The Miracle Maker (2000) Script

Ho! Here! Get a move on!

Sepphoris, Upper Galilee, year 90 of the Roman occupation.

Can't catch me! Get out of it!

Figs, fresh figs, here's your figs.

I�ve a fine job for you.

Be careful. I�m all right.

Jairus! Jairus!

Spices, here! Get your spices!

Cleopas, old friend!

Now then... Tamar.

Out of the way!

How can you live in such a place?

Living is a struggle. In the country or in the city.

The doctor lives by the new synagogue.

It'll be a beautiful building, a light shining for us in Sepphoris.

Easy, easy! Don't let it swing!


I�m all right. Really, father.

How is she now, my friend?

It comes, it goes. But each time the fever returns, it's worse.

Look! It's "Mad Mary".

Tamar, come on.

Go on in. He's the best doctor we have in the city.

Cleopas, God is good.

Yes. Whatever happens, He is good.

Bye! Look after yourself! Bye!

You won't persuade him. We pay good rates.

He's finishing today. Today?

I'll pay double. What does he want? Want? Who knows what he wants?

We were told...

Come in. Thank you.

I said they were all... Get off!

All of you murderers, thieves. You think I don't see you.

Here, look! The Emperor, he told me. I know!

Oh! Oh, lovely!


Back to work!

You like nice things? Get out!



This is how it is in Sepphoris, in the holy place of the synagogue!


To work!

You say he's from Nazareth? Yeah, Nazareth.

And he has other work?

No cure!

There is medicine, but...

Why should I deceive you?

What will this do? It will ease the pain.

what did the doctor say? You must rest.

Oh, I�m not tired! No...

We should never have come to this terrible city.

What did you say? Well I...

I said I had other work. Your Father's work.


You said that once. So long ago.

But you remember. I remember everything.

All the way down to Jerusalem for the Passover.

And then the crowds back...

Nowhere, nowhere... We couldn't find you.

We searched Jerusalem, night and day.

We must be strong in every way.

What you say is true.

And it is written: "Out of the strong came forth sweetness".

There is sweetness in God's law, and in his love, there is strength.

My son! Why have you done this to us? We've been so worried!

Running away! Why were you looking for me?

Didn't you know where I'd be? I have to work at my Father's business.

After that, I lay awake. I lay awake for so many nights.

When are you going?

At first light.

So soon?

Gold is for a king. The riches of his glory.

Frankincense is for prayer. A fragrant offering to God.

Myrrh is for sorrow and the day of death.

The doorway into life.

Repent! Turn from your sins, all of you!

How can we rid the nation of all its wickedness?

Begin with your own heart! Start here!

I baptise with water.

But there is one who is coming after me who is far more powerful than I am.

What can he mean?

He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit...

...and with fire.

Who are you? Are you the Messiah?

We have to take an answer back to the authorities.

Am I God's Holy One to save all the people? No!

I am not the Messiah, nor do I dream that I am anything but this...

The voice of one crying: "Make a way in the desert!"

"Prepare a straight path for the Lord who is coming!"

Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

I should be baptised by you.

Are you coming to me?

John, John...

When we were children, we played by this river.

Our mothers called, and we ran to them. We followed them.

Now there is another call. My Father in Heaven.

And I must follow Him.

You are my beloved son. I delight in you!

My beloved son. This is my beloved son!

Where's he going?

There are battles which have to be fought alone. Come on.

Command this stone to tum into a loaf of bread, to satisfy your hunger...

...if you are the Son of God!

It is written: "Man shall not live on bread alone".

I will give this authority and power and glory to you.

Bow down before me and it will all be yours.


It is written in the Scriptures:

"You shall worship the Lord your God, and no one else shall you serve".

No one!

If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here!

For it is written: "He has commanded his angels to take care of you".

They will carry you up in their arms before you even hit your foot on a stone.

The Messiah! The deliverer of Israel!

You shall not put your God to the test!

You shall not put your God to the test!

ls that you, Jesus?


Oh, my sisters have been arguing!

They said they'd seen you at the Jordan, but it was days and days ago.

Martha and Mary! I am longing to see them.

I don't understand! Joseph died and left you a good set of tools.

A workshop, custom and contacts in the big cities.

Lazarus! I have new work to do. ls that what you mean by the Kingdom?

Yes! The Kingdom of God!

I mean, last time you came, you were just fixing the door! ls the door still opening smoothly?

But I still don't...

Don't you care my sister has left me to do everything? Tell her to help me!


Martha, you're always hurrying around, so worried.

You do so much for everyone else, but...

Don't miss the one thing that matters for you.

Sit with us and listen.

Well I... I can still mend doors.

But I�m building something new, now.

God's Kingdom! On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Ask, and it will be given to you.

Seek, and you will find.

Knock, and the door will be opened.

Your Father in Heaven longs to give you all good gifts.

Our Father? In Heaven?

This man is different from other rabbis.

You mean he preaches his own message rather than God's.

No. He says things in a new way. There's no harm in listening.

Look at them!

Come to me! Come and listen to me! Come to me!

Mother! Come on, Tamar.

I should never have brought you into the fields today.

It's him! The carpenter in Sepphoris!

Come to me and listen and act on my words.

If you do that, then you're like a very wise man who built his house on rock.

But anyone who listens to what I say and does nothing... like a stupid man, who built his house upon the sand.

Build your life like you build a house: On deep foundations.

Don't just take the easy way. Take the hard way!

Listen to my words. Let them go deeper and deeper.

Open your hearts and minds to the truth.

Be ready for the day when trouble comes.

When difficulties arise and terrible storms rage all around you.

Help! Help! Help!

Build your house on the rock!

Now you've caught the sun. Oh!

Now the fever is coming.

Let me watch! I want to hear the man.

Come to me, everyone who is thirsty.

Come to me, everyone who is hungry.

I want to stay!

Whomever the Father brings to me, I will never, ever, turn away.

There are too many teachers in Galilee!

We strike the Romans first and let that be God's sign to the people.

He will bless our land with freedom!

No! The people love him!

You're young, you've fine ideals, Judas.

Oh, yes! His ideal is to have a house like Herod's courtiers with baths and couches!

Joram! We all want the same. We believe in the same God.

We fight together, because we believe!

I believe! In what, Judas?

We should throw in our lot with an unknown rabbi from Nazareth?

They say he has...

He has powers from God!

Powers? What powers can one man have against the might of Caesar?

What do they fear? What do kings and emperors fear?

They fear the people!

When they rise up like one man! When they follow one man!

Dream of your Messiah, Judas.

Dream! Dream of your house with hot baths!

You cross the border, you have to pay!

Hands off me! I'll kill you murderers!

Oh! You want money? You want money?

Leave this one! She's the madwoman from Magdala.

How much does she owe? Nothing! And nor do we!

We caught nothing! No catch, no money.

We're not paying taxes for thin air!

I told the emperor. I told him all about you.

Look, we have to keep records. It's the law!

And is it the law for you to cheat and steal and line your own pockets? ls that the law? Traitor!

Step aside there!


Simon! The man I told you about... he's here! What?

He's coming down to the shore! So?

He's the one. He's the one God has sent to save us.

You're mad! What can anyone do to save us from all this?

We don't need more prophets! We've got enough problems trying to eat!

John! James! Tie up the boat and don't pay.

Hey! Hey! What the!

Push the boat out. Push my... What is this?

You want everyone else to come, too?

Come on. Look, if you sail out a little...

He's a troublemaker.

What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?

I'll tell you.

It's like a mustard seed. You can't see it.

It's so small it's a speck of dust.

It could blow away.

And yet, that tiny seed becomes the greatest tree of all!

And all the birds in the air come and make their nest in its branches.

Don't build up treasure on Earth, where thieves can rob, moths can eat...

Push the boat further out!

Out? Into the deep.

Why? What for?

Let your nets down for a catch, of course!

No one catches fish during the day.

They hide from the sunlight.

Right down in the depths!

But... if you insist, I'll let them down.

In the middle of the day!

We could be here for hours.

Simon! We could be here for days!

Simon! What is ii?


Pull! Pull!

What a catch!

They'll break the nets!

James! John!

Come on! Row!

Leave me! Lord, leave me.

I am such a sinful man.

Don't be afraid, Simon.

From today, I am going to make you a fisher of men.

Good day to you, sir!

It's Asher Ben Azra!

Water! And some refreshment. Hurry!

Asher Ben Azra. Simon.

An unexpected pleasure. There have been reports...

Rumours. Disturbances. No, I wouldn't say...

If this madness spreads to Jerusalem... You think this Jesus from Nazareth is mad?

Well he's more dangerous than John, and we had to deal with him.

What will happen to john now? Simon, you have all this!

Your home, your servants, influence...

You want to see all you have worked for in life lost in an uprising against Rome?

You want to be lynched by crowds shouting about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?

I must prepare a report on this Jesus and take it back to Jerusalem.

Come on! Let us in! Yes, yes!

Please! Look, don't crowd the Master. No, no, the place is bursting!

All right! All right! Room for one more!

Watch the water jug!

Make way! We have a sick friend here!

It's no good!

Look, we're going to take you to Jesus, even if we have to...

How can you say to your brother:

"Let me take that speck of dust out of your eye"?

Who are you to judge, when you have a huge log in your own eye?

"I know what's good for you. I'll help you see clearly."

Take the log out your own eye...

...and then you can help to remove the speck in your brother's eye!

I hope we not too proud to learn something from a younger man.

But this man has no respect for anyone.

Oh, he has plenty of respect for thieves and vagabonds!

Hey! What's going on?

Friends! Come on down! There's plenty of room!


My roof!

It's no good! No good! just let me die!

Your sins... are forgiven you.

Sins? Forgiven?

Who can forgive sins but God?

Let me ask you a question. Which is it easier to say:

"Your sins are forgiven you" or "Get up and walk"?

But to prove the Son of Man has the power on Earth to forgive sins...

...I command you: Pick up your bed and walk!


Glory to God! Glory to God!

Praise the Lord!

It's impossible! But it's true!

I�ve been healed! I�ve been healed!

I�ve been healed!

I see you!



We know who you are!

Jesus! Son of the most high God!

Come out of her!

Let her go!

There he is! He's by the well.

Master! We've been looking for you.

There he is!

Simon, I shall call you Peter... the Rock.

The Rock? Yes. I am going to build on this rock!

And Andrew...

You will be my apostle, too. My messenger!

James and John, the sons of thunder! Aye! That's them all right!

Philip, Bartholomew, James, Simon! Come with me!

Judas! You, too! You'll be one of the twelve.

Thaddaeus! I want you, too!




Yes! You, Thomas.


Master, this is not a good place. One more!

Matthew... Matthew!

What? The tax gatherer? That traitor!

Follow me.

We must take her to him. What?

You must take her to Jesus.

Rachel! Oh, Cleopas! It's you!

You must tell him!

How is she? She's dying!

No! She is not dying, Rachel!

Jairus, are you so afraid of them? Have they such a hold over your life?

God is my life!

Not man! Not any man!

And your daughter... What is she?

Ln... your... life?

I think we should listen to this Jesus.


No one ever lost their soul by listening to a liar.

Only by believing him and following.

But if he speaks the truth... The truth?

We have nothing to fear from the truth, do we? No, no.

We must question Jesus, see how he defends himself.


You must listen.

Why should the people think their leaders do not listen?

I will invite Jesus and his band of followers to my home.

And we'll see whether he really is God's prophet.

Why have we come here? They don't want us here.

I don't know, but let's eat, before they change their minds!

This was not wise, Cleopas.

What will this achieve? It will make fools of us.


Master, we are honoured by your presence at our humble feast...

...although we hear you prefer to keep company in another part of town.

Yes, Master.

We realise you would rather be eating with tax collectors and sinners. Why is that?

Those who are well don't need a doctor, only those who are sick!

I haven't come to call good people to repentance, just sinners.

just sinners? You can't come in here!

Get her out of here! Mary!

If this man were a prophet...

...he would know what sort of woman is touching him!

She is a sinner!


All your sins have been forgiven now.

He's saying he can forgive sins, again! It's blasphemy!

Be at peace.

Now we know for sure. What do we know?

You've heard all the rumours. Now you've seen what he does.

I�ve seen...

I�ve seen him do good. Good?

You saw that woman! ls she good?

He has... power.

Yes! Because he is in league with the Devil!

Anyone following Jesus is an enemy of God!


Yes. I�m here.

Am I going to die?



She keeps saying his name:



Take me to Jesus.

Anyone who follows Jesus is an enemy of God!



No, I will not listen to them. I will go.

I will go to Jesus.

You will?


And you... will be healed by his power.

By the power of God!

Rabbi, please come to my house!

Excuse me! I must see...

I�m so sorry!

Please! Master!

I must see him! It's jairus!

The leader of the synagogue! Master, Master...

Master, my little girl...

She's dying.

Please! If you come now to my house and lay your hands on her...

...she will be healed!


I will. I will come.

Oh, thank you.

This way, not far. It's not far.

Who touched me?

Please, Master.

Someone touched me just now.

Lord, everyone's touching you! Look at the crowds!

I know, I know. Someone touched me.

I felt the power go out of me.

It was me, Lord.

I was bleeding inside me... so many years.

The doctors did nothing.

I... I was afraid to come to you before all the people...

So I just wanted to... I wanted to touch you.

My daughter!

Your faith has made you well.

Go in peace.

Master, please. Please hurry!


Sir... Don't trouble the Master anymore.

Don't be afraid. Keep on believing...

...and she will be well!

Little girl!

Rise! It's time to get up!

YOU Came!

You came! Yes, I am here. I am here.

She's hungry. Fetch her something to eat!

I�m all right!

What's happened?

She's alive!

I�m all right!

I�m all right!

Master! Master, we have heard from Jerusalem!

John... Herod has killed John!



Yes, the death of john was unfortunate.

But necessary, my Lord Herod. A warning to the people.

To warn them? Of what?

Disobeying their rulers. Destroying your kingdom.

You do have a talent for easing my conscience!

But one dead prophet is clearly not enough for you!

There is far greater danger here.

You say this Jesus can perform the impossible?

Oh, he can perform powerful illusions, Majesty.

Powerful illusions?

Well isn't all human power an illusion?

But not the kingship granted to Herod!

You really are encouraging to a vulnerable soul.

If only Caesar was as sympathetic as you...

Yet, if I fail to govern my people...

What will happen to us if Pilate sends reports back to Rome?

And if this Jesus goes on and on performing such extraordinary tricks?

Where will it end?

It's time, Peter. Time?

Are you ready?

The hour has come!

What does he mean? He says it like something terrible is going to happen.

Don't worry! We'll all travel down.

We'll share the Passover feast in Jerusalem, we'll come back... like we do every year!

You don't understand!

This is the moment when the Kingdom of Heaven will come on Earth.

There'll be freedom! We'll win a great victory over the Romans!

The Kingdom of Heaven... now?





Gaius Velius Quintillus, Your Excellency.

Chief Centurion of the 12th Legion...

Prefect of Detachment of the Nine Legions...

...and Tribune of the 13th Urban Cohort.

I asked for an experienced commander...

It appears I have one. Tribune!

Did the garrison commander brief you on the curious customs of the Jews?

Sir? Passover, for example?

Passover? No.

Oh, I�m surprised.

Well the Jewish Passover is... a festival of freedom.

They celebrate their day of freedom... Something about the Egyptians, some old story!


Come on, lads!

There are Jews from all over the Empire gathering here along with the whole of Judaea and all the disgusting pilgrims from the North.

They're the worst, the Galileans!

Oh, but I hear you've already put down a little revolt up there?

One hundred and seventeen crucified, Sir!

And the ringleader?

Barabbas and the others? We thought...

A public execution of rebels on the day of freedom!

Very good, Tribune! Hail Caesar! Son of the gods!

Hail Caesar!

But don't let them hear you talk of the gods.

Who do you think you are? When I�m in charge in God's Kingdom...

He'll never pick you! You couldn't run a market stall!

I was the first to follow him. If anyone's in charge, it'll be me!

Could you lead an army? Will men follow you to glory?

I was the first!

Go on! Ask him, Judas. Master!

We've been waiting for you to come and tell us:

Who will be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?

All right...

All right. I'll tell you.

Unless you change utterly and become like little children... will never even enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Whoever humbles himself like this little child...

...he'll be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Master, come and sit with us!

What must a man do to be saved?

You must trust in the Lord your God with all your heart.

And... And?

And you must love your neighbour as much as you love yourself.

And who is my neighbour?

There was a man, going down from Jerusalem to Jericho.

Down the steep gorge all alone.

Suddenly robbers appeared!

They attacked him, threw him to the ground ripped his clothes, stole his money.

They left him for dead.

It so happened that a priest was coming along from Jerusalem.

He dared not find out whether the man was still alive...

...because he believed it was wrong to touch a dead body.

The priest walked by on the other side.

Then, along came a rich and powerful Sadducee.

He walked right up to the man...

...and crossed right over to the other side.

Then, along came a man from Samaria.

A Samaritan? Samaritans throw rocks at us!

I spit at them! I hate them!

He saw the poor man lying on the road dying...

...and he took pity on him.

He took some ointment that he had and poured it on the man's wounds.

He bandaged him up as best he could and then the Samaritan took the man to an inn.

He paid the innkeeper and he said:

"Whatever else it costs to look after this man, I'll pay you on my return!"'

So, you tell me:

Which one of these three men proved to be the man's neighbour?

Well the one who showed him such love.


You go, then.

Do the same!

Teacher! Reuben!

I�ve ridden all night. What's happened?

It's Lazarus! He's so sick. Lazarus...

Please! You must come to us!

Martha and Mary! They're begging you.

Please! If you don't come now...

Reuben! Tell Martha and Mary I will come. I will come soon.


Why didn't you go? Why? If your friend...

There is a purpose in our grief.

Tamar! Everything that's happening will be to the glory of God.

Revenues arising...

My Lord Cai'aphas! My Lord!

There is danger! I�ve seen this Jesus! With my own eyes, I�ve seen him!

A story you will not credit...

I followed him to the grave of some dead friend outside Jerusalem.

The man's sisters were grieving...


If only you...

Where have you laid him?

Take away the stone!

The stone?

Lord! There will be a stench. He's been in the grave for four days!

Did I not tell you that if you would believe, you would see the glory of God?

I thank You, Father!

His Father?

Because You have heard me! I know that You always hear me!

But I�ve said this for all the people here, so... they will believe that You sent me!




Unbind him!

Let him go!

It was a trick. It must have been some dark deception, but the mob believed it!

Now they are ready to follow their Messiah to the Holy City.

Blessed be the King, who comes in the name of the Lord!

Blessed be the King!

"Blessed be the King!" They're singing: "Blessed be the King!"

We'll need more than singing, because if nothing ever changes...

Sing Hosanna! Sing Hosanna!

The Galileans are here! Something must be done, my lord.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Sing Hosanna! Sing Hosanna!

This man performs great miracles! If we let him go on, everyone will believe in him!

He will give false hope to the poor. They'll follow him anywhere! To war!

Pilate will destroy the Temple and all we have!

You know nothing!

Nothing at all!

Don't you realise that all the might and anger of Caesar can be aimed at one man?

At this 'magician' from Nazareth!

Let one man die, and all the people will be saved.

Over here, sir! Over here! Fine pots! Come buy my pots!

All ripe! All ripe, here!

Now then!

It will be a beautiful building.

My Father's house is a house of prayer!

But you...

Get off my stall! You've made it into a den of thieves!


Stop him! Soldiers!

Look! Oi! Get off!

Come on! Now's your chance!


Teacher, we know you say and teach what is right.

ls it right for us to pay taxes to Caesar or not?

Show me a denarius.

Thank you.

Whose portrait and title are on it?

Caesar's. Well then!

You give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

But give to God what belongs to God!

At last! Yes! Glory to God!

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar?

Give to Caesar?

Jesus must be stopped! And his disciples!


The Son of Man will suffer many things. He will be arrested, he will be killed.

No, Lord! That'll never happen to you! Never!

The Messiah... killed? Defeated by the Romans? No!

A false Messiah... defeated! We'll all...

We'll all die!

There is no way of arresting him in public without a riot!

We'll have to take him secretly. There is no one to lead us to him!

There's always someone.

The Son of Man came to give his life.

He came to seek and to save the lost. To give his life.



Oh, there's always someone...

How much would you give me...

...if I lead you to Jesus?

In that case, we'll be in good company!

Master, Master!

Why are we meeting in secret? Because Jesus is safer here.

No one will arrest him at Passover. Arrest him?

Judas! Where have you been?

Come on. We're all here.

what's Jesus doing? He's thanking God for the bread.

He lifts it so high. He always does that. It's his way.

Blessed are You, 0 Lord our God, who brings forth bread from the earth.

Take and eat!

This is my body, which is broken for you.

Your body?

Do this in memory of me.

Drink from this, all of you, for this is my blood.

My blood, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

This is the last time I will ever drink wine with you.

Master! Until I drink the new wine with you... the Kingdom of my Father in Heaven.

In Heaven? No! No!

One of you sitting here is going to betray me tonight.

We'll all stand by you! Every one of us!

Even if everyone in the world deserts you, I will never let you down!

Simon Peter.

Satan wants to grind you into powder and scatter you to the wind!

But I have prayed for you. Master! You know me!

I won't leave you! Simon!

I'll go to prison with you! Execution! Simon Peter!

By the time the cock crows today, you'll have denied three times that you know me!


Go and do what you have to do.

Master? While you have the chance.

Go on. Go and do it!

Go and do it, quickly!

Master, I...

Where's Judas going?

The Master was talking to him. Don't worry! He'll be back.

It's time.

Teacher, come with us. Sit by our fire.

There are many things we don't understand.

I will come and talk to you, Cleopas.

I... I promise...

I will come to you, jairus, very soon, and we will talk about many things.

Where are you going? You can't come with me now.

But one day you will. I don't want you to go.

Don't be upset, don't be afraid.

In my Father's house there are so many rooms. So many!

I�m going to find a wonderful place for you.

One day, you'll always be with me.

Simon Peter! James, john! No one else.



Father, let there... Let there be some other way!

Let there be... Let there be some other way!


Take this cup away!

Take... take it away! Take it away!


Father, dear Father! Listen to me! Listen!

If there is another way... Away out?

Away out!

Go! Run! There's still time. Run! Run for it!

Come on! Run!



Not my will! It's not my will it's Your will!

It's Your will Father! Your will be done!

Your will.

Father... Father...

Your will be done...

He'll be here.

I'll go up to him, greet him with a kiss, and that's the signal!

Simon Peter!

Couldn't you watch with me for a single hour?

Get up, now!

The moment has come.

Oh, it's only Judas!

Judas! Would you betray me... with a kiss?


Don't you think my Father could send twelve legions of angels to my rescue?

But that is not the way.

Why do you come with swords and clubs, as if I am a criminal?

Day after day, I�ve been in the Temple, and you didn't lay a finger on me!

But this is your time, now!

The kingdom of darkness!

Fine Messiah!

Hey! Weren't you with Jesus in the Temple?

Me? We've got a follower of Jesus here!

You're mad! I don't know him!

There are many charges against you.

Any one of these could lead to your death.

But perhaps where you come from, that causes no concern!

It is Heaven you come from?

Or is it Nazareth?

This court is illegal!

There must be fifty elders and we cannot try a man by night!

But he condemns himself!

Does our court try a man without listening to him first?

Are you from Galilee, too?

Are you a disciple of Jesus?

I only seek to do what is right.

I know nothing. You know... nothing?

I... I know nothing of this matter.

You're one of his followers! I swear I have never met Jesus!

If you are the Messiah, tell us!

You do not believe anything I say, so why should I tell you?

But soon the Son of Man will be seated beside the throne of God.

So you are the Son of God, then?

It's you who are saying so. Me?

Why do we need any more evidence? He should die!

He is condemned by his own words!

You were definitely with Jesus! You're from Galilee!

You're one of his men! You're a Galilean! He's one them!

You're a filthy liar! Liars! I never knew him!

In God's name! I never even met the man in my whole life!

If I have been disturbed to hear some trivial point of Jewish law...

This man... A quibble about wretched Passover!

This man is stirring up the people to rebel!

I will charge you all with threatening the peace of Rome!

All of you! This man is the enemy of Rome!

Who is he, and what has he done? Jesus from Galilee.


Oh! ls this the man? He opposes paying taxes to Caesar!

In other words, he shares your opinion!

And? And he says he is the Christ.

The King of the Jews!

The King of the Jews?

Are you the King of the Jews? These are your words.

Have you nothing to say about the charges against you?

I find no case against this man.

He is a Galilean rebel! Take him to Herod!

Oh! What a pleasure!

What an honour to be in the presence of a king!

The King of the Jews! Look, I bow! I kiss your feet!


The finest!

A crown!

Send His Majesty back to Pilate!

Let Rome decide the fate of this dumb prophet!

This marvellous mute King of the Jews.

Listen, I�ve made a mistake! What's that to me?

No, I�ve betrayed an innocent man! I�ve betrayed a good man!

I have investigated the matter and find him innocent of all charges.

What do you want me to do with him?

Crucify him! Who are you?

Where do you really come from?

Don't you realise I have the power to release you or to crucify you?

You would have no power over me if it hadn't been given to you...

...from above!

From above?

Who are you?

You have a custom to release one prisoner at Passover.

A tradition which I respect. Shall I release the King of the Jews?

We want Barabbas! Give us Barabbas!

The Murderer? Don't you want your king?

The only king we want is Caesar.

And if you do nothing about this man, you are no friend of Caesar.

I am washing my hands of this, of all of you! All of you!

Deal with their king according to Roman law!


What's happening?

Jesus has been taken!

They've taken him. Who, jairus?

The Romans! They've taken him!

They're... killing him!

Master! Master!

The Romans have Jesus!

Get back, Jewish rabble! Back! Back!

Jesus! What is the charge?

Tamar! This man is innocent!

He is a great teacher!

I didn't... I couldn't save him.

I was... I was silent.


He saved everyone else, why doesn't he save himself?

If he is the Messiah, let him come down now!

Come down, now! Leap off!

Prove your power if you are the Son of God!



I give you my spirit!

It is finished!

It's true. It must be true!

This man was a Son of God!

When the Sabbath is over, we'll come back.

My Lord! My Lord has gone.

He's gone... he's gone. I know... I know.


They've taken the body!

Oh, my Lord! My Lord!

Why are you crying?

They've taken my Lord away, and I don't know where they've put him!

Tell me who you're looking for.

Oh, sir! If you're the gardener, tell me where they've taken him!



It's all right!

You don't have to hold on to me, now!


Tell everyone! Tell Peter!

I�ve seen...

...the Lord!

I have seen the Lord!

He's alive!

What is it? What's the matter? I�ve seen...

What? What have you seen?

The Lord! You've seen Jesus?

Mary, all the others are down below, comforting each other.

Come on! He's alive! I�ve seen him with my own eyes!

Come on! The grief has made you mad!

Who has?

Who has done this?

I have seen him with my own eyes!

The Lord! He was...

I thought they'd taken the body! Who?

Priests! Romans! But he was...

He was there, in front of my eyes! In front of me, this near! Right here!

I cannot believe what I am hearing! Thomas! I saw him!

You're all crazy! All of you! Dreams, visions! You're going mad!

I�m leaving! The Lord!

Oh. no!

We have... We've seen him!

On the road from Jerusalem. On the road, right beside us!

He was with us! We didn't realise! We didn't recognise him!

That's because he's in your imagination, Cleopas!

On the road, Thomas!

We were on the way to Emmaus. To my cousin's house.

The women and children had gone ahead for safety.

We agreed to meet at Emmaus, hide there a few days and travel back.

As we were walking, this man came up to us...

Hello! Do you mind if I join you?

No... no.

It sounded like an interesting conversation.

Some things are too terrible to explain.

Oh? What things?

What things? The terrible death of Jesus from Galilee!

Tell me about it. Tell you? Where have you been?

We believed he was a great prophet.

More than that!

That he was the Chosen One, who would save Israel.

Oh, the Messiah!

But how can the Messiah die the death of a common criminal?

Oh, foolish men! You're so learned!

You talk of prophets? Have you never read the prophets?

You talk of the Messiah? Don't you understand? He had to die.

Don't you understand the Scriptures at all?

He went through the prophets and showed us.

Beginning with Moses, right through! Everything The whole Scriptures!

You must come in and eat with us!


No, no. It's too late to travel on. Please!

Oh, well if you don't mind, I'll stay a little longer.

As long as you can, please!

Even then, we still didn't recognise him!

Who is it, Mother? Someone they met on the road.

Who is it?

Sir, as our honoured friend, would you?

Will you do the blessing for us?

I... I will have to be going soon. We understand, but...

Oh! It's! I know who it is!

Blessed are You, 0 Lord our God, who brings forth bread from the earth.

Then he was gone! Vanished!

He just went. Blessed be the King!

No one there! No one there?

No one! An empty place! Two pieces of broken bread... a cup...

And everyone... was crying! And laughing... and crying!

Well! I�m sick of this, I�m sorry! Thomas!

Well unless I see him...

Right here, before me! In front of me, right here!

And unless I see the mark of the nails, and put my finger in those wounds...

...I will not believe!

Thomas! What?

Thomas! I�ve nothing to say on this matter to anyone!

Any... any...

Anyone at all...

Go on!

Put your finger here!

Touch the marks!

Don't be a doubter anymore.


My Lord... and my God!


You believe because you've seen me, Thomas.

But even happier are those who'll believe without ever seeing me!

Go through all the Earth and make disciples of every nation.

Baptise in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

For the Spirit will come upon you soon.

The Spirit will come upon you...

...and I will be with you always, even to the end of the world!

Don't be worried or upset!

"In my Father's house are many rooms."

In Capernaum? Yes, in Capernaum!

In Jerusalem, in the whole world!

The Kingdom of God has come, and now He is with us forever!