The Ninth Passenger (2018) Script

Any survivors?


Tow it and burn it.

Um, hey, Brady. So, yeah, the check bounced again.

Hi, I'm calling about an overdue pay...

My God. I can't believe you hooked up with him.

Who didn't? Not me.

Hmm. Well, who have you been hooking up with?

Nobody. Nobody?

Okay, not even kissed? Anything?

I'm just focusing on me right now.

Well, you're lucky I'm in town, 'cause I'm gonna find someone to focus on you for a little bit.

Can't we just go see a movie, or something?

I'm not gonna argue my way outta this one, am I?

I'm in law school. You can't argue your way out of anything.

Oh, my God.

"Oh, my God" is right.

Let's go. Whoo!

I'm just saying. Whatever it takes for you to get over her, man.

There are other fish in the sea.

It's complicated. You're making it complicated.

Look, I'm here to help you. Okay?

I didn't invite you. Nah. Best buds don't need invites, man.

I'm looking to find you some strange.

Hey, baby! What's up, girl? How you doin'?

Look, this is my boy, here. He just got broken up with recently. He's sad.

So, I'm wondering, would you like to, you know, bump uglies with him?

Um, I'm good, thanks.

Oh, you're good, thanks?

Doesn't wanna have fun. That's great.

Dude, Vancouver chicks suck, man.

Jess, can you stand over there?

I wanna take a picture of you in the skyline.

I hate getting my picture taken.

All you need to do is smile.

But I'm not good at this. Not good at what? Having fun?

Yes. Come on. You look so gorgeous.

Ladies, would you like me to take a picture of the both of you?

Yes, please.

Oh. Okay. Here, get together. Get comfy.

Like you're having fun. That's great.

So pretty.

Amazing. Just flawless.

Oh, well, thank you.

So, listen, we're new in town. We don't know anybody.

Are you two from here? Oh, I used to be.

So I decided to visit for the weekend.

Oh. See, we just graduated from Dartmouth. Ivy League, huh?


Are you slumming it for the summer? No, we are not slumming it.

Actually, my buddy here just got dumped.

So I'm trying to make him feel better.

He's all sad and lonely.


I'm Nicole, and this is Jess.

Well, this is Marty, and I'm Lance.

We should probably head back.

That's a great idea, Marty. See, Marty has a boat.

Would you ladies care to join us to have a drink on that boat?

No. Absolutely. That sounds fun.

Excellent. What a great idea, Marty.

Ladies, if you will please follow me this way.

Told you I know what I'm doing.

You're crazy.

Come on. No.

No. Come on.

After you.

Oh, Captain.

Very nice.

And what have we here?

It looks delicious.

Uh, yeah. I have a great chef.

So, this is your boat?

Yes, it is. Shall we, uh... have a seat?

We shall.

Oh, shit! What?

No, nothing. This guy scared the shit out of me.

What's wrong? No, nothing.

I'll just get the door. No problem. Don't worry about me.

I'm gonna get comfy over here.

What are you doing here? Scheduled maintenance.

Just a little work on the engine.

I'm not really supposed to have guests.

I've already been cleared by the guard.

Hey, man, can you just do me a solid?

I got this girl on board. I'm trying to, you know...

I got you, man. You go have fun.

Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

All right. Where were we?

What is this?

Must've fallen out of my pocket. Thank you.

Thank you. Champagne?

You know how to open this? I... Yeah, of course.

It's, you know, it's sticking. Don't you have help?

Uh... They're... They're not here right now.

Private bubbles. Yes, exactly.

What is he doing?

Ah, he's telling him to take a hike.

I thought we were getting on his boat.

Ah, it's his dad's, you know. He's a little overprotective.

So, wait. That's the boat?

Oh, yeah.

So, this is how the one percent lives.

No, no. The point-one-percent.

Huh. Come with me.

Come on.

Somebody works out, hmm?

You want a little champagne?

Just, like, a little. Okay.

I haven't eaten. So just, like, a little.

Sure. Good. Thank you, that's perfect.

Oh. There it goes. That's a lot. That's good.

Oh, twist my arm. Thank you.

There it is. Thank you. You're welcome.

Who is that? It's just...

Hey, guys. Hey, man.

We're back.

What's going on?

Uh... Oh, I didn't expect you guys back so soon.

Not in uniform?

You're looking good in that jacket, man.

Excuse me. You guys do know that this is the captain, right?

My date.

Oh, well, permission to come aboard, Captain.

Granted. Thank you.

Well, since we're all here, maybe we can join the festivities with you and...

Tina. Tina.

Do you know these people?

Uh... Just give me a sec, okay? Yeah.

I got this.

Hey, guys, honestly, I'm sorry.

But I've been planning this night for a while and, you know, I got some...

Maybe we can all hang out, have a good time.

You know, if that's cool?

Oh, Captain, my captain. Thanks, bro.

Hey, man, you're not gonna report this, are you?

We'll talk about it later.


Who are all these people?

Um, well, these guys, they work for me, so...

Oh, they work for you, huh? Yeah. I'm his first mate.



There you are.

Oh, my God. I am so sorry.

Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

So, what do you think of the yacht?

Uh, it's definitely cramped.

That's funny.

Dad's actually thinking about getting a bigger one.

Wow. Who's your dad?

Martin Hatfield Senior.

Your dad is Martin Hatfield? The CEO of Tridon?

Yeah. We're in town for a merger.

Unbelievable. Your father is literally destroying the planet.

Do you have any idea how much blood is on his hands?

Look, it's not easy being the son of the Martin Hatfield, okay?

Do you think you're the first person who's told me all that?

Yeah, I'm sorry. I was being rude.

No, it's fine. I'm used to it.




Christy. Please. Okay, it's not at all what it looks like.

I know I can explain everything, just please come upstairs.

I can't believe you fucking invited her, dude.

Lance. You better go.

Christy, please.

"Don't drink all the mezcal." And I do, of course.

Then I eat the worm, and he's flipping out. That's gross.

And then the horse comes in and I scream...

Can we talk? Just give me a minute, Jess.

I wanna hear the rest of the story.

It's a good story.

Then I have to stand up with the horse.

The horse looks me in the face and he goes...


Then I pulled the snap back and I whip and I hit him in the face.

Christy, please!

Get the hell away from me.

Christy, please. Just save it.

I'm too tired to drive home now. I'm staying the night.

Go back to your gangbang or whatever.

I'll be gone in the morning.

Come on. I didn't invite them.

Lance saw these girls... It is always Lance.

And if you're not blaming him, it's your father.

You let them walk all over you, Marty.

At our expense.

You know, I actually thought that you could use some company tonight.

I'm such an idiot.

You know what? Forget it. I am taking a shower to wake up, and then I'm gone.

Come on.

Here comes the hero. Who's fourth?

Give me some. Look at the trees going by.

That's so funny.

Oh, my God. We're moving!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Let's go talk to Marty.

I gotta... Just one second. You're much stronger than I thought.

Where'd everyone go?

Holy shit.

What the hell are you doing?

Making the night more interesting.

Oh, God.

What are you doing, man? Your dad is gonna shit.

Relax. Fuck "relax."

What are you gonna do? You gonna protect me, Marty?

I'm calling him. Don't.

Marty, what are you doing?

Oh, my God. Are you doing this for her?

Was kidnapping me his idea, too?

Just two hours so we can talk.

And if you haven't changed your mind, I'll take you back.


Two hours.

You're crazy.

So romantic, Marty. That's so cute.

That is really sweet, Marty.

One peep out of you, and Dad's gonna know all about your little order of hooker and coke.

Hey, man, she's not a hooker. Why are we moving?

Wait. Why are we moving? Why are we moving?

Yeah, Why the fuck are we moving there, Captain Malcolm?

Who the fuck is Malcolm?

Who are you?


On a raft?

Yeah. There's lots to check on a yacht.

Gotta be thorough.


What the fuck is going on?

You know, I can... I can just explain this.

Why don't we go upstairs and have a quick little chat?

You know? It's good. It's cool.

Oh, hey, man. Hey, come down here.

Hey, guys! Come on down.

Who the fuck is that?

This guy, he's working on the engine.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, unless you wanna get stranded out here, I suggest you take her back. Let me finish.

We'll only be out here a couple of hours, circle around for a bit.

You fix things there.

I'll double your money.

I don't want your money, kid. Triple.

Fine, whatever you say.

So, are you gonna man up and tell me what the fuck is going on?

Or do I have to figure this out for myself?

I've always wanted to sleep on one of these. They're so comfy.

Who said anything about sleep?


I could think of less romantic settings.

Erm, so, I'm Malcolm, not Marty.

And this was the first night we were meeting in person.

I wanted the night to be special. So I'm sorry that I lied.

Okay. Believe me, it's not the first time.

So, who is Malcolm?

Well, I work on the boat.

Oh, okay. Well, what do you do?

I'm the cook.


Well, um... the appetizers, they looked... delicious. They did.

Oh. Well, I didn't get to try one, so I'm gonna take a little dabble in those appetizers.

I'm gonna have a little sample, and I'll be right back in two minutes.

How's the engine? Fine.

Any problems?

Nothing I can't handle. Trust me, it's complicated.

You're not really a mechanic, are you?

I haven't seen you go near the engines once.

It's a big boat. And like I said, it's... Complicated?

You just don't seem like you should be here.

I shouldn't. We should still be back at the dock.

What about you? How come you're not having fun with all your little friends?

Because they're not my friends.

Apparently, this is Martin Hatfield's yacht.

The CEO of Tridon Biotech.

One of the biggest, shadiest companies in the world.

The merger. Do you watch the news?

Mechanics don't watch the news.

Well, Tridon is merging with Silica, an even bigger, shadier company based here in Vancouver.

The two of them together is like merging every major super-villain to destroy the world.

Come on. Aren't you being a little dramatic?

It's just another business trying to make a buck.

Are you kidding me? They operate on greed.

They cheat. They corrupt. They're ruining our world.

They're destroying the environment.

You basically just described every company.

Pollution, animal testing, GMOs?

That's the way the world works. You'll figure it out one day.

You know, when I was a kid, I used to love to go to this point that overlooked the ocean.

It had an incredible view. Mountains, islands.

My parents would let me wander around looking for starfish or whatever.

There was always seals there.

And every once in a while, if I was really lucky, I would see a pod of killer whales swim by.

One day, my parents bought me a pair of binoculars and took me down to the point.

And I was so excited to see some seals, I just ran from the car straight to my favorite spot.

And that's when I saw the whales.

There was a dozen of them.

Dead on the shore.

Their eyes and organs had been liquefied.

There was blood all over the rocks.

Luckily, I was far enough away, but there was another kid that day who wanted to get a closer look, and he fucking died.

He breathed in the fumes and dropped dead.

The Silica chemical spill.

Do you remember when that was on the news?

Yeah, but I don't remember anything about any whales or a dead kid.

That's right. Because Silica paid everyone off.

The authorities, politicians, the media.

All the families that were there that day, mine included.

The world had no idea what happened.

How many times do you think they've done that?

They're not just a business.

And they need to be exposed.

Your name's Jess, right?


Jess, we're gonna be here for a while.

If you get bored, maybe make your way to the office downstairs.

I'm pretty sure there's stuff in there you might wanna see.

Well, I gotta get back up there.

The engine's that way.



Hey, there.

Nice bikini.

Thanks. There's a bunch of them downstairs. Want one?

I don't think so.

Any luck with Marty?

What? What about the mechanic?

He's a babe.

I don't wanna be here. We're supposed to be hanging out.

You're right. How about this?

Once we leave the yacht, we'll ditch these guys.

And it'll just be you and me. Like old times.

I'd like that.

Great. Until then, yacht time.

Ugh... What?

Uh, we're gonna crash into a fucking island.

Fine. I'll go tell Marty. Don't let it go anywhere.

Hey. What the hell, Lance?

Where's Marty? He went to look for you.

Okay, so he's not gonna be here for a bit.

It's been a while. We should catch up.

Get the fuck away from me.

I'm just looking for Marty. What's the big deal?

Please just go. Thank you. Bye.

You could really get used to this.

I've been on a few of these before.

I get entertained a lot.

Are you a...


No. Why does everybody keep saying that?

I mean, you never know. No, absolutely not.

I feel like I've got conservative makeup on, too.

Everyone's jumping to conclusions.

I found him.

What's up?

Ah, shit.

Hey, girls. Hey.

Sorry to break up your party, but... We're fine.

No, we are drifting close to an island, and we have to go inside.

But I like it here. It's nice. Pretty.

No. Come on, let's go. It's a weird angle.

There we go. Oh, jeez. Thank you.

You know what? I should help... She's fine.

Are you kidding me? Oh, that's perfect.

I want off this boat. And I want off this boat now.

What happened, Marty?

I don't know. Go check the fuses.

Fuses. Where are the fuses?

How should I know?

Where's the maintenance guy?



What the fuck did you do to the engine, man?

You can fix it, right?

Not sure. Wait, seriously?

Oh, my God. Amazing.

Maybe we should radio the Coast Guard.

No! My dad cannot find out about this.

Why? Is he gonna cut off your allowance?

You can't let her talk to you like that, Marty.

All you trust-fund babies are all the same.

Excuse me?

If Marty's dad finds out about this, he'll cut all our dicks off.

Yours too, Christy.

We can radio the salvage yard and get a tug to tow us out.

They'll keep it off the books, if you treat 'em right.

Sounds good, right, Marty? Fine, that works.

No, bad news. Radio's broken. What?

What are you using the radio for, bro? I was trying to call for help.

You don't use the radio, dude. Look, we're wasting time.

Does anyone have a signal?

What if Marty paid you more money to fix it here?

Ten thousand.

Yeah, please. Come on, man. You gotta do something.

Fifteen and no promises.

If I can't fix it by morning, we trigger the emergency beacon. I still get the cash.


Do I get a say in this?

Are you just gonna pay him the $15,000, or is she gonna pay the $15,000?

Hold up, hold up, guys. What's that?

Is that coming from the island? It could be a lighthouse.

Maybe. Some of these islands have marine facilities, cottages.

Could find a radio-generator, maybe even some parts.

Hey, sounds good to me. I'll take the Zodiac, you guys stay here.

I'll be an hour or two, max. If something happens to me, you still have the emergency beacon.

No, no. Why are we listening to this dude?

Who the fuck are you, bro? He's the mechanic.

Oh, he's the mechanic? Marty, why are we doing this?

Why are giving the boat to this guy?

Okay, we'll go, too. Yeah, I got us into this mess.

We'll come with you. I'm coming.

No, no, look... No, you look. I've had enough.

And I don't do this whole stranded thing well.

And I'm going whether you like it or not.

If she's going, I'm going.

Let's get drunk.

You coming along?

I'm gonna stay here and check things out.

Have fun with your little friends.

We should stay in constant communication.

Ten-four, good buddy.

Guys, there's something in the water over there.

It's the ocean, Tina. There's a lot of things in there.


I feel like I should be with Jess.


Dude, she's fine. Unless she wants to join.

You're bad.

I'm the worst.

Oh... Of course.

Lance, I need to check on Jess.

Why? What do you mean, why?

What was that? Ah, who cares?

Come on! Uhh! God.

Anyone's phone working?

Lance, we made it to the island.


You there?


It's Lance. What did you expect?

There's a path. Let's take a look.



Ah, enough of this shit! Come.

Oh, shit!

I saw something.

Look. Over there, over there.

Over there.

I think I see something.

What the hell was that?

Oops, I hit the wrong button.

My bad.

Great call bringing the walkie-talkie, Marty.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Oh, my God.



What are you looking for?


Someone's fucking with us.

What are you doing?

Fucking back! You are not using that.

Watch me!

What the hell?

It's nothing. It's nothing?

It looks like a murder scene.


Come on.

Lance, put that thing away.

What if you shoot Jess?

There's someone else on board.

Jess, you out there?

There's another person on board.

No fucking trespasser!

Lance, you're scaring me.

Come on.

Oh, my God.



What the fuck?

No, no, no.

What is this place?

Is there anything in here we can use?

I don't think so.



What was that? What is this place?

I don't know.

I was just looking to have a little fun. Live a little.

Next thing I know, I'm sitting on a log on a creepy island...

in the middle of nowhere with you.

I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

You're gonna pretend I'm your girlfriend?

Who's pretending?

Oh, fuck.

"Natural selection."


What? You don't see it?

Will you go check it out?



What is it?

I saw something. Hang on.



Oh, my God. What happened here?

Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Look at this.





Time to go.

Hold on. Can't we use any of this stuff?

We're going now!

There's something outside, and I think it got Malcolm.


Let's go. What the fuck was that thing?

Move! Come on!


Help! Jess!

Where are you?

Jess! Nicole?

Jess! Help!





Oh, no. Wait. Hold on.



Hey! Tina!


Oh, my God. What are we gonna do?

We need to get back to the yacht.

No shit.

Why's this happening, Marty?

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

For what? There's something I have to tell you.

It's about me...

and Lance.


It's not my fault. It's not my fault.

Nic? It's not my fault.

It wasn't my fault. Oh, my God!

It wasn't my fault. Lance, what did you do to Nicole?

It wasn't me! It was the fucking creature!

You hear that?


Marty, are you there?


Marty, say something, please.

Please, I'm sorry.

Marty, can you hear me?

We've had a bit of an accident.

He killed her! What?

Lance! He murdered Nicole!

What happened? He shot her with a spear gun!

He fucking killed her!

We have to get out of here now.

That's the plan. Come with me.

Jess, where is he? He's in there.

Go check on him, but hurry!

Wait. Marty? Marty? Stay here!

I didn't murder her, dude. It was a fucking accident.

I didn't even know it was her, man. I was totally fucked up.

She just barged in the room.

I don't know, man. I just need to know that you got my back. All right?

That you're not gonna listen to that bitch, that you're gonna trust me.

Trust you?


Christy told me everything, you piece of shit.

What, that?

Hmm? Dude, she was drunk. I was drunk.

Like, I don't even know if anything happened.

And even if it did, who gives a shit?

Fuck you!

What are we going to do?

We're all gonna get in the Zodiac and get the heck outta here.

I am not going anywhere with Lance. He'll try to kill us!

Jess, he wasn't lying about the fucking creature, or whatever it was!

There was one on the island, too. Oh, my God.

What? Where are Malcolm and Tina?

Oh, my God!

Look. We need to find anything that flashes or glows.

Once we get away from the island, we'll light it up and get rescued.

Okay? Okay. Okay.

I've had enough of your shit!

We don't have time for this shit.

I went into the office, like you said. I opened this book.

There was all these pictures of a creature inside.

Do you think Silica created it? Looks like it.

And after what happened on that island, let's just say I don't support the merger.

I got everything we need to expose these fuckers right here.


Oh, shit.


Oh, my God, Marty.

Is that blood?


Marty, what have you done?


I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Christy! Christy!

One of those things... Argh!

Help! Help!

Help! Over here!

Help us!


Over here! Help!

Help us!


Someone better see this.

Oh, shit.

How many more do we have left? That's it.


I'll hold it off as long as I can.

You gotta swim to the Zodiac.

Brady, you don't have to do this. I know.

Go! Now! Argh!

Oh, my God. Thank you.

There's been some kind of creature, and we were attacked.

What's going on?


We were attacked.

Were either of you bitten? What?

The creature, did it bite... No.

Let her go.

Stop. Stop. What are you doing to me?

Wait. Wait!

Wait. Wait!

Why were we attacked? Jess, it's okay.

Oh, my God. Lance? Lance. What are you doing?

Anyone else?

You understand we can't afford any witnesses.

Tow it and burn it. Wait.

We're on the same side.

I work for Silica.


You work with them? This whole time you knew about the island?

You knew what was gonna happen?

It's not what you think.

What is it, then?

I was hired to retrieve some items valuable to the company.

Obviously, it didn't go as planned.

What items? Research files.

And something that I'm pretty sure is an embryo of one of those things.

Show me.

Only if you let us go.

We'll take the Zodiac.

That is an embryo.

A very special embryo.

You actually believed they'd send you for this and let you live?

No one can know.

Get to the Zodiac!

They're gonna kill us.

Oh, my God! Jess, get to the Zodiac!

Brady! Swim.

We're taking the Zodiac!

Jess. Brady.

Get to the Zodiac! Swim!

Aah! Go! They're in the water!