The Night Comes for Us (2018) Script

Reina... Reina, run!

Who are you?


Painkillers are by the sink.

Thank you for everything.

Not the first time, is it?

It's been three years and you still haven't changed.


And stupid.

Come here.

It's time for you to explain...

where you went off to...

and who the hell that kid is.

It's better if you don't know, Shinta.

It's for your own good. You bastard. For my own damn good?

I want to keep you safe. You want to keep...

I thought you were dead.

We all thought you were fucking dead!

I'm here. I'm right here.


I didn't know what to do with you.

So, I gave someone a call.

Try to sleep. Get some rest.

If you weren't so ugly, I would've punched you in the face.



Why are you doing this?

You had a solid spot with the Triad.

Three years with the Triad and you throw it all away for a kid?


You would've done the same.

So, what's our plan?

There is no "our."

I need my money. Get new identities for me and the kid.

Then I'll leave.

You? On your own?

You're dealing with the Triad here.

I don't want to get you, Shinta, or the others involved.

And don't tell the crew of my presence.

What crew?

Adam, Dewo? Dead.

Abdul, Moses?

Life sentences.

Nobody stays on top forever.

The only ones left are me and-- And who?



My cousin.

He hero-worships you.

Morning, sir.


The fuck you come back for? Drop it, Bob.

What's up? You still beefing with me?


You abandoned us, Ito.

You fucking bastard!

I fucking served the Triad for your freedom!

Remember who fucking dealt with them, you junkie!

You fucking done now?

Satisfied? Your foot, Bobby...

The Triad must've alerted the local goons by now.

And you got a long list of enemies, Ito.

Who the fuck do you have left now?

Just this once, trust us.

You guys have no idea what I've been through.

Where is he?


They stationed him over at Macau.

Let's hope he won't be involved in this mess.

Big brother, what's the matter?

Mainland bitch can't even pour wine properly.

She ruined my good pants!

How are you gonna make up for it? Goddamn bastard.

My most humble apologies.

You are our esteemed guest. I will arrange for our most prized wine.

Be a good boy and pour it yourself, little brother.

If you'd offered this sooner, we wouldn't have had any damn issues.

Get that through your head, you dirty foreigner.

Back off, bastard!

I'll kill her!

I'm warning--

Look at me.

Clean up her wounds. Understood.

Kid, what took you so long? Remember me?

Apologies. I was preoccupied.

Let's get off this ride and take a walk, shall we?

Take care of this Ito business, and all this could be yours.

Okay, Reina. Hold it.

Done. Looks good.

What are you smiling for? Go work on the passports.

These are all I've got.

Fatih, are these necessary?

You want to cash in, don't you?

Let me tell-- I'll be the one who tells him!

Yeah, fine, you tell him. It was my fucking fault, Fatih.

Just let me tell it this time.

Maybe you remember him. He was my fucking errand boy!

Yohan, you fucking cunt.

After you and Arian left, we went downhill.

Yohan snatched our remaining hard cash.

Made his own empire dealing junk from his meat locker.

You want the cash? He's keeping it.

Tread carefully, Ito.

I heard he got promoted. He became Triad's red stick.

Fatih. Ito.

I've booked the boat for you and the kid. It's all in your hands now.

Take care, friend.

You, too, Fatih.

Anything I can help with? Meat orders?

You're Yohan, right?


I'm here for my cash, Yohan.

You have a familiar mug.

Can you be more specific? We have tenderloin...

We also have--

If you know who I am, don't waste my time, Yohan.


Fucking bastard!

That fucking hurt!

Chill, man.

Ito, you used to be the craziest motherfucker in the harbor.

I wanted to be in your crew.

But now, shoving a fucking gun to my head... shows that you haven't been told who's a fucking lion and who's a cockroach here.

You fucking talk too much.

Tell your little shits to bring my cash, and fast.

You see, the Triad has their Six Seas...

I got my Seven Butchers.


Back off! All of you back the fuck off!


Motherfucker! Fuck you, you scheming Chinese fuck!

Ito, where the fuck are you, you fucking asshole?

Who did you call?

Chill, you asshole! You want your money, right?

On the table.

Now answer the damn question.

You fucking shit!


Idiot! You came here for some chump change.

You didn't know? He is coming for you!

All my boys are headed to Fatih's place, asshole!

Who is "he"?

Who the fuck are they?

Who told you?

In there.

Answer, Ito. Damn.

What's up? We need to talk.

Go with her. Get some food for the kid. I'll tell you later.


Can you stay with your family for the time being?

Is this about the whole mess we're in again?

Is this about Ito? Listen to me.

Listen to me.

Let's go.

What is it?

You, take the stairs.

Okay, honey. Off you fucking go. Don't bother coming back.

Fuck off! It's over between us. Leave!


Shut up! We kill him first!


Who the fuck dares to step foot in here?

Bobby. Bobby...

Any fucking idea whose turf you're on?

Who is this fucking white dickhead? What's that?

You don't have a fucking clue who I am?

Let me introduce myself. I am White Boy Bobby!

Shoot me, motherfucker. Go ahead and fucking shoot me!

Bob! Bobby!




Let's fucking finish them off, Fatih. Let's fucking kill them all.

Here, Wisnu.

Hide in the room. Watch over the kid.

Get in there! Will do.

Fucking gonna kill them all. Bob... Bobby.

We'll wipe them out! Bobby, snap out of it.

Snap the fuck out of it, Bobby!

Where the fuck is Shinta?

Is she fucking safe? Yeah, she's safe.

You sure about that? Yeah, Shinta's safe.

We fucking wiped them out.

Motherfucking assholes!

Fucking shit!

Attention, all units. There's been a shootout at the Petak Sembilan apartment complex.

There are eyewitness accounts of disturbance and violence.

Most of the armed men are still in the apartment. All units in West Jakarta--

That's our jurisdiction. They'd be suspicious if we don't respond.

That Chinese guy said it's all under control.

All we have to do is bring this shithead in.

We don't have to lift a finger. Let them kill each other.

Just sit back and relax, man. Everything--


Who gave you the orders? Who gave you the order, motherfucker?


Yohan's men are all inside.

Thing is, none have come out.

Ito's crew must be giving one hell of a fight.

Too bad.

Kill everyone that comes out that door.


The rest of you, check the basement. Yes, ma'am.

What the fuck are you still standing there for, huh?

Come the fuck at us, fucking bastards!

Go through the back.

None will be spared.


Gonna have to end this.

Don't worry about it, man.

Take care of the kid.


How dare you? You want to betray us?


Get in.

Yohan never knew where I lived.

What do you mean?

But you always knew...

You've fucking gotten us killed! Fatih.

You ratted us out! Give me a chance to explain, Fatih.

We could have a fresh start, Fatih.

Form a new crew here. I can arrange it all.

And you... You should be right there at my side.

Yeah, look at you.

Look at you.

Fatih, you have to understand...

the Triad didn't give me any choice.

Forgive me.


I understand.

Uncle Fatih, are you okay?

Get down!

Fucking bastards!


Reina, get down!

Here, let me have a look.

You okay, kiddo?


You have to be brave now. I need you to do something.

Where's the damn kid?

What's your name?


People call me Ito.

Uncle Fatih said your name was Baldy.

What else did Fatih say?

He said... no time for regrets. No time for regrets.

He said it just like this.

Were they nice to you?

Auntie Shinta was nice, so was Uncle Wisnu.

Uncle Fatih was also nice and cute.

Uncle Bobby... he's weird, but he's very strong.

Yeah, he was invincible.

A show-off, huh?


Yeah, who is it?

Don't you dare. Let him come.



You should know who he is by now.


Please don't kill Uncle Ito.

Not her.

Come on... finish this!

What are you waiting for? Just finish me off now.

You're Ito.

One of six men chosen by Triad to guard the heroin, cocaine, and weapons smuggling route in Southeast Asia.

Otherwise known as the Six Seas.

That's all over. They want me dead now.

So it seems.

So why drag the kid into this?

She has no one else.

A bad strategy.

She has a higher chance of surviving being on her own.

The evidence speaks for itself.

Death shadows you.

Look at your friends, slaughtered in a losing battle.

Fuck you!

Don't you dare mention them again.

Your only remaining so-called brother now wants you dead.

I know.

I brought the carnage here.

For three years, I was their instrument of death.

Carried out countless massacres.

When you're a Six Seas, it's simple.

Never forgive. Leave no survivor.

My fate in life, to create death.

A whole village slaughtered, just because a few of them stole from the Triad.

But then I saw it clearly.

A tiny glimpse of life, hanging by a thread.

Maybe, just maybe...

I can change my fate.

What are you doing?

That was it, the path of no return.

A bit too late to save her now.

I wasn't merely saving her.

I'm saving myself.

But if your plan is to kill me, hurry up and fucking do it!


You realize the danger you've put us all in?

You fucking realize it?

I've told you repeatedly that we don't deal in drugs.

I'm sorry, Ito. You have to quit using.

Stupid asshole!

Apologize to the crew.

Not me.

All I wanted was for us to expand. Not with the fucking Triad, Bobby.

Get out of here.


I know I fucked things up.

But we're fucking morons if we miss out on smack and coke.

It's a fucking huge markup!

You realize you've fucked us all up?

At least I don't get high on murder.

What the hell did you just say?

Who's the murderer? Tell me!


You sure about this?

No time for regrets, Fatih.

Keep an eye on him.

Come on.

I told you I'm leaving by myself.

This ain't a vacation, Arian.

I'm not tagging along to keep an eye on you.

Remember, I'm a damn minority over here!

To tell you the truth, this ain't enough.

Maybe we need Bobby getting screwed by Triad.

Maybe this whole mess is meant to be.

Did you ever hear of the Six Seas?

Let's not go there.

Imagine us, from two piss-poor kids, to side by side with the elites of Triad.

Enough. These are dangerous people, Arian.

Just drop it, okay?

Aren't we all dangerous?

Fuck it. Let's toss the white boy to the ocean.

Make him suffer a bit.

Ito, you're there, right?

I never wanted it to end this way, Ito.

I tried to save everyone. Save Fatih.

Tell me...

Did you pry that phone off Fatih's dead hands yourself?

Or did your dogs do it for you?

You've got balls to say that, Ito, after all--

Arian, I got conviction.

What I'm about to do... I should've done a long time ago.

Fuck that, Ito. Fuck your bullshit.

Fatih, Bobby, they don't see the real you.

You don't get to mention their names anymore.

That's always been your play, hasn't it?

Playing the role of the big brother.

That's not who you are, Ito.

Let's just get this done with.

You. I'm only going to ask once.

Who the hell are you?

Those who sent me want you dead.

All of the Six Seas, followed by the one code-named Old Tiger.

The question is, are you still one of them?

How you answer will affect my next move.

Your friend, Arian.

He's being supported by another particular Six Seas. You know him.

Chien Wu.

They'll send people to kill Reina if I go there.

Give me a hand.

Protect the kid.

Then you'll have my word. You'll finish your mission.

It all has to end tonight.

Shit, I keep missing shots.

I'll make it this time. See? Was easy.

Score's way off. Up for another round?

Hey, you!

So, you're the famous Ito?

Some fucking balls, coming here by yourself.

You have a death wish?

If you know who I am...

then you should know, you'll be dying by the hands of a Six Seas.

If so...

have at me!

Everything in place? Yes, sir.

You guys, come with me.

The rest of you, take the stairs. Yes, sir.

Hey, you. You girls aren't coming?

Damn lesbian weirdos.

Get your guns ready.


Come on!

Who the hell are you? You protecting the little bitch?

You're going to regret that.

What? For calling her a bitch?

No. For wearing white.

Why didn't you try to help her?

Can't help the dead.

So, you know something about me.

Alma, fifth member of the Lotus.

Elena, you're number three.

Fuck, I always hated those silly rankings.

Well, I'd love to talk some more, but...

let's kill each other instead.


You know I've just saved your neck, right?

Three years ago, we left through that door.

Parted ways with the others.

Ironic, isn't it?

Now look at us.

I am, Ito.

A Six Seas, huh?

I fucking crossed the oceans for you.

We can only plan our lives, Arian.

Where we end up, that's beyond our control.

I never wanted you to tag along.

You always had your own agenda, you treacherous fuck.

I have my demons.

And look at the price I have to pay!

It all ends here.

You fucking talk too much!

Fatih, Bobby, they're all dead because of you!

You fucking caused this, not me!

I'm just getting started!

Guess who's fucking replacing you as a Six Seas?

You're so fucking blind.

Chien Wu's been using you all along.

The only thing that awaits as a Six Seas is death!

Only death.

Like I told you...

I'm just getting started.


That's all you've got, Ito?



What are you waiting for, you fuck? Finish it.

Fucking kill me! Fucking kill me!

Do it.

Can't kill what's already dead.

What did you just say?

What the fuck did you just say?

Where are you going?



Just die.

Ito, I...