The Monkey King 3 (2018) Script

Monkey King 3, BOUT TIME Here comes the Monkey King…. wow unbelievable HOW CAN YOOO DOOO DISS??

Mate…. How….

You are the best, Monkey King… Even after hundreds and thousands of years The demon wants to Capture the three tribes at all Cost The war between two tribes The Sun and the Moon have no shining

Please don't , my clear fat brother If you have to finish him off, kill me first.

Didn't you always wish The monkey and the pig can get along?

I can make this wish come true But it's fate that monkey and pigs don't fall in love with each other Dear brother By giving him a chance... you're also giving the whole world a chance and me a chance

Look out for themselves

take good care of yourself

Attacking the Palace of Heaven is a major of fence, I can't let him get away with it, All monkeys will be demoted to the Flaming Mountain from now on.

They will never be allowed in Heaven.

If any pigs dares to offend Heaven again, the whole pig tribe will be exterminated.

Monkey boy seeing the Palace of Heaven ruins badly The endless natural disasters They sacrificed themselves and turned their body into thousands of crystals to mend the war-trodden Heaven Palace.

She built the crystals Southern Heavenly Gate to stop the pigs from trespassing

Monkey Faggot, what brings you here?

Punjabiiiiiii, I come here for a horny monkey.

He was born out of Pigs TESTICLES.

If taught and trained properly, he could bring virtues to mankind.

But this monkey was born with both virtue and vice in him, I'm afraid...

That's why you should teach him patiently and turn him into a virtuous being Where can I find this fat monkey?

on tinder…

I am coming Here he comes Here he comes again

Oh Catch me!

Are you okay my friend?

It's dead You are not it. How did you know it's dead?

You are not me.

How did you know I don't know it's dead.

I don't want it to die

Teach me

You really want to learn?

You're awesome Okay. You follow me.

I am leaving, take care yourself I will be back soon

Can you still hear me

Can we fly faster?

In our clan, 12 names are used in Rotation for newly recruited protégés You are the most junior one in the 10th generation

Well I have an idea From now on I name you Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong

My name is Sun Wukong

Wukong Yes, Wukong How dare you!

Wukong, you're talented Let me teach you the 72 transformations... the freezing trick and give you the nimbus cloud, But these are only tricks You have to practice from your mind and thoughts Do not slacking off

It's the chance the demon tribe resumes power in Heaven Your majesty, this is what our ancestor prophesized...

The three signs that signal the best timing to get back our ruling power:

Firstly, tsunami in the East Ocean Southern Heavenly Gate cracked open Lastly the crystal of Nuwa appears on Earth This man was born out of Nuwa's crystals He has strong affinity with the Southern Heavenly Gate He must be able to help your Majesty resume power in Heaven With his magical power I don't think he can break the Southern Heavenly Gate yet I need some “inside help” in Heaven That would be Yang Jian, a.k.a. Erlangshen This man wear silver robes and gold armour and he controls half of the Heavenly army...

Jade Emperor only assign him to guarding the Southern Heavenly Gate He's been upset about it This ungrateful watchdog must be able to help you, your majesty.

The family doctrine of the demon tribe finally comes true in my generation The clay we break the Southern Heavenly Gate Will be the day the Demon exterminate the Deity We vigorously trained to combat for ages.

The battle against the Heaven isn't necessarily a sure bet The demon tribe might as well be defeated and will forever by condemned and suppressed

From the moment we were born We were destined to fight for the glory of the Demon Who dares to say something like that

Will just die as horribly as he did



Namo bhagawate, transform!

Wukong, what are you doing on the tree?

Come on down and practice!

I knew this trick long ago Never mind him.

He's just bluffing.

A monkey will always be a monkey Don't even think about being an immortal That's true.

Don't think yourself as human with clothes on

I am not human being I am not human being Don't!

Get out of the way!

Why did you do that?

Don't worry. I'll get even with him.

Eldest protégé!

Come on!

Watch out!

Be careful!

Are you alright?

How you doing?

Here is Master!

Are you alright?

Let's lifted him up

Wukong if you keep on acting immaturely..." you'd never get to learn the most postive thing I've learnt and perfected my 72 transformations...

I'm working very hard.

No matter how you can be protean It's useless if your thoughts don't think positive Master Puti.

It beat me up They teased me, calling me a beast.

Wukong, follow me.

It's OK.

Master where are you going?

Wukong, have you awakened yet?

Awesome Not really.

What did you just saw?

A dream It isn't a dream That is the fate of your life That's right

Master, I met you is my numeration It is your numeration You're destined to be struck by lightning Burned by fire, blown by hurricane, If you can avoid them, you'd live till the end of time.

But if you can't, you'd be burned to ashes and you'd dissipate into thin air.

What should I do?

It's hard to say, I will die.

All things alive must die one day

Is there tricks to resurrect the dead?

Teach me then I won't die.

I've taught you everything I can You can rekindle if lamp off As long as wick immortality Where to learn this?

It depends on yourself, it's your numeration.


depends on myself

You want me out of the clan...

It's getting colder recently, wear more.

Take care yourself

Nimbus cloud

Always have free time as a heavnly gate watcher I thought you afraid to come You are not scared that I can arrest you?

Needless to say

The fact that you showed up...

It mean you needed my have also I am here to arrest you After arrested you I will awarded by Jade Emperor The conrtoller of the army will be me Are you still expecting from that useless emperor?

Between the three tribes, who does not know you are skilled Are you willing to just be a heavnly gate watcher?

Are you willing to just be a heavnly gate watcher?

Enough talk You still need to count on me.

If you are attacking the Heaven Palace I do not care I just want the Heaven Palace It seems the day of attacking the Heaven Palace just around the corner You don't have the ability to break through the Southern Heavenly Gate Anyone from the Demon tribe approach Will be burned to ashes if he comes near

That crystal monkey will be our major tool

The Demon King of Confusion is here Run!



There a whole new world inside the Water Curtain Cave

Who dares to touch my monkeys

Don't you ever come to Mount Huaguo again!

Don't you ever come to Mount Huaguo again!

Okay okay. I won't.

I am sorry, please let us go.

You are our lord The Handsome Monkey King of the Water Curtain Cave on Mount Huaguo

The handsome Monkey king!

The handsome Monkey king!

The handsome Monkey king!

I am your Handsome Monkey King I'll protect everyone

But What if you're not here?

Who will protect us?

Don't panic Don't panic I'll find you some powerful weapons Weapons!


Come on Where are the weapons?

The water beneath the bridge is connected with the Dragon Palace in the East Ocean There are many rare treasures inside But the Palace is located very deep in the sea. It could be dangerous If your majesty could bring back weapons We can then protect ourselves Wait for me

It's really high here

Time for dinner Time for dinner!

I'm starving.

Time for dinner

I am so full

Good girl

I've taken care of you for so long It's time you do something for me

Go to Mount Huaguo and look for your old friends No matter what happens Don't be scared Don't get involved.

Don't ask questions.

Just stay by his side Never reveal the relationship between you and me, got it?


My friend Let me tell you I am giving you a chance

Listen to me You guys are safe from now on

I saw a very mean fish I saw a very mean fish I killed it for you, prizes for me?

You You killed my marshal?

You Who are you?

I'm your neighborhood the Handsome Monkey King from Mount Huaguo The reason I am here I want to borrow some weapons from you You come to borrow a weapon?

Turtle Minister, bring out the weapons. okay Kill him Ok

Dragon King, come on!

You fool me

This one works Don't come over.



Your majesty, why don't you just give him a second-rate weapon... and drive this demonic monkey away quickly We can complain to Heaven later.

Bring them out quick OK Bring out the weapons

Bring all in Take all these away.

Take all these away.

What is this These are cloud-walking boots Gold chain armour and phoenix-feather cap It has a spiritual It turns good on a good guy turns bad on a bad guy Let's see if you're a good guy or bad guy Transform!

Last time I wore it, I was a handsome guy.


It looks bad on you It looks bad on you Not bad

Don't take away It perfectly fits me No, you can't take that away They are the beloved treasure from my brothers in the West, South and North Ocean.

I'll return it

You can't take that away Come back

Monkey King This is passed down from Yu the Great to control flooding and calm the sea.

It's a piece of divine device.

You can't take it away haphazardly.

Dragon King Never has anyone been able to pull the cudgel out, don't worry.

Fine If you can pull it out of the ground, you'd go away with it.

I'll take your word for it



My dear. Are you okay?

Are you okay?

A mirage has no bounds; rolling clouds block the sun It's the crystal monkey who started the tsunami It happened two signs out of three It's time for the demon tribe to revive.

What happened at the East Ocean?

Nothing serious I think Let me walk you to bedroom

Where are we going anyway?

We have to find a new home We'll be there soon I'm so tired

What is that about?

Aw a'!

Aw a'!

Aw a'!

Aw a'!

3103, 3104, 3105, 3106

What kind of spirit are you?

How dare you come to Mount Huaguo!

Speak up now

It's me the fox girl We met when we were little Did you remember me?

I remember you, the fox girl I remember you Monkey boy I was the monkey boy, but now I'm Handsome Monkey King.

I'm Handsome Monkey King, the one-and-only Handsome Monkey King.

Who is he?

Her boyfriend?

A monkey?

I miss you Fox girl What brings you here?

Our homeland was ruined by the big wave

Was it yesterday?

The big wave?


You might live here But I have a lot of companions Do not know will bother you or not It's alright, follow me

Don't worry Slow down

This place is belongs to me

And this place too And that one also

Wait here, I will be back soon

Dragon King What happened?

Why the hurry?

Yang Man My Dragon Palace was torn down My treasures were wrecked And my favourite item the Ruyi Cudgel was snatched!

The four Kings from the East, West, South and North Oceans have been in meeting for days.

South King is second oldest in our dragon family West King is the youngest North King third oldest A final agreement was reached We have to see Jade Emperor.

We have a complaint to lodge.

Who dares do such things?

A monkey spirit living in Mount Huaguo Monkey Spirit It's too trivial to mention to Jade Emperor I'll take care of it

Nazha Yes

I want you to go to Mount Huaguo And arrest that monkey spirit Monkey Spirit You act on behalf of the Heaven, you can't make any mistake.

You act on behalf of the Heaven, you can't make any mistake.

Does it make you tired with that thing on?

Don't you tired for asking so much?

Come on

Eat You see my body hair, it's bright and soft Because I've been eating this since Let's eat

I've known you for so long, but I didn't know your name I'm Ruxue Ruxue I'm Wukong Wukong

You used to be a monkey boy Now you're the Handsome Monkey King You have grown up too You used to this small.

Now you're that big.

I'm still young.

120 years old this year How about you?

I don't know how old I am You look young I guess

250 at most

250 year old

250. I'm 250 years old

250. I'm 250 years old Minor spirits like me can live for 200 more years at most I'll die after 200 years

After death You can resurrect How will have that kind of luck?

That's why I cherish every day I wake up daily to see the sunrise Of course, the sun rises every day

You see. It's the sunrise

The sun looks different today

The sun is real different today Go!


You monkey spirit!

You destroyed the Dragon Palace, snatched the Ruyi Cudgel, caused the tsunami in the East Ocean!

Also harboring other spirit Now follow me to Heaven Palace for a trial

Who are you?

I'm Nazha, assigned by Erlangshen for arresting you Nazha

My tail is on fire My tail is on fire

Are you okay, have a sit


Come on

Who are you?

Are you okay I am fine

Your Majesty

Who are you?

He's the king of all spirits from the Flaming Mountain He's Buffalo Demon King Thank you It's nothing.

I just can't bear to see any injustice It's not a bad idea to befriend with him This is the king of all monkeys in Mount Huaguo, the Handsome Monkey King Never heard of him?

Monkey King!

Monkey King!

I'm Sun Wukong You made that tidal waves happened?

Jade Emperor The monkey spirit is doing bad deeds on Earth He even made connections with the Demons We have to track him down as soon as possible He is not a monkey spirit That naughty monkey Wukong is my protégé He was born out of the crystals that Ma'am Nuwa used to patch Heaven He was born out of the crystals that Ma'am Nuwa used to patch Heaven He has divine predisposition and should've been enlisted as deity He just need to be well educated Jade Emperor Though he's naughty and immature, he's not evil in nature.

He just don't know how control himself well And causes today's disaster It was very kind and generous of Nuwa To turn herself into crystals and patch the Heaven Thanks to her, we've enjoyed thousands and hundreds of year of peace.

As Sun Wukong is born from her crystal

We should take care of him and educate him Master Puti, let's give him a chance.

Buffalo my brother, this is for you Thank you I heard about the Handsome Monkey King's heroic story long ago You wrecked the Dragon Palace and snatched a sacred weapon Your magical power surpasses anyone in Heaven But I think the title Handsome Monkey King doesn't do you justice You need something more flashy and powerful

What is it then?

You are as powerful as Heaven Let's call you the “Great Sage equal of Heaven”.

“Great Sage equal of Heaven...

What a great name!

What a great name!

My dear monkey brothers Don't call me the Handsome Monkey King anymore Call me the “Great Sage equal of Heaven."

Great Sage equal of Heaven...

You are such a nice guy You know how to take name, let's be my friend Great Sage You are born from Nuwa's crystal You are as powerful as Heaven You are not suppose to just stay in Mount Huaguo I love this place I don't want to go anywhere else You should be belongs to Heaven Palace The heaven Could it be any better than my ater Curtain Cave?

I heard Heaven Palace is boundless and very beautiful.

Tell me There is the 33rd level of Heaven Some immortals have the ability of "Resurrect the Dead"

"Resurrect the Dead"

I want to go to the heaven and learn "Resurrect the Dead"

Who's in charge in Heaven Palace?

Jade Emperor

Where are you going?

I'll be an immortal in Heaven and learn the trick to resurrect the dead

This is where we met the first time when we were little Wait for me.

I'll be back soon. Stay here Don't make me wait for hundreds of years Wait for me

Although this monkey spirit is powerful And he learned his magic from Master Puti He's still not powerful enough To break the Southern Heavenly Gate There is an elixir pill in Heaven Palace Jade Emperor's elixir pill It boosts one's magical power a hundreds times But if you let this untamed monkey have such magical power Will he still listen to you?

I'll let him run loose I'll instigate his hatred to fight Regarding the Heaven Palace

You take care of the rest

This is the Southern Heavenly Gate, the entrance to Heaven Palace.

How can a monkey spirit like you go through?

If I am a spirit What about you with three eyes? A monster?

Who are you?

I'm Erlangshen I'm in charge of the Heaven's security The Southern Heavenly Gate is off-limit to evil demons like you Any of them who come close to it will be burned to ashes by the crystals I don't care who you are I'm Sun Wukong the Great Sage Equal of Heaven, the Handsome Monkey King from the Water Curtain Cave at Mount Huaguo.

Is your eye on a wrong position?

What you're looking at?

"Thunderbolt from three generations"

"Pass through"

It's the day of I break though the Southern Heavenly Gate Oh

If you can pass through I'm not going to stop you But You're so going to be burned to ashes Because You're a demon Huh! I am Sun WuKong Watch how am I get in

I'm coming in. I'm in.

I'm coming in. I'm in.

Your friend looks decadent

With so much stuff on his shoulders, how could he be happy?

Go! Release!

Take a walk, have fun. Now, go.

That's strange I've kept this Dragon Horse for so many years He never let anyone except me to touch him You're the only exception Where's Jade Emperor?

The sovereign is here The sovereign?

I am

You are the Jade Emperor

And you are Sun Wukong

The sovereign is here

Please forgive him your majesty

Master Puti Your majesty My disgraceful disciple Sun Wukong is new to Heaven, he got lost I hope your majesty will forgive him Wukong, come over.


Senior sister Long time no see, you look even more beautiful after all this while Wukong, your armour and cap look beautiful.

Really Yes I borrowed them. I'll have to return them later.

You looks great too How impolite to chit chat in front of the Emperor!

Yang Jian, you take this too serious

I understand the irrepressible joy of meeting old-time friends.

Sun Wukong, why are you looking for me?

I have to learn the trick to

" Resurrect the Dead"

Why would like to learn?

If I learned " Resurrect the Dead"

I don't want to see my monkey offspring dying one by one Please teach me The road to deity isn't as simple as you thought You need to accumulate experience ancl practice for a long time It all depends on you Whether you can be a deity or not When you understand the true meaning of life and death one day You'll see what I mean

Come over, you see.

This little Dragon Horse is so happy today

It seems like you know him very well I'll name you the Heavenly Horse Keeper From now on, you're in charge of all Heavenly Horses and take care of them.

The sovereign likes you Why?

Because you appreciate the sovereign

The Royal Stable is responsible for training the Heavenly Horses To accompany Jade Emperor when he travels

All horses are carefully groomed Polite and absolute obedience

Hi everyone From now on, I am your boss My name is Sun Wukong

Am I awesome

Is it cool?

Let's go pee No we can't Is allowed only in Chen and You hours.

Well, then it's okay to eat, right?

No it's not Food is allowed only in Si and Wei hours

Well, then drink some water.

No we can't Water is allowed only in Yin and Wu hours Give me a break. Even drinking water is scheduled?

Oh The Heaven is the sacred site for deities to manage matters among the three realms.

Kneel. Right now The law and order in Heaven is stringent and must be strictly adhered to

You should kneel to anyone with silver robe and gold armour on Got it?

I'm the Great Sage Equal of Heaven Will I kneel in front of a three-eyed monster like you?

A beast is a beast after all You don't understand deity language

Stop it!

Even a beast should be disciplined

Does it hurt?

Of course it does I'm the horse keeper I'm in charge here Alright, horsie Let's go eat

Come back! Come back in!

Call the Heavenly army

This Peach tree These over here take 6,000 years to blossom and 6,000 more years to bear fruits.

Only privileged deities can enjoy the peaches The other one take 9,000 years to blossom and 9,000 more years to bear fruits.

I want to try the one takes 9,000 years Of course Where is he? He's gone! Search!


So many peaches. Where?

Sister, look

Got it

You horse keeper How dare you eat the divine peach without permission?

It's just a peach What's the big deal?

Only privileged deities can enjoy the peaches at the banquet by invitation only You?

I'm the Heavenly Horse Keeper personally appointed by Jade Emperor himself I just won't touch the peaches at the banquet to make up for it then, okay?

You're far from being“privileged” if you know the meaning of that word How could you be possibly invited What is “privileged?"

We're not high up in the heavenly hierarchy but you're even lower than us Then you're not “privileged."

Got it?

You can't tell the ranks of deities Of course, it's not easy to tell for small potatoes like you Shame on you No performance at all Wanna to steal peaches You guys are so noisy


Your Excellency

You're all injured Did the monkey spirit do that to you?

Yes He even ate the divine peaches without permission

Go and complain to Jade Emperor Tell him how the monkey spirit stirred up a fuss in the peach garden

Intentionally hurt you Alright

I'll do it now


Wanna beat you long time ago Enjoy it?

How dare you How dare you hit me?

I beg your forgiveness, your majesty.

The monkey spirit was stealing the divine peaches That's why I chase after him and hit him Your humble servant only wants to get rid of evil spirits in Heaven We've grown so many peaches in Heaven What for?

Aren't they Only reserved for senior deity officials How can they finish all those peaches?

How can they finish all those peaches?

Just give Wukong some

I told you to give Wukong some peaches.

Sn"c that dear?

Isn't that clear, huh?

This ungrateful monkey spirit!

How dare you offend the Emperor?

You three-eyed monster. Let go of my majesty.

Your majesty The whole demon tribe has followed your instruction They are prepared to sacrifice themselves and use their souls to make the Demon Axe The power of hatred and grievance in the Axe is strong enough to destroy Heaven and Earth I'm sure your majesty will defeat Jade Emperor with it What are you doing?

You aren't supposed to come here at all

You promised me You'd drop the grudges against the deities And will never offend the Heaven again

That year

I left Heaven Palace and followed you here I broke the rule that forbids love affairs between demons and deities just to be with you But why can't you just let go?

For the family doctrine passed down from our ancestors It's either Heaven Or me and our kid You pick a side I want them both

Keep going

Don't worry I'll take you back to Heaven one clay And you'd live the happy life that you deserve The Demon Axe is clone, no one from Heaven can bear its attack Let us revive the almighty demon tribe

There are so many huge stoves here. What are they for?

So you are the celebrated Sun Wukong

MY majesty is

This is the place where the elixir pills are made I'm collecting divine energy to make the pills for Jade Emperor


Deities will have their magical power multiplied after taking the elixir One pill is worth 30,000 years of practice Jade Emperor has been refining his practice since young He experienced 1,750 painful mishaps Each of which lasts 129,600 years That's why he deserves to take this pill of “no bounds and major wisdom,” Which helps him manage the three realms

It's a restricted area in Heaven You can't stay here. Otherwise, you'd be punished


Master, why did you tie me up?

Because you are stirring up a fuss in Heaven

Arrest him

Beat him up

Now go ahead and fly Do your flips and jump on your nimbus cloud!

Do your flips and jump on your nimbus cloud!Huh?

Do your 72 transformations!

What else can you do, huh?

Come on!

Is that all you've got?

You stole the divine peaches And planning to steal Jade Emperor's elixir pill Wukong, just follow the rules If You plead guilty You'd suffer less I never thought about stealing the pill You set me up So, you're still not telling the truth

You want to burn down the lasso?

Go ahead and get in Don't!


Listen to me That's Samadhi Flame It Will kill you Fly right in there!

Moron Yang Jian!


Master No matter dead or alive It's my choice,

The three disaster

Remember my name

“Great Sage equal of Heaven”.

I am not a beast

Come on!


Let him go I didn't teach him well It's my fault It's not you He picked his choice No one can stop him Just let him go

"Resurrect the dead"

"Resurrect the dead"

"Resurrect the dead"

Congratulations, your Majesty For what?

Congratulations on being bullied...

Congratulations on us being bullied...

Think again

Congratulations, your majesty, for us not being bullied any more

Is heavenly soldiers fire this up Heavenly soldiers?


It's already a mess when I arrived It's already a mess when I arrived The heavenly soldiers killed all monkeys and spirit Although you been breach of heaven But it's nothing deal with your monkeys brother The powerful heaven Both you and I are those whom Heaven wants to get rid of If more hesitant Mount Huaguo will becomes other Flame Mountain Great Sage Today Let's flight cooperatively Against the Heaven

Vaisravana in the North, Dhrita-rastra in the East Vidradhaka in the South, Virapaksa in the West

Don't come any nearer to Heaven


it's time you make your sacrifice Why?

Because of love He turns evil

This is the karma between the two of you I start the karma, I ends with it I beg you please don't hurt him

Let's fight!


Here you come, Wukong This fight seems inevitable

It's you who burned down my Mount Huaguo and killed my friends first The Heaven wouldn't do such things Listen I give a last chance Come to your senses now But I'm not giving you a chance


Wukong, the butterfly is dead

Come finish off this monkey demon!

You lied to me...

I am with silver robe and gold armour

The South Heavenly Gate Guard

Wukong, what do you see?

I see myself But I don't see the truth of me

If you are born to be not dead you're destined to experience countless mishaps and catastrophes

If you repeatedly committing evil What's the point of being alive

Lives seem unpredictable Everything have birth and death

As long as wick immortality

" Rebirth after death"

Obsessed with continued That's transmigration

"Resurrect the Dead"

Am I awesome?

No matter what you become

our child and I will be by your side

It's so seriously damaged How long does it take to repair?

A few hundred years, I suppose.



Sun Wukong.

Where you want to escape to?

I didn't plan to escape.

I just want to fix and patch Heaven.

Numeration is out of your control This is not your responsibility It's your numeration.

Bounden duty of numeration From now on, you'd be trapped under Five-finger Mountain.

Make amendments from your mistakes Once you reach an understanding New numberation will come Fine

Buddha Your hand is heavy Cool!

Wukong is trapped under the Five-finger Mountain by Buddha.

He has to train himself for 500 years to make up for his mistake Waiting for another mission.