The Mighty Ducks (1992) Script

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[ Announcer ] ...The Minnesota Pee Wee Championship is up for grabs.

Both teams playing like there's no tomorrow. Duluth, in the Hawks' zone, looking for a chance to win it. Only a few seconds remain.

There's a pass out to the blue line. lntercepted by Gordon Bombay !

Bombay ! He's got a breakaway.

Across the blue line all alone for a chance to win the game !

He's pulled down from behind by Fox of Duluth.

Fox definitely pulled him down from behind and this could be --

Yes, the referee calls for a penalty shot.

Gordon, it's up to you. l don't wanna see any goats around after the game.

You got it ? Now, you miss this shot... you're not just lettin' me down, you're lettin' your team down.

[ Announcer ] A pressure situation he's in now.

The 1973 Pee Wee State Championship now rests... on the little shoulders of number 9, Gordon Bombay.

[ Cheering ]

[ Crowd chanting ] Gordon ! Gordon !

[ Chanting ] Gordon ! Gordon !

Let's go, son ! All right !

[ Crowd cheering ]

[ Whistle blowing ]

[ Announcer ] He hit the goalpost ! What a heartbreaker !

Little Gordon Bombay had the chance --

All my client did was attempt to give you what you wanted ! lsn't that right ?

This man put his neck on the line for your greed.

Objection. Your Honour ?

Will both counsellors approach the bench ?

[ Man ] What's he doing ? l don't have anything to tell you. l just wanna make a point.

So nod like l'm saying something important.

Mr Bombay ? Gordon, what are you doing ?

Get out there and be my lawyer. Perfect.

This drives him nuts and l love it.

Nice tie, Frank. You wore that yesterday, didn't ya ?

Oh, Mr Bombay, l'm so glad you could make it.

Please restrict yourself to a relevant cross-examination !

Your Honour, the applicability of societal intent... vis-a-vis individual action is well established. l'm citing Minneapolis V. Higgins.

The appellant court overruled a judge who disallowed similar testimony.

Now, if l'm not mistaken, that was... you.

Wasn't it, Judge Weathers ? l stand corrected, counsellor. Objection overruled.

[ Frank ] Oh, you really stooped to an all-time low on this, Bombay. l'm insulted, Frank. You have no idea how low l can stoop. l don't mind losing. l would just like to lose fair.

Losing fair is still losing, Frank. Gotta go for the ''W'' every time.

And what about justice ? That man should be in jail. lt was your job to put him there. Don't take it out on me !

Next time do your job, Frankie boy.

30 and 0 ! l remain undefeated. What about the Frazier case ?

We don't count that one because l scored with the court reporter.

The one you said had the intelligent body ? That's the one.

No calls on the Duck phone ? Not yet.

What's he waiting for ? l saw him in the back of the courtroom.

How about some kudos here, huh ?

Mr Tolbert dropped off a couple ringside seats for tonight's North Stars game.

Hockey ? [ Raspberry ] Forget it !

Gordon, here's the research for the Pearlstein Project.

Can you get started ? Jane !

Can't you see l'm reveling here ? Today l'm 30 and 0 !

30 and one. Type, Jeannie, don't speak.

[ Ringing ] Mr Bombay's office.

Yes. lt's Ducksworth. You're right. He wants to see you.

Ha-ha-ha ! Thank you very much, Mr Ducksworth ! lt was nothing, Mr Ducksworth. Quack, quack, quack, Mr Ducksworth.

[ Door closing ]

Gordon, another fine job today.

Thank you, sir. Just one thing.

Score. Don't spike. l'm not sure l understand what you mean, sir.

This is a business. lt isn't a game.

Next time a little restraint might be in order.

[ Tyres squealing ]

* Hey, man, get off my back l'm doin' the best l can, yeah *

* You bust my neck Cut no slack *

* Forget your fellow man Yeah yeah uh-huh * [ Siren ]

Pull your vehicle over to the right, now ! This is not good.

** [ Muffled rock ]

* Hey, man, whoa yeah yeah * Licence, please.

Could you turn down the stereo ? Sure. l guess it was a ''widdle'' noisy.

A ''widdle'' ?

Okay, l'm taking you down to precinct. Breath, blood or urine ?

No, thanks, l'm full. [ Laughs ]

Okay, out of the car. Now.

The charges against Mr Bombay are driving under the influence, driving with an open container and reckless endangerment.

And to think l almost stayed home this morning. l assume you're representing yourself ?

Twelve moving violations in three years? How do you still have a licence?

Okay, let's talk business. What am l facing ?

Suspension of licence ? Fines ? What ?

Yes, unless the D.A.'s office will allow you to plead guilty to lesser charges.

But that's solely up to the prosecutor.

The city of Minneapolis does not wish to pursue a plea bargain in this case.

Hmm. Gotta go for the ''W,'' right, Gordo ?

The defendant is released on his own recognizance.

Mr Ducksworth. What are you doing here ? l own the place. How about you ?

Just goin' over a few cases. RlCOH Statute stuff.

Oh, l thought you might be researching your defence... against D.U.l. and reckless endangerment.

Did you think l wouldn't find out, Gordon ?

There was no reason to concern you with it, sir. They have no case.

Frank Huddy just wants my scalp. l found a loophole. l'm gonna plead not guilty --

Gordon, stop it. There's not going to be a loophole.

There's not going to be a trial. l am not going to have you drag... this firm's good name through the mud. l've talked to Judge Weathers and he has agreed to suspend your case.

Under what conditions ? Probation, suspension of your driver's licence... and 500 hours of community service.

And a leave of absence from the firm.

A leave of absence ? He can't do that.

He can't stop me from working ! He's not. l am.

That was my condition. Gordon, you need a break.

You're too wrapped up in your work. But, sir, my work is my life.

That's just my point. The community service will do you good. lt'll teach you compassion, a sense of fair play, how to fit in.

Community service ? This is horrible. You'll get used to it.

And hopefully you'll come back a better person and a better attorney, which is why l'm keeping you on salary and have arranged a driver for you.

You know, in the early '70s l drove the tour bus for The Grand Funk Railroad.

Man, that was the life. Chicks, parties, amps cranked up to about eight jillion decibels.

All that loud music damaged my hearing, but l got no regrets... except for the '80s. How could he do this to me ?

Community service... coaching hockey !

l found one ! l'm comin' out !

[ Boy ] Karp, you finally found something for once in your life.

Dumpster Dave comes through !

What do you think ? Lovely, Karp, it goes with your eyes.

You gonna take that from him, Karp ? Remind me to bust you, Averman.

Thanks, Peter. Thanks very much. Did you get it ?

Yeah ! Right there ! Yeah !

Here, Petie. Here, boy.

A little chili to keep you warm, buddy.

Oh, yeah, that's nice. Oh, yeah, look !

[ Peter ] l can't believe he ate the can too.

[ Averman ] He sniffs.

He sniffs again. Looking for that perfect place.

[ Averman ] He sniffs some more. He stops. l think this is it ! He's turnin' in a circle.

He squats ! He scores ! Yes ! We did it !

[ Groaning ] Full load.

Stinks !

[ Averman ] Come on, come on, give me the dollar !

[ Peter ] Hurry it up already. l'm hurryin', okay ?

Go, go, go, go ! Yeah ! All right ! Let's do it !

Oh, come on. Stop !

Yes ! Okay ! Here we go.

Yeah. There's more inside.

[ Karp ] He's takin' off with it.

This guy deserves what he gets.

[ Tyres squealing ] [ Screaming ]

[ Laughing ]

Oh, guys, he saw us.

Oh, my ! [ Groaning ]

[ Cheering ]

Rink's gotta be around here someplace.

Just look for a sign that says ''Personal Hell.''

How could he do this to me ? l hate kids. They're barely human.

[ lndistinct chatter ]

Come on ! Over here !

Keep it down, please !

Hey, come on. There's no need for this.

Let's talk, come on. l'm your friend, aren't l ?

Come on, Goldberg, at least try to stop it. l'm tired of chasin' the puck.

Be careful, man. lt almost hit me that time.

Goldberg, you're the goalie. lt's supposed to hit you.

Does that sound stupid to anyone else ?

Good God. That's the hockey team.

Drive out on the ice. lt'll be all right.

[ lndistinct chatter ]

l ain't scared.

You don't know what you're doin'. Shut your face, Karp.

[ Peter ] We're gonna get in big trouble. l'll take care of it. They're drugs, l just know it.

Yo, dude. You obviously in the wrong hood.

This is my dominion. This is a drug-free zone, you understand ?

We ain't buyin' nothin'. l'm feelin' generous today.

So l'm gonna let you get your sorry vanilla bootie outta here... before we be usin' your eyeballs as hockey pucks.

Thanks, bro, but l'm not goin' home 'til l take care of business.

He's got a gun. Stand back.

Whew !

District Five Pee Wee hockey team. l'm Gordon Bombay. l'm the new coach.

[ Laughing ] What a joke !

Yeah, right. Afraid so, dude.

Got the roster right here. Averman, Dave.

Conway, Charlie. Hall, Terry.

Here's the long and the short of it. l hate hockey and l don't like kids.

What's this supposed to be, a pep talk ? l'm sure this'll be a real bonding experience.

Maybe one day one of you will even write a book about it in jail.

Funny. ls there a goalie ?

Only for a little while. l'm movin' back to Philly.

Thank you for sharing that. No problem.

All right, get out on the ice. Let me see what you can do.

Uh, just so you know. We really suck. l'll decide who sucks around here.

Get off me. They really suck.

The Pete-meister. Mr Rabble-rouser.

Passing the puck over to Jesse-roonie, the enforcer.

[ Grunt ] Ouch !

That hurt !

Oh, it's the Connie-meister, the velvet hammer.

Hi, coach. l'm Connie.

Do you play ? No. So what's our record anyway ?

0 and 9. One was pretty close, though. We only lost by five.

We almost scored a goal too.

So what do we do now... coach ?

What did your old coach have you do ? He just yelled a lot.

That's how he hurt his arm. His arm ?

Yeah, one minute he's yelling at us, ''Little bastards, where'd you learn to play ?

Oh, you suck, you ! Skate, you little bast--'' [ Gasping ]

Heart attack. Great.

All right, look. l gotta make a phone call.

Keep scrimmaging. You, you, you, you and you against you four.

We got names, you know ? l'm sure you do.

And l'll bet they're very nice names. l might even learn 'em.

For now, l'll be in my office.

Oh, and if you need anything, fax me.

Geez, what a jerk.

Where do they find these coaches anyways ? We're impressionable kids, right ?

Shouldn't we check his qualifications or somethin' ?

Jeannie, who told you not to give me my messages ?

Ducksworth ! Then who's handling my cases ?

On three ! Jane !

One, two, three ! Charge ! Are you kidding me ?

She's outta law school one year. She's not qualified to --

Hold on a second !

[ Kids shouting ] Hey! Get your mouth off the windows!

Hey ! Get off there !

[ Shouting ] Get off the car !

We're being invaded ! Get off !

Get off the roof, you little monkey. Oh, cool ! ls that a real phone ? Yes, and l'm really on it.

Not any more. Thank you.

Let's see, who should l -- Watch the upholstery.

[ lndistinct chatter ]

Don't touch that. We wanna ride !

[ Chanting ] We wanna ride ! We wanna ride !

We wanna ride ! l could kill one of 'em just to set an example.

Not yet, Lewis. Take 'em for a spin, anything !

[ Cheering ]

This looks good. l'm gonna eat it.

Wow, l feel like Madonna. You wish !

Seats ten comfortably.

Hey, pass me one of those glasses. [ Growling ]

Yeah, l see your point. [ Sniffing ]


[ Sniffing ] [ Together ] Goldberg ! lt wasn't me, all right ! Young man, what did you eat ?

Nothing ! lt wasn't me ! Open a window !

Oh, man ! lt's my mom !

She looks pissed. Oh, man.

All right, out ! Everybody, out of the car right now.

Goldberg, why'd you have to ruin the fun ?

Are you out of your mind ? What were you thinking putting that car on the ice ?

My son was in that car. Lady, lady, relax.

One crack in the ice. That's all it would take. One crack !

The ice is not gonna crack. Who do you think you are ? l'm Gordon Bombay, the new hockey coach. The new coach ?

They send you over here to coach the team and you endanger their lives.

What danger ? l grew up on the ice; l know when it's safe to drive on.

How do you know ? l just know ! All right ?

Well, listen, Mr Zen Master, you may be in tune with the ice universe, but when it comes to my kid, ''l just know'' doesn't cut it.

Charlie, let's go.

Mom ? Give me my candy ! All of it !

Well, l guess practise is over.

Sorry my mom ruined it, guys. lt's all right, Charlie.

Coach, gonna be at the game tomorrow ?

By order of the state of Minnesota, yeah.

[ Chanting ] Hawks ! Hawks ! Hawks !

Hawks ! Hawks ! Hawks ! Hawks ! Hawks ! Hawks !

Hawks ! Hawks ! Hawks !

One, two, three, four, five ! One, two, three, four, five !

One, two, three, four, five ! [ Whistle blowing ]

Hi, girls. Karp ! No !


The hawks. My first game and it had to be the Hawks.

Gordon ? Gordon Bombay.

Coach Reilly. We're both adults now.

Why don't you just call me Jack ?

Hey, come back to see your old coach, huh ?

Well, actually l'm, uh, coaching... Pee Wee.

District Five team. No kiddin'. You got a kid on the team or something ?

No, l'm here because l need to be of service to the community.

How about this, huh ? Whoever thought we'd be coachin' against each other ?

Yeah, who'd have thought ?

So, who's your hotshot player this year ?

Anyone good ? l got a kid named Banks.

Might go all the way. Not quite as good as you were.

But he wants it more. Kid won't give up.

Oh, boy,

l wish they would take that one down. Don't you ?

Well, good luck.

You're gonna need it. lt's up to you, Gordon. You miss this shot, you're not just... letting me down, you're letting your whole team down too. l wish your dad could be here to see this.

Make him proud of you !

[ Chanting ] Win ! Win ! Win !

All right, guys, gather round. Come on, come on.

Win ! Win ! Win ! Win. Win.

Win ! Win ! Win !

Win ? Win ! Win ! Win !

Yeah, we're fired up.

All right ! Watch this !

Oh, great. Good concept, guys. Nice -- ouch !

Nice goin', fool !

Sorry, l didn't mean to do that. Oh, yeah, ''l didn't mean to.''

Yeah, sure, you're on my own team.

Oh, sorry, Goldberg. Didn't mean to.

Would you get off me before l clock you ?

Let's go, Jesse ! Go, Terry !

[ Whistle blowing ] Let's go ! Come on in.

What's this ? The Oreo line !

Hey, come on. Let's play hockey.

Um, batter, batter, hum, batter, batter !

Hey, batter, batter, swing, batter, batter !

Hum, batter, batter, swing, batter, batter ! Averman ! lt's hockey ! There's no batter. ldiot.

Hum, goalie, goalie, hum, goalie, goalie !

Hey, goalie, goalie, save, goalie, goalie !

Hum, goalie, goalie, hey, goalie, goalie !

No, l got him ! l, l, l got him !

[ Cheering ]

That's one !

Hey, hey, hey ! Easy !

Good show. Sloppy pass.

Way to stuff it, Banks !

All right, all right ! Let's run it up ! Run it up ! Run it up !

[ Whistle blowing ]

Oh, man ! How could you let him get by you ?

All right, line change. Come on, go, go, go.

Hey ! [ Grunting ]

[ Crowd cheering ] [ Groaning ]

[ Chanting ] Banks ! Banks ! Banks !

Hey, you ! Come back here ! Oh !

[ Whistle blowing ] Why me ?

How lazy can you be ? They're killing us out there !

How many times do l have to tell you: Get those rebounds, get your heads up, get those loose pucks.

Get -- Just -- [ Whistle blowing ]

Just get the hell outta here.

All right ! lt's Spaz-way. He'll screw up.

[ Crowd cheering ]

[ Crowd gasping ]

Hey, hey ! Way to play it, Banks ! All right !

That's okay, Charlie ! Nice try !

Nice fan, Charlie. Keep swingin'. Maybe you'll give 'em a cold.

Hey, hey, hey, knock it off !

Against this team we should have twice this many ! Now let's run it up !

Remember it's not worth winning if you can't win big !

[ Reilly ] All right !

Guys ! No ! Come on, let's talk about this !

Be civilized ! Come on ! Please !

[ Crowd cheering ]

Oh no, guys ! Come on, not again ! Please !

Just take the goal. Fine ! l don't care ! l'm so embarrassed. We need a new goalie.

[ Buzzer ]

All right ! Hey, knock it off !

That was a lousy third period. Anybody could beat these pansies. l want you guys to stay hungry out there !

All right, nice goin', Banks. New Hawks record.

Okay, boys. Let's go. All right !

Hey, Gordon ! Nice game. l enjoyed it thoroughly.

At least l can handle the puck !

[ lndistinct arguing ]

Hey, shut up ! You guys stink ! l thought we came here to play hockey.

You know, l knew we forgot something. [ Laughing ]

Oh, you think it's funny ? You think losing is funny ?

Well, not at first, but once you get the hang of it.

We're the ones out there gettin' our butts kicked.

Yeah, it's not like you coach us or anything. At least we try.

You didn't listen to a word l said. l said, keep your heads up. You put your heads down. l said, hustle. You went slower !

That was the sloppiest playing l've ever seen.

Why the hell don't you just listen to me ?

Why the hell should we ? l don't care.

You want to lose, fine. You're the ones who look like idiots out there.

[ Reilly ] Great game !

Hans ?

[ Cheering ] l don't believe it ! Who would throw these away ?

First look's free, next five minutes costs a buck each. Fork it over.

Forget it, Karp. l can see this every day on MTV.

This one's from Minneapolis. Hey, Guy, look, it's your mom.

Let's give him a wedgie. Good idea, Jesse ! l was just kidding, okay ?

Hey ! Give that back !

Hi, girls. Does your mommy know you have that ?

Nah, she's busy with the mailman.

That'll make great bathroom reading.

That's mine, you jerk ! l found it !

You don't even know what to do with it, wuss-breath.

You gonna let him call you wuss-breath ? No !

Hey ! Hey ! [ Grunting ]

Oh ! Come on. Want some more ?

You guys want some more ? Come on !

Yeah ! You want some more ? Come on ! [ Gasping ]

[ lndistinct jeering ]

[ Jeering continues ]

[ Growling ]

Let's get out ! Move it !

Thanks a lot. All right, man.

One, two, three ! Boom !

What are you laughing at, cream cheese boy ? Go !

[ Bombay ] lf we're gonna cheat, we gotta make those falls look real.

Keep it up ! Whoa ! Score one for the spirit.

Go at him ! Go at him ! Good ! Go at him !

Come on, get angry ! Oh !

Come on, make it look real. Act hurt ! l am hurt.

Good, good. Now say it again !

[ Together ] Take the fall ! Act hurt ! Get indignant !

One more time ! Take the fall ! Act hurt ! Get indignant !

Good ! You guys are ready.

[ Grunting ] [ Cheering ]

[ Buzzer ]

Give me a break, ref ! Open your eyes ! Did you see what he did to me ?

Goldberg, you don't take the fall while they're shooting at you.

Oh ! Well, l guess you didn't explain that very well, did ya ?

District Five ! l throw myself on the ice --

Cut the acting class. One more dive, l forfeit to the Jets !

What ? l'm insulted by that !

Let's go ! Let's go ! Quit it !

[ Whistle blowing ] Face-off ! Let's go !

Charlie !

That guy is twice your size. The next time he gets you in a corner like that, l want you to grab your eye like it's cut and then hit the ice !

Got it ? Let's go. [ Referee ] Let's go ! Face-off !

Okay, even 'em up, boys. Here we go.

Hey --

Come on ! That's it, Charlie.

That's it, Charlie ! Come on !

Damn it, Charlie !

We can't even win when we cheat.

Stupid cake-eater tricks ! [ Connie ] That was embarrassing.

Charlie ! What the hell is the matter with you ?

When l tell you to do something, you do it ! You got it ?

Look at me.

You got it ? You can't make me cheat.

Jesse, Terry, let's go.

This is what l gave up my overtime pay for ?

To see my kids takin' falls ?


How did you know ? Through the back door at this time of night.

Just like you used to.

You'd spend hours watching me do this.

What do you think ? ls this sharp enough ? Ow !

Did you cut yourself ? No. [ Chuckling ]

You always fell for that.

God, you're morbid, Hans. No, l'm Scandinavian. lt's nice to see you. Sure, sure, sure.

You probably thought l was dead. l saw you at the game the other night. Why didn't you say anything ?

You were so busy screaming at the kids. l didn't want to spoil the moment.

Everything's the same. Well, the game hasn't changed.

Why should my store ?

Heard you became a doctor. Lawyer.

Oh, that's too bad. Enjoy that ?

Well, l hardly ever lose a case.

That is not what l asked.

Hmm ! l see you still have this up.

Thanks very much. lt is important to remember the past. l'd just as soon forget it.

That was the worse time in my life. My dad died that year.

The two are not related. No, but it felt like they were. l found this not long ago.

He was proud of you. l miss him.

You scored 198 goals in that season, Gordon. lt's a shame you quit. You --

Could have gone all the way. Yeah. No !

You really loved to play.

You remember ? You remember... you used to play on the ponds until after dark, until your father called you back.

You really flew on that ice, Gordon.

That's all l ever wanted to do.

Then why did you stop ? Reilly ? l saw what he did to you. Reilly is an idiot.

The guy wins. lt's not about winning. lt never was.

Just show they how to play. Show them how to have fun. Teach them to fly.

That is what they'll remember long after you've gone back to being a doctor.


And long after they've stopped buying skates from me.

Here... there you are.

Sharpened, laced, ready to go.

What's this ? Your new skates.

That is why you came here tonight, isn't it ? l figured nine and a half was your size. Actually, l'm a nine.

Wear thick socks, Gordon. Enjoy them.

Here comes Bombay on an end-to-end rush.

Past the blue line, past centre. He's not skating, he's flying !

He fakes once, he fakes twice.

Fakes three times ! Shoots ! Scores ! Yes !

Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! What a play !

What a guy ! Gordon Bombay does it again !

Great move, Gordy ! You faked him out of his pads.

Come here, son.

You look great out there. Come on, let's go inside, get something to eat.

A few more minutes ?

Please ?

Go on. Get outta here. Thanks.

[ Sighing ]

[ Knocking ]

Hi, uh -- Please, just go away. Charlie doesn't want... to be on the team any more, and neither he nor l have anything to say to you.

Well, l have something to say to you. Oh, really ?

Door-to-door mistreatment now.

Now the team can feel miserable between games too, huh ? l came to apologize to Charlie... to both of you.

What ? Apologize.

Well... you should.

Charlie. Somebody's here to see you.

Hey, Charlie, how ya doin' ? l was just, uh, walkin' around thinkin' and, uh --

Wanna give us a minute ?

Thank you. You're welcome.

Listen, it was very wrong of me... to ask you and the other guys to cheat. l never should have said to you what l said to you. l was angry. l was frustrated. lt took a lot of guts for you to do what you knew was right. l admire that.

And, uh, l just wanted to tell you that, uh, that l'm --

Oh, boy, this is difficult. l'm -- You're sorry. l'm sorry. [ Louder ] l'm sorry. All right ?

Tell your mom that hopefully it'll be a lot more fun this time around.

What do you say ?

Do you want to stay for dinner ?

What ? Charlie !

Uh, no, l -- l can't. Uh --

Well, what are you havin' ?

Mr Ducksworth, there are two reasons l came by.

First off, l want to let you know things are going well. l'm learning a lot about teamwork, fair play and all that junk.

Good, good. And the second thing ?

Well, sir, fair play doesn't come cheap.

These kids, my team, have no money.

They can't afford rink time, safe equipment, proper uniforms, which makes it difficult for them to compete.

Now imagine, sir, being ten years old and stepping out onto that ice... with old copies of the ''Enquirer'' taped to your shins instead of pads.

The point l'm trying to make, sir, is that you wouldn't be taken seriously and neither are these kids.

So l thought maybe the firm could help 'em out.

How much are we talking about ?

$15,000. No way.

Wait a minute. Think of the goodwill. We name the team after the firm.

Suddenly, we're the good guys. Ducksworth, Saver and Gross, the firm that gives back to the community.

Come on. l'll get you your own jersey.

* Ooo, yeah *

* Can you feel it baby Ooo *

* l can too, Ooo *

* Ooo *

* Ooo, come on swing *

* Come on swing *

* Come on swing *

* C-Come on swing Ooo *

* Ooo *

* lt's such a good vibration *

* lt's such a sweet sensation *

* lt's such a good vibration *

* lt's such a sweet sensation *

Who is that kid ?

Thanks, Fulton.

-Fulton Reed. He's in one of my classes. -How come he's not on the team ?

He only plays football. Some preppie school gave him a scholarship... as long as he doesn't play hockey.

They don't want him gettin' hurt. l heard it was colleges.

He's been accepted to four of 'em.

Yeah, but l heard he's got to repeat the sixth grade. Ah, shut up.

Gordon Bombay ?

Bombay was a Hawk.

* ...Good vibration *

* lt's such a sweet sensation *

* Feel the vibration lt's such a good vibration **

Dude, check 'em out, man.

Holy cow.

They're pretty good skaters. Anybody know who they are ?

That's Tommy Duncan. He's in my science class. That's his sister, Tammy.

Think they'd want to play hockey with us ? [ Together ] Yeah !

Go get dressed. l'll do the negotiating.

Just think of it as figure skating... with a stick.

You're gonna love it, Tammy. Hey, atta boy, Tommy !

Lookin' good, lookin' tough. Give me five, show me you're alive !

Mom isn't gonna like this at all.

So what ? You want me to figure skate, then you gotta play hockey.

What do l know about hockey ?

More than you think.

Back to basics ! Skating !

Go ! Go ! Side to side. Shift your weight.

Get comfortable on your edges. That's good, that's good.

Keep your balance, Karp. Trust your edges.

That's okay, Charlie.

Soft hands.

You don't shoot the puck to your teammate. You sail it to him.

Karp, on your feet.

You send it. Oh ! Gross !

You don't stop the pass. You accept it. Cradle it.

Oh ! Again !

Concentration, not strength.

Like the Karate Kid, right ? ''Wax on ! Wax off !''

Just shut up and try it, Averman !

You're such a jerk. Send it back, Averman.

Good, Averman. Charlie.

That's good. Good. Now sail it back.

Oh ! Way to go !

Good, good. Good, cradle it.

Cradle it. Soft hands, soft hands.

[ Splattering ] Oh !

Here it comes. Nice and easy. Good. l did it ! l did it ! All right.

Nice drill, coach. Really very cute.

But when are you gonna work with me in goal ? Goldberg, do you trust me ?

My mother would not approve of this, coach. She'd like me to live to be bar mitzvah'd.

This is your bar mitzvah, Goldberg. Today you will become a man.

Coach, l think you got the ceremonies mixed up. lt's more like a circumcision.

Coach ! Will you come back here ? What'd l ever do to you, man ?

District Five ! Ready !

Oh, man, l'm gonna die. l'm gonna die.

Aim ! Nice knowin' ya, Goldie.

Oh, please ! No ! Fire !

[ Screaming ] l wanna go home !

[ Screaming ]

[ Laughing ]

This doesn't hurt !

You wimps ! Give me your best shot !

Oh ! Come on ! That's good !

Hex goal ! Goalie boot save ! Whoa ! Nice shot, man ! l'm a dog ! l'm a crazed dog ! Come on !

[ Chanting ] Goldberg ! Goldberg ! l am Goldberg ! The goalie ! [ Growling ]

Good ! Good ! All right, Charlie !

Good hustle ! Conway, way to go. All right, Karp !

You guys hungry ? Tired ? [ Together ] Yeah !

Do you ache ? Are you pumped up ? Yeah !

Good ! That was a hell of a practise. Be proud of yourself.

[ lndistinct chatter ]

Hey, guys ! Excuse me, guys ! You gotta untie me now !

Ha-ha ! Good joke. Very funny. l like it.

No joke, come on, guys. Hey, coach !

Coach, come on, don't leave me hangin' like this !

Coach, don't make me come after you, coach.

Here you go. Thanks. Thanks for the ride.

You did real well in practise today, Charlie.

Let me ask you something. What happened to your dad ?

Mom and l left him. l don't really remember, but that's what she says.

You know, when l was a boy, l had to take care of my mother too.

Really ? What happened to your dad ?

He passed away.

You do a good job takin' care of your mom.

Thanks. Keep it up, all right ?

Okay. We'll see ya. Okay. Hey, coach.

What's that ? Huh ?

Oh ! Victory ! [ Laughing ]

[ Bombay laughing ] You've just entered the tickling zone !

[ Laughing ]

So l'm right in the middle of my cross-examination and l say to the guy, l usually defend heels like you, you scuzzy, mole-faced rat.

[ Chuckling ] That's a good one, sir.

Whoa !

[ Screeching ]

Hey ! Hey ! Hold it !

Hold it !

Whoa ! Whoa ! Whoa !

Look, it was an accident, all right ?

Never mind the window. Where'd you learn to shoot like that ? l didn't learn. l just do it.

Do it again.

Yargh !

Well, you're great at breaking windows. Do you ever hit the goal ?

Yeah. Well, one out of five.

Fulton, is it true what they say ?

About the scholarships and how they won't let you play hockey ?

People talk. lt don't mean nothin'.

Why don't you play for us ? l can't.

What do you mean ? l mean, l can't.

You afraid ? No, l mean l can't, you moron. l don't know how to skate.

Whoa ! ls that all that's stoppin' ya ?

[ lndistinct shouting ]

* l ride the top of the line l can't settle for less *

Push, Fulton, push. Keep your knees bent.

Side to side, good ! Follow me.

[ Screaming ]

Aaah !

Watch it ! Get out of the way !

[ Screaming ]

Sorry !

* This is all we got baby lt's got to be enough *

* l'd like to try to quit But l don't know how *

* l needed it then and baby l need it right now *

Come on, Fulton. Let's go !

* l gotta keep movin' 'til l'm satisfied * Hey !

* Come on, Come on lt's gonna be all right **

The Ducks ? We're the Ducks ?

Man, what brain-dead jerk came up with that name ?

As a matter of fact, l did. But l didn't have a choice. We're being sponsored.

By who ? Donald and Daisy ?

Hey, you don't wanna be Ducks ? You'd rather be District Five ? Some stupid number ?

Better than some stupid animal. l'll have you know, Peter, that the Duck is one of the most noble, agile and intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom.

But they're wimpy. They don't even have teeth.

Neither do hockey players.

Have you guys ever seen a flock of ducks flying in perfect formation ? lt's beautiful. Pretty awesome the way they all stick together.

Ducks never say die. Ever seen a duck fight ?

No way. Why ? Because the other animals are afraid.

They know that if they mess with one duck, they gotta deal with the whole flock.

Oh, man ! l'm proud to be a duck.

And l'd be proud to fly with any one of you.

So how about it ? Who's a Duck ?

l'll be a Duck.

Yeah. Me too.

[ lndistinct chatter ]

Anybody see Goldberg ? All right !

Now we're the Ducks ! [ Cheering ]

The Mighty Ducks ! [ Cheering ]

What are we ? [ Together ] The Ducks !

What the hell are they doing ?

Every time you get the puck, you're the quarterback.

Make eye contact with the receiver. Talk to him, let him know it's comin'.

Come on, guys. This isn't a library. Talk to each other.

What a weird-ass team.

How you doin' ?

You ready ? l think so.

Okay, Fulton. Shoot your heart out.

My God !

Wow !

[ Crowd gasping ] One out of five.

All right, Let's forget the past.

We lost a few games, tough ! That was District Five.

Now we're the Ducks. Yeah.

And the Ducks... are undefeated. All right ! Yeah !

Quack, quack.

Quack. Quack. [ Together ] Quack ! Quack !

Quack ! Quack ! Quack ! Quack !

[ Chanting ] Quack ! Quack !

Go... Ducks !

[ Cheering ] What the hell was that ?

[ Bombay ] Let's go, Ducks ! Defence ! Defence !

Dig it outta there !

Let's go ! Let's go ! Yeah !

Let's go, Ducks !

Throw it ! Throw it ! To the crease !

[ Cheering ]

Yes ! The Oreo line !

That's my boy ! [ Laughing ]

Defence, Karp ! Defence ! Come on.

[ Crowd gasping ]

l don't wanna go to school today, Mom.

How many fingers am l holdin' up ? He wouldn't know.

Shut up, Peter. Karp, are you okay ?

Look at this. The Karp-ster used his head to stop the puck.

Let's get you off the ice. Come on.

Get him on the bench, Charlie.

Okay, Ducks, we still got a chance here.

Connie, Terry, Jesse, Guy, time for the secret weapon.

Okay, Fulton. Remember, just like we talked about.

Come on, guys. Let's do it.

[ Cheering ]

Oh, no.

Go ! Get the face-off ! Line up, boys, let's go.

That's it.

Aaah !

Whoa !

[ Cheering ]

Whoo ! Yeah !

That tie of yours might be what you need to make the play-offs.

The ducks have a shot at the play-offs ? Sure.

Everyone but the last two teams are in, remember ?

Panthers got the measles and they forfeited the season.

So, you beat the Huskies and you'll make the play-offs.

Well, we might have to play the Hawks. So ?

So they're a tough team. Nothing's changed since l played.

Actually, one little thing has changed.

You wouldn't even be a Hawk now.

They redrew the district lines last year.

The lake is not the boundary any more.

You see ? You'd be a Duck. l'd be a Duck.

Excuse me. Coach Reilly ?

Yeah ? l'm afraid there's a bit of a problem.

What's that ? One of your players is ineligible.

Banks ! Over here !

This is a joke, right ? l'm afraid it's no joke.

Problem ? No, just a mistake.

Are you this boy's father ? 450 North Hennipen, is that your address ?

Yes. l'm afraid there's no mistake.

-This boy is playing for the wrong team. -What ?

According to league rules, Adam Banks should be playing for District Five.

My son is a Hawk, not a Duck. ls this your doing, Gordon ? l'll expect to see him at our next game.

We'll have a uniform waiting for you. No way.

My son would rather not play than play for your team.

Fine, if that's the way you want it. But remember, if Adam plays for the Hawks, you'll forfeit every game for the rest of the season.

Boy, l'd hate to see that.

Look, l'm sorry this had to happen, but you can see on the map.

Gordon ? Hey, Bombay !

You stop when l'm talking to you, son !

What's the idea here ? You trying to sabotage me or what ?

The law's a bitch when it works against you, isn't it, Jack ?

You got a whole team of Banks's. One kid isn't gonna make a difference.

Even with Banks, what do you think you're gonna prove, you and that bunch of losers ?

That's right, coach. They are losers.

We hate losers, don't we ? They don't even deserve to live.

Maybe Banks won't make a difference, but at least we're playing by the rules.

Why'd you turn against me, Gordon ? For six years... l taught ya how to skate, l taught ya how to score. l taught ya how to go for the ''W.''

You could have been one of the greats.

And now look at yourself.

You're not even a has-been. You're a never-was.

Going to the play-offs ! Whoo !

One win !

Hey, why aren't you guys in uniform ? We got warm-ups in half an hour.

All right, everyone, listen up. l got some good news.

We're getting a new player, Adam Banks.

What ? [ lndistinct chatter ]

He's a Hawk. He's a good player.

Yuck. Everybody hates him.

We don't need him. l'm the coach. l say we do need him. lf we make it to the play-offs, he could be a big help. [ Karp ] lf ?

All of a sudden you don't think we're good enough.

No, he thinks we're losers. That's what he told Reilly.

What ? We heard what you said.

You said we were losers, we didn't deserve to live.

That's not what l meant. l saw that picture of you missing that goal.

You were a Hawk, weren't you ? Guess you guys stick together to the end.

You know what ? l don't need your stinkin' equipment.

See you around. Peter, come back here. l'm talkin' to you, son ! Forget it, cake-eater. lf you wanna play, play with yourself. Come on, Terry.

Where do you guys think you're goin' ?

l don't believe this. [ Sighing ]

All right, l'm goin' up to the bench because that's where l'm supposed to be.

Anyone who wants to join me can join me. Anyone who doesn't --

Well --

Ten minutes to game time, coach.

Yeah, yeah, they'll be out in a minute.

They're, you know, working themselves into a frenzy.

Not much of a frenzy.

We forfeit.

Ducks forfeit. Flames, you win.

Hey. Can l sit ?


You talk to the guys ? l tried. They think l'm a traitor for even showing up. l guess they really hate me, huh ? ls it true you were really a Hawk ?


Peter said you blew a really big game once.

Yeah, well, Peter's right. lt was the last game of the state finals.

We were tied 2-2 in the end of the third period. l get a penalty shot. l go in, l triple deke. l fake the goalie right out of his pads.

The puck's headed in, and then...

Clang ! Hits the post. [ Groans ]

We lost in overtime.

A quarter of an inch this way and it would have gone in.

A quarter of an inch, Charlie.

Yeah, but a quarter inch the other way and you'd have missed completely. l never thought of it that way.

At least you got to play in a championship game.

That must've been so cool. Hey. Can l get you a cup of coffee ? l'd love one.

You know, she has many fine qualities that men find attractive. l know that, Charlie. That fact hasn't escaped me.

So, what kind of guys does she usually date ?

Jerks. l mean, most of them like her, but as soon as they catch a glimpse of me --

Pow ! Warp speed ! They are gone !

Don't take it personally, Charlie. Oh, l wouldn't even care... except it's not fair to my mom.

She deserves somebody nice.

Are you gonna come over for dinner again ? l don't know, Charlie. l'm not sure it's such a good idea.

See, that's what l wanted to talk to you about. l, um, talked to Jesse and Terry's dad, and he's gonna take over coaching for the rest of the year.

You're quitting ? l'm stepping aside to keep the team together.

The guys can't play for somebody they don't trust. l trust you. The other guys do too.

They just don't know it. Talk to 'em. l've done all l can. No, you haven't.

You gotta make 'em understand. You can't walk out on the Ducks.

We're your team. No, you're not.

We are too ! We weren't even the Ducks until you came along.

You made us and now you're stuck with us.


That's right. The red is oxygen.

Now what are the blue balls ?

[ Students giggling ]

Tommy ? Hydrogen ? ls correct. Now put them together... and you have a molecule that makes up 96%%% of your body.

What is it ? Pizza ?

[ Students giggling ]

-[ Knocking ] -lt's the principal. l'll be right back.

Work on H2 CO3. lt's a goody.

How'd the forfeit go, Spaz-way ? Yeah, did you score ?

Leave me alone, guys. l don't want to talk about the team.

Oh, yeah, sure. Coach's pet.

Everybody knows he likes you best.

Likes his mom, you mean. Take it back, Karp !

Take it back now !

Leave him alone. You have no right shoving Karp.

[ Connie ] Don't push me. Don't push her, she's a girl !

Lay off ! Don't shove, Peter.

[ All arguing ]

Atoms away !

My atoms !

You ! Sit !

Sit now ! ln your seats now !

l have never in my life --

What have you got to say for yourselves ?


[ Chanting ] Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack !

Thanks for coming by on such short notice, Gordon.

By the way, your court release came through.

Congratulations. Your community service is over. You're kidding.

So you wanted to talk about my coming back to work then ?

Well, actually -- Oh, you got your jersey. Great !

A lot's been happening. The Ducks might even make the play-offs.

Gordon, you know Coach Reilly and Mr Banks.

[ Mumbling ] Sir, they're the bad guys.

No, actually, Phil is one of my oldest friends.

Gerald was kind enough to get us all together here to try to work out this little problem.

You see, my son Adam wants to play for the Hawks.

His older brother was a Hawk.

All of his little friends are Hawks. That's where he belongs. lt's a tradition. You understand that, Gordon. You played.

But the league's already ruled on it.

We've talked to the league, and we worked out a little deal.

You guys cut a deal with the Pee Wee Hockey League ? Yes, we did.

The long and short of it is that Adam stays on the Hawks for the rest of the season.

And then next year, they redraft the lines.

Correctly. The league did make one condition.

What's that ?

That you withdraw your protest.

That's great. Good, good.

Well, that's settled then.

No, sir, you don't understand. l can't withdraw my protest.

What ? Mr Ducksworth, you wanted me to learn about fair play... and how to be part of a team... and l may not have learned everything yet, but l remember something my father said to me.

A team isn't a bunch of kids out to win.

A team is something you belong to, something you feel, something you have to earn.

And l'm not gonna let those kids down.

Gordon, l'm going to make this simple.

Are you prepared to lose your job over some kids ? Some game ?

Let me ask you, sir.

Are you prepared to fire me over some kids ? Some game ?

Collect your personal belongings, Gordon.

Yes, sir, Mr Ducksworth !

Thank you very much, Mr Ducksworth !

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, Mr Ducksworth !

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. Gordon, stop quacking.

[ Quacking ]

You may have paid for this jersey, sir, but you didn't earn it. l'll see you in the play-offs.

[ Bell rings ]

Excuse me. There are some students here that l'd like to see. Who are you ? l'm their hockey coach. lf you could tell me where l can find each of them, please.

They're in room 223.

All of them ? All of them.

''l will not quack at the principal.''

''l will not quack at the principal.''

What do you want ? l want to talk to you guys.

People. People, right.

Sit down, please. All of you.

Okay, don't sit down.

Look, what's done is done. l want to be your coach again.

You're gonna coach a bunch of losers ?

No, l want to coach the Ducks. What about the things you said ?

You said we didn't deserve to live.

Karp, l was being sarcastic. Do you know what that means ?

No. Okay, then you do. l didn't mean those things the way they sounded.

You guys know what it's like to be misunderstood, right ?

Yeah, of course. We're kids. So...

Can you forgive me ? Can l be your coach again ?

What about Banks ? He can be on the team if he wants.

He should have been with us all year. lt's you guys who were cheated. Let's forget all that crap !

We're a team, right ? [ Ducks ] Yeah. l made you guys, and l'm sticking with you.

So, what's it gonna be ?

We can play tomorrow night and still have a shot at the play-offs... or we can forfeit again and the season's over.

Peter, what do you say ?

Well... l guess it would help if we practised first.

All right. Let me see if l can get you out of detention.

Yes. Take that.

You really quacked at the principal ?


Are we Ducks, or what ?

Yeah !

Look at your mother.

Let's see how it is in ten minutes. l'm gonna kill you !

Hey. Wasn't sure if you'd show up.

Yeah, whatever. l just want to play hockey. Good.

Ducks, you all know Adam Banks.

On behalf of the Ducks, l'd like to say welcome.


Ooh, the Jess-man, dissin' the new guy ! The Jess-ster !

Shut up, Averman !

[ Averman ] lt's just a joke.

Puttin' on a Ducks jersey doesn't mean you're a real Duck.

They're a good group once you get to know 'em. l bet.

Well, suit up. l'll see you on the ice.

On your left !

Over here ! l'm open !

Come on, right here ! Up front !

Up front ! Pass it to Banks !

Come on ! Do somethin' with it !

Yeah ! All right !

Way to go, Banks !

All right ! Score another one for the Ducks !

[ Ducks talking excitedly ]

Goldberg, you're gonna sit this one out.

What ? You're pulling the goalie when we're tied ?

Listen, listen, listen !

A tie isn't gonna help us. We need the win.

Okay, Fulton, you're our extra man.

Everybody, get the puck to Fulton. That's your job.

-We pulling the Statue of Liberty play ? -Yeah ?

No, take your shot. You may only get one, so it's gotta be good.

But, coach, one outta one ? [ Germaine ] Soft hands, Fulton.

Concentration, not strength. [ Bombay ] That's right !

Okay ? Let's get the Huskies !

Let's go ! Come on !

Let's back it up, boys. Let's make it a fair one. Let's go !

Get in there ! Come on !

[ Jesse ] Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot !

Shoot, Fulton, shoot !

We won !

We made the play-offs !

[ Charlie ] Boy, this is great.

[ Connie ] Guys, look, it's the North Stars.

Oh, man. lt's Mike Modano !

...Believe this ? Cool !

This is too cool. l can't believe this.

[ Connie ] This place is humongous.

What are we doing here ? lt's a little play-offs present.

Hey, Gordo ! Gordon Bombay, right ?

You remember me ? Sure, from Pee Wees.

This guy used to rule in Pee Wees. l heard you were a farmer.

Actually, l became a lawyer.

But l'm coaching Pee Wee now and this is my team, the Ducks.

Ducks, this is Basil McRae and Mike Modano. [ Ducks ] We can see that.

All right. Hey, Ducks !

Listen to this guy. He knows what he's talking about. lf you ever want a shot, l'll get you a tryout in the minor league clubs.

Thanks. No problem. Hey, nice seein' ya.

Take it easy.

[ Bombay ] All right, let's have some fun !

* You've got to accentuate the positive *

* Eliminate the negative *

* Latch on to the affirmative *

* Don't mess with Mister ln-between *

* You've got to spread joy up to the maximum *

* Bring gloom down to that minimum *

* Have faith or pandemonium *

* You're liable to walk upon the sea *

* To illustrate my last remark *

* Talking about Jonah in a whale and Noah in an ark *

* What did they do when everything looked so dark *

* Then they say *

* You better accentuate the positive *

* Eliminate that negative *

* Latch on to the affirmative *

* Don't mess with Mister ln-between *

* We better accentuate the positive *

* Eliminate all the negative *

* Latch on to the affirmative *

* Don't mess with Mister ln-between *

* No, don't mess with Mister ln-between *

Hey ! Hey !

* Don't you mess with Mister ln-between **

You know, l heard the North Stars wore the same underwear... all through the play-offs last year for luck.

So l'm doin' the same thing.

Hmm. Maybe l should've cooked.

You know, l'm thinkin' maybe we can all go down to the winter festival tonight.

All three of us ? Sure. l don't think l should, 'cause l got a lot of homework.

You should go. With my mom. By yourselves.

[ Door slams ]

Mmm, smells great !


[ Whispering ] Go for it.


[ Casey ] l don't know how they sculpt these.

Hmm, l wonder. l used to sculpt, but now l do mostly paintings.

How do you think they do the details ?

Oh, little men. Tiny chisels, big mittens.

Oh. l'm nervous. l'm rambling on and on here.

You probably think l'm weird.

No, l think you're great.

When l was a little girl, l used to pretend that that was an ice castle.

And that was my room, that window right up there.

And last winter l gave Charlie that one.

What about me ? Which window's mine ? l want to live there too.

What ? What did l say ? lt's just not that easy. What's not that easy ?

Casey, l was just playin' around.

Look, l don't know how you feel about me. l don't even know how l feel about you.

But l do know there's a little kid back home... who's absolutely falling in love with his coach... and if you can't deal with that, if you're just playing around, then you better let me know.

What are we talking ? 'Til death do us part ? l have to decide on the first date ? Stop it, Gordon.

Charlie's gonna be there when we get back.

And tomorrow. And ten years from now.

Look, l can take it.

But if Charlie gets too attached --

Every time this happens, it gets... a little rougher on him.

Just on him ?

l'm glad to be here with you.

Me too.

[ Announcer ] The surprising Ducks are still in this game... against the Hornets.

Banks moving right in front, stops. He shoots, he scores !

lt's getting rough out there between the Ducks and the Hornets.

Here's Adam Banks in the slot. He stops, shoots. He scores !

Back it goes to Averman. He shoots ! Score !

The ducks win it, 5-3 over the Hornets.

And now it's on to the semifinals... where the Ducks will face the Cardinals.

What a game so far, ladies and gentlemen ! The Ducks and the Cardinals !

Cardinals with it in their own zone, tryin' to clear it out.

Pass to the blue line, intercepted by the Ducks.

Here's their star, Adam Banks. Banks has great speed. Right down the middle!

Goes around one man with a great move ! Steps around another defender !

He scores !

Come on ! Come on, Jesse !

[ Announcer ] Ducks with it again.

Here's Averman, now getting it over to Banks.

Germaine is right in the slot. Germaine with it !

He shoots, he scores !

Germaine put it off the goaltender's glove into the net !

And that does it ! The Ducks have won ! Can you believe it ?

4-2, and the Ducks now get set to face the Hawks in the state finals.

[ Reilly ] All right, it's up to you, Gordon.

Now, you miss this shot, you're not just letting your team down, you're letting me down too.

Remember, it's not worth playing -- lf you can't win. That's right. Okay, son, let's go.

Let's go, son ! [ Yelling ]

* ...Oh, say does that star-spangled *

* Banner yet wave *

* O'er the land of the free *

* And the home of the brave **

Let's go ! Let's go ! All right !

[ Announcer ] Welcome to the Minnesota State Pee Wee Championship.

Have we got a game for you today.

The Hawks, coached by Jack Reilly.

[ Chanting ] Win, win, win, win, win !

Win, win, win, win, win !

[ Chanting ] Win, win, win, win, win !

Win, win, win, win !

[ Chanting ] Win, win, win, win !

[ Chanting ] Win, win, win, win, win !

[ Cheering ]

Ducks, let's fire it up !

Come on, let's get fired up !

Quack, quack, quack, quack !

Quack, quack, quack, quack !

Quack, quack, quack, quack !

Quack, quack, quack, quack !

Quack, quack, quack, quack !

Quack, quack, quack, quack !

Quack, quack, quack, quack !

Go... Ducks ! Let's go !

[ Cheering ]

[ Booing ]

Hey, Banks.

Don't forget what side you're on.

He's a Duck, Jesse. He'll play like a Duck.

[ Announcer ] And the game is underway, and right off Larson and McGill with a heavy hit.

That gives you an indication of what you're going to see tonight.

[ Reilly ] Good hit ! That's the way l want you guys to play it !

The Ducks in green chasing it down against --

A hard hit out at centre ice !

Keep it away from 'em ! Come on, Banks !

Heavy hitting continues in this championship game.

Banks up the centre ice. He drives it down into the Hawks' zone.

Back in again to Larson, the man behind the net.

Go, go, go ! Get it out of there !

Banks, two comin' hard !

Banks still looking for an opening, moves it up --

Banks gets knocked down against the boards. The puck is intercepted by the Hawks.

Here's Larson, over to Brown. Brown, in front, goes backhand. He scores !

Come on ! Hustle !

Come on, you guys !

Hawks with a 1-0 lead, come back to centre ice.

Larson gives it up to McGill.

Here's McGill, inside, the lead at centre ice.

He's up on the blue line and around the net.

And he scores !

And now the Hawks lead 2-0.

Good save, Goldberg !

All right, all right ! That's the kind of hockey... l want to see played all day, boys.

Larson stopped at the blue line, but the Ducks can't clear it out.

McGill to Brown, left side. He shoots ! He scores !

The Hawks lead late in the first period, 3-0.

Don't be scared of them, Ducks. That's what they want.

Keep your heads up. Play proud.

Let's fly ! Come on, let's go ! [ Ducks cheering ]

[ Reilly ] All right, pressure, boys. Pressure, pressure !

All right, hold it, hold it. l want you to drop Banks like a bad habit. l want him outta the game.

Finish him off. You got it ? Yeah.

Okay, boys, let's go.

All right, all right, all right, all right, all right !

Face-off for the second period, and the Hawks win the draw.

They get it back to Stickler. 3-0, Hawks lead.

Stickler to the blue line of the Ducks. His pass taken away by Conway.

[ Bombay ] Go after him !

Taken by Adam Banks. Here's Banks across the blue line !

McGill from behind ! Knocks Banks down !

Banks shoots ! He scores !

Adam Banks with a great goal for the Ducks !

McGill knocked him down from behind, but Banks scored.


Adam, are you okay ?

What'd you do ? My job.

Okay, we need the paramedics in. He's injured.

Oh, my God.

Come on, son, let's go. Come on.

Number seven, McGill.

Cross-checking. Two minutes.

[ Hawk ] Don't worry, guys.

Did it go in ?

Yeah, man. Jesse, do me a favour.

Kick some Hawk butt.

All right, cake-eater.

He'll be okay, sir. We need to take some X rays, though.

Hell of a job, son.

They score against us, they're gonna pay the price.

Now, don't worry. We're gonna get that one back.

You got somethin' to say to me, Bombay ?

To think l wasted all those years worrying about what you thought.

You're goin' down, Reilly.

Let me go after 'em, coach. Let me get 'em. No, we're better than that.

Look, look, it's time to play smart hockey, Duck hockey.

-All right ? Now we got the power play. -[ Ducks ] Yeah. All right.

We're gonna hit 'em where it hurts the most: up there.

Fulton, you're in.

Coach, they'll be rushin' him. Right.

Jesse, make sure you give Fulton plenty of time.

Right, coach. [ Charlie ] Jesse, do good.

Let's go !

[ Ducks ] Yeah ! Hold it ! Wait ! Whoa !

Let's have fun out there.

[ Ducks ] All right ! All right !

Let's go ! Let's go !

The Ducks trail 3-1, and now they call on number 44, Fulton Reed...

[ Bombay ] Get the face-off !

[ Announcer ] ...who has a big, booming shot.

And the Ducks get it back to Fulton Reed.

Hall clears the front of the net. Here's Reed winding.

He scores !

Fulton Reed has scored, and the Ducks are back in the game !

Yeah ! Yeah !

Yes !

Yes ! That's it !

More fun ! More fun !

Of all the sloppy ass -- Ladies, they don't need our help out there !

Now l want that Fulton Reed covered.

He better not make another shot. You got it ? l'm tellin' you, you blow this game and nobody makes the team next year !

All right, get out there !

Quick feet, now ! Quick feet !

The puck comes around, now to Blake on the right side.

Blake through the slot with a backhand. Scores !

Blake with a backhanded goal, and the Hawks regain the two goal lead at 4-2.

Guys, guys, guys, listen up, listen.

We have got to stay fired up and focused, all right ? lt ain't over 'til it's over.

Tammy, Tommy, let's show these Hawks something really different. Come here.

All right. l want you guys to start up here --

Third period and the Ducks trail 4-2, trying desperately to get back in the game.

The Ducks with Tammy and Tommy Duncan on the ice.

Tammy Duncan goes in front of the net, Tommy with the puck.

Tammy's spinning, and the Hawks are just looking at her.

Come on. Come on !

Now !

Tammy Duncan shoots, she scores !

Yes ! Yes ! We're still alive !

[ Crowd booing ] l'm on, coach.

Yes, we're still in there !

He Grabs McGill from behind... and throws him over the boards into the bench.

Now he wants to pick a fight with the entire Hawks team.

Fulton Reed has to be restrained by the referee.

Game misconduct. You're outta here, son. l'm off, coach.

He barely touched him.

Oreo line ! l want you to remember what we learned.

Ducks stick together, right ? Yeah !

So let's see it ! Show me the flying ''V.''

All right ! All right !

Let's get a line change ! Let's go !

[ Jesse ] Here we go ! Come on, y'all, let's go !

Come on ! Come on !

Flying ''V'' !

Jesse Hall goes behind his own net, joined by the rest of his team.

Here they come from behind the net ! lt's the flying ''V'' !

Come on ! Come on !

Terry Hall, with the puck, moves the puck ahead to brother Jesse.

They stay onside the blue line. Jesse Hall with it, trying to come down the slot.

Moves down the right side, now in front of the net. Jesse scores !

[ Crowd quacking ]

With the score tied 4-4, the next goal will decide the championship.

Tremendous pressure. Neither team can afford any mistakes now.

23 seconds left to go in regulation.

Looking for the game-winning goal, here's Morgan moving into the slot. He shoots and a big save.

Big save, Goldberg ! We'll get 'em in overtime !

Score tied at four. Now Averman ahead to Charlie Conway.

Come on, Charlie. Conway to centre ice on a breakaway !

Conway moving across the Hawk blue line, down the middle ! He could win the game !

Hey ! Where's the call ?

No time left on the clock, but the referee is calling a penalty shot !

[ Reilly ] What kind of call is that ?

Okay, we've got a penalty shot for the Ducks.

Coach, penalty shot. Anyone on the ice can take it.

All right, Ducks, who's gonna take it ? l think he should take it. Me ?

What about Charlie ?

What about Charlie ? All he does is fan.

Let's let him finish what he started.

Coach, we have a chance to win. Damn straight we do.

Come here. You been practising that triple deke ?

Yeah. Then you're all set.

You may make it, you may not.

But that doesn't matter, Charlie. What matters is that we're here.

Look around.

Whoever thought we'd make it this far ?

One, two, three. Triple deke.

Take your best shot. l believe in you, Charlie, win or lose.

Thanks, coach. Go get 'em.

All right, Charlie. Let's go, Charlie.

Okay, now wait for my signal. Good luck.

[ Chanting ] Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, [ Chanting ] Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...

Okay, now don't leave your crease before he touches the puck. Good luck.

[ Blows whistle ]

Come on, Charlie. Come on, Charlie.

[ Cheering ]

* We are the champions, my friend *

* And we'll keep on fighting *

* 'Til the end *

* We are the champions *

* We are the champions *

* No time for losers *

* 'Cause we are the champions *

* Of the world *

* We are the champions, my friend *

* And we'll keep on fighting *

* 'Til the end *

* Oh, we are the champions *

Thank you, Hans. l'm proud of you, Gordon.

* We are the champions *

* No time for losers *

* 'Cause we are the champions *

* Of the world **

[ Chanting ] Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks...

Look, don't take any bad dives, okay ?

Just remember, keep your head up, man.


Remember, strength, not concentration.


And for God's sakes, soft hands.

Right. Anything else ?

Yeah. Have fun out there, coach.

l must be crazy. A tryout with the minors. l'm gonna be goin' up against kids half my age.

Just have a good tryout, Gordon. One step at a time.

Yeah, you're right.

[ Kids hooting ]

Bye. l'll call you when l get there.

Banks is first in line next !

Hey, Ducks !

No matter what happens, we'll see you next season.

We got a title to defend. [ Cheering ]

* We will, we will rock you *

* We will, we will rock you *

* Buddy, you're a boy make a big noise *

* Playin' in the street Gonna be a big man some day *

* You got mud on yo' face You big disgrace *

* Kickin' your can all over the place, singin' *

* We will, we will rock you *

* We will, we will rock you *

* Buddy, you're a young man hard man *

* Shouting in the street Gonna take on the world some day *

* You got blood on yo' face You big disgrace *

* Wavin' your banner all over the place *

* We will, we will rock you *

Sing it ! * We will, we will rock you *

* Buddy, you're an old man poor man *

* Pleadin' with your eyes Gonna make you some peace some day *

* You got mud on yo' face Big disgrace *

* Somebody better put you back into your place *

* We will, we will rock you *

Sing it !

* We will, we will rock you *

* We will, we will rock you **

* l've paid my dues *

* Time after time *

* l've done my sentence *

* But committed no crime *

* And bad mistakes *

* l've made a few *

* l've had my share of sand kicked in my face *

* But l've come through *

* And l need to go on and on and on and on *

* We are the champions my friend *

* And we'll keep on fightin' *

* 'Til the end *

* We are the champions *

* We are the champions *

* No time for losers *

* 'Cause we are the champions *

* Of the world We are the champions *

* My friend *

* And we'll keep on fightin' *

* 'Til the end *

* Oh, we are the champions *

* We are the champions *

* No time for losers *

* 'Cause we are the champions *

* Of the world **