The Newsroom S3E1 Script

Boston (2014)

Back up. Sure.

How many? Bridesmaids?

Yeah. Nine.

Nine bridesmaids?

My sisters, your sisters, Sheila, Sloan, Maggie, and Diane.

Who's Sheila? My brother's wife Sheila. You've met her.

And who's Diane? Sawyer.

And because you have nine bridesmaids...

You need nine groomsmen.

That's, like, a law?

The groomsmen have to walk the bridesmaids down the aisle.

Well, Charlie's my best man.

What if I have him just keep going back up the aisle and fetching bridesmaids?

Is there any chance Charlie is going to be sober when the ceremony starts?

I have news for you. Your sisters will have taken a couple of dips from the well, too.

Charlie, Don, Jim, Elliot, and who else?


There is no one else.

I've worked very hard at cultivating no friendships outside of work.

And to be honest, I was doing fine cultivating no friendships inside of work until you came along.

You need five more.

Nine bridesmaids is madness.

The amount of time it's going to take 18 people to walk down the aisle...

You're telling me Diane Sawyer's going to put on a dress with puffy shoulders?

The bridesmaids are wearing Vera Wang.

Can Vera Wang make that many dresses?

How about Brian Williams? You love Brian. You love Brian.

And if he's up there next to me, you're gonna start to think.

In fact, the whole idea of parading a bunch of well-dressed men in front of you right before you're asked the big question...

And don't get me wrong, but I've now seen you commit to three different shades of tile for the master bath before...

Did you see that? What?

What is it? Switcher.

Ben, what feed are you running on 44B in the bull pen?

That's a local Boston affiliate.

Somebody wanted to watch the marathon. What'd you see?

An explosion.

What just happened in Boston?

I've got multiple alerts, all red.

Blast at the finish line of the marathon.

Runners and spectators fleeing the scene.

The finish line's at the Lenox Hotel.

There might be a fire. Look at that runner.

Can we get some audio? The way he falls to the side.

That's an energy force. That's an explosion.

Break them into teams. Boston affiliate.

Boston PD. FBI. DOJ.

Homeland Security. Area hospitals.

Jennal -JENNA: On it!

And five and four and three and two and one.

Okay, take a breath and...

Okay, hot stuff, what you got?

Come on, focus.

Focus. You're bad.

You are bad. You're a bad fucking lady.

Give me 10 more.

No phone. Tune that out.

Love the pain. Eat the pain.

Counting six and five and four, and you stopped.

Good session.

Can you confirm that the explosions were caused by bombs and not a gas line?

Were there any credible threats made in advance of the race?

This is Martin Stallworth at ACN.

This is Tess Westin at ACN.

SWAT's on the scene along with K-9 units.

I want to get accurate information out quickly, Mike.

We're both doing a job and I'm at the only reliable breaking news network.

Except for that one time, yes.

I've got an image of the area around the finish line.

Throw it up on the front monitors.

Can you tell me if you've got terrorist groups...

Use the number in this. It's the White House.

Don't ask who's on the other end of the phone.

Just say it's for me.

Is anyone getting through to the trauma center or the ER at Mass General?

Nobody's picking up at Mass General, Brigham and Women's, Beth Israel.

That's not a good sign. When is she breaking in?

When she knows what she's breaking in with.

That's right, right? We're gonna do this thing well.

We are. Do you know what that means, doing it well?


She's holding for you.

Yeah? "2:52 P.M.

"I don't know what the fuck that was..." Hang on.

"But I'm shaking. Everyone's sprinting through the Back Bay.

"2:54, explosions on Boylston Street.

"2:54, mass casualty incident declared

"at the end of the Boston Marathon route."

I'm not putting Will on the air to say something bad may have happened in Boston, but we're not sure what.

This isn't speculative anymore.

We're not going based on tweets from witnesses we can't talk to.

What credible news agency would do that?

Fox is up. Ugh!


The president's been notified of the incident in Boston.

What is the incident in Boston?

They were hoping we knew.

What am I looking at?

That's Boylston Street. That's the finish line.

Over there's the Lenox Hotel. That's where the blast came from.

Inside the hotel? We don't know.

If I learn what happened by watching the news, I'm going to lose my fucking mind!

We're dramatically understaffed.

Where's Keefer? Don's got jury duty today.

Are you kidding? Get him out.

I'm a schoolteacher. I teach fourth grade.

Where? P.S. 40 here in Manhattan.

You ever bought anything over the phone?


From one of those commercials you see on TV?


What have you bought?

I bought something that removes scratches from your car.

Good. Anything else? No.

And did you have a good experience with that product?

Your Honor, may I approach the bench?

What? Why?

I really can't say in front of all.

If I could just... Approach. Hurry up.


My name is Don Keefer. I'm a producer at ACN.

There's been an explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and I have to get back to my newsroom.

Was anyone injured? I don't know.

Was it a terrorist attack? I don't know.

Do they have a suspect? These are all things I'd like the answer to, but I can't find them out from here.

Mr... Keefer.

All these people have some place else to be.

I'm sure your network can do the news without you.

You're probably right, but I'd hate for my boss to find that out.

Take your seat.

Uh, look, you don't want leaders on the jury, right?

Anyone who can take charge during deliberations.

I run a news broadcast five nights a week with a staff of 60, and I bend them to my will.

Plus, I'm currently the defendant in two lawsuits being brought by the same person, so even though I bought your client's bagel slicer at 3:00 A.M. and it nearly took my fingers off, there is simply no way in hell that I am finding for the plaintiff.

Get out of here. Thank you.

Hey. You got dismissed from jury duty?

Sort of. What are you doing?

They finally got one for me. A Bloomberg terminal.

This is a $24,000 system that gives me instantaneous access to all the financial information in the world.

Do you know what's going on outside your door?

It's not on there.

When are we breaking in? When Mac says so.

Neal. Yeah?

I'm tracking 2,221 tweets describing two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

What exactly are we waiting for?

Are any of them from official sources?

Do you guys understand the explosion occurred in the 21st century?

Welcome to ACN.

By the way, there's a message that came in for you personally over the secure site.

Someone wants your encryption key.

Ah, it's just a conspiracy sleuth eating cat food. Put it aside.

But if it was a bomb, obviously that escalates...

There have been a lot of questions about how many you've been able to treat.

We haven't... Some who initially were unidentified.

The Supreme Court hears a patent case involving companies that are patenting human genes.

No, no, guys. Take your time.

To debate gun control.

And on the lighter side of things...

We have to ask ourselves if we're being gun-shy because of Genoa.

I don't see anything wrong with being gun-shy because of Genoa.

I do. When Reagan was shot in '81, the three networks went live.

"Reagan was shot." "No, he wasn't." "Yes, he was."

"James Brady is dead." "No, he's not." It was mayhem.

We're not first, so we might as well be last and know something.

I agree. What about you?

It's more than getting our facts straight.

It's more than getting our facts straight or having facts.

Facts are important. Facts are important, obviously.

But, look, Mrs. Lansing told us to get the trust of the audience back, and here it is, an unwelcome opportunity to be sure.

Will, there's not really... Here's what I'm trying to say.

These situations can be like church.

They can be... They can show us what... They can guide us in...

This isn't going to be a reality show.

We don't do good TV. We do the news.

I said that. I know, and you were 100...

Americans are serious people and we can reflect that back to them in the worst of times.

Exalting their dignity by showing a little of it ourselves.

By showing a lot of it. Will, they've got to keep...

Don't reach for common ground. Reach for higher ground.

Am I saying this right?

He's saying we're the grown-ups. Get back to work.

I think I blew that speech. They got some of it.

Nothing official yet?

We know the Supreme Court heard a case about patenting genes.

Pants? Genes!

Human genes! Take it easy.

I want to go to Boston. It's my hometown.

I want to be on the ground. Take a producer.

Amy's on vacation. Leon's in Prague.

Mac, Maggie can do it. She can do it.

She knows Boston. She's cultivated sources. She can do this now.

I don't make those calls, but she gives me anything less than I want and she's fired.

I'll make that call 'cause I don't think she's cut out for this anymore.

She is.

Maggie. Yeah?

Do you have a go-bag? What?

A go-bag. I have a gym bag.


Confirmed, Boston PD and the FBI. Two devices detonated...

Herb, Jake, Joey, hijack the control room.

Critical injuries. Affiliates at the scene. Let's go.

Where they established a strategy for this January's bitterly contested budget, after which President Obama and Senate Republicans agreed to a tax increase on 77% of Americans.

So much for the president's promise not to raise...

Herb, let's get Boston up. Give her Boston on previews A and B.

Graphics on C. DC control, this is New York.

We're making the handoff. Herb's got the con.

This is Mac in New York. Stay with me.

Two explosive devices have detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

We go now to Juan Gomez with our Boston affiliate WBAS TV, who's standing by live at the scene.

Tap your pen for me if you copy.

Josie, I have to cut you off.

We're getting some breaking news out of Boston.

Go, G1. Stand by, Boston.

Two explosive devices have detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

And we want to take you now to our Boston affiliate.

WBAS and Juan Gomez, who's at the scene.

Juan. Good job.

That was good back there.

Why wasn't I able to put my finger on what we're talking about, you and me?

You want to know why? Yeah.

Because it's obvious. Where the hell have you been?

Shirking my civic responsibilities as fast as I could.

If it was a suicide bomber, there'd be a body.

So whoever did it is walking the streets of Boston right now and there's gonna be a manhunt like we haven't seen since Dallas in '63.

This is gonna go on for a while.

Elliot's on his way to Boston, Terry's on maternity leave, and we'll be a couple of anchors short.

We'll take long shifts and double up.

Clear. Good luck.

The explosions were 12 seconds apart and right now we've got 14 confirmed injuries, but that number is obviously not gonna hold.

Critical? We're hearing about amputations.

Thank you. It was a good speech before.

Was it? 'Cause I didn't think it was nearly specific...

Stand by, he's coming to you.

And first responders treating people on the scene.

Juan, this is Will McAvoy in New York.

What is clearly a terrorist attack at a sporting event followed around the world.

Anthony Tagliano, our law enforcement analyst, is standing by.

Anthony, is there anything you're able to read from...

Welcome back to our breaking news coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings.

A White House official tells us the president received a briefing...

A trauma nurse at the scene just told us the medical tent is dealing with everything from severed limbs to severe burns.

The victims are being taken away by ambulances as they arrive at the scene.

The finish line is located in the middle of four of the best hospitals in New England.

Press conference just a few moments ago.

Police Commissioner Ed Davis has confirmed two deaths...

S-U-Z-1. Copy.

Suzi Ochi. Okay, we've got Suzi Ochi, an eyewitness who was finishing the race when the explosions occurred.

Suzi, can you hear me?

Maggie Jordan. Elliot Hirsch.

I'm Eddie. I'm your cameraman and driver.

Uh, you want to go to your hotel and get checked in?

We want to go to Boylston.

I'd literally Just crossed the finish line, took three steps, heard a loud explosion, turned around and there was a cloud of smoke that appeared to be...

Will, we've got another confirmed casualty.

Male, eight years old.

You hear tons of applause.

For a second I thought that the bomb might even be thunder.

Slow but steady recreational runners...

Bombs need detonators like a garage door opener or something.

How far away can a person be from the device?

We've heard from authorities that they believe these to be improvised devices.

What kind of detonator would that need and does the person have to be present?

No, it can be a timed device and you can also be miles away and set it off by calling a cell phone.

Sloan, truthfully, it's not hard to blow something up.


Thanks again to FBI profiler Frank Harris.

To recap...

Okay, sir, thank you. Thank you for your time.

That was a nurse.

Surgeons are pulling ball bearings out of patients in two different operating rooms right now.

Did he say... They're coming to you.

Thirty one.

Sloan, I'm outside Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital where officials are telling us they're currently treating 31 patients for injuries that range from cuts and lacerations to amputations.

This is good, Maggie. Yeah.

Removing ball bearings from a patient's leg.

Are the hospitals equipped to handle the number of serious injuries?

The World Trade Center, of course, involved both thousands of people and iconic buildings.

Right, Will, and here it wasn't an iconic building that was the target.

How are you doing?

She got a ton of stuff first.

It's just that Mac wasn't willing to go... I know.

Social media is going to solve this crime.

Crowdsourcing law enforcement.

That went off without a hitch in Salem.

Go home and sleep a few hours and then come back and relieve Neal.

I've got to post a column.

Do it from home. We're gonna need fresh legs.

What about you? I'll stay a couple more hours.


I'll see you later.

Wait, what was the thing from this afternoon?

The guy who wanted my encryption key.

I put it in your desktop under "cat food."

See you in a little bit.

As of yet, no individuals or groups have claimed responsibility.

She didn't seem surprised, but she did suspect it was an indication that this wasn't an organized terror cell.

Did your source indicate what she believes might have motivated the bombing?

At this time she can only speculate.

The Boston Police Department is questioning local people in connection with the bombings, but they have no one in custody.

The FBI is stepping in to take over investigations, and we're being told that they've stopped all transportation into and out of the city and are combing through airport records, a very daunting task...

Among the three dead is an eight-year-old boy whom The Boston Globe has identified this morning as Martin Richard of Dorchester, Massachusetts.

We understand friends and family will gather tonight...

You've got to like that. What's that?

Oh, God, no, I didn't mean the boy.

I meant that the hotel TV is tuned to ACN.

They change it over from CNBC when I eat breakfast here.

If Maria Bartiromo walks in, they'll find the remote in a hurry.

Listen, I'm gonna need to get back...

Hang on. You've got a tag.

Thank you. Someone didn't sleep at home last night.

I slept at my friend's and needed a fresh... Yeah.

April 10. Yeah.

A lot of investors got caught out when the Dow and S&P popped, and I'm hearing a number of hedge funds were short the big indexes.

Who do you think won? Our clients.

Okay. Let me get that.

No. Come on, you got it last time.

I'm not allowed to let Goldman Sachs buy me breakfast.

You had an English muffin.

Hey, you know Billy Posener? The head media guy at Merrill?

Wife and two kids and he was caught having an affair with his 24-year-old assistant, whom he hired personally after two years of, I'm not joking, circus school didn't work out.

So he's gonna get fired and Merrill's whole media department's gonna be without a rudder for a while.

Or acrobats, probably. Thank you.

Thank you, Ms. Sabbith.

In a news conference that ended just minutes ago behind me at the state house, Governor Deval Patrick has stated that only two devices were found.

None of the other evidence collected at the scene indicates that any other unexploded devices will be found.

The governor has also said...

Yeah, it's my office. I'm just here.

You all right? I'm hiding from the twins.

Who are the twins?

I'd guess you'd have to say my brother and sister.

Until this moment, I didn't know you had siblings.

How's that possible?

Half-brother, half-sister.

My father's kids from his second wife.

Randy and Blair. Which one's which?

Doesn't really matter. What do they do?

They go to parties. They go to clubs. They order bottle service.

They do a lot of philanthropic work as long as it's a party at a club with bottle service.

They're like the brothers from A Night at the Roxbury if one of them was a woman and the other one was dumber.

They're up from South Beach for one of several

25th birthday parties they're throwing for themselves.

I take it your dad left them some money.

You work for them. They're stockholders?

They will be when they turn 25.

I'm supposed to be giving them a tour of the building right now, but I just know they're gonna pass by a monitor with coverage from Boston and one of them's gonna say, "Oh, God, I just can't watch that.

"It makes me too depressed.” And I'm gonna put their heads in a wall.

So I'm hiding in here.

Why here?

This is embargoed until it crosses the tape.

We're gonna miss our earnings projections by a little.

By a little?

Did the Titanic miss New York Harbor by a little?

Feel free to pile on.

You guys reaffirmed your guidance for the quarter a month ago. I know.

How could you do that if you knew the numbers were gonna be bad?

Qantas and Lufthansa decided they wanted to use Rolls-Royce engines in their...

How did they keep that a secret? I don't know.

The message I want to get out is that this is a one-time thing and it's not gonna impact our full-year guidance.

We're on track to meet our final numbers.

This is just a bump in the road.

You know I can't carry your water. I'm not asking you to.

I'm just asking you to look at the big picture and take it easy on us.

The big picture is we're gonna be down three to five points by the end of the week.

Three to five?

All right, it was fun talking to you.

I know everyone on this floor thinks I'm an asshole, but I run a good company.

And that's all I've ever wanted to do.

Run a good company that makes good products.

And we may have a political difference on this, but I take a lot of pride in being a job creator.


You really want to argue the indisputable fact that I cut paychecks to 141,000 people?

Our difference of opinion isn't political, it's religious.

I'm an economist, and in my church, it's your customers who are the job creators.

And no one here thinks you're an asshole.

Really? I do.

Way to be up fourth with Boston.

I swear to God, my Aunt Isadora, who is in a nursing home and blind, called me with the news before it was on our air.

If Mac allowed us to use Aunt Isadora as a source...

What was that about? It's embargoed.

Mmm. How was breakfast?

I left the tag on the clothes I wore out of Brooks Brothers this morning.

We're not good at this.

And she tried to give me a message in a bottle.

What was it?

Merrill's media buyer is gonna lose his job because he's been having an affair with his 24-year-old assistant, who used to be a circus performer.


That was an involuntary response you'd get from any man if he pictured a circus girl.

Pictured her doing what?

Why would she want you to know this?

My guess is Goldman and Merrill are competing to do a deal and she'd like me to weaken the competition for her.

The puzzle is, who's buying who? And I like puzzles.

No, you don't. I love puzzles.

You literally talk back to The New York Times crossword. You yell at it.

Can I tell you something about The New York Times crossword?

Very often they put the wrong number of boxes in to house the correct word.

Yeanh. But this one I'm gonna solve

'cause I have my Bloomberg terminal.

Tell me again what you get for $24,000 that I don't get for 1,5007?

You wouldn't understand. Really?

You know how there are tall women who don't mind dating shorter guys?

I don't mind that you're dumb. And, Don, I mean that.

Thank you.

Can you tag Will out for a while? He's got to eat something.

Jim will catch you up on where we are right now.

Where are we? Exactly where we were 12 hours ago.

I'm gonna give us a soft B-plus for the first day.

Jenna! I thought it was a solid B-plus.

I'll tell you where we lost points. Yes?

I'm almost certain I asked for French toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon with a side order of bacon and a Dr Pepper.

You did. What do we have here?

Greek yogurt, a gluten-free muffin, two hard-boiled eggs, one-third of a banana, and green tea.

You're taking instructions from her, aren't you?

I've always been taking instructions from her.

And you are looking at nothing out the window.

Listen up. I'm from Nebraska.

I'm not like the rest of you. I can eat food without fear.

Why did Greek yogurt suddenly become... Never mind.

Did we overuse the B-roll yesterday?

I didn't think so. Did you?

Just keep an eye on the smoke and people running.

Why soft? Ryan Guidry on the DC desk signed off with an affiliate stringer by telling him to stay safe.

God damn it. He's not in the Sudan! He's in Beacon Hill!

I agree that it's infuriating.

I don't care if there's a shoulder-mounted, rocket-propelled grenade launcher pointed at his face.

I don't want anyone telling anyone to stay safe.

Do we have to point out how transparent... I will take him off the air just long enough to pummel him with a snow shovel.

Who are in peril, so don't touch that dial... head goes back on TV... because suddenly you might, you know, blow up. Will be, "Stay safe."

You guys about done? Yeah.

Good. You're both idiots. Rundown meeting.

All in all, I think we're doing well.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what doing well means.

You know what it means. Let's go.

Jim. The source won't go on record yet, but from everything she's seen, she's sure it was a pressure cooker bomb.

If she's sure, why isn't she going on the record?

And the FBI has a picture of someone taking video at the finish line at the time of the explosion, so they're trying to identify that person.

Got it. Gary? Vigils are planned tonight at Harvard Memorial Church in Cambridge, Parkman Bandstand in Boston Common, and for the little boy at Garvey Park in Dorchester.

No, I repeat, no interviews with children.

What's the desk schedule?

1:00 and then DC takes a three-hour block.

Neal, tell us what's going on with the nocturnal nut brigade.

Somebody's trying to give me classified government documents.

Somebody asked for my encryption key.

That's not uncommon, is it?

No, but then they asked for a higher level of encryption.

Less common, but not unprecedented.

We use a site, CryptoHeaven, which is for... Nerds.

Yeah, and he told me to get an air-gapped computer.

It's a computer that's... Never been connected to the Internet.

There's literally a gap of air between the computer and the rest of the world.

It's what I imagine the afterlife is like if you've been good.

Once I do that, he's gonna give me a flash drive.

How's he gonna get it to you?

I know you guys think I live in a world of crackpots, and I'll grant you there's a troubling normal-to-crackpot ratio on my end of the field...

How's he gonna get you the flash drive, Neal?

He's gonna tape it inside the tank of a toilet in a restaurant men's room.


I think he's real. Why?

He's paranoid.

Well, why didn't you say so?

I was skeptical before, but now that I know your source has a mental illness...

Anything else? Good.


Go buy an air-gapped computer.

Thank you.

The homemade bombs are considered improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

It's created by inserting materials, nails, ball bearings, glass, into a pressure cooker.

Just to be clear... You're coming to the top of the hour.

Let's hand off to John in DC.

It's what you would buy at a Crate & Barrel.

And the fragmentation of the pressure cooker itself creates lethal shrapnel when ignited using a simple electronic device like a digital watch.

You know what, sir? I'm sorry, I'd rather not give out the recipe.

Unfortunately, the recipe and the ingredients are readily available.

Nabil Chatila, FBI counterterrorism expert.

Split 'em. It's 4:00 in the East when you'd normally be seeing "Market Wrap-up" with me, but we'll send it to Washington and John Bingham for more continuing coverage of the tragedy in Boston.

And I'll let you know how the markets reacted later tonight. John?

You're out. Thanks, Sloan.

I spoke to a source at B of A, and he couldn't tell me much, but he did say the private equity's from out of town.

Great. Good lead. Good work.

You don't know what I'm talking about, right?

No. My puzzle.

Somebody's buying somebody.

So I made a list of the out-of-town heavy hitters.

Gary! TGP Capital, Oaktree, Lone Star Funds, Golden State, Silver Lake, Sequoia.

Yeah? I have a list of 24 private equity firms and I'd like to find out if anyone has checked into a hotel in the last 72 hours.

There are 106,000 hotel rooms in New York.

No, they'll be staying at a high-end hotel.

The Four Seasons, The Carlyle, the Regency, Ritz-Carlton, Mark, Mercer, Soho Grand, Gramercy, Peninsula...

Yeah, I'm a little busy with Boston.

I meant, you know how after a 16 or 18-hour shift, you like to unwind with a little work?

The tail numbers. What's that?

They came on a private jet, right? Probably.

They either landed at Teterboro or White Plains.

Follow the tail numbers.

Decent tip. Mmm-hmm.

With CNN's John King reporting a few minutes ago that an arrest has been made.

We have no confirmation of this, but again, CNN's John King is reporting...

John King's reporting an arrest's been made.

Do we have a second confirmation?

Nobody has a second confirmation.

This man doesn't make a lot of mistakes.

There are more reporters in the city right now than Celtics fans.

I don't see how they could have made an arrest without anybody noticing.

Get a second source.

Find out where he's getting this, 'cause somebody's talking to him who isn't talking to us.

Okay, thank you.

Savannah Capital.

Yeah, you're supposed to be sleeping right now.

I will, but Savannah Capital's in town.

You want me to put a reporter on this?

I am a reporter. An investigative reporter.

I don't want to take someone off something important.

I can do this. I get information all the time.

You get information people want you to have.

I'm gonna call my good friend Lionel Barkley, CEO of Savannah Capital.

And he's not gonna tell you anything, right?

I wouldn't think so. You don't want the CEO.

You want a low-level guy who wants to impress you by demonstrating he's in the loop.

I don't know low-level people. You teach.

Isn't it possible one of your bloodless business students...

Is a low-level analyst at Savannah? Yes, sir.

Jacob Geitfreund.

Sent me an email a few months ago.

He'd been promoted from the mail room.

The result of a proper education.

The $24,000 computer doesn't hold phone numbers?

Savannah Capital.

Jacob Geitfreund, please. Transferring.

Very good student, but he likes puns too much.

Well, praise his blog. How do you know he has a blog?

My phone can Google things. I don't like puns.

That wasn't a pun. I'm saying in general.

Jacob Geitfreund's office.

Hi, this is Sloan Sabbith calling for Jacob.

Just a moment, please. I'll see if he's in.

Sometimes puns can be punny.

What'd I just say? Professor Sabbith?

Jacob, you don't have to call me professor anymore. It's Sloan.

Got it. I love your blog.

Well, thank you. Thank you very much.

I didn't know you read it. God, everybody does.

I was thinking about doing a 30 under 30 package for top analysts and you'd be perfect for that.

Wow, that sounds great. I've love to, yeah.

Is that why you're calling? Not this time.

Right now I'm calling because your firm is doing a media deal in town and I wanted to see if I could get you on deep background.

Hey, you're the one who told us in class that one of the perks of teaching is that you can cultivate young, unwitting sources.

And that's you. Yeah, I know the deal you're talking about.

I can't talk about it. You know, Sloan...

Yeah? Are you seeing anyone?

Nope. Well, I can tell you it's a big deal.

You're going to be interested.

How big? Well, I guess it's all relative.

Hang on a second. He's using puns. He's talking about sex right now.

That wasn't a pun. It was a double enten... Thanks for holding.

You mean the size of the deal is relative?


Look, if you want to get together privately and talk about the 30 under 30 segment you mentioned...

What's going on down there? Excuse me?

I'm gonna call you back.

Not able to get any more details at the moment, but CNN is now retracting its earlier report that an arrest had been made in Boston.

What happened? CNN had to retract.

No arrest has been made.

Once again, our own John King...



What are you doing?

Worst moment in this guy's life and you're cheering?

Why? “Why?

Because you think if someone gets in line in back of you, it means the line moved?

We still blew Genoa. The line didn't move.

And if there's anyone in the world... That's right.

Who should be able to empathize with CNN right now, you would think...

Wouldn't you? That it would be the people in this room.

Empathy. He got knocked down.

You didn't get taller.

Sorry, Charlie. Sorry.

Dodged a fucking bullet there. No kidding.

The MSG is where the flavor comes from.

The Chinese are a people who have been around for billions of years.

No people have been around for billions of years.

Okay, well, some of us have read a book called the Bible, which is pretty clear about the Chinese and MSG.

Listen, I will live a life of flavorless food if that's what it takes to be married to you, but couldn't you give me a different test?

General knowledge or air hockey?

As soon as the life insurance policy vests.

Hard B-plus for the third day.

I think we're getting our juju back.

What do you think? You ever read Euripides?

Yeah. I read it when I was in...

No, fuck you. I haven't read Euripides.

In the first act of the story, you chase the heroes up a tree.

In the second act, you throw rocks at them.

And in the third act, they get themselves down.

I think we're getting ourselves down from the tree.

It's Maggie. Put her on speaker.

Hey, Maggie. You've got Will here, too.

Listen, I'm at the precinct.

I thought you were staking out City Hall.

That's where everybody else is.

'Cause that's where the news is gonna be coming from.

Then I won't have any trouble hearing about it.

I've been talking with a desk sergeant, a woman in her early 30s.

She was crying a little and we got to talking and I think I know what happened to John King.

That's not really the story we're chasing.

Yeah, but I just thought you should know in an entirely unrelated incident, the Boston PD was disseminating disinformation to a handful of detectives to try to find a leak.

King's source was one of them.

Why was the desk sergeant crying?

Her detective husband had just been suspended pending an investigation into a leak.

You have a second source? I don't even have a first source.

She wouldn't confirm it, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Prove it and we'll help a brother out.

But I don't like when the media covers the media.

Yeah. See?

Act one, John King gets chased up a tree.

Act two, everyone throws rocks at him.

I completely understood the story the first time.

The Boston Police Department and the US Department of Justice would like you to know that this headline is incorrect and that the two men pictured here are not suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

And I'll bet the two men pictured here would really like you to know that they're not suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Yes, sir? I'd just like to use your restroom.

The restroom is for our customers.

Can I get some takeout?

Sure, what would you like?

What's the least expensive thing you have on the menu?

Go use the restroom. Thank you.

Welcome back to our continued coverage of the Boston Marathon manhunt.

ACN reporter Elliot Hirsch is in Watertown. Elliot?

Will over the last few hours, a series of dramatic events have unfolded on the streets of suburban Boston.

As of this moment, one police officer at MIT is dead as is one of the two bombing suspects, who was killed in a car chase and a shoot-out with law enforcement.

The other suspect remains at large.

Police units searched door-to-door over a 20-block area here in Watertown.

The entire city of Boston is on lockdown as the manhunt continues.

Do we know the circumstances surrounding the MIT officer's death?

Was there a motive?

The shooting is still under active investigation, but we know he was shot during a confrontation with the two suspects.

Campus surveillance footage is currently being reviewed as we speak.

What details can you tell us about the lockdown in effect?

The Boston Police Department is asking residents to stay inside and not to answer their doors unless instructed by a uniformed police officer.

Public transportation has been suspended and authorities have told people at closed stops and stations to go home.

No vehicle traffic is allowed in Watertown and a no-fly zone is in place over the city.

How many people has this affected?

About 32,000 Watertown residents and business owners.

Sunil Tripathi was a student at Brown.

He was reported missing about a month ago.

His family set up a Facebook page for anyone who might have information about where he is.

Now, yesterday at 5:00 P.M. in response to Thursday's Post front page misidentifying two innocent people as enemies of the state, the FBI issued these photos of the actual suspects.

Now, here's what happened next.

Within minutes, users on Reddit...

All got together and decided that the best thing to do was to step back and let the professionals do their jobs.

They began comparing the FBI photo of one of the suspects to Sunil Tripathi.

By 10:00 P.M, it had become a leading theory on Reddit that Tripathi was suspect number two.

At 2:43 this morning, a man named Greg Hughes tweeted that the Boston Police scanner had identified the names of the suspects as Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi.

Earlier in the night, Greg Hughes had tweeted, "In 2013, all you need is a connection to the Boston Police scanner

"and a Twitter feed to know what's up.

"We don't even need TV anymore."

Now he tells me. I just bought a new plasma.

How big? 28 inches, baby. The whole ride.

Seven minutes after the Greg Hughes tweet, Kevin Galliford, a cameraman for Hartford's CBS affiliate, picks up on the Hughes tweet and he relays the same information to his followers.

Moments after that, a reporter at BuzzFeed sends a tweet out to his 81,000 followers.

A reporter at BuzzFeed has 81,000 followers?

How many do you have? One. Him.

She's funny. I like her jokes.

I follow you. I'm not on Twitter.

Really? Really.

I wonder who I've been following. Guys, please.

The BuzzFeed tweet says, "Wow, Reddit was right.

"Suspect identified as Sunil Tripathi."

Two questions, do we know who Greg Hughes is?

He's a guy on Reddit.

Second question is that by this point, at 2:43 this morning, has anyone at our network checked on Sunil Tripathi?

Of course we have. And?

Five senior officials with the FBI, three with the Justice Department, including one from the Attorney General's office, another five from the Boston PD, all of them willing to be identified on the record, all of them categorically denying that Sunil Tripathi is a suspect.

Also the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Uh-huh. When you put their certainty up against Greg Hughes' certainty, I don't know who the hell to believe.

2:57 A.M., 14 minutes after the first tweet, an NBC News correspondent tweets the Sunil Tripathi theory to his 180,000 followers.


At least it's been downgraded to a theory.

A half hour later, Perez Hilton sends it out.

I don't even want to know. Six million.

The Internet celebrates that Reddit has solved the bombing.

John King is a stooge. Uh, The Post is irresponsible.

And the FBI is inept.

Is that it? No.

Between 3:00 A.M. and 4:15 A.M., Tripathi's sister receives 58 calls on her cell.

Maggie's listened to them. Really?

About half the messages are reporters calling for a comment on her missing brother being named a suspect in the bombing.

The other half are death threats, and of those, close to two-thirds include rape.

Death threats also start to fill the Facebook page the Tripathis had set up to find... Jenna!

I agree. That's why we're telling you this.

Now they've taken down the page which Reddit users saw as evidence of guilt instead of... Get me on the air.

I need a suit. It's being cleaned and pressed.

There's a whole room full of suits. I can wear any one of them.

You're 9 feet tall. You can't wear any one of them.

I think she's starting to get the hang of this place.

Saw as evidence of guilt instead of the hundreds of threats of public lynchings, beheadings, and bullets to the head of family members as well as the anti-Muslim messages.

Out of curiosity... Are the Tripathis Muslim?

Yeah. No.

Well done, faceless mob.

Let's go.

Was killed early this morning while the second one remains at large.

Again, the FBI has announced that the suspects are the brothers Tamerlan and Jahar Tsarnaeuv.

Because we prefer not to make celebrities out of these men, we'll be referring to them on ACN as the suspects.

But right now we want you to know that no one is a suspect but Tamerlan and Jahar Tsarnaev.

You're up in six minutes.

Thanks for the food. Sure.

This is great chicken salad.

There's some cookies in the bag, too.

They have walnuts. I'm allergic.

The chicken salad has walnuts.

What are you talking about?

The chicken salad you're eating right now has walnuts in it.

These things are walnuts? What did you think they were?

I don't... I wasn't thinking what...

When did walnuts start going into chicken salad?

Are you gonna be okay? No.

Here's what's gonna happen.

In about a minute, my tongue is going to swell up like a bassoon.

A bassoon? A bassoon.

A bassoon. A balloon.

All right, uh, we have to pull the story.

No, it's a good thory. Not anymore, Elliot.

Do you need an EpiPen or a hospital?

You do it. You do the thory.

You have the faths. The facts?


Look at me. I can't go on camera.

What, Marie-Antoinette's clothes? Leth's go.

Leth's go. Okay, calm down.


Makeup, passport.

What emergency does she need these for?

Breaking news at the Met Gala?

I'm calling the thudio.

I think you should let me do that. Hmm?

Give me the phone. Yeah, you got it.

All right, coming to you in 30.

307? 30.

I can't tell... 30! No S's.

No S's in 30. 30.

Well, not anymore.


Uh, yeah, Jim. I can hear you.

This is Jim. Can you hear me?

Yeah, I can. Can you not hear me?

Yes, yeah. You were one question ahead. Here's Mac.

If you get a stain on the dress, club soda and salt, but it has to be right away and you have to tell the dry cleaner that under no circumstance...

You know what? Let's do this after.

You think? Stand by.

Intro and then take us to Boston.

Contact authorities immediately.

FBI spokesperson Angela Brand, thank you.

Earlier today, ACN producer Maggie Jordan was able to track down a former wrestling teammate of the second suspect.

The young man was not willing to go in front of our cameras, nor was he willing to let us reveal his name, but ACN's confirmed his authenticity and Maggie Jordan is standing by in Boston for this report.


Will, earlier today, we were able to find a 20-year-old man whom we'll call Joe, but as you mentioned in your intro, that's not his real name.

We found him by going through a series of Facebook friends and confirmed his identity and his connection to the suspects using his driver's license, high school photos from Cambridge Rindge and Latin, and sources inside the State Board of Education.

How did Joe describe the second suspect?

"A super chill guy.

“Liked soccer, hip-hop, and girls.

"He obsessed over The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones."

That sounds like a lot of people.

It does, but here's the part that separates him.

Joe said, "He thought 9/11 was justified

"because of what the US does in other countries

"and that they do it so frequently, dropping bombs all the time."

I want to be clear, I'm quoting Joe, not the suspect.

It was a second-party characterization.

ACN's Maggie Jordan reporting from Boston.

When we come back, more coverage from the Boston bombing investigation.


Yeth. Yeth! Yeth!

He's saying "yes." I know.

Two male suspects they are seeking in conjunction with the bombing.

They have not been apprehended at this time.

Is it just me, or did she age 10 years this week?

[, um...



What are you doing out here?

It's a nice night.

What do you want to talk about?

I thought you guys did great this week.

My head's held high. It's a good feeling.

I've seen the numbers. I haven't.

Did we drop to third?



Fourth. Hmm.

I've always been able to live with second.

I mean, I get that. Our motto around here is go for the silver.

But fourth?

We did everything right. We did everything right.

You think because we went up late...

Look, I didn't ask you to come out here to berate you about numbers.

Those days are over. I want you to do the news well.

But your power comes from your ratings.

And the autonomy of the news division comes from your power.

You're not gonna be able to do the stories you want.

You're not gonna be able to say whatever you want.

And, frankly, you're not gonna be able to stay on the air because my mother and I can only protect you from the board if you're making money.

Well, I think it's time for me to quit.

Let's do sports, Charlie. We love sports.

You mean, like, try out for a team?

Do not mean try out for a team, no.

Excuse me. Neal.

What do you need? I need to talk to the two of you.

I can't find Jim or Mac or Don.

Go ahead.

Is it all right in front of...

Yeah, what is it?

I'm currently in possession of a little more than 27,000 stolen government documents.

About half of them classified.

Yeah, I'm just gonna jump off this railing.

You'll have experts authenticate them, but they're authentic. This isn't Genoa.

What's in the documents? Hang on.

It's Will. Have Mac come out to the terrace. Go ahead.

There's a PR firm in Virginia called BCD.

They do contract work for SOCOM.

Propaganda? Hearts and minds, yeah.

They get stories in foreign newspapers about American soldiers doing community outreach.

But it can go higher than that.

They're helping King Abdullah stay in power in Jordan.

And it can also be disinformation.

A growing pro-democracy rebellion in Kundu threatens stability in a region that includes American interests, including national security.

To undermine the movement, BCD put false stories in the local press claiming that a rebel leader was about to wage war on another rebel group.

Those false stories caused riots last week that killed 38 people including three Americans.

Start at the beginning.

Start again. I've told the story three times.

Tell it again.

I'm contacted over our website by someone who wants my encryption key.

I give it to him. How do you know it's a he?

I don't. I'm using the generic term for an unknown person.

I give it to him. He tells me he wants a higher level of encryption and that I should assume my adversary is capable of three trillion guesses per second.

I get him the higher encryption and he tells me he's gonna hide a flash drive for me at a restaurant and that I need to get an air-gapped computer to view the flash drive.

I view some of the contents of the flash drive, but obviously not all because there are 27,000 documents.

I'm convinced by the little I've read to tell him or her that to convince my bosses right away I'm gonna need more or something else and I remind him, them, about Genoa.

Now, you should know that the DOD doesn't store documents on the same Internet you and I use.

They use a private network known as SIPRNet.

Secret Internet Protocol Router Network.

At first, he, the source, has trouble transferring them from SIPRNet, so I tell him to try using a CD-R and then...

Stop. You left out that part before.

What part? Where you asked for more documents.

It's a lot of computerese that doesn't matter.

I didn't want your eyes to glaze over.

I wanted one or two pieces I could show you so you'd okay the cost of investigating.

Did he give them to you, the one or two pieces?


Neal, you induced him to commit a felony.

You conspired to commit espionage.

We were supposed to end the week down three to five points.

According to who?


We missed the quarterly targets and by a lot, but ended trading up one and three...

It was a pun.

"It's all relative."

It wasn't a double entendre, it was a pun.

Should I just stay here?


The moment you asked him to give you stolen classified documents, you committed a federal crime.

You don't have to scare him. They're not gonna want him.

They're gonna want the whistle-blower.

How do you think they're gonna get to the whistle-blower?

What is everybody doing out? Reese.

We're kind of in the middle of something. When's their birthday, the twins?

Why don't we meet in my office? When's their birthday?

The party's tomorrow night. Not the party. Their actual birthday.

When do they turn 257?

I honestly don't... Next week, the 25th or 26th.

Get your mother on the phone. She has to call the board into an emergency session.

Right now, tonight. What are you talking about?

You went to Wharton, Reese. Wake the fuck up.

You're in the middle of a hostile takeover.

What? Somebody's trying to buy this company.

They got him. Jahar Tsarnaev is hiding in a boat on a trailer in the backyard of a house in Watertown.

SWAT teams are there along with surprisingly heavy artillery for a metropolitan police department. He is surrounded.

Okay, I'm going out there.

But, Mac, you should know that a few minutes ago, I quit.

I'm gonna do sports or perhaps nothing, because somehow in regaining our credibility, we went from second to fourth place.

By the way, Euripides can suck it.

Chase the heroes up a tree, throw rocks at them, and then get them down? When does that happen?

That was supposed to be this week.

We were supposed to get down from the tree this week.

He's hiding in a boat in someone's backyard?

I'd like confirmation on that before I say it on TV!

I'm not spending the rest of my career in a tree.

I have to be somebody's husband. Hers.

You know who did great this week?

The police.

The FBI. The DOJ. Homeland Security.

In less than 100 hours, they found two needles in a haystack the size of the world.

You know who sucked? Everybody else.

Two times in 24 hours, law enforcement officials had to publically disclose information before they wanted to because either a paper or website put someone's life in danger.

So I'm not so easily surrendering to citizen journalists or citizen detectives.

Neal needs a lawyer.

Get Rebecca Halliday on the phone

'cause he's in very serious trouble.

We're gonna do a good show people watch, Reese.

If you have our back, then we're not gonna let you get shot in yours.

And apparently, we're all up for sale.

You were wrong.

We're not in the middle of the third act.

We just got to the end of the first.