The Organization (1971) Script

This time we're gonna drop you, and I'm not fooling.

Lieutenant, we found these on the floor, near the window.

You heard the gate blow up after you were hit. Sure?

Yes, sir. Whoever hit me was already inside.

Put a trace on those in the morning.

Virgil, we can take this fella away.

Not just yet.

Any vehicles missing? Maybe he blew the gate to get out.

My car's here. We're not interested in your car.

What about the others? All the wheeled vehicles are here.

What about Mr Bishop's car? When I came on duty his car wasn't here and when I checked this floor, twice tonight, I didn't see him.


William Martin, the assistant manager?

Uh, technically the vice president, yes, sir.

Where'd you find him? At home. It looked like we woke him up.

We don't consider you a suspect. You don't have to talk to us if you don't want.

Well, naturally, I want to help, if I can.


Bishop was shot in the back of the head and through the neck.

One bullet is still in the chest cavity. The other is stuck in the wall.

Apparently he was bent over studying those papers on the desk.

You might wanna take a look at 'em.

We manufacture most of our furniture, but some of it we buy from Hong Kong. it's a cost study.

Well, was that important enough for him to work on tonight?

Apparently. You knew he was gonna work tonight?

No. Mm? No, no, I didn't.

do you mind if we talk somewhere else?


OK, Doc, you can take it away now.

Mr Martin.

This is Inspector Pecora. I'm Lieutenant Tibbs. You were saying?

What? Oh, I...

Well, I-I-I...

I left a few minutes early. John was still here.

He hadn't said anything about working. Not to me.

We understand his car wasn't here tonight.

That could be. It's one of those sport cars.

He's always having it tuned. He might have come by taxi.

We'll check that.

I suppose he had no enemies. They never do.

I can't say John won friends in the trade, but he was respected.

There's always robbery. But his wallet didn't seem to have been disturbed.

Is there anything in that office that anybody might want?

Business secrets, Mr Martin. Anything like that?

There was nothing important enough to kill for.

Well, let's take a look.

Take him in the other room.

Naturally we checked out the desk. Would you mind opening it?

Well, I don't know. I mean, shouldn't there be formalities?

A search warrant or something? You said you wanted to help.

OK, I guess.

But I really...

He never would have shown us the vault if we hadn't pushed him.

So, how do we know nothing was stolen?

Yes. You're sure?

Yes, they're just coming in now.

The bullets don't match. Both .38s, but two different guns.

Apparently two people didn't like Bishop. What've you got on him?

By the way, the layout of the factory just came in.

He had no prison record. He had a good army record. He was married 16 years.

He was with the company for ten years. He was manager for six.

He owns 12 per cent of the stock, and most of that is bonuses.

That's all we have right now. What does Mrs Bishop say?

She's under sedation. We can't get a statement until tomorrow.

The watchman still sticks to his story.

Officer Perelli heard the explosion at 2.12, but wasn't sure of the location. It took him four minutes to spot the blown gate.

So, if they blew it to get in, all they had was four minutes.

Not much time to get around those alarms on the lower floors.

The lab says that the window glass was cut from the outside... five storeys up.

Yes. Yes, thank you.

Your conference call, sir. Paris and Istanbul.

One moment, please. Mr Alford.

OK, thank you. Mr Alford and Mr Mills are here.


Bob Alford. I'll start with you.

I'm getting leery of these offshore funds.

I suggest we sell 10,000 shares of OUS.

What's your opinion? Uh, give me a moment, Bob.

There is something I want to check on that.

The entire San Francisco stock has been stolen.

John Bishop has been liquidated.

John Bishop.

Yes, my information seems to indicate sell. I agree.

Do you have the joint-venture agreement with Yugoslavia handy?

We must assume we have been penetrated.

We are sending all doubtful personnel out of the country on trumped-up errands.

We want five thoroughly reliable men sent here at once. Usual covers.

Our production must be increased at the Turin plant.

We believe Giovanni should be replaced. I'd like everybody's opinion on that.

I'd suggest Guido Malatesta to replace him, even if we have to buy Guido's company to get him.

All existing heroin from Marseilles refinery, and increase purchases of raw opium in Turkey regardless of price.

Zach and I agree on Malatesta. What do you think?

We agree, Bob.

OK. Same time, day after tomorrow.

Jesus, if we've been penetrated...

If I know Bob, God help the smart bastards who did it.

What did you think of it? Of what?

The sex lecture. It was all right, I guess.

The man said you may have some questions.

I mean, any of it you didn't already know?

Well, maybe not in those words.

Well, sex is a pretty big subject, man.

I mean, you'd think there was something you didn't know about it.

It ain't normal, dammit. A boy that age ain't supposed to know as much as he wants me to think he knows.

Maybe he doesn't think you an authority on sex.

Oh? Well, how about you?

Well, of course, I'm from an older, more innocent generation.

Of course.

But I'll do my best to build your image with him.


Who's this?

How'd you get this number?

Who was that?

I don't know.

I wonder how he got an unlisted number.


Honey, make me a sandwich.

Sergeant? Tibbs. Pick me up in ten minutes. I'll tell you then.

Virgil, please... It's just some guy.

He wants me to walk down Corning Street alone... 2600 block at 7.45.

And you're gonna go?

Don't worry. Corning's a very busy street. Now, fix me that sandwich.

They used a plastic explosive.

Flashlight batteries, a cheap alarm clock. You know?

Not much chance of tracing that.

What have you got on Bishop's assistant... William Martin?

A respectable record. The timing makes it almost impossible...

We don't know the timing. If you forget the explosion, the time of death was a guess.

Keep digging into that corporation.

Usually those businesses have two or three principal owners.

Stop short of the intersection. I'll walk around the corner.

It's 7.43. Give me half an hour.

Don't even poke your nose on Corning until 8.15.

And if you're still a no-show? Call in and give it to the department.

That damned bookie. I finally hit the exacta and he pays me half.

You're lucky he paid you anything. Half an hour.

It's time enough.

Hello, Juan. I thought you were still in the marines.

Time flies, Lieutenant. I think you know the reverend, too.

Dave Thomas, right? You had that mission on Turk Street.

I still have.

Of course, I do a little moonlighting, driving a truck.



Let me introduce you around.

Annie Sekido, San Francisco State women's track team.

Charlie Blossom, pole vaulter, there.

Stacy Baker, sells sporting goods days, studies law nights. And Joe Peralez.

If you're all so clean, why the mumbo jumbo?

We were clean.

We... we took the Century Furniture factory last night.

Whatever the deal is, no deal. But as God's our witness... on my word as a minister, we didn't kill Bishop.

It's heroin, Mr Tibbs. Scag, smack. About four million dollars' worth wholesale, and this is just half of it. More than you cops got in 50 years.

And do you know why? Because none of you bastards want to.

Hey, easy.

Take it easy. You're not exactly among friends, you know.

What's the drug take in San Francisco in a year? 50 million?

In the whole country? Billions. You think we're stupid.

You be careful.

Mr Tibbs, no one is accusing you personally.

But you and I both know organised crime can't operate without police in the act.

I'll tell you why we give a damn.

My old man's been on scag ever since I can remember. 50 bills a day.

So he stole. We all did. Ma, the kids, everybody.

My baby sister...


15 years old, brother.

She's dead.

When I got out of the marines, nobody welcomed home the boys from Vietnam.

So I said screw 'em, and I started pushing grass.

I was good. They made me a carrier.

I pushed hard stuff all over, so I was hardly home.

Then one night I found my kid brother.

And with Joe it was his girlfriend. Charlie Blossom, his brother.

What do you want? A swap? Heroin for immunity?

Mr Tibbs, we're out to destroy the Organization.

Don't tell us we can't. We know more about them bastards than you do.

And we got more guts.

What do you call yourselves? Vigilantes?

We don't call ourselves vigilantes.

We want to help you, and we need your help.

Why do you think we blew the gates? Tell me.

We wanted to attract your attention to Century Furniture.

We knew they wouldn't report the theft.

We thought maybe you'd discover it was a front and take it from there.

That's why we left the vault open. To tip you off that there'd been something in it.

How did John Bishop get there? We took him there to open the vault.

You kidnapped him. Then why worry about murder?

He wouldn't have talked. We left him alive, handcuffed to the chair.

Mr Tibbs, we're not gonna tell you any more, not until we're sure that you're with us.

Forget it. Why?

We need your help.

The law says you're all criminals. I can't.

The hell you can't.

Cops do it every day in the week. That's with Department's knowledge.

You expect me to tell them I want to protect six kidnappers with $4,000,000 worth of heroin? Simple. Don't tell 'em.

What do you think the Organization is doing? They are looking for that stuff.

You keep underestimating us.

What I know, all of us know.

Time's up.

If you're smart you'll turn that stuff over to me, or pour it down the drain.

If you were worth your goddamn oath, you wouldn't chicken.

Cool it, Joe.



We missed dinner for nothing. An informer I used to know. I...

It cost me five bucks for some useless information.

Virge, aren't you ever going to sleep?

What really did happen tonight?

I told you.

I was trying to learn a little something about sex so I could rap with my son.

Well, you should be telling me.

Well, now that you mention it...

Kind of late, Captain Grayson. They must be keeping you busy.

Good night.

Captain Grayson shot himself last night.

Did he leave a note or anything?

Just a goodbye to his wife.

Dammit, I know what you're all thinking... all of you!

Just because he's in the narcotics division he had to be on the take.

Well, you're gonna have to prove it to me!


You knew him better than I did. What do you think?

I don't know.

He said he'd be here.

Thank you. I almost lost it. Thank you.

Somebody's lying. Mrs Bishop said she drove Bishop to the factory after dinner.

She's afraid to admit we took him there? She's afraid to breathe.

But you almost blew it. How? Peralez and I wore masks and we didn't speak a word. There is no way she could identify us.

His killer got to the factory so fast I think Mrs Bishop must've had a number to call.

Suppose they arrived while you were there?

And how could we know that she'd find out we were taking him to the factory?

Simple. They were protecting their most vital spot.

You know how good their security is, or you should know.

They can throw more men into it than the department.

Maybe tougher, smarter men. God knows they pay 'em more.

What you need is an edge. We can give you that edge.

You want me to play it cool with the department where teamwork is everything. One slip and I've had it.

You've had it? Look at the stakes. Aren't they worth it?

Not if you lose.

The Organization may or may not know who you are, but they know who I am.

If I take them on, plus the department too, I don't wanna depend on six amateurs.

Then go to hell! We'll do it alone. Hold it, Juan. We've asked for his help.

We do need your help, Lieutenant.

It's not gonna be easy. We never thought it would be.

And whoever's seen with me is gonna become a target, if he isn't already.

But, assuming we can take care of that, nobody... nobody makes a move without checking with me.




How long were you knocked out? Not long. I saw the guy walking away.

Where were you?

One of our vans was parked over here. He handcuffed me to a tie rod under there.

And you saw the car drive in? What car?

The car that came in after the gate was blown.

I couldn't see anything from under there. You heard it.

No. I heard the police cars. Before that.

No, sir.

I'm taking you in.

You OK? Yeah. He's dead.

Found that car abandoned. Stolen?

They're checking the reports now.

What sent you after that watchman without telling me?

Just a hunch. We were given this case as a team.

You were busy. Not that busy.

Chassman says you questioned the watchman about a car. What car?

Stands to reason there was a car involved.

I thought I hit a nerve so I bore down. You nearly got killed.

They're not ready to kill cops. Not yet.

What does your hunch tell you about who they are?

Why did two people shoot Bishop? Were they executing him?

What do you mean? Mafia?

They make him open the vault, then kill him. Why a formal execution?

I don't know. I keep toying with this idea.

Someone forced him to open the vault. Then someone killed him because he did.

Someone who could get in and out in four minutes. Someone with an alarm key.

If you're half-right you got one hell of a crystal ball.

There was a safe-deposit key on the watchman's body.

We just checked with the bank. The watchman was a very rich man.

Harry told me stories.

He played the market, he said. He played the horses, he said.

But George wasn't a gambler.

It wasn't in him. I knew him.

And when I would... I hope that's cold enough.

Thank you.

When I would say "If we're all that well off how come you have to be a night watchman?", for six years he'd say "Out of loyalty to Mr Bishop." George was loyal.

Are you suggesting that he was killed by the same people he was loyal to?

You're damn right.

Ever since Mr Bishop was shot George has been scared.

I just don't mean of you guys.

Well, you must have wondered or asked him to tell you...

Yeah, did I ever.

I used to hope that he'd talk in his sleep, you know, but nothing.

Mrs Morgan, did your husband ever give you anything like a phone number?

Anything for emergencies?

Oh. Christ, how could I be so stupid?

Imagine trying to keep something from her for six years.

Six years.

He must have started as watchman at the same time Bishop took over as manager.

I just clean forgot. He gave me this over a year ago.

May I use your phone? Go right ahead.

Operator, this is Lieutenant Tibbs, Police Department. Can you monitor this call?

The number is 3629296.



If you remember anything, anything at all, please call us.

Hi, Joe. Who are you?

Tony. We hear you're supplying.

Go screw.

We got plenty bread. Price is no object.

Somebody been filling you full of crap.

Look, I got no time for games. I'm on a call.

Good. Danny here wants a ride.

I'll go behind.

Look, I told you.

I did some pushing when I was in trade school, but none since. That's no hype.

Yeah, but Danny here still wants to ride. Get in.

Where is it? I told you. I got nothing.

You got a face.


What in Christ are you talking about?


How would you like half a million bucks, Joe? Half a million?

You just show up in Washington Square any time, night or day.

Washington Square. Be there.

Are you sure nobody followed you? In the neighbourhood, maybe, but not here. I came over the roofs. Did they mention me?


And these ain't any of the guys you pointed out to us.

Maybe they checked a list of everybody who did repair jobs at Century.

They weren't sure of me, Juan. I could tell.

If I show up at Washington Square, they'll know.

You want us to take a vote? I don't know. I don't know.

These guys don't screw around, you know? Christ, I'm still shaking.

Man, who wouldn't be?

But this is a much better deal than anything we planned. Don't you see that?

I don't know. Maybe I'm being brave cos I'm not the one on the spot.

No, no, no.

All right, I'll do it.

I guess I have to.

Of the shares of Century outstanding a fifth are owned by employees, including Bishop and Martin.

Who are the directors?

Except for the employees, all legitimate businessmen in other fields.

Century was a front, but they didn't know it.

The directors and employees, I mean. Well, it's a drop for something or the watchman wouldn't have been in on it. You know I think it's drugs.

I just didn't want to be accused of playing hunches.

It's time we called in the narco division.

Don't you think it might be a little risky?

Dammit, they're police. We've got to assume they can be trusted.

They clammed up pretty good about Grayson's suicide.

Juan. Cool it. Just cool it.

Looking for something? Just waiting for my girl.

Over an hour? I'll give you ten minutes, then you wait someplace else.

Let's go.

What did the pig want? He almost busted me.

Well, how bad would that have been, Joe?

Just so we all know we're talking the same language... here.

Somebody said half a million. You can forget that.

Is it all right?

How much? Five million.

Hey, out of sight! You can hand it back now.

Give it back.

Five million. We drive here for a week. That's all I can say.

I can't say we'd even go a million, Joe.

Say we talk about it again tonight, huh? Same place.

Not me. I'm splitting, right out of town.

"Splitting out of town." Come on. What kind of trip you on, Joe?

The whole world's our town, and you can't get off.

Look, I'm just a parrot who says five million.

Pay it or I'm no use to you, in town or out.

Not much profit in three parrots talking, Joe.

Ten o'clock tonight. Be there.

Hey, did you ever drive one of those?

Did I ever what? These things were discontinued in 1916.


Where's the glue? In the box.

I thought you weren't interested in sex. I'm not interested in lectures.

Daddy! Telephone!

It's a girl's voice. For me? A...

Oh, I don't know any girls. Who could that be? A gi...

Hey, girl. Who is this?


OK, I'll meet you.

What the hell do you guys think you're doing?

You're not supposed to move without checking with me.

We should never be seen together. It's putting your life on the line.

I'm sorry, but I felt I had to talk to you.

It all happened so fast, Joe getting beat up like that, then all I get is a picture of their car.

We followed. One guy got out at the Fairmont.

The other just walks away from the car at Van Ness.

Stolen, I guess. Everything just fell apart.

There's an example. If you had checked with me I wouldn't have lost them.


But now everyone seems kind of... well, so unsure of themselves.

I'm afraid. Really afraid for all of us.

Take it easy. Just take it easy.

All right. Tell me the rest of it.

Well... it's not quite worked out yet. But Joe'll be there at ten.

Do you expect this little manoeuvre of yours to get you any closer to the top?

There's too much money involved. Someone important will make the deal.

Not a chance. They will tear Peralez to pieces first.

Joe can't tell them anything. He doesn't know where the stuff is.

Annie, convince the guys that each one of you will wind up at the bottom of the bay if we don't work together.

Drop me at the corner of Fremont, and call me at the department within the hour.

When you call, here's what to say.

Yeah. Pecora.

Hold on. Tibbs, it's for you.

Tibbs. Who is it? Never mind. Just listen.

If you pigs want to solve those murders be at Washington Square tonight before ten.

What murders? Come on. You know.

Washington Square. Two men in a car will be picking somebody up.

Give me a description.

Sorry to haul you out. We can't guarantee this involves narcotics but we need your manpower. You said you had a tip. How good is it?

My division's pretty busy too, you know. A girl calls, obviously very, very scared, and said, I quote... "You pigs wanna solve those murders, be at Washington Square tonight at ten o'clock."

"Two men in a car is gonna pick up somebody."

That's pretty thin. But I'll spare four men.

We're hoping that there'll be others around and you'll be able to spot 'em for us.

If it's narcotics.

No! Oh!

Help! Help!

Help! No!


Oh, help!

Think we got stood up?

I don't know.

I spotted three or four people hanging around doing nothing for an hour.

Get any pictures? Stimpson did.

Did you get this one here? He's been here right along. He looks nervous.

Uh, Stimpson wasn't around when I spotted him.

But we'll get him.

Where's Tibbs? Wandering around, I guess.

It's 11 o'clock. We haven't got all night.

I know. But he's sure something's gonna pop.

I think you've been had.

I'm gonna pull my men.

I don't blame you. We'll stick around for another half-hour.

They must have spotted one of your pigs. From now on we do it my way.

"Being followed. 457 BJY."

We'd better call Homicide.

Hey, they made me pay for the glasses. Are you ready for that?

Yeah. It's stuck.

What is it? I don't know.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Get outta here. Get outta here!

Get out of the car with your hands up. Move!

Central three. A possible 851 at 1043 Ragland. Parking lot...

I suppose the captain's gone home by now, huh?

That means I don't get hassled till tomorrow.

Request from Sausalito Department.

The body of a young Japanese female has been found in Sausalito Harbor.

No identification. Has any such missing person been reported in your area?

That mean something to you? I hope not.

Attention all units. Car licence number XLM 349, reported in connection with abandoned Ford at ferry terminal, has been picked up in Sausalito and a male suspect detained for questioning.

That girl might have been a friend of mine.

Let's head for the Sausalito morgue, fast.

I saw the body. She was tortured.

Tortured by an expert who enjoyed his work.

We have to assume he made her talk.

I don't believe it. She had more guts than all of us put together.

Then why didn't they pick Joe up tonight?

He's right. They could come boiling in here any minute.

The Organization probably doesn't know you've heard yet, which gives you a head start.

If you mean leave town, no, not me. After what they did to Annie?

If you're identified what good are you here?

They'll just rip you off, one by one.

I still don't believe she talked. I can't force you to leave.

But don't you understand? You've been exposed. You're in the open.

You know this man?

Hey! Hey, no! This is one of the guys who worked me over.

He hasn't talked yet, but this is a Sausalito case.

All we've got is about 24 hours at the outside.

I'll keep in touch the same way.

But it's the middle of the night. What else can I tell you?

I... I took the watchman for granted.

Did you ever see any strangers hanging around?

No. Anybody who wasn't a stranger?

The watchman.

You had keys to all the boxes. No. I used only three.

But you knew where Bishop's were. No, I didn't.

Where were you when I took the watchman away that day?

Are you trying to trip me up? I explained to one of your assistants.

Maybe we forgot about that. I was making my daily rounds.

I suppose I could have seen something, but I didn't.

Nor did I make any phone calls at that time.

Let me see your burglar-alarm keys.

Why are there locks on each floor?

Occasionally people work nights.

This way we can have alarms on where and when we want.

But there's no master lock or switch for all alarms at once?

No. It's inconvenient but it's safer.

OK. Let's have a look.

The elevator? Does it trip the alarm at each floor?

Yes. There's no easy way, if that's what you mean.

Now, the stairs are at that end, right? Right.

All floors below are bugged. Where do you turn on the alarm on this one?

We keep the alarms hidden. Maybe you'll have to move 'em. Where?

Why so far from the elevator and stairs?

Well, added security is the theory, I think, but it's a drag.

The same on all floors? Pretty much. This is a fake.

Now, when you do this, which do you use, elevator or stairs?

Depends how much exercise I need. If you're in shape the stairs are faster.

Let's see what kind of shape you're in.

Run, don't walk.

Let's go.

Two minutes, 43 seconds, up and down.

Add another 20 seconds for entering the premises and getting by the first lock, two minutes for what happened here. Couldn't have happened in four minutes.

So he wasn't executed for opening the vault by someone else with an alarm key.

Yeah. I must admit, that does complicate the theory, doesn't it?

Thank you, Mr Martin. Don't mention it. I needed the exercise.

No, Matt, Tibbs isn't here now. What do you have?

Blankenhorn Construction.

They've got a crane with seven miles clocked on it they can't account for.

Tell me more. I clocked three and one tenth miles from their yard to the factory. The padlock on the gate hadn't been tampered with, but one of their drivers, a preacher named Dave Thomas, worked relief at Blankenhorn last month, and now he's disappeared.

Dave? You've been traced to that crane. Don't go near your car.

Don't worry. I put it in a friend's garage last night.

Can you reach Joe Peralez?

Sure. I know where he is. Good.

The guy who killed Annie said Joe's trying to unload a million's worth of smack.

Why would he say that? I don't know.

But there's a bulletin out for Joe. How do I get to him?

Uh... 361 B, Goram Street.




Are you sure?

Well, where to? Right.


It's Dave again. Joe just called. His place has been spotted.

I don't mean the police. The Organization.

Is he sure? Yeah, he recognised two of 'em.

Hi, Joe. What's your hurry?

We're here to help you.

And you know something else? We want you to join us.

To become part of the Organization.

All right, Joe. The boys are waiting.

Come on. Come on.

Len... Lennie!


Is he still under? No, but he's in bad shape.

Heavily sedated.

Where were you... where were you when the sky fell in?

Jesus. Jesus, Annie...

Annie running... running the hundred-yard dash... in 10.2...

10.2... and me... memorising the wiring circuiting and getting it all mixed up.

Screw you, Tibbs. You'd better not try to speak.

Don't let anybody talk to him. Anybody, you hear?

Get the pig outta here.

Get the pig outta here!

Tibbs doesn't want him questioned. He isn't rational.

Look, sonny, I'm narcotics, not homicide.

Suppose you go find one of those pretty little nurses and pat her on the fanny.

Lieutenant, Captain Stacy wants to see you.

What's he doing here so late? I don't know, sir.

I know where it is. Oh, we'll just tag along.

God dammit, Tibbs, what have you been up to?

What do you mean? Jessop.

Peralez spilled his guts tonight, so you might as well spill yours.

I saw Peralez tonight.

He was in no condition to say anything coherent.

He was in shock and high on opiates. You didn't want him to say anything.

But I did. What else did he say?

He talked about hijacking $4,000,000 worth of heroin.

Said you were in on it. In what way?

He said you were gonna protect them. He used that word, "protect"?

He may have said "help". It's the same thing.

Protect them? Who are they?

The Japanese girl, for one, and some guy called Juan.

He didn't use any more names but it was evident there are more.

All right. What am I supposed to have done?

First, do you admit you know Peralez?


You already knew him last night when I pointed him out to you?


You said you were gonna have Stimpson take a picture of him. Did you?


We called it off right after that. What else did Peralez say about all this heroin?

When I asked him where it was he said he didn't know. Where is it?

I don't know. I'll tell you what I know.

You're making every man on the force look lousy.

Have the guts to tell the truth. There's something going on here.

Cool it, Jessop.

I want to hear more from Pecora.

As I said, almost from the start, Tibbs suggested theories so far out I wondered how he arrived at them.

I think he knew something he wasn't telling.

Are you suggesting he was involved in the murder or murders?

No, sir. I cannot believe that. Well, Tibbs?

Sir, am I being accused of a crime or of just withholding information from the department?

I don't see much difference. If I'm being accused of a crime, I'm entitled to a lawyer and a trial.

Because nothing that was said here would stand up in court.

Now, you all know that.

When the time comes we'll be prepared to back it up.

In the meantime, you're suspended.

You are not to leave this city. Understand?

One more thing, Tibbs.

I know you've suspected the narcotics division and all those rumours about Captain Grayson.

We checked and rechecked. The only thing we found he was concealing was that he was dying of leukaemia.

Think that over.


Oh, I slept for a little while.

For once I don't have to worry about getting up in the morning.

It's out of your hands now. Why don't you forget about it and try to get some sleep?

Hell, you know I trust you. It's... it's just that...

I got a chance to make lieutenant if I keep my nose clean.

But it's a line you've been following.

As a matter of fact, it should have been done a long time ago.

Oh, I'll do it, if Pecora will go along.

And if we find a judge who's not fussy. Good, Leo.

Thanks. Look, I'll call you at 3.30.

All right.

Mrs Morgan, I've got to have a word with you.

Come on inside.

Make yourself comfortable.

Oh, can I fix you a drink? No, thanks.

Coffee? Oh, I hope you don't mind instant.

George always used to say I was a human labour-saving device.

Holy Christ, they're really tossing the book at you, aren't they?

Do they have a case?

Anyone who takes a narcotics ring for four millions bucks... I'm in his corner.

You heard from anyone since I saw you last?

Holy God, are you still playing cop?

What else can I do?

Did you ever visit George at work? Oh... once or twice I brought him something hot to eat at night.

Did you ever see anyone who might have been a carrier?

A delivery van came back late now and then.

We checked time sheets. No one driver showed up late more than the others.

What about William Martin, the assistant manager?

Scoutmaster. I saw him once or twice.

Did he drive in?

No. He parked on the street and walked in through personnel.

Always with a briefcase.

Then there was this other guy. He used to play gin with George.

Pete... Pete Orsini.

Did he ever carry anything?

Don't you remember anything about Orsini?

He worked at a gas station. He used to come over after it closed.

All right.

Would you let me have all the sympathy cards you've received, please?


But I don't have anything from Pete Orsini.

"50 shares, June 1, '69."

"50 shares, June 15, '70." Wow! "100."

"March 15, '71." What does that make? 310, all told?

Right. All in different names. This accounts for seven dummy stockholders and about seven per cent of the shares.

There were also a lot of other securities. Good, Leo.

But don't go any further than surveillance right now or it'll blow the whole thing.


Hello. Yeah, I want to speak to Benjy. Tell him it's Juan.

Hey, Benjy. What?

Somebody. Somebody? Somebody who?

He says his name's Juan.

Come on, Sally, get to work.

Yeah? Yeah, it's Benjy.

OK, now listen, Benjy. I was in on the deal with Joe Peralez. I have the stuff.

You dumb son of a bitch, you! You know you screwed things up for all of us?

I know, I know. But I wasn't aiming at you, Benjy.

And besides, you'll look good if you make the deal.

And Joe? He was playing footsie too. How do I know what crap you're giving me?

Oh, come on. Would I come out into the open, even with you, if I wasn't ready to make a deal? I know we had a lot of crazy ideas but now I have the cops to worry about.

Yeah? OK, what's the deal? 500,000, and you keep me out of it.

What are you? Crazy? You know I can't talk money like that.

I'll call you back. What's your number? Uh-uh. I'll call you back in half an hour.

Now listen.

The exchange has to be only between you and me.

And for only half the first time. That's playing it safe for both of us.

Yeah, OK. Where? How about Turk and Mason?

No, no, no, no, no. No back alleys for me. Post and Market.

Post and Market? How the hell high are you?

I mean, I gotta taste the stuff, right?

Yeah. OK. OK. We can... we can work that out when I get the OK.

If I get the OK, huh? Yeah.

Son of a bitch!

Monarch Storage Company. Mr Vincenti? One moment, please.

Thank you.

Hey, Benjy.

That's very interesting. We'll bid on the Douglas fir.

But I'm not so sure we'd be competitive on the redwood. Excuse me a moment.


Oh... hold on a second.

Mr Johnson, would you... excuse me a moment? A friend with a little problem.

It had to go through channels, Zach. We don't have too much time for a decision.

Only half? He's playing it pretty close to the vest.

Post and Market is a very public place.

I like it, though. But this means real money if we're gonna get the other half. Have we got that much in cash?

Larry says we do, and I'm not too worried about it, Zach, since there's another shipment due in. Now, what do you say?

Well... as long as we know the bastard, we're bound to get it back.


I knew we'd sweat 'em out, Larry. On my way.

A quarter of a million dollars in that bag.

Around the block.

Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! Krishna, Krishna! Hare, Hare!

Where the hell you been? The airport bus leaves in ten minutes. Jeez.

Oh, man!

You got any of them aspirin here? Aspirin.

You need more than aspirin. You need a diet.

I don't kid you about your accent, punk, don't kid me about my weight.

I hope I didn't forget the plane tickets.

We're gonna miss that damn bus. Don't worry.

Let me do the worrying. We'll make it.

What's going on here? This lardass took my bag.


God, what happened? I need your help.

OK, but first that leg needs some attention. I've got some spray stuff.

I got to connect some guys to Century. You might've seen 'em there.

Hope so. Come on, sit down. God, that's a lulu.

Hold still. I can't get the pants off.

You're gonna need a doctor. Gloria, did you ever make the rounds of the building with George?

Yeah, now and then.

You could use a drink.

The murderers got to the top floor and down again in four minutes.

It can't be done after switching those alarms.

Is there some gimmick that I don't know about?

Not that I know of.

Unless somebody else took care of the alarms, huh?

Then walked out of the personnel gate after the patrol cars got there.

Maybe the carrier who regularly brought the junk to the factory.

That would account for him having the alarm key.

Well, then, what would stop this guy from... being the murderer?

Nothing. Except I'd like to hook somebody bigger.

And I'd hate to accuse you if you didn't do it.

What the Christ did you just say? Who'd make a better carrier than you?

You really had me going. Did I?

Gloria, why do you own seven per cent of Century Furniture... under dummy names?

Did you bastards... I told... I-I told you that George gave me stock.

I also told you that we were very rich.

But you're even richer than George.

What the hell is this?

Hello, Mrs Morgan. I'm looking for Tibbs.

We checked the licence Mendoza gave us.

The car belongs to a corporation controlled by these two guys.

Mendoza has good instincts.

He finally got to the top.

You know them, don't you, Gloria? Personally, no.

These guys are always in the paper. Of course you know them.

You were making a delivery to the vault that night.

Where did you duck? The ladies' room? Get this guy off of me.

You were there when the killers arrived. You put the alarm back on when they left.

ID them. It's your only chance to beat a murder rap.

Screw you, buster. I want a lawyer.

A lawyer! The Organization will wipe you out like they did your husband to keep these guys in the clear. Any public defender could beat this.

I don't think so.

You've been under surveillance since your Century stock was found.

We knew a big shipment would be coming in.

Identify 'em, Gloria. You son of a bitch!

I hope you don't come out of this smelling like a rose.

Identify 'em, Gloria.

All right.

Bob Alford. Zach Mills.

They were there that night.

Right after the explosion I heard their car come in.

I came out of the john in time to see them coming up the hall.

Honest to God, I didn't know what they meant to do.

But... well, before I knew what was happening, Bob and Zach, they shot Bishop.

All right. There's plenty of time for this later. Later.

Don't move those bodies. We want an angle of trajectory.

I want all of Central down here. Close these two blocks. Cars and pedestrians.

And cover the alleys. Oh, cover the roofs.