The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale (2019) Script

A group of patients are reporting mysterious side effects of a diabetic medicine called, NoInsulin by Human In Bio, which was released last month.

Prosecution will investigate...

A whistleblower came forward to accuse Human In Bio of illegal human clinical trials...

Next up, a former Seoul Univ. professor supposedly gave Human In Bio favorable research results, as political lobby allegations...

There has been a report of Human In Bio baiting vagrants, and college students into conducting clinical trials for the past 10 years.

An online commentator is mocking Human In Bio as Human In Virus.

(Frequent accidents)

(JUNG Jae-young)

(KIM Nam-gil)

(UM Ji-won)

(LEE Soo-kyung)

(JUNG Ga-ram)

(and PARK In-hwan)

Who's that?

What the...

What are you doing?

You okay?

That could've been bad!

Just 10cm over and you would've met Jesus!

Good thing I was passing through, you're in luck!

Just hold on a sec, okay?

(Directed by LEE Min-jae)

(Town of Poongsan)

(The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale)

(Gas Station)


Nice, eh?

(Invoice: $1,400)

Since we're in the boonies, it was hard to get the parts. I barely managed to do it.

You see? They're all genuine parts.

I fixed it real good with genuine parts. so about 10 years?

Nah, you're good for 20 years or more.

Sir, this is quite pricey.

Don't know about that, you should ask her.

You were so lucky I was driving through there.

By the way, since you're a special customer, I gave you a free air freshener.

It smells nice, eh? What's he saying...

Baby! Let's go!

Okay, okay.


We don't accept cards.

Who carries around cash these days?

Then pick up the car next time.

Ma'am, how much? Take this.

Baby, hold on.

It's $1,400.

Who are you trying to scam?

Are you even licensed?

You killed it again?

Who did you take after?

Why can't they last a month?

Don't bother the neighbors, go bury it properly!

So, should I remove the parts?

Where's my hammer? Let's take it apart.

Let go, I'm taking them back.

Get my hammer!

Here, take it.

It's so well built it won't come off.

Good bye, take care.


Drive safe.

See you again!

Hye-gul's the deal closer.

Her timing's perfect! Just when I needed her.

Touch it and you're dead.

It should be illegal for someone preggers to talk like that.

Are we not celebrating this rare gig?

No meat or anything?

I'm so sick of it, she's practically a vegetarian.

He's getting remarried, huh?

He's too old for that.

Did you catch a cold?

Don't even mention it.

I feel bad for Yang-soon.

She's got to take care of her young mother-in-law.

I wouldn't do it.

I wouldn't want to live.

Who's that? Who knows.

Drunks should sleep it off.

I've had it with my hubby.

What? You couldn't get enough of him.

When did I?

When you were a virgin.

Who knew he'd turn into a horndog when drunk.


Nice, good job.

You hobo punk! Eat this and piss off!

He's a hobo! A dirty hobo!

If he catches you, you're a hobo too!

Min-ji, run!

Eat this! Bro, hurry!

Get away! Idiot!

Here I go!

I lost again!

You won't go to Hawaii at this rate.

What the...

You got a wig?

I'm a groom after all.

What a hottie.

What is it?

Your bride?

Youthfulness is great.

Isn't she?

So nice and firm.

Man-duk, come take a...

Why is that mutt barking so loud?

Out of the way!

What's with him?

Get the hell away!

You bastard! Wait till I get my hands on you!

I've had it...

What a shitty day.

Who are you?

What are you doing?

You perverted scumbag!

Get out, come on!

Come out!

Right this second!

What's with this prick's eyes?

Look at this idiot!

How dare you look at me like that!

You disrespectful brat! Take this!

What was that?

Get that scum! Get him!

What happened?



Not again!

Is something going on?

Stupid hill...

Was it always this far?

I'm so frigging tired...

Stupid boonies...

Hey Girl!

It's your bro...

Who is that?

Oh, hi Min-gul!

What's with him?

I don't know, just run!


What in the world...

I can't look...

What happened? Is he dead?

He's moving.


He's not dead.

You there!

Are you okay?

You okay?

I didn't mean to hit you back there!

Say something, buddy.

You're the one who hit him.

He's fine. When did you arrive?

Just now.

My brakes are busted!

My truck's brakes!

I always meant to fix them...

Where is he going?

Where are you going?

He must've hit his head.

Made in USA.

It's American-made, your favorite.

That's not important right now.

What if that guy comes back pretending to be injured?

How would he know where to find you?

How many tow truck drivers are there in this town?

It's just me.

Like he had a chance to look, you took him out in a flash.

I didn't take out anything, don't say that.

Don't go around saying that.

You prick...

I was kidding!

It was self-defense anyway.

That pervert was going to rape Hye-gul.




Are you okay?

Some hobo was chasing me, but Jun-gul blew him away.

I didn't blow anyone away!

It's not like he was a bomb!

It was nothing at all, not a damn thing.

Don't get stressed over it.

What's that?

Father, are you okay?


Did he get into a fight while playing cards again?

He got bit by a dog.

It wasn't a damn dog!

Just wait till I catch that prick.

I'll bite him back, I swear to god!

I gave him a shot, so he'll be fine.

If he gets a fever, give me a call.

Thanks. Take care.

How dare he bite me, I'm Park Man-duk!

What's happening?

Nothing's changed.

Hey! Someone take care of that mutt!

So nice, that's where I should be.

You always begged me to go to Hawaii, what was the rush?

Wait a bit, it's almost ready.

Summer's over, but why's it so hot?

Why am I sweating so much?

How can they fire me with a text?

(You are dismissed effective immediately)

Lame ducks.

Who's there?

Who the hell are you?

Hye-gul, what are you doing in the dark?


You punk!

There you are!

Min-gul! Wake up!


You stupid punk! Take this!


Out of the way!

Can't I just sleep?

What's all the commotion? Can't you see it's late?

What are you all looking at?


Who... killed him?

Jun-gul? No, no...


Jun-gul kicked him!

Why did you fly kick him?

No, I, uh, I didn't mean to...

Why is bad things keep happening?

He's moving! He's alive!

It's him from before, right?

Yeah, it's him!

What? Who is he?

I don't know.

That guy who was blown away by Jun-gul's truck.

Is he here for revenge?

It's him, the guy who bit my head.

I thought a dog bit you.

I told you it wasn't a dog!

How did he know where we live?

That's not important, do something about him!

I did everything I can, he's immortal!

Do something.

Yeah! He's that thing!

What thing?

Come on, follow me!

What is it?



What'll happen to me?


What should we do?

(Zombie virus)

(The Living Dead: Is The Zombie Virus Real?)

Incubation period...

Let's eat.

The living must go on living.

Are you a pig?

Father's on the brink of death.

You call yourself his daughter?

How can you eat in this situation?

Eat mine too, it looks delicious.

Don't eat it then.

I won't.

Go sleep it off! I don't want to.

So childish.

Look who's talking.

Didn't you see?

Those bitten by a zombie turn right away.

Take dad to the hospital.

He was bitten by a dog.

Do you even use your brain?

You ignorant idiots.

It's called an 'incubation period.' Do you understand?

(Zombie Survival Guide)

'Hardcolo human H349-N virus.'

In layman's terms, it's known as 'zombie virus.'

When this virus enters the body, it mutates the DNA.

Wait a minute.

I know what that is, it's in tuna, it makes you smart.

That's DHA, this is DNA.

Continue. It's different?

Once bitten, the virus spreads all over the body via blood vessels.

And the body temperature and blood pressure rises.

Convulsions are next.

Imperceptible at first, then they intensify, and it looks like a seizure.

Look at this idiot.

Then very slowly...

The soul escapes the body.

Very slowly...


You almost startled my kid to death.

Are you okay?

Goddamn scum.

Okay, listen carefully.

This is very important.


It comes back to life.

In an immortal body, it's brought back to life.

Like resurrection?

Do you go to church nowadays?

It's very different.

They lack souls, only instincts remain.

Especially their appetite.

They'll bite anything, viciously.

Here's a question, what do they like the best?

Human brain.

They'll chomp on anything.

What the hell?

So what's the takeaway?

We have to kill it.

You unfilial scum!

We really have to kill it!

It's not our dad anymore!

Your petty affection will get us all killed!

Shut the hell up!

Stop saying nonsense and just go home!

Look, I researched all night at the internet café!

A famous Russian geneticist extracted rabies from a dog...

Get it out of my face!

Listen to me! We could all die!

Nam-ju, for the sake of the baby...

How are you feeling?

Die, you zombie creep!

Stop right there!

You piece of shit!

Piss off!

I told you, it's not our father!

Don't ever come back, you savage bastard!

What's your name?

At least have the decency to answer me!

Can't you talk?

(Ho-dong and Ho-soon)


I'll be back later, stay right here.

Got it, Zzongbie?


Nam-ju, he must be vegetarian.

That's his third cabbage.


Could you step outside for a bit?

I don't know what you are, but this is the only way for us to live.

Go exercise.


Man-duk, please help me!

My wedding is in two days!


Please, what did you eat?


Wild ginseng?

He pisses like a young man!

Like hell I had wild ginseng.

I've always been strong!

No way, just look at your face!

You've become so young!

Let me see.

But how?

You cutie pie!

It was you, right?

You did this to me?

What a cutie! It was you!

My life is finally turning around before I die!

I'm so happy! This is incredible!

Look at him.

The virus is spreading all over its brain.

It must be eliminated before it's too late.

I'll eliminate you! Come here!

Come here, buddy! It's not our dad!


Are you in there?

That idiot...

Where did he go?

Wait a minute...

Is he inside?

Hey, Wig, what are you doing over there?

Go away.

Something's here, right?


We don't have long to live anyway.

Let me be a good husband to a young bride before I die.

How much? This much?


Come on, I come from an orchard family.

Then $100? That's it?

How much is a plane ticket to Hawaii?

I'm taking pity on you, so come quietly.

Okay, okay. Don't tell the others, alright?

Did something really happen yesterday?

Now that I look at it, your bite mark is gone.

'I love you,' I love you.

'I'm sorry,' I'm sorry.

'I'm hungry,' I'm hungry.

'How much, how much, how much'...

How much?



Don't we deserve to be young too?

That's right.

We're not going to lie down and just die.

Let's do it together.

That mouth of yours.

So you hid it in here?

Shut it, just know that it's your lucky day!

Eh? Where did he go?

Yo, Kim! Have you been well?

Didn't you say your team was researching Viagra?

What happened to it?

That's right, rascal, you're so damn lucky!

I'm heading up with an amazing specimen.

Yeah, I'll call you when I get there.

You were speeding, may I see your license?

What the hell for?

Jun-gul, you got a call?


You're doing great work around the clock.

Look who it is, it's Min-gul!

Have you been well?

Yes, of course.

Where's your brother? Are you helping out?

Come on now.

It's a nice day, I'm out on a drive.

With this truck?

What's wrong with this?

Indeed, it's got four wheels.

When did you come home?

A couple of days ago.

Why didn't you come say hello first?

Are you ignoring your old friends?

Like hell! Me?

Why would I ignore you?

You're still an bastard.

The day one changes is the day one dies.

All right, have a good drive.

See you.

Officer Choi, what are you doing? Let's go, I'm hungry.


What was that?


Officer Park! Look!

What's this? Dammit!

Stop right there! Officer Choi! Hey!

I was a human rights movement leader in college.

This is uncalled for in a democratic nation!

Uncuff me!

You got no right to bark, uncross your feet!

Beating him up wasn't enough, were you going to bury him?

Bury him? Jesus!

I'll tell you everything, all right?

Uncuff me, it hurts like hell.

He's right, chief.

Min-gul is not the type.

Buddy! Tell chief the truth right this second!

Bullshit, look at his face, is that a face of a man?

His face was always like that!

Shut the hell up!

Choi, why haven't you removed the tape?

Don't remove the tape, just don't!

If you do, we're all dead!

Holy shit!

It's all gone?

You bastard! No, I didn't do this!

I really didn't, say something!

Tell them I didn't do this!

He's acting, give him an Oscar.

I've had it with you!

You beat him so much that he's drooling all over.

Choi, lock this bastard up.

Chief, please! I'll tell you everything.

The cat's out of the bag, I'll tell you everything...

Come close.


He's... not a human.

He's not, he's a corpse.

Ever heard of the walking dead? It's a zombie.

Lock the door. Yes, sir!

I'm going to kill him today.

You're so dead!

Chief! Don't get all worked up!

Who was it?

Who kidnapped my baby?

Father? Hello, sir.

Park! Zzongbie!

Yeah, Jongbie, he's my youngest son!

Pardon? What?


Your son is right here.

Chief Oh.

Don't get involved in our family affairs.

Go! Take him outside!

Let's go Zzongbie.

What the hell's going on here?

Hye-gul, I did it all for you...

Hey, come back!

One moment!

Take care. What about Min-gul?

Leave him?

Father, take me with you.

What are you doing? Move out of the way!

Just go!

I have a brother I never knew I had.

Uncuff me.


So you mean, your bite mark...

Anyway, I'm flying out to Hawaii, so the rest is up to you.

Stop saying that, we'll get you a ticket soon!


When he flies out, I'm taking that boy!


Why are you taking him?


What's wrong? Are you sick of it?

If anyone even comes close to the farm, I'll kill you.

Got it?

You're going to profit off of him by yourself?

I heard you chatting with Mr. Lee behind the farm!

Good, I knew we were alike.

He's mine!

So long as he lives here, he's mine!

Finders, keepers!

I'm the finder too, you see my head?

Once he enters this house, he's a shared asset!

Where are your teeth?

Who did this?

If you're going to cause trouble, pack up and head home!

Why are you all on my ass?

Father and Nam-ju messed with him too, so why me?

You bastard!

Are you okay?

I didn't mean to hit you...

Forget it, don't touch me!

You idiot!

You think I'm doing this because of Hawaii?

You may be guilty of being born as my sons, but why does your wife deserve this?

Jun-gul, you idiot.

Will you raise your child in this dusty shithole?

Will you?

Let's bring back this gas station!

I won't live very long.

What's mine is also yours.

Who was it? Who pulled out his teeth?

Oh my, oh my!

Who was it?

Who did this?

It wasn't me.

It's all over...

This isn't all bad, I'll take him.


Why don't you go to Hawaii and get some rest?

I'll buy you a new house too.




This is a bit unnerving...

You go first.

Me? Yeah.

You should go first.

I said you go first!

Come on!

Not going to do it? The sun will rise at this rate!

Just do it.

Out of the way, you pricks!

I'll go first!

Is it working?

Just wait a bit.

Buddy, what's wrong?

It's meat, your favorite.

This isn't some child's play, what's the point?

Eat up.

You're going to kill me! Stop it!

He's laughing!

You're leaving? Bye!

One! Two! Three!

Allow me!

Put it down.

Isn't that Mr. Snail?

Is it Jackpot? Is he coming?

What is it?

What's going on?

It's all gone.

(I'm leaving)

Let's go quietly.

Hey Girl! I'll make a ton of money!


Where are you going?

I'm going to eradicate...

the seeds of the Park family.

You ignorant housewife! Get back here!

You got it all wrong! Stop right there!

What a messed up family.

I just wanted to check!

What happened?

Are you deaf?


Father, did you give him money?

You moron, nothing's free!


Let's go!

Come on!

Zzongbie, be careful, you'll trip!

You like it that much?

Say it after me, Hye-gul.

Not like that.


Are you really a zombie?

No more cabbage until you say it right.

Feels like I'm born again Everything about me has changed After meeting you I've become a new person My mother is surprised the most

As soon as I wake up in the morning I play the song you recommended For some reason, I really like it even though I can't remember the title...

Goddamn idiot! How dare you!

Who were you going to bite, huh?

Are you okay? Did he bite you?

Let me see you.

Your face is red!

Stop it! It's just hot!

You bastard!

Go away, piss off, scum!

This is all your fault.

None of this would've happened if you didn't show up.

My father wouldn't have left...


The source of all our trouble...

Not that, the men!


Where's that mob going?

Please! Calm down and listen to me!

My poor sister-in-law...

You lived with a nasty father-in-law, and an incompetent husband, a life full of hardships, no?

And Hye-gul, she never got to see her mom, do you know what my wish is?

For our family to live proudly!

I heard that story yesterday too.

What do you want me to do?

What is it?

Who's that?

Isn't that Jun-gul?

What's he saying?

(W-E A-R-E S-C-R-E-W-E-D!)



We're so screwed!

Shut the windows and draw the curtains!


Are you inside? Come on out.

This is because we scammed the villagers with father...

I knew this'd happen!

I told you I'd take him!

Shut the hell up!

They can hear us, you stupid moron!

Hey, Park Jun-gul!

If you're inside, come outside for a bit!

The elders told us everything!

Come on out!

Who brought that scumbag?

Come forward and redeem yourself!

We saw you run inside!

Boys! Come on out!

I brought so many customers!

Jun-gul, I want to have a kid too!

Move aside!

I'll pay double, do me first!

Line up!

Feels like I'm born again Everything about me has changed After meeting you I've become a new person...

Line up!

There's no refund, if you lose your ticket!

Show me your ticket, one at a time please.

I'll give you another.

Not here, line up over there!

Go over there!

Nice, eh?

Hey, Hye-gul.

Am I straight?

Alright, come on!

Come on! Come on!


It was my idea.

It's your home.

Zzongbie, look over here.

I don't even look at pretty girls in the subway anymore In a few stops, you'll be there My reflection in the window smiles back at me...

Your boyfriend is a hottie.

No! He's not my boyfriend.

Why is his face so pale?

Stay still.

Hey, look over there.

What is it?

Is he a celebrity?

He's hot. Is he new?

I know, right? You know him?

Nope. I've never seen him before.

Who's the chicken head in front of him?

What the hell?

What's she doing?

Eat up.

Let's get a move on!

Give that a rest, you'll lose the kid!

Buddy! Do the other side too!

He's been cleaning that spot for an hour.

[VIU Ver] '기묘한 가족 / The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale' -♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

(Poongsan Gas Station)

Are you crying?

I'm not crying...

I got something in my eye.

Your eyes are red...

To commemorate our reopening after the 10-year break, let's all take a photo.

All right, smile, everyone.

Get over here!

One, two, three!

My god, this is delicious!

I wish everyday was like today!

That's my only wish!

By the way, why is he here?

We decided to eat together from today.

Like a family, we got to eat together.

Of course, that's what being a family is like.

Eat together, shit together and sleep together.

Like hell.

When I first saw him, I got this feeling, eh? Think about it.

Of all the houses in this village, he came to ours.

Is that a coincidence? No, it's fate.

Complete fate.

Have a drink.

You must've been feeling rough, take a drink like a man and wash all that away.

And call me 'brother.'


He's just a kid!

He is? Just look at him.

Zzongbie, try this.

Hey Girl!

Why is your face turning red?

No way. It's so red!

I'm sitting in front of the fire!

What has that got to do with anything?

I'm in front of the fire, it's really hot!

That makes your face red?

Will it go blue, then? What?

She's so red!

It's really hot in front of the fire!

But why is your face red?

Do I look like someone who'll rot in the boonies?

Just get my money ready.

Let me ask you something, for that examination, it's just a simple checkup, right?

No need for autopsy or anything.


I'm certain it's not human.

I wasn't fired!

A man must dream big!

Drive a Mercedes, fly out to Saipan.

He's still at it?

Let him be, he's CSI now.

TV ruins kids nowadays.

So very hygienic, brush over there.

Sorry, sir.

Chief! Take a look at this!

The Parks were acting weird, so I took Park Jongbie's fingerprints.

Take a look!

Korean adult male. Not in the database.

Or he was never registered in the first place.

Should I report it to the HQ?

Do your damn job.


Buddy, I don't know how things are done in Seoul, but this happens from time to time here.

When a baby is born weird, he's not registered, and when he's got a debt, he gets his own death certificate.

He did feel a bit weird, eh?

More than just a bit.

Bride and groom, enter!

Jun-gul, hey! Good to see you.

Hello there.

The entire village is so upbeat thanks to you.

Take a look! We didn't do much.

Oh yeah, take this.

We're reopening, help us out.

What's this?

Then you're not doing this anymore?

Cows need grass, this is our business.

Take care.

Why is it so damn hot in here?

Is the AC on?

The summer's long over...

Let me get some air too!

It's so hot!


Isn't my mom pretty?

Do you know what the villagers call me?

Mommy killer'.

She died while giving birth to me.

But I think I am, too.

That's why I'm sorry to my brothers, and even more to dad.

If I didn't exist...


Hey buddy!

Take a trip to Seoul with me.


Where did he go?

Run away if you see any people.

Stay away from everyone, you hear me?

Don't make that weird sound too!

Keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine.

Don't you forget it!

Even if someone attacks you, don't try to fight.

Don't start a fight or get beaten up either!

Got it?

See this? Use it like this.

Bye, Zzongbie.


Don't follow me!

Stop following me!



Where are you?



Meet good people,

not people like us.

To Seoul, two tickets for the next bus.

Don't run, boys!


I'll go buy us some drinks, so stay right here.

There are really bad men around.

I'll be right back!

Check out please!

I'll just leave it here!

You may kiss the bride.

This is Poongsan Police.

Where? Bus terminal?

A fight broke out?

What in the world...

You rascal, I knew this'd happen...

Get back! Go away!

I'm not delicious! Go away!

Out of the way! Don't touch me!

I'm going to go!

Don't come back if you're not going to buy...

You shouldn't be eating black bean noodles!

You've got to eat healthy, you understand?


Zzongbie, why are you back...


Hye-gul! Hye-gul!

We brought a load of food just for you!

Jun-gul! Help!

So much delicious food, what's wrong?

Hye-gul, what's wrong?

Isn't that Choon-sam?

Are you drunk in broad daylight?

Did you get into a drunken fight again?

That's good, have another drink with me.

Don't go, he's weird!

How come?

What was that for?

He was running at me.

What? Do you enjoy hitting people now?

It was reflex!

Are you okay?

Don't move! Put your hands up!

You are all under arrest for assault and attempted murder!

Drop everything and put your hands up!

Officer Choi, I think there's some misunderstanding...

Shut your mouth!

How many have you killed in this remote garage?

What are you talking about?

Shut up!

Where's Mr. Park Jongbie?

Zzong... Where is he? Is he inside?

Have you killed him like the others?

Officer Choi, you're talking out of your ass!

Shut up!

Are you okay, sir? You okay?

Are you all right?

Come over here! Your nose...

You're in danger, come over here!

His nose is messed up...

Why is his nose so messed up?

Stay behind me!

They're heinous criminals!

I'll arrest them and take you to the ER.


Honey! Choon-sam, what are you...

Jun-gul, get back!

Why did you bite him for?

What... what are they doing?

Why are you ganging up on us?

Don't come near us!

Stay back! I'll shoot!

Shut it! Shut it!

Hurry up!

Move! Move!

That window! Barricade it now!

Is that you, Sung-sik?

What happened to you, bud?

It's me, Jun-gul, your 6th grade partner!

There's no damn time for a school reunion!

Just kill him!

You don't remember?

You remember?

Let go of me! I'm your friend Jun-gul!

Shut the window.

There are more coming!

Let's go upstairs!

Hye-gul! Hurry!

Shut the windows and draw the curtains!

Flip it over!

What in the world is going on?

Wait, so Min-gul was right all along?

Where did he go?


What is it? Your belly?

Is he coming?

It's okay, I was just startled.


(Zombie Survival Guide)

This is it!

Honey, this too!

Here, use this!

I need one with the handle.

Jackpot, wrap it tightly.

Jackpot's most important.

I can't breathe.

Water, I need water.

So hot...

Is this 911? Yes.

A horde of zombies is amassing.

It may be hard to believe but there really are zombies.

Come rescue me right away!

I'm at...

Sir, you can be fined for prank calls.

What? Hello?

How could she hang up on me?

Turn off!

Move! Move!

Son of a...

Back off! I'm a cop!

Hye-gul, just hold on, your brother's coming.

Look at Officer Choi!

He's walking around covered in blood!

As the infection spreads, the transformation speeds up.

Who said that?

Any mention of this on TV?

Nothing at all.

Give me that.


How can they not know about this damn mess?

Maybe because we're in the boonies.

Be quiet!

What's wrong? Is it your belly?

I'm fine, he's not due for a few more days.

Just breathe, breathe!

Goddamn it...

This is all his fault, he planned this all along...

Why is this his fault?

Then whose fault is it?

This whole thing happened because he bit everyone!

It's our fault, we told him to bite...

How is this our fault?

Think about it, who was bitten first?

He bit our dad!

Am I right or not?


They came up! What do we do?

Window! Hye-gul! To the window!

What are you doing? Get over here!

You go first and help Nam-ju out!

Be careful, you hear?

Where did she go?


Honey, hurry!

Let go of me, you lowlife!

Nam-ju, be careful!

Let's move!

Get to the vent! Be careful!


Here, take the cash box!

Careful, careful. Hurry!



Min-gul, buddy! Over here!

We're here!

What is he going over there for?

You bastard!

You're all dead.

Take this, you stupid zombies!

I'm Park Min-gul of Poongsan, shitheads!

This is a gas station, you moron!

Die! Die! Die!

The gas tanks will explode!

I know, just trust me!

I love you too!

You'll hit the gas tanks!

You stupid idiot!

Just wait till I get my hands on you!

Oh god!

(Sensitive to light and noise)

So many more arrived here after you came along.

It's my fault again?

I risked my life to come save you.

I should've just left on my own.

He's right, it's your fault.

(Sensitive to light and noise)

Not even college graduates...

...Could remember everything written in there.


What's wrong? Are you in pain?


Water broke...

Is the baby coming? Right now?

You should've left the cash box behind!

You pushed yourself too hard because of that thing!

This is Jackpot's.

What do we do?

Do something, buddy!

Jesus Christ...

Breathe, keep breathing.

These are Zzongbie's clothes.

They rely on sense of smell, so they'll think you're him.

Be careful out there.

You want me to go? Who else?

No, I can't do that.

You know more about these things.

You go, I'll keep this place safe.

You're the head of this family.

Don't play that card, I'm sick of that shit.

She's your wife!

She's your sister-in-law!

If she was my wife, I'd do it!

Stop it!

How do I put this on?

I can't do this.

Let's go back, go back!

Damn it.

Let's move!

Give me the key.

Give it. It's not here?

That's why I'm asking you!

Look around, man!

It's not here, where could it be?

Look for it. I searched there.

Is it there? Where did it go?

Dude, dude...

Turn the light off.

Why did you turn on the lights? I didn't turn it on!

You said you know what to do!

I didn't expect this!

They stopped...

They stopped, they stopped...

That stupid girl! What's wrong?


I'm sick of this crap, so move out of the way!

I said move!

Get back! Don't!

No! Hye-gul, no!


(Poongsan Gas Station)


Let's go!


What's with them?

What happened?

Did they go crazy?

I got it! I know where it is!

What? Where's what?

I left the key in my clothes after I changed!

Good for you!

What the hell do we do?

Go get it.

You're too much!

There's no other way.

Don't come near me!

What timing.



No! Don't you dare!

Don't touch my Jackpot! Stay back!

You scum!


Hey! Park Jun-gul!

Get the key!

Go get the truck key!



Stay back!


Are you okay?

Holy hell...


Key... My Jackpot...

Why are there so many?

I'll protect you, I dare you to come inside.

Like hell!

Go away!

Nam-ju, you okay?

I'm invincible.

And you?

I'm invincible too.

Not a single step towards this trailer.

Mom never had a chance, but I will protect Nam-ju.

You stay behind me.

Min-gul, take the key!

Min-gul, here's the key!

Dude! Throw it!



Take good care of Jackpot and my wife!

I wish I could see my son just once...

Min-gul, go...

I've had it with you! Enough's enough!

Just stop it!

Hye-gul, get in!

Zzongbie! Get inside!


Get in!

Come on! Get in!




Get in!

Zzongbie! Come on!

That's enough, goddamn zombies!

Oh, Bro!

Piss off!

Zzongbie, get in!


Holy shit!

If it wasn't for this, I could've really died!

I thought you were a goner!

What are you waiting for? Step on it!

All right, dammit!

Move! Let's move!

Zzongbie! Zzongbie!




Hye... gul...

What was that?

What the hell happened?

Did it explode?

What do we do?

(The declaration of martial law is under consideration)

This just in.

The cause of riots... all over the country...

Human In Bio's NoInsulin...

... pupils becoming cloudy, among other side effects.

They exhibit a high level of aggression...

What the shit?

What? What's wrong?


Don't go! Nam-ju, you can't!

Stay away from him! No!

Nam-ju! No!



What's wrong with the fella?

This is all your fault!

Do something! Bring back my brother!

What did you just say to your father?

Wait a minute...

Weren't you the first one to get bitten?

South Korea is now in a state of emergency.

We are under attack by a deadly virus.

Stay indoors and avoid all contact with the infected.

If you've recovered from the virus, head to the Disease Control HQ.

If you are immune... you are the only... hope...

Father, you really are okay, right?

What's with you?

Do you want me to be sick?

You rude little prick!

Father! Dad!

I love you, I like you more than anyone!

What's with you? Dude, you'll be fine.

(Six months later)

(Zombie Vaccine! Totally Free!)

Line up!

Get a move on!

We got more places to hit!

On the double!

Aren't you coming?

Line up!



I'm going to puke!


Jesus H. Christ...

(Executive Vice-president - PARK Jun-gul)

(JUNG Jae-young)

Line up!

(Head of Marketing - PARK Min-gul) (KIM Nam-gil)

(CEO - JUNG Nam-ju) (UM Ji-won)

(Humanity's Last Hope - PARK Man-duk)

(PARK In-hwan)

(Head of Security - PARK Hye-gul) LEE Soo-kyung)

(Intern - PARK Jongbie)

(JUNG Ga-ram/Ho-soon)

(Son-in-law - PARK Jongbie)

Stand up straight.

You there!

How many times do I have to tell you?

Stand up straight.