The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012) Script

James and Cynthia Green?

Yes. Right this way, please.

6 00:01:32,342 --> 00:01:35,470 EVETTE: Okay. James and Cynthia Green.

Thirteen Oak Lane Road, Stanleyville.


Wait. You didn't answer what makes you qualified.

Oh, we know. There wasn't much space.

We had so much to say.

Also here on page four.

In response to, "What experience or experiences

"have best prepared you," you only wrote "Timothy."


EVETTE: The only chance you two have is if you put it all on the table.

We agree.

That's why we want to use our time to tell you our story.


There's just one thing.

You're going to find it hard to believe.

CINDY: This all began last September.

We'd been trying for a number of years, and Dr. Hunt finally gave us the news.

First of all, you couldn't have tried harder.

Or done more.

We have explored every medical option at a great cost to you.

But there comes a point when you...

You have to accept...

34 00:02:53,590 --> 00:02:54,924 I am so sorry.

36 00:02:57,094 --> 00:02:58,177 Hold it!

Come on, honey. Come on. Come on.

Oh! Can you push the button for me? Push it right there.

Good job! What would I do without you?


42 00:03:18,198 --> 00:03:20,783

CINDY: So we drove back home.

JIM: We went back to work and on with our day.

We'll get a puppy.

I don't want a puppy!

Bye. Bye.

Hey, Tommy.

Here you go. I'll see you inside.

Good job.

CINDY: Like all good stories, the Stanleyville pencil factory, this museum and this town begins with a dream.

Stanley Crudstaff, our patron.

This is his original desk over here. Please follow me.

You hungry?

58 00:06:25,969 --> 00:06:26,927 BRENDA ON MACHINE: Hey, sis!

Uh, just checking in to make sure you're still up for tomorrow.

We'd be willing to host.

The kids just bought Bart a new grill. You wouldn't believe it.

63 00:06:35,020 --> 00:06:38,481 Hi, this is Allen Rust with the Sisters of Mercy Hospital.

Please call me back about an outstanding balance. Thank you.

66 00:06:56,208 --> 00:06:57,333

68 00:07:10,013 --> 00:07:11,180 Honey.

We're moving on.

71 00:07:33,245 --> 00:07:34,954

73 00:07:42,129 --> 00:07:44,213 WOMAN ON TV: You can see we've got some dirt here.

But in order to make good growing soil...

76 00:07:46,508 --> 00:07:48,884 ...and a good growing bed for your garden,

you've got to get down a good 12 to 18 inches.

I can't do it. I can't move on.

Then move out of the way.

For years, we've been thinking about what our kid would have been like.


We can move on tomorrow.

Just for tonight, can we have a kid?

You heard what the doctor said.

Give it up! Give it up.

There we go. Never give up!

Our kid would never give up.

You know what else I think?

I can't. Our kid would have your good heart.

This isn't funny, Jim.

But our kid would be funny.

Not make fun of other people funny, or burp and fart funny, but funny like...

Funny like Uncle Bub.

JIM: You know that, uh, that kind of kid that you always believe.

Someone honest. You want a truth-teller.

Yeah, I do. I want one like that.

But our kid can't be perfect.

I don't want one of those annoying perfect kids.

How about this?

Honest to a fault.

Yes! We have a winner. Yes! Yes!

Would our kid be musical? Definitely.

Clarinet like me, drums like you, or...

I don't know what kind of instrument.

All I know is our kid...

Our kid would rock!

Ah! We so agree. Our kid would rock!

Write that.


Picasso with a pencil.


A glass half-full person.

Love and be loved.

How great an athlete are you picturing?

You were terrible at soccer.

That's not true.

Not true.

I was a big klutz.

All right. How about this? How about this?

Just once, our kid, amazing kid, got to score the winning goal.

Touchdown! Go, Green!

Yes! That's our kid!

Now what?

We got some rain.

Everything is going to be fine.

Honey, did you say something?

I said we...


JIM: I think it's gone.


Wait. Wait.



Hi. Hi.

I'm Timothy.

That's a common name.

Well, can we get you cleaned up?

Yeah, um, do you have a towel?

Yeah, we do. Yeah.

This feels about right.

OPERATOR: 911. State your emergency.

Yeah, I'd like to report a missing...

This is Jim Green. 13 Oak Lane Road.

Hey, Jim. It's Marty from the factory.

I'm just picking up a few extra hours.

Oh, Marty.

We have in our possession a...

Ah, God, I don't know how to say this.

Has anybody reported a missing...

Jim? Jim, are you there?

CINDY: I ran away from home once.

I can't remember why.

And I didn't get very far.

What about you?

Did you run away?


Come on.

I bet your parents are worried and


JIM: Cindy!


There's something you need to see.

Actually there's something you need to see.


Well, look who cleaned up good.






Are those... Yes. Mmm-hmm.

Please don't ask about my leaves.

Okay. No.

But you can look at them.

If you want.

Not everybody has these.


CINDY: Do you mind if I...


Now my mind is racing with even more questions.

Honey, you need to go look out back.

I'll just be right outside.




Oh, hey! Donnie!

False alarm!

We thought we had a burglar.

It was just a raccoon family that we, we... I chased it away, so everything's...

Everything's fine. You sure?

Yeah, we're sure. Everything's good.

Jim, is there something you're not telling us?


Uh, no. Why?

Come on, Jim. We're on strict water rationing.

Turn in your sprinkler, and we'll let this one slide.

But it rained.

No, it didn't.

Unless it only rained in your yard.

What do you know?

Amazing, huh?

Well, Green, it's your lucky day.

Yes, it is.

There you go. You had the right idea.

Back in there, back in there. All righty. Thank you.

You're welcome.

We really like to eat fresh, healthy food here. A lot of vegetables from our own garden.

I guess I'm known primarily for my tomatoes.

I do a lot of canning.

But I'm also a firm believer in the late-night snack.

Hey, how is it going?


This is Jim, and I'm Cindy.

Yeah, feel free to call us...

Cindy and Jim. Cindy and Jim.

Why would I?

That's no problem. You can...

Call us Mr. and Mrs. Green. Mr. Green.

Not many people do, but...

Mom, really?


Can I talk to you, Jim?

He called me "Mom." Yes, he did.

He called you "Dad." I know. I know.

Fifty-four girl names on the list, and there was one boy, and it was...

BOTH: Timothy.

Is he for us?

I'm getting that feeling.

Be careful. Yeah.

Careful, careful.

CINDY: There you go.

JIM: It was as if, all of a sudden, everything had changed.

CINDY: There he was, leaves and all.

JIM: Didn't matter where he came from.

CINDY: He was ours. JIM: Yeah, we were his.

CINDY: And we were a family. JIM: We were a family.

Have we lost you? Are you still with us?

JIM: It's kind of crazy, right?

I've heard crazier.

Really? No.

That said, it's your time to use as you choose.

I just have two words for you.

Tick tock.

JIM: Oh, right. CINDY: Oh.



I think she forgot.

Ah, you're always early. Hello!


Hello there.

I'm Timothy.

BRENDA: Nice to meet you, Timothy.


I got here last night. I came from the garden. Oh.

That's unusual.

Hi, sis! Okay, good.

Well, I'm glad you guys met. Jim?

JIM: Yeah!

I'm coming. Hey. Hi, Brenda.

Who was that?

Oh! Are we early?

Oh, gosh.

I didn't think so. Jim?

There we go.

CINDY: Jim! I'm on it!

Okay, kiddo, you ready to meet some people?

Mmm-hmm. Good, because we're not.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good.

Okay. Okay.

Now, all the kids you're going to meet today, they come from their moms' tummies.

Whereas you come from...

The garden. Yes!

I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to over-share.

So maybe we just keep some things between us for now.

Like the garden or your leaves.


Because they may not understand.

Can you understand that they may not understand?

I think so. Yes?

Mmm-hmm. Good!

Let's go get ready to meet some people.


Hold the corner down. Thank you.

Hey. Hey, everybody.

Here's what's happening.

It's no secret that we've been trying to have a family and we got some good news.

I know it's all of a sudden.

His name is Timothy.

And please don't ask too many questions.

BRENDA: When were you going to tell me, and how old is he, and where did he come from?

It was all very sudden and kind of miraculous.


I mean, I thought you were trying to have a real kid.

I mean, you know, one of your own.

He felt like mine from the first time I saw him.

I'm sorry.

These are the coals. I'm going to put that down for a second.

Well, with a little heads-up, I could've helped with the clothes at least.

Hey, guys.

Hey. Hi.

How's it going? Yeah, good. You know.

Is it going? Yeah.

How's everything going over there?

Who invited him?

I didn't think he would come.


Oh, hello. Hey, Timothy.


This is my dad.

Hi, Grandpa.


Call me Big Jim.

TIMOTHY: Okay, bye!


Timothy, come here.


This is my Aunt Mel and my Uncle Bub.

They practically raised me.

Hello, Timothy. Hi.

Hello, young man.

Hello, old boy.

Did you know I invented the peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Did you know I'm a big fan of your work? Well, goodbye.

Hi, I'm Timothy. Hi.

Hi. Hi.


Hi. Hey.

So you all came from your mom's tummy?

How was that?

This all you got?

I know.

Who wants to play?

JIM SR: The object, boys and girls, is to dodge, so how about we start with you?

ALL: Oh!

Out! You're out!

You got to move!

You got to dodge the ball, Timothy.

JIM SR: Come on! Gotta move, gotta move, gotta move.

Into prison. You're out.

CINDY: You have to coach him because he clearly doesn't understand.

Timothy, Timothy. Timothy, Timothy.

Look, it's just down to five kids.

Move your feet. Move around. Keep an eye on the ball.

JIM SR: You're going down.

Stick and move, stick and move! Come on!


Get in there. Go. Help him out.

Oh! Ahh!

Let's just call this...

I don't think this is a good idea.

You're not going to spoil all the fun, are you?

No, but... Could you just... Go, go, go, go.

Okay. Hey. Here we go, here we go, here we go!

You got to dodge the ball. Move your feet.

CINDY: Take it easy, Big Jim. This is not the Olympics.

BRENDA: The thing about these kids is you never know what you're getting.

They have issues sometimes. Medical or otherwise.

And if he has any issues, we'll deal with them.

Like any normal kid. Okay.

I mean, that's not normal.

JIM SR: Hey!

Oh, my...

Hey. What did you do that for?

Out! You are... Uh-oh!

Come on. It's dodgeball. Big Jim, honestly.

EVETTE: I can't believe I'm about to say this, but what did you say to your father after he bonked the boy with leaves in the head?

Hmm. It's complicated.

I didn't say anything. Mmm-hmm.


JIM: But I made a vow that I would do things differently than my dad.

I would be much better...

Jim decided that he would be the father he never had.

What about you?

I decided that our son would not be seen as different or weird.

He'd be treated like a normal kid.


Because that's what he was going to be.

Just a... A normal kid.


Good color, strong veins.

Yeah. They're beautiful, aren't they?

Most unusual.

Can you cut them off?

But they're perfectly healthy. Why would you...

Oh, right.

Timothy, Reggie and I go way back.

He's amazing with plants, and if there's anyone who can do this, he's the guy.

You know, when I was your age, I had a wart on my thumb.

The other kids, they used to call me "The Warthog."

Kids can be so cruel.

You know, my dad, he had a doctor burn that puppy off, and after that, nobody made fun of me at all.

We don't want anyone to make fun of you.

That's what this is about. What do you think?

Okay. Go for it.


Okay. You may feel a slight pinch.

Okay. Take a deep breath.

We're here, pal.

This isn't going to work, is it?


CINDY: You take them to the doctor, right?

You give them medicine that doesn't taste good, they get shots that hurt.

That's the job.

We thought we were doing ourjob. What did you put in there? He's about to fall over.

Anything he might need. Notebooks, pencils.

There's a box of tissues on the bottom and some Band-Aids.

There's a whole first aid kit actually, just in case...

Variety of healthy snacks, treats and Graham Crackers. I know you like them.

And then a flashlight and some batteries.

Mom, I think I can handle it from here.

Oh, there's an extra pair of socks!

Have a great day! Okay, bye!

That's too much pressure.

Have the day you have.

This morning you were late for work, there's a jelly stain on your sweater.

And frankly you seem inappropriately cheerful.

I know, but there is good reason.

We've had a young boy come to stay...

Is there something about my expression that suggests I'm the least bit interested?

No, ma'am, nothing about your expression is...

And you continue to talk because...

I'm sorry.


Best-case scenario, reduced hours.

Limited layoffs. Limited.

Like you lose yourjob and you lose yourjob.

Not you specifically, but some of you.

Worst-case scenario, my aunt and my father will have no choice but to close the factory. I know.

I don't want that to happen.

Nobody wants that to happen.

And I'm not saying that that's...

I'm sorry, Green?

Are we disturbing you?

Hi, honey.

CINDY: Jim, the school called.

What's the matter? How fast can you get here?

Thank you so much for coming so quickly.

We take these matters very seriously.

Thank you. Come. Come. He's here.



Hey, who did this to you?

He won't give us the names of the kids.

What happened?

Art project.

Art project?

Let's get this art project cleaned up.

Just let me.

CINDY: Jim... Timothy.

This kind of thing happened to me when I was your age.


And all I wanted was for my dad to have my back, and he didn't.

So here's what we're going to do.

You're going to tell me the names of the boys that did this to you.


And I will handle it.

Hey, boss.


I guess you heard what happened.

Yeah, they called me home.

Yeah, me, too.

TIMOTHY: What's going on?

Your father's handling this.

I didn't really mind.

Your kid ratted my boys out.

He didn't rat them out. That was my fault.

So you ratted my boys out.

You can't let people treat you like this. Come on.

How long you been at this parenting thing?

Are you really going to fight all his battles for him?

You think that's wise?


It was really important to Jim that the Crudstaff boys take responsibility for what they did to Timothy.

Yeah. And did they?

BOBBY: We were having fun.

He didn't fight back. He didn't even cry.

It wasn't any fun.

I think what the boys are trying to say is next Saturday we're having a birthday party pool bash, and we'd love it if Timothy would come.


EVETTE: Oh, please. Don't tell me you took him back to the house of the boys who bullied him.

He really, really wanted to go.

So you let him decide what was best.

I thought it was time he learned to fight his own battles.

We just forgot to ask if he could swim.

Nice socks, Green!

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Bobby Happy birthday to you

CINDY: So was it fun?

JIM: How did it go? Were they nice?

Were you the man?

I kicked a girl in the head.

What? Why?

Well, she tried to pull down my socks.

What? Did she see you?

I don't think so.


I'm sure she didn't see him.

You cannot let anybody see your leaves, honey.

I know, but what do I do about the girl I kicked in the head?


Well, if you see her coming, just run the other way.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

You know I saw.



Just look.


You'll see.


You're not the only one with a secret.

You coming?


It's perfect.


JONI: Look at that nest!

I get inspired from this street, you know, for my sculptures and my art.


I always get inspired by nature.

CINDY: I almost forgot.

Compliments of the Crudstaffs.

And, please, tell your friends.


We're all working hard.

I know. It's going to be fine.

CINDY: Jim. Hey, honey.

It's not really a good time.

Look out your window.

Remember when he said he kicked a girl in the head?

Yeah. Is that her?

Because this is too soon. He's too young.

You told him to run the other way when he saw her, and he... He's not running!


See you.

Yeah. See you.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

JIM: Timothy?


CINDY: That night, our plan was to sit Timothy down, just as parents. Go right at it.

EVETTE: Right at what?

JIM: Well, we were going to have...

CINDY AND JIM: "The talk"

JIM: ...that you have that we didn't really know how to have.

CINDY: That was the plan. The talk, that night.

JIM: Hey, buddy. CINDY: But then...

What is it?

Sweetie, it's your Uncle Bub.

We got to go. Come on.

Are we too late? No, no.

Bubbles is still with us.

I brought your favorite cookies.

If I can get them past the police, I'll leave you one.

BRENDA: At least it's not ice cream.

Remember the year that you started to lose your hair and you convinced Brenda and me that if we gave you ice cream at night, it would grow back?

659 00:45:48,955 --> 00:45:51,498 Cinderella, do you remember that painting you made?

No. What painting?

You know, when your mom was your age she was quite an artiste.

Not really. I was not.

Oh, she was never happier than when she had a paintbrush in her hand.

That's right.

She worked on this one painting for days.

Wouldn't let anybody see it. Had to get it right.

You remember that?


It was a self-portrait.

We didn't get it. It was ahead of its time.

We all laughed.

Boy, did you cry.

You ran away, and when you came back, the picture was gone.

You'd thrown it away.


I always felt so bad about that.


Oh, Bub!

AUNT MEL: We're going to take a little break.

Bubbles, you're going to have a little rest.

Let Timothy stay, huh?

Okay. You okay?

It's okay, Mom.


We're right here.


Something you want to ask me?

Is it true you also invented the BLT?

693 00:47:17,418 --> 00:47:20,003 I mean, I would have brought my kids if I'd known.

Shouldn't he be resting? Maybe you should get him.

I'm on it. No, let them be.

697 00:47:32,725 --> 00:47:34,184

I never thought I'd hear that laugh again.

700 00:49:20,041 --> 00:49:21,124 COACH CAL: Next.

JIM: After that, we needed to get Timothy back to just...

Hi. ...being a kid.

Coach Cal doesn't see it.


Help us out here, Coach.

This would be really good for him.

This is the best possible way for him to make some friends.

CINDY: Go! Go! Go! Go!

Come on, Green. Let's see what you got.

CINDY: That's right. Let's see what you got!

Eye on the ball.

Oh, my gosh!

714 00:50:03,167 --> 00:50:04,334 Take the smiles off your faces.

CINDY: Is your ankle all right?

He's good.

Come on, Green!

Eyes on the ball!

Oh, dear God.

Why are you smiling?

I can only get better.

Erasers, run it out! Come on. Hustle up!

Green. JIM: Nice job.

Run, run, run!

Don't cut any corners.

Excuse me, Coach, I just want to say that I'll be working with him around the clock if necessary just to get him to the next level.

Oh, tell me you're not those kind of parents.

The type that get over-involved, over-invested.

We are definitely not those kind of parents.

Then we won't have a problem.

Jim. Come on! Run it out!

Come on, Timothy. Come on, run faster. Yes, yes, yes!

COACH CAL: Run it out, Erasers!

What is she doing here?

I don't know.

There are so many girls.

Yeah, okay.

Which means it's possible to find the right girl.

Use your feet. Your feet.

What your dad wants to say but isn't is that it would be a mistake to focus on just one fish when there are so many... Fish?

JIM: Keep your eyes on the ball.

Use the inside of your foot. All right?

CINDY: Jim! Could you...

What your mom is trying to say...

CINDY: Right.

752 00:51:32,131 --> 00:51:33,173 Well...

Oof! Okay.

Come on.

Listen. I know the feeling.

You do?

When I was about your age, I met a girl.

She was an original.

Creative, artsy type.

So... I know the pull.

Jim? Where you going with this?

What happened with the girl?

764 00:51:59,533 --> 00:52:01,910 I married her. Right.

Not what I had in mind, but...

It's true.

Okay! Keep your eye on the ball, inside of the foot, stay on your feet! Go!

Wow! Oh! Perfect!

Perfect, perfect, perfect! Look at that!

CINDY: It's not that we wanted him to be perfect.

That's what we're looking for!

We wanted it to be perfect. Let's go again.

His childhood.

And just when we started to get the hang of it at home...

JIM: Things got complicated at the factory.

Looking good, Brian.

Boss wants to see you. In his office.

Now? Now.

JIM: You want to see me?


Heard your kid joined the Erasers.

Yes. Yes, he did.

Is he good? Hope he's good.


That's a confidential list. First round of layoffs.

Of course, my aunt and my father might decide that that's not enough.

But these are all good, hard-working people.

Green, you don't decide who we let go.

You'll just be the one to tell them.

Night, guys.

TIMOTHY: Oh, why couldn't the skeleton cross the road?

Why, sweetie?

Because it had no guts.

797 00:53:41,844 --> 00:53:43,553 TIMOTHY: Ooh! I got another one.


Not tonight.

If you will excuse me.


JIM: That Halloween, your mom went as a pencil.

CINDY: A blue pencil. Mmm-hmm.


It was a good costume. It was.

My head was the eraser.

808 00:54:23,177 --> 00:54:24,677 I had seen a lot of pencils,

but I had never seen one quite like your mom.


But I was too scared to even talk to her, so I wrote her a note.


What did it say? CINDY: It said...

"It feels to me that with a pencil

"anything is possible."

That is so true.

Hey. Pass me that book. Yeah.

All of these...

All of these notebooks from that day, I just filled them with ideas of things that I wanted to make.

Because I thought to be a part of making something, that was a great feeling.

God, to think that we may not be making these anymore.

Why not make a new kind of pencil?

That's easier said than done. Yeah.

Well, you can design it and you can draw it.

Then you guys can both build it.

I want to write a note to Joni.

Good night.

CINDY: How do you tell your child something's not possible?

That it can't be done.

When they believe in you like that.

We didn't want to disappoint him.

No. We got busy.

JIM: Not that we thought that we could do it.

CINDY: At least Timothy would know that we tried.

JIM: Yeah. We stayed up all that first night.

CINDY: We stayed up several nights after that.

JIM: Cindy started making sketches.

CINDY: Jim started carving.

It turns out we weren't the only ones making something.

JIM: Yeah. We both came up with the idea to use leaves.

CINDY: Leaves.

See? Nowjust wind it. The other way. Yeah. You got it.

Just a little more.

JONI: Yeah, see? Just put it right through.

Like this? That's good.

CINDY: So we've got our leaf slurry pretty much ready.

JIM: Okay. Right on in.

Perfect. That should do it.

Let's see. Help it... Help it push it down.


Oh, yeah!


BOTH: Ta-da!

Oh, my gosh! This is the pencil. You really did it.

CINDY: We did. You made it.

So we're to believe that you made a pencil out of leaves?

Mmm-hmm. Well, it was a prototype.

You do realize if any part of your story doesn't check out, we are done here.

And we will be checking it out. Thoroughly.

And you should. Well, good.

Anyway, that Monday was take your kid to work day.

He started with me.

It was kind of a celebratory day at work and...

871 00:57:27,611 --> 00:57:29,153 Timothy wanted to be in on it.

Something's missing.

Oh, nonsense. It's you. So...

Very you.


CINDY: And as soon as he met my boss, he didn't know to be intimidated by her, and the next thing you know...

Little man, what do you think of that?

Not much.

Well, that's honest.

Timothy's very honest, ma'am.

That was done by a renowned artist at great expense.

I would have done it for free.

Are you suggesting you could do it better?

I can try.

Well, let's find out.

May I just remind you, ma'am, as his parent, that he is only ten years old, and...

Don't you have somewhere to be?

Of course I do, but...

Shoo. Okay.

894 00:59:06,627 --> 00:59:08,085

896 00:59:31,485 --> 00:59:32,485 Oh!

Oh, sweetie.

Oh, it's beautiful. It's amazing.

It's amazing.

Oh, no, no, no. Erase that.


CINDY: It turns out, Timothy was Picasso with a pencil.

EVETTE: So he had all the qualities you imagined?

JIM: Oh, yes.

CINDY: Yeah, well, including honest to a fault.

907 01:00:12,859 --> 01:00:15,111 He couldn't help but draw her exactly as he saw her.

JIM: Yeah.

It included an unfortunate thatch of chin hair.


912 01:00:26,957 --> 01:00:30,418 So, what else aren't you telling me?

Tell her.


I'm waiting.

Sometimes you wear plaids and stripes that clash.


Your one joke that you always tell, it's not funny.

No one can appreciate the art in here because everything that is special and beautiful, no one can see because the curtains are so thick that the light can't get in.

Not to mention, if someone has a child who just is born or appears, say congratulations with a smile.

Say something nice.

I wanted to love you, and I have tried so hard to like you.

But if someone asked me to be a pallbearer at your funeral, I would tell them not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.

And furthermore...

Cindy lost herjob. I lost my job.

I didn't regret most of what I said.

But you lost yourjob.

Make sure all the pencils are good.

JIM: So things were going to get harder.

But at least I still had myjob.

CINDY: Yes, he did.

They go in this box. They go on a little pencil vacation.

CINDY: And what did you say about having Timothy with you that day?

JIM: Oh, right. That's a lot of trees.

I couldn't help but feel...

Mind if I have one?

...anything was possible.

MARTY: You want another one? You want a yellow one?

We got this... You see, we got a whole...

Right back. Good luck, Dad.

CINDY: So Jim gave it his best shot.

Sir? How you doing?

Huh? Do you have a minute?


Oh, hell. Why not? Turns out we may all get the axe.


Then I think we got nothing to lose.

What if we made a new kind of pencil?

958 01:02:44,344 --> 01:02:45,678

COACH CAL: Come on, Erasers! Come on! Come on!

Push up the field! Push up the field!

Don't pass it! How do you score if you pass it!

Kick it! Kick the ball!

Mom! I'm so thirsty. What are you doing?

No, no, no. Get back on D. Back on D!

Come on!

I saw your car. Didn't know the kid was a player.

What position? Striker?


Well, he's taking a break right now.

Oh, well, I got time.

It might be a while.

You know, I'm impressed, Dad.

You never really came to my games.

No. I came. You were always on the bench.

Come on, Luke. Find your man. Find your man!

You got to want it!

Oh, here we go.

Come on, I want to see some fight!

To keep you hydrated, sir.

Thank you.

He's a water boy.

No. Dad, actually, I'm working on all aspects of his game right now.

And you know what...

COACH CAL: Come on, Erasers. Keep your head in the game.

MAN: Let's go, Bobby! Let's go!

COACH CAL: Good pass. Good pass.

989 01:04:07,093 --> 01:04:09,011 All right. COACH CAL: Yeah. Yeah.

Good eye! Good eye!

COACH CAL: Talk to each other!

Erasers, talk to each other!

That's your house, Philip!

Don't let nothing in there! That's your house!

That's your house!

JIM: All this time, it felt like there was something Timothy wasn't telling us.

CINDY: And he was spending far too much time with that girl.

EVETTE: Was it a problem for you?

CINDY: Well, they were up to something, and we didn't know what.

1003 01:04:52,097 --> 01:04:54,056 Can you teach me to do that thing?

You know, that you do with your arms and you put your head up in the sun.

Well, first, find the light, all right?


TIMOTHY: Just absorb it. Just soak it in. Think "tree."

1010 01:05:06,236 --> 01:05:08,028 Do you feel it? Yeah, I feel it.


Maybe you should show your birthmark, because people might like it.

I don't know.

CINDY: We didn't know what he was doing with the girl.

It was fine if he wanted to have a secret as long as he shared it with us.

JIM: So Cindy did what she thought was best.


We need to talk.

Okay, let's talk.

Well, can you wait?


I don't think that you're the best influence on my son, and I want you to tell me what you know about him.

I know a lot.

I thought so.

So you know that he's got...

You know that he's different.

Yeah. It's what I like about him.

Well, it's a hard world to be different in.

And I don't want him to be hurt.

By you or anyone. I won't let it happen.

That's good.

What is this?

He's going to be misunderstood.

Lots of people hate anything different.

I wish it wasn't this way, but I wish a lot of things. I wish...

CINDY: It took my breath away, this world they created.

I was wrong about this, this girl.

You did this?

Yeah. Timothy and I did it together.

CINDY: I had made a mistake.

JIM: We made lots of mistakes.

Yeah, we made mistakes trying to fix our mistakes.

Isn't that how you know you're a parent?

1050 01:07:32,132 --> 01:07:34,174 EVETTE: You seem to forget what the object is here.

You need to persuade us.

Tell me, what would you do differently?

We'd make better mistakes?

Better? Different. New.

New mistakes.

That's... That's what we'd do.


COACH CAL: Put your heart into it, Erasers!

Smarten up out there.


The most amazing thing happened.

I woke up this morning and I started to draw again.

Oh, God! It must be so nice to have time to waste.

It was like coming home.

My three are so busy with their second languages, their public service work...

Oh, and their upcoming music recital.

Your presence is expected.

Let's go, Erasers! Come on!

Brenda's freaking me out.

What's wrong?

JIM: If you're on the bench now, you'll be on the bench of life later on.

Jim, that is your father talking.

Coach. Coach!

Put Green in!

Come on.

CINDY: Good, Coach. Thank you.

What are you doing? No, no, no. Jim...


What's going on?

Oh, great. Now he's going to do that again.


JIM: He's going to uncross his arms, crack his knuckles, then he will turn and go.


It's fine that he did that to me, but now he's doing it to Timothy.

Hey, Jim...

Look. Look.

Here, Grandpa Jim.

BRENDA: You know what I feel really good about?

Bart and I are just grateful that our kids' school has a gifted and talented program.

Did you know Timothy is gifted?

How so?


He always finds the bright side.

He never gives up and he has a good heart.

That will get you into college.

He's a great artist. Look where that got you.

Get open!

Brenda, I have to say, I am...

What? I'm listening.

He's musical.

Really? Yeah.

What instruments does he play?

1109 01:09:45,723 --> 01:09:48,267 "He's musical?" What possessed you to even say that?

She just kept bragging about how her kids could do this, her kids could do that.

JIM: So Cindy's sister has this yearly family concert that we never seem to miss.

CINDY: If I'd known what she was going to pull that day, we never would have shown up.

1117 01:10:08,413 --> 01:10:09,413

BRENDA: Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you. This year we are going to dispense with our traditional encore.

ALL: Oh!

Because we have a very special treat.

Sit back and enjoy the musical stylings of Timothy Green!

You know what? We're running late to something.

Go ahead and do the encore because...

No, Mom, it's okay. It's fine, Mom.

Um, Timothy?

Hey, pal. Hey.

It's okay.

1132 01:10:54,459 --> 01:10:55,500

Just get him, baby. Just go.

Just get him. Get him.

Just go get him.

Hey, pal?

All my friends know the low rider

The low rider is a little higher

1144 01:11:58,856 --> 01:12:00,649

1146 01:12:09,575 --> 01:12:10,742 MAN: Yeah!

JIM: Yeah!

Can we go back and do it again?


I don't think we'll be invited back.

But it doesn't matter because you were great.

You rock, buddy.

It felt great to rock.

It felt great to have a kid who rocked.

Good night. Good night.

JIM: It was all you.

And us, but mostly you.


We were proud of you. Mmm-hmm.

Turn the lights off in five, okay?

Good night!

1163 01:12:56,456 --> 01:12:57,456 We rocked!

We did.

We rocked!

You know what this means?

I think I do!

This Sunday at the championship game our son is going to score the winning goal.

1171 01:13:32,075 --> 01:13:32,824

COACH CAL: Whoo! Let's go!

Ha! Yeah! Let's go!

All right, way to go, Coach!

No! No!

No, no, no. No, you don't! Not this time!

You are staying for this one! I can't stay.

You're staying. I got lots, I got a lot...

You will not be sorry!

I promise you.

Okay. All right. Come on! Come on!


Hey, Jim, how's he going to score the winning goal if he's never in the game?

Good point.

Hey, Coach. Coach, I just want to give you the heads-up.

Timothy Green is your difference-maker today.

That is your game-changer right there.

COACH CAL: You're kidding, right?

Do I look like I'm kidding?

If I put your son in the game, he wouldn't live to see his next birthday.

If you don't mind, we got a game to win.

Erasers, this is our time. This is our time.

Warm him up, Coach!

Come on, Timothy! Let's see you run some drills.

How about he runs some drills, Coach?

You better stretch, baby!

What did he say?

He's going to play. Is he going to do it?

1202 01:14:51,654 --> 01:14:53,738 Get open! Get open! That's yours right there!

There you go, son. There you go, son.

All right, Erasers! Bring the championship home!

Spread out!

1207 01:15:33,112 --> 01:15:34,613 Yes! Oh!

No! Jim! No!

Is he okay?

I hope he's okay.

Oh, no!

Time! Time!

TIMOTHY: It's going to be okay.

FRANKLIN: Who's that? TRIXIE: I have no idea.

Is that the Henderson kid? Maybe.

He's not that good.

JIM: He's okay!

He's okay! It's okay.

TIMOTHY: I can get you some water.

Way to go. Okay.

Watch this. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

This is what we've been waiting for.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

He's coming in. We're going with ten.

Okay, Coach. What?

No, no. Ref, come here.

They've only got ten kids on the field.

What about zero? Why isn't zero playing?

I thought he was a mascot. No.

No, he's on the team.

There's got to be a rule.

Get the book. Hundred fifty-four rule or whatever.

Jim, is there a rule?

Coach, you need 11 players on the field.

He doesn't play.

Is he on your team?

Yeah, he's on the team, but...

Then he plays. Let's go, Coach.

Okay, Green, come on. Come on.

1241 01:17:00,783 --> 01:17:02,867 Our son's going to score the winning goal.

I want you to plant your feet right here, son. Okay?

And whatever you do, don't move from this spot.

You're safe here, okay?

Got it, Coach. All right. There you go.

Coach, let's go.

All right, buddy. This is what it's about!

This is where you find out who you are.

No more bench of life.

Oh, hit me with a stick.

They're not putting that boy in!

Actually, they are. It's good. Trust me.

Laugh if you want.

My kid is going to score the winning goal.

Two minutes left in the game.

Who's your daddy?

Has he been drinking?

No, no. He just knows what's coming.

Come on, Timothy!

Do that thing you're going to do!

This is it. Come on!

COACH CAL: Come on, Erasers, let's go!

You can do it! You can do it!

Let's go! Let me see some fight, Erasers!

Put some heart into it!

That's what I'm talking about, Green.

That's what I'm talking about. Keep that up.

Timothy. Timothy.

You got to move your feet. Come on.

No. Stay right there, son.

Stay right there. Don't listen to Coach Cal!

Don't listen to your father!

Timothy, Timothy. Look at me. Don't listen to Coach Cal.

Move your feet. Move around!

Green, Green. Stay right there. You're doing great!

Feel it out, Timothy!

JIM: Come on, move around!

Chase the ball! Come on!

Way to go. Way to go. Way to go, Tim.

God, he's doing that thing again.

No, no. Put your arms down. Arms down.

Get your head in the game, baby!

Get your head in the game.

JIM: Get in the game!

Like we worked it, come on!

1287 01:19:25,386 --> 01:19:27,262 COACH CAL: There you go, Erasers, there you go!

Yes! Yes!

There it is! There it is!

Get back in! Get back in!

Oh, my boy! This is it! This is your moment!

No, no, no! Don't do that!

Do something with it! Do something!

Yes! Yes! Come on!


JIM: That's what we're talking about.

All right, Green! Come on! That's your house!

1299 01:19:56,709 --> 01:19:58,251 Just like we practiced!

Look at his little legs!

I don't believe it.

Oh, believe it, sister.

For years I've been listening to how perfect your kids are!

Well, look at that! That kid is mine!

I am the mom of that!

Get that kid! Put him on the ground!

Take his knees out! Put him on the ground!

See? See?

See what happens when you're there for your kid!

Huh? See what happens when you believe in him! Huh?

I could have been like that, because I had skills, but no.

Come on, Timothy! Go! Go!

Go, Timothy! Go!


1316 01:20:57,102 --> 01:20:58,436 That's the wrong goal!

REFEREE: Game Bone Crushers!


But he...

Just like you practiced it, huh?

1322 01:22:03,168 --> 01:22:05,253 When we're dreaming up the kid that we never thought we would get,

I should have said, "The winning goal for his team!"

That's not what I'm saying! What are you saying?

Shut up!

It was a failure of my imagination!

CINDY: Your mistake was simple!

Oh, my mistake? So, you think it was my fault?

You needed him to score for you to make you...

Tell me you didn't love the idea of rubbing it in Brenda's face.

Oh, please!

You think you're better than your sister, and you're not.

You are worse than your father!


1337 01:22:37,202 --> 01:22:38,369 No.

No, no, no.

Stop it!

I am not the only bad parent in this house!

Look, it's not a competition to see who can be the worst parent!

No, I am saying we're both terrible at this!

We are! We don't know anything!

You're right! We know nothing!

We were monsters out there today.

Stop! Stop fighting!

Oh, God.

I need to tell you something.

Buddy, we want to tell you something.

No! You deserve better.

We will be better parents. We will do better.

I promise. TIMOTHY: Please...


Your time is up.

No, it can't be. No.

Actually, you ran over.

By three minutes. You have to let us finish.

You have to hear the whole thing. You have to.

Excuse me. With all due respect, we're not leaving.


Tots, Timbo? There you go.

Get them next year.

Want some? No, thank you.

FRANKLIN: Boys, come on. We're going home.

We're going home! What did I say?

No, that's somebody's job. Let's go.

TIMOTHY: Mom and Dad?

This is Joni, the coolest girl you ever hope to meet.

Wow. Hi.

CINDY: Nice to see you again.


Well, okay, bye.

There it is.

Love and be loved.

1377 01:24:30,065 --> 01:24:32,567 JIM: Where are they going? CINDY: I don't know.

Let them go. Let them go.


TIMOTHY: I know we've had a great time together.

JONI: Me, too.

I didn't tell my parents because they couldn't have done anything about it.

There's something you need to know about me.

What is it?

There's nothing I can do about it.

Everything's going to be okay.

1389 01:25:23,786 --> 01:25:24,869

Good night.

Oh, good night.

JONI: Timothy!

1394 01:25:37,883 --> 01:25:39,884 Oh, I am so confused.


Oh, hey!

We were spying.

Yeah, we couldn't help ourselves.

Oh, she's lovely. Yeah.

We really like her.


I more than like her.

Well, of course.

I don't mean to pry, buddy, but it looks like you just broke up with her.

No. I let her go.

Why would you do that?

Especially if you more than like her.


You don't get it.

CINDY: He was right.

We didn't get it.

But we were about to.

We just want to work!

Yeah, we want to work.

My grandfather worked for you.

My father did. My brothers.

24 years! He's given you 24 years!

JIM: The meeting was about whether the factory was going to close.

And the whole town showed up. Everybody.

Good evening. I know you're all upset, but if you could just give me a few minutes.

You've heard the rumors that our factory here in Stanleyville is going to close.

That's what we thought. As it turned out...

But... But something unexpected happened.

A little miracle. And here it is.

This is a new kind of pencil made almost entirely out of leaves.

JIM: A new kind of pencil.

1434 01:27:27,951 --> 01:27:29,911 BOTH: The pencil that Timothy had asked us to make.

It will not only save trees, but will save our factory.

1437 01:27:40,339 --> 01:27:41,505 Don't thank me.

I did not have the vision to come up with this revolutionary idea.

But allow me to introduce you to who did.

My son, Franklin Crudstaff.

I can't begin to describe the feeling of pride I have.

Quite frankly, Franklin, I didn't think you had it in you.

TIMOTHY: He didn't.

He didn't have it in him.

The new pencil was thought up by my parents, Jim and Cindy Green.

Oh, look here.

It's the boy who kicked the winning goal for the other team.

1453 01:28:20,837 --> 01:28:22,630 Hey, hey, stop, Franklin.

Well, he's obviously confused again.

He shoots. He scores. We lose.

Hey! Enough. Do not pick on my son.

The truth is, the only reason that Cindy and I came up with the idea for the leaf pencil is because he believed that we could. He's the reason.

And if you call him a liar, if you ever so much as even look at him funny, you will have to deal with me.

JIM SR: And me.

How touching.

Tell me, how did you come up with this idea to make a pencil out of leaves.


Well, it seems kind of obvious, really.

Uh, leaves are everywhere. And, uh...

...pencil. How about you?

Ever since Timothy came to us, leaves have been a big, a big part of our lives.



Because I have leaves on my legs.

Leaves on your legs.

Yes. Our son, Timothy, has leaves on his legs.

1480 01:29:53,013 --> 01:29:55,473 And we didn't tell you guys because we were afraid.

And kind of ashamed.

I even tried to cut his leaves off.

Surely you don't expect us to believe that...

I've seen the leaves.

They're spectacular.

And it's okay to be different. A little weird, even.

Thank you.

It doesn't matter if you believe us or not.

I'd like to see the leaves.

1491 01:30:30,300 --> 01:30:32,301 It is up to you. You don't have to.

It's okay. It's time.


Now that's amazing.

I used to have more.

BERNICE: Ifthis boy can have a leaf on his ankle, then we can make a pencil out of leaves.

Let's all go to work!

1500 01:31:31,111 --> 01:31:33,279 TIMOTHY: Wow! You guys were incredible.

Timothy, what happened to your leaves?

Oh, you know.

No. We don't know.

He wouldn't tell us.

No. He was quiet.

1507 01:31:59,764 --> 01:32:02,558 CINDY: We were in the middle of something.

JIM: We didn't know what.

But Timothy knew. He stayed calm.

He knew, and he was okay with it.

It was beautiful.

It was really beautiful.


What aren't you telling us?

We should get inside.

Get inside. Come on.

I didn't tell you before because there's nothing you could have done.

About my leaves...

What about them?

1522 01:33:00,492 --> 01:33:01,533 CINDY: Please, please tell us.

When my leaves go...

You go, too, don't you?



No, no.

No, sweetie. You can't.

TIMOTHY: It's nothing you did. It's how it's supposed to be.

There's only so much time.

Other kids grow up and move away.

I lose my leaves and move on.

CINDY: Oh, sweetie, you can't.

There is so much that we have left to do.

We're just starting to get good at this.

You're ready.

You were always ready. Oh, baby.

1539 01:33:56,089 --> 01:33:57,256 TIMOTHY: Never give up.

1541 01:34:01,720 --> 01:34:02,761


Timothy? Jim.


Jim. Yeah?

1547 01:34:53,897 --> 01:34:54,897 Oh, Jim.

Here, here, here, here.

1550 01:35:32,560 --> 01:35:33,811 What was in the box?


Thank you. I think that's all we'll need.

That's it?


Thank you.

TIMOTHY: Dear Mom and Dad.

About my leaves, I gave them all away.

It's what you do with gifts.

I gave one to Aunt Brenda so now she can rock.

1562 01:36:56,561 --> 01:36:58,604 I wanted Uncle Bub to have one.

And Miss Crudstaff.

Coach Cal got one. He said it was my best kick ever.

1566 01:37:10,700 --> 01:37:13,994 TIMOTHY: I gave one to Reggie, because he really liked them.

I left one for Grandpa Jim where I know he'll find it.

And Joni, she got two.

And for you guys, here's what I know.

If you came to me and said, "There are two people in the world

"who want you more than anything."


"They'll do their best. They'll make some mistakes.

"And you'll only get them for a short time.

"But they will love you more than you can ever imagine."

Well, when that's true, I'd say,

"So much is possible."


JIM: Hi.

I'm Cindy.

I'm Jim.

And you can call us...

Whatever you want.

GIRL: I'm Lily.

You want to come inside?

1588 01:40:11,673 --> 01:40:14,925 This gift will last forever

This gift will never let you down Some things are made from better stuff This gift is waiting to be found Your heart's in wide receiving Been too long buried in the sand Some things require leaving This gift will fall right in your hand Just try to understand

If you long enough And you don't give up If you're strong enough And you don't give up And you'll be no harbor To the sorrow

Just let it go

Don't hang your head in sorrow Don't give up just before you win Don't wait around for tomorrow Open up your arms and let it in This gift will last forever This gift will never let you down Some things are made from better stuff This gift is ready to be found Just you believe it now

This gift will last forever This gift will never let you down Some things are made from better stuff This gift is ready to be found Your heart's in wide receiving Been too long buried in the sand Some things require leaving These things just fall right in your hand Just try to understand If you long enough And you don't give up If you're strong enough And you don't give up If you long enough And you don't give up If you're strong enough And you don't give up