The Nun (2018) Script

I had a vision in Amityville.

I had a premonition of your death.

We have both seen the same inhuman spirit.

Mom, who's that?

The demon in your painting is real.

Are you certain we're making the right decision?

We have no other choice.

Will the relic truly save us?

Have faith, Sister.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Take it!

This evil needs a vessel to escape.

It will come after you next.

Don't let it have you.

You know what you must do. I can't.

Then not even God can save...

Forgive me, Father, for the sin I'm about to commit.

Forgive me, Lord.

Oh, God.

Father Burke?


So the last time you were here was what night?

Six, seven years ago?

After my time as a chaplain ended in the war, yes.

Well, we appreciate you coming again under such short notice.

Father Burke.


We have received news that a nun has taken her own life at an abbey in the mountains of Romania.

Suicide is a terrible, terrible sin.

But it doesn't strike me as strong enough reason for a reunion.

But the news of it would not bolster our argument to keep with the faith and the Church.

You're not telling me something.

Why do you say that?

Because we're in the Vatican.

Let me put it this way, Father.

In this, albeit, rare instance, we do not believe we're the ones with the secret.

Those are your travel documents and contact information on the man who discovered the nun.

He lives near the abbey in a small village called Biertan.

You will want to talk to him first.

Also in the file is the name of a postulant who can help assist you in your inquiries since it is a cloistered convent and your access will be limited.

She's also familiar with the territory.

I have survived many terrifying encounters.

But nothing could have ever prepared me for this.

My only hope now was that the beast could not smell me.

But then, the wind changed and...

Run for your lives!

Mother Superior says that dinosaurs were never really alive.

God just put their bones here to test our faith.

That seems like a pretty dirty trick, don't you think?

But they're not in the Bible.

Well, do you believe in penguins and koala bears?


They aren't in the Bible either.

The Bible is God's love letter to us, but it doesn't mean that He doesn't want us to ask questions about the wonders of His creation.

But Mother Superior says...

Wait a minute. You've got a little something on your nose.




The Vatican? I'm as surprised as you.

I haven't even taken my vows yet.

Oh, he's aware of that.

He's waiting for you in the garden.

And change into your habit.

This is an official visit.

It shouldn't take more than a few days, at most.

You were recommended for the journey because of your familiarity with the territory.

"The territory"?

Yes. Romania.

I'd never been in that part of the world.


There must've been some mistake.

I apologize if you coming here was a waste of your time.

Oh, no, no. No apology necessary.

Every decision the Vatican makes is with purpose.

I'm sure they had their reasons for selecting you.

What is it?

Mr. Theriault?


Jealous husband or angry father?

I'm sorry, what?

Well, usually it's one of the two when an older man and a young, beautiful, not-so-innocent girl show up on my doorstep at this hour of the morning.

I beg your pardon, Mr. Theriault, but you and I have never met.


Oh. Then perhaps it's time we did.

Call me Frenchie.

Everyone does.

Mr. Theriault, we are here because of the nun you found at the abbey.

How'd you...

Are you priest?

And she is a nun.


Forgive me for my impure thoughts, Sister.

I had no idea.

Never seen a nun out of her vestments.

Not that I'm opposed to it.

Excuse me.

Monsieur Theriault, the abbey.

Is it far?

In matter of distance, no, but it takes time to get to.

If I may ask, why were you there?

I was delivering the quarterly supplies.

Apparently, the abbey has had some kind of arrangement with the village for centuries.

Do you think you could take us there sometime soon?

I don't think so, Father.

Is there someone else in the village, then?

Everyone in this village pretend like the abbey doesn't exist.

Even talking about it might get you in trouble.

It's settled, then. You will take us.

With all due respect, Father, I...

Please, Frenchie.

You took a plane from Rome, a bus from Bucharest.

Now, my friends, you're in the Dark Ages.

In the backwoods of Romania.

Now, you travel by horse.

Where are your things?

"The postman's charge."

Ten letters with an "L."


You have a knack for this, Sister.

What brings a Frenchman to the countryside of Romania?

Actually, I'm French-Canadian, but don't tell anyone.

Doesn't sound as romantic.

I came here looking for gold but when I met the people here, I just knew this was the place I was meant to be.

Wanted to help them. Any way I could.

That's very noble of you.

I know.

Tell me, Sister, how long have you been a nun?

I'm not a nun yet. I'm still just a novitiate.

You still haven't taken your temporary vows?


I didn't think there was anything temporary about being a nun.

Temporary vows would help prepare me for a life of total consecration.

"Would," Sister? Or "will"?


What happened?

Everything all right?

We walk the rest of the way.

The horse won't go any further.

Maybe you should get a new horse.

Well, it's not the horse, Father.

It's what lies ahead. He's scared.

The locals say it's a cursed place and the horse agrees.

If I may ask, Father, why is it the Church sends you on such tasks?

The Church reaches out to me when it needs an investigation into unusual phenomenon associated with Catholicism.

Unofficially, they call it "miracle hunting."

I thought we were here because of a suicide.

We are, but it's only part of our investigation.

I also have orders from the Vatican to determine if the grounds are still... holy.

Well, I can give you my opinion on that now, Father.

A result of the war?

Bombing raids, yes.

I've heard stories of how the ground shook for days after them.

I've tried to find more information on the castle itself, but there's no record of it in the village.

And the locals only spit when it's mentioned.

"Spit"? Yeah, to ward off evil.

It's an old and silly superstition.

And if you ask me, these crosses that surround the abbey they keep the evil in, not out.

Did you try to contact someone inside when you found the nun?

I did. No one responded.

But then again, in the two years I've been delivering supplies, she was the first one I'd seen.

Frenchie, when you found the nun, what did you do?

I moved it to protect the body from the elements.

Where did you move it to, son?

The icehouse.

It's where I leave my deliveries.

When I found the sister, I thought maybe moving her in here would help preserve her.


I should tell you one more thing, Father.


That's not how I left her.

What do you mean?

She was laying down when I left her here.

Not like that, sitting up.

There have been cases of bodies twitching or sitting up, not long after death.

Yeah, but, Father, who knows how long she was dead when I found her?

You're not helping.


Father, what is it?

It seems to be a key of some kind.

That's the door the nuns would enter from to retrieve the supplies.

So they wouldn't have to leave the castle.

We should give her a proper burial.

It was common practice during the plague.

When people feared to be buried alive.

If you were unfortunate enough for it to happen, you could ring the bell to let those above ground know they have made a mistake.

I think being here is a mistake.

That's where I found her.

How is that possible? It's been weeks.

I told you. This place is...

What's the opposite of a miracle, Father?


Please excuse us for our unannounced arrival.


What is it you want?

I'm Father Anthony Burke.

This is Sister Irene.

Are you the Reverend Mother?

I am.

You haven't taken your vows yet.



Please... Why are you here, Father?

We come on behalf of Rome, to inquire about the recent death in your convent.

"Recent death"?

One of your nuns.

I found her outside. Hanged from the neck.

Would you allow us a moment, please?

You should leave with him.

Are you saying you weren't aware of the recent passing of the nun?

Rome is concerned about the safety and well-being of your cloister.

I'd like to speak with the sisters so I can offer my assurances to the Church.

I can offer the assurance you seek.

I'm afraid that won't suffice.

They will just send more, and, uh, perhaps less diplomatic, church officials.

Yes, Father.

However, the gate will be closing shortly as we are about to take our vespers.

Followed by the Great Silence which ends midmorning.

Come back tomorrow and you will find the answers you seek.

There is lodging in the convent.

You may stay there.

Thank you.

Why could you not talk to the sisters now?

Why must it wait till morning?

The sisters take a vow of silence from sunset to sunrise that must be respected.

You should begin heading back yourself.

I imagine you don't want to be caught on those roads when night falls.

Better the roads than here, Father.

We'll be fine, son. Come back in a few days.

That should give us enough time to get what we need.

Yes, Father.




I'll take that.


All right.

Father? Hmm?

You mentioned "miracle hunting" before.

Is that...

Is that a role you sought out?


God, no.

I'm a part of a small select few the Church relies on to

look into their more unusual matters.

So, you know Bishop Forne?

How do you...

Because he helped me when I was younger.

I had a series of visions when I was a girl.

My father believed I was mentally unstable.

Or worse, a liar.

But word of my visions reached the Church.

Cardinal Conroy, specifically.

And he sent Bishop Forne to meet with me.

What were your visions?

There were many.

Never the same one repeated.

But after each one ended, the same thought would be stuck in my head.

Which was... what?

"Mary points the way."

What is it, Father?

I was thinking of a similar incident I encountered in France. During the war.

I was stationed there. Near Lyon.

I was told to investigate a boy with visions.

But, unlike your case, after what I believe was careful evaluation...

I made the judgment he was possessed, and proceeded to act accordingly within the laws of the Church.

My God. Daniel...

What have they done to you?

Was it a success?

The Church thought so.

They believed the evil was cast out.

But not you.

Most Glorious Prince of the Heavenly Armies, Saint Michael, the archangel...

Help me, Father!

Come to the assistance of Daniel, whom God has made in His likeness!

Behold the Cross of the Lord!

Why won't you help me?

Ye hostile forces!

Daniel sustained severe injuries during the exorcism.

Ones from which he could not recover.

Daniel, I'm so sorry.

He died days later.

I often wonder if I was too eager with my determination.

That is a puzzle.




Wait! No! Help!

Help! No!



Help! Sister Irene! Help!

Father! Father?




Help me!

Father? Sister?

Sister Irene! Father, I can hear you!

I'm right here!

Oh, thank God. Thank you.


Wait! Wait!

Thank you. Thank you, Sister.

How did you get in there? The ground was covered.

There is a powerful evil presence in this place.

Maybe those books will help shine a light on our answer.

There's more of it.

How is that possible?

Another puzzle.


As requested, we are here to speak with the nuns.

It seems like that's as much as an invitation as we'll get.

I'll go find the Abbess.

Take this.

See what you can find out about it.

It was obviously important to the deceased.

Sister. Be careful, please.

I will, Father.





We mustn't stop praying, even for a second.

This convent has had perpetual adoration for centuries.

The sisters pray in shifts to maintain a constant vigil.

I am so sorry to have disturbed her.

Sister Ruth has withstood more than just someone sneaking up behind her.

I'm Sister Oana. We were told you were coming.

Please, follow me.


Another round.

I told Luca it was on the house.

Why did she cover the mirror?

It's tradition here when someone dies.

You cover the mirror, so the deceased doesn't see their reflection and become a ghost.

Someone died?

You didn't hear? Luca's daughter committed suicide.

I can't believe it. She was just a kid.

Twelve years old. Hanged herself in his barn.

Hanged herself? Why?

Why did Addi Constantine's crop turn to dust?

Why was little Stefan struck blind?

It is that place. The abbey.

Whatever evil is up there, it's leaking out, poisoning us.

And that, uh, couple you took up there yesterday.

Who were they? Priest and a nun.

Are they still up there?

Yeah. Pick them up tomorrow.

You recently discovered a body up there, didn't you?

Yeah, Grigore, yeah.

Well, I believe you're about to discover two more.

And out of the ground formed every beast of the field and every bird of the sky.

And whatever the man called the demon creature, that was its name.


The Defiler.

The Profane.

The Marquis of Snakes.


Sister Irene!

Sister Victoria's death was a terrible tragedy for the convent, but we still feel her presence.

She was the most devoted out of any of us.

Excuse me, Sister.

Sister Vic...

Forgive us, we're highly protective of our privacy.

Some of the sisters would prefer I not speak to you at all.

We appreciate your willingness to do so.

Sister Oana, can you tell me about the history of this abbey?

It was built by a duke in the Dark Ages.

The Duke of Saint Carta.

He wrote countless texts on witchcraft and rituals, in which to call upon the forces of hell.

Hell used him to open a gateway so that an unspeakable evil would walk amongst us.

But the Church stormed the castle.

They sealed the gateway using an ancient relic containing the blood of Jesus Christ.

The Church claimed the castle for their own and our perpetual praying began to secure the abbey and contain the evil.

For centuries it worked and evil was kept at bay until the bombs of war shook the abbey and evil found another way to open the gateway.

Sister Oana, last night in the chapel, I saw a nun.

She was... She felt anything but holy.

Do you see her, too?

I've seen her stalking the hallways at night.

We all have.

She looks like us, but she's not one of us.

It's something unholy.

It takes on different forms to deceive us and prey on our weaknesses.

It appears as a nun so it can hide among our cloister until it can corrupt us all.

I fear her presence means the portal has opened again.

It made Sister Victoria commit the ultimate sin.

Sister Oana.

Sister Ruth is nearly finished with her prayers.

It's time you attend to yours.

Yes, Sister.

You haven't taken your vows yet?


Then this is not a place for you.

You need to leave now. She can't.

The gates have closed.

You must stay until they open again.

When do they open?

Sunrise. You must stay the night.

Sister Irene.

Good night, Sister.

Sister, wait.


Sister Victoria had this in her possession when she died.

Do you happen to know what it's for?


Now, please, I must go pray.

Where are you?

You won't find another way in, Father.


What is it that concerns you?

I'm afraid there's something very wrong with this place, Abbess.

Like many places in this world, the abbey has a long history.

Not all good but we repent.

That nun, I found her clutching the key in her hands.

What does it open, Abbess?

It's too late, Father.

Sister Irene is lost.



Sister Irene.

Mary points the way.

Mary points the way.

Mary points the way.

Who are you?

God save you.

Sister, please come.

Sister Oana?

Oh, God.


The evil grows stronger.

Get your things and meet me in the chapel, Sister.

Only prayer will get us through the night.

Go. Leave.



Sister Oana?

How long have I been dead, Father?

How long?


I'm sorry.

Why won't you help me?

We need to pray, now.

And whatever happens, whatever you may see or hear, keep your eyes forward and don't stop praying.

That's the door the nuns would enter from to retrieve the supplies.

So they wouldn't have to leave the castle.

No, no.

Holy mother of God.


Thought you could use some help.

Thank you.

But please, by all means, next time, do use the shotgun.

Well, I'm saving that for emergencies, Father.


Sister Irene!

Father Burke.

It's Father Burke. He will help us.


Sister Irene!

Oh, thank God, Father.

Are you all right, Sister?


What happened?

We, we've been praying, all of us together.

Perpetual adoration, it's the only thing that's been holding back the evil.

Who's been praying?

All of us. The other nuns.

They were here.

They were praying when we were attacked.

The nuns tried to warn me.


They felt so real.

There's no one left.

We have our answer, Father.

As if there was any doubt before, this place is no longer holy.

Oh, Father. Lord Jesus...

Father, what do we do?

Get my bag, Sister! Hand me the cross!

Put some holy water on it. Here, hurry!

Please, Father, hurry!

Hold it down! Cover its face!

I cast out the demon in you, in the name of God the Father Almighty!

And the power of the holy spirit, I ask this in the name of our Father, Jesus Christ, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead, and the world of fire!

That felt like an emergency.

We're too late.

The evil is free.


For the demon to enter our world, it must possess a human soul.

Sister Victoria must have been the last nun in this cloister.

You know what you must do.

I can't.

Then not even God can save...

It wasn't suicide.

It was a sacrifice,

so the evil wouldn't take her soul.

I did not understand a word you just said, but, uh...

Sounds like your investigation's complete.

So, let's get outta here.

We can't just leave.

Oh, come on. Why the hell not?

We have to seal the gateway, to contain the evil.

The gateway is in the catacombs.

But we can't close it without the relic. The blood of Christ.

"Christ." Jesus Christ?

Did the sisters tell you where it is?

The Abbess was found dead in the tunnel to the catacombs.

I think I know where that tunnel is.

Good. Then, that's where we look first.

But, Father, before we do,

I'd like to take my vows.

Are you certain?

My visions.

I now know they are a miracle of God.

And I am ready to commit my life to Him.

Now, that, Sister, is a noble act.

It's a shame, but...

By the authority entrusted to me, and in the name of the Church, I receive the vows you have taken.

I earnestly commend you to God.

That your gift of self, is made one with the sacrifice of the Eucharist.

And might be brought to perfection.

May the love of God unite you forever and ever.

Well, there's nothing here.

There has to be.

They told me this key unlocks a door to the relic.

That could be anywhere in the castle.

It is here. Don't you see it, Sister?


Mary points the way.

The blood of Christ.

Holy shit.

The holiest.

Only a true bride of Christ can wield something so sacred.


What is it?

Shouldn't we say a prayer or something, first?

There's a time for prayer, and a time for action, son.

Now is the time for action.

Also still feels like a time for prayer as well, Father.

"Finit hic, Deo." God ends here.

We need to search everywhere to find the gateway.

Sister Irene, this way.


Sister Irene!



Lord Jesus, in your Holy Name, I bind all evil spirits to this fire!

Protect us from evil with your holy light!

Frenchie. Help me.

Of course.


You failed.

Just as you have failed everyone in your life.

Tomorrow, a village will be missing its idiot.

You should've kept running when you had the chance, Frenchman.

I am French-Canadian.





Sister Irene!

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

No, no, no, no, no!

Come on.


I hope you don't mind.

It's called "the kiss of life."

It's just called that way. It's just, it's not really...

Frenchie, what's your real name?


Thank you for saving my life, Maurice.

You're welcome.

We should get going.

Into your hands, O Lord, we humbly deliver your servants.

The nuns of Saint Carta.

They served you in this life with strength and faith.

Deliver them now from every evil.

And let them live with you in perfect grace, forever.


Thought this ground wasn't holy anymore.

It is now.

Will you stay on in Biertan?

Oh, I think I've had my fill of Romania.

My father was a tomato farmer.

Maybe I'll try that for a while.

Sounds a little boring for a world traveler like you.

Certainly hope so.

An exorcism can be very dangerous.

Not only for the victim, but for anyone in the room.

Take Maurice Theriault, his friends called him Frenchie.

He was a French-Canadian farmer.

Nothing more than a third grade education.

Yet, after he was possessed...

...spoke some of the best Latin I'd ever heard.

And like that, an upside-down cross started to appear from within his body.

Which brings me to the three stages of demonic activity.

Infestation, oppression, and possession.