The Mummy Returns (2001) Script

NARRATOR: Five thousand years ago, a fierce warrior known as the Scorpion King led a great army on a campaign to conquer the known world.



NARRATOR: After a vicious campaign which lasted seven long years, the Scorpion King and his army were defeated and driven deep into the sacred desert of Ahm Shere.


One by one, they slowly perished under the scorching sun

until only the great warrior himself was left alive.

Near death, the Scorpion King made a pact with the dark god Anubis that if Anubis would spare his life and let him conquer his enemies, he would give him his soul.

Anubis accepted his offer and spared his life.


Anubis gave the Scorpion King command of his army, (GROWLING) and like an evil flood, they washed away all that lay before them.


When his task was done, Anubis forced the Scorpion King to serve him for all time.


His army was returned to the sands from whence they came, (GROWLING)

where they wait, silently, to be awakened once again.





What were you thinking, a mummy had come back to life?

I'll tell you a story sometime.

What are you doing down here?

I told you to wait for us up in the temple.

-But, Dad, I saw... -No "buts."

It's dangerous down here, Alex.

-But I saw your tattoo. -You saw what?

On a wall by the entrance. There's a cartouche just like it.

With the pyramid and the eye and the two kings and everything.

-Really? -Yeah.

Okay, well, I'll be up to take a look at that in a minute.

In the meantime, I want you to wait for us up there.

But... But...

No, pick up your stuff, and I'll see you up in the temple. Go.

-Go on. -And... And what shall I do?

I don't know. Surprise me.

-Build a better mousetrap. -Okay.

While your mother goes and desecrates another tomb.


Go away.

-Those are poisonous, you know. -Only if they bite you.

-What was all that about? -Oh, nothing.

Alex wanted to show me something.

I swear, the kid gets more and more like you every day.

What, you mean more attractive, sweet and devilishly charming?

No, he's driving me crazy.

Now, where were we?

Hammer and chisel.

-All right, all right! Let's do it your way. -Thank you.


Ever since I had that dream, this place is all I can think about.

Ever since you had that dream, I haven't had a decent night of sleep.

EVELYN: I feel like I've been here before.

-I know I've been here before. -Evy, nobody's been here before.

Not in at least 3,000 years. Except for these guys.

Then how do I seem to know exactly where I'm going?

MAN: Let's go.


Knock, knock. Anybody home?

You two check out that stuff, see if it's there.

I'll sort out the O'Connells.

You know, if you move that fast enough, you can almost write your name.

I just had a vision.

It was... It was like my dream, but it was real.

It was like l was actually here in ancient times.

Well, if you actually were here, could you show me how to open this thing?

Hold this.

-All right, now you're starting to scare me. -Now I'm starting to scare myself.

What is this? Look at the state of this rubbish.

Those Egyptians never had a clue. It's all chintz and stuff.

Look at that.

Cheap pottery, this. Ancient rubbish.


-Jacques, something's hit me head! -Shut up, Spivey. This place is cursed.

We do not want to wake the gods.

EVELYN: That's the emblem of the Scorpion King.

He's supposed to be pure myth.

No... No trace of him has ever been found before.

No artifacts, no archival evidence.

Maybe they didn't want anybody to find him.

Let's open this.

Evy, l don't have a real good feeling about this.

It's only a chest. No harm ever came from opening a chest.

Right, and no harm ever came from reading a book.

-Remember how that went? -We can't stop now.

Just remember, l was the voice of reason here.

For once.

Rubbish. Rubbish. Dreck. Chintz.

Only half of this...

God, that hurt!

Hon? Let's do it your way.

The bracelet of Anubis.

I'll take care of this.


Oh, my God.

It's a bit late for that!

-Put it in your rucksack. -l got a better idea. Let's leave it here.

-l think it's a bit late for that! -What's it say?

"He who disturbs this bracelet shall drink from the Nile."

That doesn't sound too bad.


Jacques's gonna make a nice fillet out of you, my son.

-Oh, please. Please. -Spivey! Jacques!

-Let's get the hell out of here! -Come on!

Come on!


(BOTH Screaming)



This is bad, Evy!

-We've had bad before! -This is worse!

(BOTH Coughing)

Mom, Dad, l can explain everything.

The Book of the Dead gives life.

And The Book of the Living

takes life away. l thought that was my job.

We're getting close.

Did you acquire it?



(PEOPLE Screaming)


We're getting very close.


We've found him.

We've found him! We've found him!

Step aside here. Out of the way!

Imhotep. It's him. It's Imhotep.

Now we must raise those that serve him.

(MAN 1 Speaking Arabic)

Get out of my way.

Get out of my way, or I'm gonna shoot you in the face.

He means it. He shot someone before.

-Give it to me. -The opportunity passed us by.

We need that bracelet.

And we need it before it opens.


My dear Hafez, l told you l should have handled it. l did not want your past history to cloud the issue.

We know where it is. We'll take care of it.

No, we'll take care of it. l have a different chore for you now.

-Where is the bracelet? -It's on its way to merry old London.

Then London is where we must go.

l think the bracelet is some sort of guide to the lost oasis of Ahm Shere.

Evy, l know what you're thinking, and the answer is no.

We just got home.

That's the beauty of it. We're already packed.

Why don't you just give me one good reason?

It's just an oasis, darling.

A beautiful, exciting, romantic


The kind with the white, sandy beach and the palm trees and the cool, clear, blue water and...

We could have some of those big drinks with the little umbrellas.

-Sounds good. -Sounds too good.

What's the catch?

Supposedly it's the resting place of Anubis s army.

See? l knew there's a catch. There's always a catch.

And let me guess. It was commanded by that Scorpion King guy?

Yes, but he only awakens once every 5,000 years.

Right. And if someone doesn't kill him, -he's gonna wipe out the world. -How did you know? l didn't. But that's always the story.

The last known expedition to actually reach Ahm Shere was sent by Ramses IV over 3,000 years ago.

-He sent over a thousand men. -And none of them was ever seen again.

-How did you know? -l didn't.

But that's always the story.

-Did l mention there was a pyramid of gold? -Twice.

Alexander the Great sent troops in search of it.

-Hooray for him. -So did Caesar.

-Yeah, look what happened to his career. -And Napoleon.

But we're smarter than him. And taller, too.

-Exactly. That's why we're gonna find it. -Because we're taller?

-That's why I love you. -Nice try.

ALEX: Mom!

What do l do with this chest?

This sucker weighs a goddang ton.

Alex, watch your language!

Rather weighty, this.



Evy, that first weird dream of yours was exactly six weeks ago, right? l think so, yes. But what's that got to do with anything?

It just happens to coincide with Egyptian New Year.

Oh. That's right. What a coincidence.

Maybe. All I'm saying is, let's be cautious.


lf anything happened to you, l would never forgive myself.


You and Alex are the only thing that matter to me.

Well, the Bembridge scholars have been begging me to run the British Museum.

Wh... Whoa.

Cripes, how do you get this thing off?

Have l kissed you today?

l hate it when you do that.

-Why? -Makes me feel like agreeing to anything.


Those knickers are not mine.


Hey, Alex, behave yourself for five minutes.

You betcha.

-Happy to be home? -Couldn't be happier.

It's the year of the scorpion.

-Neat! -Thought you might like that.

So then l killed the mummy and all his minions and stole his scepter.

-Oh, you're so brave. -And rich. Did l mention rich?

What do you think I'm doing here?

Sorry. We must be in the wrong house.

-You said this was your house. -No, l didn't.

Call me!

-You're not Sheila's husband, are you? -No.

Look, if you work for Johnny, l was gonna pay him back on Tuesday. l don't know any Johnny.

We are looking for the bracelet of Anubis.

Oh, good for you. Good thing to have, the old bracelet of Anubis.

Where is it?

You're looking here for the bracelet. l see. l have no idea what you're talking about.

Mr. O'Connell, you try my patience.

Mr. O'Connell? No, hold on a minute. You've got the wrong...

That bracelet. Now l remember.

-l lost it in a card game. -For your sake, l hope not.

It can't be.



-Where's your wife? -My wife? Oh, you mean Evy. l think she went off to Baden-Baden or Tibet or something.

The girl's a free spirit.

Did l mention l was single now?

Egyptian asps are quite poisonous.

It's downstairs. There's a safe.

The combination is 320-58...


It's in a safe downstairs. l told you. l told you!

And your point is?

My point is, l told you so you wouldn't kill me.

When did we make that arrangement?


Jonathan, l thought l said no more wild parties.

Well, when you're popular...

Alex, I'm serious. lf you've lost that key, you're grounded. l haven't lost it. l just can't find it. There's a difference.

Well, you'd better start finding it then. l will, Mom. There's nothing to worry about.

Good evening.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

I'm looking for the chest, of course.

Give it to me now.

Get out of my house.

Whoa, Mom. Maybe not the best idea.

Alex, get back there.

Definitely not the best idea. l think it's time to yell for Dad now.

-Now l will kill you and take it anyway. -ARDETH: l think not.

Ardeth, what are you doing here?

Perhaps explanations are best kept for later.

Ardeth Bay.


Knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you're about to do to him, but this is my house, l have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.

Shoot him!


(Speaking Arabic)

Whoa, Mom! When did you learn to do that? l have no idea.

That l learned from your father.

-I'll take that. -Whoa!

Not bad for a Medjai.

Let go!

-What's in the chest? -The bracelet of Anubis!

They must not get the bracelet! Get it and get out of here!

Mom, look out!




What'd you do this time? l haven't done anything to anybody!


-Lately. -Come on!


-Evelyn! -Look out, Rick!

Dad! Dad!

-Are you all right? -Yeah.

Yeah? Okay.


What are you doing here? No, scratch that. l don't care.

Who are those guys? Where are they taking my wife?

My friend, I'm not sure, but wherever this man is, your wife will surely be.

Hey, l know him.

He's the curator. He works at the British Museum.

-Are you sure? -Believe him.

He spends more time there than at home.

You're here, the bad guys are here, Evy's been kidnapped.

-Let me guess. -Yes, they once again removed the creature from his grave. l don't mean to point fingers, but isn't it your job to make sure that doesn't happen?

That woman who was with him, she knows things that no living person could possibly know.

She knew exactly where the creature was buried.

We were hoping she would lead us to the bracelet. She obviously did.

And now they have it. l wouldn't get too nervous just yet.

Is that gold?

When l stuck it on, l saw the pyramids at Giza.

Then, whoosh! Straight across the desert to Karnak.

By putting this on, you have started a chain reaction that could bring the next apocalypse.

You, lighten up. You, big trouble. You, get in the car.

l am sorry if l alarmed your son, but you must understand, now that the bracelet is on his wrist, we have only seven days before the Scorpion King awakens.

We? What we? lf he is not killed, he will raise the Army of Anubis.

-l take it that's not a good thing. -Oh, he'll wipe out the world.

The old "wipe out the world" ploy.

Whomever can kill the Scorpion King can send his army back to the Underworld or use it to destroy mankind and rule the Earth.

That's why they dug up Imhotep.

He's the only guy tough enough to take out the Scorpion King.

That is their plan.

Alex, I've got a big job for you. Stay here and protect the car.

-l can do that. -Protect the car?

Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I'm stupid.

-l know. -Dad! lf you see anyone come out screaming, it's just me.

-Maybe you should stay here and watch him. -Yes, now you're talking.

-You want the shotgun? -No, l prefer the Thompson.

lf l were to say to you, I'm a stranger traveling from the east, seeking that which is lost...

Then l would reply that l am a stranger traveling from the west.

-It is l whom you seek. How... -Then it is true.

-You have the sacred mark. -What, that?

No, that got slapped on me in an orphanage in Cairo.

That mark means you're a protector of man, a warrior for God, a Medjai.

Sorry. You've got the wrong guy.

(PEOPLE Chanting)

(HAFEZ Chanting IN Ancient Egyptian LANGUAGE)

Mr. Hafez.

They found him.

(THUNDER Rumbling)

Rise up!


(HAFEZ Chanting IN Ancient Egyptian LANGUAGE)



(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

What year is it?

My Lord, it is the Year of the Scorpion.




(DOOR Opening)

Do not be frightened. l am not afraid.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian) l am Anck-su-namun reincarnated.

Only in body.

But soon... l shall bring your soul back from the Underworld...

...and our love shall once again be whole.

You know, a couple of years ago this would've seemed really strange to me.

Lord Imhotep will be much pleased.

Where is it?

Where is the bracelet? l think l know.

At the very top of the gold pyramid, there was a huge diamond.

Huge? How huge?

It was so big, it would reflect the sun and wink at distant travelers, beckoning them to their deaths.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian) l have a gift for you.


l knew it would please you to watch her die.

Get... No! Get off!

Oh, my God.

The Underworld awaits you.

You wait! I'll put you in your grave again!

Our thinking was, not if we put you in your grave first.

Burn her!

You bast...




-Open it! Open it! -I'm trying, I'm trying!


ALEX: Hurry up! JONATHAN: Come on, come on, -You broke it, you broke it, you broke it! -Be quiet, Alex! lf there's gonna be hysterics, they'll come from me!

YOU! !

Go, go, go, go!

Collect your bones!

Gather your limbs!

Shake the earth from your flesh!

Your Master is here!

Oh, no. Not these guys again.



What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?

You're asking me? I'm only eight years old!

Honey, what you doing? These guys don't use doors.

Where the hell's Jonathan?

-Alex! -What's the matter with my car? l was forced to find an alternative means of transportation.

-A double-decker bus? -It was his idea!

-Was not! -Was too!

Just go!

-It was too! -Was not!

Oh, jeez.

No, no! Not my car!

Oh, l hate mummies.

-Glad to see me now? -Just like old times, huh?





Turn! Turn! Turn! Turn! Turn!



No! Get out of the way!


ALEX: Look out!



(GLASS Shattering)


-Great driving, Uncle Jon. -Yeah.

-You all right? -This was my first bus ride.

What would l do without you?

-Are all librarians this much trouble? -Oh, jeez, get a room.

-Let me go! -Alex!

-Silence! -ALEX: Stop!

-Go! -Stop!

(BELL Ringling)


(Speaking Ancient Egyptian) l shall now go to Ahm Shere and kill the Scorpion King.

And with his Army we shall rule the world...


My Lord...

...there is something you must know.

They have the Scepter of Osiris. l have seen it.

By the time we reach Ahm Shere, my powers will have regenerated.

And l will have no need for the Scepter.

Please, do not fear for your son, my friends.

They cannot hurt him, for he wears the bracelet of Anubis.

Alex is wearing the bracelet?

When he put it on, he said he saw the pyramids at Giza, the temple at Karnak.

And when they reach Karnak, the bracelet will show him the next step of the journey.

Well, if we don't get to Karnak before them, we won't have any idea where to look for him next.

Seems to me like we need a magic carpet.

(TRAIN Whistle Blowing)

When Lord Imhotep last encountered the O Connells, they sent his immortal soul to the Underworld.

As powerful as he will become, he is still vulnerable.

Only with the Army of Anubis will he be invincible.

He will need your help.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

Keep this with you always.


The Book of the Dead!

What a bright little child.

Your mother must be missing you terribly. lf you wish to see her again, you'd better behave.

Lady, l don't behave for my parents.

What makes you think I'm going to do it for you?


Because your parents wouldn't slip poisonous snakes into your bed while you were sleeping.

Lord Imhotep wishes to meet the boy.

Now we shall see how brave you are.

Hey! Watch the suit! Hey!

Me fingers!


Very nice.

-Did you acquire what we asked? -Oh, we acquired it, all right.

You know what?

We had to kill two of those guards at the mausoleum to acquire it.

This chest is cursed.

It says there is one, the undead, who will kill all those who open this chest.

Yes, yes, and the creature will suck them dry, then become whole again.

We've all heard this story before.

Yeah, but l heard the yanks who found it nine years ago all died.

Horrible deaths, they were.

-So, with that in mind... -We want ten.


(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

This chest must never be opened.

The agreement was for five.

Yeah, well, we want ten, or we'll take it elsewhere.

-lf you... -Ten will be just fine.

Follow me, gentlemen.

Get in.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian) l know you can understand me little one.

So you must listen carefully because...

It is you who are the chosen one, you who will take me to Ahm Shere.

What if l don't? What if l get a little...lost?


You have strength, little one.

You are your father's son.

But l know something you don't.

This bracelet is a gift and a curse.

The sands of time have already begun to pour against you.

Yeah, yeah. l already heard this part.

From the minute l put the bracelet on, seven days do l have before the Scorpion King wakes up.

Did you also hear that if you do not enter the pyramid before the sun strikes it on that very morning that the bracelet will suck the life out of you?

That part l missed.

Hey, wait a minute. That means I ve only got five days left.

Then l believe it will be best if we do not get lost. Don't you?

My dad is going to kick your ass.

l do not think so.

In here, gentlemen, you shall receive your just rewards.

No tricks now, woman.

We're not giving up this chest till we're satisfied.

Oh, don't worry. There is much satisfaction to be had.

What's going on?

This place is cursed.

-What is it with you and curses? -He ain't happy without a curse.

-This is cursed. That is cursed. -Give it a rest, will you!

(ALL Screaming)


He wants you to open the chest! Open the chest!


Where'd he go? Where'd he go?

(ALL Screaming)


-This is the magic carpet? -He'll be fine. He's a professional.



(DOOR Locking)


-He definitely remembers you. -He's a little shy.

-Jonathan, get our bags. -Oh, my hands are full.

-Now. -Right. I'll get the bags.

I'll deal with the flight details.

-Honey, you're not a subtle man. -We don't have time for subtle.

-Izzy, come here. -Oh, no, no.

-Doesn't look happy to see you. -Never turned me down yet.

Whatever it is, whatever you need, l don't care.

Forget it, O'Connell. Every time l hook up with you, l get shot!

Last time, l got shot in the ass. I'm in mourning for my ass.

-Remember that bank job in Marrakesh? -Bank job?

-It's not like it sounds. -It's exactly how it sounds.

I'm flying high, hiding in the sun.

The white boy here flags me down, so l fly in low for the pickup.

The next thing you know, l get shot!

I'm lying in the middle of the road with my spleen hanging out, and l see him waltzing up with some belly dancer girl.

Belly dancer girl? Izzy, l think you and l should talk.

-As long as l don't get shot. -Quit your whining.

You're gonna get paid this time.

IZZY: O'Connell, have you looked around here any? Huh?

What do l need money for? What the hell am l gonna spend it on?

I'm gonna keep this short. My little boy is out there.

I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get him back.

O'Connell, if you give me that gold stick there, you can shave my head, wax my legs and use me for a surfboard.

Didn't we do that in Tripoli?

Say, by the way, when did you lose your eye?

Oh. l didn't. l just thought it made me look more dashing.

Come on. Get to work.

-You're not exactly catching me at my best. -Oh, I'm sure l am.

l knew it. I'm gonna get shot.

These are the commanders of the 1 2 tribes of the Medjai.


-Pet bird. -My best and most clever friend.

He will let the commanders know of our progress so that they may follow.

(Speaking Arabic)

lf the Army of Anubis arises, they will do all they can to stop it.

-Rick, are you sure Izzy's reliable? -Yeah, yeah, he's reliable-ish.

-Isn't she beautiful? -It's a balloon.

-Oh! It's a dirigible. -Where's your airplane?

-Airplanes are a thing of the past. -Izzy, you were right.

-l was? -Yeah. You're gonna get shot.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! She's faster than she looks.

And she's quiet. Real quiet.

Perfect for sneaking up on people, which is a very good thing.

Unless, of course, we go with your approach barging in face-first, guns blazing, and getting your friends shot in the ass!

Why can't you people ever keep your feet on the ground?

O'Connell does not want to believe, but he flies like Horus towards his destiny.

Yes, yes, very interesting. Tell me some more about this gold pyramid.

Well, it is written that since the time of the Scorpion King, no man who has laid eyes upon it has ever returned to tell the tale.

Where is all this stuff written? Hello.

Got it.

Pretty nice, eh?

This is all l have left in the world.

The rest of my fortune was lost to some rather unscrupulous characters, actually.

But if the curator reacted to it the way you say, it must be very important. lf l were you, l would keep it close.

My friend, the gods couldn't take this away from me.

-Hey! That's mine! -No, it's not!

Keep your hands off of it.

Hey. l want him back, Rick.

-l want him in my arms. -l know.

We taught him well.

He's smarter than you and he's tougher than me.

-l love him so much. l just can't... -l know. We both do, and Alex knows that.

-I'll get him back, Evy. l promise. -l know you will.

-ALEX: Are we there yet? -No.

-Are we there yet? -No.

Whoa! That was amazing!

-Perfect aim. -What are you talking about? l missed.

l have to go to the bathroom.

Make it quick.

Hurry up.

-Hey, reading material. -Now!

l can't go when someone's watching.

l don't trust you. You'll look.



Oh, my God! Doesn't anyone around here know how to flush a toilet?

(WHEELs Screeching)

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

The boy.



lf a man does not embrace his past, he has no future.

Look, even if l was some sort of sacred Medjai, what good does that do me now?

It is the missing piece of your heart. lf you embrace it, if you accept it, you can do anything.

Sounds great. Listen.

What can we expect from our old friend Imhotep?

His powers are returning.

By the time he reaches Ahm Shere, even the Scorpion King won't be able to stop him.

(Imhotep Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

It is time to remind you of who you are...

...and of who we are together.

For our love is true love, an eternal love, our souls mated... together as one...


(MAN Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

Put your mask on!

Let's not scar that pretty face.

You are learning quickly, Nefertiti.

I'll have to watch my back.

Yes... and I'll watch mine.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

Bravo! Bravo!

Who better to protect the Bracelet of Anubis... than my lovely daughter, Nefertiti.

And who better to protect me, than my future wife, Anck-su-namun.

Well done, daughter.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

The Pharaoh!

PHARAOH: Anck-su-namun!


(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)


My father needs you!



(BOTH Grunting)

-Go! Save yourself! -NO!

Only you can resurrect me!

l won't leave you!

Get away from me!



My body is no longer his temple!

-Imhotep. -Anck-su-namun.

Evy, l know you haven't exactly been yourself lately with all these dreams and visions...

No, no, they're memories from my previous life.

Honestly, I'm not losing my mind. It all makes perfect sense now.

And that's the reason why we found the bracelet?

Exactly. l was its protector.

Now do you believe, my friend?

Clearly, you were destined to protect this woman.

Right. She's a reincarnated princess, and I'm a warrior for God.

And your son leads the way to Ahm Shere. Three sides of the pyramid.

This was all preordained thousands of years ago.

And how does the story end?

Only the journey's written, not the destination.

-Convenient. -How else do you explain Evy's visions?

That it is your son who wears the bracelet?

-How do you explain your mark? -Coincidence.

My friend, there is a fine line between coincidence and fate.

Don't even think about it!

Hold on there, partner.

When the time comes, l shall truly enjoy killing you.

But until that time, you better be a little nicer to me.

Now, where's my water?

No ice?

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

Make sure he doesn't move!

They've gone. We've lost them.


Alex left us his tie, and he made us a little sand castle.

It's the Temple Island of Philae.

-They've gone to Philae. -That-a-boy, Alex.

Come on!

The great temple of Abu Simbel.

(Speaking Arabic)

That's the Blue Nile down there.

We must be out of Egypt by now.

In ancient times, all this still belonged to the upper kingdom.

The oasis must be around here somewhere.

RICK: Don't worry, Evy, we'll find him. He's a smart kid.

He'll leave us a sign.

Surprised to see me?

Leaving bread crumbs, huh? Huh?

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)


Put the boy down.

l hope your parents enjoyed their journey.

We're in trouble!



Horus, fly!

Izzy, come hard right! Starboard! Starboard!


Was there a little something you forgot to mention?


(Birds Twittering)

(MONKEYS Chattering)

Ahm Shere.



He's back!


Hang on!

Well, that's not good.

RICK: Hang on!



RICK: We're gonna go get my son.

Then we're gonna wanna get out of here fast, -so make this work, Izzy. -No, no, you don't understand, goddamn it.

This thing was filled with gas. Not hot air... Gas. l need gas to get this thing off the ground.

Where am l gonna get gas from around here? Huh?

Bananas? Mangos? Tarzan's ass?

Well, maybe l could finagle it to take hot air.

But do you know how many cubic meters I'd need? It's too big! lf anybody can fill this thing up with hot air, Izzy, it's you.

Come to Daddy.



JONATHAN: So, Rick, what's the plan? RICK: Let's find some higher ground.




-l must go. -Where? l must let the commanders know where we are.

-You can't go. -lf the Army of Anubis arises... l need you to help me find my son.

-Then first, l shall help you. -Thank you.

Look. Roman legionnaires.

And here. Turn-of-the-century French. Napoleon's troops.

What in the name of Anubis did this?


-You hear that? -What?


Absolutely nothing.

My word!

l say, chaps, look at this.

Shrunken heads. I d love to know how they do that.

Just curious.

You any good with that?

Three times Fox and Hound's grand champion, I'll have you know.

-You any good with that? -You'll know soon enough.

Because the only way to kill an Anubis warrior is by taking off its head.

I'll remember that.

Evy, try to remember to...

Just keep it tight in the shoulder and lead the target a little bit, and then...

And squeeze the trigger. Don't pull it. l won't miss.


-Pyramid. -The pyramid.

Cripes, I'm in trouble now.

Now may l kill him?

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

My Lord...

Now there is no need for the boy.

Yes, but we need the bracelet.

It will unlock the Army of Anubis.

The bracelet?

The bracelet is the key?!

-Retrieve that bracelet. -With pleasure.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

What is it?

(THUNDER Rumbling)

Something is coming.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

Fan out! Eyes open! Guns up!

-Jonathan? -Yes?

That's my husband and my son down there.

Make me proud.

Today's that day, Evy.

Do not fear. They cannot harm me.

(MAN Shouting IN Arabic)

Where's the boy?





The black book!

Let's go!

(PEOPLE Yelling)

There you are!


-The time has come, my little friend. -Let go!

-Dad! -Alex!



Time to remove that bracelet, my good son.


-Dad, behind you! -Whoa!


(MEN Grunting)



-Let's go. -Thank God for that.

The two of you must sacrifice yourselves for me.

You shall be rewarded in heaven!


-Mom! -Alex!

Hey, nice shootin', Tex.

What were those creepy little pygmy things?

-Just the local natives. -Are you sure?

I'm sure. It was nothin'.

Come on, Mom! Come on! Come on, Dad!

We have to get to the pyramid. l have to get the bracelet off now!

Oh, leave it on, Alex. Looks good on you.

No, you guys! You don't understand!

He told me the bracelet will kill me if l don't get inside the pyramid before the sun hits it!

-Today! -Oh, my God.

(CREATURES Screeching)

Time to go! l thought you said it was nothing!


Where's Jonathan?

Look! There's a burial ground!

We're safe! We're safe!

See those sacred stones? They'll never cross those.

-You are sure? -Yes, of course I'm sure!


Sorry. My mistake.

JONATHAN: Wait for me! EVELYN: Hurry up, Jonathan!

Wait for me! What's that for?

Ah, nothin'. Just a little something in case of an emergency.



Let's go, Alex!

Run! Come on, Alex, faster! Come on!

-Come on! -Dad! The bracelet!

Run! Come on!

You know, it's not easy being a dad.

Yeah, but you do it really good.


They made it. Thank God.

Oh, yes. Great.





-Jonathan! Jonathan! -Mom!

-You're going to be all right. Isn't she, Dad? -She'll be fine.

-She's going to be all right. -Just get him... Take him. Take...

Mommy's fine. It's okay.

-Where... Evy... -Your mother's gonna be fine, okay?

Oh, my God!

You're real strong. You're gonna make it. You're gonna make it.

You're fine.

What do l do? What do l do, Evy?

-What do l do? -Take care of Alex.

No. Sweetheart, no.

l love you.

No, don't... No. No!

Evy? Evy?

RICK: No. No. Evy!

Come back, Evy.

Evy, come back.

Come back.

(BOTH Screaming)

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

The great god Anubis...

...has taken my powers.

It seems he wishes me to fight... a mortal.

Stay here.




(Speaking Arabic)

So it begins.

Try to think of it like this, Alex.

She's gone to a better place.

You know, like it says in the good book.

-The book. -What?

That's it.

-That's it. Come on, Uncle Jon! -That's what?

-Come on! Come on! That's it! The book! -What?


You're too late, O'Connell. l have released the Army of Anubis.

Lord Imhotep shall soon kill the Scorpion King and take command.

Not after l get through with him.


(Speaking Ancient Egyptian) l must face the Scorpion King alone.

No. You must not.

Without your powers he will kill you.

Nothing can stop us.

It is our destiny!

Niy! l don't want to lose you again.

Niy! Niy!

You realize, of course, that this can only be done by someone who can actually read ancient Egyptian. l don't know about you, but I'm a tad rusty.

Now where?

-We go right. -How do you know?

"Kasheesh Osirian Nye."

Basically, "This way to the Scorpion King."

Mum taught me.

This just might work.


It's time someone taught you a lesson, wench. Come on.

This is for my sister.



(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)

So you wish to kill me?

And then you would kill him...

...and send his Army back to the Underworld.

This l cannot allow.



Is that all you've got?


(ALL Yelling)

Hurry up, Alex!

"Hootash naraba oos Veesloo.

"Ahm kum Ra. Ahm kum Dei."

"Efday Shokran... Efday Shokran..."

Uncle Jon, l don't know what this last symbol is!

-What's it look like? -It's a bird! A stork!

l know that one! l know that one!

Then what is it?


That's it! "Efday Shokran Ahmenophus!"

Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?

-Oh, my God. Evy! -Take Alex.

-Go and help Rick. -But Mom...

No "buts," Alex.

-Come on, Alex. -But... But...

I'll be just fine.

We did it, Uncle Jon! We did it!

Right, partner. Now, let's go help your dad.

(Speaking Ancient Egyptian) l am your servant!

We shall see.

But he was sent to kill you!




(Speaking Ancient Egyptian)


You have remembered the old ways.

That's a little something new!



My lord!

Save me! Save me!


(ALL Cheering)

(Speaking Arabic)

God help us.

Okay, now I'm a believer.


-Jonathan! -Dad!

It's a spear!

The gold stick thing... It's a... It's a spear!

Really? Doesn't look like a spear!

No! That's because it opens up into one!

-Yes? And? -Jonathan!

It opens up into a spear!



(Speaking Arabic)

'Til Death!

(ALL Shouting)

-Rick! -Evy?

-Twist it! -Pull! l tried it! Push!

The Spear of Osiris!

Jonathan, quick!

Jonathan, throw it! Kill the Scorpion King!

Send his army back to the Underworld!

Step aside, Alex. I'm a professional.


The Army of Anubis shall now be MINE!





Go to hell, and take your friends with you!


(ALL Cheering)



Evy, no! Get out of here!

Just get out of here!



Hang on, Rick!




-No! -Anck-su-namun!








Let's go up!

This whole damn place is gonna get sucked up!

Let's move up! Go!

JONATHAN: Go, Alex! Come on! Come on!

Rick, we're trapped!

IZZY: Hey!

-Izzy! -Come on! Get your butts moving!

Hurry up! Hurry up! l haven't got all day!

RICK: Go! You're next!


RICK: Jonathan! Hold on!

-Pull him up! Pull him up! -Pull up! Pull me up!

Wait! Wait! Let me down! Let me down!

-It's not worth your life, you idiot! -Yes, it is! Yes, it is!



Pull me up! Pull me up!

-Whoo! Whoo! -Okay.

Yeah! O'Connell.

-You almost got me killed! -At least you didn't get shot.

Izzy! Thank you!

Thank you!


O'Connell, who the hell you been messin' with this time?

Huh? Oh, you know, the usual.

Mummies, pygmies, big bugs.

(Speaking Arabic)


l thought l almost lost you there.

For a moment there, you did.

Would you like to know what heaven looks like?


BOTH: Oh, please!

-That's half mine, you know. -What?

-That's half mine. -l have no idea what you're talking about.

What? You took my gold stick! l know you took my gold stick! l swear on the head of my wife, l have no idea what you're talking about.

IZZY: You haven't... You ain't got a wife!

JONATHAN: l don't have your gold stick either!


Forever may not be long enough For my love

l have a will but I'm lost inside your time

lf you could would you come with me To the other side

Forever may not be long enough For this life Forever

Forever may not be long enough For you to know

Just how far l traveled Just how far l will go

Open your heart and everything Will be all right

Open your heart, baby Leave with me Don't be afraid Forever

Forever may not be long enough For our love


Forever may not be long enough