The New World (2005) Script

Come, spirit.

Help us sing the story of our land.

You are our mother.

We, your field of corn.

We rise...

...from out of the soul of you.

Dear Mother:

You fill the land with your beauty.

You reach to the end of the world.

How shall I seek you?

Show me your face.

You, the great river...

...that never runs dry.

Let him go.

You said to hang him, sir.

Now remember, Smith.

You've come to these shores in chains.

You're under a cloud...

...which will darken considerably if I hear any more of your mutinous remarks.

Is that understood?

Captain Newport, sir. I found oysters.

They're as thick as my hands. They're the size of stones, sir.

And there's fish everywhere, flapping against your legs.

We're gonna live like kings. All these months at sea.

I'm weary of looking further.

This place will serve.

We have deep water to the shore, we can see up and down the river.

Our enemies will have no advantage of surprise.

Uh, bring the anchors and, uh, midsails to shore... case some homesick persons decide to slip away with them.

We must be careful not to offend the naturals.

If our crops fail, we shall be obliged to trade with them.

Once we're established here, we may go up the river...

...and seek a route to the other sea.


The savages often visit us kindly.

Timid, like a herd of curious deer.

Tonight we shall sleep aboard our ships. Everyone in full armor.

In the morning, we will chop down every tree...

...within half a mile of the moorage, and use the straightest limbs... erect a line of watchtowers and to build our fort.

When we have done that...

...we set our wheat and barley, put up houses and lay in firewood.

Slackers will be whipped at the sight of their transgression.

Sir. Yes, Emery.

When might we, uh, be going out to...

...poke about, sir?

We are not here to pillage and raid.

We are here to establish a colony.

How many lands behind me?

Gold will do you no good.

Not six months from now, when the snow has begun to fly.

How many seas?

What blows and dangers?

Fortune never my friend.

Five kegs is gone since we landed. Somebody stole them.

Rairs gotten to this, and worms here.

Brand him.

And here.

Cut off his ears.

Captured these two, sir, talking to the men.


Hey, you!

He stole me hatchet!

We've lost the favor of the naturals.

Had we not sighted land the day we did...

...I would have turned back.

We have eaten the majority of our stores.

Our best men are sick with fever.

The rest will soon breed mutiny.

We might as well be shipwrecked.


...the naturals tell me of a city up the river...

...and of a mighty king who lives there.

I propose we send an envoy to this king... see whether he can be persuaded to trade with us.

Meanwhile, I shall, uh, return to England for fresh supplies.

I'll not be back until spring.

Radcliffe here will be in command.

As to who will approach the savage king...

...I needrt tell you it will be a hazardous mission.

Captain Smith is the only professional soldier among us.

Smith, sir? What are...? What are his qualifications?

Those you lack.

I should very dearly like to know one thing.

What is to prevent this friend of the hangman...

...from making league with the naturals and turning upon us?

Only under the extremity of torture, I should like to assume.

Or indeed instructing them in the conduct of war and English strategies...

...if I may make so bold.

His right to the title of captaincy is dubious at best.

The lowborn son of a farmer...

...cannot be expected to behave with a gentlemars sense of propriety.

Perhaps you'd like to go, Wingfield.

Smith, you have an opportunity to repair your reputation.

I expect you to welcome it.

Who are you, whom I so faintly hear?

Who urge me ever on?

You have the makings of a leader, Smith.

Can one rely on you?

What voice is this that speaks within me?

Guides me towards the best?


Always the star was guiding me.


Drawing me on.

To the fabled land.

There life shall begin.

A world equal to our hopes.

A land where one might wash one's soul pure.

Rise to one's true stature.

We shall make a new start.

A fresh beginning.

Here the blessings of the earth are bestowed upon all.

None need grow poor.

Here there is good ground for all...

...and no cost but one's labor.

We shall build a true commonwealth.

Hard work and self-reliance our virtues.

We shall have no landlords to rack us with high rents...

...or extort the fruit of our labor.

No man shall stand above any other. We'll all live under the same law.

Captain, we haven't the draft to go any further.

Put in.

None shall eat up carelessly what his friends got won'thily...

...or steal away that which virtue has stored up.

Men shall not make each other their spoil.

Let's go back, sir. Gather a larger party.

We're lost.

There the naturals go! Let him go!

Tide's run out, captain.

Bottom's dragging on the mud, sir.

Keep your matchlock lit.

Fire a shot if you see anything.

The sun.

And the moon as well.

It shows you how the sun chases the night...

...continually around the world.

The sky? No.

From England, a land to the east.


There won't be any leaving till the spring.

The boats won't be back till then.

We have...

...articles that might interest you.


At the moment I was to die, she threw herself upon me.



Sky. Sky.

Sun. Sun.


Wind. Wind.




All the children of the king were beautiful, but she...

...the youngest, was so exceedingly so...

...that the sun himself, though he saw her often...

...was surprised whenever she came out into his presence.

Her father had a dozen wives, a hundred children...

...but she was his favorite.

She exceeded the rest not only in feature and proportion...

...but in wit and spirit too.

All loved her.


They are gentle, loving, faithful...

...lacking in all guile and trickery.

The words denoting lying, deceit, greed...

...envy, slander and forgiveness have never been heard.

They have no jealousy, no sense of possession.

Real, what I thought a dream.



I am not guarded.

They trust me as a brother.


Heat. Heat. Heat.

I, who was a pirate who lived to steal what I could.

I am a free man now.

All that they have is given me.

I don't know.

Saved a child from drowning.

Never had it struck me so forcefully before...

...that I have the power to grant life and health to others.


I was a dead man.

Now I live.

You, my light.

My America.


Shall we deny it when it visits us?

Shall we not take what we are given?

There is only this.

All else is unreal.


...where do you live?

In the sky?

The clouds?

The sea?

Give me a sign.

We rise.

Afraid of myself.

A god, he seems to me.

What else is life but being near you?

Do they suspect?

Oh, to be given to you... to me.

I will be faithful to you.


Two no more.


I am.

The king announced that I was free.

He was sending me back.

And on the understanding that when spring came...

...we were to go back to where we came from.

His chiefs had advised him to kill me.

I had gained a knowledge of their arms, their strong places.

But his daughter assured him I was a good man.

I should tell people that though the naturals lived in peace...

...they yet were strong and would not suffer their land to be taken away.

There was no sea beyond the mountains.

Only a land stretching away forever in great meadows.

A land which had no end.

Captain Smith.

You're back.

The savages will have to stop here, captain.

Where have you been? It's like seeing a ghost.

You look like you've come back from the dead.

Where's Captain Radcliffe? No word.

Shut your mouth! People say he went over to England.

Did you bring food? Starving.

I brought food. Someone got killed. Just fell over.

Four months of stealing and stealing.

Look at him. Bastard. Get up.

Gambling. They bowl while the houses fall down.

Look at the church. Sickness coming in from the marsh.

Who's taking care of you? No one.

It's all just dying and sickness and all that.

I saw a body in the mud. You're a liar.

I saw a leg in the bed. You are a liar.

Four people died last night. Why was the leg in the bed?

Thieves! Jackals! Lash their feet!

You're looking rather well, Smith. Been enjoying yourself, have you?

Been enjoying yourself mightily, I expect.

You were sent to relieve our situation...

...not to pleasure yourself. We here have suffered.

I'll ignore the stories which bring officials disrepute.

No speeches, Smith. Things are different now.

We can't allow cheek.

Allow cheek, and we shall have chaos. I wear the medal now.

I am president and you have been stripped of your captaincy.

Are you qualified to pass judgment on me?

That needrt concern us at the moment.

Pity you were not here at the time of your trial to defend yourself.

I presume you were too afraid, too guilty to return.

My trial? Yes.

You were indicted upon a chapter in Leviticus...

...and tried during the period of your desertion.

Our law is speedy here.

Been keeping all the good food for himself, Smith.

Giving us rotten corn.

You, sir, have no other eyes and ears...

...than those which grow on Smith's head here.

He does nothing but tend his own pot.

I have shared all. I have kept nothing for myself.

Nothing! His name is not even Wingfield.

It's Woodson. Woodson is the name.

Left England under a cloud of disgrace.

Seize them. Seize them!

Any man impeding the punishment of these rogues will be dealt with harshly.


There's no sense in waiting for a trial. This is mutiny.

I dispatch you herewith in the name of the king.

Dead as an herring. Serves him right.

I can ratify what Mr. Argall said.

I should be ashamed to let my servant keep company with such fellows.

You were a servant.

I ate a single chicken, and that when I were ill.

Small has eaten six, which he could not be troubled...

I say it's Captain Smith should lead us.


Tell her.

Tell her what?

I love you.

But I cannot love you.

It was a dream.

Now I am awake.

What do you want with him?

What should we do with him? Nothing.

He's mad.


It's yours.

You know...

Withdraw! March!

March! St. George! St. George!

March! St. George! St. George!

I let her love me.

I made her love me.

And what was your disagreement about?

He said today is the 15th of October. I said the 17th.

I must.

You were fighting about the day of the year?

Damnation is like this.

Didrt I tell you to dig a new well farther from the shore?

Why hasn't this been done?

Every man must stop what he's doing right now and start digging the well!

Those of you that can't carry the dirt in buckets...

...shall carry it with your own hands.

He that will not work shall not eat.

The labors of honest and industrious men...

...shall not be consumed to maintain the idleness of a few.

The country is to them a misery, a death...

...a hell.

Mind yourself, mate.

While they starve, they dig for gold.

There is no talk, no hope, no work but this.

If there's so much gold, why don't the naturals have any?

You're chasing a dream.

You see what men they've sent us. A headless multitude.

They will not sow corn for their own bellies.

They will rather eat their fish raw than fetch some wood to dress it.

Bad water.

Sturgeon gone.


They shall plant vineyards and drink the wine.

I will raise up the tent of David... Love good and hate evil.

...and close up the breaches of his tent.

Take away from me the noise of your music and your songs... I will not hear the melody. The Lord has given the command...

...and he will smash the large house into pieces...

...and the small house into bits!

Somebody should shoot Small there.

He hasn't got a ghost of a chance, and he'll contaminate us all.

He used Wortham's spoon, now Wortham's gone, my friend.

Have we gotta wait until all is dead?

Sir, Ackley's dead.

Somebody ate his hands.

Went out in the height of style, anyhow.

Such tranquility, you'd think he could speak.

I shall miss him. I think we all shall.

We're 38 now.

To go back up that river.

To love her in the wild.

What holds you here?

What are your intentions towards her?

Towards them?

There's nothing in the river. The river's empty.

We wanna go back to England. Please, can we?

Where's Captain Newport? There's nothing to eat.

Captain Newport will be back shortly.

Will he have food?

He'd better. When will we go back to England?

They're eating all the dead.

Do you believe in ghosts, captain?

People don't care about the Indians no more.

Don't put yourself in danger.

You don't have to do anything else...

...for us.

Why have you not come to me?

I know, my love.

Don't trust me.

You don't know who I am.


Thank you. God be with you.

God bless. May almighty God bless you.

May God be with you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you, kindly.

Who are you, whom I love?


Brass twitched her hand.

Where are you going? Crabs in a bucket.

Where you would not dare to follow.

Scuttling over each other.

Don't you think you should take more men? They can come if they choose.

I will see if we can trade with another tribe.

Sail. Sail on.

Be careful, sir.

What else is life but living there?

Steal her love.

She lay in peace...

...gazed at the sky.


Afraid of what I most desire.

Fool I was.

Cannot walk two paths at once. Leave her free.

Ride two horses. Can't deceive the good.

Cling to the good.

As long as you do, you have a claim in life.

She, unbound.

The source of all evil.

It excuses vulgarity.

Makes wrong right, base noble.

There's something I know when I'm with you...

...that I forget when I'm away.

Tell me, my love...

...did you wish for me to come back and live with you again?


Shut your eyes.

Is this the man I loved?

So long.

A ghost.


Where are you, my love?


What do I fear?

Can love lie?


We can't go into the forest.

Could I show you England?

Oh, it's too far.

If I can be with you...

...that is all.

That fort is not the world.

The river leads back there.

It leads onward too.


Into the wild.

Start over.

Exchange this false life for a true one.

Give up the name of Smith.

What are you doing here?

Beg your pardon, sir. You were gone longer than we expected.

Appears I've wandered off myself a bit.

Things go badly?

No ties.

Space enough at last.

Break free.

Can I lead them off some other way?

What about the soil, captain? Is it as good as we thought?

Not really. Always alone.

In fact, I've rarely seen such a pest hole.

Look about you, everything's swamp.

Water standing in lakes and pools so the ground gives way.

Let the dead bury the dead.

I suspect there's more puddles than dry land.

Each producing more mosquitoes in their slime...

...and each mosquito is hungry as a priest.

None but a savage could inabit the place.

But west of here...

...towards the mountains, or south, that is something else.

We could sail on. Come...

Seek a passage to the east. My love.

It flows.

Where? Life.

Are you true?

We, in your soul. Life.

Am I to see them?

My mouth is dry.

My body trembles.

My skin burns.

I have two minds.

Should I tell Father?

There is nothing but this.

What was I?

What am I now?

Oh, Mother.

What have I done?

Love is unbound by limits.

This love is like pain.

I am...

...I shall be...



Come away.

You must tell me why.

They can't hear. I've sent them away. He sees you mean to stay.

They're coming.

Make peace with him.

He won't accept peace.

Why would he?

Come away. And where would we live?

In the woods?

On a treetop?

A hole in the ground?

You have to come with me into the fort.

Your people will know you came here. They'll find out soon enough.

Go! On the double, gentlemen!

God save the king!

Port your pikes! God save the king!


And on the Swiss step, gentlemen, march!

St. George, St. George, St. George, St. George...

Prepare to stand! St. George, St. George...

Stand! St. George!

Musketeers, advance!


Hold the ground! Hold together, men!

You're like a herd of deer! What are you waiting for?

How can you own land? This earth was made for such...

...that shall improve it and knows how to live!

They have no sound, sir, but I couldn't...

Fire on him!

What are you waiting for? Fire on him!

You heathen bastards!

Please don't. Please. Please.

Seeds of sulfur!

Sons of fire! Devils in the mouth of hell!

Please don't, please don't, please don't.

Retreat! Fall back!


...turn not away thy face.

You desire not the death of a sinner.

I have gone away from you.

I have not harkened to your voice.

Let us not be brought to nothing.

Gather reinforcements! They're climbing up the wall!

The water is poison.

They put a dead dog in the well.

Can't go out to look for fish or game.

How long can we last?

Starvation does fearful things to a man.

I hate your hearts.

I'm not sure I should have the use of this hand again.

My value is the carcasses of unburied men.

Something you're not telling us. I got a right to know.

What was they shouting? Tired of your contempt.

What did you do to them?

You don't know where you are.

Something you're not telling us.

Like a wasp in a bottle.


To give light to them.

Deliver us from evil.

Not sit in darkness.

Deal not with us after our sins.

All thy people.

I have become, as it were, a monster unto many.

Cast me not away.

Make me a clean heart.

Tell him.

The princess is up the river at Pastancy.

They sent her to her Uncle Patowomeck...

...lord of the naked devils of that region...

...and, by the by, an acquaintance of mine.

So I get talking to his nibs, and he proposes to sell her.

He says with her at the fort, the emperor will not dare attack us.

He dotes on her. You're certain she's the one you saw?

With these eyes. I spoke to the king directly.

And what does this rogue propose to sell her for?

Well, I was getting to that. His most favorite thing is combs.

But in this case, he seems to have his heart set on a kettle.

You know, a copper kettle, like my mother had for making stew.

What use he means to make of the instrument I cannot say.


We don't take hostages.

King James would not approve.

You'd rather see us annihilated? She's done enough for us.

She risked the beating in of her own brains to save mine.

Come, Argall, threaten me!

Had she not fed us, you would have starved.

Then I'd know I was gonna live for 1000 years.

She's been the instrument to preserve this colony from disaster.

I'll not return her kindness by making her a captive.

She and her lot are on the verge of killing us all.

I expect there will be scarce a handful alive when the boats return, if they ever do.

You told us yourself that her father regards her as no one else.

Or do you have private reasons for this attitude of yours?

Return to your post.

The penalty for disobeying an order of the president is hanging.

You're breaking the laws.

This is mutiny.

Me breaking the laws.

I have information Smith here... planning to marry the wench and make himself king of Virginia.

You're no longer in command, Smitty.

I shall wear the medal now.

You've been derelict in your duties to the king.

You've betrayed these citizens of Jamestown.

I therefore pronounce you unwon'thy...

...of being a member of this colony.

You are no longer in command, Smitty!

Oh, oh, high and mighty, lord and ruler.

No! No!

We must have order, huh?

We can't have everyone running around... themselves airs and graces...

...because then... Then we would have chaos, huh?

Scream. Come near.

Getting the strokes. Come near me.

You say... You say, "Friend, friend, dear friend...

...I pray to the gods... You touch me now.

...for your good health for the rest of my life, I will. "

No man shows me disrespect.

In all things...

...may I stand by you.

Put him to hard labor.

Send him to the forest to hew fresh timbers for the walls.

Set him by the heels each night when he's done...

...that through the long watches he might reflect on his transgressions.

Put it down!

Look behind you!

Move back. Now you are the future, barking dog!

Oh, Mother...

...has he sent this ship for me?

Conscience is nuisance.

A fly.

A barking dog.

If you don't believe you have one...

...what trouble can it be to you?

Mother... are my strength...

...or I have none.

Throw us your forward line!

The president.

Yes, I neglected to tell you.

The captairs no longer occupying that post.

He will be able to explain the reasons better than I.

It's the princess.

This will be your house, my lady.

Reverend Whitaker, the one what lived here...

...well, he's... He's dead and gone now, so...

The ships returned, firing their cannons...

...causing the naturals to sue for peace.

They said they were going to fetch you.

I was against it.

I didn't wanna harm you.

There's disaster all around. We should have stopped before it was too late.

What is right?


Wrong? Who is this man?


...all is perfect.

Let me be lost.


You flow through me... a river.


Follow me.

Oh, Lord, thank you.


Very well.

Leave us alone.

You wish to bring charges against this man?

Are you sure?

Well, fine then, Argall, enough of your quarrels. Be off.

I have news for you.

The king wants you to return to England... prepare an expedition of your own.

To chart the northern coasts... see if you might find a passage to the Indies.

I remember when you had sight and ambition.

Shall you not press on?

Shall you be a discoverer of passages which you yourself refuse to explore...

...beyond the threshold, that is?

King has great hopes for you. Plans.

Um, she's to take care of you now.

My name's Mary.

And yours, I believe is... Oh, no...

...she says that's not her name anymore.

She hasn't got a name.

How unfortunate.

Well, we shall have to give you one.


Rub with the towel.

I will find joy in all I see.

Where am I going? Mother.

Fast. Just little steps.

So fast. I want my love.


To go to him.

The river. Living water.

To meet him.

Where does it come from?

Where is it going?

Why do they want gold?

Can't they make it?

We shall lose not only our lives... Do they eat it?

...and our land...

...but our eternal birthright.

Look beyond these gates.

Eden lies about us still.

We have escaped the Old World and its bondage.

Let us make a new beginning...

...and create a fresh example for humanity.

We are the pioneers of the world.

The advance guard sent on through the wilderness... break a new path.

And our youth is our strength, and our inexperience our wisdom.

God has given us...

...a promised land, a great ineritance.

Woe betide if ever we turn our back on him.

Let us prepare a land where a man may rise... his true stature.

A land of the future, a new kingdom of the spirit.

Remember what this country was...

Am I as you like?

His eyes.

You knew me as I was...

...long ago.

I have never truly been the man I seem to you to be.

What does he say?

Come, let's sit by the river.


I can't sleep till I see you again.

Look up.

You have no evil.

I belong to you.

He knows.

Where am I?

Wait two months...

...then tell her I am dead.


Like that.

He's left you, princess.

He told you a pack of lies.

Forget about him.

I, uh, have some terrible news.

Captain Smith is dead. He drowned in the crossing.

He loved you very much.


Where is your love now?

Where is our child?

You have gone away with my life.

Killed the god in me.

Does the sun see this?

On the bed of fate, we lie.

We can enter you.

Question you.

I mourn.

I grieve.

Take my hand, Father.


Cast out, cut off.

A dog.

Come, death.

Take me.

Set me free.

Let me be what I was.

When first I saw her, she was regarded as someone finished.

Broken, lost.

She seemed barely to notice the others about her.

Um, I would like to spend the afternoon with you.

How do I ask?

A nature like yours can turn trouble into good.

All this sorrow will give you strength...

...and point you on a higher way.

Think of a tree, how it grows around its wounds.

If a branch breaks off, it don't stop...

...but keeps reaching towards the light.

We must meet misfortune boldly, and not suffer it to frighten us.

We must act the play out...

...then live our troubles down, my lady.

April, May...

...and June, July, August.

What is a day? A day?

An hour?

An hour is 60 minutes.

Why does the earth have colors?

Many passions have I endured.

Daily, hourly.

Even in my sleep.

Awaking me to astonishment.

This love has become...

...such a labyrinth...

...that I no longer know... Were you sad... to wind myself out from it. lose your wife and daughter?

Name this person.


Rebecca, I baptize thee... the name of the Father and the Son...

...and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

She has accepted my invitation to work in the fields.

For Rebecca.

She'll be missed.

She understands the culture of tobacco.

She's a good lass.

The people were sorry at her going.

Hours pass.

She speaks not a word.

Who are you?

What do you dream of?

We're like grass.

Are you kind?

She weaves all things together.

I touched her long ago...

...without knowing her name.

All sings to her.

Suppose I asked you to marry me. What would you say?

Are you asking me?

Where would we live?


England, if you wish. Perhaps that would be best. We could...

Well, you could forget your life in this place.

Why do you shrink from me?

Wort you say yes?

If you like.

This isn't what I expected.


I'm sorry.

Why are you crying?

I suppose...

...I must be happy.

You do not love me now.

Someday you will.

You're not ignorant to the displeasure which God conceived...

...against the sons of Levi and Israel for marrying strange wives.


Would you do anything necessary to bring this about?


Would you write a petition...

...explaining as the wealthiest planter in Virginia...

The governor requires a letter... The benefit?

...stating acceptable reasons for our union.

Could you state your hope that this might begin the work of converting the naturals?

That this idea came to you in no way through any carnal affection...

...but for the good of the plantation. For the honor of your country.

And your own soul.

Humiliated. To save an unbelieving creature...

And yet he does not touch me.

If this be not your true intent...

...would you do that?


Then surely you do love her, Mr. Rolfe.


I require and charge you... you will answer on the dreadful Day of Judgment...

...when the secrets of all hearts are disclosed...

...that if you know any impediment...

...why you should not be lawfully joined together in matrimony... will confess it.


...why can I not feel as I should?


Once false...

...I must not be again.

Take out the thorn.

He is like a tree.

He shelters me.

I lie in his shade.

Can I ignore my heart?

What is from you...

...and what is not?

Great Sun, I offer you thanks.

You give life to the trees...

...and hills.

To the streams of water.

To all.


...your love... before my eyes.

Show me your way.

Teach me your path.

Give me a humble heart.

We've had some surprising news.

We've been invited to England... the king and queen.

There will be...

...a royal audience in your honor.

You're known to them all.

Gave him up to pirates when his ship was stopped.

Five years before he could get a commission.

Five years.

All them ships went off to Newfoundland.

Yes. Who would have guessed?

He poked around the north, then he went home.

Captain Smith.

Yeah, he could make you laugh.

Things are different now.

They've sent him back to London.

What a shame. They say he's done much for this place.

Captain Smith is alive?

You saw him?

I cannot do that.

Why not?

It would mean something I do not feel.

What's come over you?

I'm married... him.

He lives.

I heard it by the fort.

He's still alive.


You don't know the meaning of the word exactly.

But I am.

Sweet wife... made the bond.

Love can break it too.

There is that in her...

...I shall not know.

Stand aside, I say!

Homage sweetly pay Whilst towering in the azure sky They celebrate this happy day.

Let rolling streams their gladness show With gentle murmurs whilst they play And in their wild meanders flow Rejoicing in this blessed day.

Kind health descends on downy wings Angels conduct her on the way The New World's Princess New life brings And swells our joys upon this day.


...stay near me.

Sweet wife... you care for me still?

I cannot be to you what I am not.

She would never have married me had she known that he were alive.

She bound herself to me in ignorance, and I will not...

I will not let her be encumbered by a tie which she despises...

...and enter to her mischief.

I will do nothing against her will.

I think you still love the man...

...and that you will not be at peace until you see him.

In my vanity, I thought...

...I could make you love me...

...and one cannot do that, or should not.

You have walked...


...into a situation that you did not anticipate.

I will not rob you of your self-respect.

You are the man I thought you were.

And more.

Did I make a mistake in coming here?

I would have come before...

...except I've been away from the capital.

Perhaps I'm out of order speaking with you this way...

...but I've thought of you often.

So after I left, it went well for you.

I heard the king and queen received you.

Everybody says you were a great favorite.

They all speak of you. One hears them in the streets.

"Her Ladyship. " Who would have guessed it?

You knew...

...I had promise.

Didrt you? Yes.

Did you find your Indies, John?

You shall.

I may have sailed past them.

I thought it was a dream...

...what we knew in the forest.

It's the only truth.

It seems as if I were speaking to you for the first time.

Could we not go home?

As soon as possible.

My husband.




Mother... I know where you live.

Thirteenth of April, 1616.

Mother. Mother. Dear son:

I write this so that someday in the future... might understand a circumstance...

...which shall be but a far memory to you.

Your dear mother, Rebecca...

...fell ill in our outward passage... Gravesend.

She gently reminded me that all must die.

"'Tis enough," she said, "that you, our child, should live. "

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