The Myth (2005) Script

General, the Princess' convoy has entered our realm.

Prepare to receive them.

Prepare to receive them!

General Meng Yi of Qin welcomes Your Highness.

May it please Her Highness.

May it please Her Highness.

His Imperial Majesty decrees -

Princess Ok Soo shall be Concubine Li of Qin, for our nations' mutual concord.

Princess Ok Soo is so commanded.

My orders are to bring back Princess Ok Soo.

Whoever interferes shall die!

Her Royal Highness is now Concubine Li of Qin.

Whoever dares is an enemy of our state!

They leave us no alternative.

Prepare to attack.

Prepare to attack!

Ready defenses.

Ready defenses.

Hurry! Protect the Princess!

Hurry! Away from this place!

Come back with me, Princess.

You are already my betrothed.

I cannot go back with you.

I cannot abide you marrying the moribund emperor.

It's a surrender of our sovereignty to Qin!

I was forced into this decision. Please understand.

You are a general! How can you besmirch my honor?


My mission is to protect the Princess.

Draw. Let's both fulfill our missions.

Protect the Princess.

Save her!


Your Highness!

28 Feb 2005.

I had the same dream from months ago.

This time... I'm an ancient general, leading a vast army to rescue... some sort of princess.

I fell off a cliff...

William? You're back in Hong Kong?

Great! Come on over!

Talk about being all at sea!

How come you live on a barge?

The research budget was halved last year.

With the project unfinished, I had to sell the flat.

So I moved here with my study.

It's not so bad! Pretty roomy here.

So why are you back suddenly? Didn't like the States?

I came to solve your financial problems.

Can I?

I want you to do something for me.

Hi William! This must be Dr Chan.

Just call me Jack.

I'm Maggie. Welcome to our Anti-Gravity Research Project.


This is my lab. Check it out.

Let's ask Dr Smith to give a little demonstration.

Doctor, please.

It's a well-known fact that spinning an object at increased speed can reduce its weight, and we can already show the results.

These are very expensive experiments.

Quite impractical, and unusable on living subjects, as no living creature can survive such speed.

Thank you, Maggie.

You're welcome.

I don't understand. You're a physicist, I'm an archaeologist. How can I help you?

I’m seeking a breakthrough in the field of mysterious phenomena... a paper you wrote.

Over 2000 years ago there was a tiny kingdom south of Dasar, whose king became immortal after death.

His coffin floated in mid-air.

Your paper inspired me.

It's just a myth.

I can even lend you comic books about this.

Lots of things are called myths prior to empirical verification.

Hey, Jack...

Wireless telephony was a myth 150 years ago.

So was the airplane, and landing on the moon!

Even 50 years ago, computer and digital technology were a myth.

Many people are competing to develop this technology.

If I succeed, I'll change human history...

This technology could be vital to our lives, to surface and air transportation, even inter-galactic travel!

I know you've always wanted to do something great.

No one's ever entered this ancient tomb before.

But my work is archaeology, and I have my ethic, I do research, not raid tombs.

You still can't forget that incident after all these years?

Something you'll never forget.

We haven't played for ages.

How's your game?


Don't you practice anymore?

Sure! I just never shot from this angle before.

So why shoot?

Because you passed it to me.

Don't worry about it. Come on.

That Maggie is your girlfriend?

No. She represents my sponsor.

By the way, what happened to Monica?

Monica? Forget her.

I've been dreaming about a princess.

Her name's Ok Soo.

I called out her name in my sleep.

How do you think Monica took it?

Now back to business. Jack, you've never been a stickler for rules.

You've always trusted your instincts.

Instincts helped you unravel the Dead Sea Scrolls forgery...

Jack, hey...


Jack, do as your instincts tell you.

I want to prove it's not a myth, but something real.

You're my best friend.

I trust you won't let me face danger alone.

Ever tried hitting a golf shot like this?


What's with you?

I think I've got heat stroke.

Almost there. Come on!

Don't lie to me now.

You should exercise more regularly.

I do! 3 hours of golf each day, 2 hours of tennis...

And another dozen hours a day playing video games, you'll go blind in no time.

If you're so fit why don't you carry me?

You can walk.

Hurry up. We won't get in if we're late!

Jack, that's the holy man who can fly?

Yes. Let's go over there.

He really can fly...

Get up. Follow me.

Hey, up, up.

-Hurry. -Give me a hand.

Grab hold of my leg!

-You've got strong legs. -Let go!

Wow! Nice stone carvings!

You have no idea how many stories they tell.

I didn't come this far on my last expedition.


The stone coffin's just floating there.

Zoom in and see if it's suspended by wire.

I’m working on it already.

Jack, there's a sword beside the coffin.

I can see it.

I think the inscription records his deeds.

Mission to Qin?

This prince once brought treasures and women to Qin.

The Qin Emperor gifted him one of his concubines, but he picked the Emperor’s favourite.

The Emperor reneged and gave him her painting instead, as well as the Qin Star Gem in apology.

The prince even fought a bout with Qin's greatest warrior, and exchanged sword with him.

-Hey! Don't! -What?


Are you all right?

What did you just move?

I've never seen stones like these. I want some for research.

I told you not to steal anything!

I was going to return it afterwards.

It almost costs me my life!

How come the coffin fell as soon as I pulled it out?

His Majesty commanded me... to paint a portrait of Concubine Li as a gift to the Prince of Dasar.

She doesn't smile, how can I paint?

I've not seen her smile since she arrived.

General Meng!

Excellent! That's the smile!


Stop dreaming!

I hear footsteps!

Quick! Lift it up!

Why don't you ask them to help?

Jack! Help me!

Hey! Let go!

Who are you?

Why come and desecrate our sacred temple?

What do you gain by this?

I just came in to look for something, I didn't mean to wreck the coffin, it was an accident.


Are you all right?

I was apologizing.

How was I to know? I was just trying to help.

Let's go!

Told you not to steal!

It's for protection.

Let's go Jack!

Look, I took the painting for you as well.



Get them!



Come on.

Get up. Let's go.

Get him, get them all!

Jack! Didn't you say you had backup?

All I see are monkeys!

You get on board first.


Pick up some stones!

It is too dangerous, we have to leave now.

Come on! Jack!

-Fly a bit lower! -No!

We are hit! We must go.

Come on up! Jack!


Go and catch him!

Thank God!

Concubine Li!

Concubine Li...

Your Highness, forgive my lapse in your protection.


Lay down your sword, or I'll kill her.


If only one can live, I'd rather it be you.

Drop it!


General Meng Yi!

Don't help me...

I'm beneath your station.

Why do you risk your life for me?

A blade is forged to drink the blood of enemies.

I am like a blade, destined to fight for His Majesty, and die for my country.

You are now Concubine Li of Qin. Protecting you is my duty.

Your Highness has suffered a fright.

With you beside me I'm not afraid of anything.

We cannot stay here. We must leave quickly.

Lakchume... don't be naughty.

Good boy, good boy, Lakchume.

Lakchume? Where are you going?

Oh my god. It's a body.

Lakchume, hurry up.

Lakchume, pick up the body.

Easy, easy...

Be careful... be careful, good boy.

How are you feeling now?

Much better. Thank you.

How did I get here?

You were injured very badly, the flow of the river brought you here.

-Where's my... -Sword?

Come with me. This way.

What is this place?

This is the birthplace of the Dasar martial arts.

It has a history of 3,000 years.

My uncle, he is a master of the 275th generation.

There he is.

I heard you made the news in Dasar.

I am so sorry to have caused so much trouble.

You wrecked the coffin of a Dasar King!

But you also broke the 2,000-year-old myth of Dasar.

For generations now, the locals don't understand spiritual training.

All they understand is to genuflect before those levitating holy men.

Today they have learnt at least one thing - spiritual training is not about raising your head and looking up. it is about lowering your head and learn humility and honesty.

Young man, I know why you came.

This is no ordinary sword.

Is it yours?


The sword is not mine and I didn't come to fight.

I just came to find some answers Fight for your answers.

Young man... young man

Now do you have the answer in your heart?

You can become one with your sword!

It must be a bond from lifetimes ago.

Master, do you really believe in past lives?

Which life is a past life; and which life is present life?

What is an illusion, and what is real?

I always dream of an ancient general and a princess, I don't know if this has anything to do with me.

And I don't even know if the things in my dream really happened.

Yesterday I saw the picture of the princess inside a tomb.

This is the first time my dream was reflected in reality.

Master, I am really confused.

A dream may seem amazing and without reason, but it can explain reality.

Dreams are made of your imagination and creativity, and your memories of reality.

That's why they seem so imaginary and yet so real.

Because you always dream of one person, it could be a sign that... the memories locked deep into your heart are getting released.


What should I do? Who is he?

What is he trying to tell me?

Only you can find the answer you need.

Meng Yi...

General Meng Yi!

General, come in.

Meng Yi...

Meng Yi? General Meng Yi?

You promised to protect me. You can't die!

Meng Yi?

Meng Yi? Meng Yi...

I have nothing left in this world, not even a relative.

Please don't abandon me!

I have nothing left but you.

Please don't leave me alone!

General Meng Yi. Over here quickly.

This is the first time I've felt so free.

No courtly rites and regulations.

What a beautiful feeling!

This is the first time I've seen Your Highness smile.

Why don't you look at me?

Your humble servant does not dare.

Don't say such things. Don't take away this feeling...

I'll stop calling you General.

How's that, Meng Yi?

I want to dance. Shall I dance for you?

No, Your Highness. You mustn't.

In this world, only the Emperor himself may watch.

This is a dance for you alone.

Please, Your Highness.

We have reached the Great Wall.

This is entirely our realm.

Our capital Xianyang is just over the hill.

You are now safe, Concubine Li.

I have accomplished my mission finally.

No! I don't want to go to Xianyang.

Take me away! Take me anywhere!

I only want to be with you!

I don't want to marry the Emperor!

Why did we struggle to stay alive, just to become slaves to Destiny?

When will we ever be free?

Not until the day we die?

Ok Soo... Concubine Li...

Your Highness, please calm down.

Don't forget your own mission.

You must live for the sake of your people.

Only with life is there hope.

Promise me, you must live!

You would have me live in such agony?

Very well!

I promise you!

I'll live for you!


The police are after you!

-What? -That's him!

We have to get out of here. Come here, come with me.

Come with me, Jack!

Put it down! Put it down!

Oh my God! Let's go!

This way.

Why are you helping him?

Did you help him to break into the temple?

You! Freeze!

Wow what?

Wow means you are very good.

This way, Jack!

Don't jump! No!

No what?

Never mind.

What are you doing?

Helping you.



Jack, help me!

Jack, help me!

Jack, help me.

Give me your hands!


Come on!




Let's go!

Along the river for two days, it will take you to China.

Thank you so much.

Will I ever see you again?

I will definitely come back to see you and your master.

Take care.

I’m levitating!

We've examined it by every means from spectroscope to MRI.

What is unbelievable is... that its atomic spectra... didn't remotely match any known material on Earth, including the spectra measured by the Icarus Project.

This particular spectra was in one of the last transmissions, before the detector flew out of the solar system.

Mid-air coffee break!

However if the light emitted from the stone gets blocked, it would be functionless.




Jack, our project has succeeded...

Well, almost!

What? It's a meteorite?

From outside our Solar system?

That's right. We must now find the rest of them.

Where's the painting from the coffin?

It's here with me.

I’m going to Xian. Meet me there.

Bring the painting with you.

Good, bye for now.

I’m coming with you.

My initial assessment:

It's forged around the Qin dynasty.

The scale-like surface material is found only in Qin-dynasty artifacts.

Looking at the design and decorations, I'd say it belonged to a Qin general.

This is a national treasure!

Be careful.

What are you doing? The sword is ours!

Jack has bequeathed it to our museum.

Our foundation financed this project.

Anything found should belong to the foundation.

How can you donate the sword to the museum?

The sword's a Grade One national relic.

It belongs to all of humanity.

It's only right we return it to the world via the museum.

Anyway what's key to the project are the meteorites.

These two artifacts have nothing to do with them.

Before my experiments draw a conclusion, anything may prove to be a critical link.

How can you prejudge it by saying otherwise?

My experiments will benefit all mankind.

Artifacts are old, dead things.

They have no life, no future!

What science is concerned with is precisely the future!

Fine, if that's what you say, then how come these 2000-year-old artifacts are so important to you?

I risked my life for that sword!

That was me!

OK! In that case, when I find the meteorites, you'll still give them away?


As long as it's someone else's artifacts I'll return them.

No one can plunder relics from someone else's country and put them in their own museums.

They call it 'safe-keeping' but it's theft.

It's despicable behavior.

So what are we going to do now?

What can I do?


Do you want to meet your sponsor for the last 10 years?

Of course! But he doesn't want to see me!

I'll bring you to him now.

Right now?

Come with me.

I'll return these relics to Dasar for you.

Thank you.

Professor Koo? It's you?

It's been years since I was a professor.

Mr Koo, you've been funding my work all these years?

That's right. I had my eye on you even before you graduated.

Maggie, cancel my contract with the foundation.

I won't accept sponsorship from a tomb-raiding 'archaeologist'!

And you and Jack weren't raiding tombs in Dasar?

I've unearthed many treasures in my lifetime, but the best ones I found are you and Jack.

Don't you hate him?


Even if he has hurt me deeply.

So what do you want from me?

Stay with Jack.

Enlighten him.

He'll make you the world's greatest scientist.

Isn't that your life's dream?

The 36th year of the Emperor's reign.

Star fell on eastern province, turned to stone on Earth.

The meteorite was engraved with a curse on the Emperor.

So the Emperor tried to kill everyone around him... to keep the secret of the meteorite.

Look! General Nangong's returned!

Out of the way!

Report to the General at once!

How is my father?

How is His Majesty?


General Nangong has returned with important intelligence.

Well, how is His Majesty?

His Majesty's...

General, the Immortal Pill is ready.

On his way back with it, General Xu was ambushed by rebels.

Prepare the troops for departure.

Yes, sir.

-Fresh horses! -Yes, sir!

If word gets out, your whole clan will be executed!

Your servant wouldn't dare!

Please tell the Chancellor, I don't know anything. I'll never tell!

I... don't know anything.

Please assure the Chancellor...

Father had too many people around him.

I fear for our plans.

The concubines are ready to be entombed with him.

Your Majesty, the Immortal Pill is ready, but was taken in a rebel ambush.

Your servant begs leave to go retrieve it forthwith!

General Meng, your duty is His Majesty's safety. You should stay...

Action is most urgent!

I await His Majesty's decree.

His Majesty commands General Meng... to retrieve the pill!

As ordered!


His Majesty has few troops in his entourage.

If you go all out for the pill, and the rebels strike, I fear for His Majesty's safety.

In that case I'll only take the Light Cavalry.

I won't tell!

His Majesty still needs treatment!

Let me try once more!

General Meng Yi!

Farewell, Your Highness.

You must come back!

The Pill can save His Majesty's life, and therefore yours too.

Yi swears, my heart is yours forever.

I await your return.

Attention, soldiers of the Meng clan!

Those with aged parents are excused!

The only sons are excused!

Husbands and fathers are excused!

Those who are excused guard the camp! The rest of you, mount!


How many years have we shared our honor?

Why can we not live and die together now?

Nangong Yan swears to follow you even unto death!

We swear to follow the General!...

I have orders from the Chancellor to take the Pill.

Failure to hand it over is disobedience, Xu Gui!

I can only give the Pill to General Meng, but no one else.

The Chancellor bears His Majesty's word.

Obey or die!

Prepare to attack!

Prepare to attack!


Ready archers!




Zhao Kuang, His Majesty orders! Yield at once!

You dare fake an Imperial Decree?

General Meng?

Leave none alive!

General Zhao, General Meng comes with an Imperial Decree!

Why do you disobey?

Your disobedience in the field will be punished!


Soldiers at the back!

No one moves without my orders!


Xu Gui!

-General Meng! -Meng Jie?

The Chancellor wants you dead.

Behind my troops is the only way out.

General, there's no time! You go with Meng Jie.

I'll hold them off.


After them!

Out of the way!

Out of the way!

My bow!

Out of the way! Everyone out of the way!

Go! Hurry!


Black Wind!

Archers, ready!




Take the Pill and go!


The Pill must reach the Emperor!

Protect Concubine Li!

General! Farewell!


Black Wind, you have done your duty.


Sorry. You were right.

Those relics should be returned.

I made you something. I hope you like it.

Thank you.

I looked up the geographical data within 500 miles of Xian.

You once told me your dreams of waterfalls and tunnels.

I hope this will help.

How far is this waterfall from Mount Li?

About 200 kilometers.

Sensors indicate a huge cave behind the waterfall.

There were many rainstorms one year, and the cave never reappeared since.

Thank you. Good-bye.

Jack, there's a cave behind the waterfall. and a huge opening behind the cave.

That's right. A dozen years ago there was a drought.

The water dried up.

The cave behind the waterfall appeared, and a foolhardy villager climbed in.

Then it started to rain, water quickly concealed the entrance again.

The villager was never seen again.

What do you plan to do?

I’m going into the waterfall.


Get flushed in.

You crazy? That's very dangerous!

You don't even know if your dream is real!

Sure! I don't know if it's real or not, or who the person in the dream is to me.

But I can feel her love.

So you're saying, unless you unravel this dream, you'll never be at peace.

What a blessed place!

Wind, water, all the elements are in place.

Jack, only you could have brought me here.

William, do you copy?

Loud and clear, Jack. I can see you.

I'll contact you as soon as I'm in.

But if...

No ifs and buts.

I'll be waiting to hear from you.

I'll be in touch.

Don't worry.

Whether it's brain or brawn, he's your superior.

Jack what's happening?


Are you all right?

My ass hurts.

William, I see an opening... with man-made designs.

Like the sketches you drew?

I'll see if I can get inside.

Contact you later.

Get ready to begin.


Meng Yi.

Meng Yi... you've finally returned!

I am your Ok Soo. You've finally come!

Ok Soo...

It's really you?

You were really waiting for me!

Am I dreaming?

I promised I'd live for you! I've kept my word.

You kept yours too. You've really returned!


Jack, thank you!

Without you, this secret will stay buried for another eternity!

This place is exactly like Jack's dream!

I can't explain it scientifically.

There are many things in this world...

...that science can't explain.

This cavern stays warm the year round.

It's shunt off from the world but air flows freely.

They made massive constructions at Mount Li, but dug a 100-mile tunnel to build the mausoleum here.


A masterstroke of deception!

But where's the entrance to the mausoleum?

Your Highness! Beware!

Stop! General Nangong!

He's Meng Yi! General Meng!


He can't be General Meng!

No warrior is General Meng's match! How can he be him?

He really is General Meng! There's no mistake!

You really are the General?

Greetings to the General!

Sir, I have followed your order to protect Concubine Li pending your return.

Mr Koo...

Great work, Mr Koo!

You've discovered the secret of levitation.

Weightlessness carries grave dangers.

If we lose traction and float off, we'll be adrift forever, and turn into living fossils.

Hold on!

After I left you that day, I returned with the Pill.

His Majesty was barely alive, but Zhao Gao doubted the Pill's veracity.

He ordered me to personally test it.

Chancellor Li said... it was our honor to test the Pill for the Emperor, and forced me to take it too.

And so, those who wanted to live didn't, and those who wished to die can never do so.

General, what happened that day after I left?

That day, after I gave you the Pill...

Black Wind, you have done your duty.

Fighting by your side today has been Xu Gui's greatest honor in life.

I take my leave...




Surrender, General!

Surrender, General!

No, never...

I won't believe it.

If General Meng fell in battle...

then who are you?

I am...

Everything is as I expected.

Life after death...

...troops in an eternal vigil...

I've found you at last!

Who'd have thought, the Qin Emperor would use the meteorite to create a weightless world?

General, did you bring troops?


Wait for me here.


Who dares to intrude the mausoleum?

A Qin-dynasty man?


Jack! Are you all right?

William! You conned me from day one.

You've been working for him all along!


Jack, I told you before.

Greed is human nature, and desire for knowledge drives us.

I merely made use of William's greed, and your desire for knowledge.

And now my life's work is complete!

When you turned me in, I told myself, one day you'll make it up to me.

Jack, all I want is to take some stuff back for experiments.

My discoveries will benefit the world.

I'll become the greatest scientist of the century!

No one can take anything from here.

This is a part of history. It should stay buried forever!

Without you, I couldn't have solved this maze... in several lifetimes!


Scoundrel! How dare you defile the mausoleum?

The penalty is death!

Nangong Yan! Careful!

Don't shoot! I want him alive!

Take care of Ok Soo.

Where's the Immortality Pill?

Tell me.


General Nangong!

'When the dragon pearl moves, annihilation ensues'

Pull me in.

Quick, give me a hand.

General Nangong!

Concubine Li! Run!

Give me your hand! Quick!

Use your legs.

Right, your legs.

Pull me in.

A Qin-dynasty Deputy Imperial General!

Tell me!

Where's the Immortality Pill?

Where's the Qin Emperor's sarcophagus?

It must be in the Celestial Palace.

Take me there! Take me there!

Stay where you are!

Don't you dare try to steal anything... or take her away!

That depends on whether you can stop me.

Don't worry. I won't let anyone hurt you.

Jack! Help me! Jack!


Ok Soo, I'll take you away from here.

Let's go.



-William! -Help me!

Hang on to me!

I only do scientific research, I’m no tomb raider!

You must get out no matter what, and finish my research!


Jack, are we still friends?


You really aren't Meng Yi?

No, I'm not...

Whether I’m Meng Yi or not doesn't matter now.

What's important is that we leave here at once!

You're not Meng Yi.

I’m not leaving.

I'll await Meng Yi's return.

Ok Soo, hurry! There's no time!

No! He's not dead!

I'll wait for him!

Ok Soo!

Ok Soo!

At last! Immortality!

Six months later