes?

Where God guides his camel to stop, there he will build his house.

All agreed?

We turn Quaswa, his camel loose and where Quaswa sits, the Prophet stays.

Clever man.

A choice made by a camel can offend no one.

Here we will build the house of the Prophet.

And our first meeting place, a prayer house!

The first mosque of Islam, here!

God is great! God is great!

What is the prophet of God doing?

Carrying bricks?

Give me that.

Look, you are doing too much.

Please, go and sit down ...we'll do it.

Look! He went for more.

"Work is a worship" he says.

He's 53 years old.

How old are you?

There is something missing.

Maybe a bell to call the people in.

The Christians use a bell? Mmm (yes).

What about a horn, like the Jews?

A drum?

There's too much blood in a drum.

Why not the human voice... as in Umar ibn Khattab's vision?

The Prophet agrees?

He means you, Bilal.


You have a good voice, use it.

Climb up there.


Today, a man of Medina, will embrace a man of Mecca.

Each will share half and half.

Reach out, embrace your neighbor and brother.

I'm tired of the politics of kissing slaves, read this!

The prophet should concern himself with the after-world.

How is my son?

Praying like a horse.

Does it burn your hands?

If it's not torn up, it will burn down the house.

He's making laws like a king.

He has declared that loyalty to Islam is more than loyalty to tribal family.


All muslims are next of kin to one-another?

Don't be mislead by that.

They must change the nature of the tribes before that.

The danger is here, equality: a man's neighbour is as good as himself.

The lunatic means it!

Jews and Christians have equal rights with Muslims.

The Jews who attach themselves to a common wealth shall be protected.

Women have rights of inheritance? Rights.

Next, he'll be giving the camel rights.

He has! The lunatic has! You can't overload them.

He's remaking a city, my city!

Damn him!

He's taken our sons from us, our future from us.

His rights... are wrongs!

No more.

This time... it will not be just his riffraff.

We will take everything of value they have left in Mecca.

Their rugs, their houses, their silver... and with it, a large of caravan to Damascus.

My friends, listen to me!

I have news from Mecca!

Everything you have left behind is gone!

The thieves!

Abu Bakr's shops, the prophet's house... sold!

Every cup or piece of cloth, every rag or bone you ever owned is thrown on the market.

You are a people of nothing.

Don't you even fight for what you own?

Who talks of the fight?

What other way is there, Hamza?

When the Prophet says fight, we fight.

Now he says, peace.


You are a peace loving people!

Up to your necks and fore-bearers.

Go back to work.

We have to defend ourselves.

You are the messenger of God.

Yet, they mock... abuse and plunder us and we do nothing.

In the package of war, we are pathetic!

But they are led by greed.

We are led by God ...and you.

Now I...

I know how you hate the sword, but we have to fight.

They have stolen our property.

They are taking it to Damascus, right past our own door.

I say by God, get back!

I'm sorry I'm carried away.

It's the pounding in my head.

Please... fight them!

But... look at the sun.

It's not the time for prayer.

It is newly revealed by God to his messenger.

Fight, but fight in the way of God, against those who fight against you.

Drive them out of the places where they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter.

Fight them until persecution is no more and religion is for God.

But if they stop, let there be no more war... for God never loves the starter of wars.

So, fight in the way of God against those who fight against you!

God is great! God is great!! God is great!!

God is great! God is great!!

These are the disciplines the Prophet puts upon you.

You may not harm a woman, a child or any old person!

You may not harm cripples!

You may not harm the man that works in the field!

You may not cut down trees!

Strike only at those who have expelled you!

Who have stolen your rights and riched themselves with your possessions!

Now, to the wells of Badr!

News from Medina!

Arm... arm yourselves! Arm yourselves!

Defend your wealth!

Muhammad has come out of Medina to attack the great caravan!

How many men? Three hundred, two horses.

We man a 100 horses. How many camels?

Seventy. We'll bring a hundred and seventy!

And load twenty of my camels with wine, we'll make a feast of it.

This is a war I'd like to fight, a war we cannot lose!

Ride to Abu Sofyan's caravan, tell him to turn towards Badr.

We will join our forces tomorrow at the wells of Badr.

The wells of Badr, here.

Muhammad's march, here.

My charge of the caravan, here.

One day's march...

meet them at the wells.

I don't like it.

There is too much of Mecca in my caravan to be risked.

Put out the fires! Hold the camels!

We are turning west, away from the wells.

Away? You can't!

You must meet them at Badr.

We can drink them down like raw eggs.

If I run all night, I'll be out of Muhammad's reach by morning.

Where is your honor, Abu Sofyan?!


My honor is on the backs of my camels.

Yes, I run...

Muhammad has occupied the wells!

He has moved directly into our line of march.

Abu Sofyan has broken camp. He's moving west, away from Badr.

The caravan is safe.

So, there is no need to fight.

Not fight?

If we fight, we will start blood feuds between brothers.

Between father and son, you mean.

Hudayfa, your own son is with them, he should have been whipped.

Mecca is greater than your family!

Waleed, your second son, he is your true blood.

I say: fight!

We stand in the present let the future look after itself.

Otba is not a coward.

We finish them tomorrow.

We fight! We fight!!!

Are you finished?!

Form ranks, battle positions!

Each man to his own place!

Go back to your columns!

Move away... move back!

So Muhammad's filled the wells.

Now everyone brought here will have to fight, for theirs.

Good, we fight!

Brothers, we hold the wells.

We stand in the name of God and his messenger.

We wait.

Send us your champions!


Who are you?!

We expect our peers and our equals!

Come back!

My brother, Shaiba!

My son, Waleed!

And myself!

Not you.

Ubaida and I... and Ali.

Are we your equals?

There is only one God and Muhammad is His messenger.

Archers! Advance!







Archers back!

They are regrouping.




God is great!


God is great! God is great!




God is great!

Onward to victory!

God is great!

The Prophet has seen you!

You are not to rope or drag the prisoners!

They would've roped us! Cut them loose!

I said, cut them loose!

And give them water And share your food, equal mouth-fulls.

And if they walk, walk beside them.

Any prisoner who can teach 10 Muslims to read... will go free.

Why don't they go away?

Because, they blame me Hind, for whatever reason, good or bad.

I should have joined them and drown at the wells of Badr with them... but I saved the caravan and our future with it.

Why sing at me!

Why sing my father and my brother as it's not me?!

Do you think I need you to remind me?

Muhammad, Ali, Hamza!

With my nails, Hamza, I will give you measure for measure, with my nails... killer, cut throat, butcher!

Murdering beast!

You slaughtered my father!


I will hunt... a lion hunter!

I will make Hamza, a running lion, my prey.

And when you are dead Hamza, I will cut your heart out, taste your blood, cut you into pieces!

I forbit this wailing. it cannot go on.

What we should do, we will do.

We will call in our allies, raise a new army against them.

This time, we will prepare it and plan it.


Come to prayer!

Come to prayer!

Come to victory!

Come to victory!

God is great!

There is no god, but God!

Is it a plague?

What kind of an upside down town have we come in to?

You could fill your pockets very nicely here.

No merchant is minding his shop.

God is minding the shop.

Where do you come from? Yemen.

Did you stop in Mecca?

It is on the road.

You didn't answer my question, did you stop in Mecca?

Long enough to rest my camels.

Camels rest better in Mecca than anywhere in the world.


What is the word on the desert?

Oh... it is bad for you.

They are gathering.. every young man with a sword is on his way to Mecca.

Our strength is here.

Do not underestimate them.

They are summoning up their courage.

In Mecca there is music in every house.

An Abyssinian slave, watch him. He is good, he is vicious, watch him

I will free you, give you your weight in silver, and your height in silk,

for one throw like this.

So they have come at last.

We'll know how many soon enough.

It's a big army.

Three thousand men, hundreds of horses.

We beat them at Badr.

That was a year ago.

They have come to revenge Badr.

Go home and get your swords.

Soldiers of Mecca!

Blood master blood!

Avenge the dead of Badr!


There, Hamza, can you see him?

He is your fortune.


Those horsemen on the flank out there, they're oddly placed.

They are under Khalid. Khalid?

I often thought of that young man.



The Prophet asks if you have noticed those horsemen?

Yes I have.

I don't like them.

He's sending out 50 archers to watch them.

No matter what happens, the archers must hold off those horsemen.

Zaid, tell the Prophet we are ready.

What do you think, Hamza?

Well they outnumber us, so I'd say it's a fair fight.

We see them and they see us.

What faces me has never frightened me.

All praise be to Hubal! Hubal!!

When Muhammad gives the word...

we will go to them.


Weapons ready!

We march... now!


They've killed Hamza!

On to them!

You, take this! Fight back!

Where are you going?!

Fight! Fight!

Fight back!

This is a moment of victory!

They're running away from us, let's get the loot!

Stand where you are told to stand!

Come back to your positions!

All of you, come back!

It's a road!

Our centre is gone!

We've lost the battle, Khalid!

Not yet.

Hold on!

Where is the prophet?

Muhammad is dead, I saw him fall!

No, no! He's alive! Find him!

Back, back to the mountains!


I thought we were beaten!

Now, victory is yours, Khalid.

We have no victory until we have finished Muhammad.

He is up in those rocks.

We have finished our business, we have avenged Badr.

But we can end him and Islam forever.

Some of his fanatics are still with him.

They have the advantage of the mountains, the risk is too high.

Muhammad, listen!

A day for a day!

The day of Uhub for the day of Badr!

Our dead have answered to your dead!

Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell fire!

Hamza... Hamza!

Do you hear me, Hamza?

Do you know that I am with you, I, Hind!

Do you remember anything, Hamza?

How you killed my father and my brother?!

Now you too are dead!

My heart is light! Do you hear, Hamza? Light!

But I haven't finished with you!

Death is too small.

Wahshi, cut him open, cut him!

They lost a battle and what do they do?

They come home and dig the ground harder.

They're mad. I agree with you!

They defy reason, they are even happy they lost!

God sent their defeat they say, to try them in their faith.

Oh yes! They are fighting with the sky.

They'll get what they want.

They want Mecca.

They'll get Mecca.

When we see the stars at noon...

Don't underestimate them, I've learned that to my cost.

My friend, Mecca is more than their home.

It's where God spoke to man.

Mecca is like a... homesickness to the soul.

This year they're going as pilgrims.




Abu Sofyan will slaughter them in the desert.

If you believe in God as they do, it might be possible not to get slaughtered.

But I agree with you, they probably will be.

Be still!

Do not let them provoke you, that is what they want!

Stand firm!

Peace be to you.

The Prophet says: All who love God must renew their oaths to him.

Under the tree!

They've sent someone else.

It's Suheil!

That means we might come to an agreement.

Muhammad, you have been given conditions of truce between yourself and Mecca.

Have you agreed to them yet?

What is this?

In the name of God, the most gracious...

Who is this new God they call, gracious?

I do not know him, strike him out.

And I cannot agree with this...

"Muhammad, the messenger of God?"

If I have thought you were the messenger of God, I would not have fought you.

Make it, "Muhammad, the son of Abdullah agrees with Suhayl, the son of Amr."

That is more factual.

Well, so I understand.

Good, that is better.

Now, it is agreed... that you do not continue your pilgrimage, you must turn around and go home.

Mecca is home.


you may continue your pilgrimage next year, and for 3 days only, in and out.

We also agree to the truce, for 10 years.

During that time, you will not attack any tribe, or ambush any caravan, or any individual associated with us and vice versa.

If you injure any one of us, the truce ends...

...and vice versa.

Is that clear?

Ten years, ten years of peace.

We need that time.

We will use that time.

These letters, from Muhammad, messenger of God, to the rulers of the world... the world to Islam!

To Heraclius, Emperor of Byzantium, Kisra, Emperor of Persia, Muqawqis, Patriarch of Alexandria.

God go with you!

God is great! God is great! God is great!

There are no different races in Islam.

An Arab is not superior to a foreigner.

Nor a white man superior to a black.

All return equally to God.

Unless you desire for your neighbour, what you desire for yourself... don't have faith.

A man goes to bed with his belly full, while his neighbor is hungry...

...he isn't a Muslim.

The Ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr.

A man reading is handsome in the sight of God.

So, learn to read.

And when you have learned...


The people of the book, the Jews with their Bible, the Christians with their testament, must be respected by you.

For their books likewise came from God.

You must not think of Muhammad as more than a man.

He was collecting firewood one day.

"Let me do it," I said.

"Why?" he said.

"You are the prophet of God!"

"You can't go around scratching for firewood."

But he looked at me, mumbling, "God does not like the man who considers himself above other men," he said.

So, I laid back and watched him.

Suddenly, he stopped.

He stood to his full height and came to me.

"Yes, I am the prophet of God," he said.

"But even I do not know what will become of me."

Amr, have you come to take me again?


I have come to ask you to take me.

I witness that there is only one God, and that Muhammad is His messenger.

May God forgive me the times I have fought against you.

Islam does away with all that went before it.

I'm sorry, I came in here wearing...

Here are my jewels.

What they are worth...

...I give to the poor.

And may I offer you my... Yes.

But you were the bitterest sword against Islam.

Now by the will of God...

...I will be the raised sword of God.

Ah, its all easy to God.

Just as he makes dying living, he can make losing winning.

Two years ago we thought we were beaten when we had to sign that truce.

Look at us now.

Charging from victory to victory in the hearts of men.

What's that?

Abu Sofyan is coming! Abu Sofyan!

Why am I insulted like this?

I'm Abu Sofyan!

I expect some courtesy!

We are not at war, we have a truce!

I have come to speak to Muhammad, where is he?

He is in the mosque.

Muhammad, we did not break the truce.

I have come to reaffirm the truce.

I speak for Mecca.

Muhammad, why do you turn from me?

Don't go.

Muhammad, don't go!

Bedouins broke the truce, not us!

The night was dark!

I am here to testify, the night was dark!

Barra, Barra this is your city!

Hudayfa, you are my kin, aim to see for me!

I must be heard!

I am Mecca!

I am the leader of Mecca!

Why am I insulted like this?!

Because you keep no promise and respect no pledge.

I have heard what I never thought I'd hear:

Abu Sofyan asking for pity.

To be outfought, outfought,

outmaneuvered by a one-time shepherd!

You saw that shepherd's religion grow from a speck.

Speck was in my eye...

I could see nothing.

Tell Mecca their gods are dead.

It is useless to resist God.

Travel fast, or every man here will be close behind you.

It's you who have broken the truce.

For tonight will be ten thousand, men from every tribe.

Now we can fight them, you are back.

We will close the streets, and defend from the houses.

It's no use.

There are thousands of them, every hour they are joined by more.

You coward!

Hind, go home!

You coward!

Are you the leader of Mecca?!

Look at yourself!

You are broke, they swallowed you and spat you back!

Did my father and brother die, for my husband to run away?!

You go home! You!

We can not resist! Mecca is taken.

No, no!

We are to camp here for the night.

I can see Mecca, even through the mountains.

So many fires, I cannot count them.

It's very beautiful.

When we drove them out of Mecca, I did not know they carried Mecca with them.

We can smell the bread they're baking.

Yes, it means they don't intend to plunder, at least I hope that's what it means.

They don't want blood on their own walls and doorsteps.

I can bargain with that.

Take me to him.

So you are giving us the city?

You offer me no bread.

I understand.

You may decide to kill me.

Say what you have come to say.

I saw your fires, the men around them,

and I know what power you put into your men.

We can no longer resist Muhammad.

Now if you'll agree.

You dare to come here and ask for conditions?

Isn't it time yet for you to recognize who Muhammad is?

Muhammad, there is still doubt in my heart.

If I were to cut off your head, it would remove all your doubts.

Khalid, there's no compulsion in religion.

A man may take many years or only need minutes.

It's God who decides the time.

So respect his doubts.

You're a black slave, you are the best school.

I am only what God has given me.


The gods that I worshipped, they don't have any use.

It would have helped me.

I declare, under no compulsion:

there is one God,

and you are the messenger of God.

Now, let me go.

Get inside!

No doors may be broken down, nothing plundered, nothing seized!

No one abused!

All behind closed doors are safe!

All in Abu Sofyan's house are safe!

All by the Kaaba are safe!

At least he kept his word, they haven't forced a door.

He's stolen hearts, not walls. It's a permanent victory.

I dread going out.

We must, we must at the end.

Were we so wrong?

The way we lived, yes, that was wrong.

We were trapped in our own faults.

Our gods were less than us.

Now there he is, making his entrance to the Kaaba.

In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful.

God gave this house to Abraham to be a sacred place.

Worship no other gods but Him and cleanse his house.

So it was.

Muhammad took no revenge and allowed none.

He declared Mecca a holy place.

No one may shed blood or cut down a tree, or kill a living thing in Mecca.

Soon, all Arabia was converted.

Not only to the new worship but to the new laws, manners, attitudes contained in Islam.

The Prophet had lived to see his work done, but now he began to feel the nearness of death.

One great act of his prophethood remained, the setting of it's seal.

He called the people to him and he spoke for the last time His message of surrender to God and humanity to man.

''Oh, mankind! Listen well!"

"I may not be with you much longer."

"The weak among you, feed them on what you eat."

"Dress them as you are dressed."

"You will meet your God,"

"and He will call you to account for your actions."

"Let those who are present warn those who are absent."

"You are all are descendant from Adam,"

"and the best among you is he who most regards God."

"Think deeply about what I say."

"Let all your feuds be abolished."

"You must know that every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim."

"And all Muslims are brothers one of another."

"Between Muslims, there are no races and no tribes."

"Nor must you take anything from your brother,"

"except what is given freely."

"Do not oppress and do not be oppressed."

"O my people,"

"I am but a man."

"It may be that the angel of death will visit me soon,"

"and death will overtake me."

"But I have left you a book,"

"revealed by God, the Quran,"

"which is light and guidance."

Now he repeated to the people the final revelation of the Quran, the seal and termination, not Muhammad's words, but God's word:

''This day I have perfected your religion for you"

"and completed my favour to you"

"and I've chosen for you Islam as your religion.''

On June the 8th, 632, in his 63rd year, Muhammad died.

Many of his followers could not believe the fact.

How can such a man die?

But Abu Bakr, the Prophet's friend stood up in the mosque:

"If anyone worships Muhammad,"

"let him know that Muhammad is dead."

"But he who worships God,"

"let him know that God is alive and can not die.''

They buried Muhammad beside his mosque, in Medina.

But the religion he preached found it's place in the heart of man.

It endured. It multiplied.

Still to Mecca they come, mankind.

The people of Islam dressed in their pilgrim white.

All equal before God, all united in this place of prayer.

Each individual soul joined in a community of worship: