The Osiris Child (2016) Script

My father always said that you could never trust a person that needed something from you.

My father always said that you could never trust a person that needed something from you.

But he also said, he'd never met anyone who didn't need something from someone.

Perhaps that's why he never showed his hurt.

Maybe why he ran away from all of his problems.

All I know, is that somewhere along the path, he lost his purpose.

Which is why I travelled to the ends of the universe to find him again.

Dad's accident happened on an earlier combat mission he led in the Trinity System.

His mistake was simple, but resulted in the death of nearly all of his crew.

On his return to Earth, Dad was accused of negligence through substance abuse.

But the findings were inconclusive.

Due to his decorated career as a fighter pilot, he was pardoned of the case.

But it didn't matter.

He was never the same.

Our family was never the same.

You know, you decided to come out here, remember?

You wanted to come here.

I didn't want to come here, I wanted to see you.


I'm seeing you now.


Do you miss home?

This is home.

No, I mean real home.



No, I love it out here.

Mom says you're just running away.

Yeah, well, I haven't spoken to your mother for a long time.

She doesn't know what's going on out here.


It's not everyday you get to be a part of something new.

I'm making history out here.

We're building an entirely new world from the ground up.

Pretty crappy world so far.

All right, you know what, let's take a detour.

I got something I think you'll like.

I say we call that one a hit.

No way, Dad. One more. I can do it.

We don't have time, we gotta keep movin'. C'mon, one more, please.

Last one? Last one.

Okay, hand it over.

Then, we gotta go inspect this bunker.

Does this bunker have visor games, or a hot tub, or maybe a bowling alley?

It's a bunker. It's got supplies, food.

That would be boring.

God, I hate these flies.

Know what we call 'em out here?


You know why?

Enlighten me.

'Cause they're space flies.

Get it? Exor brought 'em out on their cargo ship in space.

Why do we even need safety bunkers when everything's already safe?

Ah, it's just...Exor protocol.

You know, sometimes there's an accident or something unexpected, we need a safe place to get the General and the dignitaries.

Why are they so important?

Because in times of crisis, we need leadership.

Otherwise, it just becomes anarchy.


Yeah, you know, chaos.


People going crazy.

Oh, like zombies. Yeah, kinda like zombies.

Got it? Yeah.

Keep that shoulder relaxed.

Focus on your breathing. Mmhmm.

Which way did you miss last time?


So, which way are you gonna aim this time?

A little left.

What's the wind? I got it.

You got it?

You sure?

Squeeze the trigger...


Ha, that's my girl! Yes!

Whoo! Good shot!

Best shot ever.

Best teacher ever.

Okay, next stop, bunker.

And then, I have to drop you back in the city.

I've got Rominja coming to stay with you.

Dad, I don't need a nanny.

Why can't I stay up in the Flotilla with you?

Because the Flotilla is a military base.

And trust me, it's even less fun than a bunker.

But I'll be back in a week.

You know you can call me anytime, right?

Just gonna be there in clouds right above you.

Do all those prisoners get paid to work?


No. No, they don't get paid.

It's called reform.

They work to pay back their debt to society.

How do you know when they've done enough?

Those types of people... they could never do enough.

Can anybody hear me?

It's too late, you understand? The prison is breached!

It's out of control!

Whatever these things are, they've killed everything in their path!

Travek, what's the time?

Time to get up.

Good morning, Lieutenant.

Oh, no. No, down.

Rise and shine.


I am reading higher than normal alcohol levels in your bloodstream, sir.

You have seven infrastructure reports to go through.

And you have three new messages.

Play messages.

Location: Flotilla.


I heard you snuck down the outpost last night.

I'm just wondering why you never seem to invite me.

'Cause you're an asshole.

Anyway man, I got that stuff you wanted, but it's gonna cost double.

Delete message.

Location: Earth.

Kane, the deal with Indi going out there was that you actually spend quality time with her.

And taking her shooting while you're at work is not what I'm talking about.

Next message.

Location: Osiris.

Hey, Dad. I called in late 'cause I thought you might be in.

But obviously not.

Evening, Mr. Sommerville.

Oh, we picked some of these ourselves from the greenhouse.

Oh, they're good, right? Yeah, delish.

We have an excursion. I've been trying to get in.

And if I don't by tomorrow, I'm gonna miss out.

Which kinda sucks unless you want me to keep having no friends at all.

It's just to the Sentient Ranges. Just for the day.

And I-- I have all the details.

But I know you wanna sign off on everything, so we waited for you.

She waited for you.

Oh, and I think our new neighbors are moving in.

I heard somebody in there yesterday.

They have a young boy, so that should be quite fun for Indi.

Boys are so annoying. That's my girl.

Oh, and Dad, Mom also called.

She wanted to talk to you about some Europe trip her and her new boyfriend, Todd were thinking about.

Who the hell is Todd?

I can't answer that, sir.

Travek, restore the feed now.

I cannot.

All communications to the surface have been temporarily disrupted.

Oh, that is helpful.

That is helpful.

You have an ETA when they're coming back up?

Not at this time, Lieutenant.

But I assure you, we are doing our very best to rectify the problem.

Yeah, I bet you are.

Travek, send an ingram to my daughter as soon as you can.

Tell her, "Of course, she has my permission to go on the excursion.

And you'll forward my indent today."

Travek, do we have any more information on the disturbance at the prison?

Not at this time, sir.


Yes, Lieutenant?

Find out everything you can on this Todd guy.

Yes, Lieutenant.

In the race to colonize new planets, Exor was the undisputed leader.

Trusted by the hundreds of millions who lived and worked under its rule.

Which is why the General could never let them know of the project she'd been assigned to oversee in the prison far below.

Secure line. Playback.

It's too late, you understand me? The prison is breached!

It's out of control!

Whatever these things are, they've killed everything in their path!

I don't know what the hell is happening here, but the goddamn prisoners are out! They're out!

These things are everywhere!

End transmission.

In the only time I ever met her, she told me my name reminded her of the state she grew up in.


I should have known then that she was more concerned with her own place in the universe than the people who actually lived in it.

General, the outer cities are gone.

These creatures are going to kill everything on the surface.

And this is our responsibility now. We created them.

This is coming to the point where we won't be able to turn back.

If you were in my position, Colonel, how would you resolve this... ethically?

We save as many people as we can.

And then tell the truth.

If our involvement in this were known, it would cripple the company.

The fallout would destroy generations of sacrifice and legacy.

How long can we honestly maintain this comms blackout?

Command won't get wind of it for a couple of days.

By then, we should have the situation resolved.


This isn't a maintenance issue here.

It's a population in the hundreds of thousands.

Our people have families down there.

Millions of lives are at stake if public outrage shuts down this company.

If we're found out, what's the worst they can hit us with?


And while that would only be one of the charges, it would be the one that sticks forever.

The one that our grandchildren remember us by.

We must not fail.

Of course.

Call a meeting.

I regret to report that we are now considering that the prison has been breached.

The prisoners are in possession of a lethal etholanide virus.

We've been informed that any attempt by us to intervene in any way or extract any person or persons from the surface will be met with the release of the pathogen into the capital, Osiris.

Sommerville, Kane.

You sound distressed.

Listen to me, I need to get a message to Indi by whatever means possible.

Can I do it?

Not at this time, sir.

I want a tag on every single person at this table for the next 23 hours.

Any unusual movement, isolate them.


This could work.

Here's what I need, I need a marked timeline on all incident reports from the capital and the prison everyday for the last seven days.

Can I do that?

That information is now classified.

Classified under what jurisdiction?

For the sake of our friendship, I'm gonna tell you the truth. After that, it's on you.

Most of what you just heard was a lie.

There is no virus.

The prisoners are in possession of a lethal etholanide virus.

That's preposterous.

Etholanide is comparable to a grade six bioweapon.

It can't even be certified to transport here, let alone be housed inside a prison.

The prison facility has a classified research arm to help fight and prevent disease on emerging planets.

So, we grew it here?

Yes, we grew it.

Five years ago, we did build a facility inside the prison, but it wasn't for research.

We were breeding a beast called a "ragged".

The idea was to contain these beasts until there were enough of them and ship them out of there and use them in the creation of new colonies to kill or assimilate indigenous species.

Our prisoners have commandeered three local supply freighters and are demanding safe passage out of the system.

That virus has the potential to kill all colonies in this galaxy.

By duty of order, stage six threat must invoke Protocol 84.

Protocol 84 requires an entire decimation of colony.

However, when the prisoners become aware of our obligation to invoke the protocol, I believe we will have a strong position to negotiate a more favorable outcome.

There is no hostage situation.

Eight hours ago, the raggeds broke free from the enclosure.

There's carnage in the city. They're moving toward the capital.

Kane, it's out of control.

Have they supplied us with a deadline?

We have 23 hours, 11 minutes.

It's a cover-up.

In 23 hours, we're gonna blow the reactors.

To them, it's just collateral damage.

A mining strip, a couple of cities and a prison.

Every single person on that surface is there because we put them there.

Because of this organization.

The General is well aware of the... Lieutenant!

I'm aware you have a little girl alone in the capital.

You moved me out here and you knew all along that this was going on?

The chances of this happening are so minute, I'm not even gonna...

You allowed me to move my family here! I'm not gonna argue, okay?

Trust me when I tell you that we are looking at every angle here.

And I believe that we are gonna come out of this just fine as will your families and all the other folks down there on the surface.

They're gonna lock down the hangar bay in the next 20 minutes.

At which point, no one can get on or off the station.

But we have to stay calm, have a little faith.

We will endure.

We will endure.

You're her only hope, Kane.

I just hope you're still the pilot I remember.

Arm missiles!


Warning. Exceeding maximum G-force.


Warning. Exceeding maximum G-force.


Emergency override.

Warning. Overload.

Ejection seat engaging.

Who are you?

It doesn't matter who I am.

You got a gun pointed at you.

So, why don't you tell me what you're doing?

'Cause I just saw you fall from the sky.

I was escaping.

Prison's down here.

Not up there.

I'm not a prisoner, but I am a dead man.

If you keep sittin' here like this, so are you.

Oh, am I supposed to take that as a threat?

Nope, it's not a threat.

It's a fact.

We got just under 22 hours before this place becomes a dead zone.

You talkin' about the creatures?

What creatures?

You tell me your problems, I'll consider telling you mine.

There's a hostage situation at the prison.

The inmates have control of the nuclear reactors, they're threatening to blow 'em.

If they do, it's gonna happen in 22 hours.

Is that what they told you up there?

'Cause I was there when that riot happened.

Sector 2 ward nurse.

Now, I know for a fact there's no one left in that prison.

So, either they're lying to you or you are lying to me.

I am no threat to you.

So how about we forget this ever happened...

Sit down!

You can't make it on your own.

Not with those things out there.

Well, then help me!

Because sitting here getting to know each other isn't working.

You want my help?

What can you do for me?

Why don't you tell me what exactly is out there?

Why don't you offer me something?

We have 22 hours left before they blow up this entire planet.

You said that. Good luck.

You're gonna need it.

I have to save my daughter!

She's 11 years old and she's alone in the capital.

Help me!

If I don't get there, she will die!

I guarantee that no one up there gives a shit about anybody down here.


I have access to a military-grade safety bunker.

You help me get to the capital, you help me find my daughter,

I will give you refuge.

How's that for an offer?

You're gonna have to trust me on that.

It's tough down here.

Trust has to be earned.

I don't have time for that. Hey!


You want the capital, right?

Osiris is that way.

You need to go east.


Nice jacket.

Your life ended the day you were sentenced.

You are no longer a person.

You are no longer valued by the human race.

The only thing you can give back is your unrelenting commitment to work and serve every need of this prison and the people of this colony.

Everyday, I find one of these hairs in my meal.

And I know where it comes from. I know the- the warden.

He goes into the kitchen and he takes one of his hairs and he puts it in my food.

You see that?

You see that, Vim?


We clear?

All right.

Carmel's certain in solitary. He has the key.

You guys remember his drawing from last week, right?

The only problem is see, is getting the hexon filament, divert it from the emergency release.

You actually understood all of that?

Didn't he say we needed a conduit of some kind?

Yeah, that part's simple.

Our socks. The cotton fibers.

That's it?

Any one of us could do it.

Carmel also lost his mind on that last stint in solitary.

Gentlemen, we need to question the validity of this information.

He might have been jacking off on to that lamppost for all we know.


Besides, we can't even get inside the spectral tubing.

It's pressure-sealed.

We can't even get to the filament. We can't get to it.

So, why are we even talkin' about this, huh?

Carmel's already gotten into one.


Bullshit. Yeah.

That's why we need to move. Now.

Before they discover that.

Which cell?

He doesn't know.

He doesn't know. They all look alike.

He doesn't know? Of course, he doesn't know.

He's insane.

Insanity's a very common affliction around these parts.

This is our only shot.

We just need every solitary cell full.

It's the only way to assure that one of us is in the right one.

Then we get free.

Get access to the system via the guardpost.

And trigger the emergency release to all the cells.

Is Bostok's group still in?

They remain decidedly undecided.

Of course, of course.

'Cause any way you think on it, it's a suicide run.

You hear that?

Suicide run. They just want more time.

More time, more time. More time for what?

Well, well, well...

Mr. Carmel.

What is it about solitary that you love so much?


Is this yours?

Looks like you're already ahead of the game.

I find in here many turn to God.

In the desperate realization that their life has no meaning anymore.

So, they pray to a fictitious idol and tell themselves they're forgiven as a way to deal with the guilt of what they've done.

But that's all up here.

Because in reality, if there's a heaven, there must be a hell too.

And while I don't believe in any of that, it's still my job to make good on the idea of it.

So have faith.

Have faith that this place will become your own personal hell.

Maybe you think this is my first stint in a place like this.

My first time dealing with a limp dick loudmouth like you.

I do.

Because there's nothing like this place anywhere else.

We don't even exist under UNSI...

Am I supposed to care about any of this?

Yes, you are.

But you don't.

And that's why you're here.

There'll be no more solitary for you, Mr. Carmel.

Do you understand?

You think I didn't have a hard life?

You think I didn't have the same choices you did?

Get him up.

The next time you see me, you show me some goddamn respect!

Get this maggot out of here!

Straight to the lower cages.

You know how many guys go into solitary and they don't come back?

How many boys we lost, huh?

How many boys don't come back?

Kreat, let me ask you somethin'.

How long is your sentence?

57 years left?

In this place?

Look, brother, you're never getting out of here.

Vim and I, we're never getting out of here.

Unless we do somethin' about it.

It's now or never.

It's dark and day.

It's the same shit stinking soul.



Bostok's in.

Are you in, Vim?

Let's burn this place to the ground.

I need you two to rally the troops.

Don't leave me hangin'.

Good day to you, Warden Mourdain.

And you, General Lynex.

I was just hoping to get your thoughts on the latest report.

This progress seems quite astounding.

Well, we are dealing with some exceptional source material.

And my staff are extremely passionate about making this work.

Photosynthetic skin trials, regenerative limbs.

At this rate, we'll be looking at our first deployment in a matter of months.

There are certain qualities that seem evident in the top spectrum of the report.

Confident you can maintain this level of success?

Is there a problem, Warden?

Nothing I can't handle.

We'll chat soon. Bye bye.

Let him go!

I'm gonna kill this cockroach on my own.

Sir, there's a problem in the mess hall.

Yes, I know. Tell the guards to stand down.

I didn't think you and I had a problem, Sy.

Just hopin' for a date.

Open it, please.

Sir... Open it!

Kill him!

Stand back, maggot!

Step back!

Don't let me stop you, Mr. Lombrok.

You wanna prove your place in here?

Let's see what you got.


As long as the crowd behaves, let them enjoy the show.



Just wanted to come down here and wish you all a safe journey on the road ahead.

You should consider yourselves pioneers.

Great explorers of a new age.

Remember, that society is no longer a place you care to belong.

What do you want?

This one.



Now that you will find your true purpose...

No! No!

I am the conqueror of my own soul! you'll understand the mythology of the mighty phoenix rising up from the ashes of your past.

This one also.

Mr. Lombrok.

We're gonna have to sedate you.

I have a feeling you could really hurt yourself down here.

Tell me something, what's a ward nurse doing with a military-issue assault rifle?

I hope you know we aren't gonna make it to the capital on time.

Not on foot, we won't.

Am I missin' somethin'?

Just beyond those mountains is a contraband outpost.

What's your plan once we get there?

Figure that out when we get there.

What do you know about these creatures, huh?

Down! Down! Down!

They lookin' for you?


This is gonna be fun.

My English teacher once read us a strange poem about love.

I can't remember what it was other than I know it would have fit these two perfectly.

You need to stand up now.

I was hoping for a greater selection of vehicles.

Haven't seen one of those clunkers for a while.

You guys know about this place, you don't shut 'em down?

Shut 'em down? Where the hell would we get a beer?

Hey, baby, wanna go out?

Hey, cutie. Hey, sweets.


How are you?

Great. How are you?

You know whose bus that is parked out front?


'Cause we need a ride.

Those guys.


Oh no, I wouldn't go over there.

You're gonna wanna wait 'til they're done.

Otherwise, you ain't leavin' here at all.

Go suck on it, babe.

That's it, that's it. You know what to do.

Sit down.

They're whacked out of their minds.

Have a drink.

I guess make it two.

How hard you wanna go?

Straight to the top.

Take a water for me.

We don't do water.

Of course.

So, why don't you tell me why you became a nurse, Sy?

I like helping people.

You know, most of the people I've helped in my time turned out to be assholes.

Tonight is your off-night!

Do you find that?

Not in the moments that count.

You're a better man than me.


What you doin'? Let's have another game.

Ah, c'mon!

Does he not listen?

Best of five... Hey! Hey!

Is that your bus parked out front?

We're in the middle of somethin' here.

I need a ride to Osiris. I need to leave now.

You funny, man! So funny.


I ask her to do that to me every night.

What you all lookin' at?

I said what you all lookin' at?

Play your little domino-weirdo game!

Buddy! Back to your game.

Play the music!

Music, play!

You might wanna go help him.

Your little taxi service.

Is that what you think we are?

What's your name, abdominal?

My name is Kane.


You're not from around here, huh?

I might need you to top that off.

Right now, I'm very, very long way from home.

Which is why I need a ride.

Me and my buddy at the bar.

Goddamn, look at you, man!

I'm on my knees here, man. You're a perfect guy!

You make a perfect couple.

You belong on a magazine cover, don't you?

But you don't belong out here, huh?

Don't be shy now. Come on over.

Come play. Billy boy, I wanna take him home.

Oh, no, no, no. You take the bar lady home.

You don't take him home.

I'm sorry about my friend here.

Thank you, very much. It's that time of the month.

Take a seat.

Good cop over here knows how to do it.

That's all you had to do, bring me a drink.

By the looks of it, you're military, right?

I'll pay you 10 grand...

That ain't worth spit.

You got a knife to your throat and you still tryin' talk turkey?

Mmm mm mm.

He's a defector of Exor.

He's just trying to get back to his family before they come after him.

Mmhmm. Is that true?

Yes, it is.

Cut his throat.

You wanna pay me 10 grand for that?

10 fucking grand? No, no, no, no!

He's lyin' like a tombstone, I thought I heard him say 20.

He did say 20.


20 grand?

I'll give you 20 grand.


Let him go.

That's a whole dipload of stuff.

That bus outside looks modified. Mmhmm.

Is that armor up to spec?

Why you askin'? We gonna get shot at?

We like to travel safe.

I mean, we're talkin' 'bout no old prison bus here.

We're talkin' 'bout Gracie.

AKA, My mama.


You can come inside my mama and she will take care of you.

20 grand.

One way.

We got a deal?


Let's go.

Not yet.

You wanna ride with me?

You wanna ride my mama?

You gotta take a kiss on this.

Take a knee.


Last 20 seconds.

You get the knife on the board, and we got ourselves a deal.

That'll make you do it.

Oh yeah!

Well, look at you, sparky!

Gotta get a snap in that garter, huh?

You got talent.

Got yourself a deal!

We're gonna need some guns. So, we are gonna get shot at?

Just like I said, we like to travel safe.

So, we can stop by Hopper and Mandel.

But it'll cost ya. Cost ya.

How far's this place? How far to Hopper and Mandel place?

No, no, no, it's not that far.

It's like, about 30 minutes there and back.

Close enough.

You wanna keep swappin' spit, or should we hit the road?

Do you know what terraforming is, Mr. Lombrok?

It's the act a making a hostile environment habitable for humans.

Unfortunately, many planets have indigenous species that refuse to cooperate.

We needed a more cost-effective way of exterminating them.

I'm telling you this because I need you to understand very clearly what you have a chance to be a part of.

Our friend next door just met one of our all-star team.

Many of them your former prison inmates.

And hopefully, his constitution would stand it.

He'll soon be able to join them.

And become something he was unable to do as an inferior human.

A being capable of evolution.


Even in the hardest of environments.

I've seen what it takes to survive the change.

Don't fight it.

Don't fear it.

Allow yourself to be the manifestation of the monster that I know, lives inside your soul.

Surviving this next period will push your mind further than it's ever gone before.

That's when you need to remember that this is a second chance.

Take solace in that.



You did it. We gotta move.

Is this everything? Yeah.

Where are the I.D.'s?

Here. Got you special one. Nurse?

You don't wanna know what I did to get that.

I opened the cells!

But there were these other doors and...



I let the devil loose.

Guards, report back!

Move! Get to the doorway!

You're telling me Vim's gonna turn into one of them?

All I know is what I saw on the monitors.

We've gotta get to Osiris before dark. Come on, let's go.

I can't go with you guys.


What are you talkin' about, man?

We gotta stay together.


Easy, easy, easy.

Easy, boy.

What are you gonna do, huh?

Where you gonna go, Sy?

I'm going to the opera.

The what?

No baby, Sy don't wanna go to the opera.

They sing at the opera.

Don't you turn your back to me, Sy.

Good luck.

Let him go. You and me.

You're gonna die out there.

I made you.

I made you.

Bye, Vim.

Bye, Vim.

Normally, you get 20 years on a local secure max.

Maybe out in 15.

But I highly doubt that.

Despite all our best efforts, they're gonna paint you as being a monster.

They're gonna emphasize the breach of code.

Betrayal of trust that the public grants to someone in your position.

They're gonna make an example out of this.

Eye for an eye and all that.

I wish I had better news.

It doesn't matter.

Nothing does anymore.


These guys reliable?


Who's paying?


Not too happy about that Exor jacket.

We don't much like your kind.

How much?

Mandel says no deal.

How about you ask Mandel exactly what number's gonna make him happy.

30 G's.

30's fair.

30. Deal.


Can I ask where y'all headed with this kinda hardware?

Yeah, you can ask.

I was just being polite.

You got nice friends.

That was a very good transaction, there.

We made some serious money!

I got myself some sweet juice!

Got my sweet juice!

30 G's.


Get the hell over here!

Sweet juice!

What is that?

What's that?

I swear I just saw somethin'.

Check the back!

They're everywhere!

Where are the shock rockets?

You mean we sold them?

They're not going down!


Got one!

So, what you're sayin' is, in less than 12 hours, this whole place gonna blow up?

Every livin' thing.

We'll all be dead?

Yeah, that's right.

All those damn monsters you describin', This place don't look nothin' like it did in the brochure.

You ever wonder how you ended up where you did?

You have all these plans.

You make so many plans and yet here we are.

No, not really.

I know exactly how I got here.

Talkin' 'bout fate, Sy?

Talkin' 'bout astrology and shit?

I don't believe in fate. Just consequence.

Whoa, that's right, square jaw.

Livin' on regrets. Can't never go back.

Hindsight's only to help you move forward.

Well, I regret comin' to this shithole planet.

What's so funny about that?

I love it here.

That makes two of us, my cherry pie with cream on top.

Got wide-open spaces, clean air.

Food don't come from lavatory now. That's paradise.

Mama used to say, people don't change.

Only their version of the past does.

I say, give the man a match, he'll be warm for a minute.

Light him on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


What about you, abdominal?

You dig this place? You dig the frontier?

I liked it better 24 hours ago.

But it's a fresh start, and that's what I needed.

That and I couldn't get any further away from Earth.

Bet they pay you well up there.

In that... in that starfleet.

Yeah, it pays okay.

Mind you, for that career, I...

I've got a failed marriage. I got a shoulder that's never gonna heal.

And I got a daughter that I hardly know.

But yeah, the money's great.

Well, our folks kicked us out.

So, we had no choice but sure did something a little drastic.

Your folks?

You guys are related?

That's right.

She's my little stepsister.

That's why we don't look the same.

That's why we don't kiss the same.

Ooh, sparky, that's turning you on.

My little sugar Kane.

What's your area up there?

What do you mean?

What do you do up there?

I was in charge of infrastructure.

Overseeing the growth of cities and surrounds.

Everything. You know, like uh, the capital, the mines, the prison.

You mean slave labor camps.

Prison colonies changed deep-space exploration forever.

The only way these frontiers grew so fast was through mandatory labor.

We wouldn't be here otherwise.

That might be a good talking point in one of your weekly meetings up there.

But those prisoners, beyond what I personally thought of them, they came to me wrecked.

Worked way beyond any humane point.

We used to drive for the prison when we first got here.

What we saw was pretty bad.

At least, you were doing something useful.

Prison's supposed to be hard.

It's punishment, right?

It's a big choice to turn your back on everything you once stood for.

You got a family, Sy?

You got a family? You got kids?

Then you wouldn't understand.

I gotta say it.

What if your daughter ain't there, huh?

Huh? She'll be there.

And then you take us to the bunker and we'll be safe there, 100 percent?

Yeah, you have my word.

Just as soon as my daughter is safe.

Even if she ain't?

Yeah, even if she ain't.

Well, we gonna be one big happy family!

I'm gonna be an uncle.

It's gon' be fun!

Hey, Bill, how long 'til Osiris?

It's probably gonna be a couple more hours, square jaw.

Don't worry, we got plenty o' time to shoot us some critters.

No one messes with ol' Billy boy.

Gon' be fun!

Oh shit!

There's a huge snappin' turtle attackin' Mama!

My apartment's right above us, third floor.

Damn, stop hittin' my goddamn bus!

Bill and Gyp, you protect Mama. Sy, you come with me.

You gotta go!

All right, boys! It's now or never, let's get goin'!

Hey, you know there's a chance she's not up there or worse.

If that happens, we're straight back here. You got it?

I got it.

Kane, I hope you find her.

Go get your daughter, abdominal.

All right, we'll cover ya.

Let's go, Gyp! Move!

Watch your back, Gyp! Go, go, go!

Get your asses out here, boys! C'mon!

Let's go!

Get the door! Go!

Power's out. Use the stairs!

You stay out of that stairwell.

Ozmin, is that you?


Ozmin, it's Kane from upstairs!

How do I know that?

It's Kane from 38!

You seen Indi or Rominja?

Well, I checked. There was no answer.

They haven't come through this way.

Whole damn world's near gone mad!

I have someone with me. We're gonna come up, okay?

It's not my stairwell. You pay the rent too.

That's very kind.

Keep safe.

And aim lower.


I got you, little devil!



Stand back!



Dad, I'm here!

Dad, I'm here, I'm here! Honey!

You okay? Rominja told me to hide in there and not come out until you came.

Oh, honey.

Where's Rominja?

She's gone home.

She's not here.


Kane, we gotta go.

Yeah. Who's that?

That's our friend, Sy.

He's a good man. He's gonna help us.

You have to come with us.

You need stay right next to me, okay.

And we're gonna be fine. But we have to run now.


We gotta go! Go, go, go!


What is that?

Move, move!

Mama, I miss you so.


Bill, where do we keep the meds?

Mama, I miss you so.

Mama, I miss you so.


Your love is gone.

Sadness hurt way deep inside.

Mama, I miss you so.

Mama, I miss you so.

Mama, I miss you so.

Mama, I miss you so.

Go, go, go!

Dad, Dad, where do we go? There's nowhere to go!

Now, what?

I don't know. Let me think.




Dad, there's a bus down there!

We can make it.

Gotta jump.

No, no, it's too high, Sy!


Gimme your hand!

Get clear!

Indi! Come here! Come here!

Bill! Gyp!

Open the hatch!

Open it!

Open the door!

Open it!

Open the hatch!

Grab her! Take her! Got her!

Stay here.

All right, I'm in, let's go!

You okay?

Let's go!

Stay there.



Gyp, we gotta move now!

You understand everything I've just told you?

About the creatures, about the people I worked for?

About everything that's happening out there?

It's important to me.

I do, Dad. I understand.

I'm sorry for being the crappiest... the crappiest father.

And I'm sorry that things didn't work out with your mother.

I loved her.

I loved her so much. I still love her.

And I'm sorry I wasn't there for you growing up.

And I'm sorry I didn't get to come to your games.

Your softball games and your soccer games and your singing practice.

It's okay.

I'm so sorry I never came to any of that because I think you are amazing.

I need to know you forgive me.

Of course.

If we're gonna do this, it's gonna be different.

I promise you, it's gonna be different.

Gyp, about a mile up the road, we're gonna take a right.

The bunker's in an old abandoned mineshaft.

And stay alert, those creatures could be anywhere.

There's a code on the door, it is 14286.

Sy, you get that? 14286.

Gyp? Got it!

Say it.


14286, got it.


Protocol 84 commencing.

General, scanners indicate there's a bus headed for Apex Ridge bunker.


Sy! Company, 3 o'clock.

Stay down here, okay?

What's happening? Stay there.

What's it doin'?

It's watching us to see where we're headed.

Gyp, keep going straight, don't take the turn.

We don't have time for that.

We don't have a choice.

But Dad! Dad, what's happening?

Please, stay down, please!

That thing needs at least 4 minutes to get to a safe distance.

It's too small to withstand the blast.

When it leaves, we turn back.

How much time we got?



That's pushin' it.

What if it doesn't leave?

We've got nothin' to worry about, right?


Stay down, okay. Listen to me.

Wrap yourself up.

Be like a ball. Okay?

A very small ball. Stay as low as you can.

You understand?

How's your daughter?

She's scared.

Sy, where is it? Can you see it?

He's going over us.

He's leaving. Turn!

Indi, you okay? Yeah!

Go, turn.

You line it up in that mountain peak. And give her everything.

We gonna make it?

We're gonna try.

Almost there! I see the junkyard!

You remember the way to the bunker?

Uh-hum. Stay down there.

When we get there, you run.




Indi! Stay down!


There was no goodbye.

No final words.

And I knew the moment I stepped off that bus I would never see his face again.


My dad!

Stay with me, Indi!

I want my dad! I know.

I didn't wanna leave him.

And yet a convicted murderer serving life would not allow it.

Whatever he lost along the way was now pushing him forward.

Each and every desperate step.

They're here!

Go, Indi! Go!

But no matter how far you run,

This way! or how well you hide,

you can't escape destiny.

Go, go, go!

Hurry, Indi!

14286, Indi!

I got it!

C'mon, c'mon.

Go, Indi!

Plutonium core exposed.

Meltdown commencing.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, We're out of time! C'mon!



Sy, what's happening to you?

I'm becoming one of them, Indi.

What do I do?

You're not safe with me here.

Tell me, what do I do?

Go! Oh, no.

Tell me!

Find me... find me somethin' sharp.

Give it to me.

Yes, yes, yea!

What are you gonna do with these?

You're not safe with me here.

Bring it here.


I can't do this by myself.

I need you to help me.

I need you to help me. C'mon.

I can't.

You're gonna protect me, just like Dad said.


I can't do this on my own!


You're all I've got!


Charlton Hospital. Directing you now.

Nurse Lombrok. What'd you do wrong to get back in this shift?

How you feelin'?

Right now, there's people in that bar enjoying a nice single malt.

I'm wondering why the hell I'm not one of them.

Incoming? Two-vehicle collision.

Three persons involved.

ETA? Right now.

How's the opera tonight?

First time you've been, right?

So over the top.

This is the mother of the young girl who died at the scene.

Incoming is the 24-year-old male who caused the accident.

He's highly intoxicated but in stable condition.

Going to theater 1!

Kiara and Kai, they loved it.

They really loved it.

It was nice.

That's what family time's all about.

Do it while you can.

Blood pressure being taken.

It's gonna be all...



We have a situation here.

Nurse Lombrok, please leave the room.

Baby, stay... stay with us.

Stay with us.

It's my wife.

Can you hear me?

We will do everything we can to save her. But you can't be here.


Keep breathing, keep breathing...

You have to come with me.

I love you so much.

I love you.

We have some hemorrhaging here.

Sy, you have to go.

If you can hear me, sweetheart, squeeze my hand.

Squeeze his hand.

Please, honey.

We're losing her.

Where's my daughter?

Is she the one that...

Is she the fatality too?

I'm so sorry. Where's my daughter, Jandi?

Where's Kai? Where's my baby girl? Where's Kai?

I'm so sorry.

Let me go get someone to talk to you.

Commencing CPR!

My baby.

They're gonna make an example out of this.

Eye for an eye and all that.

My father always said that you could never trust a person that needed something from you.

But he also said, he'd never met anyone who didn't need something from someone.

I say, we are what we are when we need to be.

There's the beacon.

Do you recognize that?

Looks like and old model.

That thing manually activated.

Gotta be someone here.

Means we're gonna have to do this the hard way.

There's a bunker close by. Start there.

You wanna get the kit? Yeah, okay.



It's a kid.

Stay there. We'll come and get you.

There was a large ship.

The Flotilla.

It used to orbit here.

Where has it gone?

It was on route... to Earth.

It was recalled after the the disaster.

Tell me what they said happened here.

They just said that

the prisoners revolted and... they sabotaged the reactors.

And there was a meltdown.

How many survivors were there?


At least, that's what we thought.

Do you want to die out here?

I don't wanna... I don't wanna die.

Then you will take us to the Flotilla.

You will ensure that we enter undetected or... it will cost you your life.




We're going home.

Goodbye, Dad.

Shed a tear Every time I think of you You've been here All my life This feeling's new Long time memories Hold them close so very tight Hard to fathom Can't call you on the phone tonight Mama I miss you so Mama I miss you so Mama I miss you so Mama I miss you so

Your love is gone Sadness hurt way deep inside I can't just move on Learn to live with it or fight They say time heals Slowly slowly every day Learn to focus She taught me positivity Mama I miss you so Mama I miss you so Mama I miss you so Mama I miss you so

All the good things In life that I've ever done I've learned them from you You've taught me every right from wrong I'm so damn proud Of the mother that I've had Every day now You're in my thoughts you're in my head