The Offering (2016) Script

In the name of the whole universe, by Him who has the power to consign...

That's enough!

So you will kill in the name of your God just to save?

I adjure you!

No more, Father! You're killing him!

I adjure you not by my weakness, but by the Holy Spirit, to depart from this servant of God.

You've killed him.

Miss Waters, Dr. Hawkins will see you now.

You're clear, Jamie.

The numbness in your arm is from spending too much time in front of the computer.

Just to be sure, we'll do a blood test, huh?

Oh, give those homicides a break, will you?

Get some Ashtanga.

Gotta make the rent, Doc.

Okay, we're done here.


See you next year, Jamie.

God willing, it will skip you.

God has nothing to do with it.

The diagnosis is extreme overwork.

The doctor prescribed yoga, but I'm guessing you want me back at the coal mine tomorrow.

Yeah, how about right now?

Look, the front page is a mess, the lead is a disgrace, and that idiot filling in for you got every damn fact in the East Garfield shooting wrong.

Give Jacob a break. It's his first week on crime.

See you tomorrow? I'm counting the minutes.

I'll see you later, Jamie. Oh, and one more thing.

We need you over at north side for a 10:00 press conference for the Lakewood murder.

Dan. What?

You are coming back tomorrow, period.

Listen, Dan, something's happened to my sister.

I'm getting on the first flight to Singapore.



Hi, I'm Majorie from the bureau. Just this way.

I've located the house where your sister was found.

It belongs to her ex-husband.

He told the police that he had loaned it to her until she relocated back to Chicago with their daughter.

Where's Katie? At his place.

Um, the morgue's expecting you.


The deceased was found with a plastic bag over her head.

Five sets of prints were recovered from the bag, all belonging to her.

Cause of death is asphyxiation.

Judging by the level of decomposition, we believe that the deceased committed suicide three days ago.

That's not possible.

Anna had no reason to kill herself.

The autopsy revealed that your sister was suffering from Huntington's disease.

Her 12-year-old daughter also has it.

Huntington's is a hereditary neurodegenerative genetic disease with no known cure.

Sufferers have a 50% chance of passing it on to their children.

It begins with the involuntary jerking of the limbs and ends in early death caused by falls due to lack of coordination, malnutrition because of the inability to swallow, or suicide.

Anna's had Huntington's since she was ten.

She's stronger than you think.

We recovered a video from her computer.

She left her webcam on accidentally, and this is what it captured.

God forgive me.

In 3/4 of a mile, be in either of the two left lanes.

Then turn left...

Aunt Jamie!


You've got to check out the house, Aunt Jamie.

It's so old and cool.

Mom thinks a ship captain used to live here.

I think it's a pirate.

There's even a telescope in my room, Aunt Jamie. Come!

Um, I'll be there in a minute, sweetie.

I need to have a word with your dad.

Doctor says it's shock.

She found Anna and stayed with the body for two days.

Where the hell were you? Tokyo.

Anna called me the day she died, but I was on a plane.

I called her when I got back, but she didn't answer, so I came here.

Found Katie reading next to Anna's body as if nothing had happened.

She shouldn't be here. I didn't want her to, but she found out you were arriving and insisted on coming back.

She's not listening to anything I say right now.

Can you blame her?

You walked out on your wife and daughter because they were sick.

You'd better go.

Anna drew up a will two years ago.

She wanted to be cremated.

The ceremony's tomorrow.



Isn't this cool? You can see real far with it.

Try it, Aunt Jamie.

I saw a nest in one of the trees the other day.

When Mommy comes back you can sleep here with me.

What do you mean, Katie?

You want to tell me how you found Mommy, sweetie?

I was supposed to be away for a week at school camp, but I got sick on the second day.

So a teacher drove me back.

Did you call your dad?

Why not?

I knew he would call the police, and he did, and they came and took her away.

They had to, sweetie. But she was coming back.

Mommy was coming back.

Shh. Shh.

When did this happen?

Last month.

I couldn't swallow, and Mommy took me to the doctor.

When was the last time you fed?

This morning after we came back.

Hold still.

Does it hurt? It's okay.

Mommy says Huntington's a gift from God.

The pain reminds us how precious life is.

Your granny said the same thing to your mom when she was your age.

Did Granny die of Huntington's?

Yeah, she did.

But you won't.


Does God really exist?

Is He a metaphor, like the Tower of Babel, which scholars believe never actually existed.

We all know the story in Genesis.

Man, speaking one tongue and full of pride, built a tower to reach the heavens.

And in doing so, angered God, who destroyed the tower, scattered Man over the face of the earth and confused his language.

Like the invented tower in that story that explains how people living in different lands spoke different languages, is God Himself a fictitious character?

Some say the question is profound and unanswerable, but modern scientific tools have unearthed what are possibly King David's City in Israel's Elah Valley, the fallen cities of Sodom and Gomorrah north of the Dead Sea and recently a ziggurat in North Syria that is possibly the Tower of Babel.

With the aid of science, humble rocks and stones will bridge that mystical gap we know as the leap of faith, leading us closer to God, who, I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, is very real.

Thank you.

Good night.

Father De Silva? Hmm?

I'm Father Matthew Goh from Saint Benedict Parish.

Ah. Society of Jesus?

Your specialty? Uh, computers.

I manage the archdiocese's presence on the Internet.

Google, Facebook, Twitter.

I can't get past a calculator.

It's Matthew, right?

So, um, it exists?

I'm sorry?

The tower. You found it in Syria.

Oh, yes. Uh, we found some stones, and they carbon-date back to the tenth century BC, which was when Genesis was written.

There you go, Father Matthew. Good night.

It's rising, Father.

What did you say?

The Tower of Babel. It's rising

Your cab's here, Father.

I have to go. Thank you for coming.



It's okay. It's just me.

I knocked, but nobody answered, so I came in.

I had no idea this was down here.

My parents bought the place after the war.

We just lived here for a month when I was a kid.

Otherwise it's been pretty much unoccupied till Anna and Katie moved in.

They needed a place before they went back to Chicago.

Is Katie up?

We need to get going or we're going to be late.

Where are we going?

Sweetie, I know it's hard, but... we're here to say goodbye to your mom.

No! No!

You can't burn her. She's coming back.

Mommy's coming back in seven days.

She's not coming back, Katie.

No! No, Mommy. No!

No! Mommy! No!

She's with God now.

No God would allow people like Anna and my mother to suffer the way they did.

You want to come in, sweetie?


You can come in when you feel better.


Is that you?

God forgive me.

God forgive me.

It started a month ago with Saint Benedict.

This morning the Web sites of three other churches were attacked in the exact same way.

Might it not just be a prank?

Corporations and governments get hacked. Why not the Church?

We're not dealing with a hacker here, Father.

The defacement may look it, but... the code used in the attacks is like nothing I've seen before.

Employing such a sophisticated code to hack a church Web site...

It's like... It's like using a laser to... to kill a fly.

I... I'd really like to help you, but I just don't see how I can.

The Tower of Babel... I need to know more about it.

The Bible mentions many towers.

But it was Man's use of one tongue that led to his spiritual suicide.

But God destroyed the Tower and confounded all the languages.

The one tongue is no more.

This is binary.

It's the language of computers and the Internet.

The ones and zeros correspond to the two basic states of electrical signals...

On and off.

Now, whether you speak English, Spanish, Japanese, French...

Binary captures every language out there, making it the language of languages.

It's the new one tongue.

Where are you?

Is my mommy coming back?

Who's he?

Just make sure she feeds in a while and then once again five hours later.

She can do it on her own, but just, you know, remind her.

Got it.

I'm sorry. You're not a babysitter.

I just... I don't know anyone here.

It's fine, and I love kids, plus it gets me out of the bureau.

So... Thank you.

Um, I shouldn't be long.

Don't worry. We'll be fine.

Is this about Anna?

Jamie, wait. Let me help you.

You didn't care when you dumped my sister, so why the concern now?

For all I know, you're the reason why she killed herself.

Miss Waters.

I'm Ravi Sharma.

You said your sister killed herself. So did my wife.

I have something you need to see.


I'll be back in seven days.

Wait for me. I love you.

She had removed her own womb.

It was all captured on the baby cam.

A few days ago I was putting the baby stuff away when I saw this.

What is it?

You've seen it before.

In the room where my sister died.

May I take a look around?

Charlotte was an accountant. Retired.

But she still did some freelance auditing once in a while.

Was your wife sick?

No, that's for the IVF.

We've been trying to have a baby for years.

But the doctors said Charlotte was too old to get pregnant.

Well, she paid the day she died.

Hey, Tara. It's Majorie.

Hey, listen, I'm wondering, are you still with Chester Tan?



It's time you fed.


Can't she stay? No.



Don't hurt us.

Mommy, is that you?


He killed us all!

He will kill every one of you.

Who is he? He has many names.

Jamie, wait. Let me help.

Charlotte removed her womb because she was infertile.

Anna suffocated herself, starving her brain of oxygen, because that's where Huntington's starts.

Charlotte told Ravi she's coming back in seven days.

Katie said the same about Anna. Then there's the symbol.

The two cases are linked. Let me help.

I want to find the truth as much as you do.


There you are.

Are you drawing something?

Is that a word game?

Can I play?


They look like names.

Danny says he has many names.

Who's Danny?

Well, they look similar.

I know. It's an anagram.

What's that? An anagram's a word formed by rearranging the letters of another word.

I'll show you.



That's your name.

Now let's see.

And this is an anagram of your name.


The plot was confiscated by the British government in 1938 and later resold at an auction in 1953 to the Harris family.


Miss, are you all right?


How is she? In bed.

What is it?

That thing you have in there, it can give people a real scare.

I nearly died of fright when I saw it.

What thing?


It was... It was right here a moment ago.

Um, what was it?

A dummy in a diving suit. I was right here with Katie.

I turned around, and it was right here on this chair.

Are you okay, Majorie? Uh...

That's my cab. I... I have to go.

Are you sure you're okay?


Uh, I spoke to my friend who works for the lawyer that your sister used, and... it wasn't Sam who wanted the divorce.

It was Anna.

I just thought you should know.


She's coming back. Just two more days.



He demands the Tower, but rejects the tongues I offer.

I have sacrificed my blood, but he will not do my bidding.

What tower does he speak of?

Miss Waters? Yeah?

Something just happened. Charlotte's computer deleted three names from her address book.

I didn't see the first two. It happened so fast.

But the last one is someone by the name of Josh Lim.

Do you know him? No.

There's something else.

It's exactly seven days since Charlotte died.

Are you okay?

When you called, I thought something had happened to Katie.


She's fine.

Why didn't you tell Katie that Anna was the one who wanted the divorce, not you?

I didn't want her to blame Anna.

I'm sorry. It's okay.

After Katie got sick, Anna felt guilty for not telling me the truth.

I told her it didn't matter, but it ate away at her.

She said she didn't want me going through life dragging around a sick wife and daughter.

She said she wanted me to be free.

You have to tell Katie the truth.

She can't go through life hating you.





Josh? No! Josh!


We've got to get you to the hospital.

Seven days. She... She said... Who?

Who said seven days? She... She...

So you will kill in the name of your God just to save?

I adjure you! No, Father!

You've killed him.



No! Ah! No!

Spare him, Nigel, please. I beg you.

He wants you too.

Sam. I found something.

First, thank you, Anna, for an amazing meal.

May I propose some post-dinner entertainment?

All right. Let the sťance begin. Everybody.

Miss May Wong?

Spirits, ghosts, ghouls, we wish to converse.

Are you present?

Okay, can we have dessert now?

I have the most amazing chocolate cake ready for you.

What the hell was that? Did you do that, Wayne?

Okay. That was me.

You idiot!

Um, there's something.

Tell us your name.

May? May, are you okay? Oh!

Oh, sweetie, are you okay? May.

Oh. It's okay.

It must be the wine. I'm taking medication for my heart.

I'd better go. Sorry. It's okay. It's okay, dear Please stay. I don't want to spoil anyone's fun.

Please stay.

Turn that thing off.

It's another anagram for Leviathan.

Leviathan is a sea monster in the Old Testament.

Do you see that?

Huh. She's sort of fading away in the mirror.

We need to talk to her.


It's the artist you went to see?

He's dead. Anna, Charlotte and Josh...

The link between all three of them is May Wong.


Father! I can't help you.

Is this about the case in Indonesia ten years ago?

I need to go. Father, it wasn't your fault.

The Vatican cleared you.

That man didn't die because of the exorcism.

He died from medical complications.

Resulting from my ignorance.

Father, please, I'm begging you.

There's something unholy about this attack on the church.


My faith is not as strong as you may think.

But isn't that what makes us human?

It's our struggle for perfection that lends us grace.

We're all inadequate in His eyes, Father.



Aunt Jamie?

Aunt Jamie?

You've got to go.


May is our chief researcher in undersea Internet cables.

Most of the world's cables are routed through Singapore.

It reflects our maritime past as a naval base.

I understand that you want to interview May for your story, but given that she's not around, can I propose another researcher?

I'd really prefer to speak with May, especially when she is the one who wrote the software.

Um, can I have her address? I'll contact her myself.

Oh, I'm afraid it's not our company policy to divulge the personal details of our employees to the media.

I understand, but I can't write my article without speaking to her.

Thank you for your time. Hang on, Miss Waters.

The Pacific Monitor... You have a very wide readership in America.

Our quarterly results will be announced next month.

Your story on Subterfuge will be most helpful.

And arise, Leviathan.


Ah. You've finally come, master.

Katie, we've got to go. I'm not leaving.

It's the seventh day, and Mommy's coming back.

Katie. Katie.


Get away from that.

We got to go. No, Mommy's coming back.

No! Stop. No!

No, Mommy's coming back. No!

No, let go!

Let go! No!

No. Let me go.

Let go of me. Stay here.

I'm just going to get some of your things.

I'm not leaving! Katie.




The subscriber is currently unavailable.


Father, I found the computer.

I'm Father De Silva. This is Father Matthew.

Are you May? No.

But I'm looking for her.

We traced several cyber attacks on the Church to this apartment.

Can you help us?



Who are you, miss?

You've seen that before.


Now, the operating system is very complex.

It'll take me some time to crack all of it, but...

I've managed to track down some kind of activity log.

The attacks on the Church Web sites originated from this machine.

And whoever did it attacked five other systems.

I just need to track down which.

Binary is the one tongue.

Leviathan is using the Internet to rebuild the Tower of Babel.

You have one message. Leviathan is a demon Nigel Crowther summoned in the house.

I want to get Katie out, but she's locked herself in her room. Call me.



She's in her room. I can't... I can't get in.


Katie, it's me. Aunt Jamie?

Open the door, sweetie.

You won't make me leave? No. Just... Just open the door.

Are you okay? We've got to get her out.

No! You lied! Listen to me, Katie. I...

It's the seventh day, and Mommy's coming back.

Mommy's dead, baby. She's not coming back.

She said so herself before she died.

What did you say, Katie? What did Mom say?

Please, tell me the truth, Katie.

We got to get her out of here. No.

You're coming with me. No! No!

I came home from school camp and Mommy said she was going away, and she would return after seven days.

I asked her why, and she said she had found a way to make my Huntington's go away, but she needed to try it out on herself first.

Then she went into the study, and...

It's her Huntington's. It's getting worse.

We've got to get her out of here.

Got it.

The IP addresses of the five systems attacked are right here.

Wait. Something's happening.

It's launching another attack.

I'll just get some stuff in the study and we can go.

All right.

You ready?

Jamie. Yeah, Doc?

I'm afraid I have some bad news.

The scans must have missed something.

According to your blood work, you have Huntington's.

I'm so sorry.

Are you okay?


Mocking God's creation of the world in seven days.

Witness his sign.

Witness the severance of my disease.

Witness my rebirth.

The sick, the lame, the diseased.

If they saw that, they will all...

They'll kill themselves.

That was no resurrection. She came back to life because Leviathan was inside her.

The demon is using this video of a false resurrection to trick those who are susceptible into committing the greatest sin against God: suicide.

Leviathan is rebuilding the Tower of Babel sin by sin, suicide by suicide.

If I kill myself and return in seven days without my disease, I can save Katie.

I'll see you both in seven days.

Sam, stop it! I must do this.

You don't know what it's like to be sick, to always be in pain.

If you want to see if the video works, then I'll do it.

I'm her father.

The system's migrating to the Internet.

We'd better go. Wait, we need the hard disk.

We've got to get you to the hospital.

That woman who was here earlier... she knows something.

Find her.

"When a demon is unmasked he will return to the place he was first summoned."


You all right?


Katie! No.






The demon who staged the false resurrection of that woman is now inside Katie.

He is devious and very dangerous.

Don't go anywhere near him, and don't listen to a word he says.

If you never believed in God, now is the time you do.


Help her, Father.

All dressed up, Father?

What're you going to do? Kill this little girl the same way you killed that man ten years ago?

Silence, demon.

Repeat after me.

Lord have mercy.

Lord have mercy.

Christ have mercy.

Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.

Lord have mercy.

Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, all holy angels and archangels, all holy orders of blessed spirits...


Anna? Don't listen to the demon.

I have found the cure that will save Katie, you and me.

Stop him before he kills us.

Daddy? Katie?

I don't want to die. He is lying.

No, Sam.

Holy Lord, almighty Father, everlasting God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ... Daddy?

Daddy? Get me that chair!

No, Daddy. Don't.

No, Daddy. No.

No, Daddy. Daddy, it's me.

No. No. Stop it.

No, Daddy. Stop it.

Why are you hurting me, Aunt Jamie?


Please. No.

It's me, Aunt Jamie.


I adjure you, ancient serpent, by the judge of the living and the dead, by your Creator, by the Creator of the whole universe, by Him who has the power to consign you to hell, to depart forthwith in fear along with your savage minions from this servant of God, Katie, who seeks refuge in the fold of the Church.

Make no resistance nor delay in departing from this man, for it has pleased God to dwell in Man.

It is God Himself who commands you.

The majestic Christ commands you.

God the Father commands you!

God the Son commands you!

God the Holy Spirit commands you!

The mystery of the cross commands you!

The faith of the holy apostles, Peter and Paul, and of all the saints commands you.

The blood of the martyrs commands you.

The devout prayers of all holy men and women commands you.

The saving mysteries of our Christian faith commands you!

Katie? What have you done?

So you will kill in the name of your God just to save?

You doubt your faith, priest.

Father! Stay back!

I crown you like they crowned the King of Jews!



And I crucify you like they crucified the Nazarene!

Die, priest, and be silent!


Look deep inside yourself.

Find God, who's always been there, who never left you.

If there is a God, priest, why would He afflict his children with pain and disease?

Pain and disease are part of life, part of our faith.

Pain and disease reminds us of life like bitter reminds us of sweet.

We can reach Katie. Get her down.

Hold on, Katie!

Didn't Mommy say pain reminds us of how precious life is?

Can you feel that pain, Katie?

Do you remember what your mommy said?

Hold on to that pain!

It's working.

Aunt Jamie?



The Church is very grateful for your gift.

We're going to build a seminary here and name it after Father De Silva.

Thank you for everything.

You take care.

I spoke to your daddy.

You'll be spending Christmas in Chicago.

Really, Daddy?

Yeah. Let go, little lady, or your aunt's going to miss her flight.

Take care.

...discovered the corpse of 38-year-old Takeshi Shigeru, the software engineer who was suffering from a brain tumor, had drowned himself in his bathtub.

The bank executive, who had mouth cancer, had cut off his tongue and had bled to death.

The police has classified the case as a suicide.