The Mind's Eye (2015) Script


We've had a few complaints about a guy that matches your description.

You know anything about that? Don't know what you're talking about.

Where you headed? Just walking.

Where to? Don't know yet.

Are you some kind of wise-ass? I need to see some ID.

You stay there. Stop!

Hey! What are you, deaf?

You don't want to do that.

You're real smart ass. You're going in for the night.

Insubordination, failure to show ID... Please don't do this.

...and loitering.

I... can't... stop...



You're so fucking lucky we caught this freak before he got any further.

Now, my boss has got his head so far up my fuckin' ass that I can barely sit down, and I don't blame him.

He's going to have a hell of a time keeping this one quiet.

What the hell do you want me to do, Charlie?

You know what you're dealing with.

This one is different.

I was scared.

I'm not a cop. I'm here to help you.

Zack, right?

Zach, my name is Dr. Michael Slovak.

I study the phenomenon of psychokinesis.

I own and operate my own research facility where there are others like you.

It's been a real pain in the ass trying to track you down.

I'd like to take that sack off your head and talk face to face, but I need to take precautions.

So I'm going to inject you with a serum that we've been developing at my institute.

It will subdue your abilities, with no adverse side effects.

It's become necessary, a precaution.

Some people with your abilities prefer it.

It allows them to be normal.

It will be quick.

You're going to give yourself an aneurysm. You should calm down.

I'm gonna to cut right to the chase.

I know who you are. Really?

We all do. All? You know others like you?

Some. How many?


I know you know Rachel Meadows.

We found pictures of her in your bag.

She told me about you.

I've been tracking both of you since the incident in Chicago.

You knew about that? It made national news.

Nobody knew the cause. I did.

She's been with us almost 3 months.

The improvement she's shown has been astounding.

She looks great. She is doing great.

I've never seen anything like her. She's the most... powerful psycho-kinetic I've ever seen.

But she tells me you're even stronger.

What happened with those cops back there.

They pushed me.

I can't hold back. Then come with me.

Let us help each other.

I want to see Rachel.

We can arrange that.

So... what's it gonna be, Zack?

Show us what you did to those two cops.

Let me see her.

Let me see Rachel and I'll do whatever you want.

Mr. Connors, I need you to cooperate with us.

Let me see her.

We found Zack.

Is he here?

He is.

How long has it been since you've seen him.

I don't know. A few years.

Then bear with me. For this next cycle of research, and I'll let you see him.

Rip that phone book in half without using your hands.

We're only half way through the cycle, we can't stop.

My body can't take it.

We have no choice at this point.

Just let me see Zack and then I'll continue.

We can't do that, Rachel.

You still love him, don't you?

It's been over a month, there's been no progress.

You lied to me.

We've explained this to you. We've let you see her.

I want to leave.

You're here for another 10 months, so... you being uncooperative isn't helping anyone.

Do you understand why I can't take the sack off.

Because you're scared.

What is there to be scared of?


Give her 60ml.

She is not ready.

No kidding.



Yes? Check-mate.

Oh, shit.


Yeah, that's four in a row.

You feeling alright?

You know what? No.

I mean, we don't have... Zack.

Zack, hey, hey, hey. Just tell me what's goin' on with you?

Slovak still hasn't let me see Rachel.

Today's three months.

Nobody's seen her since she came in. You need to let this go, man.

I'm not letting it go.

We need to get her and get the fuck out of here.

You don't even know where she is.

She has to be in Slovak's house.

I'm going to go talk to him. I don't know...

You better think about it. I'm not sticking around here anymore.

I'm getting a tolerance to this shit they're putting in us.

You must be too. We should use it. It can help us.

Something you two want to share?

Talking to Dave here about him kicking my ass at chess.

Dinner's in 10.

Can I help you? We need to talk.

Okay. Talk to me. It's been three months.

And I still haven't seen Rachel.

But your condition has improved, has it not?

Hard to tell with all this garbage you put in our bodies.

You know as well I do... I wanna talk to her.

Rachel... is undergoing a very intensive cycle in her research and development.

It is imperative that her contact with other people is kept to a bare minimum.

You do the same thing to her that you do to me?

Suck stuff out of her spine.

Dope her up...

Inject with who the hell knows what.

I'm leaving and I'm taking her with me.

No, you're not going anywhere.

You have a contract to fulfill.

Now if you'll excuse... You lied to me.

Don't ever put your hands on me again. Is that clear?

Kurt, get in here.

Put him down.


Bastard put his hands on me.

Have him on lock down until we figure out what to do with him. He's out of control.

Yes, sir.

And get Levine in here, I need to talk to him.

Can I have my evening injection prepared, please?

Come on. There you go.

On your knees, darling. On your knees!

Alright, alright.

Hurry up, Potter.

There you go. There you go. Easy.

Calm down!

You've been doing remarkably well, considering your... incident last year. How do you feel?

I've never felt better... sir.

I'm also happy that the... loss of one of your eyes hasn't impeded your abilities in any way.

Quite the opposite, in fact. It simply forced me to work harder.

We were able to track down Cole Reeves.

Based on the information you gave us.

He's down in Philadelphia. Is he alone?

We think so.

Are we going to bring him to the institute? No.

But you are.

You've proven yourself well.

I want to make you... the first one with your abilities to be part of the team.

Doctor, your evening cycle is ready.

Thank you. Come in.

We can discuss the details... tomorrow.

If you'll excuse me. Of course. Thank you.

Well earned.

Day go well, doctor?

Aside from my incident with Zack, quite good.

Did you take care of that? I did.

He has enough dope in him to keep him out for the night.

Kurt is handling his restraints.

What's his current cycle dosage?

Once a day. 10 milliliters.

Starting tomorrow please pump it up to 20.

If you insist.

This is getting worse.

Give me the shot. I can't break my cycle.

There you go.

Connors is restrained and cleared.

Now just one quick shot and we're good to go. Let me see your arm.

Rachel. Are you deaf, Meadows?


Goddammit. Hey.



Tommy! We need backup in here, now.

All security to the holding room in the resident house. We have a situation.

This is Slovak, what's going on?

Vince is in there with Meadows. She's going absolutely batshit.

I'll be there in a second.


Goddamn. Somebody help!


Get it out. Get it out of me.

Come here. Come here!

You see what you make me do when you don't listen?

There we go. That's a girl.

That's a good girl. That's a good girl.

Potter alright?

She's fine. Why the hell was her sack off. 'Cause she went apeshit and tore it off.

You're lucky this wasn't worse. I know. I know.

She could have gotten out. You know what would happen if she got out?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Good. So don't let it happen again.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Slovak. Alright?

It's Doctor Slovak?

Doctor Slovak. I'm sorry, doctor. Jesus, I'm sorry. Alright?

Take her out and put her on my couch.

Hurry up.

You can't run away from me now.

I'm the only thing you have.


I gotta leave work early today.

Gotta take the kids, we gotta drive all the way to Washington.

We went to like, six department stores yesterday to find him a suit, 'cause he is so tiny.

It was great, and he looks like his father standing there...

That sounds fucking brilliant. That's great.

Hang on. I got it.

Rise and shine, Connors!

What the fuck?

Don't move.

I'm not going to hurt you, I just need to know.

Is Rachel in Slovak's house?


Zack! What the fuck? Listen! We have to hurry!

What? Get the fuck up and put clothes on. Now!

I'm getting my abilities back.

Maddigan told me where Rachel is.

She is at Slovak's house. What if Slovak is there?

I hope he is.



Hey, stop it.

Drop it.


Don't fucking move.

Hey. Zack.

You're gonna stay right there.

Zack! No!

Son of a bitch.

Here. You'll need this more than me. Zack!

Let's go.

Oh, shit.

Yes? Dr. Slovak, it's Jim at the front gate.

We have a problem. What kind of problem?

Come on.

Do you have eyes on Vince? Vince and Ray are both down.

I'll take care of this.


I've got a bad feeling about this, Zack.

What do you think you're doing, Connors?

I'm getting Rachel and we're getting the fuck out of here.

I don't think so.

This is where it ends, Zack. We can make this easy, or hard.

And there are going to be consequences for what you two have already done.

Go get Rachel.



Grab your shoes, we're getting out of here. Zack is with me. Hurry.

Let's go. Let's go.

You moved that fucking table. What you can do, Zack, it will be child's play once I reach my full potential.

Oh, shit, Zack. Are you okay?

Take another step and I put a bullet right between his eyes!

Drop the fucking gun!

You won't do it.


Alright. We both put them down at the same time. Deal?

I said to put the fucking gun down, Michael!

Oh, shit. Kurt and the others are coming. We gotta go.

Alright. Okay.

I'm going to fucking kill him.

Come on. Let's get out of here.


Come on!

They got David!

Let's go. Somebody is gonna come.

This is it, Connors.

Connors, Meadows, let's go.

That's it. Come on.

No! Stop.

Don't do that!

Get out! Get out your fucking car! Alright. Take it easy.

You're gonna help me. Get him into your car. Okay?


Come on, we're gonna get out of here. Okay? Come on. Come on. Come on.

I'm really sorry, but I'm gonna have to take your car.

Where's Elliot and the other two?

No sign of them yet. They ran out towards the road.

Where were you going, Armstrong?

Answer my question, Armstrong.

I was just following Zack.

Useless, as usual. Take Levine off his cycle and get him in my office.

And get Dick Rayne down here now.

And make sure Armstrong here gets into the holding room.

Juice him up good. I want him out cold.

Get up.

Give me a towel.

You gonna be okay?

Yeah, I think so.


How did you find me?

Slovak found me. He wanted me to come to the institute.

Knew we had history, and used you to bait me.

He's a fucking maniac, Zack.

Did you knew he was one of us?

He's not one of us.

He threw a table through the air like it was nothing.

It's sympathetic. There's something in our DNA, there's something he can extract from us and inject into himself.

It makes him like us.

He's been extracting me too.

Did you bring what I asked for?

Everything you need to know about Connors is in there.

His previous addresses, friends, girlfriend.

He was reported missing 7 years ago.

This is good.

I'm going to need you to stick around for the day, in case these two decide to make their way back here.

You're a funny guy. You don't pay me to work security.

Consider it a promotion.

Can I talk to you for a second? -Yeah.

They found Elliot. He's dead.

And the other two? They got away for now.

Stole a car once they hit the road.

We got the make and model from the driver. Where's the driver now?

Well, apparently Connors put on a little show for him, he was asking questions, so we took care of him. Good. What about Vince?

Potter is cleaning him up. He'll be fine. Levine is in your office.

He hasn't had an injection since last night.

Alright, tell Rayne to put out an APB out on the car they took.

Bring in any additional security we can.

I think I know where they're going.

It was his last known address when he was reported missing.

The father is still there, he's a retired state police officer.

Rayne tells us nothing has been called in yet, so it's unlikely they're gonna contact authorities.

But it's imperative we catch them before their dosage wears off.

Cole Reeves is rescheduled. You're going to go with Kurt.

Start at the father's house and move back from there.

Rayne, you and Vince stay here with me.

You sure about this, kid?

He'll be an asset.

Is this it? Yeah, let's get inside.




Zack. What?

Someone's here.


Jesus Christ.

I'm so sorry, Dad. You son of a bitch.

You goddamn son of a bitch.

You know what you did to me?

Your mother wasn't dead a month and you left me.

It was the last thing I wanted.

It's good to have you back.

You put me in hell of position here, Zack.

That car is outside is stolen.

That sicko has all the cops in his pocket, this is the first place he's gonna look.

He's right.

We should leave. We should never have come here. Fuck.

There is fluid pumping through my body right now that is worth millions, maybe billions, and he is the only one who knows about it.

Every week they would take a syringe the size of a nail and stick it in my back, until they pulled as much out of me as they could.

I know somebody.

Still with the county police, somebody I can trust.

Maybe I'll give him a call to see if we have something to worry about yet.


Every county in the state is looking for that car, and two people who match your description.

I'll move the car out back. Tomorrow we'll make some calls.

We'll find you a new set of wheels, maybe a place to stay for a while.

Give me the keys.

You two look like you could use a shower and some sleep.

I'll dig around and find a change of clothes.

Your room still has a bed in it.


Seriously, thank you so much.

I'm happy to see you again, kid.

It's been six weeks since you started the extraction process.

We'd like to track your progress to test if the extractions have caused any loss in ability.

How do you feel?

She still had so much power.

I trust her so much.

She could have... killed me so many times.

Why now?

Just spoke to a friend of mine down in the 20th precinct, couple hundred miles from here. He said Connors' dad called in.

Was asking if we'd heard anything about a bluish Cadillac.

I knew it. I knew it.


Rayne just got a call. They're over at Connors' dad's house.

You do what you need to do with the father, I want those two back here by dawn.

Give the kid a gun and do what I ask.

There a problem, Charlie?

No problems.

Doctor? Are you ready for your injections?

Yes. Was the dose doubled?

Yes, doctor. Bring it in.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

My dad gave me a whole bunch of clothes.

So looks like we have some options.

Something here ought to fit you. My mom was pretty small.

You never told me you left right after she died.

It's complicated. Stop fucking saying that.

That's what you always say.

I wanna know.

My psychokinesis... developed during my puberty.

And it got stronger and stronger.

I was terrified to tell anybody what I could do.

But by the time I was 17...

I couldn't contain it anymore.

My mom... was the person that...

I trusted most in the world.

And I know it was an accident.

I tried to show her what I could do.

But I pushed too hard.

And I got into her head.

I blew something in her brain.

She was dead before she hit the ground.

It was my fault.

I didn't wanna... risk hurting somebody else I cared about.

So I left.

It was an accident.

But it was still my fault.


This is why they're so important.

The key to one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs we've ever seen.

I was born normal.

Once I learned there were others out there, ones like Zack and Rachel...

I knew there must be a way to transfer that.

And I was right.

Now I'm beyond even them... and there's no end in sight.

What are you waiting for?

How powerful is he?

I don't know... but the things I've seen him do... he's dangerous.

Do you think he'll come here?

I do.

Do you think he'll ever stop looking for us?

Not until one of us is dead.

Well, that's not going to happen.

You hear me?


What are you doing? Oh, shit.

They're here! They're fucking here!

Dad, there are some guys from the institute.

Let me handle it. Just stay in there and stay quiet.

These guys are dangerous. Let me handle it.

Just a second!

Hold on!

Can I help you? It's one o'clock in the goddamn morning.

I apologize for the inconvenience, I know it's late, or early.

I'm Kurt Davidson.

This here is my associate, Travis Levine.

We're here from a rehabilitation center that the state has put your son into.

Earlier today, he and a 26-year-old female, by the name of Rachel Meadows, escaped our custody and unfortunately injured several of our staff members in the process.

So we were hoping they may be here.

Shouldn't the cops be handling something like this.

Is your son here?

I ain't seen my son in 10 years. I hope you find him.


I couldn't help but notice... a blue Cadillac out in the yard there.

That happen to be yours? Yes.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go back to sleep.

The thing is, that blue Cadillac... is a perfect match with the description of the vehicle your piece of shit son stole when he escaped our center.

Like I said, I ain't seen my son in...

We aren't leaving until we get who we came for, so it may be in your best interest to make this as easy as possible.

Get him on the couch.

Lay in the tub out of view.

Check the rest of the house, will you, Travis?

Listen to me, Mr. Connors... your son is a very violent, sick person.

All of this, what you're doing here trying to protect him, he doesn't deserve that.

I was a police officer for over 30 years.

You're making a big fucking mistake.

Really? Yeah.

Please keep the threats coming, old man.

Give me a reason.


You okay, Dad? Yeah, I'll live.

There's another one in the house somewhere.

You're a fucking dead man, Connors.

You might not want to see this.

You fucking...

Grab that little motherfucker! I want him to see this!

On your knees, you fuck!

Any last words, old man?

What's the matter?

Kurt, fucking shoot him!

Give me that. Go find the other one.

We need to get the fuck out of here.

Come here. Come here.

You see what happened to your pops there?

I may or may not do that to you. I have yet to decide.

Travis is going to find your girlfriend up there and you're fucked. You hear me?

How do you feel about that, Connors?

Any second now.


Get the hell out of here.

Fucking bitch.

Now I will shoot you. Don't fuck with me.

Turn around.

This is your fucking fault!

You made me do this.


I'm coming for you. Show's over.

We're not done yet.

You don't look like you're doing too well. Nice try, though.

You're not going to shoot me.

I'm gonna put you down for good, bitch.


You're fucking dead, Meadows. You hear me?


Jesus. You scared the hell out of me.

I saw that nurse shoot you up back there.

I don't know what the hell you're doing... but you're not looking too good.

I feel great.

It's none of your business what I do.

You're a fucking sad case, man.

You have a good evening, doctor.


You've always had a problem with listening.

What the hell are you doing? Watching my hard work pay off.

Doctor, Armstrong is awake. You might want to see this.

I'll be right there.

What's going on?

It's Armstrong.

He's up to something.

Son of a bitch.

I'm over here in front of the holding room with Armstrong, we just lost all power.

Turn on the back-up generator, I'm coming over.

There was an incident with Rayne in the lobby.

Take care of it.


Oh, no, no. No, no...


There's been an incident. A multiple homicide.

One victim is barely alive.

722 Foster Hill Drive, Danbury. Hurry.

Looking real sharp, doctor.

Make you feel good to sit around here... make some sparks fly, put on a little show?

Does it make you nervous that we are getting our powers back?

The amount of strength you have right now is pathetic.

I know you are getting a confidence boost with your little... security camera trick there, but it's been only 18 hours since your last injection.

You're about as threatening as a bee sting.

That's the look Connors gave me when I splintered a table over the side of his body.

You son of a bitch.

I'm more powerful than you, Connors, Meadows.

What do you think this has all been about?

Grooming your abilities?

Come on, you motherfucker! I'd watch myself if I were you.

I'm not afraid of you. Really?

I'm sorry, what were you saying?

You see, Armstrong... it's just a matter of hours before Kurt and Travis return with your two friends.

Thing is, I'm not sure there's much use for you anymore.

I've created a serum, that can open our minds to maximum capacity.

It will make me the most powerful psycho-kinetic to ever walk this planet!

I'm gonna change the world.

And you will be forgotten.

Operator. Hi, connect me to the hospital, please.

Please hold.

How may I direct your call?

I'm looking for a lady that might have been brought in.

Gunshot victim, possible Jane Doe, mid 20s, brunette.

Yes, we had a patient coming around 2 am this morning.

Looks like she just got out of surgery. She's in intensive care.

But she's alive? Yes, she's alive.

What is your relation to the patient, sir?


He just showed up at the fucking door. Says everyone's dead.


What the fuck happened! Where is Kurt?

Rachel blew his fucking head up.

Dr. Slovak, there's someone at the front gate.

See who it is.

And be careful.

Who's there?

Get out of the car.

I'm gonna count to three.





You said he was dead.

Tommy, I need you to intercept Connors at the front gate.

All remaining security come to my office immediately.

I will kill you, Tommy.

Zack! Listen to me, man! You don't want to do this.

Neither do I!


Eyes on the ground. Do not move.

If you look at me, I will put you down.





He's coming inside. I'll stop him.

Get me an injection. But he's going to be here any second.

Then hurry up.

You're a hard one to put down.

You should have killed me.

Fuck you!

I never liked you.

I know.

Travis is dead, sir. He just cut his fucking head off.


Doctor Slovak?

Sir, he's headed right for the office door.

Get... ready.


The feed is gone.

Come on, you fucker!

This is the end of the line, Connors!

You son of a bitch.

I'm going to fucking kill you, Slovak!

Everything you had is gone now!

You could have been the greatest.


Don't you understand?

I don't need you anymore.

I have what you have.

Go ahead! Show me what you can do!

Give me your best shot, Connors.

Give me yours.

You... have... nothing... anymore.



You're weak, Zack.


Unlike you... my brain does not tire.

I do not wear out.

My brain does not... get weak.

We have finally confirmed that both incidents are, in fact, connected, which brings the total number of bodies recovered to 11.

This is Barry Norman, Action 83 News.

Authorities have yet to say anything publicly, but there are multiple investigators on the case.

Among identified victims, Zack Connors and his father Michael.

Although, the bodies were found at two different locations.

There was on survivor between the two scenes, but authorities have yet to say anything publicly.

Dr. Michael Slovak, famed author and leader of the Slovak institute of psychokinetics, was found dead.