The Nile Hilton Incident (2017) Script

Atmo presents Fares Fares Mari Malek In a Tarik Saleh film The Nile Hilton Incident Yaser Ali Maher Ahmed Selim Slimane Dazi Hania Amar Hichem Yacoubi Mohamed Yousry Mohamed Sanaaeldin Shafie We worked unpaid overtime. We were building Egypt.

Those days are gone.

The project was completed.

The government sent people home to raise their kids.

Even Egypt's top officials said so.

Raising your kids is the priority.

Can we really raise our kids nowadays?

Morally? Intellectually?

Can we honestly do that?

Where the fuck were you? The cable guy waited for three hours.

Didn't I tell you to wait for him?

I swear to God, boss, I've been here all day.

The big companies are all the same. They do nothing.

Saleh, did I ask you to liberate Jerusalem?

You just had to let him in.

Absolutely, sir. I understand. Understand what?

My cousin can fix it real cheap.

Just get the fucking television fixed.

God willing, drive safely.

Sorry, sir. It's loading.

Here we go.

Look here, Noredin, sir.

You put your interests here.

Reading, writing, football...

You write all your interests here.

And here are your pictures.

Photos you've taken or ones your friends uploaded.

Here we have your friends.

Look, these are my friends. All foreigners.

And women, too.

This is the one I'm going to meet.

She looks like a pink baby elephant. I know.

She just liked my photo. She did what?

She gave me a like.

You can like a friend's photo and they can like yours.

She likes my photo.

All right, Casanova. Let's work.

So what did you discuss at Kammal's? Nothing.

When will you guys let me in?

Stop nagging.

Good evening, sir. It's tough out here.

Captain Walid let the Chinese in.

Are you telling us your life story? Where's what we agreed on?

I swear to God, sir, business is dead.

Listen, you pay on time.

Absolutely, sir. I will let the boss know.

What's the deal with the Chinese? Mr Kammal approved it.

Really? So you're working behind my back?

No, sir. Never. Go!

Sir, please! A quick word.


They don't respect us anymore.

Honourable attendees, I leave you with the commander-in-chief, President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak.

Thank you.

I congratulate the police tor capturing the terrorists responsible for the Alexandria attack.

Egypt celebrates Police Day this year under a new terrorist attack.

What we just heard from the interior minister...

I sacrificed everything for you! I gave you everything!

Keep your voice down.

You fucking bastard!

Just leave!

Get the fuck out of here, asshole!

Captain! I was just checking for any signs of assault.

Prosecutor. Let him have a look.

What brings you here?

Mr Kammal called me.

Where are the lab boys?

Home in their beds.

But... he trusts you with this?

Who covered her face?

Looks like a professional job. No way. It's a crime of passion.

With a woman this beautiful, you know it's passion.

I've seen this girl somewhere. She looks like that singer, no?

So you think you're a real detective now? Go fetch me some coffee!

Did someone order mango and a plate of shrimp...

Over here, kid. Come! Give me that.

Charge it on the room, thanks. Now, leave.

What? What do you want? I'm hungry.

Hungry? Get your own food.

Get out of here. Yes, sir.

Good morning. Good morning!

Welcome, Mr Kammal.

How are you guys doing?

How are you, kid?

How's your dad? He's good. Thanks for the case.

Found anything? It's a professional execution.

I want you to use silk gloves on this one.

I've been told the circumstances are very sensitive.

As you know, sir, certain guests... No, I don't know.

Who reserved this room?

Sir, as I said, it's a special kind of reservation.

Only the owner knows who pays. The owner?

Yes, sir. Mr Shafiq.

Please, sir, take this.

A little compliment from the hotel.

Who discovered the body?

Housekeeping, sir. Bring her to me.

Sorry, sir. We let her leave early today.

What's her name? Salwa.

We don't have her full name. She's a Sudanese girl, gets paid daily.

Do you have her address?

She said Arbaa W Nuss.

I'm afraid I don't have an address.


Go get the mayor, boy! Clinton!

Get over here! Give me your papers.

You're the mayor here? Yes.

We're looking for a Sudanese girl, Salwa, works at the Hilton.

Do you know her? Yes.

Get us the girl and you'll get your papers back.

But I need my ID. Get back inside, boy.

I'm learning German. Very ambitious.

Aiming for the Horniest Police Officer Award.

You know I am.

Hello. Hello brother, where are you?

What's up, all good? I need you to take care of dad now.

What? It's your fucking turn.

No, I can't. Just do as I say.

Are you asking me or giving me an order?

I'm travelling, for God's sake. When are you back?

None of your business. You're kidding me?

Dad, I've earned some extra money.

How about we go to the hospital?

Please. Don't say you earned some "extra" money.

Just say you stole it.

OK, fine.

You can't buy dignity, son.


Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Got any Lalena CDs?

Yeah. Your Love is Not Enough?


You've reached Club Solitaire.

If you dance or sing, please send us a full-body picture.

For other services, leave your name and number.

You who are travelling alone

You who are travelling alone And leaving me behind Why are you leaving me?

Why are you leaving me and haunting me?

Leave me without saying goodbye My heart has already fared you well

Good evening. Good evening.

We're building the new Cairo with a modern vision. - Hatem Shafiq.

We received a complaint. Some money is missing from a room.

Do you know anything about it?

What's going on? They didn't do their homework?

They were handing out flyers at the university.

Just stupid kids who want to start a revolution.

It's been three days since deposed president Ben Ali fled Tunisia...

What do you think?

The market is dead and he lets the Chinese drown the market.

Very patriotic, Yosef. What the hell are you talking about?

We're working so hard.

Momo and I barely sleep just trying to maintain things.

If you don't like it then let's switch places.

Easy, easy, guys.

You're not the only one with eagles on his shoulders.

Exactly. Are you his fucking echo?

I'd gladly move the goalposts.

But believe me, you'll lose.

Nobody moves a thing but me. Understood?

Of course. But, Mr Kammal...

Am I making myself clear?

And you, work harder. I expect more.

Or we will have to reevaluate things.

Tunisia is going to shit and still beat us at football.

What a scandal!

And you can drop the Hilton case.

The prosecutor closed it as suicide.

What? Suicide?

She slit her own throat? Apparently.


Move along. You read it, you buy it.

I don't read. I'm just looking at the pictures.

Give me some washing powder.

And chocolate too.

Hey. Did Majok call you? No.

Here's the chocolate you like.

Who can read Arabic?


That asshole. Anyone else?

Little Muhammad.

Shafiq Holding Group Hatem Shafiq, CEO of Shafiq Holding, the leader in construction and cement distribution:

We are building the new Cairo.

Who's Hamada Mansour? They took him away.

Who decided to bring down our president?

You don't want to talk? C'mon. I'm getting bored.

I want to go see the game.

Come on, are you going to give us a name or not?

What's his name?

The President ignited the spark of a construction boom with the start of a total development and urban revival movement.

Egyptian products have reached a global level of competitiveness in the export market.

The return of investment being channelled into infrastructure like roads, communications, or water, agriculture and manufacturing projects...

We're on schedule. I'm sure we'll all be proud of this.

I'm very sorry to have to bother you with this, sir.

Do you recognize this woman?

No, I don't.

Sorry, sir. Can you look at the photo one more time?

Are you absolutely certain you've never seen her before?

What did you say your name was? Major Noredin Mustafa.


I thought the police protected good citizens.

Not bothered them.

Is the car ready? Ready, sir.

What do the police want with you? I don't know.

You don't know? I don't know.

I will take you to the police.


Someone was murdered at the hotel.

A woman was killed. I saw the man who killed her.

I have something here.

This is the man I saw.

I told him, $10,000 for pilgrimage?

That's theft!

Are you trying to rip off an Egyptian police officer?

He said it's not a high price to pay to be cleansed from sin like a newborn baby.

But they were very nice days and I prayed for you.

God bless you, Uncle.

OK, if you'll excuse us, sir.

Stay, Noredin. I want a word with you.

Yes, sir.

What? Why did you go to see Shafiq?

He had something with the dead singer.

I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

Didn't we agree to close the case? Yes.

You're more than a nephew to me.

But when these people call, I can't protect you.

He's best friends with the president's son.

All right, be good.

Shafiq agreed to meet me.

But I have to make sure it's not a trap.

I will ask him for a million. A million?

A million is too much. Salwa.

Ask for a hundred thousand.

Girl, if they're going to kill someone, it will be me, not you.

Why don't you trust me, huh?

I don't trust anyone.

And we must split the money between the three of us.

Fine. No problem.

The internet is down. I know, but I want Facebook.

Facebook is on the internet.

What do you mean, the internet is on Facebook?

No, Facebook is on the internet.

So what's the difference? Are you trying to be a smartass?

No, sir.

Where the fuck are you going?

Come get me this fucking Facebook.

All right, I'll take care of it.

Listen, Gina, the Tunisian singer is waiting for you inside.

All right, calm down.

Good evening. Good evening.

My friend disappeared. I don't know where she is.

She said she had an appointment at Nile Hilton.

Then she disappeared.

What's your friend's name?


The singer?

Did she say who she was meeting? A friend.

Has something happened to her?

Your friend was murdered.

She had pictures.

Private pictures.

She didn't want anyone to see them.

How much do you want?

We don't have any pictures, miss.

Twenty thousand, that's all I've got.

A lady like yourself shouldn't be coming to a place like this.

Leave your name and address, please.

Enough. Show's over.

Sir. Saleh.

He fixed your dish and it works great. Finally.

But for some reason it only picks up Italian channels.

What? You only get Italian channels.

Italian TV is good.

Is this your cousin?

Yeah? Hello? Hello?

Who's this?

Major Noredin? Yes.

Excuse me, where's the toilet?

Open it.

I was with her that night at the hotel.

He still has the negatives.

He'll pin the murder on me if I don't pay him.

He thought he owned her, her manager, Nagy, the Tunisian.

But you're a member of parliament.

You have legislative immunity.

No one is immune to scandal.

The investigation has been closed.

I can get it opened again.

Why do you need me?

When you first came to me, you knew I could crush you.

Destroy you.

I've never asked anyone for help, but now I'm asking you.

I loved her.

And she loved me.

She wanted me to leave my wife.

She was going to steal back the negatives.

How did you meet her?

Club Solitaire.

Men are forbidden to wear gold.

They say it turns into shackles of fire on Judgement Day.

But for some, it's worth it.

Where are the negatives, Amir?

A police officer took them. An officer?

Calm down, Nagy.

I'm telling the truth.

I believe you, Amir.

If people in this life gathered and loved one another, then God the Almighty will say

"Come. Take each others hands and enter paradise."

It makes a difference. Imagine if the people sitting here had specific goals in life they want to achieve and live for.

If this number of people only, not the entire Muslim nation just this number here, have goals to live for...

The car's owner charges me 180 at the end of the shift and you want me to start the meter?

We're getting fucked in this country and no one cares while those bastards go and get treated abroad.

We can't even afford cigarettes anymore.

But you, sir, seem like a gentleman. Here.

All right, cool.

Did you see what happened to that kid in Alexandria?

Those fucking officers ganged up on him and beat him to death.

Can you believe it?

You son of a pimp!

These internet kids published the boy's picture online.

They are going to demonstrate on January 25th.

Police Day.

We're gonna show those dirty pigs what the people really think.

I'm thinking of going. What about you?

I have to. I'm one of those pigs.

Those fucking Alexandrians are liars.

I'm sure that kid was some pothead.

It is rather unbelievable, right?

Would they just beat him up like that for no reason?

Inspection. Open up. Welcome.

How are you, sweetheart?

Look who's here.

How are you? What an honour.

How's business? Wonderful.

I'm going to sell this shithole so they can turn it into a mosque.

What gives us the pleasure?

Listen, you know this guy Nagy?

Nagy the pimp? No, the music producer.


Listen, he's got these girls that dance and sing, wannabe artists.

He works at this VIP club.

The girls lure the men and he takes their pictures to blackmail them.

He's been doing this forever.

He uses this old camera to make them pay extra tor the negatives.

Where can I find him? He's got this club...

Club Solitaire? Exactly.

That's it, man. You know everything.

What do you need him for? I want to "sing".

Can you get a drink around here or what?

Man, this is your place. Come.

Don't worry, I'll pay for it.

Congratulations, sir!



What's this? Congratulations, Colonel.


Check it out. Try it on.

You're a genius and I'm an idiot.

What do you have on Shafiq?

He had something going on with the singer and doesn't want a scandal.

He claims her manager killed her.

Of course her manager killed her.

The prosecutor agreed to reopen the case.

We'll give him a hundred thousand.

You and I split the rest. Some good money.

You'll buy a Peugeot instead of your crappy car.

God willing.

I'm really proud of you, Noredin.

You have us working directly with the VIP.

One day you will be sitting in my chair.

What happened?

He agreed to a million.

Why did you do that? What if they followed you?

I told you a hundred thousand.

You must split it with us. You hear me?

Good evening. Welcome, sir.

You who are travelling alone You who are travelling alone And leaving me behind Why are you leaving me?

Why are you leaving me and haunting me?

Leave me without saying goodbye My heart has already fared you well Leave me without saying goodbye My heart has already fared you well My eyes speak to you with tears My eyes speak to you with tears You who are travelling alone and leaving me behind Why are you leaving me?

Why are you leaving me and haunting me?

Major, what brings you here?

It's Colonel now. I got promoted.

Your voice is amazing.

I don't drink.

Come, let me introduce you to my friends.

No, no, no.


You were amazing. Thank you.

This is Noredin, my boyfriend.

Lucky man.

What industry are you in?

Listen, I... Ceramics.

Biggest toilet manufacturer in the Middle East.

Haven't you heard of "Noredin Toilets"?

You've probably taken a piss in one.

Tell them about the gold toilet you made for the president.

Honey, we try to honour our customers' privacy.

You like the view?

I have to work tomorrow.

Did you know that Lalena was having an affair with a powerful man?

She said she loved someone.

Do you know Nagy, the Tunisian?

Come with me.

Wait upstairs.

We're looking for Nagy, the Tunisian.

He killed your friend.

What do you want from me?

You want to put me in danger?

You're in danger?

No, I don't know him.

Tell me, why did you leave your country?

I just want to live my dream.

I'm an artist.

Some people with money want to put you in a golden cage.

Some people with money want to put you in a golden cage.

You can't fly away even if you have the key.

What about you?

Is it the money? Or maybe...

Can I see you again?




All right, wissen.


This fucking early?


Salwa, the police are here for you.

Salwa, come here.



I'll tell him you left.

I'll tell him you left.

Hurry up, kid. Move it. Faster.

What's going on, Ali?

What's going on, Ali?

Colonel Noredin, it's crazy over at the Arbaa W Nuss precinct.

They say an officer killed two Sudanese there, some mayor called Clinton and a young girl.

What are you talking about?

Don't worry, sir. We've got it under control.

What's up, Noredin?

The cleaning girl was murdered. The one from the Hilton.

The only witness?

I made a mistake. Don't tell me. Should I be worried?

No. I know where to find Nagy.

Call Gina for me.

She's not in.

I said call Gina!

I said call Gina!

Come out, Nagy!

Come out, Nagy!

Open up!



Relax. Are you upset? Keep moving.

Take it easy.

Good evening. Shut up.

Who the fuck are you?

Who the fuck are you?

Colonel Noredin Mustafa.

Colonel? Yes, Colonel.

Which precinct? Kasr El-Nil.

This is not Kasr El-Nil.

This man is accused of murder.

No offence, Colonel, but out here I decide who's a suspect and who's not.

No offence, Colonel, but out here I decide who's a suspect and who's not.

Yeah, tell him, Major Khalil.

I don't give a fuck who you know. You're nothing but a junkie.

Really, Major Khalil? You let that fat fuck hit me?

Shut the fuck up! Have we met before?

Shut the fuck up! Have we met before?

Excuse me, Colonel.

Shame on you, Major Khalil. I pay you more.

Are you accusing me of taking bribes, asshole?

Not at all, Major Khalil. Not at all.

Do you want a lawyer?

Just kill me.

I promise I won't tell.

As you wish. Empty your pockets.

These too.

That's all I've got.

Did he ask for a lawyer? He doesn't want one.

What's with these early arrests?

Let's have breakfast first, at least.

Where are the photos of Shafiq?

You don't have them?

Lalena stole them from you, didn't she?

Oh, check out Mr Police officer. Proper police work.

You think you're handling a real investigation?

Watch your tongue or I'll cut it out.

Where were you the night of the murder?

With Gina. Can she confirm that?

If she's still alive.

You're suspected of murdering Lalena.

We'll hold you for investigation for 15 days.



Watch him, but don't talk to him. He's a snake.

Where are you going?

Where's Momo? I don't know.

Where the fuck is he? I don't know, sir.

Wake up.

Get up.

Where's Momo?

State Security want to talk to you. Why?

Nagy is dead.

Don't worry about it. We will handle it.

What will you say it they are investigating us?

Nothing. All right, go in uniform.

If they sniff money, they'll want a cut-.

I'm going to hide the Mercedes at my cousin's.

I swear to God it wasn't my fault. I got orders. Please listen...

You think you can fuck me over?

It's my fault I trusted you!

Colonel Noredin.

State Security want to talk to me.

Why are you telling me?

Where's Gina? Have you forgotten where you...?

Where is Gina? Keep your voice down.

Nagy is dead.

Did he have the pictures?


You're a good man, Noredin. You're doing a good job.

Have a seat.

Your name came up in our investigation.

Do you know Gina, the singer? No.

They found her dead two hours ago.

Dumped in the trash with her throat slit.

Kammal Mustafa is your uncle, right? We're investigating him.

Have you noticed anything suspicious about him?


Two Sudanese were killed a couple of days ago.

One of them was a cleaning girl at the Hilton.

They say she witnessed the murder. Have you met her?

I looked for her but couldn't find her.

What's your relation to Hatem Shafiq?


Mr Shafiq is a member of parliament.

Any investigation involving him is a State Security matter.

You're excused.

Welcome back, sir.

The repairman fixed your dish again.

Got you more European channels with sexy girls.

May God forgive us.



Wake up!


You! What the fuck are you doing?

You're under arrest! Walk! I said walk, you bitch!

Hold it right there!

What do you want, Captain?

I have orders to take them into custody.

Whose orders?

There's a bus outside to send them back to Sudan.

These cells are for Egyptians only.

I'll tell the general you turned them down.

Tell him whatever you want.

Sir, I saw what happened at the Hilton.

Get these fucking people out of here now.

Momo! Yeah?

The Hilton girl. Get me the prosecutor on the phone.

Yes, sir.

He's not answering, sir. Try again.

Yes, sir. I'll keep trying.

Sir, I have something important for you to see.

Yes, sir.

Ali, let's go.

You there, come.

Come. Don't be afraid.


I have Salwa, the girl from the hotel. Yes, she's with me.

No, Yosef put her in jail, but I got her out.

An officer brought her in from Tahrir.

Are you fucking crazy, bringing her in a police car?

She's the only witness. I brought her...

Listen! Tell Mr Kammal I ordered her release.

And tell him that Shafiq is trying to get rid of me.

Be careful. Talk only to Mr Kammal.


Don't be afraid.

Come with me.

Are you tired?


You know, I love you like a little brother.

What? You still don't want to talk?

What did you see?

I saw Shafiq leaving the room.

He was putting on his watch.

I heard a woman in the room say "You promised me."

He took the elevator and left.

I went back to work.

A bit later I heard screaming...

Another man came out of the room.

How long after Shafiq left did you hear the screaming?

Not long.

I was in the next corridor.

It was the same man that came for Clinton.

Shafiq thinks you're dead. It's me he's after now.

Can I help you, Officer? I'm here for Mr Shafiq.

Tell him it's Colonel Noredin.

Mr Shafiq is playing golf. Tell him it's urgent.

I'm sorry, sir. Can't let you in without an invitation.

Are you sure you want to see my invitation?

Sorry to bother you, gentlemen.

Can we talk in private?

We're at the eleventh. Can this wait?

I'm afraid not.

Lalena had the photo slip when she was murdered.

I have the photos. And the negatives.

I also have a witness.

Excuse us, gentlemen.

I thought you were smart.

But you are stupid.

Really fucking stupid!

You think you're in Switzerland?

There's no justice here.

What's this? What do you think you're doing?

Mr Shafiq, you are free to go. No, I want my lawyer.

Please relax in my office. I said I want my lawyer.

Here they come. God save us.

Mr Shafiq, how did they treat you?

You are responsible for kidnapping a member of parliament.

Please, calm down. I know my nephew made a mistake.

But let us speak in a civilized manner.

Who's the prosecutor here? Welcome, sir. Welcome.

Do you know the legal disaster you're in?



Yes, sir. Understood.

Of course, sir. Of course.

The prosecutor general has ordered the arrest of Hatem Shafiq.

He's charged with the murder of Lalena at the hotel.

My wife and kids must leave for Dubai immediately.

Yes, sir.

You know what to do with the documents.

You saw me.

You know I didn't kill her.

I loved her.

The bed is inside.

Is this your wife?

She's beautiful.

Where is she?

She died in a car accident.

Shafiq didn't kill that woman.

He said he loved her.

What's that?


For what? For peace of mind.

Yes, sir.

Roger that, sir.

We have the orders. Fire!

Fire at who? Shoot at them, Yosef!

Mr Kammal! Mr Kammal!

Over 10,000 demonstrators gathered at Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Some demonstrators pelted the police with rocks on Kasr El-Ayni street near Tahrir, while many of them rioted and vandalised public property.

Come on! Move it!

I'll wait for you. Go, Yosef! Go!

Mr. Kammal! What do you want?

The people want to bring down the regime!

According to the president, curfew starts in about two and a halt minutes.

How are things looking in the streets?

Citizens just want to secure bread, fruit, and water right now.

The average citizen knows his duties towards his family.



People are following the orders of the military commander, President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, who enforced a curfew at six o'clock, due to the incidents...


Anyone there?


Yeah, coming.

Good afternoon.

Three packs of Cleopatra.

Here you go.


Where are you going? Only you know the truth!

The man you shot, have you seen him before?

A1 the Hilton?


Hurry! Go!

Leave this country. There's nothing for you here.

Police! Get back inside! Now!

State Security Officer


Uncle! Where are you?

Where's Mr Kammal?

Mr Kammal!

Safe journey.

Let's move.

You're letting him get away?

Of course. We got our money.

We can't do this. He killed her.

No, he didn't.

He just tell in love with the wrong girl.

Relax. We got our money.

Why did you let him go?


Calm down, it's over. We got our money.

I have a body in my car.

The killer.

He's a State Security officer.

This whole mess will be over in a couple of days.

The president will call in the army and they'll ride our backs.

Did you have anything to do with Lalena's murder?

Goddamn heartburn.

I need to eat something.

Did you kill her?

What are you talking about? Of course not!

Well... I knew about Nagy's business.

He took pictures of all these men with his girls.

And I got a little piece of the pie.

But when we got the photos of Shafiq, that was something else.

State Security contacted me.

I thought we went too far.

But instead they wanted in, of course.

They turned it really ugly.

Poor girl, she was worth more dead than alive.

May she rest in peace.

What can we do?

Is something wrong?

Are you ok?

You're not feeling well?

You killed Gina too.

Are you crazy?

You want to arrest me?

I treated you like a son.

How dare you?

All right, you want to arrest me?

Then arrest me, Officer!

Arrest me!

He's police... He has a gun!

Enough! Stop it! We are not like them!

Enough! We're not like them!