The One (2001) Script


NARRATOR: There is not one universe. There are many.

A Multiverse.

We have the technology to travel between universes but travel is highly restricted and policed.

There is not one you. There are many.

Each of us exists in present time, in parallel universes.

There was balance in the system, but now a force exists who seeks to destroy the balance so he can become The One.


TV ANNOUNCER: President Gore addressed Congress today where he outlined the White House plan...

INMATE 1: Here they come, man.

INMATE 2: They're going to take you on out.

INMATE 3: You're dead, Lawless! You're dead!

Ain't payback a bitch?

INMATE 4: Die, Lawless, you piece of shit!

Die like all my boys you took out!


GUARD: I know they're going to kill you upstate, but no one's getting you on my watch, so don't sweat, Lawless.

You want that thumb?

Let's move him out of here.

INMATE 5: I want to hear you scream, Lawless.

Come on, scream for me.

Going to get you, asshole!

INMATE 6: Yeah, walk the walk!

You piece of shit! You're a dead man!

Something's wrong.


Prisoner down!

(GUNSHOT) GUARD 1: Up there!

Hold your fire! Cease fire!

Woo, Scott, follow me!

GUARD 2: Razor wire should have kept anyone out, let alone moving fast.

There's no blood.




♪ One ♪ Nothing wrong with me

♪ Two ♪ Nothing wrong with me

♪ Three ♪ Nothing wrong with me

♪ Four ♪ Nothing wrong with me

♪ One ♪ Something's got to give

♪ Two ♪ Something's got to give

♪ Three ♪ Something's got to give

♪ Now

♪ Let the bodies hit the floor

♪ Let the bodies hit the floor

♪ Let the bodies hit the floor ♪



Holy shit! He's doing 50!



DISPATCHER ON RADIO: Adam 13 in pursuit of suspect headed west, Third and Olympic.

Request assistance from 2 David air unit. Over.

AIR UNIT ON RADIO: Roger that. Air 14 en route to Third and Olympic.




ROEDECKER: He's going to the hole.

We have to get there, override him before he jumps.

Give me the go-ahead. He'll never make it.

Check fire. Stick to procedure, Funsch.

You were recruited to apprehend him, not be his assassin, understand?

I can't hear you. Do you understand?

Loud and clear.

Yulaw! MVA!

Loud and clear, huh?


Roedecker! Less than a minute!



Hands high!

30 seconds, Roedecker.

Who the hell is this now?

You must be the new guy. Where is Roedecker?

This is your last warning.

Get your hands where I can see them.


You, drop that weapon!

I will kill you.

No, you won't.

Where is Roedecker?

Here I am.

What the...






You stick to procedure, it all works out.

MAN: Victim 117, Yu Fook Law, Monoceros Universe.

Victim 118, Swen Law, Tucana Universe.

Victim 119, Ni Dilaw, Canopus Universe.

Victim 120, Kia Jilaw, Serpenz Universe.

Victim 121, Seth Law, Procyon Universe.

Victim 122, Frun Law, Shauwla Universe.

Victim 123, Lawless, Anubis Universe.

What's the next move?

It won't work for you anymore, Yulaw.

The shortest distance between two points will always be a straight line.

Your line has run out. You don't see that?

There's never been anything like what I have become.

You know that. You were there for my first one.

I wish I'd never let there be a second.

But there was a second.

And a third.

And a 123rd.

Why did you come, Harry?

You miss me?

I missed who you were.

You've been chasing me how many years?

Two years.

I just need to do it one more time.

There won't be a "one more time" for you.

COMPUTER VOICE: Destination: Stygian Penal Colony, Hades Universe.

JUDGE: Gabriel Yulaw.

The peoples of the Multiverse have found you guilty of 123 counts of first-degree murder and 123 counts of unauthorized travel to parallel universes by use of illegal quantum tunneling.

For these crimes, you have been sentenced to life without the possibility of return on the Stygian Penal Colony, in the Hades Universe.

May God be with you.

You may make a final statement.

The Multiverse.

Every universe in it is irrational, sloppy.

I just try to make it rational.

I just try to make it neat.

You call it murder.

How could I murder myself 123 times?

I just took those wasted energies and put them into one container, me.

It made me faster, smarter, stronger.

What if that is our fate?

To unite with our other selves.

To be unified forever.

To be one.

I will be The One.

Gabriel Yulaw, are you ready?

Are you?




♪ Get up, come on get down with the sickness COMPUTER VOICE: Wormhole opens in five, four, three, two, one.

♪ Get up, come on get down with the sickness


♪ Get up, come on get down with the sickness ♪

Wormhole's shut.

It only had a 30-second window. Now we have to wait.

Son of a bitch!

Permission to speak, sir?


Is this part of the procedure?

We'll get him on the other side.

There's only one place he could be going.

Aldrich, take these.

TV ANNOUNCER: President Bush addressed a joint session of Congress today where he outlined the White House plan for universal health care.

INMATE 1: Ronnie, you're dead! You rat!

INMATE 2: Die, you piece of shit snitch!


You're going to be okay, Ronnie. You're doing the right thing.


Go, go! INMATE 3: Dead! Dead!

You snitch! Dead!

Something's wrong.

GUARD 1: Go, go, go! Get him out! Get him out!

GUARD 2: Get him in the vehicle.

GUARD 3: Get out, now. Go, go, go.

Oh, shit!

Cease fire!

Is he soup yet?

No way he got out of there.

He's got to be.


Get him down! Pull!

One Henry Robert! Code 3!

Demand immediate backup in the delivery area!

GUARD 4: Go!

I need a hand over here!



GUARD 5: Hey, on the bus!

He's going OJ!

Get him! Let's go, Yates!




You see that?

The good news is you're not crazy.

The bad news...

WOMAN ON TV: I lived here my whole life.

And everywhere I look for great memories.

Now all I see is Larry and those kids.



Oh, my God!

I'm okay.

I'm okay. Aldrich said you were in the hospital.

Yeah, I was.

Did they check you out?

I checked myself. Nothing to check. See?

I just need to get myself clear. Hey, Ollie.

You were shot. You need to be examined.

You can do it.

Newsflash. I'm a vet. You don't have paws and a tail.

With all that's been happening to you, you need to see someone.

I'm seeing the only person I need to see.

I'm serious.


We'll go to the hospital, check on Woo, after I'm done.



ALDRICH: You'll be all right, man.

You guys take care of him now.

Yes, sir.

ALDRICH: Gabe? Hey, T. K.

GABE: How is he?

External injuries mostly.

EMT said he's seen a lot worse.

You gave us a bigger scare just leaving the hospital like that.

Your man went deep tonight, T. K.

Don't know how he made it up that wall.

I wouldn't be here if you guys didn't make it up right behind me.

We never made it up that wall.

I didn't make it out of the goddamn parking lot.

Backup unit reported you down.

We continued pursuit, unsuccessful.

Only you got a good look at the suspect. We need a description.

Think it's someone out of Ronnie's posse?

Payback for snitching?

It was dark.

You have anything? Anything to go on?


If you remember anything, we'll be down the hall.

Hey, man, I'm glad you're still with us.


Why did you lie to them?

It was dark.

Gabe, it's not the guys. It's me.

It was me.


He wasn't trying to hit Ronnie.

He was aiming at me!

Before I saw him, I felt him.

I felt me!

It was me.

(STUTTERS) Maybe the adrenaline caused some kind of hallucination.

You were shot. Your memory could've been affected by the trauma.

Or maybe it's part of what's been happening to you.

People get older. They don't get stronger.

They don't get faster all of a sudden.

Whatever it is, we're here now, right?

And if they find something wrong with me?

I don't want to lose my job.

I don't want to lose you.

Mrs. Law, before we go into the MRI room I have some questions to ask you about your husband.

Does he have a cardiac pacemaker? T. K.: No.

NURSE: Intracranial aneurysm clip? T. K.: No.

Dentures, hearing aid or penile implant?

No, no, and not unless he had one put in since this morning.

NURSE: Okay, Mr. Law. Right this way.

I have a few forms for you to fill out.

This is a painless procedure so there's nothing for you to worry about.

Dressing room's here. Remove all your clothing.

You'll find a gown on a hook.

The paperwork's already started so we'll get you in and out in no time.

Please remove all personal metallic objects.

That means no keys, no watches, no credit cards, no body piercings, no cell phones...

My gun.

No guns, no jewelry, no zippers. What?

The hospital has it.

You're going in for an MRI. Gabe?

Remember what I said?

I feel it again.

When you're done, we'll go get your things, all right?

They're not giving her your gun.

(WHISPERING) The guys are downstairs. They can get the gun.

Even if you did, you're not bringing it here.

That's a powerful, precise magnet.

All right.

If you start the MRI, I'll find the guys.

Lose the wedding ring.

Here. I got it.

For Christ's sake, you're getting an MRI, not a heart transplant.

Mr. Law, I need you to remain still for three to ten minutes.

You can talk, but if you move, we have to start all over.



Hey. Hey. Where did you guys go?

I took him in for a...

Something wrong? Can I get you something?

No, I have to talk to the doctor.

Mike, I can't take my break till I'm done with this guy.

Can you wait half an hour?

Mr. Law, what are you doing?

Now we have to start over.

Why? What did I do?


Back away!

Thought you were gonna kill me.

Just give me the chance, asshole.

Get on your knees slowly.

You there?

On the floor, right now!

The floor?

This is a hospital.

The floor is full of germs.

You want me to get sick?

It's gunfire.

MAN: Let's get security.


Get back!

What have you got?

Nothing. Not a thing.

No! No!


Be still.


Unit 15, weapon fire, south tower!

Fourth floor, Imaging Radiology!

Gabe is there.

Hands high! Hands high, Yulaw!

Don't move! Don't move!

Don't move!

We all know if you kill me, you have to kill the other guy.

Just let me take out one leg.

Cuff him.

I'll cover you.


Back, get back!

It's Gabe. Go! Channel 7.

Swing the camera. Follow him.

He cut right at the end of the hall.

Don't move! Stay here!

Go back to the room.

T. K., you can't go up there!

FUNSCH: Which one is he?

I'm okay. I'm all right.

ALDRICH: Don't move, Gabe! We're here to help.

I'm all right.

Do you know where you are?

What's wrong with you? Where are you, Gabe?

There are three armed men. They killed a security officer.

Who are we? They went down the hall.

What's my name?

I was unarmed. I couldn't go after them.

ALDRICH: What did you do with the gun?

I don't have one. I asked T. K. to get it.

Yulaw wouldn't have known that.

This one's safer in their custody. Let them take him.

T. K.: You need help before you hurt yourself.

Or anyone else.

Anyone else? Someone tried to kill me!

Please! I don't want to hurt you guys.

Let go of me!

GABE: I don't want to hurt you.

I don't want to hurt you guys.

Settle back down!

He's close to Yulaw's strength.

Let go! Gabe!

It's what I told you. It's me.

(WHISPERING) Get home.

We have a problem here.

Yeah, the real problem is procedure sucks.


All right, new procedure.

Gabe is yours. I will take Yulaw.

How you going to do that?

I'll do whatever it takes.

Sync up your repeater.

Hey, wait a minute.

I've lived through one of those.

Let me do it.

Sync your repeater, Funsch.

All right.

When the green light turns red and stays steady and Yulaw is dead...

And you.

You know what to do.

Not a problem.


Us splitting up, you going solo, is way out of procedure.

So listen to me. I know where you're from, what you've been through, but this place is different.

Not everyone is a combatant.

There are innocent people here, also.

So if you get into the shit, you trust your heart, not your head.

Loud and clear, sir.

How did that son of a bitch get out of here?

Have you seen that new video, Mr. Fanny's Been A-Pluggin'? It's hot!

Dude, I like Janine.

But she don't do guys.

That girl-girl stuff gets old.

Why don't you rent one of those big-ass, she-male tapes, you freak?

Shut up!


I can't determine occipital lobe swelling without a complete MRI.

He was acting schizophrenic.

Schizophrenia doesn't just kick in.

The triggering stressor of being shot caused a psychotic break.

Mrs. Law? T. K.

The entire Fifth Division is looking for him.

They understand he's not himself.

They know how to bring him in.

You okay? I'm fine.

Need a doctor?

No, I'm all right.

I am not going to let anything happen to him.

If it wasn't for Gabe, I wouldn't be in this uniform.

Thanks, Bobby.

Maybe it's best if I go home. Good idea.

Nothing you can do here, and he's likely to contact you there.

If I hear from him, I'll let you know.

If you hear anything, I'll be home.

I know. I'm going to take you.

I appreciate it, but I'll be fine.

We'll make sure of it. There are four units on the way to your house. Come on.

Circle around. I'll meet you out front.

All right.







♪ You look at me, but you don't see

♪ Understand I'm a sinner

♪ Don't corner me

♪ Don't lecture me

♪ Raise your hands ♪ You're a sinner ♪ Just when I find something I like in this universe.

Turn off the radio slowly.




Who are you?

You're close to his strength.

The last two years, you've gotten stronger.

Haven't jacked any more iron. Haven't changed your diet.

But you are stronger.

Your mind, too.

Answers come fast without thinking.

Who are you? What did you do to me?

Not me. You. You've done this to yourself.


Just like old times, eh, buddy?

Not exactly, buddy.

Put your hands back on the wheel, Yulaw.

Space is shaped like this.

You believe this is the only universe.

There's not just one universe, there's a Multiverse.

Every time a massive star dies and becomes a black hole a new universe is created.

They've learned to forecast where and when a black hole will occur.

A momentary bridge between parallel universes.

Travel is restricted.

They created an agency to police the Multiverse.

I'm a Multiverse agent.

You're a nut.

You're the one who's been seeing yourself.

In this universe, you're you.

In another, you don't exist.

In another, you're married to the same woman.

In another, to a different woman.

In another, you're married to a man.

There's an energy, strain, wave, connecting all those lives.

We all have one.

The one between you and him has gotten stronger.

You've been feeling him, haven't you?

Harry, nobody's proved that what I'm doing is a bad thing.

You've killed 123 people. I'd say that was a very bad thing.

You don't know what'd happen if you killed this one.

It could destroy the system, but that doesn't matter.

I know. Everything must be balanced.

The party line.

What do you think would happen?

Some people think you'd explode, some people think you'd implode.

You're missing one.

Some people think you'd become a god.

That's the one.







The man you've been seeing, the "you", he was an MVA agent.

Once he was forced to defend himself against himself in another universe.

Killed him.

In doing so, part of the other life's energy transferred to him.

Made him stronger.

Made all of you stronger.

Each time he kills one of you, the energy divides among the survivors.

So, I'm next?

You're the last.

You and him are it.


I don't want any part of this.

You don't have a choice.


First choice, give up. Second choice, die.

Third choice.


So, if everything you say is true

what happens to me?

Nobody's got all the answers.

I don't believe you. Stay away.



I'm alone now.

I'm here to help you, Gabe.

Sir, I have to ask you to hold it right there.

I said freeze, asshole!


Don't you people ever learn?



Let them have a look first.

I have to do my girl stuff.




TV is on.

Yeah, I left it on.

When I got the call about Gabe, I just ran.

Grabbed my jacket, rushed downstairs.

I'll turn it off.

T. K.: Bobby?

I appreciate you being here with me and I don't want to sound rude, but can I have a little privacy?

Sorry, T. K.

I'll be right outside.



I told you it's not wasted space.

You all right?

I'm afraid.

Me, too.

Is it safe to come down?

No, there are sheriffs all over.

I need my gun.

I left it at the hospital.

I need my weapon.

T. K.

Yeah, okay.



What's wrong?


They can see inside. I'm just gonna pull the shade.


T. K.


Jesus. Did you ever think when we met that day at the bookstore we'd be in this kind of mess?

Even if I knew, I still would have come in.

It wasn't a bookstore.

Just so you know, I'm going to take that gun and kill you before you can pull the trigger.

There's nothing you can do except give it to me.





Gabe, drop it!

Drop it now!

Drop it!




Get in!

Hey, knock it off!

You're acting like him.

I am him!

Without her.

My grandfather taught me the energy of life goes in a circle.

In a perfect flow, balanced.

He said, until I find my center my circle would never be whole.

That day, I first saw her in the clinic I came in with a dog that was hit by a car.

I knew right away she was my center.

She made me whole.

How do I kill him?

In an hour, there's a forecasted wormhole opening. Three-minute window.

He's attuned to your life wave.

He'll try to find you, kill you, and get back to the hole.

That's where we get him.

Get him? Kill him!

Kill him?

You're serious?

My own design.

Highly modified M-590, hand-portable system.

Fires 25 smart rounds per second.

Multiple tracking modes, plus the latest countermeasures.

Each round carries an explosive warhead with selectable fuse delays.

Tracks, enters, pauses, 1 microseconds, then "Boom!"

Mixto rojo.

And this is his little brother.

Hasn't worked yet.

Don't blame the tools.

I never had the go-ahead to terminate.

Let me show you how.

That'll work, too.

We kill him, then it's over.

Hey, you two!

Come on! Check that shit!

Let's go.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Permission to speak, sir.

I know what I have to do.

I'll never get the chance to thank you for squaring me away.

So, thank you, sir.

I'm calling the cops.


Just making sure you know, if we kill him...

You have to kill me. Kill me! I don't care.

As long as he's dead, I don't care.

If we kill him there's a chance, some say, this whole universe could go with him.

The Chinese guy was tearing the place apart.


Wormhole ETA, ten minutes.

That vicinity.

He's here.


Shit. Take cover!

It's a bomb! Don't breathe for 20 seconds after the blast!










You came here for me.

Now I'm here for you.

After this, there will be only one.

I won't be The One, but neither will you.



Shit! Three minutes.


♪ Corruption and abuse

♪ The salesman of our blood

♪ For the public's craving

♪ Existence in the dark

♪ It's in our nature to destroy ourselves

♪ It's in our nature to kill ourselves

♪ It's in our nature to kill, kill, kill



♪ It's in our nature to destroy ourselves

♪ It's in our nature to kill ourselves

♪ It's in our nature to kill each other

♪ It's in our nature to kill, kill, kill


♪ It's in our nature to kill, kill, kill

♪ Kill, kill, kill kill, kill, kill ♪

30 seconds!


Gabe, get out! Get out!

Get out!




That's him.


MAN: Scanning, RHV 579. Confirm.

Send him where he belongs.

COMPUTER VOICE: Destination: Stygian Penal Colony, Hades Universe.

Wormhole opens in one minute.


No, stop!

That's him, that's Yulaw.

Wormhole opens in 30 seconds.

Get him out!

Wormhole opens in 20 seconds.

Wormhole opens in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Wormhole opened.



That man doesn't leave this room.

Sir, he assisted in Yulaw's capture.

He's from an uninitiated universe with no travel passport.

He goes back.

He can't go back. They'll lock him up for life.

He will be cared for, watched over. Like the other.

Balance will be preserved.

The wormhole closes in 40 seconds!

Sir, permission to speak... Permission denied.

That order is bullshit!

GABE: Funsch.

It doesn't matter.

Take him!

I know where he has to go.

I have to send you where you belong.

It's procedure.

Coordinates accepted.

'Bye, Gabe.

Wormhole opens in five, four, three, two, one.



MAN: Look out!



Hey, you all right?



GABE: Ollie?


Excuse me, I have a...

What happened?


Do I know you?


Fresh fish.

Got a pretty mouth.

(ECHOING) I am Yulaw! I'm nobody's bitch.

You are mine.

I don't need to know you.

You only need to know me.

I will be The One!

(LAST RESORT PLAYING) ♪ Suffocation ♪ No breathing

♪ Don't give a fuck if I cut my own breathing

♪ This is my last resort

♪ 'Cause I'm losing my sight

♪ Losing my mind

♪ Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine

♪ Losing my sight

♪ Losing my mind

♪ Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine

♪ Nothing's all right

♪ Nothing is fine


♪ I'm crying

♪ I'm crying

♪ Can't go on

♪ Living this way

♪ Nothing's all right ♪


♪ Bend me, shape me, misdirect me

♪ It's all the same to me

♪ Look at all this useless talk

♪ Look at all this useless talk ♪ Upon the cross

♪ You look at me, but you don't see

♪ Understand I'm a sinner

♪ Don't corner me

♪ Don't lecture me

♪ Raise your hands ♪ You're a sinner

♪ Is this everything you wanted?

♪ Find another dream

♪ You never hear a word I say

♪ You never hear a word I say ♪ So pray

♪ You look at me, but you don't see

♪ Understand I'm a sinner

♪ Don't corner me

♪ Don't lecture me

♪ Raise your hands ♪ You're a sinner

♪ I'm a sinner

♪ Look at all these people in front of me

♪ How?

♪ You look at me, but you don't see

♪ Understand I'm a sinner

♪ Don't corner me

♪ Don't lecture me

♪ Raise your hands ♪ You're a sinner

♪ You look at me

♪ Don't corner me

♪ You look at me

♪ You look at me

♪ Raise your hands